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1Rthe 18 letter of the alphabet.
2R.[Raden] (Java) masculine noble title.
3R.M.[Raden Mas] (Java) title of minor male nobility.
4Ra'yatsee RAKYAT.
5Ra.[radiallahu an(hu) ] (islam) an exclamation uttered after mention of o. of muh. 's companions or the prophets: May God bless him !
6Raadsee RAD.
7Rab[Rencana Anggaran Belanja] 1 budget plan. 2 draft budge.
8Raba1 feel s.t. 2 grope (often with sexual implications). 3 guess.
9Rabaan1 touch. 2 groping with the hand. 3 guess, estimate.
11Rabak1 large tear, rip. 2 in tatters
12Raban1 jabber, babble. 2 rave, be delirious.
13Rabas(M) drizzle.
14Rabatrebate, quantity discount.
15Rabbi(bib. ) Lord.
16Rabi'ul-Akhir(islam) 4th month of Arabic calendar.
17Rabi'ul-Awal(islam) 3d month of Arabic calendar.
19Rabik/rabit/ torn, tattered at the edges.
20Rabu1.(M) lungs. 2. size, carry off (loot, etc.). 3. Wednesday.
21Rabuk1 fertilizer. 2 tinderwood.
22Rabun1) hazy, dim. 2) near sighted .
23Rabungridge of a house.
24Rabutsee CABUT.
26Racek(Jakarta) pockmarked.
27Racik1. bird snare. 2. 1) cut into thin slices. 2) blend various proper ingredients into food, etc. 3) eat foods already mixed (rice with vegetables, etc.). 4) make the necessary preparations prior to a main endeavor.
28Racuktease, entice s.o.
31Rada(Java, Jakarta) rather, somewhat.
32Radak1 a stab with a spear. 2 an attact.
33Radang1 inflamed, hot. 2 fly into a rage.
34Raden1 title of Java nobility. 2 form of address, esp. as den.
35Raderrolling pin.
37Radiallahu-Anhu(islam) May God bless him, exclamation uttered after the mention of o. of muh. 's companions or the prophets.
40Radikal(pol. ) radical. radicalism.
44Radinsee RADEN.
51Radiuscircle, radius.
52Radmolenferris wheel.
53Rafia1 raffia fibre. 2 k.o. twine made of thin strips of plastic similar to raffia fibre.
54Raflesiak.o. endotropic parasitic plant, the Rafflesia.
55Raga1. 1) (lit. ) boast, show off. 2) hold an exhibition. 2. 1) k.o. simple rattan basket. 2) ball plaited from rattan. 3. (lit. ) body.
56Ragam1 melody, tune. 2 manner, kind. 3 caprice, whim. 4 (ling. ) register, style.
57Ragangan1 scaffolding, laths. 2 kite frame. 3 handlebars.
58Ragas1 pull out (Hir, grass, etc.). 2 cut, tear.
60Ragbol1 dust mop, esp. for ceilings. 2 moplike tool for cleaning toiled bowl.
61Ragi1. yeast, fermentation agent. 2. design, formulation.
62Ragibabsorbed in an activity.
63Ragil(Java) youngest (child).
64Raguhesitant. ragu-ragu 1 be wary, uncertain. 2 hesitate to do s.t.
65Ragum(lit. ) vise, clamp.
66Ragumanjoint (membership, etc.).
67Ragutsee RENGGUT.
68Rahabsee RAHAP1.
69Rahangjaw. rahang-atas upper jaw. rahang-bawah lower jaw.
70Rahap1. shroud. 2. 1) alight. 2)kneel down next to. 3) throw o.s. face down.
71Raharja(Java) well-being prosperty.
73Rahatsee ISTIRAHAT.
74Rahayatsee RAKYAT.
75Rahayu1 well-being. 2 greeting, esp. used by adherents of Java folk religion.
76Rahib1 monk. 2 nun.
77Rahim1. womb, uterus. 2. (islam) merciful (of God).
78Rahimi(islam) merciful (of God).
79Rahman/rahmani/ (islam) compassionate (of God).
80Rahmat(islam) God's mercy.
81Rahmatullah(islam) mercy of God.
82Rahsiasee RAHASIA.
83Rahuk.o. monster that causes lunar eclipses by swallowing moon.
84Rahuhsigh of relief.
85Rai-Gedek(Java) shameless.
86Raibsee GAIB.
87Raih1 reach for. 2 sweep up, take in toward o.s. 3 achieve, manage to obtain.
88Rais1. sweep off. 2. president or chairman, formerly used by the Islam party.
89Raitscreeching sound.
90Raja1 king. 2 tycoon. 3 o. who excels at s.t. 4 (che. ) king.
91Rajab(islam) 7th month of Arabic calendar.
92Rajabrana(Java) treasure, riches.
93Rajah1. 1) (lit. ) figure or design with mystical properties. 2) tattoo. 3 lines in the palm. 2. see RAJA.
95Rajalelaviolent and arbitrary.
96Rajaleleprized variety of rice.
97Rajamme-rajam stone to death.
99Rajangcut into small pieces, mince (vegetables, etc.). rajang-an cut tobacco.
100Rajawalik.o. large black hawk.
101Rajet(coll. ) broken into small pieces.
102Rajin1 industrious, diligent. 2 frequently.
103Rajukpout, sulk.
104Rajungank.o. small crab.
106Rak1. cracking sound. 2 shelf, rack.
107Raka1 (lit. ) elder brother. 2 senior male university student.
108Rakaat(islam) essential unit of prayer ritual, consisting of bows and prostrations performed a prescribed number of times.
109Rakam1 stamping, printing. 2 embroidering.
110Rakaman1 notes, recorded materials. 2 recording (of music, etc.).
111Rakansee REKAN.
112Rakanitasenior female university student.
113Rakatsee REKAT.
114Rakawatisee RAKANITA.
115Raker[rapat kerja] meeting at which work is accomplished.
116Rakerda[rapat kerja daerah] regional working meeting.
117Rakernas[rapat kerja nasional] national working meeting.
118Raket1. (Sport) racket. 2. see ROKET.
119Rakhman/rakhmani/ see RAHMAN, RAHMANI.
120Rakhmatsee RAHMAT.
122Raknasee RATNA.
123Raksasee AIR.
124Raksamalasee RASAMALA.
125Raksasa1 mythical gigantic demon. 2 giant.
126Raksasisee RASEKSI.
127Raksi1. perfume. 2 see RASI 1.
128Rakuknick, notch, indentation.
129Rakusgreedy, voracious.
130Rakut1 spin a web, lay a snare. 2 deceive.
131Rakyatpopulace, citizenry.
132Ralaterror, mistake, esp. typographical.
133Ralipme-ralip doze off. pe-ralip o. who is always sleepy.
134Raliwan(Sport) participant in sports rally.
135Rally/reli/ (Sport) rally.
136Ram[Republik Arab Mesir] Egyptian Arab Republic.
137Ramasee ROMO.
138Rama-Ramabutterfly, us. large.
139Ramadan/Ramadhan, Ramadlan/ (islam) 9th month of the Arabic calendar, fasting month.
140Ramahfriendly, easy to talk with. ramah-tamah hospitable and friendly.
141Ramai1 crowded, busy. 2 bustling, lively, festive. 3 noisy, loud. 4 interesting.
