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1Pthe 16th letter of the alphabet.
2P'cis.[Perancis] France.
3P'cis.[Perancis] France.
4P.1. [pulau] (geog. ) island. 2. [pangeran] prince.
5P3see PPP.
6P41. [Panitia Penyelesaian Perselisihan Perburuhan] labor dispute arbitration committee. 2. [Pedoman Penghayatan dan Pengamalan Pancasila] guidelines for carrying out the principles of Pancasila.
7Pa[Port Authority] the port area as a place of work (e.g. Tanjung Priok in Jakarta).
8Paalact, deed.
9Pabeancustoms office.
10Paberiksee PABRIK.
11Pabiansee PABEAN.
12Pabilasee APABILA.
13Pabrikfactory. pabrik-an manufacturer.
14Pacaisandalwood dust.
15Pacak1. roasting spit. 2. mate (of animals). 3. skilled, experienced.
18Pacangan1 fiance, fiancee. 2 partner (boy or girl).
19Pacar(coll. ) fiance or fiancee, boyfriend or girlfriend.
20Pacaran1 go put with members of opposite sex. 2 be boy and girlfriends. 3 engage. in sexual play.
22Pace(Java) the mengkudu tree and its fruit.
23Paceksee PACAK 2.
24Paceklik1 famine. 2 time of scarcity before harvest. 3 lack of s.t. important.
25Pacetsee PACAT.
26Pacinkok.o. gambling game in Japan.
27Pacomberansee COMBERAN.
28Pacuspur. pacu-jantung heart pacemaker. race.
29Pacuksee PATUK.
30Pacul1. hoe. 2. squeeze or press out.
31Pada1.1) at or to (person or instituation), have a feeling toward. 2) in the direction of to or on, from the surface, tip or edge of. 3) at, in (an abstract place). 4 at (a certain time). 5 preposition preceding complement of instransitive verb or noun.
32Padahomen, warning.
33Padahal1 whereas, but actually the case is. 2 besides.
34Padahanunfortunate result, just deserts.
35Padam1 extinguished. 2 calmed, suppressed, quenched.
36Padan1. equal ,match.
37Padanan1) parable. 2) comparison. 2. border, frontier. 3. promise. 4 dishonest (in gambling).
38Padangplain, field.
39Padasrock or a layer of hardened soil.
40Padasancistern, vat.
41Padat1 solid, compact. 2 dense.
42Padepokansee DEPOK.
43Paderi1 (rel. ) Catholic priest. 2 Islam purists from W. Sumatra in the early 19th century.
44Padi1 rice plant, unhusked rice. 2 tiny, very small. padi-an grain.
46Padrisee PADERI.
47Padu1 solid, compact, fused. 2 in harmony. 3 resolute.
48Paduanfusion, combination, blend, synthesis.
50Paduka(lit. ) excellency.
51Padusi(M) woman, female.
52Paedahsee FAEDAH.
53Paes(Java) makeup (cosmetics).
54Paga(Java) basket (hung up to preserve food).
55Paganfirm, solid.
56Pagar1 fence. 2 hedge.
57Pagarisasiprogram to provide fences.
58Pagelarput on a show, present.
59Pagelaranshow, presentation.
60Pagersee PAGAR.
62Paginapage (of a publication).
64Pagut1 peck. 2 bite (of snake). 3 embrace
65Paguyuban(Java, sunda) association.
66Pahsee PAK 2.
68Pahalamerit, reward for moral conduct.
69Paham1 understanding. 2 view, concept. 3 understand, know.
70Paharteacart, tea wagon.
72Pahatancarving, relief.
73Pahingsee PAING.
74Pahit1 bitter (in taste).
75Pahlawanhero, patriot.
77Pai1. pie. 2. (M) go.
78Paidahsee FAEDAH.
79Paido(Java) m-paido disparage, belittle.
80Paidon(Java) cuspidor.
81Pailitsee PALIT1.
82Paing2d day of Java week.
83Pair1. pair-jantung (med. ) pulse deviation. 2. see PAYAR.
84Paiscook in banana leaves over coals.
85Paitsee PAHIT.
86Paitua1 (Ambon) husband. 2 (coll. ) old man.
87Pajajaranname of kingdom in West Java.
88Pajak1 tax. 2 monopoly or franchise given by colonial gvt.
89Pajangmem-(p)ajang dress window, display. mem-(p)ajang-i decorate.
90Pajarsee FAJAR.
91Pajusee AJU.
92Pajuhstuff, gorge.
93Pak1./pa`, pak/ 1) package, parcel. 2) pack. 2. lease, rent a right. 3. /pak/ charter, pact. 4. see BAPA.
94Pakai1 involve the use of, with, by means of. 2 take (a certain food). 3 wear.
95Pakaian1 clothes, suit, uniform, dress.
96Pakalputty, caulking.
97Pakamsee PAKEM 1.
99Pakansiholiday, vacation.
100Pakarexpert in certain field.
101Pakarya,Pakaryan(blue-collar) worker, artisan, crafisman.
102Pakat1. 1) agreement. 2) discussion, convention. 2. see PEKAT.
103Pakcikuncle (younger brother or younger cousin of parent).
104Pakde(Java) uncle (older brother or older cousin of o.'s parent).
105Pake(K)see PAKAI.
106Pakem1. taking hold well (of brakes). 2. source book for the Java shadow play stories.
107Paket1 parcel. 2 package, set of proposals that go together.
108Pakihsee FAKIH.
109Paking1 gasket. 2 packaging.
110Pakirsee FAKIR.
111Pakisk.o. edible fern.
112Pakkingsee PAKING.
113Pakne(Java) term of address to o.'s husband.
114Pakpue/pakpui/ (China) divination.
115Paksa1.1) force. 2) necessity, compulsion. 2. favorable opportunity.
116Paksi1 axis. 2 pivot.
119Pakterstall selling palm wine.
120Paktorsee FAKTOR.
121Paktursee FAKTUR.
122Paku1. nail, spike. 2. k.o. edible fern.
123Pakukhit or cut with an axe.
124Pakuma vacuum.
125Pal1 lenght of about o. mile. 2 milestone. 3 pole.
126Pala1. nutmeg. 2. /sepala-pala/ if and so has already gotten started, been done to a certain extent (o. might as well go ahead and finish it, do it the whole way).
127Palagan(Java) battleground.
128Palaistew until tender.
129Palaikatsee PELEKAT.
130Palak1. 1) angry. 2) passionate, easily excited. 3) hot, feverish. 2. penis. 3. see FALAK.
131Palam1. stop a leak. 2. see PALEM.
132Palang1 crossbar. 2 bolt. 3 barrier.
133Palapaname of fruit Gajah Madah swore not to eat until kingdom of Majapahit was united.
134Palar1 consider sufficient, all right. 2 count on, hope for.
135Palawijacrops planted as 2d crop in dry season.
136Paleh(Sunda) take care of a fighting or racing animal.
138Palensundries, ready-made merchandise.
139Paleolitik(geol. ) paleolithic.
140Paleontologi(geol. ) paleontology.
143Paling1. the most. 2. turn.
144Palis1. avert o.'s eyes, turn o.'s face away. 2. polish.
145Palit1. bankrupt. 2. ointment.
146Palka(naut. ) hold of a ship.
147Palmapalm (tree).
148Palsufalse, counterfeit.
149Paltu1 assistant. 2 acting, temporary holder of position.
150Palu1 hammer. 2 blow. 3 gavel.
151Paluhdeep pool.
152Palunembrace, hug e.o.
153Palung1 pool. 2 trough. 3 riverbed. palung-an manger.
154Palupuhpounded bamboo.
156Pam[Perusahaan Air Minum] Municipal Water Corporation.
157Pamanuncle (esp. younger brother or younger cousin of parent).
158Pamarta(rel. ) savior, redeemer.
159Pambek(Java) pride.
161Pamen(mil. ) an officer of the middle ranks.
162Pameo1 slogan. 2 saying, proverb.
163Pamershow off. pamer-an exhibition.
165Pamili1 family. 2 relative.
166Pamit1 farewell. 2 say goodbye. ber-pamit take leave.
167Pamong1 guardian, o. who takes care of (us. gvt. official). 2 tutor.
168Pamor1 pattern inherent in blade of good kris. 2 luster, prestige.
169Pampang1 wide, broad. 2 obvious.
170Pampasreimbursement, indemnity.
171Pampasanreparations payment.
172Pampatpress, squeeze.
173Pampletsee PAMFLET.
174Pamrih1 profit, reward o. gets for doing s.t. 2 purpose, what o. is after.
175Pamungkas1 (Java) final (part). 2 deadly, s.t. that finishes s.t. off.
176Pamursee PAMOR.
177Pan1. oven heated with charcoal. pan-pan-an baked in a charcoal oven. 2. (Jakarta) see KAN 1.
178Pana1 stupified, stunned. 2 stunned, impressed.
179Panahbow (and arrow).
181Panakawansee PUNAKAWAN.
182Panarstunned, surprised.
183Panas1 warm, hot, heat. 2 fever, feverish. 3 critical. 4 fierce.
184Panasaransee PENASARAN.
185Panatiksee FANATIK.
186Panatismesee FANATISME.
187Panauskin fungus causing white blotches.
188Panca1 penta-, quinti-, five. 2 hand. ber-panca wrestle by pushing o.'s opponent with the hands.
189Pancainderathe five senses.
191Pancalpress down on with foot, step on (the gas).
193Pancalogi(spo. ) five principles.
196Pancang1 pole, stake, pile. 2 boundary pole.
197Pancaragamvarious, motley, all k.o.
200Pancarobatransition period, esp. between monsoons, periods of life, etc.
201Pancasilathe five basic principles of the Republic of Indonesia: the belief in o. God Almighty, humanity that is just and civilized, the unity of Indonesia, democracy guided by the wisdom of referensentative deliberation, social justice for all Indonesians.
202Pancasilaiso. who is an enthusiastic follower or supporter of Pancasila.
203Pancasonainvulnerability to death.
205Pancawarsafive-year period.
206Pancawindua period of 40 years.
207Pancer1 keep s.o. waiting. 2 leave s.t. going.
209Pancing1 fishing rod. 2 fishhook. pancing-an elecitation, provocation, inducement.
210Pancitsquirt little by little.
211Pancoarm wrestling.
213Pancongsee KUE.
214Pancung1 train of dress, shirttail. 2 angular, cut off sharply.
215Pancurgush, spout, pour out or down.
216Pancuran1 shower. 2 jet, spray. 3 tap.
218Pancutanspray, gush, spurt.
219Pandai1. 1) bright, smart. 2) capable. 3) know, know how. 2. goldsmith.
222Pandanga look.
223Pandangan1 view, opinion. 2 s.t.o. sees.
224Pandega1 employees on a fishing vessel. 2 Boy or Girl Scouts of highest rank (aged 15-17 years).
225Pandemensee FONDAMEN.
226Pandirstupid, naive.
227Pandita1 (Bali) Hindu priest. 2 (lit. ) title of a palace rank.
229Pandu1 guide. 2 Boy or Girl Scout (in former times).
230Panduan1 escort. 2 pilot (project).
231Panekui(M) see PANEKUK.
232Panekukcrepe, pancake.
233Panel1. panel (discussion). 2. panel of wood.
235Panembrama(Java) song welcoming a celebrity opening an important event, etc.
236Panen1 harvest. 2 reap a nice profit.
237Pangsound of drum.
238Pangawide open.
239Pangab[Panglima Angkatan Bersenjata] Commanderin Chief of the Armed Forces.
240Pangabekti(Java) homage.
241Pangad[Panglima Angkatan Darat] Commander in Chief of the Ground Forces.
242Pangahopen the mouth in astonishment.
243Pangalungan(Sunda) money thrown by spectators to actors or dancers.
245Pangdam[Panglima Daerah Militer] Territorial Military Commander.
246Pangeran1 prince, lord. 2 (crd. ) jack.
247Pangestu(Java) 1 blessing. 2 spiritual movement originating in Central Java.
248Panggakproud of s.t. or s.o.
249Panggang1 baked, roasted. 2 toasted.
250Panggarraised framework, us. used for drying fish.
251Panggeng(Jakarta) constant, regular, unchanging.
252Panggih(Java) ritual meeting at the wedding of a couple being married.
253Panggil1 call, summon, send fors.o. 2 name, call.
254Panggul(anat. ) hip, pelvis.
255Panggung1 stage, raised platform. 2 grandstand. 3 scaffolding.
256Pangkal1 base, beginning, starting point. 2 cause. 3 base point. 4 (elect. ) pole.
257Pangkalan1 place to start out from, bridgehead. 2 quay, anchorage. 3 (mil. ) base (for armed forces).
258Pangkasget a haircut.
259Pangkasanhaircut or other trim given.
260Pangkat1 rank, position. 2 step, grade (in advancement). 3 floor, story. 4 platform. 5 (math. ) degree, power.
261Pangkeng/pangking/ raised area in room for sleeping.
262Pangkon(Java) wooden base of gamelan.
263Pangkopkamtib[Panglima Komando Pemulihan Keamanan dan Ketertiban] Commander for the Restoration of Peace, Security, and Order.
265Pangkunghit with a club.
266Pangkur1 pickax. 2 mattock, hoe.
267Panglima(mil. ) commander.
268Pangling(Java) fail to recognize.
269Panglonglumber mill.
272Pangreh-Prajacivil service.
273Pangsasegment, section (of fruit).
274Pangsansee PINGSAN.
275Pangsi1. reel, drum, shaft. 2. 1) k.o. collarless shirt. 2) (China) k.o. black silk.
276Pangsit(China) k.o. wonton or ravioli.
277Pangsiunsee PENSIUN.
278Pangti[panglima tertinggi] (mil. ) commander in chief.
279Pangur1 rasp, file. 2 tooth filing.
280Pangusdashing, handsome.
281Panguyubansee PAGUYUBAN.
283Panilsee PANEL 2.
285Panitera1 clerk of court. 2 registrar.
286Paniteratamachief secretary.
287Panitia/panitya/ committee.
288Panjaka player in gamelan.
289Panjanglong, length.
290Panjarcash advance.
291Panjarandown payment.
293Panji/panji-panji standard, banner, pennant.
294Panosee PANAU.
296Panser(mil. ) armored vehicle.
297Pansiunsee PENSIUN.
298Pantaibeach, coast, seashore.
299Pantakmem-pantak penetrate.
300Pantalon(lit. ) long trousers.
301Pantang1 prohibition, forbidden by taboo. 2 avoidance of s.t. taboo.
302Pantarbeing of the same age as.
303Pantas1 proper, suitable. 2 reasonable, fair, proper. 3 alert, smart. 4 of course ! no wonder !.
304Pantat1. 1) behind, bottom, buttock. 2) back part of s.t. 3) base. 2. mem-pantat getah gather rubber.
305Pantaumonitor s.t., observe.
306Panteksee PANTIK 1.
307Pantekosta(rel. ) 1 Whitsuntide, Pentecost. 2 Pentecostal sect.
308Pantessee PANTAS.
309Panti1 (lit. ) house, residence. 2 institution, home.
311Pantik1. 1) strike fire. 2) snap o.'s fingers. 2. drill (a well).
312Panting1. fall away in numbers. 2. see PONTANG-PANTING.
314Panto(biol. ) annual growth ring (on trees).
315Pantofel/pantopel/ slippers (with closed toes).
316Pantokthe endmost, bottommost, furthest point.
318Pantulbounce back, bounce off.
319Pantulan1 reflection. 2 rebound.
320Pantunk.o. traditional poetry, each verse of which consists of two couplets: the first suggests the 2d by sound or other similarity. It is often sung in contests where a boy addresses a quatain to a girl who must answer with a quatrain of her own.
321Panu(Java) see PANAU.
322Panusholder for candle or lamp.
323Panutans.t. to follow, guide, leader.
324Paohisee PAUHI.
325Pappopping sound.
326Papa1. poor, destitute. 2. father, esp in Westernized families.
327Papahsupported. papah-an a support to lean on.
328Papak1. flat, level, smooth. 2. ber-papak meet.
329Papakan1 meeting. 2 welcome, reception. 3 run into, meet.
330Papan1. 1) board, plank. 2 shelf. 3 (road) sign. 2. housing, shelter (as basic human need).
331Paparflat, level.
332Paparan1 shelf. 2 explanation.
333Papas1. 1) remove, take off. 2) take everything away. 3) resist. 4) criticize. 2. meet without stopping.
335Papeda(Ambon) sago porridge.
336Papi(coll. ) father.
337Papilyunsee PAVILYUN.
339Paprastrim, cut to even out.
340Papua-NuginiPapua New Guinea.
341Para1. rubber. 2. collective marker referring to people who comprise a group. 3. (mil. ) 1) paratrooper. 2 specially trained troops.
342Para-Paraloft, shelf over the hearth.
343Parabola(math. ) parabola.
344Parabolis(math. ) parabolic.
345Paradamsee PERDOM.
348Paradoks/paradoksal/ paradoxical.
349Paradomsee PERDOM.
354Parahin serious condition.
355Paraji(Sunda) midwife.
356Parak1 difference. 2 partition. 3 interspace. 4 entering a time or era.
358Paralelogram(math. ) parallelogram.
359Parammedicinal powder or ointment, or liquid to rub on body.
360Parama-Artasee AMBEG-PARAMA-ARTA.
361Paramanusiahuman race.
364Paran1 direction. 2 goal, aim. approach, go to.
365Parang1. short machete, chopping knife. 2. k.o. fish, the wolf-herring.
366Parap1. hammer, pound. 2. see PARAF.
367Paraplegia(med. ) paraplegia.
368Paras1 face, countenance. 2 looks, appearance. 3 smooth.
369Parasit1. parasite. 2. see PARASUT.
371Parasitologi(biol. ) parasitology.
375Pardonclemency, pardon.
376Parebitter melon or momordica, a green bitter and warty squashlike vegetable which grows on vines.
377Paremsee PARAM.
378Parewastreet-corner loafer.
380Pari1. rayfish, skate. 2. see BINTANG.
382Parikin line, in a queue.
383Parikan/pari'an/ (Java) aphorism.
384Paripurna1 perfect, pure. 2 complete. 3 plenary.
385Parisadha-Hindu-Dharma-Pusathighest administrative council of the Hindu-Bali religion.
386Parit1 moat, ditch, trench. 2 furrow, slit, groove.
388Pariterhaving to do with a parity.
390Pariwisata1 tourism. 2 a tour. ber-pariwisata make a trip.
392Parjisee FARJI.
394Parkindo[Partai Kristen Indonesia] Indonesian Christian party.
395Parkir1 be parked. 2 be placed s.w. for a period of time.
396Parkiranparking place.
401Parlente1. (Ambon) liar. 2. see PERLENTE.
402Parmasisee FARMASI.
403Parmusi[Partai Muslim Indonesia] Indonesian Muslim Party.
404Paro,Parohhalf. se-paroh half, a part.
405Paroki(rel. ) parish.
407Parpol[partai politik] political parties.
408Parpostel[Pariwisata, Pos, dan Telekomunikasi] Tourism, Postal, dan Telecommunications Department.
410Parsial,Parsiil.partial (not complete).
411Partai1. (pol. ) party. 2. 1) (Sport) event. 2) a quantity of.
412Partikel(ling. ) particle, function word.
