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1O1. the 15th letter of the alphabet. 2. 1) Oh, interjection expressing surprise. 2) oh that, interjection expressing perception or remembering. 3) interjection expressing strong emotional feeling. 3. (lit. ) oh, vocative marker.
2O.[Otomat] (tel. ) dial telephone.
4Obahsee UBAH.
5Obansee UBAN.
6Obarsee KOBAR.
7Obat1 medicine, potion. 2 toiletry. 3 chemical preparation (e.g. cleaner, repellent, etc.). 4 gunpowder.
8Obengscrewdriver. obeng-belimbing/bintang/kembang Philips screwdriver.
9Oberalsee OBRAL.
11Oblak1 (Java, Jakarta) spacious. 2 loose, not firm.
12Oblek(Jakarta) tremble.
13Obligasi(fin. ) debenture, bond.
14Oblok-Oblok1 dish consisting of leftovers or vegetables mixed with spices. 2 (coll. ) offspring of an interethnic marriage.
15Oblongsee KAOS 1.
16Obor1 torch. 2 (lit. ) guide.
17Obrak-Abrik1 destroy, ruin. 2 upset, tip over, turn upside down.
18Obral1 clearance sale. 2 do s.t. without prior consideration, be quick to do s.t.
19Obralansale items.
20Obrasmachine hemming.
22Obros(coll. ) lieutenant colonel.
24Observatorium(astr. ) observatory.
26Obstetri(med. ) obstetrics.
27Obstetrikus(med. ) obstetrician.
28Obyek1. 1) object, thing. 2) (ling. ) object. 3) object, aim. 2. earning on the side, moonlighting.
29Obyekansideline business, a deal.
30Obyektif1 objective, unbiased. 2 objective, goal.
33Oc.1. [opus citatum] op. cit. 2. [organizing committee].
34Ocak-Ocak(Java) choke.
35Oceanografisee OSEANOGRAFI.
36Oceanologisee OSEONOLOGI.
37Ocehbabble, talk nonsense.
38Ocehantwaddle, gossip.
39Odalan(Bali) temple festival.
40Odeklonyosee ODOKLONYO.
41Odiensisee AUDIENSI.
42Oditir(coll. ) see ODITUR.
43Oditur(mil. leg. ) military prosecuting attorney, judge advocate.
44Odituratthe office of the military prosecutor.
45Odoh1 ugly. 2 very stupid.
46Odok(coll. , Jakarta) take s.t. out from inside.
48Odol(coll. ) toothpaste.
49Ofensi(mil. ) offensive attack.
50Ofensif/offensif/ 1 offensive (of behavior). 2 (mil. ) offensive attack.
51Oferte(coll. ) offer.
52Ofisial(Sport) an official.
53Ofisiilofficial, formal.
54Ogah1. (Java, Jakarta) be averse to. 2. meng-ogah shake s.t. to loosen it.
55Ogak-Ogak(lit. ) jester.
56Ogal-Agilunsteady, shaky.
57Ogal-Ogalansee UGAL-UGALAN.
58Ohsee O 2.
59Oha[orang hukuman] convict, prisoner.
60Ohm(elect. ) ohm.
61Oi!1 hey there ! (interjection to call o.'s attention). 2 interjection to express astonishment or recognition.
62Oja/ojah/ encourage, incite, egg on.
63Ojeg/ojek/ motorcycle or bicycle used for public transport.
64Ojo(Java) do not. ojo-ngoyo ! Take it easy, do not work hard !.
65Ojok(coll. ) make s.o. do s.t. bad.
66Ok/oke/ OK.
67Okb[Orang Kaya Baru] nouveau-riche.
68Okd[Organisasi Keamanan Desa] village security organization (in the 1960s.).
69Okesee OK.
71Okeysee OK.
72Okm[Orang Kaya Mendadak] nouveau-rich.
73Oknum1 a person in a certain capacity, esp. with negative connotation. 2 (rel. , lit. ) person (of God).
74Okol(coll. ) arm-wrestling.
75Oksid/oksida/ (chem. ) oxide.
76Oksidasi(chem. ) oxidation.
77Oksigen(chem. ) oxygen.
81Oktroi(leg. ) 1 patent rights. 2 sole agency or manufacturer rights.
83Okuler/okulir/ ocular.
86Okupasi1 (lit. ) job. 2 illegal occupation of land.
87Olah1. 1) manner, way of doing things. 2) trick. 2. olah-data data processing.
88Olahan1) fickle. 2) whim, caprice.
89Olahraga1 sport. 2 physical exercise.
90Olahragawansportsman, athlete.
91Olahragawatifemale athlete.
92Olakcirculation of surface water. olak-an whirling, eddying, turning.
93Olanda(lit. ) the Netherlands, Dutch.
94Old-And-New/ol en nu/ (coll. ) ber-old-and-new celebrate New Year's Eve with a party.
95Oldcrack/olkrek/ (coll. ) experienced (of old timer).
96Oldefo[Old Established Forces] W. capitalist powers (Sukarno-era phrase).
