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1Uu, the 21st. letter of the the alphabet.
2Ua/uak/ 1. 1) (coll. ) term of address for (Java or Sunda) men and women of o.'s parent's age. 2) (Sunda) uncle or aunt, term of address for o.'s parents' elder siblings. 3) (China) term of address and reference for o.'s elder aunt. 2. see KUAK 2.
3Uang1 money. uang-kontan cash. uang-receh small change. uang-saku pocket money. uang-sogok/suap bribe. 2 coin.
4Uap1. 1) steam, vapor. 2) fume. 2. see KUAP.
5Uap1. 1) steam, vapor. 2) fume. 2. see KUAP.
6Uarannouncement, proclamation.
7Ub.(untuk beliau) on behalf of him (used when signing on behalf of a higher authority).
8Ubavessel for sago meal.
10Ubalsee UBEL.
11Ubalsee UBEL.
12Ubangray hair.
13Ubanangray headed
14Ubanangray headed
15Ubar1. 1) k.o. tree the bark of which is used for dye or paint. 2) dye or paint derived from such a tree. 2. unroll s.t. and spread it out.
16Ubatsee OBAT.
17Ubek/ubek, ube/ stir vigorously by hand.
18Ubekans.t. stirred or mixed up with the hands.
19Ubel/ubel-ubel/ 1 anything wrapped around part of the body. 2 head-wrap, turban.
20Ubergo after, pursue.
21Uber-Uberanchase e.o.
22Ubi1 edible tuber. ubi-jalar/jawa sweet potato. ubi-kayu/kasbi/kaspe cassava. 2 sweet potato.
23Ubi1 edible tuber. ubi-jalar/jawa sweet potato. ubi-kayu/kasbi/kaspe cassava. 2 sweet potato.
25Ubrak-Abriksee OBRAK-OBRIK.
26Ubub/ububan/ a pair of brllows.
27Ubudiah(islam) matters pertaining to prayer ritual.
29Ubun-Ubun1. 1) fontanel. 2) crown of head. 2. (lit. ) nun.
32Ucapsaying, word.
33Ucapsaying, word.
34Ucapan1 utterance, expression. 2 statement, communication. 3 pronounciation.
35Ucek(Jakarta, Java) rub with o.'s hands.
36Ucussee USUS.
37Uda1. (M) older brother or male cousin. 2. /udah/ (Jakarta) see SUDAH.
38Udakchase after, pursue.
40Udal-Adulrumple hair, string, or other hairlike material.
41Udank.o. batik pattern.
42Udangshrimp. udang-galah 1 k.o. large peawn. 2 (coll. ) lobster. udang-geragau/gerangau k.o. small shrimp used for shrimp.
43Udang-Udangan1 various k.o. shrimps. 2 imitation shrimp.
44Udap-Udapansalad made of various k.o. vegetables, often bought as a snack on the street.
45Udar(Java) reel.
46Udara1 air. 2 atmosphere. 3 sky, air space. 4 weather.
47Ude/udeh/ (Jaakrta) see SUDAH.
48Udek(Jakarta, Java) stir.
49Udel(Java) navel.
50Udeng(Java, Jakarta) headcloth (for men).
51Udet(Java) belt.
52Udi(M) unfortune.
53Udik1 upper course of a river. 2 interior, inland country. 3 (Jakarta) backward, countrified.
54Udikans.o. raised in a rural area.
55Udusee WUDHU.
56Uduhsee ODOH.
57Uduksee NASI.
58Udursee UZUR.
60Udutanpipe to smoke.
61Udzursee UZUR.
62Ueksee UIK.
64Ugahari(lit. ) moderate, frugal, temperate.
65Ugal-Ugalan1 mischievous, naughty. 2 reckless, inconsiderate.
66Ugamasee AGAMA.
67Ugem(Java) property.
68Ugeran(Java) rule, norm.
69Ugm((Universitas Gadjah Mada) Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta.
70Ugutintimidation, threat.
71Uhusound of s.o. crying and sobbing.
72Ui(Universitas Indonesia) University Indonesia in Jakarta.
73Uihsee WITH.
74Uiksqueal (of pigs).
75Uir-Uirk.o. locust.
76Ujasee OJA.