415Partiturmusical score.
417Partus(med. ) delivery.
418Paru-Parulungs. paru-paru-basah pleurisy.
419Paruh1. beak. 2 see PARO.
420Parunburn bushes or weeds to clear.
421Parut1 rasp, file. 2 scrape, grate. 3 scraper or grater.
422Parutan1 board for scraping or grating. 2 s.t. scraped.
423Parvinuparvenu, nouveau riche.
424Parwachapter of the Mahabharata.
425Pas1. 1) fit, be the right size. 2) exact, exactly. 3) axactly at. 2. pass, document. 3. (bri. ) pass.
426Pasah(islam) divorce granted by religious court at wife's request.
427Pasahanshavings, excelsior.
428Pasak1 pin, peg, dowel. 2 bolt. 3 pivot, axis. 4 turning point.
429Pasal1 paragraph, section. 2 (leg. ) article. 3 concerning, regarding, about.
430Pasamuan-Sucithe Catholic community.
431Pasang1. pair, set. 2. 1) show off. 2) pose, be on o.'s best behavior. 3. rise (of tide).
432Pasang-Aksi1 show off. 2 pose, be on o.'s best behavior.
433Pasanggrahanresthouse for travelers.
435Pasarasee PUSARA 1. 1) cemetery 2) grave 2 reins .
436Pasaran1 market. 2 (Java) five-day week. 3 hold a market, be market day. 4 of market quality, not of good enough quality to be sold in a specialty store.
437Pasarean(Java) cemetery, grave.
438Pasasifare (on a bus, atc.)
440Pasca/paska, pasca/ pasca-sarjana postgraduate work. pasca-panen time after rice harvest.
441Paseban(Java) audience hall.
442Pasehsee FASIH.
443Paser(tech. ) compass to measure distance or describe a circle.
444Pasfotophoto of passport size.
445Pasivery pale.
446Pasibraka[pasukan pengibar bendera pusaka] group of model high school students recruited to raise. national flag on Independence Day.
447Pasienmedical patient.
449Pasifikthe Pacific.
451Pasihsee FASIH.
452Pasik1 criminal, bad. 2 crazy. ke-pasik-an sin.
453Pasilan1 tree epiphyte. 2 (coll. ) freeloader, parasite.
454Pasilitassee FASILITA.
455Pasipsee PASIF.
456Pasir1 sand. 2 beach or place covered with sand. pasir-an sandy.
457Pasirah(S. Sumatra) village chief.
458Pasisirsee PESISIR 1, PASASIR.
459Paska/Paskah/ Easter.
460Paska-Sarjanasee PASCA.
462Pasosee PASU.
463Pasoksupply (a certain commodity).
464Paspal[Ilmu Pasti dan Pengetahuan Alam] (acad. ) Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
466Pasrahsubmit to o.'s fate.
469Pastapaste. pasta-gigi toothpaste.
471Pastelmeat-filled turnover.
472Pastidefinite, certain. .
474Pastirmemp-pastir pasteurize.
475Pastor/pastur/ catholic priest.
478Pastoriparish house.
479Pasubowl, basin.
480Pasukan1 (mil. ) troops. 2 group. 3 formation.
481PasundanSundanese area.
482Pasungprisoner's stocks.
483Pat(Golf) putt.
484Pat-Gulipat/patpat gulipat/ 1 shady deal. 2 (love) affair.
486Patahan1 facture. 2 broken fragment. 3 (geol. ) fault.
487Patakastandard, banner.
488Patal[pabrik pemintalan] spinning factory.
489Patas[cepat terbatas] fast semi-express bus or train.
490Patatas[Ambon) yams.
491Patekframbesia, yaws.
492Paten1 patent. 2 (sl. ) admirable, tops.
493Pater(rel. ) priest.
494Paterisee PATRI.
497Paterolisee PATROLI.
498Pati1. 1) starch. 2 core, essence. 2. [perwira tinggi] (mil. ) high-ranking officer.
499Patih1. 1) governor. 2) vice regent, chief minister to a king. 2. meek, submissive, docile.
500Patihahsee ALFATIHAH.
501Patik1 slave. 2 (lit. ) I, me (very humble).
502Patil1 pole, shaft. 2 small adze. 3 stinger of a fish.
503Patokpole, stake.
504Patokan1 pole. 2 directive, standars, criterion. 3 postulate.
506Patologik/patologis/ pathologic.
514Patrun1. cartridge. 2. (dress) pattern.
515Patuhobedient, submissive.
516Patuk1 peck, bite. 2 grab with the beak. 3 manage to achieve s.t.
517Patukanbill, beak.
518Patung1. 1) image, statue. 2) sculpture. 2. chip in together to pay for s.t.
519Patunganjoint venture.
521Patut1 proper, fitting, decent, in line. 2 should, ought to.
522Pauh(lit. ) mango.
523Pauhi(China) abalone.
524Pauk1. hook. 2. see LAUK.
525Paus1. (rel. ) pope. ke-paus-an papacy. 2. see IKAN.
526Pause(thea. ) intermission, entr'acte.
527Pautclosely joined.
528Pauzesee PAUSE.
529Pav. [pavilyun]
530Pavilyunannex, portion (us. an extension) of home set aside as unit for rent.
532Pawaka(lit. ) fire.
533Pawana(lit. ) wind.
534Pawang1 o. endowed with magic powers. 2 o. with a special skill. 3 animal tamer.
535Pawiyatanschool, training center.
536Payaswamp, marsh.
537Payah1 tired. 2 difficult, troublesome. 3 finding. s.t. troublesome.
538Payang1. large net. support s.o. in walking.
539Payarcruise back and forth.
540Payau1 brackish. 2 salty, briny.
541Payitsee PALIT 1.
542Payonshed, lean-to.
543Payu(Java) in demand, sought after.
544Payudara(lit. ) (female) breast.
545Payung1 umbrella. 2 parachute.
546Pb[Pengurus Besar] executive board.
547Pbb[Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa] United Nations.
548Pbe[Pasaran Bersama Eropah] European Common Market.
549Pbf[Pedagang Besar Farmasi] major pharmaceutical supplier.
550Pbh[Pemberantasan Buta Huruf] literacy campaign.
551Pc.[pour condoleance] legend written on cards expressing condolences.
552Pd1. [perang dunia] World War. 2. [pejabat] acting. 3. [Pendidikan Jasmani] physical education. 4. [Perusahaan Dagang] trading company.
553Pd&K[(Departmen) Pendidikan Dasar dan Kebudayaan] Department of Basic Education and Culture.
554Pdam[Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum] Municipal Waterworks.
555Pdank[Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan] Department of Education and Culture.
556Pdi[Partai Demokrasi Indonesia] Indonesian Democratic party.
557Pdn[Perusahaan Dagang Negara] State Commercial Enterprise.
558Pdt.[pendeta] (rel. ) minister.
559Peang1 flat (of head). 2 (Jakarta) worn off.
560Pebean/pebian/ see PABEAN.
561Pebilasee APABILA.
563Pecah1 broken, smashed. 2 be divided (in opnion). 3 crockery.
564Pecahan1 piece, frament, splinter. 2 fraction.. 3 utensils made of glass or porcelain. 4 s.t. broken up on s.t. else.
565Pecaivegetable similar to mustard greens.
566Pecak1 damaged, dented, flat. 2 blind in o. eye.
567Pecal1. squeeze, massage. 2. see PECEL.
568Pecatfired, dischaged.
569Pecekliksee PACEKLIK.
570Pecelsalad made of blanched vegetables served with peanut sauce.
571Pecisee PICI.
573Pecinan(coll. ) Chinatown.
574Pecok1. dented. 2. (Java) axe.
575Pecomberansee COMBERAN.
576Pecunsee PEKCUN.
577Pecundangbe beaten (in a contest).
579Pedafish preserved in wet salt.
580Pedadahchest (of medicine, cosmetics).
581Pedagangsee DAGANG 2.
583Pedagogi/pedagogik/ pedagogy.
585Pedahsee FAEDAH.
587Pedalamansee DALAM.
588PedandaBalinese priest.
591Pedas1 hot, highly seasoned and spiced. 2 severe, biting.
592Pedatsee PADAT.
593Pedatihorse-drawn cart.
594Pedatosee PIDATO.
595Pedesee PD3.
596Pedelmarshall, leader of an academic procession. /pe`de`l/ (Jakarta) flat.
597Pedengan1 screen, cover. 2 pseudonym. 3 hypocrisy.
598Pedessee PEDAS.
599Pedet(Java) calf, heifer.
600Pediatri/pediatrik/ (med. ) pediatrics.
602Pedih1 smarting. 2 poignant.
603Pedis1. pedas. 2. see PEDIH.
604Peditsee MEDIT.
605Pedoman1 compass. 2 orientation. 3 manual, directive. 4 catalog, bulletin of a university.
606Pedot(Java) broken off, in two.
607Pedusee EMPEDU.
608Peduli1 pay attention, care about. 2 I do not care.
610Pedupansee DUPA.
611Pedusi(M) woman, female.
612Pedut1. sticky rice. 2 (Java) mist, fog.
613Pedutasee DUTA.
614Peersee PR 2.
615Peg.1. [pegunungan] mountains. 2. [pegawai] employee.
616Pegaganvine with edible leaves, often planted on sides of rice field bunds to prevent erosion..
617Pegal1 stiff, painful (of muscles after overuse). 2 weary, weariness. 3 annoyed, vexed, fed up.
618Peganghold on.
621Pegas1 spring. 2 carpet beater. 3 pedal in car. 4 brake.
622Pegatmem-pegat 1 stop, block. 2 intercept, interrupt. 3 divorce, break off engagement with.
623Pegawai1 official, gvt. employee. 2 employee, worker.
624Pegelsee PEGAL.
625Pegepesee PGP.
626Pegisee PERGI.
627Pegimana(coll. ) see BAGAIMANA.
628PegonJavanese written in Arabic characters.
630Pegununganmountain range.
631Peguyubansee GUYUB 1.
632Pehaksee PIHAK.
633Pehcunsee PELCUN.
634Pehong1 nasty. 2 k.o. venereal disease.
635Pejabatfunctionary, official.
636PejajapBuginese war prow.
637Pejajaran(Jakarta) 1 evil spirit. 2 damn it !.
638Pejal1 solid, firm (esp. of earth). 2 massive.
639Pejamclosed (of eyes).
640Pejerasight of a weapon.
641Pejetsee PIJAT.
642Pejompongansee JOMPONG.
643Pejusemen, sperm.
645Pek1. (China) hundred (mainly used in commercial transactions). pek-go 150. pek-go ceng 150,000. 2. /pi/ see PIK. 3. see EMPEK.
647Pekahsee NAFKAH.
648Pekaja(lit. ) lotus.
651Pekakassee PERKAKAS.
653Pekan1 (weekly) market. 2 week. 3 period certain events are held or the events themselves.
655Pekasamrelish made of meat, fish, or fruit preserved in vinegar or salt and kept for some time.
656Pekat1 thick, concentrated. 2 tough. 3 strong (of coffee).
658Pekban,Pekcap,Pekcengsee PIK.
659Pekcun(China) the dragon-boat festival on 5th day of 5th lunar month.
660Pekerjaworker, laborer, employee.
661Pekerjaan1 work, task, activity. 2 job, occupation. 3 operation, working, action (of medicine, a chemical, liquor).4 celebration, feast (a wedding, anniversary, etc.). 5 endeavor. 6 employment.
662Pekerti1 character, nature. 2 bad character.
663Pekgosee PEK 1.
664Pekikyell, scream.
665Pekingwhine, howl.
666Pekirsee APKIR, FAKIR.
667Pekisutter a shrill cry.
668Pekiwan(Java) toilet.
669Pekojan1 Arab trader. 2 area where merchants live.
671Pektai(China) leukorrhea.
672Pektiausee PIK.
673Pekuburancemetery. graveyard.
674Pekukdeformed (of hand or foot).
675Pekung1 foul-smelling ulceration. 2 tumor.
676Pekuper[Pelaksana Kuasa Perang] military authority under wartime conditions.
677Pekurmuse, meditate.
678Pel1. field. 2. kain-pel mop. 3. see PIL.
679Pel-see also entries with pl-.
680Pelabayahangman, executioner.
681Pelabi1 excuse, alibi. 2 dishonest trick.
682Pelabuhan1 anchorage. 2 harbor, port, dock.
683Pelaburration, portion.
684Pelaburanrecurfacing (of road, street).
685Pelacurwhore, prostitute.
687Peladango. who works or owns such a field.
688Peladenwaiter, servant.
689Pelagasee KAPUL.
690Pelahspeech impediment.
691Pelajar/pelajaran/ secondary school student.
692Pelajaran1 lesson, course. 2 training.
693Pelak1. k.o. evil spirit. 2 there is no mistake. 3 not be able to escape from. /pe`lak/ see PELEK.
694Pelakatsee PLAKAT.
695Pelakon1 actor, actress. 2 performer. 3 doer.
696Pelaksana1 implementer, executor, organizer. 2 producer. 3 manager, director.
697Pelaksanaan1 carrying out of s.t., realization. 2 implementation.
698Pelaku1 doer, agent. 2 (ling. ) subject. 3 (thea. ) performer, cast.
699Pelalio. who is forgetful.
700Pelamar1 suitor. 2 applicant.
701Pelambungpitcher, thrower.
702Pelaminandais on which the bridal couple sits.
703Pelampangpavilion for outdoor entertainment.
705Pelampung1 float (on fishing line). 2 float, buoy.
706Pelan1 slow. 2 soft (of voice). see PERLAHAN. /pe`lan/ see PEL1.
708Pelananslower, more slowly.
709Pelancongtourist, sight-seer.
710Pelandukmouse deer.
712Pelangsee PLANG.
713Pelanggaran1 infraction, violation (of a rule, law). 2 trespass. 3 infringement (on a patent).
715Pelangki/pelangkin/ palanquin.
716Pelangkintar, pitch.
717Pelantak1 piston rod. 2 ramrod. 3 ram, jackhammer.
719Pelantaran1 unroofed platform attached to house. 2 long bench. 3 scaffolding.
720Pelantingroll everywhere.
721Pelapahsee PELEPAH.
722Pelapor1reporting. 2 commentary.
723Pelapukan1 weathering. 2 corrosion.
724Pelastie ropes together.
725Pelastiksee PLASTIK.
726Pelasuhlazy person.
727Pelat1 metal sheet. 2 license plate. 3 (coll. ) phonograph record. /pe`lat/ 1 speech defect. 2 speak with an accent.
729Pelatahsee LATAH 1.
730Pelatnas[Pemusatan Latihan National] Centralization of National Training (for sports).
731Pelatuk1 woodpecker. 2 trigger.
732Pelawakcomedian, jokester.
733Pelayan1 waiter, waitress. 2 sales clerk. 3 attendant.
734Pelayato. who pays his respects to the family of the deceased.
735Pelayatancondolence visit.
736Pelbagaivarious, all sorts of. see BAGAI.
737Pelbakrefuse bin.
738Pelbed/pelbet/ see FELBET.
739Pelbegupagan, animist.
740Pelda[Pembantu Letnan Dua] lower second lieutenant.
741Pelebayasee PELABAYA.
743Pelecehanact of despising, insulting.
746Pelek/pele`k/ see PLEK. /pe`lek/ rim of wheel.
747Pelekatsee PLAKAT. /pele`kat/ sarong with plaid pattern.
750Pelembungan(Java) 1 balloon. 2 blown up gizzard.
751Pelembutansoftening, toning down.
752Pelempapbreadth of the hand.
753Pelemparan1throwing, hurling. 2 ejection.
754Pelencit1 being pressed. 2 be projected by being filiped.
755Pelengak(Jakarta) surprised.
756Pelengan(anat. , Jakarta) temples.
757Pelengkap1 complement. 2 supplement.
758Pelengsong(Jakarta) deviate.
759Pelepahstem and midrib of palm, banana leaves, stem of the banana bunch.
760Pelersee PELIR.
761Pelerai1 o. who moderates. 2 o. who breaks up fights.
762Peleraian1 separation . 2 (mil. ) disengagement.
763Pelessee PLES.
765Pelesatdart away.
766Pelesetsee LESET.
767Pelesir1 take a trip. 2 go out for pleasure. 3 pleasure, amusement.
768Pelesit1 locust. 2 a spirit that sucks blood of unborn or newborn children.
769Pelestarian1 perpetuation. 2 preservation, conservation.
770Peletk.o. magic whereby a person is made to fall in love.
771Peletak-Peletikmake high-pitched knocking noise.
772Peletak-Peletokmake a knocking noise.
774Pelihara1 take care of, protect. 2 raise, rear. 3 keep, maintain.
775Peliharaan1 things to be protected, cared for . 2 mistress. 3 pet, inmate (of zoo).
776Pelik1 peculiar, remarkable. 2 complicated.
777Pelikan1. mineral. 2. pelican.
778Pelikatsee PELEKAT.
779Peliket(Java, Jakarta) sticky.
780Pelimbahangarbage dump, junkyard.
782Pelinggamcolored marble.
783Pelintang(Java) catapult.
784Pelintat-Pelintutsee PLIN-PLAN.
787Pelipis/pelipisan/ (anat. ) temples.
791Pelisirpleat, pleated.
793Pelita1 oil lamp. 2 light (in metaphorical sense).
794Peliturvarnish, polish furniture.
795Pelni[Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia] National Shipping Lines.
796Pelo1 lisp, bable. 2 have a speech defect.
797Pelog(Java) seven-tone gamelan scale.
798Pelojoksee PELOSOK.
799Peloksoksee PLOKSOK.
801Pelomba1 contestant, competitor. 2 athlete.
802Peloncifreshman girl.
803Peloncoo. who is about to get a new status (e.g. as member of entering class, fraternity, etc.), freshman, pledge.
805Pelonjakanrise, jump (in production, price, etc.).
806Pelontosbald and shiny (head).
807Pelopor1 pioner. 2 vanguard, forerunner. 3 (mil. ) shock troops. 4 ranger, scout.
809Pelosok1 outlying place, remote spot. 2 corner.
810Pelosot1 fall down. 2 go down in price.
811Pelotajai-alai ball.
812Pelotarisjai-alai player.
813Pelotonsee PELETON.
814Pelototm-(p)elotot be big (of eyes). mem-pelotot-i look at with big eyes.
815Pelpenmeasurement used by bricklayer to straighten wall.
816Pelplescanteen, water container.
817Pelpolisirural constabulary.
818Pelusee PELUH 1.
819Peluang1 opportunity. 2 quiet (of wind).
820Peluberanoverflowing (of water, etc.).
821Pelucuwag, wit, jokester.
822Pelud[pelabuhan udara] airport.
823Peluh1. impotent. 2. perspiration, sweat.
824Peluit1 a whistle (device). 2 whistle (sound).
825Peluk1 embrace. peluk-cium a hug and a kiss. 2 measurement of length of approximately o. fathom.
827Pelumuran1 staining, smearing. 2 pollution.
829Pelupaforgetful person, s.o. absent-minded.
830Pelupukcover, wrapper. kelopak-mata eyelid.
831Peluru1 bullet. 2 projectile, missile. 3 (Sport) shot-put.
833Pem-see also entries with p-, m-.
834Pemabukdrunkard, a drunk.
835Pemadahreligious person.