142Ramaltell fortunes.1 predict. 2 portend.
143Ramalan1 prognosis, prediction.oracle, fortune-teller.
144Ramanda(Java, repsectful) 1 father (respectful). 2 uncle.
145Ramas1. 1) press, knead. 2.) see RAMES.
146Ramayanagreat Hindu epic from which many themes of Indonesian literature and public life are drawn.
147Rambahclear away, cut down.
148Rambai1. k.o. tree bearing edible but undomesticated fruit. 2. 1) fringe. 2) tuft of hair.
149Rambakedible portion of beef or pork skin, often fried as chips or used in sauces.
150Ramban(Jakarta) collect grass or leaves for food.
151Rambang1. broad, wide, extensive. 2.see REMBANG.
152Rambasme-rambas crush s.t.
153Rambatspreading, creeping.
155Rambate-Rata-Hayo(Java) heave-ho, phrase uttered in unison by group carrying s.t. heavy.
156Rambiasee RUMBIA.
157Rambo/rembo/ the movie character Rambo.
158Rambu1. fringe, tassel. 2. (naut. ) short pillar on quay for tying up ships, buoy. rambu-lalulintas traffic sign.
159Rambuntangled undergrowth.
160Rambut1 hair of the head. 2 (coll. ) body hair. 3 mane. 4 (coll. ) thread. 5 (coll. ) filament.
161Rambutank.o. Nephelium tree bearing fruit similar to lychee, the rambutan. rambutan-rapiah highly priced k.o. rambutan of Jakarta.
162Ramesee RAMAI.
163Ramelansee RAMADAN.
164Rames1 mix by kneading. 2 provide with a misture.
165Ramihemp, jute.
166Raminbasket making.
168Rampai-Rampaimixed, jumble.
169Rampak1. thick, dense (of foliage, crowd). 2. completely dressed up. 3. see REMPAK.
170Rampasseize, carry away.
172Rampatswing, brandish.
173Ramping1. slender, slightly built. 2. side by side, next to. 3. 1) disfigured, multilated. 2) pierced (of ears).
174Rampokrob, plunder .
175Rampung(Java) finished, settled, completed.
176Rampusindecent (of language).
177Ramsumsee RANGSUM.
178Ramugather, collect.
179Ramuaningredients, concoction.
180Ramussuperfluous hair.
181Rana1. long-suffering. 2. see RATNA.
182Ranah1 meadow, low-lying valley. 2 domain.
183Ranairizzle, trickle.
184Ranapstill, quiet.
186Rancak1. (M) handsome, beautiful. 2. a set.
187Rancakanstand for a set of small gongs.
188Rancangstake, post.
189Rancanganplan, program.
190Rancap1. pointed. 2 masturbation.
192Rancungpointed, acute.
193Randawidow, widower (in some areas of Indonesia).
194Randai1. traditional Minangkabau theather. 2. traverse on foot.
195Randangsee RENDANG.
196Randau1 eat food that has been mixed together or seasoned. 2 make food tasty by mixing several things together.
197Randek(Jakarta) stop.
198Randusilk-cotton tree.
199Randungviolet, step on, infringe.
200Rang1. rank, position. 2. clanging sound. 3. design, plan. 4. see ORANG 2.
201Rang-Ranganrough draft, outline.
203Rangak(M) noisy.
205Rangas(Jakarta) termite.
206Rangdasee RANDA.
207Ranggasharp point.
208Ranggah1. sharp point. 2 cock's comb. 3.strip s.t of all its fruit.
209Ranggak(naut. ) tow (in embarkation).
210Ranggas1 withered, arid. 2 leafless.
211Ranggehme-ranggeh reach for s.t.
213Ranggulme-ranggul tilt up.
214Ranggungwith legs apart.
215Ranginlong sash (for dancing).
216Rangka1 framework. 2 draft, blueprint.
217Rangkahsee RANGKAK.
218Rangkaibunch (of certain fruits).
219Rangkaian1 series. 2 combination. 3 connecting structure (i.e. chain, etc).
220Rangkak1 crawl on hands and kness. 2 make slow progress. 3 fawn.
221Rangkamgrasp s.t in the hands.
222Rangkang(islam) religious training center for advanced Islam studies.
223Rangkap1. 1) double. 2) (ling. ) phonetic cluster. 2. trap, pitfall.
224Rangkassee RANGGAS.
225Rangkaya/rangkayo/ (M) lady of the house.
226Rangket(Sunda) me-rangket thrash, beat up.
227Rangkiangrice granary.
228Rangkinghood, canopy made of basketry.
229Rangkokk.o. bird, k.o. hornbill.
230Rangkuhsee RENGKUH.
231Rangkulin o. embrace.
232Rangkuman armful.
233Rangkuman1 embrance. 2 armful. 3 summary.
234Rangkungsquat down, crouch.
235Rangkungansee KERONGKONGAN.
236Rangkup1 hollow, cavity. 2 curve.
237Rangrangsee SEMUT.
238Rangsang1 exciting, stimulating. 2 pungent.
239Rangsek(Jakarta) attack.
240Rangselsee RANSEL.
241Rangsuksee RASUK 2.
243Rangunobservation post, tower.
244Rangup1 fragile. 2 crisp (i. e. cracker, chip, etc.).
245Rani1. queen. 2 rich.
246Ranjahloot, pillage.
247Ranjam(Java) see RAJAM.
248Ranjangiron bed. ranjang-bayi baby's crib. ranjang-pengantin nuptial bed.
249Ranjau(mil. ) 1 bamboo spiked booby traps (set around village to wound enemy). 2 antipersonnel weapon, mine.
250Ranjing1 possessed (by bad spirit, etc.), mania. 2 have a mania for s.t.
251Ranjusee RANJAU.
252Ranjulbroken up, bumpy.
253Ranjungansee RAJUNGAN.
254Ranking/rengking/ grade rangking (in schools).
255Rankuscollect, gather s.t.
256Ransel1 knapsack, backpack. 2 duffle bag.
257Ransumsee RANGSUM.
258Rantai1 chain. 2 necklace. 3 series, sequence. 4 a measure of distance, esp. in rice fields.
259Rantamdo s.t. collectively.
260Rantangset of stacked containers for transporting food.
261Rantas1 broken off. 2 frayed.
262Rantau1 (geog. ) shoreline. 2 (geog. ) reaches (of a river). 3 abroad, foreign country.
263Rantesee RANTAI.
264Ranting1. 1) small branch, twig. 2) subsection, branch (of offices, parties, etc.). 2. dried up.
265Ranumoverripe. ripen.
266Ranyah(M) be difficult, agitated (of infants).
267Ranyang(M) 1 lively. 2 capricious.
269Raonsee RAWON.
270Raprapping sound, knocking.
271Rapahwalk, step on s.t.
272Rapak-Lumuh(islam) right of woman to appeal to judge if husband refuses to divorce her.
273Rapal1 utter a prayer or incantation over s.o. 2 (Sunda) bless and solemnize a wedding.
274Rapat1 close, proximate, dense. 2 close, intimate, familiar. 3 meeting, assembly.
275Rapbd[Rencana Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Daerah] regional budget.
276Rapbn[Rencana Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara] national budget.
277Rapelback pay.
278Rapiorderly, neat.
279Rapiahsee RAMBUTAN.