97Oleh1. 1) because of. 2) by (means or agency). 2. oleh-oleh gift brought back from a trip.
98Oleng1 shaky. 2 having a strong roll (of ship).
99Olesmeng-oles spread s.t. oily on, lubricate. oles-an a smear.
100Olioil, esp. lubricating oil.
101Olibolk.o. filled doughnut.
102Oliesee OLI.
105Oliman(coll. ) person in charge of hibricating (on a ship, in a factory, etc.).
106Olimpiade(Sport) Olympiad.
107Olimpik(Sport) Olympic.
108Olok/olok-olok/ 1 joke, funny remark. 2 ridicule.
109Olympiadesee OLIMPIADE.
110Om1. 1)(coll. ) term of address and reference for Western and westernized men, older than the speaker. 2) uncle, term of reference and address in westernized families and in certain regions. 2. (elec. ) ohm.
111Oma1 (coll. ) term of address and reference for grandmother. 2 (coll. ) grandmother, term of reference and address in westernized families and in certain regions. 3 (in some regions only) great-aunt.
113Ombang-Ambingbob up and down, oscillate.
114Ombyok(Java) bunch.
115Ombyokan(coll. ) 1 those belonging to a clique, party, etc. 2 commonplace.
116Omelgrumble and complain.
117Omelangripe, griping.
118Omong1 way of talking. 2 talk, say.
119Ompol(coll. ) urine expelled in bed or in o.'s pants.
120Ompongtoothless (of mouths, combs, saw, etc.).
121Ompreng1. k.o. small basket made of bamboo. 2. operate office or gvt. vehicles for personal profit.
122Omprenganunregistered public transportation.
124Omprongan(coll. ) lamp chimney.
125Ompuhonorary title among the Batak.
126Omsetturnover (in commercial enterprise).
127Omslag/omslah, omslakh/ cover (of magazine).
128Omzetsee OMSET.
129On1) 100 grams. 2) ounce.
130Onakcurved thorn.
132Onarnoisy sensation, stir.
133Oncar(Java) irrigate.
134Oncek(Java) peel, shell.
135Oncomfermanted cake made from soybean sediment.
136Oncor(Java) torch.
137Onde-Onde/ondeh-ondeh/ k.o. round fried cake made of rice flour filled with sweetened ground mung beans sprinkled with sesame seeds.
138Ondel-Ondel(jakarta) giant puppets used in parades.
139Onderdilspare parts.
140Onderdistriksubdistrict (in colonial area).
141Ondernemingestate (esp. in colonial era).
142Onderokslip or other k.o. skirtlike undergarment.
143Ondo(Java) ladder.
145Oneng-Onengremote descendants.
146Onggokheaps, stacks, piles.
147Ongkang-Ongkang1 (Java) sit with legs dangling. 2 (coll. ) do nothing.
149Ongkok(M) meng-ongkok-ongkok walk with a stoop.
150Ongkoscost, expenses, charges.
151Ongol-Ongolk.o. cake made of tapioca.
152Onh[Ongkos Naik Haji] expenses for pilgrimage to Mecca.
153Onkol/onkolen/ decarbonize.
154Onssee ON.
155Onslah(coll. ) dismissal from a job.
156Ontasee UNTA.
157Ontang-Anting(Java) only child.
159Ontong(Java) the whole banana flower including petals.
160Ontslag/onstslah/ see ONSLAH.
161Onyah-Anyih(Java) dally, dawdle.
162Oomsee OM 1.
163Op[Otomat Pemerintah] gvt. telephone dialing system.
164Opa1 (coll. ) term of address and reference for westernized men same age as o.'s grandfather. 2 (coll. ) grandfather, term of reference and address in westernized families and in certain regions. 3 (in some regions only) great-uncle.
165Opahsee UPAH.
166Opakk.o. fried crispy chip made from a roll of steamed rice or cassava.
167Opal1. opal. 2. (naut. ) tack.
168Opassee UPAS 2.
169Opeletk.o. small urban bus or jitney.
170Open1. (Java, Jakarta) attentive, careful. 2. see OVEN.
171Openkap1 (auto. ) convertible car. 2 (auto. ) convertible with the top down. 3 (coll. ) scantily dressed, esp. having a low neckline.
172Oper1 transfer. 2 (auto. ) shift gears.
173Opera1 opera. 2 (coll. ) musical drama.
174Operasi1 operation, campaign, action. 2 (med. ) surgical operation.
176Operasionalisasiprocess of making s.t. operational.
177Operasionilsee OPERASIONAL.
178Operatif/operatip/ 1 protocol, set of instructions. 2 operative, come into effect.
183Opisilsee OFISIIL.
184Oplag/oplah, oplak, oplakh/ 1 circulation (of periodical). 2 total printing (of book).
185Opletsee OPELET.
186Opm[Organisasi Papua Merdeka] Free Papua Organization, secessionist movement of W. New Guinea.
187Opnaiseltuck (in sewing).
188Opname1. 1) photograhic shot. 2) shooting. 2. hospitalization, be hospitalized. 3. see STOCK.