836Pemadams.t. that extinguishes.
837Pemadamanextinguishing, putting out (of fire).
839Pemahatansculptor, carver.
840Pemainplayer, actor.
841Pemakai1 user, consumer. 2 wearer.
842Pemakaian1 use, consumption. 2 application, usage.
843Pemakamanfuneral, burial, interment.
844Pemakan1.eater 2.consumer.
845Pemalassluggard, lazy person
850Pemancar1 fountain. 2 radio or TV transmitter. 3 radiator.
851Pemancaranaction of broadcasting, radiating, emitting.
852Pemandianbathing place.
854Pemangku1 manager. 2 functionary.
855Pemanis1 sweetener. 2 cosmetics. 3 decoration.
856Pemantapanstabilization, consolidation.
860Pemasukan1 registration, entering. 2 import. 3 introduction. 4 income.
861Pematahsee PEPATAH.
862Pematangbund, dike between rice fields.
863Pemb-see also entries with b-.
864Pembabaran1 spread, development. 2 account, statement. 3 expose.
865Pembagian1 distribution. 2 (math. ) division. 3 allotment, division. 4 sharing, share.
867Pembalasan1.reply,replying,response,responding2.recompense 3.revenge, retribution,retaliation,reprisal.
868Pembangkitangeneration (of energy).
869Pembantu1 helper, assistant. 2 (domestic) servant. 3 (leg. ) accessory, accomplice. 4 stringer (in journalism).
870Pembatak1 plunderer, pillager, robber . 2 soldier of fortune , adventurer .
871Pembatas1 diveider, circuit breaker. 2 restraint (of trade).
872Pembatasan1 restriction. 2 delimitation. 3 curtailment.
873Pembawaan1 nature , character , temperament. 2 talent , gift 3 transporting , delivery 4 result , consequence .
876Pembelaan1 act of caring for s.o. 2 protection.
879Pemberangkatansending off, dispatch.
880Pemberhentian/pembrentian/ 1 discharge, disimissal. 2 stoppage.
881Pemberigiver, donor, bestower.
882Pemberian1 gift, present. 2 conferral, awarding, bestowal (of degree). 3 distiibution, act of distributing. 4 issue. 5 giving, extending.
884Pemda[pemerintahan daerah] local gvt.
885Pemelihara1 caretaker. 2 nurseryman.
886Pemeliharaan1 care, maintenance.2 rearing, cultivation. 3 safeguarding.
888Pemenggalancutting off the top or head.
889Pementasan1 showing, presentation. 2 staging.
890Pemeosee PAMEO.
892Pemerah1. milker. 2. reddening agent.
893Pemeras1 press. 2 exploiter.
894Pemerasan1 pressing, squeezing. 2 extortion. 3 exploitation.
895Pemeratas.t. that causes even distribution.
896Pemerataaneven distribution.
897Pemerhatiobserver (for the purpose of study, etc.).
898Pemeriksa1 investigator, inspector. 2 ( leg. ) cross-examiner.
899Pemeriksaan1(leg. ) investigation, inspection. 2 (leg. ) cross-examination, interrogation. 3 checkup, examination.
900Pemerintahangvt, administration.
901Pemetaan1 cartography. 2 mapping.
902Pemetik1 picker. 2 switch, trigger.
903Pemetikanpicking, gathering.
904Pemikatans.t. that entices, decoy.
906Pemilahanprocess of sorting.
907Pemilikowner, proprietor.
908Pemilikanownership, possession.
909Pemilu[pemilihan umum] general elections.
910Pemimpi1 dreamer. 2 escapist.
911Peminatdevotee, interested person.
913Pemintal1 o. employed in making thread or twine. 2 spinning wheel.
914Pemintalan1 spinning. 2 spinning wheel.
915Pemisah1 arbiter. 2 referee. 3 s.t. that separates.
916Pemisahan1 separation (of coiple). 2 isolation. 3 discrimination.
919Pemondokboarder, tenant.
921Pemotongan1 butchering, slaughtering. 2 process of cutting, truncation.
924Pemp-see also entries with p-.
925Pemrasaransee PRASARAN.
927Pemudasee MUDA.
928Pemudah1 easygoing. 2 o. who is easygoing.
929Pemudiyoung woman, girl.
930Pemujaan1 place of sacrifice, temple. 2 worship, veneration.
931Pemukaleader, promoter.
932Pemukul1 hammer, cudgel, beater. 2. o. who strikes.
933Pemula1 initiator, originator. 2 beginner.
934Pemulangan1 return, restitution. 2 repatriation.
935Pemunduranpulling s.t. back.
937Pemungutan1.harvest 2.collection 3.adoption.
938Pen1. 1) pin for holding s.t. together in surgery. 2) peg or dowel for joining wood or bamboo. 3) grenade pin. 2. pen-atom ballpoint pen.
939Pen-see also entries with t-, n-.
940Pena1 writing pen. 2 quill.
941Penabraks.o. who collides, esp. a driver.
942Penabuho. who strikes such a drum.
943Penabunga depositor.
944Penabungan1 savings. 2 process of saving money, setting aside s.t.
945Penabursower, spreader.
946Penaburandiffusion, strewing.
947Penad[Penerangan Angkatan Darat] Army Information (Office).
948Penadah1 container, receptacle. 2 buyer of stolen goods. 3 (Sport) catcher. 4 (Sport) a bat.
949Penadahan1 process of storing liquids, etc. 2 passing on or buying of stolen goods.
951Penadbiranadministering, managing.
952Penagasee KAYU 1.
953Penagihcreditor, dunner.
954Penagihanpressing a claim.
955Penahans.o. or s.t. that restrains or resists.
956Penahanan1 restraint. 2 detention, arrest.
957Penajaman1 sharpening. 2 exacerbation.
958Penaksee ENAK.
959Penakaas, for instance.
960Penakaranact of measuring out.
961Penakawansee PUNAKAWAN.
962Penaklukconqueror, subjugator.
964Penaksiranappraising, evaluation.
965Penakutcoward, s.o. fainthearted.
966Penal[Penerangan Angklatan Laut] Navy Information (Office).
967Penalatuning fork.
968Penalaranreasoning, intellectual activity.
969Penali1 binder. 2 (lit. ) conclusion.
970Penalti(Sport) penalty.
971Penambah1 (math. ) enumerator, counter. 2 addition, extra..
972Penambahanincrement, increasing.
973Penambal1. o. who patches. 2 s.t. to patch with.
974Penambalanact of patching.
975Penambang1. miner. 2. 1) ferryman. 2) ferry. 3) s.o. engaging in transporting a small number of passengers (taxi drivers, pedicab drivers, etc.).
976Penambangan1. the activity of mining. 2. ferrying, transport.
977Penambats.t. to tie with.
978Penambatanact of tethering or mooring.
979Penambulthreatrical performer, artiste.
982Penampang1 diameter or longitudinal plane through the center. 2 longitudinal section.
984Penampars.t. or s.o. that slaps.
985Penamparanaction of slapping.
986Penampiwinnowing basket.
987Penampikanact of refusing or rejecting.
988Penampilan1 presentation. 2 making o.'s appearance.
989Penampung1. cross-section. 2. s.t. or s.o. who intercepts.
990Penampungan1 collecting and saving water, etc. 2 place that receives. 3 act of receiving or accommodating.
991Penanakans.t. to boil rice in.
993Penanaman1 planting. 2 (fin. ) investment.
994Penanda1 s.t. used as a sign. 2 (ling. ) marker.
995Penandaan1 signaling, giving a sign, designating. 2 (ling. ) markedness.
996Penandakfemale dancer in this dance.
998Penandatanganthe signer, signatory.
999Penandatangananthe signing.
1001Penangassteam bath.
1003Penanggalan1. 1) stripping, removal (of a cover, etc.). 2) (lit. ) k.o. ghost whose head separates and flies independently. 2. 1) calendar, almanac. 2) dating.
1004Penangguhanpostponement, deferment.
1005Penangguk1 fisherman who uses such a device. 2 o. who takes unfair advantage.
1006Penanggulo. who tackles a problem, etc.
1008Penanggung1 guarantor, backer. 2 sufferer. 3 o. who is insured.
1009Penanggungan1 trials and tribulationas. 2 assumption of responsibility.
1010Penangisa crybaby.
1011Penangkal1 amulet, charm. 2 preventive.
1012Penangkalanpreventive measure, esp. refusal of entry to a country to a potentially dangerous foreigner.
1013Penangkapcaptor, capturer, s.t. that catches.
1014Penangkapan1 catching. 2 arrest, seizure. 3 haul, catch (fish).
1015Penangkiss.t. which ward off.
1016Penangkisan1 repelling. 2 fending off (blows, etc.).
1017Penangsels.t. used to fill s.t. up.
1018Penanjakanascending, climbing.
1020Penantanganact of challenging..
1021Penantian1 (process of) waiting. 2 waiting room.
1022Penanyainterrogator, questioner.
1024Penapisa filter, sieve.
1026Penarahana plane.
1028Penarik1 s.o. or s.t. that pulls, extracts, drags, etc. 2 s.t. interesting.
1029Penarikan1 drawing, pulling. penarikan-picu pulling of a trigger. 2 collection, drawing in. penarikan-pajak taxation. penarikan-diri withdrawal from an activity.
1030Penaruhs.o. who places s.t.
1031Penaruhanmoney box, strongbox.
1033Penasakstyptic pencil.
1034Penasaran1 angered (but suppressed), embitered. 2 be anxious to do or find out s.t.
1035Penattired, weary, exhausted.
1036Penatas.t. or s.o. that puts s.t. in order.
1037Penataanordering, structuring.
1038Penatahancarving, inlaying s.t.
1039Penatapangazing, staring.
1040Penatartrainer, upgrader.
1041Penataran1 upgrading. 2 refresher course.
1043Penatuachurch elder.
1044Penautanact of linking up.
1045Penawano. who arrests or subdues.
1047Penawar1. 1) magic or charm to remove effects of black magic. 2) antidote, disinfectant. 3) neutralizer. 2. bidder, bargainer.
1048Penawaran1. 1) cure. 2) treatment of magic by incantation, etc. 3) neutralization. 2. 1) offer, bid, deal. 2) bargaining.
1049Penayubthe dancer.
1050Penc-see also entries with c-.
1051Penca[penderita cacat] disabled person.
1052Pencak1. system of self-defense. 2. m-(p)encak-mencak jump up and down in a tantrum.
1053Pencakasee PANCAKA.
1054Pencangkulo. who hoes.
1057Pencaran1distribution made. 2 dispersion.
1059Pencetcrushed, smashed.
1060Pencil1 isolated, secluded. 2 desolate, remote.
1061Pencolengsee PANCOLENG.
1062Pencongslanted, skewed. pencong-mencong crisscross.
1063Pencurian1 robbing. 2 looting.
1064Pencut(Java) fall in love, be attracted to.
1065Pend-see also entries with d-.
1066Pendamem-penda correct s.t.
1067Pendahuluanpreface, introduction.
1068Pendakian1 pass, defile. 2 path or steps up which o. climbs. 3 climbing.
1069Pendambury, hide away.
1070Pendamensee FONDAMEN.
1071Pendapasee PENDOPO.
1072Pendarphosphorescent. /pe`ndar/ turn, go around.
1073Pendaringan(Java, Jakarta) place to store rice.
1074Pendegasee PANDEGA.
1076Pendekarsee DEKAR. 1 master of swordmanship or martial arts 2 champion .
1077Pendengar1 listener, audience. 2 (sense of) hearing. 3 telephone receiver.
1078Pendepokancamp, dormitory.
1079PendetBalinese dance of welcome.
1080Pendeta1 Protestant clergyman, Hindu or Budhist priest. 2 (lit. ) pundit, scholar.
1081Pendingornate belt buckle.
1082Pendirian1 building, founding. 2 stand(point), convictions. 3 (mil. ) installation.
1083Penditasee PENDETA.
1084Pendopolarge open structure in front of Java mansion, or attached open veranda that serves as an audience hall.
1086Penebah(rug) beater.
1088Penebalanprocess of thickening.
1089Penebango. who fells trees.
1090Penebanganfelling of trees.
1091Penebar(phys. ) s.t. that disperses.
1092Penebaran1 spread, spreading. 2 (phys. ) dispersion.
1093Penebas1 middleman who buys crops still standing in the field and who employs his own labor. 2 wholesale buyer of a product.
1094Penebatandamming up of s.t.
1095Penebus1 ransom. 2 o. who pays a ransom of makes compensation.
1096Penebusan1 redemption. 2 compensation.
1097Peneduhs.t. that shades or shelters.
1098Peneduhanproviding shade or shelter.
1102Penegalancultivation without irrigation.
1104Peneguhan1 confirmation. 2 the act of strengthening.
1105Peneguro. who addresses a meeting.
1106Penekans.t. or s.o. that stresses or emphasizes.
1107Penekanan1 pressing, pressuring. 2 stressing, emphasizing.
1108Penekuns.o. who is diligent about s.t.
1109Penekunanacting diligent about s.t.
1112Penelahprophesier, forecaster.
1113Penelahanprophecy, prediction.
1115Penelanjanganstripping, denudation.
1118Penelitian1 thorough, detailed examination. 2 research.
1119Peneluranegg laying, egg production.
1120Penelusuro. who traces paths.
1122Penembakrifleman, marksman.
1123Penembakan1 bombardment, shooting. 2 firing (of a missile).
1124Penembangsinger with gamelan orchestra.
1127Penempaanforging. penempaan-mental forging of the intelect.
1128Penempatan1 appointment, placement 2 stand, place to set s.t. 3 occupying, settling. 4 placing.
1129Penempelinstrument or person that sticks s.t. up.
1130Penempelanattachment, sticking.
1131Penempuho. who attack, assumes some difficult task, or goes a certain distance.
1132Penempuhanthe traveling of a certain distance, the undertaking of a difficult task.
1135Penemuan1 invention, innovation. 2 discovery.
1136Penenangs.o. or s.t. that soothes and calms. penenang-saraf sedative.
1137Penendangs.t. to kick with.
1139Penengah1 mediator, arbiter. 2 o. with neutral attitude. 3 s.t. used to separate two sections.
1141Penenggelamansinking, torpedoing..
1142Penengok1 visitor. 2 observer.
1143Penentangthe opposition, opponent.
1144Penentangan1 resistance. 2 opposition, conflicting.
1145Penenterams.t. that soothes.
1146Penentu1 o. who determines s.t. 2 s.t. determining.
1147Penentuanact of determining s.t.
1150Penepatanadjustment, correction.
1151Penepisan(act of) warding off.
1152Penerainspector of weights and measures.
1154Penerango. who explains.
1155Penerangan1 providing information. 2 explanation, clarification. 3 illumination, lighting.
1156Penerapo. who applies s.t.
1157Penerapan1 assembling. 2 application.
1158Penerbangflyer, aviator.
1159Penerbangan(av. ) flight.
1161Penerbitan1 publication. 2 publishing house. 3 edition, issue.
1162Penerima1 receiver. 2 (coll. ) resigned, acquiescent.
1163Penerimaan1 acceptance. 2 revenue. 3 reception. 4 receipt.
1164Penerjanganact of lunging.
1167Penerkao. who guesses.
1168Penerkaanguess, conjecture, supposition.
1169Penerobos1 piercer. 2 burglar. 3 o. who cuts into a line or breaks a regulation.
1170Penerobosan1 a break-in, burglary. 2 breakthrough, act of penetration.
1172Penertibs.o. who keeps order.
1173Penertibancontrol, curb.
1174Peneruss.o. or s.t. that continues s.t.
1175Penerusan1 continuation, sequel, resumption. 2 continuity.
1176Penetako. who chops or hacks.
1178Penetalanmaking s.t. compact.
1179Penetapan1 determining, decision, decree. 2 fulfillment.
1182Penetesansprinkling, dispensing drop by drop.
1184Peng-see also entries with k-, ng-, or beginning with a vowel.
1186Pengabai1 careless or neglectful person. 2 nonchalant or indifferent person.
1187Pengabaian1 carelessness, indifference. 2 neglect. 3 disobedience.
1188Pengabaran1 spreading the news. 2 evangelism.
1190Pengabdian1 service. 2 subservience, submission. 3 servitude. 4 devotion, dedication.
1193Pengabsahan1 endorsement, approval. 2 legalization.
1194Pengacakan1 randomization. 2 messing up, beating.
1195Pengacara1 lawyer, attorney. 2 master of ceremonies.
1196Pengacauagitator, disturber of the peace.
1197Pengacauancommotion, disturbance, stir.
1198Pengadaan1 stock. 2 supplying, provisioning. 3 provisions. 4 procurement.
1199Pengadilan1 the court. 2 trial, session. 3 courthouse. 4 jurisdiction.
1201Pengaduan1 accusation, complaint. 2 denunciation, information (against). 3 indictment.
1202Pengadukstirring spoon or rod.
1203Pengadukanmixing, stirring (of).
1204Pengagungan1 exalting (of). 2 glorification.
1205Pengairanirrigation, watering.
1207Pengajarinstructor, teacher.
1208Pengajaran1 instruction. 2 doctrine. 3 teaching (of). 4 warning, reminder, admonition.
1209Pengajuansubmission, offer, tender.
1211Pengakuan1 confession (of faith). 2 acknowledgment. 3 avowal. 4 admission (of guilt).
1217Pengalihantransfer of s.t.
1218Pengaliran1 flow (of money). 2 trend, drift.
1219Pengamalan1 doing of good deeds. 2 sincerity in doing s.t. 3 implementing of.
1220Pengaman1 safeguard. 2 pacifier, peacemaker, conciliator.
1221Pengamanan1 (mil. ) pacification. 2 efforts to achieve security.
1223Pengamatan1 supervision. 2 monitoring, tracking. 3 observation.
1225Pengambilan1 removal, withdrawal. 2 interpretation, understanding.
1226Pengamensinging beggar.
1228Pengampunan1 amnesty. 2 mercy.
1229Pengamuko. who runs amuck.
1231Penganalisaananalyzing, examining.
1233Pengancamanposing a threat.
1234Pengandaiansupposition, assumption.
1236Penganggrekanorchid growing.
1237Penganggurunemployed person.
1238Pengangguranunemployment, joblessness.
1239Pengangkat1 support. 2 instrument for lifting. 3 lifter, o. who lifts.
1240Pengangkatan1 appointment. 2 adoption (of child). 3 elevation.
1241Pengangkut1 transport, carrier. 2 transporter, truck, van.
1242Pengangkutantransportation, transport.
1244Pengangsuran1 process of paying installments. 2 process of moving gradually.
1245Pengangutindolent person.
1246Penganiayatyrant, maltreater.
1247Penganiayaan1 mistreatment, cruel treatment. 2 oppression, tyrannical treatment. 3 battering.
1248Pengantar1 companion, escort. 2 o. who delivers. 3 porter. 4 bellboy. 5 (elec. ) conductor. 6 introduction.
1249Pengantara1 intermediary, mediator, go-between. 2 agent. 3 agency, expediter.
1250Pengantaraanintercession, mediation.
1251Penganten/pengantin/ bride (and) bridegroom.
1252Penganugerahanbestowal, conferral, presentation.
1253Penganut1 follower, adherent. 2 o. who goes along with others without sticking up for o.'s own ideas.