280Rapihsee RAPI.
281Rapim[Rapat Pimpinan] meeting of the armed forces commanders.
282Rapkolk.o. cabbage.
283Rapor/raport, rapot/ school report card.
285Rapuhbrittle, likely to snap.
286Rapun(M) broken, destroyed.
287Rapungsee APUNG.
288Raraksee RERAK.
289Ras1 sound of rustling (of papers, leaves, etc.). 2 reins. 3 race. 4 throroughbred.
290Rasa1 taste, sensation. 2 feeling, sense. 3 be of a certain opinion.
291Rasaisuffer much.
292Rasain(coll. , Jakarta) Serves you right !.
293Rasaksasee RAKSASA.
294Rasamsee RESAM 2.
295Rasamalak.o. tree with fragrant wood.
296Rasan(Java) backbite, gossip about.
297Rasecivet cat.
298Raseksasee RAKSASA.
299Raseksifemale giant.
300Rasi1. 1) constellation. 2) lucky. 2. harmonious, matching, compatible.
301Rasia1. see Razia. 2. see RAHASIA.
307Rasio1 reason. 2 (Match.) ratio.
308Rasional/rasionil/ rational.
309Rasionalisasi1 rationalization. 2 reduction in the number of workers in a firm.
311Rasmisee RESMI.
312Rasuahbribery, corruption.
313Rasuk1. crossbar, cross beam. 2. possession by a spirit.
314Rasul1 messenger sent by God. 2 (islam) prophet. 3 (rel. ) apostle.
315Rasuli(rel. Islam) apostolic.
316Rasulullah(islam) the Messenger of God.
317Raswahsee RASUAH.
318Rat1. see ERAT. 2 see RAD.
319Rata1 flat, level. 2 even. 3 average.
320Ratahsimple, plain.
322Ratassee RETAS.
323Ratib(islam. , lit. ) repeated, chanted recitation of prayer.
324Ratib-Sadatik.o. traditional dance in Aceh.
327Ratiosee RASIO.
328Ratnagem, jewel.
329Ratu1 (lit. ) king. 2 queen.
330Ratus1. hundred. 2. (Java) k.o. perfumed powder used as incense.
331Ratusan1) hundreds 2) a currency note or coin with the value of 100.
332Rausee DERAU.
333Raumsee RAUNG.
334Raun-Raun(sl. ) go on a pleasure trip, stroll about, tour.
335Raungsound of a siren, a siren.
336Raupscoop up s.t. with the hands.
338Rautshape, form.
339Rawa/rawa-rawa/ swamp, marsh.
340Rawah1. see RAWA. 2. (M) basin.
341Rawaifishing line (with several hooks).
342Rawak(lit. ) haphazard.
343Rawan1. 1) (lit. ) emotional, sensitive. 2) troubled, disturbed. 2. (lit. ) classifier for articles of twine.
344Rawangsee RAWA.
345Rawat1 take care of, nurse. 2 (lit. ) resume o.'s original form.
346Rawatan1 treatment. 2 nursing, care.
347Rawek.o. liana causing itching.
348Rawe-Rawe/rawe-rawe rantas malang-malang putung/ (Java) strive onward, no matter what (revolutionary slogan).
349Rawinarrator, writer of story.
350Rawit1. fine, small. 2. (Java) music, song.
351Rawitanoverture (esp. gamelan music).
352Rawon(Java) k.o. beef stew made with keluak.
353Rawuh(Java) come (said of respected person).
355Ray.see RA 2.
356Raya(lit. ) great, large.
357Rayagung(Java) the 6th month of the Arabic calendar.
358Rayahplunder, raid.
359Rayanbe delirious, dream of s.t. preoccupying.
363Rayau1 fumble, grope. 2 rustle. 3 wander around. 4 be troubled.
364Rayonarea, district.
365Rayonisasiprocess of dividing into administrative districts.
366Rayusad, touched, emotional.
367Rayuan1 persuasion. 2 flattery, wooing.
368Razia/rasia/ 1 raid by police (in red-light district, etc.). 2 unannounced examination of licenses, documents, etc. by police (in speed trap, during house-to-house search, etc.).
369Rdj[Republik Demokrasi Jerman] Democratic Republic of Germany.
370Rdrk[Republik Demokrasi Rakyat Korea] Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
371Rdv[Republik Demokrasi Vietman] Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
372Reagens(chem. ) reagent.
373Reaksee RIAK 2.
376Reaktor(phys. ) reactor..
377Realsee RIAL.
380Realisirbring s.t. about.
385Reat-Reotsound of squeaking.
386Rebabtwo-stringed musical instrument.
387Rebahfall down, collapse.
388Rebak1.be full of tears. 2. /re`bak/ deep cut, wound. 3. spread (of news, disease).
389Rebanchicken coop. /re`ban/ see REBEN.
391Rebassee RABAS.
392Rebatenclose, fence in.
393Rebehhang down loosely.
394Rebek1 (Jakarta) dirty, not washed. 2 ugly. 3 disorderly.
395Rebeno.-way glass.
396Rebewes(coll. ) driver's license.
397Rebosee RABU.
398Reboasasi/reboisasi/ reforestation.
399Rebonk.o. small shrimp.
400Rebusee RABU.
401Rebungbamboo shoot.
403Rebut1 snatch away, take away by force. 2 struggle to obtain a goal.
404Recasee ARCA.
405Recak1. light pockmarks. 2. (M) ride (a horse).
406Recall/rikol/ (pol. ) recall and force resignation of member of parliament for failure to agree with party policies.
407Recehsee UANG.
408Recetcry, protest.
410Recok1 noise, uproar. 2 excitement.
412Red.1. [redaksi] editorial staff. 2. [redaktur] editor.
413Redaabate, subside. /re`da/ see RELA.
414Redah1. (M) cut down (trees). 2. traverse s.t.
415Redaksi1 editorial staff. 2 wording (of text).
416Redaksionilpertaining to editing.
417Redaktrisfemale editor.
419Redam1 vague, dim, faint. 2 muffled, hushed.
421Redang1. lukewarm, tepid. 2. bog.
422Redap1. tambourine. 2. spread. 3 impenetrable.
423Redassee REDAH 2.
425Redha/redho/ see RELA.
428Redla/redlo/ see RELA.
429Reduksi1 reduction. 2 discount.
430Reduktor(chem. ) reductor.
431Redumsound of thumping.
433Redup1 overcast, dull. 2 dull, dreary. 3 extinguished (of embers).
438Referatk.o. university level course relying on a single reference book.
439Referensireference (logical, bibliographical, etc.).
440Refleksreflex. be-refleks show reflex.
449Refrain(Music) refrain, chorus.
451Refungsionalisasirefunctionalization, i.e. reorganization of a staff such that the same personel hold new positions.
452Rega(coll. ) see HARGA.
453Regangtense, tightly stretched.
454Regattake a shortcut (by following a straight line). /re`gat/ regatta.
455Regel1 ruler. 2 lath (for tracing).
458Reges(Jakarta) defoliated.
459Regi1. administration. 2. (film) director.
460Regiem/regim/ see REZIM.
463Regionalisasiregionalization (of power, etc.).
464Regisirsee REGI 2.
467Reglementasi/reglementering/ imposition of regulation.
