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1W/we/ w. the 23d letter of the alphabet.
2W.(waktu) time (zone).
3Waad/waadat/ (lit. ) treaty, contract.
7Wabakdahu/wabakdu/ (lit. ) furthermore, then.
8Wacana1 (lit. ) word, expression. 2 (lit. ) discourse.
9Wadagbody, bodily.
10Wadah1 container. 2 coordinating institution, umbrella organization.
11Wadalsacrifice (upon completion of a new building, to obtain magical powers, etc.).
12Wadam(wanita adam) transvestite homosexual, transsexual.
13Wadasstony ground.
14Wadat1 celibacy. 2 live a celibate life.
15Wadduh(Java) see ADUH.
16Waderk.o. small freshwater fish.
17Wadiwadi, a stream in desert.
18Wadon(Java) female.
19Waduh(Java) see ADUH.
20Waduk1 rumen. 2 (coll. ) paunch. 3 basin, reservoir.
21Wadul(Java) tell on s.o., be a tattletale.
23Wae1 (Sunda) also, even. 2 (Java) only.
24Wafatpass away.
25Wagefourth day of the Java five-day week.
26Wagen/wakhen/ carriage (of typewriter).
27Wagon(R.R.) coach, car.
28Wagub(wakil gubernur) vice-governor.
29WahWell, Hey ! (exclamation of surprise or exasperation).
30Waha/wahah/ oasis.
31Wahadah/wahadat/ (rel. ) oneness (of God).
32Wahai(lit. ) 1 alas ! (particle to emphasize distress). 2 Oh ! (particle to draw attention).
33Wahamsuspicious, suspicion.
34Wahana1 (lit. ) mode, vehicle (for conveyingthoughts, ideas, or for realizing ideals). 2vehicle (in automotive workshop names).
35Wahid1 one, unique (of God). 2 alone, without peer.
36Wahonsee WAGON.
37Wahyu(rel. ) divine revelation, vision from God to man.
38Wai1. river (in place names in Lampong, Ambon, and elsewhere). 2. see WAHAI.
39Waisak/Waisyak/ see Wesak.
40Wajasee BAJA 1.
41Wajahcountenance, face. wajah-baru newcomer.
43Wajar1. 1) natural, proper. 2) genuine, without deceit. 2. (wajib belajar) compulsory education.
44Wajib1 (islam) obligatory (of certain pious acts, e.g. praying at the appointed times, etc.). 2 must. 3 duty, obligation.
45Wajik1 rhomboid shape. 2 (crd. ) diamond. 3 k.o. cake made of sticky rice and palm sugar, cut in rhomboid shapes.
46Waksee UA.
47Waka(wakil kepala) deputy head.
48Wakaf1. (islam) 1) property donated for religious or community use. 2) religious foundation. 2. (islam) pause in reading the Koran.
49Wakapsee WAKAF 1.
50Wakhensee WAGEN.
51Wakif(islam) o. who donates property to the Islam community.
52Wakil1 representative. 2 vice, deputy. 3 agent (on behalf of a firm).
53Wakil1 representative. 2 vice, deputy. 3 agent (on behalf of a firm).
54Waktu1 time. 2 when. 3 while. 4 time zone.
55Wakuncar(wajib kunjung pacar) (coll. ) have a date with o.'s lover.
56Wala(wajib latih) military training requirement for civilians (1970s).
57Walaah/wala:h/ (coll. ) 1 Come on get serious ! (exclamation of belittlement). 2 Oh no ! (exclamation expressing disapproval of a situation).
58Walafiatsee SEHAT.
59Walaikumsalam(islam) And peace be to you (in reply to the greeting assalam alaikum).
60Walakhir(lit. ) (and) in the end, finally.
61Walakin(lit. ) although.
62Walama(Wajib Latih Mahasiswa) military training requirement for students (in the 1970s).