1254Penganutantaking up (a religion, political philosophy, etc.).
1256Pengapclose, stuffy, stale, musty.
1257Pengapasee MENGAPA.
1258Pengapit1 clamp. 2 paperclip. 3 flanker. 4 maid of honor or best man at wedding.
1259Pengapkirancondemnation (of house, building etc.).
1260Pengapung1 buoy. 2 float, raft.
1261Pengapunganfloating (of a boat, etc.).
1262Pengarhave a hangover.
1263Pengarah1 (thea. ) manager, director. 2 o. who sets the direction.
1264Pengarahan1 briefing. 2 direction, instruction, guidelines.
1265Pengarako. who participates in a procession, parader.
1266Pengarakan1. arrack distillery. 2. procession.
1267Pengarang1 author, writer, composer. 2 arranger.
1268Pengaron(Java) large earthenware pot for cooking rice, etc.
1269Pengarsipanfiling, system for keeping archives.
1270Pengartian1 understanding. 2 meaning, sense.
1271Pengaruhinfluence. pengaruh-sampingan side-effect.
1272Pengasah1 sharpener. 2 grinder. 3 whetstone.
1273Pengasahan1 honing. 2 sharpening, grinding, scraping.
1274Pengasuh1 nurse,nursemaid 2 guardian , caretaker .
1275Pengat1 fish or meat stewed in spicy sauce. 2 a porridge of tuber, squash, or bananas in coconut milk.
1276Pengebomansee BOM 1.
1277Pengecap1 sense of taste. 2 taster, user.
1278Pengecatansee CAT1.
1279Pengecoransee COR.
1281Pengedokansee DOK 1.
1282Pengejaranpursuing of.
1283Pengelola1 manager, organizer. 2 executive (power). 3 organizer.
1284Pengeluaran1 disimissal, expulsion. 2 release (of a new movie), edition. 3 expending of. 4 export. 5 excretion.
1285Pengembalian1 return (of s.t.). 2 restitusion. 3 reversion .
1286Pengembunganinflation (of tire, balloon, etc.).
1287Pengemudi1 helmsman, driver, pilot. 2 director.
1288Pengemukaanpresentation, putting forward of s.t.
1289Pengen(coll. , Jakarta) want s.t.
1290Pengendali1leader, o. who holds the reins. 2 manage
1291Pengendalian1.restraint , curb 2.control.
1292Pengendara1 driver, rider. 2 horseman.
1293Pengengmigraine headache.
1294Pengenyahan1 fleeing. 2 expulsion. 3 abolition.
1295Pengepakan1. packaging up. 2. leasing.
1297Pengeraho. who mobilizes, recruits, or drafts.
1299Pengeretan1 puller, dragger. 2 (Jakarta) o. who is clever at winning another's favor for personal gain.
1300Pengerjaan1 execution, working on s.t. 2 processing, working.
1301Pengertian1 understanding, way s.o. understands s.t. 2 explanation, interpretation.
1302Pengestusee PANGESTU.
1303Pengesyahan1 ratification, confirmation. 2 legalization, authorization.
1304Pengetahuan1 knowledge. 2 skill, ability.
1305Pengetrapansee TERAP 2.
1306Penggal1 piece, lump. 2 fragment.
1307Penggalang1 o. who provides leadership. 2 a Boy or Girl Scout on the 2d level (age 12-15).
1308Penggandaan1) multiple, double. 2) reduplication. 3) (tel. ) multiplexing.
1309Penggarapanthe process of making.
1311Penggawasee PUNGGAWA.
1312Penggedoran1 looting, plundering. 2 burglary.
1313Penggelapan1 blackout (as a precaution). 2 darkening. 3 embezzling. 4 tampering with legal papers, coverup.
1314Penggemardevotee, lover, fan.
1315Penggertak1 s.o. who snarls 2 intimidator,threat eaning person.
1316Penggiliranrotating s.t.
1317Penggodog,Godokan1 cook by boiling (e.g.poach egg, boil stew, etc.0. 2 train intensively. 3 discuss, debate, thing over deeply.
1318Penggorengan1 wok. 2 process of preparing food in a wok or skillet.
1319Penggubah1) arranger. 2) composer. 3) author.
1320Penggugatplaintiff, litigant.
1321Pengguguran1 abortion. 2 discharging (of athletes, students, etc.).
1322Penggulinganoverthrow, deposer.
1323Penggumpalan1 clotting. 2 (ling. ) agglutination. 3 (phys. ) agglomeration.
1324Penggunaanemploying, using, utilizing.
1325Penggundulan1 shaving s,o, bald. 2 denudation (of land, etc.).
1326Penggurataninscribing, relief-making.
1327Penggurdiandrilling, boring.
1328Penghabisanrun out of, no more left.
1329Penghalauan1 driving, chase, expelling. 2 herding.
1330Penghancurdestroying force or agent.
1331Penghancuran1 smashing. crushing of. 2 annihilation, total destruction.. 3 dissolving of, disintegration.
1332Penghapusan1 wiping out, erasing. 2 abolition.
1333Penghargaanappreciation, respect. 2 valuation.
1334Penghasutagitator, provocateur.
1335Penghayatanfull and total comprehension.
1336Penghentianbring to a halt, ceasing.
1338Penghianatancomming of treason.
1339Penghijauan1 greening of s.t. 2 planting, us. on implanted land. 3 reforesting, reforestation.
1340Penghilng1 removal. 2 eradication, elimination.
1341Penghinaandegradation, causing humiliation.
1342Penghindaran1 avoidance, prevention. 2 evasion (of taxes, etc.).
1343Penghubungs.o. or s.t. which connects.
1344Penghulu1 village chief. 2 Muslim leader.
1345Penghuni1 occupant, inhabitant, dweller. 2 denizen, inmate. 3 guardian spirit.
1347Pengimamanleading prayer service .
1348Penginsee KEPINGIN.
1349Penginapan1 lodging for the night. 2 inn.
1351Penginjakantreading , trampling.
1352Pengintailook out, observer, scout.
1353Pengintaian1 observation, reconnaissance. 2 espionage.
1354Pengirim1.sender 2.transmitter.
1355Pengirimanshipping , dispatch.
1356Pengisap1 s.t. that sucks. 2 extortionist. 3 o. who smokes.
1357Pengisapan1 exploitation, gouging. 2 smoking.
1358Pengistirahatan1 giving s.o a rest 2 putting s.o intro retirement.
1359Pengkabutan1) sprayer. 2) atomizer. 3) carburetor.
1360Pengkarcrooked (of legs).
1361Pengkedikanretroflex ion ( of tongue ) .
1362Pengkerukan1 dredging. 2 exploition
1363Pengkhotbah1 preacher. 2 s.t. to preach with.
1364Pengkiopen basket for carrying dirt, garbage, etc.
1365Pengkikisan1 erosion. 2 erasure. 3 loss, disappearance.
1366Pengkokoanulat sutera raising of silk worm.
1369Pengkorcrippled, having a shriveled leg.
1370Penglaris1 the first item sold in a work day, throught to stimulate later sales. 2 s.t. that sells well, best seller.
1371Penglihatan1 sight, vision, eyesight. 2 sight, scene.
1372Pengobatanmedicinal treatment, therapy.
1374Pengocokan1 shaking. 2 rubbing. 3 mixing, suffling.
1375Pengolahan1 preparation, manufacture. 2 processing. 3 tabulation (of data).
1376Pengomprengs.o. who uses an official car for public transportation.
1377Pengoperan1 taking over. 2 tranferal. 3 delegation (of powers).
1378Pengrajincraftsman, artisan.
1380Penguangancashing of checks, money orders, etc.
1381Penguapan1 evaporation. 2 distillation process.
1382Pengubah1 o. who changes. 2 corrector.
1383Pengubahanprocess of altering, modification.
1385Penguburanburial, interment.
1387Pengudaraan1 airing. 2 releasing s.t. into the air.
1389Pengujiantrial, testing.
1390Pengujungextreme end.
1391Pengukirengraver, carver.
1392Pengukiranact of carving.
1393Pengukur1 meter, gauge. 2 o. who measures.
1394Pengukuranmeasuring, gauging.
1395Pengulang1 s.o. who repeats. 2 coach, tutor.
1396Pengulanganrepeating s.t.
1399Pengulitlullaby singer.
1400Pengulusee PENGHULU.
1401Pengumbanmissile, sling.
1403Pengumpano. who uses a bait.
1404Pengumpats.o. who curses.
1405Pengumpillever, crowbar.
1406Pengumpulcollector, gatherer.
1407Pengumumanannouncement, notification.
1409Pengundanganenactment (of a law).
1410Pengundio. who draws (a lot, ticket, etc.).
1411Pengundianlottery, raffle.
1412Pengunduranretreat, withdrawal, putting or setting back, postponement.
1413Pengungkapanact of expressing.
1418Pengungsirefugee, evacuee.
1419Pengungsian1 evacuation. 2 asylum, refuge.
1420Pengunjuko. who presents or points out.
1421Pengunjukan1 offer, presentation. 2 indication.
1422Pengurai1 o. who analyzes or disentangles. 2 chemicals used for decomposing.
1423Penguraianthe action of disentangling or analyzing.
1425Pengurus1 board, management. 2 manager.
1426Pengurusan1 management handling, treatment. 2 arrangement.
1427Pengusahaindustrialist, entrepreneur.
1428Pengusahaaneffort, exertion.
1429Pengusik1 disturber. 2 meddler.
1430Pengusirs.o. or s.t. that chases away.
1431Pengusiraneviction, expulsion.
1433Pengusulaninquiry, examination.
1434Pengusungo. who carries s.t. on his shoulders.
1435Pengusunganact of carrying s.t. on the shoulders.
1437Pengusutanexamination, investigation.
1438Pengutak-Atik/pengutak-utik/ o. who tinkers.
1439Pengutamaanact of giving priority to s.t.
1440Pengutaraan1 explanation. 2 communication.
1441Pengutuhanprocess of unifying.
1443Peniadaan1 negation. 2 abolition, discontinuance.
1444Peniduro. who sleeps a great deal.
1445Penikam1 o. who stabs. 2 s.t. o. stabs with.
1446Penikamana stab, stabbing.
1447Penikmatlover, devotee.
1448Penilai1 appraiser, assessor. 2 grader, judge (in competition).
1449Penilik1 fortuneteller. 2 supervisor, inspector.
1450Penilikan1 supervision, control. 2 observation.
1451Penimba1 a container for scooping liquids. 2 o. who scoops out water, etc.
1452Penimbaanscooping, dipping.
1453Penimbang1 pair of scales. 2 counselor.
1454Penimbangan1 (act of) weighing, balancing. 2 considering.
1455Penimbuna hoarder.
1456Penimbunan1 accumulation, piling up. 2 hoarding. 3 process of reclaiming land from the sea by piling up earth.
1457Penindakantaking measures.
1458Penindasoppressor, tyrant.
1459Penindasan1 oppression. 2 suppression.
1461Penindihan1 applying pressure or weigh on s.t. 2 suppressing.
1462Pening1 dizzy. 2 upset, rattled. /pe`ning/ badge, license (for bicycles, dogs, and pedicabs).
1463Peninggalan1 estate, inheritance. 2 relic, archaeological remains. 3 remainder, rest.
1464Peninggianheightening, raising, enhancement.
1465Peningkatan1 raising (a level), upgrading. 2 rise, increase, excalation.
1466Peningset(Java) bride price (paid upon engagement or upon marriage).
1468Peninjauan1 observation, survey. 2 consideration, contemplation. reconnoitering.
1469Penipudeceiver, impostor.
1471Penirisanplace for draining.
1472Peniruimitator, simulator.
1475Peniti1 safety pin. 2 brooch to pin. a kebaya together.
1476Penitip[uang] depositor.
1477Penitipan1 depositing. 2 stroge place. penitipan-pakaian cloakroom.
1478Penitisan(Java) reincarnation.
1479Peniupo. who blows.
1480Penj-see also entries with j-.
1482Penjagaan1 guarding, security. 2 surveillance. 3 guardpost.
1483Penjahatcriminal, crook, felon.
1484Penjahittailor, seamstress.
1485Penjajaks.t. which probes, sounds out.
1486Penjajakansounding out, plumbing.
1487Penjak1. starled. 2. glow.
1488Penjangaklibertine, rake.
1489Penjangatskinner, flayer.
1490Penjarajail, prison.
1491Penjasmanian1 materialization. 2 embodiment.
1493Penjatur1 sorcerer. 2 (snake) charmer.
1495Penjegalo. who interferes with.
1496Penjelajah1 exploration. 2 examination.
1497Penjenisangrouping, classification.
1499Penjiplak1 plagiarist. 2 duplicator, duplicating machine.
1501Penjiwaan1 animism. 2 inspiration .
1504Penjunano. who makes pots.
1505Penjuritsee PRAJURIT.
1506Penjuru1 corner, angle. 2 direction from which s.t. comes.
1507Penobatancoronation, installation.
1508Penodonghold-up man.
1511Penokohcheater, deceiver.
1512Penolak1 rejecter. 2 repellent.
1513Penolakan1 refusal, rejection. 2 warding off.
1514Penolok1 an equal. 2 standard.
1515Penolong1 helper, auxiliary. 2 rescuer.
1517Penonjolan1 making s.t. stand out. 2 conspicuousness.
1518Penonton1 spectator. 2 onlooker.
1519Penopangsupport, prop, abutment.
1520Penoreh1 scoring or slitting tool. 2 o. who taps rubber.
1521Penorehanprocess of rubber tapping.
1522Penpres[penetapan presiden] presidential decision or directive.
1523Pensetsee PINSET.
1524Pensil1 pencil. 2 small brush for drawing.
1525Pensip[pegawai negeri sipil] civil servants.
1526Pensiunpension, retired.
1528Penstreppenicillin tablets.
1529Pentafsir1 commentator, exegete. 2 evaluator.
1530Pentafsiran1 explanation, interpretation. commentary, exegesis.
1531Pentahapanarranging in phases.
1532Pentahbisanconsecration or ordination ceremony.
1533Pentakiko. who makes such incisions.
1535Pentaklukansubjection, submission.
1536Pentalke-, ter-pental flung away.
1538Pentanaman1 planting. 2 (fin. ) investment.
1539Pentangopen, extend, spread out.
1540Pentarafanranking, grading in ranks.
1541Pentasraised platform, stage. pentas-an stage performance.
1542Pentasbehanpraising God.
1547Pentil1. teat. 2. mem-pentil pinch s.t. /pe`ntil/ valve.
1548Penting1. important, significant.
1550Pentol/pentul/ knob.
1551Pentolan1 prominent. 2 leader of a gang. 3 leader. 4 bulb.
1554Pentranskripsianthe process of transcribing s.t.
1555Pentransmigrasianprocess of relocating s.o.
1557Pentunanganact of becoming engaged, betrothal.
1558Pentungclub, cudgel.
1559Pentunuo. who roasts.
1561Penturbaangoing down to the people.
1563Penuai1 rice harvest knife. 2 o. who reaps or gathers in a harvest.
1564Penuaianharvesting of rice.
1565Penuanganpouring, molding, casting.
1566Penubrukancolliding, crashing, striking.
1567Penuduh1 (leg. ) prosecutor. 2 accuser, plaintiff.
1571Penugasangiving an assignment.
1572Penuh1 full (of), loaded. 2 complete.
1573Penukaran1 alteration, process of making a change. 2 exchange.
1575Penulanganerecting a framework.
1576Penularinfector, infecting agent.
1578Penulis1 writer (of letter, etc.). 2 secretary (of association).
1579Penulisanprocess of writing.
1580Penumbangancausing s.t. to crash down.
1581Penumbuhs.t. that stimulates growth.
1582Penumbuhan1 the act of growing. 2 emergence.
1583Penumbukcrusher, pounder.
1584Penumbukan1 pounding, crushing. 2 blow, stroke. 3 act of colliding.
1585Penumpahan1 act of spilling or shedding. 2 concentration.
1586Penumpang1 passenger. 2 boarder, hotel guest.
1587Penumpangan1 act of being over s.t. 2 place to stay.
1589Penumpasanannihilation, extermination.
1591Penumpukanaccumulation, hoarding.
1592Penunaian1 (cash) payment. 2 settlement. 3 fulfillment.
1593Penundaanpostponement, deferment, adjournment.
1594Penundukan1 submission, subjection. 2 subjugation.
1595Penunggako. who is arrears in payments.
1597Penunggangrider, passenger. pengunggang-kuda horseman.
1598Penunggu1 watchman, guard. 2 attendant. 3 tutelary spirit.
1599Penungguanact of waiting.
1600Penunjangs.t. supporting.
1601Penunjanganthe act of supporting.
1602Penunjuk1 s.t. which indicates. 2 o. who indicates.
1603Penunjukan1 indication. 2 reference, pointing to s.t. 3 appointment, assignment.
1604Penuntun1 guide. 2 manual, guide.
1605Penuntunan1 leading with a line, etc. 2 providing guidance.
1606Penuntut1 o. who demand s.t., petitioner. 2 (leg. ) claimant, prosecutor. 3 o. who strives after.
1607Penuntutan1 demanding. 2 pursuit, study. 3 (leg. ) prosecution.
1608Penurunan1 slope, descent. 2 discharge, unloading. 3 lowering, taking down. 4 derivation, deriving. 5 reduction, decline (of cost, prices, etc.).
1609Penurut1 s.o. obedient and docile. 2 a follower.
1610Penusuks.t. to perforate or stab with.
1611Penusukan1 stabbing, jabbing. 2 perforation.
1612Penutup1 cover, lid, casing. 2 closing.
1613Penutupan1 covering. 2 closing, shutting, occlusion, shut down.
1614Penuturspeaker, narrator, pronouncer.
1615Penuturan1. 1) talk, speech. 2) discussion, narrative. 3) announcement, information. 2. (lit. ) descendant.
1616Peny-see also entries with c-, s-, or ny-.
1617Penyabet(purse) snatcher.
1618Penyablon1 copier. 2 plagiarist.
1621Penyakit1 disease, illness. 2 trouble. 3 bad habit.
1622Penyalin1 copyist. 2 translator.
1623Penyalinantranslating, copying.
1624Penyamarataantreating the same, generalization, leveling.
1625Penyambuts.o. that welcomes.
1626Penyambutanreception, welcoming.
1627Penyampaio. who conveys.
1632Penyayang1 charitable, merciful Lord. 2 lover, amateur, devotee.
1634Penyebarandistributing, spreading, disseminating.
1635Penyebut1 o. who calls, mentions. 2 (math. ) denominator.
1636Penyebutanaddressing, mentioning.
1637Penyedaps.t. used as flavoring.
1639Penyediaan1 act of preparing. 2 equipping, supplying.
1640Penyedotinstrument to absorb.
1643Penyek/penyet/ flattened out, squeezed flat.
1644Penyelaman1 diving. 2 immersion, submersion.
1645Penyelamatanrescuing, redemption.
1646Penyelenggara1 caretaker. 2 executor. 3 organized, operator.
1647Penyelenggaraan1. implementation. 2 organization, coordination.
1648Penyelesaian1 arrangement. 2 solution, settlement, completion.
1650Penyelewengan1 deviation (from task or duty). 2 irregularity, corruption.
1651Penyelidik1 investigator, research worker. 2 examiner, detective. 3 scout.