77Ujansee HUJAN.
78Ujang(in some regions only) term of familiar address for boys.
79Ujar1 statement. 2 (ling. ) utterance.
80Ujaranstatement, pronouncement.
81Ujatsee HUJAT.
82Ujitest, experiment.
84Ujudsee WUJUD.
85Ujung1 tip, point, top. 2 end. ujung-pangkal lower and upper ends.
86Ujursee UZUR.
87Ujutsee WUJUD.
88Ukhrowi(islam) eschatological matters.
89Ukhuwah(islam) 1 fraternity (of believers). 2 association, organization.
90Ukircarved, engraved.
91Ukirancarved object.
92Ukoncoin worth 1/2 rupiah.
93Ukoncoin worth 1/2 rupiah.
94Ukup1 incense, perfume. 2 scent.
95Ukupan1 perfume, scent. 2 censer.
96Ukupan1 perfume, scent. 2 censer.
97Ukur1 measure. 2 measuring tape.
98Ukuran1 measurement, measure. 2 size, dimension. 3 format. 4 norm, criterion, standard. 5 measuring stick.
99Ulahmanner, way, act.
100Ulaisee KULAI.
101Ulaisee KULAI.
102Ulaksee ULEG.
103Ulak-Ulakwhirl, bubble (water, etc.). (anat. ) ulak-ulak-pinggang pelvis, hollow above the hips.
104Ulamraw vegetable side dish with rice.
106Ulangfrequent, repeatedly. ulang-alik go back and forth. ulang-alik shuttle (aircrafts). ulang-aling to and fro. ulang-tahun birthday, anniversary.
107Ulangan1 s.t. that is done again, repetition. 2 test. 3 refrain.
108Ulap-Ulap(Java) k.o. hand gesture in traditional dances.
109Ularsnake. ular-patola (Ambon) python. ular-sanca/sawa python. ular-sendok/tedung cobra.
110Ular-Ularan1. (M) cramp. 2. 1) toy snake. 2) all k.o. snakes.
111Ulas1. 1) wrapper, covering. 2) (coll. ) pillowcase 2. 1) section of citrus fruit. 2) clove (of garlic, shallot, etc.).
112Ulasan1. 1) envelope, cover. 2) daubing (in painting). 2. 1) review, commentary. 2) remark.
113Ulasan1. 1) envelope, cover. 2) daubing (in painting). 2. 1) review, commentary. 2) remark.
114Ulat1 caterpillar. ulat-sutera silkworm. 2 maggot, larva.
115Ulayahsee WILAYAH.
116Uleg/ulek/ pestle.
117Ulegan/ulekan/ 1 pestle. 2 s.t. crushed with a pestle.
118Ulem(Java) invitation.
120Uler(Java) worm.
121Ulet1. tough, persevering. 2. see ULAT.
122Uli1. knead (dough). 2. 1) glutinous rice. 2) k.o. sweetmeat made with cooked glutinous rice, sugar and coconut.
123Uliasee AULIA.
124Ulik1. investigate. 2. see ULIT.
125Ulink.o. very hard wood.
126Ulirthread of a screw.
127Ulirans.t. with a thread (screw, lightbulb, etc.).
128Ulitsleep with lullabies.
129Ulostraditional Batak cloth worn covering shoulder.
130Ultah(ulang tahun) anniversary, birthday.
131Ultah.(ulang tahun) anniversary, birthday.
133Ultraultra-, extremely.
134Ulusee HULU 2.
135Ulu-Ulu(Java) official responsible for irrigation.
136Ulubalangsee HULUBALANG.
137Uluhatipit of the stomach, solar plexus.
138Uluk(Java) uluk-salam greetings.
139Ulung1 capable, skilled, experienced. 2 excelent, superior.
140Ulup(naut. ) hawser.
141Ulur1. 1) pay out. 2) extend. 3) make concessions. 2. (lit. ) bondsman.
143Umsee UMMI 2.
144Umasee HUMA.
145Umak-Umik(Java) silently mouth words.
146Umang-Umang1 hermit crab. 2 o. who likes to dress in fine, but borrowed, clothes.
147Umaro(islam) gvt.
148Umatthe members of a religious community.