468Regol1 (Java) archway, entrance. 2 drainage pipes (under bridges, etc.).
470Regu1 team, group. 2 shift.
471Reguka slug, a drink.
472Regular/reguler/ regular.
475Reh(Java) boss around.
477Rehabiliter/rehabilitir/ rehabilitate.
478Rehal(islam) k.o. folding book stand for the Koran during recitations.
481Rejaremains, waste, leftover.
482Rejahtransgress s.t.
483Rejamsee RAJAM.
484Rejanstrained, forced (of coughs, etc.).
485Rejang1. horoscope, almamac (for finding favorable days). 2. see RAJANG. 3. see LEJANG.
487Rejeb(Java) see RAJAB.
488Rejekisee REZEKI.
489Rejeng(Jakarta) seize, catch (several people).
490Rejimsee REZIM.
491Rejimentasisee REGIMENTASI.
492Rejukjump forward.
493Rek1. row, line. 2. sound of rubbing. 3. see AREK. 4 see RAK 2.
494Reka1 invention, creative action. 2 trick, ruse.
495Reka'atsee RAKAAT.
496Rekahcraked, split, broken.
498Rekamsee RAKAM.
499Rekancomrade, colleague.
500Rekanan1 partner, friend. 2 partnership. 3 steady customer.
501Rekap/rekapitulasi/ recapitulation.
502Rekatglue s.t. together or to s.t. else.
503Rekayasaengineer (changes, etc.).
504Reken(coll. ) count.
505Rekenancalculation, mathematics.
506Rekening1 bill. 2 ( fin. ) bank account.
507Rekes(leg. ) petition, formal request for s.t.
508Rekisitor/rekisitur/ see REKUISITOIR.
511Reklasering/reklasifikasi/ reclassification.
515Rekonstruksi1 (ling. ) reconstruction. 2 reconstructing the crime, events, etc.
517Rekorrecord (in sports, politics, etc.).
520Rekrutirrecruit s.o.
521Reksa(Java) watch over, guard.
522Rekstokexercise bars (esp. on walls).
524Rektor(acad. ) head of university.
525Rektorat(acad. ) office of university head.
526Rektorium(acad. ) 1 presidium governing university. 2 university president's office.
527Rekuiem/rekuim/ requiem.
529Rekuisitoir/rekuisitor, rekwisitoar, rekwisitor/ (leg. ) sentence demanded by public prosecutor, prosecutor's summation.
530Relrailway track.
531Relawilling, acquiesce in.
532Relaicrumble, fall to pieces (of cakes, etc.).
533Relakssee RILEK, RILEKS.
534Relang1. glitter, flash. 2. rattan hoop.
535Relapshine, glisten.
536Relasi1 customer, client. 2 relations.
540Relativitas(phys. ) relativity.
542Relbanrailroad tracks.
546Reliefrelief on temple walls, etc.
550Relikui(rel. ) relics.
551Reliwanparticipant in a sports rally.
552Relungniche, recess, hollow.
554Remahcrumbs, food remnants.
555Remaisharply painful.
557Remakpreferable, more valued.
558Remang1. 1)cloudy, overcast. 2) obscure, vague. 2. stand on end (of hair). 3. 1) buzz, hum of insects. 2) stream, flow (of perspiration, tears).
559Remang-Remang1 blurred, barely visible. 2 dim, obscure.
560Remassee RAMAS 1.
562Rembaa pair.
564Rembangmidpoint of a certain period of time.
565Rembes1 ooze out, leak. 2 permeate, seep in. /re`mbe`s/ (Java) k.o. eye disease in which the eyes are watery.
566Rembet1. hampered, obstructed. 2. 1) creep, climb up. 2) hang down. 3) spread.
567Rembihsee REMBAH.
568Rembong(Java) be frayed.
569Rembug,Rembukdiscuss, confer.
570Rembulan(Java) moon, s.t. similar to the moon.
571Rembunaiaverage, normal.
572Remburs1 (coll. ) reimburse. 2 collect postage on delivery, postage due.
573Rembut1. blink, flicker. 2. see REBUT.
574Remehtrifling, of no importance.
575Remenbe fond of. remen-an favorite person.
576Remengsee REMANG 1.
577Remetramble on.
579Remiaksee RIAK 1.
580Remis1. k.o. mussel. 2. /remise/ (Sport) draw.
581Remisi(leg. ) remission.
582Rempahspices (as a commercial, not culinary object). rempah-ratus medicine consisting of many different items. /re`mpah/ see REBAH.
583Rempakunison, all together. /re`mpak/ chipped.
584Rempela(Java) chicken gizzard.
585Rempelassee REMPLAS.
586Rempelosee REMPELA.
587Rempeyekk.o. crisp, thin chip made of flour and peanuts, shrimp or small fish.
588Remplas1 fig tree. 2 sandpaper s.t. to scour with.
589Rempusee REMUK.
590Rempuhsee TEMPUH.
591Remujungk.o. Java tea.
592Remukcrushed, shattered.
593Remukansmashing, crushing.
594Remunaisee REMBUNAI.
595Renaisee RENYAI.
596Renangswim. renang-kodok breaststroke. renang-melentang backstroke.
597Rencah1. 1) wade through, slough through. 2) face s.t. difficult. 2. mixed, various.
598Rencana1 program, plan, schedule. 2 report, account, article. 3 draft.
599Rencangsound of clanging.
600Rencehsee UANG.
601Rencek(Jakarta) clean tree trunk of branches.
602Renceng1 slender. 2 a string of s.t.
603Rencet1. little by little. 2. see RENTET.
604Renciksee RENIK.
605Rencissee RENJIS.
606RencongAchenese dagger with curved handle.
608Rendabeleconomically sound.
610Rendahansubordinate, of lower rank.
611Rendam1 submerged. 2 remain in o. place.
612Rendangmeat simmered in spices and coconut milk.
614Rendemsee RENDAM.
615Rendemensucrose content of sugar cane crop or sample.
616Rendeng(Java) rainy season.
617Rendenganpertaining to the rainy season.
618Rendet1 slow. 2 stall, get fouled up.
621Reng(Java, Sunda) laths used to support or press down roof tiles.
622Rengas1. varnish. 2. dried up (of plants).
623Rengat1. crack, split. rengat-hati furious. 2. k.o. insect that eats paper.
624Rengeha neigh, whinny.
625Rengekmosquito. /re`nge`k/ whine, whimper.
626Rengekanwhimper, nagging.
627Rengeng-Rengengsoft singing voice, hum.
628Renggang1 distantly spaced, wide apart. 2 loose (of knot).
629Renggatring, concentric grain (in horns, wood).
630Renggeksee RENGEK.
631Rengginangk.o. crisp cracker made of glutinous rice.
632Renggut1 tug at, yank out. 2 obtain s.t. with great endeavor.
633Renggutana jerk, tug.
634Rengit(Sunda) mosquito.
635Rengkahsee REKAH.
636Rengkamk.o. seaweed that grows on sea bottom.
637Rengkehbent (under burden).
638Rengketvery tightly spaced, cramped (of writting).
639Rengkiangelevated rice barn.
640Rengkuh(lit. ) me-rengkuh tear, pull at.
643Rengrengan(Java) blueprint.
644Rengsabeaten, apathetic.
645Rengseksee RINGSEK.