1652Penyelidik1 investigator, research worker. 2 examiner, detective. 3 scout.
1653Penyelidikan1 research. 2 inquiry, investigation. 2 survey.
1657Penyelusup1 infiltrator. 2 s.t. that infiltrates.
1659Penyemaianprocess of raising seedlings.
1660Penyematan1 pinning (of medals, etc.). 2 (ling. ) embedding.
1662Penyembahanadoraditon , worship.
1663Penyembeliha butcher.
1664Penyembelihanslaughter, butchering.
1666Penyemburinstrument for spraying.
1667Penyempitanconstriction, stricture.
1668Penyemprotsyringe, sprayer.
1670Penyempurnaanaction of perfecting, completing, finishing (articles, products).
1671Penyendirisolitary, liking to be alone, loner.
1673Penyengat1 s.t. that stings. 2 wasp.
1674Penyepuhan1 gilding s.t. 2 (phys. ) plating.
1675Penyerahan1 transfer, deliverry. 2 surrender, yielding. 3 resignation to a situation.
1676Penyerangattacker, aggressor.
1677Penyeranganattack, aggression.
1678Penyerap1 absorbent. 2 absorber.
1679Penyerapkanhold in reserve, lay aside.
1680Penyerasianadaptation, harmonization.
1681Penyerbakansmelling good.
1682Penyerbuanattacking, invasion.
1684Penyergapanattack on s.o. or s.t.
1685Penyerimpunganact of tripping up or impeding.
1686Penyerobot1 o. who snatches. 2 o. who acts highhandedly.
1687Penyerobotanillegal occupancy or annexation, snatching away of s.t.
1688Penyeronganbeveling, act making s.t. go at an angle.
1689Penyeronganbeveling, act making s.t. go at an angle.
1690Penyertaan1 participation. 2 attaching s.t., enclosing s.t.
1692Penyeruan1 calling, crying. 2 appeal.
1693Penyesalan1 regret, remorse. 2 reproach.
1694Penyesuaianadaptation, adjustment, accommodation.
1698Penyetor1 purveyor, supplier. 2 depositor.
1699Penyetorandepositing, payment.
1700Penyewa1 tenant, lessee. 2 rental payment.
1701Penyialanghoney gatherer.
1702Penyiar1 announcer. 2 publisher. 3 (tech. ) transmitter.
1704Penyiasat1 (lit. ) investigator. 2 strategist, tactician.
1705Penyiasatan1 (lit. ) investigation. 2 bringing tactics or stratagems to bear.
1706Penyidik(leg. ) investigating officer.
1707Penyidikanpolice investigation.
1708Penyikatan1 brushing, combing, etc. 2 stealing. 3 abrupt removal.
1709Penyiksatormentor, torturer.
1710Penyiksaantorturing, mistreating.
1711Penyiku1 s.t. to square off. 2 (math. ) complementary.
1712Penyilangancrossing, mutation (in agriculture).
1713Penyimakgood listener.
1714Penyimakanlistening attentively, monitoring.
1715Penyimpan1 o. who saves, a depositor. 2 storage place.
1716Penyimpananstorage, laying away.
1717Penyimpangandeviation, divergence.
1718Penyimpuls.o. or s.t. which bring s.t. (discussion, etc.). to a conclusion.
1719Penyimpulanprocess of drawing a conclusion.
1720Penyinaran1 illumination. 2 radiation.
1721Penyingkapanuncovering, disclosure..
1722Penyingkiran1 evacuation. 2 elimination, purge. 3 exclusion.
1723Penyiramanpouring of liquids, watering.
1724Penyiriantaking revenge because of humiliation.
1725Penyisianmovement to the side.
1726Penyisihan1 isolation. 2 elimination.
1727Penyisipan1 insertion. 2 (ling. ) infixation.
1729Penyjelasanexplanation, clarification.
1730Penyobeko. who takes (and tears) tickets, ticket-taker.
1731Penyodokshovel, spade.
1732Penyodoro. who hands in s.t.
1735Penyok/penyot/ dented.
1736Penyokongsupporter, contributor.
1737Penyondongnet for catching shrimp.
1738Penyongsong1 greeter. 2 greetings.
1739Penyongsongangreeting, welcoming.
1740Penyorako. who yell, vocal supporter.
1741Penyorot1 reflector, projector. 2 commentator, reviewer.
1742Penyorotan1 illumination, spotlighting. 2 elucidation.
1743Penyosohanprocess of hulling rice.
1744Penyu1 turtle. 2 tortoise shell.
1745Penyuapan1 feeding or eating with the hand. 2 bribery.
1746Penyuaraan1 declamation. 2 dubbing. 3 (ling. 0 voicing.
1747Penyubakans.t. used to mix with, or subsitute s.t. else.
1748Penyuburs.t. that makes fertile.
1749Penyudetancutting between canals, diverting (water).
1751Penyulapanconjuring, methods of sleight of hand.
1752Penyulinginstrument to refine.
1753Penyulingandistilling, refining.
1754Penyuluh1 o. who provides elucidation. 2 (lit. ) investigator, spy.
1755Penyuluhan1 illumination. 2 information, elucidation.
1756Penyumbangcontributor, supporter.
1757Penyumbatanclogging, obstruction, blockage.
1758Penyungkittool for prying.
1759Penyungkup1 concave cover. 2 bell jar.
1760Penyuntik1 s.o. who gives injections. 2 syringe.
1761Penyuntikaninjecting, vaccinating injection.
1763Penyusuncomposer, compiler.
1764Penyusunan1 arranging, compiling. 2 composing.
1766Penyusupanpenetration, infiltration.
1767Penyusuro. who follows up.
1768Penyusuranact of tracing.
1769Penyusutan1 shrinkage, contraction. 2 reduction, decrease.
1770Penyutradaraan1 play or film direction. 2 directing.
1771Penyuwukanaction of blowing to heal magically.
1772Peok1 lame. 2 flat.
1773Peonmessenger boy.
1774Peot1. 1) dented. 2) old and battered. 2. see PEOK.
1775Pepadangsee PADANG.
1776Pepakcomplete, full. se-pepak all of them.
1777Pepalconcentrated, terse, compact.
1778Pepantangroup of Christians in new community who combine with existing church temporarily until they can form their own church.
1780Pepasfish, angle.
1781Pepatflattened, level, smooth.
1783Pepayasee PAPAYA.
1784Pepe(Java) expose s.t. to sun, dry in sun.
1785Pepedsee PEPET.
1786Pepek(vulg. ) vagina.
1787Peperpaper, essay.
1788Peperda[Penguasa Perang Daerah] Regional War Administrator.
1789Peperpu[Penguasa Perang Pusat] Central War Administrator.
1790Peperti[Penguasa Perang (Ter)tinggi] Supreme Military Administrator.
1791Pepesmeat or fish wrapped in a banana leaf and roasted.
1792Pepet1. stopped up (of nose). 2. see BUNYI. /pe`pe`t/ dead end, no way out.
1794Pepohonan1 trees. 2 reforestation.
1799Pepunden/pepundi/ (Java) object of worship.
1800Pepuramock, sham.
1801Per1 per, by the. per-kapita per capita.. 2 as of such and such a date.
1802Per-see also entries with pr-.
1803Per.[Perusahaan] enterprise, firm, concern.
1804Perathe taste of rice that is dry.
1805Perabot1 utensils. 2 tools. 3 furniture.
1806Perabotanhousehold furnishings.
1807Perabusee PRABU.
1808Perabuan1 urn for ashes of cremated person. 2 crematorium.
1809Perabukanapplication of fertilizer.
1810Perada1. 1) tin coasting. 2) gold leaf. 2. review, parade.
1811Peradabanculture, civilization.
1812Peradangan(med. ) infection, inflammation.
1814Peradin[Persatuan Advokat Indonesia] Indonesian Lawyer's Association.
1815Peraduan1. contest, clash. 2. royal bed.
1816Peraga1. visual aid. 2. 1) boaster. 2) a model. 3) mock-up, visual aid.
1817Peragaan1. show. 2. 1) ostentation. 2) show, exhibittion. 3) modeling. 4) visual display.
1818Peragawanmale model or mannequin.
1819Peragawatifemale model or mannequin.
1821Perah1 squeeze. 2 milk.
1822Perahan1 milch cow. 2 s.t. squeezed out.
1824Perai1. 1) free. 2) empty (of a seat). 3) unhampered. 4) broke (whitout money). 2. loose, apart.
1825Perairan1 waters. 2 waterworks.
1826Perajincraftsman, artisan.
1827Perajuritsee PRAJURIT.
1828Perak1 silver. 2 (Jakarta) rupiah.
1829Perakana rupiah coin or bill.
1832Peraktiksee PRAKTEK.
1833Peralatan1. 1) instrumentation. 2) equipment, tools. 2. feast, celebration.
1834Peralihantransfer, shift, change.
1835Peramshut o.s. off from society.
1836Peramaloracle, fortune-teller.
1838Perampasan1 robbery, holdup. 2 expropriation.
1839Perampokrobber, plunderer.
1840Perampokanrobbery, looting.
1841Peran1 actor. 2 character (in novel, play, etc.).
1842Peranakansee ANAK.
1845Perancangplanner, planning body.
1846Perancissee PRANCIS.
1847Perandaian1. assumption. 2. matters pertaining to this folk drama.
1848Perandi(tech. ) ware. perandi-lunak software. perandi-keras hardware.
1849Perangwar, battle. /pe`rang/ colors ranging from reddish blond to auburn (hair of plants, animals or humans).
1851Perangai1 nature, disposition. 2 behavior, attitude.
1852Perangas-Perongos(Java) make a wry expression.
1853Peranggisee PERENGGI.
1854Peranggrekanorchid matters, orchidology.
1855Peranginan1 ventilation. 2 balcony.
1857Perangkap1. a person who holds two jobs. 2. trap, pitfall.
1858Perangkatsets of equipment.
1859Perangkatan1 equipment. 2 forces.
1860Perangkosee PRANGKO.
1861Perangsangan1 act of exciting, stimulation. 2 anger, irritation. 3 incentive, motivation.
1862Peranjakfall on o.'s behind.
1863Peranjakantransfer, removal.
1864Peranjatstarled, surprised.
1865Perantara1 intermediatery, mediator, go-between. 2 agent. 3 agency, expediter.
1866Perantaraan1 intercession, mediation. 2 middleman, intermediary (individual or a body). 3 intervention. 4 relationship.
1867Peranti1 apparatus, instrument. 2 means. 3 in order to. 4 remedy.
1869Perapatansee PRAPATAN.
1870Perapian1 fireplace, brazier. 2 ignition. 3 oven, range. 4 furnace.
1871Peras1 press, swueeze. 2 milk. 3 blackmail, put the squeeze on.
1872Perasa1 sense of touch. 2 sensitive person.
1873Perasaan1 opinion, feeling. 2 sentiment. 3 experience, sensation.
1875Perasatsee FIRASAT.
1876Perasian1 horoscope. 2 fate.
1877Perasmansee PRASMAN.
1878Perawan1 virgin, girl. 2 brand new to s.t.
1880Perawatan1 treatment. 2 nursing, care.
1882Perawirasee PERWIRA.
1885Perbagaisee PELBAGAI.
1886Perbahasasee PERIBAHASA.
1887Perbal1 official report. 2 ticket. 3 police warrant, summons. memp-perbal process a criminal charge.
1889Perbanas[Perhimpunan Bank-bank Nasional Swasta] association of national private banks.
1890Perbanisee BULAN, PASANG 3.
1891Perbatasanborder, division.
1892Perbawainfluence, prestige.
1894Perbekel(Bali) village chief.
1895Perbelanjaan1 expenses, (national) budget. 2 financing. 3 shopping.
1896Perburuan1 the hunt. 2 prey, game. 3 persecution.
1897Perc.[percetakan] printing establishment.
1898Perca1. rag. perca-kertas scraps of paper. 2. see GETAH, PULAU.
1899Percakmake rushing noise (of water).
1900Percapita/per kapita/ per capita.
1901Percaya1 belief, faith. 2 trust, believe.
1902Percikstain, spot.
1903Percikansprinkling, fragment.
1904Percissee PERSIS.
1905Percitspurt forth strongly.
1906Perculdart away.
1907Percumasee CUMA.
1908Perdana1 principal. perdana-mentreri prime minister, premier. 2 inaugural, first introduction to the public.
1909Perdata(leg. ) 1 court of justice. 2 civil (cases).
1910Perdatam[Departemen] Perindustrian Dasar dan Pertambangan] (Department) of Basic Industries and Mining.
1911Perdeosee PRODEO.
1912Perdikanfreed from payment of taxes (in villages) as result of assuming some burden or responsibility.
1913Perdipingstory, floor.
1914Perdom(coll. ) mild swear word.
1915Perdu1 clump (of bamboo, etc.). 2 lowest part of tree trunk.
1916Perdulisee PEDULI.
1917Peresee PERAI 1.
1919Perebutanstruggle, fight.
1920Peredaanquieting down, slowing down (of activity, etc.).
1921Peredamk.o. device to reduce noise or light.
1922Peredus1 pregnant. 2 potbellied.
1923Perehbe overly meticulous.
1924Pereisee PERAI 1.
1925Perek/prek/ [perempuan eksperimental] loose and freewheeling girl. /pere`k/ see PREK.
1926Perekatglue. adhesive.
1927Perekiksee PRIKIK.
1928Peremajaanrejuvenation, renovation.
1929Peremansee PREMAN.
1931Perembukan1 discussion, deliberation. 2 conference, consultation.
1932Perempuan1 woman, female. 2 feminine.
1934Perenggi(lit. ) European.
1935Perentangsee CENTANG-PERENANG.
1937Peressee PERAS. /pe`re`s/ leveled off.
1938Peresmian1 official announcement or appointment. 2 official appointment. 3 formal ceremony (of dedication, etc.).
1939Peretas1 o. who breaks through. 2 instrument for opening s.t.
1940Peretelsee PRETEL.
1941Perewa(M) o. who lives outside customary law.
1942Perewangansee PREWANGAN.
1946Perforatorhole puncher.
1947Pergajulsee BERGAJUL.
1948Pergat(naut. ) frigate.
1949Pergaulan1 association, social intercourse. 2 society. 3 sexual intercourse.
1950Pergedelsee PERKEDEL.
1951Pergi1 go. 2 leave, be out. 3 (coll. ) go to.
1952Pergigiandentition, dentistry.
1953Pergok1 catch by surprise. 2 catch s.o. red-handed.
1954Pergol/pergul/ gold-plated.
1956Pergulatan1 wrestling. 2 struggle, encounter, contact.
1957Pergumulan1 wrestling. 2 stuggle.
1959Perguruan1 instituation, school. 2 school (building). 3 instruction.
1960Perhalsee PERI 1.
1961Perhatian1 attention, notice. 2 interest.
1962Perhentian1 cessation, discontinuance, closing down (of factory program, etc.). 2 stopping place (of bus, etc.).
1963Perhiasan1 jewelry (esp, gold). 2 decoration (in building, etc.).
1964Perhimpunan1 association, organization. 2 gathering place, place of assembly.
1965Perhitungan1 calculation, computation. 2 accounting. 3 consideration.
1966Perhubungan1 communications (radio, highway, etc.). 2 liaison. 3 relationship.
1967Perhutanan1 forestry affairs. 2 forestry service.
1968Peri1. 1) having to do with. 2) attitude. 2. (lit. ) k.o. female celestial being of exceeding beauty.
1969Peria1. see PRIA. 2. see PARE.
1970Periaisee PRIYAYI.
1971Perianbamboo for carrying water.
1972Peribadatanobservance of religious duties.
1974Peribumisee PRIBUMI.
1975Peridifertile (of animals).
1976Peridolarsee PERI 1.
1977Perigiwell, spring.
1978Perihsee PEDIH.
1979Perijamsee PERI 1.
1980Periksa1 investigation, inspection, examination. 2. get o.s. examinated.
1982Perimnas[Perumahan Nasional] National Housing Authority.
1983Perincisee RINCI.
1984Perincian1 details, the way s.t. is broken down (of calculation, etc.). 2 subsection.
1986Perindustrianindustry, industrial affairs.
1987Pering1. bamboo. 2.stink.
1988Peringans.t. which lightens s.t.
1989Peringanan1 lightening of s.t. 2 (leg. ) commutation of a sentence.
1990Peringkat1 level. 2 rank.
1991Perintahorder, command.
1992Perintissee RINTIS.
1993Periodeperiod (of time).
1994Periodikperiodic, rotating.
1995Periodisasidivision of history into periods.
1998Peristirahatanplace provide for employees or members of a given group to spend their vacation.
1999Peristiwa1 event, incident, happening, affair. 2 phenomenon.
2000Periukcaldron, cooking pot.
2001Perjajakan1 measuring. 2 investigation.
2002Perjakayoung, unmarried man.
2003Perjalanan1 trip , journey , tour 2 course .
2004Perjanka[Perushaan Jawatan Kereta Api] State Railway Corporation.
2005Perjisee FARJI.
2006Perjuritsee PRAJURIT.
2007Perkabarannews, news report.
2008Perkabungan1.mourning, grieving. 2. sugar palm. 3. measure of four cubits' length. 4. slice, fragment.
2010Perkakastools, implements, apparatus
2011Perkalian(math. ) 1 multiplication. 2 product.
2013Perkantoran1 office affairs. 2 office complex.
2014Perkara1 matter, case. 2 the fact that. 3 (leg. ) lawsuit, case.
2015Perkasa1 brave, courageous. 2 physically powerful, strong and robust.
2016Perkataanword, words.
2017Perkawinan1 marriage. 2 wedding. 3 mating, breeding of animals.
2018Perkedelcroquette of spicy ground meat and boiled potatoes or other starch.
2019Perkemahan1 camping. 2 a camp out. 3 (mil. ) camp, encamment, bivouac.
2020Perkembangan1 development 2 blooming, flowering. 3 expansion.
2021Perkenalan1introduce s.o. or s.t. 2 inform s.o. of s.t.
2022Perkenalkan1introduce s.o. or s.t. 2 inform s.o. of s.t.
2023Perkenenglicense for a vehicle.
2024Perkintakaanarchival matters.
2025Perkosa1 violent. 2 violence. perkosa-an rape, violation.
2026Perkulitancover, jacket.
2027Perkumpulan1 club, association. 2 meeting.
2029Perkututsmall turtledove.
2030Perla[perhubungan laut] sea communications.
2031Perladangan1 unirrigated agricultural field. 2 cultivation (of such fields).
2032Perlahan1 slow. 2 soft of voice.
2033Perlak1. varnished, lacquered. 2. (lit. ) garden close to house. 3. rubber sheet used under bed sheets.
2034Perlakuantreatment, way of treating s.t. or s.o.
2036Perlambangansymbolism, symbilization.
2037Perlayadie in battle.
2038Perlengextend, prolong.
2039Perlengkapan1 equipment, outfit. 2 equipping. 3 supply.
2040Perlente(coll. ) elegant, swell, dandy.
2042Perlindungan1) protection. 2) patronage, sponsorship.
2044Perlintihsee PERLENTE.
2045Perlipfall in love. perlip-perlip-an flirt.
2046Perlipatan1 multiplication, increase. 2 method of folding.