63Walang(Java) grasshopper, locust. walang-hati anxious, concerned. walang-sangit k.o. insect that releases a pungent smell.
64Walau/walaupun/ although.
65Walawa(wajib latih mahasiswa) military training requirement for students 9in the early 1970s).
66Waled(Java) ooze, alluvium. waled-an arrears (in payment, salary).
67Walet(Java) k.o. swallow.
68Walhasil(lit. ) with the result that...
69Wali1 (islam) male relative legally responsible for a bride, us. her father. 2 guardian, proxy. 3 high civil servant. 4 religious leader.
71Walimahwedding party.
72Waliullah(islam) holy person.
73Wallahsee WALAAH.
74Wallahsee WALAAH.
75WallahiI swear by God !.
76Wallahualam1 God knows best. wallahualam-bissawab Gods knows the truth. 2 Heaven knows ! (I do not).
77Wals/walsa/ waltz.
78Waluh(Java) squash, gourd, pumpkin.
79Waluku(Java) plow.
80Wamil(wajib militer) conscription.
81Wamilda(Wajib militer Darurat) emergency military obligation.
82Wampa(Wakil Menteri Pertama) deputy chief minister.
83Wan1 term of reference or address for males of Arab descent. 2 tittle for nobility in some areas.
84Wana(China) an indigenous Indonesian.
85Wangsee UANG.
87Wangi-Wangianperfumery, all k.o. scents.
88Wangkangocean-going sailboat.
90Wangsatexpression of reproach: you animal !.
91Wangsit(Java) divine inspiration.
93Wanra(Perlawanan Rakyat) people's militia.
94Wanti-Wanti(Java) repeatedly, time after time.
95Wantunassee WATUNAS.
96Wapsee UAP 1.
97Wapatsee WAFAT.
98Waperdam(wakil perdana menteri) vice-premier.
99Wapres(wakil presiden) vice-president.
100Wara(Wanita Angakatan Udara) women's section of the Air Force and its members.
101Warak(islam) observant of religious obligations, esp regarding abstinence.
102Warakatsee WARKAH.
103Warakawuri(lit. ) army widow.
104Warangansee BERANGAN 1.
105Waranggana(Java) singer in gamelan orchestra.
106Waras1 having full possession of o.'s senses. 2 healthy.
107Warawiri1. (lit. ) hibiscus. 2. 1) back and forth. 2) fickle, unstable.
108Warek(Java, Jakarta) satiated, full.
109Warembolk.o. sweet roll.
110Warga1 accredited member of an association. 2 citizen.
111Waria(wanita pria) transsexual, transvestite homosexual.
112Waringin(Java) see BERINGIN.
114Warisanlegacy, inheritance.
115Warisanlegacy, inheritance.
116Warkah/warkat/ (lit. ) letter. warkat-pos 1 aerogram. 2 postal form for domestic mail similar to an aerogram.
117Warkah/warkat/ (lit. ) letter. warkat-pos 1 aerogram. 2 postal form for domestic mail similar to an aerogram.
118Warmbolsee WAREMBOL.
119Warna1 color. warna-bahasa (ling. ) speech level. warna-suara/nada timbre. warna-warni all k.o. colors. 2 (crd. ) suit.
120Warnisee WARNA.
121Warok(Java) k.o. ascetic expert of martial arts, often homosexual.
122Warongsee WARUNG.
123Warsa(lit. ) year.
124Warta1 report, communication. warta-harian daily newspaper. 2 news. warta-berita news broadcast.
125Wartawanjournalist, correspondent.
126Wartawatiwoman reporter or journalist.
127Warteg(warung tegal) food stall with cheap food (us. with little or no meat).
128Waru1. (crd. ) spades. 2. see BARU 2.
129Warunasee BARUNA.
130Warungsmall shop, stall. warung-keliling itinerant food stall. warung-kopi coffee shop. warung-nasi food stall. warung-remeng-remeng 1 dimly lit food stall. 2 food stall for assignations in a prostitution complex.