646Rengussullen, unhappy.
647Rengutsee RUNGUT.
648Renikfine (of rain, rice, etc.).
649Renjamsee RUNJAM.
650Renjana1 emotion. 2 in love, longing.
651Renjisspot, stain.
652Renjul1 bumpy. 2 crazy, incoherent.
654Renta1. speak in a loud voice, raise o.'s voice (in anger). 2. /re`nta/ worn-out.
655Rentabilitaspotential for producing a profit, remunerativeness.
656Rentak1. 1) all at once, suddenly. 2) together, in a body. 2. stamp o.'s foot. 3. rhythm, beat.
657Rentansusceptible (to illness, tantrums, etc.).
658Rentanga distance, part of the way.
659Rentassee RETAS.
660Rente/renten/ (fin. ) interest.
661Rentengsee RENCENG.
662Rentenircreditor, usurer.
663Rentetin line, o. after the other.
664Rentetanseries, sequence.
665Renung1 muse, be wistful. 2 daydream.
666Renungan1 meditation, reflection. 2 musing.
667Renyah1. 1) concentration, careful attention. 2) requiring attention. 2. 1) melodious (of voice, etc.). 2 crispy (of food). 3. see RANYAH.
668Renyaispringkle, drizzle.
669Renyakcrush, torture s.t. or s.o.
670Renyang(M) 1 restless. 2 feel out of sorts.
672Renyek(Jakarta) crumpled, shrunk.
673Renyem1 (Sunda) itch. 2 desperate, not knowing what to do.
674Renyoh,Renyoksee RENYUK.
675Renyuk(lit. ) crumpled (up), crinkled.
676Renyutsee DENYUT.
677Reog,Reok1 cackle. 2 (Java) k.o. masked dance. 3 (Sunda) k.o. singing comedy group.
678Reolsee RIOL.
682Reotsee REYOT.
683Rep.[Republik] republic.
684Repakcrisp, fragile.
686Repasdry and brittle, crumbly.
689Repeksee REPET.
690Repelita[Rencana Pembangunan Lima Tahun] Five-Year Development Plan.
692Repertoar/repertoir, repertorium/ repertory (of dance, drama, etc.).
693Repes1 fidget. 2 waste time.
694Repet1 chatter, blabber. 2 splatter (of an oar, etc.).
695Repetan1. (math. ) phase (of a decimal fraction). 2. 1) empty chatter, gossip. 2) splatter.
696Repetir1 repeat (inoculations). 2 repeating (rifle).
697Repetisi1 rehearsal. 2 quiz. 3 repetition.
699Repissee REPIH.
700Repliek/replik/ (leg. ) counterplea, rejoinder.
702Repolusisee REVOLUSI.
703Repormirsee REFORMIR.
704Reportase1 way of reporting. 2 article.
705Repot(coll. ) report. /re`pot/ 1 busy, occupied. 2 troublesome, full of meticulous details.
706Reprep(Jakarta) torn.
715Repuhsee RAPUH.
717Reput1 rotten, crumbling into decay. 2 loose, sandy. 3 (geol. ) friable.
719Requisitoirsee REKUISITOIR.
720Rerakbroken into pieces.
721Reramuanall k.o. ingredients (in culinary or medicinal preparations.
723Rerantinganall manner of branches and twigs.
724Rerasan(Java) thinking and talking (about s.o.).
725Rerataon the average.
726Rerepsubsided, calmed down.
727Reretsound of squeaking.
729Rerintihmoans, groans.
730Rerintikdrizzle, drops.
731Rerompoksee ROROMPOK.
732Rerongkong/rerongkongan/ 1 skeleton. 2 carcass, cadaver.
734Rerotsee EROT 2.
735Rerumput/rerumputan/ grassy field.
736Reruntuh/reruntuk/ wrekage, debris, ruins.
737Res.1. [Residen] Resident. 2. [Resimen] Regiment.
738Resamovements of baby about to be born.
739Resahfidgety, restless.
740Resakk.o. commercial timber tree.
741Resam1. k.o. fern. 2. 1) organized, customary ways. 2) equal to.
742Resananxious, worried.
743Resap1 penetrate, infiltrate. 2 ooze out, soak through and out. 3 become absorbed, dissipate.
744Resbangbench, cot.
745Resekcluttered. /re`se`k/ 1 look for s.t. by feeling with the hands. 2 investigate.
747Resensibook review
749Resep1. (Sunda) enjoyable. 2. see RESAP. /re`se`p/ 1 recipe. 2 prescription. 3 recommended program.
752Reserse/resersir/ detective.
753Reservatland set aside for an ethnic group, reservation.
754Reserve1. reserve supply. 2. reticence.
755Reservoir/reservoar/ reservoir, reserves.
756Resesrecess of parliament.
757Resesi(econ. ) recession.
758Resi1. 1) receipt (esp. for mailed or shipped items). 2) baggage check. 2. title for ascetics in wayang stories.
759Resiasee RAHASIA.
760Residenresident, head of a residency (in colonial administration).
761Residivisrepeated offender, former convict.
763Resik(Java) pure, clean.
764Resikosee RISIKO.
765Resimsee REZIM.
766Resimen(mil. ) regiment.
770Resitalmusic recital.
772Reskrim[Reserse Kriminil] Criminal Investigation Bureau (of police).
773Resmi1 official, legitimate. 2 formal.
776Resopim[Revolusi Sosialisme Pimpinan Nasional] Revolution, Socialism, National leadership (Sukarno-era slogan).
777Resort1 police administrative unit at county level (the kabupaten level). 2 army administrative unit at level just below division.
779Respekrespect, to respect.
780Respon/respons/ response.
781Respondenrespondent (esp. in surveys).
782Responsireview session (at college).
784Responsifresponsive, lively.
785Restan1. remainder, remnant. 2. see POS.
786Restitusirepayment of expenses incurred for medical care.
787Restoranrestaurant. restoran-kaki lima sidewalk food vending stalls.
788Restorasi1. food service on a train. 2. restoration (of monument, etc.).
792Restungk.o. boil on nose (us. caused by venereal disease).
793Resusee RESI 1.
794Resultan/resultante/ resultant.
796Ret(bri. ) diamonds.
797Retatalk foolishly and endlessly.
798Retaicrack, fissure.
799Retak1 crack, fissure. 2 cracked.
800Retakana crack.
801Retasrip open, take apart.
802Retehsee RETIH 1.
803Retensi(ling. ) retention.
804Retetsound of rattling.
805Retetet-Tetet1 sound of bugle or trumpet. 2 sound of barrage of gunfire.
806Retih1. crackling sound. 2. me-retih form beads (of sweat).
807Retirsee RETUR.
808Retnasee RATNA.
809Retoksee RECOK.
810Retool/ritul/ see RITUL.
814Retret(rel. ) retreat.
815Retribusi1 toll or fee to use a public facility. 2 dues (for club).
818Retulsee RITUL.
819Retulingsee RITULING.
820Retur(coll. ) round trip (of plane tickets).
824Revansrevenge (esp. in sports, cards, etc.).
832Revolusionerismean outlook based on revolutionary principles.
834Rewaksee REBAK 2.
835Rewang1. 1) swing. 2) (naut. ) yaw. 2. (Java) servant, assistant. 3. (M) grope about.
836Rewel1 hard to please, fussy. 2 troublesome.