2047Perloncosee PELONCO.
2048Perlontaran1 hurling. 2 bringing up.
2049Perlop1 leave, furlough. 2 be on leave.
2050Perlu1 necessary, be needed. 2 need to. 3 (coll. ) need.
2051Perlupbe engaged to be married.
2052Perlusfall into a hole.
2053Perlusinby the dozen
2056Permaipretty, beautiful.
2057Permainan1 game. 2 performance, show. 3 acting. 4 tricks played on o.
2058Permaisuriconsort of king.
2059Permakaltered, changed.
2060Permakluman1 announcement, declaration, proclamation. 2 statement.
2061Permansee FIRMAN.
2062Permana1. quantity. 2. (Java) careful.
2063Permandian1 bathing place. 2 baptism.
2066Permatajewel, precious stone.
2067Permatifinal, with no further change.
2068Permen1 hard candy. 2 candy (in general). permen-karet chewing gum.
2069Permesta[Perjuangan Semesta] The Total Struggle, the uprising in Sulawesi in late 1950's.
2070Permias[Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Amerika Serikat] Indonesian Students' Association in America.
2071Permiintaan1 request. 2 demand.
2072Permilper thousand.
2074Perminyakanpetroleum or refinery affairs.
2075Permisi1 ask permission. 2 ask to be exused (to leave).
2076Permohonan1 request, appeal, petition. 2 application.
2078Pernafasanbreathing, respiration.
2079Pernah1. once, ever. 2. (Java) be related in a certain way.
2080Pernak-Pernikneedless complications, complexities.
2081Pernamasee PURNAMA.
2082Pernelsee PELANEL.
2083Pernik1 small beads. 2 little things.
2084Pernilaian1.judgment 2.evalution,appraisal.
2086Pernyataan1 declaration, pronouncement. 2 expression.
2087Perocotsee PROCOT.
2088Perogolsee ROGOL.
2090Perokoksmoker, habitual smoker.
2092Perolehanresult, achievement, gain, acquisition.
2093Perombakan1 reorganizing, making radical changes. 2 destroying and rebuilding. 3 renovation.
2094Peronrailroad platform.
2095Peronyokcrushed, crumpled.
2096Peropsee PROP 1.
2097Perosoksink in, slip into.
2098Perosotsee ROSOT.
2099Perotessee PROTES.
2100Perotian1 matters concerning bread. 2 bakery.
2101Perpaduan1 merger, unification. 2 blend, synthesis.
2102Perpanjanganextension, prolongation.
2103Perpatisee MERPATI.
2104Perpautanrelation, connection.
2105Perpelancongansee LANCONG.
2106Perpisahan1 discord. 2 leave-taking, parting.
2107Perpres[Peraturan Presiden] presidential regulation.
2108Perpu1. [Peraturan Pemerintah Pengganti Undang-undang] gvt. regulation to raplace law number... 2. [Peraturan Pemilihan Umum] Regulations for the General Elections.
2110Perronsee PERON.
2112Persabungan1 cock (kite, etc.) fight. 2 conflict. 3 pit for cockfighting.
2113Persadahomeland, group of nation that have a connection.
2115Persajakan1 poetry. 2 rhyme
2116Persamaan1 similarity, agreement. 2 comparison. 3 equality. 4 (math. ) equation.
2117Persasatlike, as if.
2118Persawangan(M) wasteland, dangerous wilderness.
2119Persebaranthe spread, dissemination.
2120Persediaan1 stock, supply. 2 preparations.
2121Persegi(math. ) 1 sided. 2 square.
2122Persekotcash advance.
2123Persekotin1 (coll. ) give an advance to. 2 (sl. ) make pregnant before marriage.
2124Persekutuan1 federation. 2 partnership. 3 league, alliance.
2125Perselahsee PERSLAH.
2126Perselisihandisagreement, quarrel, dispute.
2127Perselokandrainage system.
2128Persemaianseedbed, nursery.
2130Persemayaman1 throne. 2 residence.
2131Persembahan1 tribute, gift. 2 dedication.
2132Persembunyianshelter, hiding place, hide-away.
2133Persen1 percent. 2 tip. 3 present to a subordinate.
2134Persenanpercentage or tip given.
2135Persendian1 pivot, base. 2 the body joints.
2136Persenggamaancoital act..
2137Persengketaancontention, dispute, conflict.
2138Persenjataanarmament, arms, weaponry.
2139Persentage/persentase/ percentage, rate.
2140Persepak-Bolaansoccer affairs.
2141Persepatuanmatters pertaining to shoes and shoemaking.
2144Perserikatanorganization, association, union.
2145Persero1 share. 2 shareholder, partner. persero-terbatas limited liability company, Ltd., Inc. see SERO.
2148Persesaranfaulting, faulting system.
2149Persesuaianagreement, concurrence, compatibility.
2150Persetanto hell with.
2151Persetanto hell with.
2152Persetruanenmity, hostility.
2154Persetujuan1 treaty, agreement. 2 approval, agreement.
2156Persiapan1 preparations. 2 set-up, arrangement. 3 supply, equipment, etc., prepared for some purpose.
2157Persidangan1 meeting, assembly. 2 court session (over several days).
2158Persihsee BERSIH.
2160Persillot, plot. te-persil protrude, bulge.
2161Persilangan1 crossing. 2 contradiction, conflict.
2162Persilatanmatters pertaining to systems of self-defense.
2163Persimpang-Siuran1 crisscrossing. 2 confusion, mix-up.
2164Persimpanganintersection, branching off.
2165Persinggahan1 stop-over, transit. 2 port of call.
2166Persinggahan1 stop-over, transit. 2 port of call.
2167Persiraman(lit. ) bathing place.
2168Persisexactly, precisely.
2169Persit[Persatuan Isteri Tentara] army wives' organization.
2170Perslahreport, account.
2171Persnelinggear, transmission.
2172Persoalan1 problem, matter, issue. 2 discussion, debate.
2173Personasee PESONA.
2174Persona-Non-Gratapersons non grata.
2178Personilstaff, personnel.
2180Perstatistikanmatters pertaining to statistics.
2183Persubakanmatter pertaining to this water-control system.
2184Persundalan1 prostitution. 2 fornication.
2186Persuratan1 matters pertaining to correspondence. 2 (lit. ) literature.
2187Persutraanmatters pertaining to silk.
2188Persyaratanrules and regulations.
2189Pertadbiranadministration, management.
2190Pertahanan1 defense. 2 stronghold, fortress.
2191Pertaksiantaxi matters.
2192Pertalmem-pertal translate. pertal-an translation.
2193Pertalian1 relation, relationship. 2 connection.
2194Pertamafirst, the first.
2195Pertamanan1 gardens. 2 horticulture, garden affairs.
2196Pertambahanincrease, growth, accretion.
2197Pertambanganmining, mine workings.
2198Pertambatan1 ship moorings. 2 connection, relationship.
2199Pertanahanland affairs, land matters.
2200Pertanda1 sign, indication, augury. 2 landmark.
2202Pertandang(M) visitor.
2203Pertandingan1 contest, competition. 2 comparison.
2204Pertanggungan1 responsibility. 2 guarantee, security. 3 insurance.
2207Pertanyaanquestion, query.
2208Pertapahermit, ascetic.
2209Pertapaan1 hermit's abode, retreat. 2 asceticism. 3 penance.
2210Pertapaianmatters pertaining to fermentation.
2212Pertaruhan1 s.t. placed s.w. 2 bet. 3 savings. 4 articles entrusted to s.o.
2213Pertarunganfight, struggle.
2214Pertautan1 contact, bond. 2 joining, uniting. 3 (chem. ) linkage.
2216Pertebaran(phys. ) dispersion.
2217Pertekstilanmatters pertaining to textiles or textile industry.
2218Pertelaanproceedings, report.
2219Perteleponanpertaining to telecommunication.
2220Pertelevisianmatters pertaining to television.
2221Pertembakauantobacco affairs.
2222Pertempuranbattle, combat.
2223Pertemuan1 meeting. 2 companionship.
2224Pertengahan1 the middle. 2 the average.
2225Pertengkarandispute, fracas.
2226Pertenisanmatters pertaining to tennis. dunia-pertenisan world of tennis.
2227Pertentangan1 conflict, controversy. 2 contradiction, contrast. 3 opposition, resistance.
2228Pertentaraan1 military barracks. 2 army base.
2229Pertenunan1 textile mill. 2 textiles.
2230Pertenunganfortune-telling, soothsaying.
2232Perteraanprint office.
2234Pertikaianconflic, controversy, disagreement.
2235Pertikamana fight with daggers or similar weapons.
2236Pertimbangan1 judgment, opinion. 2 consideration. 3 review (of books, etc.).
2238Pertinjuan1 matters pertaining to fist fighting. 2 fist fight.
2239PertionghoaanChinese affairs.
2241Pertokoan1 shop matters. 2 shopping complex.
2242Pertolonganhelp, aid.
2243Pertopangan1 contradiction. 2 conflict, dispute.
2244Pertuanan1 sovereignty, suzerainty. 2 ruling class, upper class. 3 rule, gvt.
2246Pertukangan1 trade. 2 handicraft, craftsmanship. 3 craft, guild, association.
2247Pertukaran1 exchange. 2 change.
2250Pertumbuhangrowth, development.
2252Pertunaianmatters pertaining to cash.
2254Pertunjukan1 show, exhibition. 2 performance.
2255Perturutan1 continuation. 2 repetitiveness.
2256Pertusis/pertussis/ (med. ) whooping cough.
2257Pertuturan1 conversation. 2 word, phrase. 3 pronunciation. 4 (ling. ) speech act.
2258Peruan(naut. ) yardarm. peruan-gema sonic depth finder.
2259Peruanganmonetary affairs.
2261Perubahanchange, alteration.
2262Perugulsee ROGOL.
2263Perukput s.t. in a place.
2265Perulanganrepetition, recurrence.
2266Perum(naut. ) sounding lead.
2267Perumisasiconversion of state into public corporations.
2268Perumnas[Perusahaan Nasional] National Housing Authority.
2270Perumtel[Perusahaan Umum Telekomunikasi] National Telephone and Telegraph Corporation.
2271Perumuman1 generalizing. 2 generalization.
2272Perun1 heap of dried plants for burning. 2 trash, garbage heap.
2274Perundingan1 negotiation, deliberation. 2 discussion.
2275Perunggasanpoultry husbandry.
2277Perungus1. fiery, hot-tempered. 2. hothead, spitfire.
2278Peruntukanallotment, allocation.
2279Peruntunganfortune, luck.
2280Perupahanwage matters.
2282Peruri[Percetakan Uang Republik Indonesia] The Indonesian National Mint.
2283Perusstern, grim.
2284Perusa1 violate, rape. 2 force, compel. 3 annoy, disturb.
2285Perusahaanbusiness, enterprise, undertaking, concern.
2286Perusisee PRUSI.
2287Perusuh1 rioter. 2 terrorist (in the 1950s).
2288Perut(anat. ) 1 stomach, belly. 2 womb.
2289Perutusandelegation, deputation.
2290Perwakilan1 delegation. 2 agency. 3 representation. 4 (mil. ) liaison unit.
2291Perwalian1 guardianship. 2 custody (of child), trusteeship. 3 protectorate.
2292Perwara1 (lit. ) ladies-in-waiting of queen. 2 ancillary.
2293Perwari[Persatuan Wanita Republik Indonesia] Organization of Indonesian Women, a social and charitable woman's club.
2294Perwarisanmatters pertaining to inheritance.
2295Perwasitanmatters pertaining to referees.
2297Perwatasan(ling. ) modification.
2298Perwilayahanmatters relating to districts.
2299Perwira1 (mil. ) officer. 2 brave, courageous.
2300Perwujudan1 shape, form. 2 realization, materialization. 3 phenomenon.
2301Perzinahansexual acts outside of marriage.
2302Pesbubonic plague.
2303Pes.[pesawat] (tel. ) telephone extention.
2304Pesagi(coll. ) see PERSEGI.
2305Pesaifall to pieces.
2306Pesakgusset, patch sewu between sleeves and main part of garment or pants legs and main part of trousers.
2307Pesakasee PUSAKA.
2308Pesalinnew suit of clothes.
2309Pesamlukewarm (of water).
2310Pesan1 order. 2 order, instruction, command. 3 message.
2311Pesan-Pesank.o. poisonous centipede.
2312Pesanggerahantraveler's rest house.
2313Pesanggrahansee PASANGGRAHAN.
2314Pesangonseparation pay.
2315Pesantren(islam) school of Koranic studies for children and young people, most of whom are boarders.
2316Pesarasee PUSARA.
2317Pesareansee PASAREAN.
2318Pesasirsee PASASIR.
2319Pesatquick, speedy, rapid.
2320Pesawat1 instrument, machiine. 2 telephone instrument. 3 telephone extension. 4 plane.
2321Pesebansee PASEBAN.
2324Peserhalf cent of colonial period.
2325Pesero1. shareholder. 2. see PERSERO.
2327Pesiar1 trip, journey. 2 take a trip, go for a ride, excursion. pesiar-pengantin baru honeymoon.
2328Pesimispessimist, pessimistic.
2331Pesinden(Java) woman singer with gamelan orchestra.
2332Pesingstench of urine.
2333Pesirahvillage chief in S. Sumatra.
2334Pesisir1. beach, coastal area. 2. see PASASIR.
2336Pesolek1 o. who uses makeup. 2 a woman who likes to dress up.
2337Pesona1 enchantment, spell. 2 magic formula.
2339Pestaparty, festivity.
2340Pestaka1 divining manual. 2 magic formula. 3 magic power investing a weapon or s.t. else.
2343Pestolsee PISTOL.
2346Pesut1. porpoise. 2. cleaning rag.
2347Petcap with a visor.
2348Peta1 map. 2 chart. 3 picture.
2349Petahpetah-lidah 1 eloquent. 2 witty.
2350Petaik.o. tree that produces beans with pungent odor, widely eaten raw and cooked. peta-cina k.o. tree planted to shade coffee or other plants, the leaves of which serve as fodder and green manure and beans of which are edible.
2351Petak1. 1) compartment, partition, cabin. 2) garden bed, portion of a rice paddy. 2. white mark, blaze (on horse). 3. petak-umpat (Jakarta) hide and seek.
2352Petakaaccident, disaster, misfortune.
2353Petakanplot of land.
2354Petakilan(Java) moving about too much, fidgety, improper becouse of fidgeting too much.
2355Petal1 press s.t downward. 2 loosen, remove by pressing.
2356Petala1 layer, stratum. 2 floor, story.
2357Petamband tied around forehead.
2358Petanmain-petan play hide and seek.
2359Petanamanplanting area.
2360Petang1 afternoon. 2 dark. /pe`tang/ divination.
2363Petarisee PATRI.
2364Petaruh1 final instructions, last will and testament. 2 security.
2365Petassee BERAS.
2367Petatah-Petitihsee PETITIH.
2369Petatassee PATATAS.
2370Petesee PETAI.
2371Peteluregg layer.
2372Petenahsee FITNAH.
2373Petenistennis player.
2374Petentengan/petenteng-petenteng/ with o.'s arms on the hips in an arrogant way.
2375Peterahsee FITRAH.
2376Peterana1 throne. 2 bridal chair.
2378Peternakananimal husbandry.
2380Petetirahanvacation resort for health.
2381Peticase, chest.
2382Petikpick, pluck.
2383Petikan1 playing, plucking (of guitar). 2 quotation, excerpt.
2384Petilanepisode, fragment of performance, interview, etc.
2385Petilasanremains of the past.
2386Petinggis.o. wih formal authority or acknowledged influence within a certain region.
2388Petirthunderclap, thunderbolt.
2389Petirahanhealth resort.
2390Petiramanoyster field or bed.
2391Petiscondiment of the fermented fish or shrimp.
2393Petitihproverb, saying.
2394Petopan1 gambling den. 2 gambling place.
2395Petordistrict commissioner.
2397Petromax/petromak/ kerosene pressure lantern.
2398Petruk(Java) 1 o. of the clowns in the wayang stories. 2 funny-looking man.
2399Petrus[penembak misterius] (coll. ) mysterious gunman.
2400Petsai(China) see PECAI.
2401Petuah1 religious advice. 2 advice in general.
2402Petualang1 wanderer, tramp. 2 advenrurer who is trying to make a better life for himself.
2403Petualangan1 wandering about. 2 adventure, escapade.
2404Petugas1 functionary, official. 2 employee.
2405Petunganreckoning, calculation.
2406Petunjuk1 instruction, guidline. 2 advice, guidance. 3 indication, clue, hint. 4 direction.
2407Petunjukanappointment (to job, etc.).
2408Peuyeum/peyem/ (Sunda) fermented cassava.
2409Pewadahanprovision of a place or container.
2410Pewajibs.o. who is liable.
2411Pewangis.t. to impart fragrance.
2413Pewarisan1 inheriting. 2 inheritance.
2415Pewarta1 correspondent, reporter. 2 news bulletin.
2417Pewatas(ling. ) modifier, qualifier.
2420Pewayanganthings pertaining to the wayang.
2421Peyeksee REMPEYEK.
2422Peyok/peyot/ see PEOK, PEOT 1.
2423Peziarah/penziarah/ visitor to a sacred place or grave.
2424Pezinaadulterer, fornicator.
2425Pf.[pour feliciter] abbreviation written on card of congratulations.
2426Pgc[Pasukan GerakCepat] (mil. ) shock troops.
2427Pgp,Pgpn[Peraturan Gaji Pegawai (Negeri) ] 1 Regulations regarding civil service grade. 2 officially appointed to a certain grade.
2428Pgri[Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia] Indonesian Teacher's Union.
2429Ph[Piringan Hitam] phonograph record.
2430Ph.[per hektar] per hectare.
2431Pharmakologiksee FARMAKOLOGI.
2432Pharmasisee FARMASI.
2433Phh.1. [Perhubungan] communications. 2. [Penghubung] liaison (officer).
2434Philatelissee FILATELIS.
2435Phinisik.o. Bugis cargo boat.
2436Phobi/fobi/ phobia, opposed to s.t. that o. should favor.
2437Photosee FOTO.
2438Pi1. [Ambon) see PERGI. 2. see PAPI.
2439Pia(China) k.o. tea cake.
2440Piagamcharter, contract, deed.
2441Piah(China) take a ride.
2442Pial1 wattle. 2 gill.
2443Piala1 (lit. ) cup, goblet. 2 loving cup. piala-ginjal (anat. ) pelvic region.
2444Pialangintermediary, broker.
2445Piamasee PIYAMA.
2446Piancang(China) warrior.
2447Pianggangk.o. cricket.
2448Pianicak.o. musical instrument.
2451Piao(China) a dart.
2452Piarcombed (of hair).
2453Piarasee PELIHARA.
2454Piarit1 harpoon. 2 antenna of insects.
2455Pias1. margin, line. 2. pale.
2457Piatumotherless child.
2458Piau(China) secret weapon in martial arts.
2459Piawaiskilled, expert, sophisticated.
2461Picahsee PECAH.
2462Picah-Belingk.o. flowering ornamental herb.
2463Picaksee PECAK.
2464Picirimless cap, us. of black velvet, similar in shape to an ovenseas cap.
2465Picik1 narrow. 2 narrow-minded.