149Umbaitassle, fringe. umbai-cacing (anat. ) appendix.
152Umbang-Ambingsee OMBANG-AMBING.
153Umbarfree s.t., let loose.
154Umbituber, root.
155Umbi-Umbian1 all k.o. tubers. 2 belonging to the tuber group.
156Umbuk1 swindle. 2 persuade. 3 appease, talk in a friendly way to s.o.
157Umbul1. bubble up, rise rapidly. 2 (Java) children's game played with picture cards which are tossed in the air.
158Umbul-Umbul1 (Java, Bali) banner. 2 (Java, Bali) pennants or palm fronds decorating doorways on feast days. 3 tassle (of hat etc.).
159Umbunsee UBUN.
160Umbutedible topmost and innermost frond of a palm, palm-cabbage.
161Umbutedible topmost and innermost frond of a palm, palm-cabbage.
162Ummatsee UMAT.
163Ummi1. illiterate. 2. term of address for mother in families of Arab descent.
164Umpak1 foot, step. 2 pedestal, fundament, base.
165Umpak-Umpakanpraise, flattery.
166Umpama1 example. 2 like, as.
167Umpanbait, food. umpan-pancing fish bait. umpan-balik feed back. umpan-keris/pisau doomed to death (at the end of weapon).
168Umpatcurse, swearword.
169Umpatancurse, verbal abuse.
170Umpel-Umpelan(Java) crowded.
171Umpet(coll. ) go hide, lie low.
172Umpet-Umpetan1 in secret, on the sly. 2 hide-and-seek.
173Umpil1 lift, raise. 2 row, scull.
174Umpukheap, pile, stack.
175Umroh(islam) perform a pilgrimage to Mecca (us. not during the hajj season) omitting some of the ritual (e.g. the visit to the fields of Arafah).
176Umuk(Java) brag, boast.
177Umum1 general, common. 2 the public. umum-nya us., by and large.
178Umur1 age. 2 lifespan. 3 at the age of.
179Unamk.o. sea mollusc.
180Uncangbag (for traveling, etc.).
181Uncang-Uncitrestless, unsettled.
182Unclik(Java, Jakarta) walk without looking left or right.
183Uncue/uncui/ see HUNCUE.
184Unda-Undabeing in tow o. behind the other.
185Undak(Java) 1 step. 2 terrace.
186Undak-Undakanstairs, steps.
187Undan1. level. 2. pelican.
188Undanginvite, summon.
189Undang-Undanglaw, ordinance, act.
192Undia lot (in a drawing).
193Undian1 lottery. 2 lottery prize.
194Unduh(Java) pick (fruit from tree).
195Undung-Undungveil over the head.
196Undur1 go back, withdraw. 2 be out of circulation or publicity, out of trend.
197Undur-Undur(Java) ant-lion.
198Uneg-Uneg/unek-unek/ (Java) grudges.
199Ungapgasp for breath.
200Unggah-Ungguh(Java) etiquette.
201Unggang-Unggitgo up and down (seesaw, rocking chair, etc.).
202Unggasbird, fowl, esp. as scientific term.
203Unggat-Unggitsee UNGGANG-UNGGIT
204Unggat-Unggitsee UNGGANG-UNGGIT
205Unggisnibble, gnaw at.
206Ungguksee ONGGOK.
207Unggulsuperior, excellent.
208Unggulans.o. or s.t. considered superior.
209Unggun1 woodpile. 2 campfire.
210Unggunan1 campfire. 2 heap, pile.
211Ungguttug a rope, play tug of war.
212Ungkak.o. gibbon.
213Ungkaicome undone, come off (of clothing).
214Ungkak(naut. ) post for fastening the hawser.
215Ungkang-Ungkangsee ONGKANG-ONGKANG.
216Ungkang-Ungkitsee UNGGANG-UNGGIT.
217Ungkang-Ungkitsee UNGGANG-UNGGIT.
218Ungkap1 express (with words, face or gestures). 2 reveal, uncover.
219Ungkap1 express (with words, face or gestures). 2 reveal, uncover.
220Ungkapan1 expression. 2 idiom.
221Ungkapan1 expression. 2 idiom.
222Ungkat-Ungkitrepeated oscillating motions.
223Ungkilpry up.