131Wasalamsee WASSALAM.
132Wasana(lit. ) final.
134Waseraidry-cleaners and laundry.
135Waseraiandry-cleaned clothes.
136Wasiat1 dying exhortation, last will and testament (spoken or written). 2 magic power (of an ancient heirloom).
137Wasilah/wasilat/ relation, connection, bond.
138Wasirsee BAWASIR.
139Wasit1 referee, umpire. 2 arbiter.
140Wasitahmedium, spirit.
141Waskitaclairvoyant, psychic.
142Waskomsee BASKOM.
143Waslapwashcloth, scrubbing towel.
144Waspadawary, on guard.
145WassalamPeace be with you ! (use to conclude letters), sincerely yours.
146Wassalamualaikum(islam) And peace be with you (used to close letters and speeches). -warakhmatullahi wabarakatuh And peace be with you and God's blessing (used to close letters and speeches).
147Wasserij/waserai/ see WASERAI.
148Wastafelbathroom sink, wash basin.
149Waswas/waswisu/ anxious, uneasy to the point of being suspicious.
150WatThai Buddhist temple.
151Watak1 nature, disposition. 2 character (of novel, etc.).
152Watak1 nature, disposition. 2 character (of novel, etc.).
153Watermantelwater-cooled machine gun.
154Waterpascarpenter's level.
155Waterpoken(coll. ) chicken pox.
156Waterpruf/waterprup/ waterproof.
159Watunas(wanita tuna susila) prostitute.
160Wauthe 25 letters of the Arabic alphabet.
161Wauw(coll. ) wow !.
162Wauwauk.o. gibbon.
164Wawansantap(lit. ) friendly, informal meal or banguet.
165Wawasan1 insight, perception. 2 concept. wawasan-nusantara the Archipelago concept (i.e. the maritime territory of Indonesia includes all the water between the islands).
166Waysee WAI 1.
167Wayang1 shadow play with leather puppets often. 2 leather puppet. 3 traditional drama performance of Java and Bali. wayang-golek wooden puppet show. wayang-kulit shadow play with leather puppet. wayang-orang Java stage show us. with wayang themes.
168Wayerelectric fan.
169Wayuh(Java) have more than o. wife.
170Wazir1 (lit. ) vizier. 2 (che. ) queen.
171Wb.see WR. (WB.).
172Wc/wese/ (water closet) toilet, restroom.
173Wc/wese/ (water closet) toilet, restroom.
174We1. (Java) Gosh !. 2. see OWE.
175Wedana(Java) district chief.
176Wedar(Java) disclose.
177Wedel(Java) dye.
178Wedelans.t. dyed.
179Wedung(Java) cleaver.
180Wegahsee OGAH.
181Wejangadvice, instruct.
182Wejangan1 advice. 2 speech containing advice.
183Weker/wekker/ see BEKER 1.
184Welang(Java) see BELANG.
185Welas-Asih(Java) mercy.
187Welinglast will and testament.
188Welirangsee BELERANG.
189Welukusee WALUKU.
190WenangSyiwa's father (in the wayang).
191WenangSyiwa's father (in the wayang).
192Werakrecruiter of laborers.
193Werda(mil. ) a guard's call :" Who is there ?"
194Werdhasee WISMA.
195Wereksee WERAK.
196Werek-Kontrak(coll. ) contract labor.
197Werengk.o. rice pest.
198Wesakholiday marking Buddha's birth, enlightenment, and death.
199Wesel1. money order, draft. 2.(R.R.) railway switch.
200Weselbor(tel. , R.R.) switchboard.
201Weselpossee POSWESEL.
202Wesi(Java) see BESI.
203Wesio(China) Buddhist monk.
205Wet(coll. ) law.
206Wetan(Java) east.
208Wewegombel(Java) k.o. ugly female ghost with sagging breasts.