2467Picisamounts in multiples of 10 cents.
2468Picisan1 10-cent pieces. 2 small-time, two-bit. 3 worth 10 cents.
2469Picutrigger, cock, hammer (of gun).
2470Pidana(leg. ) 1 criminal. 2 punishment.
2471Pidanawan(leg. ) prisoner.
2472Pidatospeech, address.
2473Pidimem-pidi aim, direct.
2474Pigi(coll. ) see PERGI.
2475Pigimanasee BAGAIMANA.
2476Pigmen/pikmen/ pigment.
2477Pigura1 picture, painting. 2 figure, representation. 3 picture frame.
2478Pihak1 side. 2 party (in a dispute, etc.).
2479Pihutangsee PIUTANG.
2480Piilsee FIIL.
2482Pijak/pijak-pijak/ pedals.
2483Pijarblazing, red-hot, glowing.
2485Pijatget a massage.
2487Pijet/pijit/ see PIJAT.
2488Pik(China) eight (mainly used in commercial transactions). pik-ban 80,000. pik-ban go 85,000. pik-cap 80. pik-cap go 85. pik-ceng 8,000. pik-pek 800. pik-pekceng 800,000. pik-pek go 850. pik-pek go ceng 850,000. pik-tiau 8 million. pik-tiau pua 8,500,000.
2489Pik.[pikul] 137 lbs.
2490Pikap(coll. ) 1 van, pick-up truck. 2 phonograph, hi-fi.
2491Pikat1. horsefly. 2. 1) trap birds with sticky substance. 2) attract, be attractive.
2492Pikauutter cries of fear.
2493Pikesee KAIN.
2494Pikepsee PIKAP.
2495Piket1 picket in a strike. 2 posted guard. 3 duty officer, o. on duty during off hours. 4 be on duty during off hours.
2496Pikir1 opinion, idea. 2 thought.
2497Piknikgo on an excursion, picnic.
2498Pikul137 lbs.
2499Pikunsenile, senility.
2500Pilpill, tablet.
2501Pilahsort, classify.
2503Pilekhave a cold.
2504Pilemsee FILM.
2505Pilihfastidious, squeamish, choosy.
2506Pilihan1 choise. 2 selection.
2507Pilinspiral, twist.
2508Pilinana twist, cord.
2509Pilipinasee FILIPIN.
2510Piliscamphor-based compress applied to forehead.
2511Pilon1 stupid. 2 innocent, naive.
2512Pilotplane pilot.
2513Pilsapatsee FILSAFAH.
2514Pilu1 moved, touched, affected. 2 sympathetic.
2515Pilunsee PILON.
2516Pilusk.o. snack made of fried grated sweet potatoes.
2517Pimpinlead, guide.
2518Pimpinanleadership, guidance. 2 management, administration.
2519Pimpingk.o. tall grass.
2520Pimpongsee PINGPONG.
2522Pinaltisee PENALTI.
2523Pinangareca nut.
2524Pinangan1 proposal submitted. 2 o. whose hand is asked.
2525Pinatuachurch elder.
2526Pincang1 lame, crippled. 2 having a defect so that things are not even or smooth.
2527Pincilbunch, strand.
2528Pincuk1. 1) a folded-over banana leaf used as a container for portions of food. 2 k.o. fruit salad served with a spicy fish sauce. 2. make s.o. fall in love.
2529Pincutmem-pincut(kan) enthrall, make s.o. fall in love.
2530Pindasee PENDA.
2531Pindah1 move. 2 change, transfer to s.t. else.
2532Pindaiscrutinize, look at carefully.
2533Pindakaspeanut butter.
2534Pindangpreserve large fish or meat with salt without drying.
2535Pindingsee KEPINDING.
2537Pingailight yellow.
2538Pinggandish, plate.
2539Pinggang1 waist. 2 loins.
2540Pinggir1 edge, seam. 2 border.
2541Pinggiranedges, coastal areas, outskirts.
2542Pinggul1 hip. 2 behind, rear.
2543Pinginsee KEPINGIN.
2544Pingitsecluded (of marriageable girl).
2545Pingkalsee PINGKEL.
2546Pingkausee PIKAU.
2547Pingkeldouble up with laughter.
2548Pingpong1 pingpong. 2 the football treatment, sending from pillar to post.
2549Pingsan1 unconscious. 2 fainted. 3 have a fit.
2550Pingster(rel. ) Pentecostal sect.
2551Pinguin/pingwin/ penguin.
2552Pinhong(China) screen.
2553Pinisepuh(Java) elders (of a village or any organization).
2554Pinisisee PHINISI.
2555Pinjaksee PIJAK.
2557Pinjamborrow .
2559Pinsettweezers, pincers.
2560Pinsilsee PENSIL.
2561Pinta1.request. 2. /pintak/ fate, destiny.
2562Pintaanrequest, question.
2563Pintalspin, twine.
2564Pintalanball of twine.
2565Pintar1 clever, smart. 2 skilled at, able.
2566Pintasa second (of time).
2567Pintasanshort cut.
2568Pintersee PINTAR.
2569Pintil1. skin of yarn. 2. see PENTIL.
2570Pintoo(China) 1 Buddhist priest. 2 term of address to Buddhist priest.
2571Pintudoor, gate.
2572Pinusk.o. tree, pine.
2573Pinusisasireforestation with pines.
2574Pion(che. ) pawn.
2576Pipa1 pipe, for smoking. 2 pipe, conduit, tube.
2577Pipet(chem. ) pipette.
2579Pipihflat, thin.
2580Pipilloosen beans, grains from shell.
2581Pipilans.t. shelled.
2582Pipis1. (child language) urinate. 2. mash, crush up.
2583Pipit1. sparrow. 2. (child language) penis. 3. mouthpiece of a wind instrument.
2584Pirai(med. ) gout.
2585Piramid/piramida/ pyramid.
2587Pirangsee PERANG.
2588Pirantisee PERANTI.
2589Pirasasee RASA.
2590Pirasatsee FIRASAT.
2591Piraudark brown.
2592Piraunsee FIRAUN.
2593Pirdaussee FIRDAUS.
2594Pirikmem-pirik rub down, pulverize.
2597Pirsapem-(p)irsa TV audience.
2598PirsawanTV audience.
2600Pirusturquoise (gem).
2601Pis1. bolt of cloth. 2. see PIPIS 1.
2602Pisah1 part. 2 separated.
2604Pisauknife. pisau-bedah scalpel. pisau-belati dagger. pisau-cukur razor.
2605Pisiksee FISIK.
2606Pisin(Sunda) saucer.
2607Pisit1. svelte. 2. press, compress.
2608Pispotchamber pot.
2609Pistolpistol, revolver.
2610Pisuhcurse, use bad language in anger.
2611Pisuhans.t. said in cussing.
2612Pit1. (China) brush pen. 2. bike, motorbike.
2613Pita1 ribbon. 2 tape.
2614Pitam1 dizziness. 2 fit. 3 apoplexy. 4 paralytic stroke.
2615Pitarmem-pitar aim a weapon. pem-pitar (gun) sight.
2616Pitenahsee FITNAH.
2617Pitesstrush between the fingernails.
2618Piting1. hold with forearms, clinch. 2. see FITING.
2619Pitrahsee FITRAH 1.
2620Pituas/pituwas/ 1 compensation, reward. 2 wage.
2622Piunsee PION.
2623Piutdescendant 5th removed.
2624Piutang1 credit. 2 claim, accounts receivable.
2625Piwulang(Java, Sunda) lesson, teaching.
2628Pj.[Pejabat] official.
2629Pjka[Perusahaan Jawatan Kereta Api] Indonesian Railway Systems.
2630Pjs.[Pejabat sementara] temporary official.
2631Pk1. [Partai Komunis] Communist party. 2. [Poardekracht] horsepower. 3. /P3K/ [Pertolongan Pertama pada Kecelakaan] First Aid.
2632Pk.[pukul] o'clock.
2633Pki[Partai Komunis Indonesia] Indonesian Communist party.
2634Pkk[Pendidikan Kesejahteraan Keluarga] program at village level to educate women on various aspects of family welfare.
2635Pkl.[pukul] o'clock.
2636Pkus[Partai Komunis Uni Sofyet] Communist party of the Soviet Union.
2637Pl-see also entries with pel-.
2638pl. [Perjanjian Lama] (bib. ) Old Testament.
2639Plafon/plafond/ ceiling.
2642Plak1. /plak/ sound of slap. 2. plaque (on teeth).
2644Plaksegelreceipt stamp or seal.
2645Plamir/plamur/ putty, spackle for pinting.
2646Plan-Plansee PELAN.
2647Plane/plein/ airplane.
2648Plang1 signpost. 2 gate.
2651Planologoicity planning.
2652Plas-Plosansee CEPLAS-CEPLOS.
2656Platsee PELAT.
2657Platina1 platinum. 2 (auto. ) distributor contract, points.
2659Pledooy/pledoy,pleidoi/ (leg. ) defense.
2660Plekstain, spot.
2661Plempem(Java) large pipe (for drainage, etc.).
2662Plenofull, plenary.
2664Plesbottle, flask.
2665Plester1 plaster. 2 adhesive plaster. plester-an covered with plaster. /pleste`r/ cement. plester-an cement floor.
2666Pletat-Pletotnot neat, not straight, not round.
2667Pletikonomatopoetic word for s.t. small ejected.
2668Pletikana small thing ejected .
2669Pliketsee PELIKET.
2670Plin-Plan/plintat-plintut/ now this way now that, swaying with the wind, following whatever opinion is dominant.
2671Plin-Planismetendency to follow whatever idea is dominant.
2672Plintirsee PELINTIR.
2673Plisirsee PELISIR.
2674Plm[perahu layar motor] k.o. sailboat equipped with auxiliary engines.
2675Pln[Perusahaan Listrik Negara] State Electricity Enterprise.
2677Ploksokconnecting pipe socket with two different sizes.
2678Plombir1 fill (tooth). 2 stop, plug up.
2679Ploncisee PELONCI.
2680Ploncosee PELONCO.
2681Plong1 freed of cares, relieved. 2 hole.
2682Plp[Pendidikan Latihan Pertempuran] (mil. ) combat training.
2683Pluitsee PELUIT.
2684Pluksound of splashing water.
2685Plungsound of splashing water.
2686Plus1 (math. ) plus. 2 having a surplus.
2689Pm1. [Perdana Menteri] prime minister. 2. [Polisi Militer] military police.
2690Pma[Penanaman Modal Asing] foreign investment.
2691Pmdk[Penelusuran Minat dan Kemampuan] talent scouting for admission to state university system.
2692Pmdn[Penanaman Modal Dalam Negeri] domestic investment.
2693Pmi[Palang Merah Indonesia] Indonesian Red Cross.
2694Pmk[Pasukan Mencegah Kebakaran] fire department.
2695Pn[Perusahaan Negara] state enterprise.
2696Pneumonia/pnemonia/ pneumonia.
2697Png[Papua-Nugini] Papua-New Guinea.
2698Pni[Partai National Indonesia] Indonesian Nationalist party.
2699Po(China) k.o. card game.
2700Poatang(Jakarta, China) get caught, get found out.
2702Pocok(Java) fill a certain position temporarily.
2703Pocokan/poco'an/ fill-in.
2704Pocong(Java) wrap in a shroud. pocong-an (Java) shroud.
2705Podaksee PUDAK.
2706Podeng/poding/ pudding.
2707Pofpuffed (of sleeves).
2708Pohborsee POPOR.
2709Pohon1. 1) tree. 2) origin, cause. 2. see MOHON.
2710Pojok1 corner. 2 k.o. newpaper column containing pithy comments on the news.
2711Pojokanstreet corner.
2712Poksee MPOK.
2714Pokatsee ADVOKAT 2.
2715Poket(mil. ) pocket of uniform.
2716Pokok1 main, principal, basic, fundamental, base. 2 beginning. 3 capital, stake. 4 subject. 5 reason, central theme. 7 main or lower part of s.t.
2717Pokrolatorney, lawyer.
2719Pol1. 1) complete, fully done. 2) to the fullest extent. 3) filled up. 2. see VOLT.
2720Pola1 pattern. 2 system, model of how s.t. is done.
2721Polahpolah-tingkah behavior.
2722PolanMr. So-and-so, Mr. What's-his-name.
2725Polang-Polengcheckered or camouflage pattern.
2726Polantas[polisi lau lintas] traffic police.
2728Polas-Polespaint, smear s.t.
2729Poldan1 paid up. 2 finished ! all done ! (in card games, etc.).
2731Polengsee POLANG-POLENG.
2734Polgasat full speed.
2735Poli[poliklinik] polyclinic.
2741Polio1. polio. 2. see FOLIO.
2742Polip(med. ) polyp.
2743Polis(insurance) policy.
2745Polisionilhaving to do with the police.
2749Politik1 politics, political. 2 policy.
2754Politursee PELITUR.
2755Polmah(leg. ) power of attorney.
2756Polo(Sports) polo.
2757Polokswallow, bolt down.
2758Polong1. ghost evil spirit. 2. pod. polong-polong-an legumes of various sorts.
2759Polonganoutlet, drainpipe.
2760Polos1 smooth. 2 plain (material, paper, etc.). 3 straightforward, without guile.
2761Polowijosee PALAWIJA.
2762Polri[Polisi Republik Indonesia] Indonesian Police.
2763Polsus[polisi khusus] special police.
2764Polsuska[polisi khusus kereta api] railway police.
2767Polwan[polisi wanita] policewoman.
2768Polwil[polisi wilayah] local police.
2769Pom[Polisi Militer] military police.
2771Pombensingas station.
2772Pomg[Persatuan Orang Tua Murid dan Guru] Parent-Teacher's Association.
2774Pompanisasiprovision of water pumps in an area.
2776Pompongsee KEPOMPONG.
2777Pon[Pekan Olahraga Nasional] National Games.
2778Ponakansee KEPONAKAN.
2780Pondamen.see FONDAMEN.
2781Pondikarrogant, conceited.
2782Pondohedible pith of coconut palm trunk.
2783Pondok1 cottage, hut, cabin. 2 (islam) Muslim boarding school. pondok-an lodgings, rooming house.
2784Pondongcarry in o.'s arms.
2785Ponemsee FONEM.
2786Pongahconceited, stuck up.
2787Ponggangsee SIPONGGANG.
2788Ponggawasee PUNGGAWA.
2789Pongo(Java) be open-mouthed from surprise or bewilderment.
2791Ponimsee FONEM.
2792Ponissee VONIS.
2793Ponokcamel's hump.
2794Ponokawansee PUNAKAWAN.
2795Pontang-Pantingrun helter skelter, in any direction.
2796Ponten1 marks, grades. 2 points in a game. /ponte`n/ 1 fountain. 2 public bath and toilet.
2798Ponyarddagger used by naval cadets.
2799Poppop culture.
2802Popokanghost. see MOMOK.
2803Poporrifle butt.
2805Populasipopulation (in a study).
2807Populisof popular culture.
2808Popure(China) talisman.
2809Porasee PEDANG, PESTA.
2810Porak-Poranda/porak-parik, porak-peranda/ a mess, in disorder.
2811Pordeosee PRODEO.
2812Poreksee POROK.
2814Porkas[Pekan Olahraga untuk Kesejahteraan Sosial] weekly lottery based on soccer scores.
2815Pormilsee FORMIL.
2816Pormulirsee FORMULIR.
2819Porosaxis, pivot, shaft.
2820Porot1 gnaw at, bite into. 2 steal.
2821Porsekotsee PERSEKOT.
2822Porselenchina, porcelain.
2824Porstelproposal, suggestion.
2825Portalgate (blocking entrance, R.R. crossing, etc.).
2827Portir1 ticket collector at gate. 2 porter.
2828Portocost of sending s.t. porto-udara air freight costs. bebas-porto sent free of postage.
2829Portretsee POTRET.
2831Pos1 mail. 2 item, entry. 3 post, situation.
2832Posepose (in photo).
2833Posingsee PUSING.
2835Positif/positip/ positive.
2837Posma[Pekan Orientasi dan Studie Mahasiswa] Freshman Orientation Week.
2838Pospaketparcel-post package.
2839Posporsee FOSFOR.
2840Postel[pos dan telekomunikasi] postal, telegraph, and telephone service.
2843Posweselmoney order.
2844Pot1 pot. 2 chamber pot.
2846Potehi(China) hand puppets.
2848Potensial/potensiil/ potential.
2849Potia(China) overseer.
2851Potosee FOTO.
2852Potokopisee FOTOKOPI.
2853Potol1 broke, hard up. 2 cut off.
2854Potong1 piece. 2 lump. 3 slice. 4 be reduced by. 5 take a short cut.
2855Potongan1 deduction from wages. 2 discount. 3 way s.t. is made or built, model, cut of clothes. 4 abbreviation. 5 a cut.
2856Potret1 photograph, picture, snapshot. 2 camera. 3 have o.'s picture taken.
2857Power1 k.o. four-wheel-drive army truck used in mountainous regions. 2 power of radio or stereo set.
2858Poyasee FOYA.
2860Pp1 [pulang pergi] round trip. 2. [Peraturan Pemerintah] Governmental Regulations.
2861Ppdank[Pendidikan, Pengajaran dan Kebudayaan] Ministry of Education and Culture.
2862Pplh[Pembinaan dan Pelestarian Lingkungan Hidup] Cultivation and Preservation of the Environment.
2863Ppn(Pajak Pendapatan Nasional] National Income Tax.
2864Ppn(B)[Pusat Perkebunan Negara (Baru) ] (New) Center for gvt. Estates.
2865Ppp[Partai Persatuan Pembangunan] United Development party, a Muslim party.
2866Pppk[Pertolongan Pertama pada Kecelakaan] First Aid.
2867Pr1. [Penyapu Ranjau] minesweeper. 2. [pekerjaan rumah] homework. 3. [Pemuda Rakyat] communist youth movement, the People's Youth.
2868Pr-see also entries with per-.
2869Pra-see also entries with pre-.
2871Praanggapanprejudice, presupposition.
2873Prabawasee PERBAWA.
2875Prabuthe sovereign.
2876Praceritaopening portion of a story.
2877Praciptas.t. created beforehand.
2878Prada1. (prajurit dua] (mil. ) Private (lowest rank). 2. see PERADA 1.
2880Pradinipremature in birth, ripening, or flowering.
2883Pragaansee RAGA 1.
2886Prahfreight, cargo.
2888Praharahurricane, tempest.
2891Prajaterritory of jurisdiction.
2892Prajurit1 solder. 2 a private. 3 soldierlike and brave.
2893Praka[prajurit kepala] (mil. ) highest rank of private below kopral.
2895Prakaryavocational subjects in school (home-making, sewing, automobile repairing, etc.).
2900Praktek/praktik/ 1 practice of a profession. 2 practices.
2901Praktikumpractical work, lab work.
2902Praktis1 practical. 2 practically.
2903Prakualifikasi/prakwalifikasi/ (fin. ) qualifications stipulated for all prospective tenders of a bid.
2904Pralambangprediction, prophecy.
2905Pralonk.o. hard pipe.
2906Prama[pramahasiswa] o. who is about to enter university.
2907Pramadaranewly registered university freshman (female).
2908Pramana(Java) careful.
2909Pramarianewly registered university freshman.
2911Prambossee FRAMBOS.