224Ungkirsee MUNGKIR.
225Ungkit-Ungkitbob up and down.
226Ungkusee ENGKU.
229Uni1. (M) older sister. 2. union, esp. in names of political entities. 3. see HUNI.
231Uniform1 standardized. 2 a uniform.
235Unit/yunit, unit/ unit.
236Universal/universil/ universal.
238Universiterconcering universities.
239Universitetsee UNIVERSITAS.
240Unjamsee HUNJAM.
241Unjuansee UNJUKAN.
242Unjuansee UNJUKAN.
243Unjukshow s.t.
244Unjukshow s.t.
245Unjukan/unju'an/ (Java) drinks offered to a respected person.
246Unjungsee KUNJUNG 1.
247Unjurextended, stretched out (of legs).
248Unjuranfoot of the bed.
249Unjutsmall bag or bundle tied at the end with knots.
250Unsurelement, substance. unsur-kimia chemical element.
251Unsuriah/unsuri/ 1 elementary, elemental. 2 elemental.
252Untacamel. bururng-unta ostrich.
253Untai1 string, lace. 2 numerical classifier for stringlike objects (garlands, rosaries, etc.).
254Untaian1 series. 2 string, chain, garland. 3 strophe. 4 (ling. ) string.
255Untal1. 1) pellet. 2) pill, tablet. 2. 1) swallow a large quantity. 2) (vulg. ) eat.
256Untang-Antingswinging to and fro.
257Until1. dangle, hang down. 2. see UNTAL 1.
258Unting1 strand, skein. 2 numeral classifier for hanging objects, tied together (such as corn, etc.).
262Untuk1 for, on behalf of. 2 to, in order to.
263Untung1 luck, fortune. 2 good luck, have good luck. 3 advantage, profit. 4 gain profit.
264Untung-Untungit is lucky.
265Untung-Untunganundertake s.t. hoping for the best.
267Unyai(M) softly, gently.
268Up.(untuk perhatian) for the attention of (used in letter addresses).
269Upacara1 ceremony, ritual. upacara-ngruwet (Java) ritual to ward off evil. upacara-pelantikan inaugural ceremony. 2 regalia.
270Upah1 pay, wages. 2 fee, commission.
271Upahan1 wages. 2 hired worker.
272Upampolish, burnish.
273Upamasee UMPAMA.
275Upas1. k.o. toxin derived from the sap of certain plants. 2. 1) messenger, ettendant. 2) policeman.
276Upatsee UMPAT.
277Upatsee UMPAT.
278Upaya1 eforts (to atttain a certain aim). 2 means.
279Upaya1 eforts (to atttain a certain aim). 2 means.
280Upaya1 eforts (to atttain a certain aim). 2 means.
281Upet(Java) wick, fuse.
282Upeti1 tribute paid by subjects. 2 (coll. ) bribe to higher-ranking official.
283Upgrade/apgred/ upgrade.
284Upgrading/apgreding/ upgrading.
285Upih(biol. ) leaf-sheath.
286Upik(M) term of address for a little girl.
287Upil1 dried snot. 2 scab on a wound.
288Upleg(Java, Jakarta) be extremely busy.
289Upleg-Upleganrush about very busy.
290Urah1. (M) demolish, tear down. 2.relate.
291Uraiapart, asunder.
292Urai-Uraianstrands, pieces.
294Urakanrowdy, unconventional.
295Urang-Aringk.o. herb used for the hair.
297Urap1. ointment, salve. 2. grated coconut with spices.
298Urap-Urapsalad of mixed vegetables (cabbage, beansprouts, stringbeans) with coconut.
300Urat1 tendon. urat-keting (anat. ) Achilles' tendon. 2 nerve. urat-saraf nerve. 3 vein. urat-nadi artery.
301Urbano. who has moved to the city from the country.
302Urbanisasimigration to the city.
303Ureaurea-based fertilizer.
304Uret(Java) larva, white grub.
307Urisee ORI.
308Urisee ORI.
309Urik(Java) pick, pluck.
310Urine(med. ) urine.
311Uring(M) groove between nose and upper lip.
312Uring-Uringan(Java) grumble angrily, be angry.
313Urisdash. uris-datar dash. uris-miring slant, virgule.