837Rewessee NGREWES.
838Reyalsee RIAL.
839Reyogk.o. E. Java folk dance.
840Reyotfalling to pieces, decrepit (of houses, etc.).
841Rezeki1 livelihood. 2 luck, fortune. 3 (islam) blessing (of God).prosperity.
843Rfj[Republik Federal/Federasi Jerman] Federal Republic of Germany.
844Rg.[regu] team.
845Rheumatiksee REMATIK.
846Rhumsee RUM 1.
847Ri[Republik Indonesia] Republic of Indonesia.
848Ri-Ri-Risound made to call ducks.
849Ria1. cheerful. 2. 1) proud, jealously proud. 2) haughty.
850Riadat(islam) practice of penance and mortification for spiritual enlightenment.
851Riah1. see MERIAH. 2. see RIA 2.
852Riak1. 1) ripples. 2) indication, intention. 2. phlegm, mucus. 3. see RIA 2.
853Rial1 Saudi Arabian currency. 2 money.
854Riamriver rapids.
855Rianmeasure of yarn or thread equivalent to o. skein or 1/16 of a tukal.
856Riang1 cheerful, joyful. 2 dizzy.
858Riapprotrude, swell out.
859Riasmake-up. meja-rias dressing table.
860Riasanornament, article of adornment.
861Riba1. lap. 2. usury, excessive interest.
862Ribaksee REBAK.
863Ribatatfamily relationship.
864Ribon(Sport) rebound.
866Ribuan1 a currency note or coin with the value of 1,000. 2 in thousands, by the thousands.
867Ribut1 storm, gale. 2 noisy, loud.
868Ricauchatter, twitter.
869Ricesdrinking straws.
870Ricih1. see RINCIH. 2. /ricik/ make a rushing sound (such as water in terraced ditch).
871Ricis(Jakarta) slice, chop (ingredients for a dish).
872Ricuhchaotic, quarrelsome.
873Ridasee RELA.
874Ridah/ridat, riddah, riddat/ see MURTAD.
875Ridha/ridla, ridhlo, ridho/ see RE
876Ridisee REDI.
877Riding(lit. ) noose trap.
878Ridip(dorsal) fins.
879Ridla/ridlo, ridhloh, rido/ see RELA.
880Rifli(Sport) referee.
881Rigai(M) skinny.
882Rigirigi-rigi cog, tooth.
883Rigusee TERIGU.
884Rihalsee REHAL.
885Rihatsee ISTIRAHAT.
886Rihting/rihting weser/ directional signals (on vehicles).
887Riil/riyil/ real.
888Rijang(geol. ) flint, chert.
889Riksound of creaking.
891Riksa/riksya/ rickshaw.
892Rikuh(Java) feel awkward or ashamed in the presence of o.'s betters.
893Rilsee REL.
894Rila/rilah/ see RELA.
895Rileks/rilek/ 1 relax. 2 carefree.
896Rilisreleas (of a tune, record).
897Rim1. 1) ream, a measurement for paper. 2) a carton (of cigarettes). 2. (coll. ) military style belt (for ammunition, etc.).
899Rimas1 anxious, worried. 2 discontented, irritated.
900Rimausee HARIMAU.
901Rimbajungle, forest. rimba-belantara vast forest. rimba-sawang wilderness.
902Rimbassmall adz.
903Rimbitsee REMBET 2.
905Rimbunthick, dense (of foliage, forest, etc.).
906Rimis(M) half a cent.
907Rimpangrhizome (ginger, tumeric, etc.).
908Rimpelpleat, pleated.
909Rimpidried fruit slices.
910Rimpuhtired, exhaused.
911Rimpungbind the arms and legs.
912Rinai1. (lit. ) hum. 2. see RENYAI.
914Rincihsmall parts, thin slices.
916Rincu/rincuh/ see RICU(H).
917Rindang1 leafy, luxuriant. 2 shady.
918Rindingfeel suddenly frightened, feel eerie.
919Rindu1 longing, yearning. 2 feel homesick for, yearn for.
920Ring1. (auto. ) ring. 2. (Sport) boxing ring. 3. sound of ringing.
921Ringan1 light in weight. 2 minor in importance.
922Ringgiksee RENGEK.
923Ringgit1. 1) two-and-a hall rupiah (note). 2) a gold coin (often used for pendants). 3) national currency of Malaysia and Brunei. 2. (lit. ).
924Ringihneigh, whinny.
925Ringiksee RENGEK.
926Ringisgrimace, grin.
927Ringkaidry (of leaves), arid.
928Ringkasbrief, succinct, concise.
929Ringkasanresume, precis, summary.
931Ringkikneigh, whinny.
933Ringkokdeep dish or shallow bowl to eat from.
934Ringkuk1 bent over, stooped. 2 shut up, confined.
935Ringkus1 catch by binding the limbs. 2 take into custody, catch.
936Ringsekbroken in pieces, totally damaged.
937Ringsekanin bad shape, cheap.
939Rintang1. (lit. ) entertain, distract. 2. 1) block (o.'s path). 2) interfere with, hamper.
940Rintangan1 hindrance, obstacle, holdup. 2 barrier, restriction.
941Rintastake a short-cut.
942Rintiha moan, groan.
943Rintik1 spot, fine spot. 2 droplet. rintik-rintik small spots, dots.
944Rintisme-rintis 1 clear a way, path. 2 do pioneering work.
945Riolsewer, drain.
946Rioleringsewers, drainage system.
947Ripotsee REPOT.
948Ripuh1 misterable, sad. 2 in a mess.
949Ripukbroken, damaged.
950Ris[Republik Indonesia Serikat] Federal Republic of Indonesia (1949-1950).
951Risaa callus.
952Risalah/risalat/ 1 essay, composition, treatise. 2 circular, brochure. 3 minutes (of meeting), proceedings. 4 report (of assets).
953Risaurestless, nervous.
955Risihfeel uncomfortable about s.t. risque, taboo, etc.
956Risik1. (lit. ) confidential, inquiry. 2. 1) rustling (noise). 2) be noisy.
957Risikorisk, peril.
958Riskan/riskant/ risky.
959Riskirrisk s.t.
960Risolesk.o. croquette, rissole.
961Ristek[Riset dan Teknologi] Research and Technology.
963Rit1. trip made by a public vehicle. 2 sound of creaking. 3. see RICES.
964Ritingsee RIHTING.
969Ritul1 (coll. ) reorganize. 2 purge (Sukarno era).
970Rituling1 (coll. ) reorganization. 2 purge (Sukarno era).
972Riuhnoisy, vociferaous.
973Riung1. range of mountains. 2. conduct or gather for a ceremonial meal.
974Riut1. sound of s.t. creaking.be bent or folded.
975Rival(lit. ) rival.
976Rivalitas(lit. ) rivalry, competition.
977Riwan(Sunda) dream of no significance.
978Riwayat1 story, narrative, tale. 2 history.
979Riyep(Jakarta) dim (lights).
980Rizeki/rizki/ see REZEKI.
981Rk1. [Rum Katolik] Roman Catholic. 2. [Rukun Warga] 1) village association. 2) a unit of political organization just below the village level.
982Rkz[Rooms Katholieke Ziekenhuis] a hospital run by the Roman Catholic Church.
