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1Yy, the 25th letter of the alphabet.
2Ya1. 1) yes. 2) what? (a response to s.o.'s call). 3) OK?, will you? (particle indicating a softened command). 4) right? isn't it? (question tag word). 5) Let us see now...what? how? who? etc. 6) hmm (hesitation particle). 7) as for (topic marker) 2. Oh.
3Yad.(yang akan datang) the future, coming.
4Yah1. well.... (particle of resignation, exasperation, etc.). 2 see AYAH.
5Yahud(sl. ) OK, excellent, great.
7YahudiJew, Jewish.
9Yahutsee YAHUD.
10Yahya1 male name. 2 (bib. ) the Gospel of John.
11Yainisee YAKNI.
13Yaituthat is, i.e., viz.
14Yak1 (coll. ) yes. 2 (Sport) catch (i.e. a ball).
15Yakinsure, certain, convinced.
16Yakinsure, certain, convinced.
18Yaknithat is, namely, viz.
20Yalahsee IALAH.
22Yang1. 1) nominalizing particle: the o. who, the thing which, etc. 2) particle forming a specific adjective clause : "which is, who are," etc. 3) with numerals or demonstrative:the o. or the two, etc. (as opposed to others). 2. see SAYANG.
23Yapon1 bathrobe (for women). 2 Western-style women's dress.
24Yareh/yarig, yareh/ coll. ) have o.'s birthday.
25Yasank.o. rice field that is cultivated individually.
26Yasin(islam) chapter 37 of the Koran often read while s.o. is dying.
28Yassinsee YASIN.
29Yatimfatherless child. yatim-piatu orphan.
30Yaumuddin(islam) doomsday.
31Yaumulkiamah(islam) Day of Judgment.
32Yayasanfoundation, institute.
33Yayasanfoundation, institute.
34Yayi(Java) younger brother or sister.
35Yb.(yang berikut) next, following.
36Ybl.(yang baru lalu) last.
37Ybs.(yang bersangkutan) the person concerned.
38Yeksisee INJEKSI.
39Yelyell (in demonstration, etc.).
40Yellowpaper/yelo peper/ sensation-oriented newspaper.
41Yeremiah(bib. ) Jeremiah.
42Yesuit(rel. ) Jesuit.
43Yetsee JET.
44Yg.(yang) which, who.
45Yi.(yaitu) that is, namely, viz, i.e.
46Yl.1. (yang lain) the other. 2. (yang lalu) past, last.
47Yme(Yang Maha Esa) the One God.
48Ymj.(yang menjalankan jabatan) acting, holding office temporarily.
49Yosee AYO.
51Yodiumisasiprogram for providing iodized salt.
53Yogia/yogya/ proper, fitting.
54Yohanes/Yohannes/ 1 male name. 2 (bib. ) the gospel of John.
55Yojanadistance, field of vision.
56Yoksee AYO.
57Yoker(crd. ) joker.
58Yon.(Batalyon) battalion.
59Yongenskopshort haircut (for women).
60Yongkersee YOKER.
61Yongtahu(China) tofu filled with meat.
62You/yu/ you (distant but informal).
63Yth.(yang terhormat) the honorable (on letter addresses and salutations).
64Yts.(yang tersebut) mentioned.
65Yu1. see MBAK. 2. see HIU. 3 see YOU. 4 see AYO.
66Yubilariso. who celebrates his or her jubilee (wedding, ordination, etc.).
68Yuda/yudha/ (lit. ) war.
69Yudisium1 Latinate citation on a diploma (cum laude, etc.). 2 graduation exercise (at divisional level).
71YugoYugoslav, Yugoslavia.
72Yuh/yuk/ see AYO.
73Yulisee JULI.
74YunaniGreek, Greece.
75Yuncto/yungkto/ (leg. ) in connection with.
76Yunior1 (Sport) junior, pertaining to or concerning youth. 2 son of.
77Yunioratk.o. college preparatory school emphasizing classics (esp. in colonial period and formerly in Jesuit training).
78Yuran1 contribution. 2 dues.
79Yuridiksijurisdiction, competency of a certain court.
81Yuris1 juris, lawyer. 2 law student.
82Yurisprudensilegal administration, jurisdiction.
83Yurk/yurek/ dress, frok, shirt.
84Yusak(bib. ) Joshua.
85Yutasee JUTA.
87Yuyuk.o. small soft-shelled crab.

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