314Uro-Urochant Java poetry.
317Urss(Uni Republik Sovyet Sosialis) USSR.
318Uruk1 bury. 2 fill (with soil, sand, etc.).
321Urunan(Java) 1 contribution. 2 contribute.
322Urung1 failed, unsuccessful. 2 not take place, be canceled.
323Urung1 failed, unsuccessful. 2 not take place, be canceled.
324Urup1 barter, exchange. 2 change money.
325Urupan1 the thing exchanged. 2 change (money).
326Urus-Uruspurgative, laxative.
328Urut1. massage. 2. (coll. ) in a series, well organized.
329Urut-Urutan1 consecutively, in sequence. 2 (Sport) seeded.
331Us(Uni Sovyet) Soviet Union.
332Us(Uni Sovyet) Soviet Union.
333Usahit is not necessary, no need to.
334Usaha1 effort, exertion. 2 labor, work, trade.
335Usahawan1 entrepreneur. 2 industrialist.
336Usahkan1 let alone, not to mention. 2 instead of.
337Usai1 finished, ready. 2 dispersed.
338Usakdecrease, lessen.
339Usali/usalli/ 1 (islam) firm intention to pray. 2 (islam) word uttered upon beginning a prayer. 3 intention.
340Usam1. 1) dregs. 2) waste remaining after the oil has been pressed from coconut meat. 2. vague, dull (of color).
341Usang1 worn out, decrepit. 2 obsolete. 3 dry, barren, withered.
342Usap1 wipe. 2 caress, stroke.
343Usapanstroke, caress.
344Usark.o. grass used to make fragrant oil.
345Usdekthe five guiding principles of Sukarno's gvt. after 1960: the 1945 Constitution; Sosialism a la Indonesia; Guided democracy; Guided economy; National identity.
346Usdekismepolitics on the basis of USDEK.
347Ushuludinsee USULUDIN.
349Usik1tease. 2 touch on. 3 (phys. ) perturb.
350Usikan1 annoyance, disturbance. 2 meddling, criticism. 3 (phys. ) perturbance.
351Usilannoying, bothering others doing s.t. not desired.
352Usilanannoyance, bothering.
354Uskup(rel. ) bishop. uskup-agung archbishop.
355Usollisee USALI.
356Ustad/ustadz, ustaz/ (islam) 1 term of address for Islam teacher. 2 (lit. ) lord, master.
357Ustadah/ustadzah, ustazah/ (islam) term of address for a female Islam teacher.
358Ustrali(coll. ) Australia.
359Ustria(coll. ) Austria.
360Usuk(Java) rafter.
361Usuk(Java) rafter.
362Usul1. 1) proposal, suggestion. 2) motion. 2. nature, characteristic.
363Usulanproposal, suggestion.
364Usuludin(islam) o. of the branches of theology pertaining to law and philosophy.
365Usungcarry (together with others) on the shoulders.
366Usunganstretcher, litter.
367Usursee UZUR.
368Ususintestines. usus-besar large intestine. usus-buntu appendix. usus-duabelas jari duodenum. usus-halus small intestine.
370Utak-Atik/utak-utik/ tinker with s.t.
371Utama1 prominent, eminent. 2 principal, prime.
372Utansee HUTAN.
373Utangsee HUTANG.
374Utar-Utarsmall round shield.
375Utara1. north. 2. explain.
377Utas1. skilled, capable. 2. 1) cord, string, strand. 2 numeral classifier for long, thin, and supple things (such as ropes, straw, etc.).
378Utik-Utiktouch with a finger, poke into s.t. to examine it.
379Utilitasutility, usefulness.
380Utk.(untuk) for, in order to.
381Utopi/utopia/ utopia.
383Utuhwhole, intact.
384Utuhan(math. ) integer.
386Utusan1 messenger. 2 envoy. 3 delegate.
387Uu(Undang-undang) law, decree.
388Uud(Undang-undang Dasar) the Constitution.
389Uuds(Undang-undang Dasar Sementara) provisional constitution.
390Uwarsee UAR.
391Uyel-Uyel(Java) justle.
392Uzurenfeebled (from old age or illness).
393Uzurenfeebled (from old age or illness).

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