983Rms[Republik Maluku Selatan] S. Moluccan Republic (secession attempt from central gvt. in 1950s and 1960s).
984Robahsee UBAH.
985Robak-Rabiktorn in shreds, in rags.
986Robbi(islam) God.
988Rober(bri. ) rubber.
990Robohandebris, rubble.
991Robot1. (Jakarta) sound of explosion. 2. 1) robot. 2 unimaginative person.
992Rocet(Sunda) disorderly. in a mess.
993Rocok1 flow (forcefully). 2 (Jakarta) leak.
995Rodan(lit. ) painful, tender.
996RodatArabian song accompanied by the tambourine.
997Rodentisidarat poison.
998Rodiforced labor, corvee (of colonial period). be-, me-rodi 1 do forced labor. 2 (coll. ) work extra hard.
999Rodokme-rodok 1 stab with upward thrust. 2 dash, in a hurry.
1000Rodong1. ( lit. ) run into, meet by chance. 2. wander about.
1001Rofel(coll. ) do more than o. thing at once.
1002Rogoh1 grope, search (in pocket, bag, etc.). 2 grope after s.t.
1003Rogolrogol rape s.o.
1004Rohspirit, soul.
1005Rohanispiritual. rohani- dan jasmani spiritual and physical.
1007Rohaniawan/rohaniwan/ churchman.
1008Rohaniawati/rohaniwati/ churchwoman.
1009Rohmatsee RAHMAT.
1010Rohu'l-Kudus(rel. ) the Holy Spirit.
1011Roi,Roilen(coll. ) building alignment.
1012Rojoksee ROCOK.
1013Rojolprotrude, jut out, emerge.
1015Rokaatse RAKAAT.
1016Rokerrock musician.
1018Rokhsee ROH.
1019Rokhanisee ROHANI.
1020Rokhaniahsee ROHANIAH.
1021Rokiclothes, frock.
1022Roko-Rokok.o. bird.
1024Rokrakpiece of wood.
1025Rol1. (thea. ) role. 2. 1) roll, roller. 2 a numerical classifier for rolled things. 3. k.o. small bread.
1026Roladek.o. meat loaf.
1028Roltar/roltar(t) / k.o. cylinder-shaped cake served in slices.
1030Romasee BULU.
1031Romadhon/Romadlon, Romadon/ see RAMADAN.
1032Roman1. figure, looks. 2. novel. 3. (coll. ) be in passionate love with e.o.
1036Romantikusromantic thinker.
1040Romawisee RUMAWI.
1041Rombak1 tear down s.t. 2 change the appearance of s.t., remodel. 3 reorganize.
1042Rombang-Rambing/rombang-rombeng/ tattered and torn.
1043Rombesee RUMBAI.
1044Rombengtattered, torn.
1045Rombengan1 junk. 2 of a cheap kind.
1046Romboida(math. ) rhomboid.
1047Rombong1. 1) k.o. large rice basket with cover. 2) pushcart (often used by venders). 2. come in large groups.
1048Rombongan1 group, party. 2 gang.
1050Romel/romel-romel/ (coll. ) junk.
1051Romeohandsome, romantic youth.
1052Rometwork at odd jobs.
1053Romhornk.o. cone-shaped pastry with sweet filling.
1054Romoterm of address or reference to Roman Catholic priest.
1055Romok(lit. ) be uneasy, be upset.
1056Romong(Jakarta) torn, in tatters.
1057Rompakcommit piracy.
1058Rompal(Java, Jakarta) knocked loose, fall apart.
1059Rompangsee RUMPANG.
1060Rompang-Rampingtattered and torn, in shreds.
1061Rompeng/rompes/ damaged on the edge.
1062Rompiwaistcoat, vest.
1064Rompong1 cut off, mutilated. 2 mutilation.
1065Rompyoklayer (of a gown).
1066Romusa/romusha, romusya/ 1 program of involuntary labor during Japanese occupation. 2 (coll. ) brutally exploited labor.
1068Roncetassel, appendage.
1069Roncetsmall bits.
1070Ronda1 rounds, patrol, beat. ronda-an patrol, night watch.
1071Rondah-Randihbe in disorder.
1072Ronde(Sport) a round. /ronde`s/ k.o. ginger drink with peanuts and rice flour balls.
1073Rondes(Sport) rounders.
1074Rondo-Royal(Java) fried fritters of fermented cassava.
1075Rondokhide o.s.
1077Rongakdiscontinous, with gaps (of teeth, fences, etc.).
1078Ronggahollow space, cavity, hole. rongga-dada thoracic cavity. rongga-hidung nasal cavity.
1079Ronggangsee RENGGANG.
1080Ronggeng(Java) paid dancing or singing girl sometimes also available for sex.
1081Ronggohsee RUNGGUH 2.
1082Rongkoh/rongkok/ walk stooped over.
1083Rongkongan1. (Java, Jakarta) skeleton. 2. see KERONGKONGAN.
1084Rongongsound of buzzing.
1085Rongossee MRONGOS.
1086Rongrong1 gnaw at s.t. 2 undermine s.t., damage s.t.
1087Rongsengsullen, upset, grumbling.
1088Rongsokdamaged, worn-out.
1089Rongsokanworn-out articles, wreckage.
1092Rontastruggle to get loose.
1093Rontaksee BERONTAK.
1094Rontalsee LONTAR 1.
1095Rontgensee RONSEN.
1096Rontok/rontog/ drop off, fall off, shed.
1098Ronyokcrumpled up.
1099Roomsee ROM.
1100Roossee ROS 1.
1101Ropak-Rapikin disorder, chaotic.
1102Ropelsee ROFEL.
1103Rorodremove husk by shaking.
1104Rorompok(Sunda) house, in polite, self-deprecating reference to o.'s own house.
1105Ros1. rose. 2. bull's-eye (in a target). 3. see RUAS.
1106Rosario(rel. ) rosary.
1107Rosbangsee RESBANG.
1108Roselak.o. fiber used to make sacks and ropes.
1109Rosengsee RONGSENG.
1110Roset1. roselike ornament. 2. see KAYU1.
1111Roskamk.o. brush (for horses).
1112Rosoksee RONGSOK.
1113Rosot1 slip off. 2 decline, sink.
1114Roster1. schedule of classes. 2. opening for ventilation.
1115Rosulsee RASUL.
1117Rotasi(tech. ) rotation.
1118Roti1 bread. 2 bun.
1119Rotoksound of repeated explosion.
1120Rotor(auto. ) rotor.
1121Rotsoilousy, rotten.
1122Royak1 spread. 2 worsen.
1123Royalextravagant, profligate.
1127Royokan(coll. ) fight e.o. to obtain s.t.
1128Royongsee GOTONG-ROYONG.
1129Rp.[rupiah] rupiah.
1130Rpa[Republik Persatuan Arab] United Arab Republic.
1131Rph[rumah potong hewan] slaughterhouse.
1132Rpkad[Resimen Pasukan Komando Angkatan Darat] crack troops, strom troops.
1133Rrc/RR Cina/ [Republik Rakyat Cina] People's Republic of China.
1134Rri[Radio Republik Indonesia] Indonesian Broadcasting System.
1135Rrt[Republik Rakyat Tiongkok] People's Republic of China.
1136Rs[Rumah Sakit] hospital.