2912Prameswarisee PERMAISURI.
2913Praminewly registered university student (female).
2914Pramubakti/pramubhakti/ (Euphemism) maid servant.
2915Pramugaraattemdant on long distance transport.
2916Pramugarifemale attendant on long distance transport.
2917Pramuka[(Gerakan) Praja Muda Karana] Boy Scouts.
2918PramukawatiGirl Scout.
2919Pramuniaga[Euphemism] sales clerk.
2920Pramuria[Euphemism] nightclub hostess.
2921Pramuwisatatourist guide.
2922Pramuwisma[Euphemism] maid servant.
2923Pranatainstituation, regulation.
2924PrancisFrance, French.
2925Prangkopostage stamp.
2927Prapen(Java) furnace, fireplace, or any place for a fire.
2931Prarasapartiality, preference.
2932Prarencanaplan in rough, preliminary form.
2933Prasajastraightforward, without guile.
2935Prasantapfood served before main course.
2936Prasaranworking paper, introductory or working paper for.
2937Prasarana1 infrastructure. 2 labor done in preparation.
2938Prasarjanadegree awarded after three years of tertiary level study.
2939Prasasti1 ancient inscription, epigraphy. 2 plaque commemorating inauguration of building.
2940Prasejarahprehistory, prehistorical.
2942Prasetia/prasetya/ firm intent, pledge of loyalty, religious vow.
2943Praskripsi(acad. ) B.A.thesis.
2944Prasman(coll. ) Frenchman.
2947Prat-Pritsound of whistle blowing repeatedly.
2948Pratanda1 sign, indication. 2 forerunner.
2949Pratekan(ling. ) prestressed.
2951Pratiwisee PERTIWI.
2952Pratu[perajurit satu] private first class.
2953Prausulworking paper.
2954Prawacanaforeword, preface.
2955Prawarsainitiative, impetus.
2956Prawirasee PERWIRA.
2957Prayogadecent, suitable.
2958Prayojanapurpose, intention, motive.
2959Presee PERAI 1.
2961Predikat1 citation, designation. 2 (ling. ) predicate.
2962Prefek(rel. ) prefect, the supervisor in a church organization.
2963Prefekturprefecture (in Japan, France, etc.).
2968Prei1. see PERAI 1. 2. leek.
2969Prek(vulg. ) Nonsense ! Shut up ! (exclamation to silence s.o.). mem-prek-i tell s.o. to shut up.
2970Prekiksee PRIKIK.
2974Preman1 private, civilian. 2 (coll. ) street kids, hoodlums.
2976Premi1 premium. 2 bonus.
2977Premier(thea. ) premier.
2979Prenjakk.o. bird.
2980Preparat(med. ) blood smear.
2981Prepentipsee PREVENTIF.
2983Pres1. pres-ban k.o. procedure for tire repaire in which a faulty inner tube is sealed by pressing rubber to it with a hot iron tool. 2. 1) prize. 2) toy given away as prize in package (of crackerjacks, etc.).
2984Presdir[presiden direktur] president and director of a company.
2988Presidensial/presidensiil/ presidential
2990Presissee PERSIS.
2993Prestasiachievement, performance
2995Pretel1 dismantle, tear apart. 2 remove, take out. 3 find out a secret, question thoroughly. 4 wipe out, clear away.
2998Preventif/preventip/ preventive.
3000Prewanganshaman, o. who has mystical powers.
3001Prisee PRIBUMI.
3002Priaman, male.
3003Priaisee PRIYAYI.
3004Pribadi1 individual, personal. 2 person.
3005Pribahasasee PERIBAHASA.
3006Pribumiindigene, o. of native stock and not of immigrant blood.
3007Pribumisasithe process of turning enterprises over to the indigenouse people.
3008Pries/pris/ Frisian.
3009Prigel(Java) skillful.
3010Prihalsee PERI 1.
3011Prihatinconcerned, apprehensive.
3012Prikik(Sport.) free kick after minor foul.
3013Prilakusee PERI 1.
3016Primadona(coll. ) woman who is considered excellent.
3017Primata(bio. ) primate.
3018Primbon(Java) divining manual.
3021Prin/pring/ (mil. ) answer to the call werda ( " Who goes there ?"): friend (not foe).
3022Pringas-Pringisgrin sheepishly.
3023Pringgitan(Java) open structure in front of mansion, behind the pendopo, for showing shadow plays or receiving visitors.
3025Prinsipprinciple, tenet.
3026Prinsipiil/prinsipil/ principal, basic.
3027Prioritas/prioritet/ priority.
3029Pritsound of blown whistle.
3033Priwila bicycle gear that allows wheels to turn without engaging pedals.
3034Priyasee PRIA.
3035Priyayi(Java) o. belonging to upper classes.
3038Problem/problim/ problem.
3039Problematikset of problems.
3040Procot(vulg. ) be born.
3041Prodeofree, without cost.
3045Produktivitas/produktivitet/ productivity.
3047Produser/produsir/ memp-produser produce.
3048Profesiprofession. ber-profesi professional.
3051Professisee PROFESI.
3052Profil1 appearance. 2 profile.
3053Profisiatexpression. uttered when offering congratulations.
3054Prognosa/prognose/ prognosis.
3055Program/programa/ program.
3057Progresivitas/progresivitet/ progressiveness.
3059Prokem(Jakarta) 1 jargon of youth in Jakarta. 2 street kids.
3061Proklamatoro. who proclaims.
3062Proklamirmemp-proklamir-kan proclaim.
3063Prokurasi(leg. ) power of attorney.
3069Promes(fin. ) promissory note.
3070Promosi1 promotion of a product. 2 (acad. ) disertation defense.
3072Promotor(acad. ) dissertation supervisor. 2 o. who champions s.t.
3073Promovendus(acad. ) a candidate for a doctorate.
3074Prop1. cork, stopper, plug. 2. [propadeus] preparation for entering a university course or profession.
3075Prop.[propinsi] province.
3076Propadeus/propaedeuse/ preparation for entering (a course, a profession).
3079Propeler(av. ) propeller.
3080Propertiproperty (in TV, film making).
3081Propesisee PROFESI.
3082Propesorsee PROFESOR.
3083Propilsee PROFIL.
3084Propinsisee PROVINSI.
3085Propokatipsee PROVOKATIF.
3087Proporsional/proporsionil/ reasonable, in accordance with o. would expect.
3091Prosensee PERSEN.
3092Prosentase/prosentasi/ percentage.
3093Prosentuilon a persentage basis.
3094Proses1 process. 2 legal action.
3096Prosis1 prose writer. 2 prosaic.
3098Prospekprospect, future chances.
3099Prospektuspromotional leaflet.
3100Prostat/prostata/ (anat. ) prostate.
3103Proteksieconomic protection.
3108Protokol1. protocol. 2. master of ceremonies at formal functions.
3109Protokolerhaving to do with protocol.
3110Protol(Java) apart, in pieces.
3111Proton(phys. ) proton.
3116Provisi(fin. ) commission.
3118Provokatif/provokatip/ provocative.
3120Provostmilitary police in air force or navy.
3122Proyeksiprojection, forecast.
3124Proyektirproject s.t. or an image.
3126Prri/Permesta[Pemerintah Revolusioner Republik Indonesia/Perjuangan Semesta] Total Struggle and the Republic of Indonesia's Revolutionary gvt. , a rebellion in Sumatra and N. Sulawesi against the central gvt. in the late 1950s.
3127Pruf/prup/ printer's proof.
3129Ps.1. [pasal] article (in legal documents, etc.] 2. [pasar] market. 3. [pejabat sementara] temporary official.
3130Psi[Partai Sosialis Indonesia] Indonesian Socialist party.
3131Psi.[psikologi] psychology.
3132Psii[Partai Serikat Islam Indonesia] Islam party of Indonesia.
3135Psikiatrik/psikiatris/ psychiatric.
3136Psikispsychological, mental.
3143Psk.[pasukan] (mil. ) troops.
3144Pspb[Pendidikan Sejarah Perjuangan Bangsa] the History of the National Struggle, a subject in school.
3145Pt1. [Perseroan Terbatas] Inc., Ltd. 2. [Panglima Tertinggi] officer the rank of governor of a region. 3. [Perguruan Tinggi] Institute of Higher Education.
3146Pt.[Pendeta] Rev., title for a minister.
3147Ptik[Program Tinggi Ilmu Kepolisian] Police Academy.
3148Ptip[(Departemen) Perguruan Tinggi dan Ilmu Pengetahuan] Department of Higher Education and Sciences.
3149Ptm[Persekutuan Tanah Melayu] Federation of Malaya.
3150Ptp[Pos, Telekomunikasi (dan) Pariwisata] Post office, Telecommunications, and Tourism.
3151Ptt[Pos, Telegrap dan Telpon] Postal, Telegraph, and Telephone Service.
3152Pu1. [Pejabat Ulama] high official. 2. [Pembantu Utama] secretary-general of a ministry. 3.[Pekerjaan Umum] Public Works.
3153Puadesee KUADE.
3154Puahbah ! phooey !
3155Puakgroup, tribe.
3156Puakagnome, spirit (inhabiting a certain place).
3157Pual1. voile. 2. vortex.
3158Pualam1 marble. 2 alabaster.
3159Puan1. plate for betel. 2. (lit. ) title or deferential term of address for a woman. 3. see KELAPA.
3161Puassatisfied, contented.
3162Puasa1 fast. 2 (islam) fasting month.
3163Puatang(China) have no chance.
3164Puber/pubertas/ puberty.
3168Publisistikmass communications (as a field of study).
3170Pucatpale due to illness or fright.
3171Pucuk1 tip of a leaf, shoot, sprout. 2 tip of s.t. 3 a classifier.
3172Pucung1. heron. 2. tree that produces keluak.
3173Pudakk.o. pandanus.
3174Pudar1 pale, faded. 2 weak, dim.
3175Pudatfull to the brim.
3176Pudek[pembantu dekan] assistant dean.
3178Puder(face) powder.
3179Pudipowder, dust of precious stones.
3180Puding1. croton plant. 2. see PODENG.
3182Pugarmem-pugar restore.
3183Puguh(Jakarta) for sure, certain.
3184Puhunsee POHON 2.
3185Puing1. ruins, debris. 2. see PUYENG.
3187Puitik/puitis/ poetic.
3188Pujaworship, adoration.
3189Pujaan1 adoration, worship. 2 idol.
3190Pujangga1 man of letters. 2 poet.
3191Pujipraise. mem-(p)uji praise, commend.puja-puja-an prayers of adoration.
3192Pujuksee BUJUK.
3193Pujurprofligate, dissolute.
3195Puk-Oping/puk ping/ menthol inhaler for colds.
3196Pukallump, block.
3197Pukang1 crotch. 2 thigh of animal. mem-pukang tear apart.
3198Pukassee PUKES.
3199Pukatseine, dragnet. pukat-harimau large trawling.
3200Pukaudrug to make o. sleep.
3203Puki(vulg. ) vagina.
3204Pukisk.o. butter cake.
3206Pukul1 strike. 2 blow, o. fell swoop. 3 o'clock.
3207Pul1. (car)pool. 2. pole.
3208Pula1 likewise, as well. 2 again. 3 (who, where, how, etc.) alse ? 4 (who, where, why, how, etc.) do you think, (what, etc.) in the world. 5 do unnecessarily.
3209Pulaik.o. tree whose bark is medicinal and with corklike wood.
3210Pulaksee PULA.
3211Pulan1 good-tasting (of cooked rice or tubers cooked to proper softness). 2 smooth and mellow.
3212Pulang1 return home. 2 be left up to.
3213Pulas1. fast asleep. 2. a dab. 3. 1) turn, wring. 2) twist, distort. 3) have coloc.
3214Pulasan1. 1) outward appearance. 2) s.t smeared on. 2. k.o. rambutan whit short nubbles as if the hair had been tweaked off.
3215Pulasariliana with yellow flowers.
3218Pulesee PULAI.
3219Pulensee PULAN.
3220Pulessee PULAS 1.
3221Puli1. o. of the parts of the automobile chassis. 2. rice cracker.
3222Pulih1 recovered from an illness. 2 restored, repaired.
3223Pulisisee POLISI.
3224Pulkanisirsee VULKANISIR.
3225Pulpenfountain pen.
3226Pulsabeat, throb, pulse.
3227Puluhcounter for a multiple of 10. puluh-an 1 tens, decades. 2 10-rupiah note.
3228Pulun1 rise (of smoke). 2 rise like smoke (of thoughts).
3229Pulung1. pellet. 2. (Java) flash of light which gives o. power enabling him to be legitimized as ruler.
3230Pulungans.t. rolled into pellets.
3231Pulursee EMPULUR.
3232Pulut1 glutinous rice. 2 birdlime.
3233Pumigasisee FUMIGASI.
3234Pumpunflock together.
3235Pumpunan1 meeting place, 2 center.
3236Pun1 (lit. ) then, subsequently. 2 also. 3 even. 4 who, where, what, etc. ever it might be, everywhere, everyone, everything, etc.
3239Punakawan(Java) servants of royalty in wayang.
3240Punat(med. ) core of a boil.
3241Punca1 flap, tail, end. 2 beginning, introduction, elementary. 3 initial cause.
3242Puncak1 top, summit. 2 peak, mount. 3 acme, zenith.
3243Pundak1 shoulder. 2 neck.
3244Punden(Java) holy place (graves of ancestors, sacred trees, etc.).
3245Pundi1 earthen jar to hold water. 2 crockery piggy-bank. pundi-pundi purse, bag.
3247Pungak-Pingukbe or look embarrassed.
3248Punggahload, cargo.
3249Punggahanplace for loading cargo.
3250Punggalmem-punggal break off the point of s.t.
3251Punggawacourt official in Java shadow play.
3252Punggukk.o. owl.
3254Punggurtree trunk.
3255Pungkahpiece, lump.
3256Pungkasanfinal, end.
3257Pungkisee PENGKI.
3258Pungkirsee MUNGKIR.
3259Pungkur1 rear end, posterior. 2 residue.
3260Pungli[pungutan liar] toll or tariff collected without proper legal authority.
3261Pungliwano. who extracts illegal tolls.
3262Pungsisee FUNGSI.
3264Pungutan1 pickings, harvest. 2 quotation. 3 tax levied. 4 amount collected, collection (in church).
3265Punjul(Java) a bit over in amount.
3266Punjungtrellis, bower.
3267Punjuttie together.
3268Punktuasi/pungtuasi/ punctuation.
3269Punokawansee PUNAKAWAN.
3270Punsu[China] able, talented.
3271Punt/pent/ 1 that is the end of it, period. 2 period, point.
3272Puntal1 winding round. 2 in balls.
3273Puntalan1 bobbin spool. 2 ball of wool.
3274Punten(Sunda) excuse me.
3275Puntisee BUAH.
3276Puntianakk.o. vampire or blood-sucking supernatural being.
3278Puntirmem-puntir wind, twist firmly.
3279Puntiran1 torsion. 2 s.t. twisted.
3280Puntng-Pantingsee PONTANG-PANTING.
3281Puntuldull, blunt.
3282Puntung1 blunt. 2 butt, stub, stump. 3 maimed. crippled, mutilated.
3283Punuksee PONOK.
3284Punya1 (coll. ) have, possess. 2 belonging. 3 (coll. ) a possessive marker. 4 after, with.
3285Pupudegree of consanguinity.
3286Pupuh1. ber-pupuh fight. mem-pupuh beat. 2. strophe.
3287Pupuk1. manure, fertilizer. 2.(Java) put traditional medicines on a wound.
3288Pupuncollect (e.g. rubber).
3289Pupunangathering of rubber.
3290Pupurface powder.
3291Pupus1. budding leaf, leaf that has just come out. 2. 1) wiped out, obliterated. 2) disappeared.
3292Puputwhistle, flute, blow.
3293Puputan1) pair of bellows. 2) blowing of the wind.
3294Pur-complete, post-(in formal words or titles).
3295Pura1. 1) bag. 2) fund. 2. Balinese temple, shrine.
3296Pura-Pura1 pretend. 2 pseudo, mock.
3297Purata(math. ) mean.
3298Purbaold, ancient, antique.
3299Purbakalaolden times.
3303Purek[pembantu rektor] assistant to the rector.
3304Purel[Public Relations] public relations.
3305Puri1 castle, royal palace. 2 town. 3 Balinese house of worship.
3307Purikgo home for sympathy out of anger.
3308Puringsee PUDING 1.
3309Purn.[purnawirawan, purnakaryawan] retired, emeritus.
3310Purnakaryawanretired civil servant.
3311Purnakatawhat is said in conclusion.
3312Purnamafull moon.
3313Purnaswastao. retired in private sector.
3314Purnawirawanretired armed services officer.
3315Purusore, boil, ulcer.
3316Purukhide s.t. inside.
3317Purunk.o. rush used for basket weaving.
3319Purutrough-skinned. jeruk-purut k.o. nubbled lime used as condiment.
3320Purwasee WAYANG.
3321Purwakain the beginning, formerly.
3322Purwakanti(ling. ) assonance, alliteration.
3323Purwocengk.o. aphrodisiac.
3324Pusa1 momentum. 2 desire to do s.t.
3327Pusara1. 1) cemetery. 2) grave. 2. reins.
3328Pusaran1 rotation. 2 handle, crank. 3 vortex.
3329Pusat1 navel. 2 center. 3 center, central, main.
3330Puser(Java) navel.
3331Pusing1 whirling, dizzy. 2 be puzzled, confused, worried. pusing-an rotation.
3332Puskesmas[Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat] local gvt. clinic.
3333Pusoparched, dried up.
3334Puspa(lit. ) flower.
3335Puspen[Pusat Penerangan] information center.
3336Puspita(lit. ) flower.
3337Pustaka1 book. 2 divining manual.
3339Pusu1. (M) troop, band. 2. anthill.
3340Pusungdreamer, dullard.
3342Putao(China) rice wine.
3344Putaran1 circle. 2 crank, windlass. 3 wheel. 4 showing.
3345Puter1. k.o. dove. 2. (Java) see PUTAR.
3346Putera1 prince. 2 son, child (of o. who is respected). 3 a son of (o. from) a certain place. 4. male.
3347Puteri1 princess. 2 daughter, girl (of o. who is respected). 3 female.
3348Putih1 white. 2 pale, fair skinned. 3 pure.
3349Putik(biol. ) 1 bud, pistil. 2 ovary. ber-putik beginning to bear fruit.
3350Puting1 handle, hilt. 2 stalk.
3351Puting-Beliungwhirlwind, waterspout.
3352Putrasee PUTERA.
3353Putrisee PUTERI.
3354Putusteamed cake. putu-mayang k.o. cake made of rice noodles fashioned into a wreath.
3355Putus1 broken off, served. 2 break. 3 finish. 4 break a promise. 5 sever s.t.
3356Puyanbody dirt.
3357Puyangsee LEMPUYANG.
3358Puyeng1 headache. 2 confused, dizzy.
3359Puyuh1. quail. 2. see ANGIN.
3360Puyunghaisee FUYONGHAI.
3361Pwi[Persatuan Wartawan Indonesia] Journalists' Association of Indonesia.
3362Pym[Paduka Yang Mulia] Your Excellency.
3363Pyuh-Pyuhexpression of surprise.

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