209Wewenangauthority, competence.
210Wiarasee WIHARA.
211Wib(Waktu Indonesia Bagian Barat) West Indonesia Time (zone).
212Wibawaauthority, power.
213Wicara(ling. ) speech.
214Widarasee BIDARA.
215Widuri(Java) k.o. shrub.
216Widuri(Java) k.o. shrub.
217Widyakarya(lit. ) university-level work-study.
218Widyawisata(lit. ) study tour,
219Wienasee WINA.
220Wih(coll. ) exclamation to show surprise or call attention to s.t.
221WiharaBuddhist monastery or nunnery.
222Wijaya(lit. ) victory.
223Wijayakusumasee BUNGA.
224Wijen(Java) see BIJEN.
225Wikusee BIKSU.
226Wiladahconfinement, childbirth.
227Wilayah1 region, district (below the province but larger than a county in size). 2 zone. wilayah-industri industrial estate. wilayah-pinggiran peripheral area, frontier estate.
229Wilissee BURUNG.
231Winducycle of eight years in Java calendrical reckoning.
232Wing1 (mil. ) decoration (for those who have flown or parachuted a certain number of times). 2 wing in air formation.
233Wiper/waiper/ windshield wiper.
234Wira(lit. ) man, hero. wira-tamtama a low military rank.
235Wiracarita/wiracerita/ (lit. ) epic.
236Wiramasee IRAMA.
238Wiraswasta1 entrepreneur. 2 run a private enterprise.
241Wirawanhero, heroic.
242Wirid(islam) passage of Koran,.
243Wiron(Java) pleats in a batik wraparound.
245Wiryaansee HAL 1.
246Wisataa tour.
248Wiselsee WESEL 1.
249Wisik(Java) inspiration.
251Wismapublic building. wisma-budaya art galery. wisma-werdha/wreda (lit. ) old people's home.
252Wisudagraduation ceremony.
253Wisudawanmale graduate at commencement.
254Wisudawatifemale graduate at commencement.
255Wit(Waktu Indonesia Bagian Timur) East Indonesia Time (zone).
256Wita(Waktu Indonesia Bagian Tengah) Central Indonesian Time (zone).
257Wiyaga(Java) gamelan player.
258Wiyata(lit. ) education. wiyata-bhakti practice teaching.
259Wk(L).(wakil) vice-, deputy, assistant.
260Wkt.(waktu) time.
261Wmpsee WAMPA.
262Wn(Warga Negara) citizen.
263Wna(Warga Negara Asing) foreign citizen, us. refering to Chinese.
264Wni(Warga Negara Indoneasia) 1 (leg. ) citizen of Indonesia. 2 naturalized indonesian citizen, esp. of China descent.
267Wolandasee BELANDA.
268Wong1. (Java) person). 2. (Java) because. 3. (Java) what are you talking about ! (expression of disagreement).
270Wr.(Wb.)(warakhmatullahi (wabarakatuh) ) may God be merciful (and bless you) (for formal conclusions to letter and speeches).
271Wredasee WISMA.
272Wredatama(lit. ) retired person.
273Wts(wanita tuna susila) prostitute.
274Wts(wanita tuna susila) prostitute.
275Wudhu/wudlu, wudu/ (islam) ritual ablution before prayers.
276Wuduksee NASI 1.
277Wujudshape into which s.t. has been formed.
278Wuku(Java) o. of the 30 seven-day periods which make up the 210-day calendar cycle.
279Wukuf(islam) ceremony of gathering on the field of Arafah during the Hajj.
280Wuluh1. (Zod. 0 pleiades. 2. see BELIMBING. 3. (Java) see BULUH.
281Wungkul(Java) whole, unbroken.
282Wungu(Java) see UNGU.
283Wutuhsee UTUH.
284Wuwu(Java) see BUBU.
285Wuwung(Java) see BUBUNG.

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