1137Rsi[Rumah Sakit Islam] Islamic-run hospital.
1138Rsu[Rumah Sakit Umum] public hospital.
1139Rsud[Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah] regional public hospital.
1140Rsup[Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat] central hospital.
1141Rsv[Republik Sosialis Vietnam] Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
1142Rt[Rukun Tetangga] neighborhood association, the lowest adminitrative unit.
1143Ru1. 14.49 square meters. 2. see ERU.
1144Ru'yatsee RUKYAT.
1145Ruasee RUAK.
1146Ruadatceremony, sign of respect.
1147Ruah(islam. , coll. ) eighth month of the year.
1149Ruamskin eruption.
1150Ruang1 space. 2 (naut. ) ship's well or water that gathers there. 3 column (in a paper, magazine). 4 room, hall.
1151Ruapscum, foam.
1152Ruas1 space between joints, internode. 2 (math. ) parts of an equation.
1153Ruat1. shaky, undecided. 2. (Java, Sunda) exorcism ritual.
1154Rubah1. fox. 2. see UBAH.
1155Rubai/rubayat/ (lit. ) quatrain.
1156Rubelruble, Russian currency.
1157Rubiah(rel. ) nun.
1158Rubrik1 heading. 2 column.
1159Rubusee RABA.
1160Rubuhsee ROBOH.
1161Rubungflow together in large quantities.
1162Rucutescape, glide loose.
1163Rudal[peluru kendali] guided missile.
1165Rudu1 stooping, bowed with age. 2 drooping, hanging down.
1166Ruduscutlass, machete.
1167Ruetsee RUWET.
1168Rugi1 suffer a financial loss. 2 lose out.
1169Rugoslettering sheet (rubbed with pencil).
1170Ruhsee ROH.
1172Ruhanisee ROHANI.
1173Ruhban(rel. ) monk, hermit.
1174Ruhbanat(rel. ) nun.
1175Ruit1. bent, hook-shaped barb. 2. /ret, roit/ (crd. ) diamond (suit).
1176Rujahme-rujah stab, poke at a fire.
1177Rujakk.o. fruit salad with pungent dressing. rujak-cingur vegetables or fruit salad with slices of beef snout.
1178Ruji1. trelliswork, grill. 2. radius. ruji-ligat (phys. ) radius of gyration.
1179Rujuk1. 1) reconciliation. 2) be reconciled with o.'s separated wife before divorce is final. 2. reference.
1180Rukaatsee RAKAAT.
1181Rukahturn over.
1182Rukhanisee ROHANI.
1183Rukhsah(islam) dispensation (for elderly, ill, etc.) from observing fast : such a person must donate a day's food to poor.
1184Rukiat1. magic. 2 see RUKYAT.
1185Ruku1. sound of cooing. 2. see RUKUK.
1186Ruku-Rukuk.o. basil.
1187Rukuh(islam) prayer robe for women.
1188Rukuk(islam) deep bow from the waist during prayer ritual.
1189Rukun1. harmonious. 2. (islam) pillar, essential principle.
1190Rukyat(islam) determining date by sighting of moon (not by system of hisab), esp. to fix beginning and end of fasting period.
1191Ruletsee ROLET.
1192Rum1. rum. 2. sound of humming (like that of engine). 3. see ROM.
1193Rum-Rumsee RUNGRUM.
1194Rumah1 house, dwelling. 2 (coll. ) public building. 3 housing (for machinery, etc.).
1196Rumbathe rumba.
1197Rumbahleaves or salad eaten with rice.
1198Rumbaituft, tassel.
1199Rumbangsee ROMBANG-RAMBING.
1200Rumbiasago palm.
1201Rumbingsomewhat damaged.
1202Rumet,Rumit1 hard, difficult. 2 complex, intricate, knotty.
1203Rumisee RUMAWI.
1204Rumpang1 have gaps. 2 discontinuous (of time).
1205Rumpik1 wicked, having bad intentions. 2 (sl. ) Shit ! (interjection used in jest or admiration).
1206Rumpunclump (of herbaceous plants). rumpun-bambu bamboo cluster. rumpun-bahasa (ling. ) language family.
1207Rumput1 grass. 2 weeds.
1208Rumuhun(Sunda) ancestor.
1209Rumunsee KERUMUN.
1210Rumus1 (chem. , etc.) formula. 2 abbreviation.
1211Runcingpointed (of pencil, arrowhead, etc.).
1212Runcitsee RONCET.
1213Rundingconfer, discuss.
1214Rundu-Randa(Jakarta) come and go (whit a burden).
1215Rundukstoop, bend, bow.
1217Runggaspull out.
1218Rungguh1. squat. 2. pledge, guarantee, security.
1219Runggutsee RENGGUT.
1220Rungkaisee UNGKAI.
1221Rungkauhang down like hair over the face or like willow branches.
1222Rungkuhworn-out, decrepit, aged.
1223Rungkup1 cover up. 2 spread over.
1224Rungrumfondle, pet.
1225Rungsingsee RONGSENG.
1226Rungus(M) grumble.
1227Rungutgrumble, gripe.
1228Runjaksee LONJAK.
1229Runjam/runjang/ thrust, stab.
1230Runjungcone-shaped. hantu-runjung k.o. ghost that grows bigger bit by bit.
1231Runtaime-runtai dangle, hang loosely. se-runtai bunch, cluster.
1232Runtuh1 collapse. 2 fall out.
1233Runtuksee RONTOG.
1234Runtun1. o. after the other, in a row. 2. pull out.
1235Runtunanseries (of inoculations, regulations, etc.).
1236Runtut1. in harmony, harmonious. 2. see RUNTUN 1.
1237Runuttrace, groove, furrow.
1238Runyam(coll. ) be in difficulties.
1239Rupa1 form, shape, appearance. 2 sort, kind.
1240Rupa-Rupavarious, diverse, all sorts.
1241Rupa-Rupanyaprobably, seemingly.
1242Rupawangood-looking person.
1243Rupekclosed in, stuffy.
1244RupiahIndonesian monetary unit.
1246Rurut1 fall down. 2 slip off.
1247Rus/Ruslan, Rusland/ Russia.
1249Rusak1 damaged, broken, out of order. 2 depraved.
1250Rusbangsee RESBANG.
1251Rusiasee RAHASIA.
1252Rusuhrestless, disturbed.
1253Rusuk1 side, flank. tulang-iga (anat. ) rib. 2 margin, side.
1254Rutan[rumah tahanan] detention center.
1255Ruteroute (of bus line, parade, etc.).
1257Rutukgrumble, cuss.
1258Rutukancurse, grumbling.
1259Rutupsound of bubbling.
1260Ruu(Rencana Undang-Undang] (pol. ) draft of a law.
1261Ruwahsee RUAH.
1262Ruwatsee RUAT 2.
1263Ruwetcomplicated, complex, knotty.
1264Ruyaksee ROYAK.
1265Ruyung1. hard exterior of a palm trunk. 2. k.o. clublike weapon.
1266Ruyup1 heavy-eyed, sleepy. 2 setting.
1267Rw1. (Rukun Warga] administrative unit at the next-to-lowest level in city, consisting of several RTs. 2. a euphemism for cooked dog meat (from Tombulu Minahassan rintek wuuk "fine hair" because dog meat is a specialty of the area).

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