189Oponen(Sport) opponent.
190Opormeat or chicken dish cooked with coconut cream and various spices.
191Oportunis1 opportunist. 2 opportunistic.
192Oposano. who opposes s.t.
194Opr[Organisasi Pertahanan Rakyat] civil defense.
195Opset1.typesetting. 2. (Sport) off-sides. 3. meng-opset stuff (animals).
196Opseter1. typesetter. 2 supervisor.
198Opsihtersee OPSETER 2.
199Opsinder/opsiner/ supervisor on plantations, schools, etc. in colonial period, as term of address often siner.
200Opsir(mil. ) officer.
201Opspek[Orientasi Program dan Pengenalan Kampus] University Student's Orientation.
202Opstib[Operasi Tertib] anticorruption operation. meng-opstib-kan bring order by cracking down on graft.
203Opsus[Operasi Khusus] special intelligence operation of the military.
204Optik/optika/ optics.
205Optimalbest, optimum.
206Optimisoptimist, optimistic.
211Opyok(Jakarta) apply s.t. wet to the head.
212Opzhictersee OPSETER 2.
213Or[Olah Raga] sports.
214Orak1. uncoil, unfold. 2. (Jakarta) 1) shake s.t. violently. 2) bring s.t. to disorder.
215Orak-Arik(Java) stir-fried cabbage with eggs.
216Orang1. 1) person. 2) follower, assistant. 3) one, s.o., an indefinite other party. 4) people in general. 5) numeral clasifier for humans. 6) (ling. ) person. 2. (coll. , Java) 1 because. 2 What are you (they) talking about ! (exclamation of disagreement).
217Orang-Oranganmata(anat. ) pupil of the eye.
218Oranye-Krusorange soda pop.
221Oratoriumreflective gathering with poetry reading, prayers, etc. to commemorate or protest s.t.
222Orba[Orde Baru]sosiopolotical order in Indonesia since 1965.
224Orde1. sociopolitical or economic system. 2. /,order/ 1 order. 2 forced labor (colonial period).
225Ordinat[Math] the y Cartesian coordinate.
226Ordnerring binder.
227Ordo1 Catholic order. 2 (biol. ) order.
228Ordonan/ordonans/ (mil. ) orderly.
229Ordonansi/ordonnansi/ decree, ordinance.
230Orek-Orek/oret-oret/ (Java, coll. ) 1 doodling, graffity. 2 doodle.
231Org.[orang] person.
232Organaorgan (musical instrument).
234Organis1. organic. 2 organist.
239Organisma/organisme/ organism.
240Organsak.o. fabric, organdy.
241Orgelorgan (musical instrument).
242Orhiba[Olahraga Hidup Baru] k.o. aerobics.
243Orik.o. bamboo.
246Orijinal/orisinal, orisinil/ 1 original. 2 the original (copy) of s.t.
247Orkeb[organisasi kebudayaan] cultural organization.
248Orkesmusical group.
249Orkestraorchestra (of classical music).
250Orla[Orde Lama] sociopolitical order during Sukarno era.
251Orlojisee ARLOJI.
252Orlona synthetic fabric, orlon.
253Ormas[organisasi massa] mass organization.
254Ornamen1 ornament. 2 jewelry.
256Oro-Oro1. k.o. legume. 2. (Java) large, empty field.
257Orok1. (Jakarta, Sunda, Java) newborn baby. 2. (Jakarta) 1 snort, drone. 2 snore.
258Orok-Orokk.o. sweetmeat made of steamed cassava.
259Orongsee URUNG.
260Orong-Orong(Java) k.o. insect, mole cricket.
261Orpol[Organisasi Politik] political organization.
266Ortopedi(med. ) orthopedics.
270Oseng-Osengstir-fried with chili peppers.
272Osiosee WESIO.
273Osmosa/osmose/ osmosis.
274Ot[Orang Tahanan] detained person.
276Otak-Atiktinker with s.t.
277Otak-Otaksnack made of seafood steamed in banana leaves.
279Otarkisee AUTARKI.
280Otesee OT.
281Ote-Otek.o. fritter filled with meat or seafood.
282Otek1. (Java, Jakarta) loose, esp. of teeth. 2. see IKAN.
283Oteng-Oteng(Jakarta) k.o. insect.
287Oto1. automotive vehicle, car. 2. cloth binder wrapped around infant's stomach and chest fastened by strings.
288Otobiografisee AUTOBIOGRAFI.
289Otobis(lit. ) bus.
290Otodidakautodidact, self-taught person.
295Otomat(tel. ) automatic dialing.
296Otomatis1 automatic. 2 automatically, of its own.
299Otomotifautomotive (industry).
302Otopettoy scooter.
303Otopsisee AUTOPSI.
306Otoriter1 authoritative. 2 authoritarian.
307Otot1. 1) muscle. 2) tendon, sinew. ber-otot strong, very muscled. 2. (me)ng-otot 1) persevere, persist. 2) be obstinate, stubborn.
309Oven(coll. ) oven. meng-oven bake in an oven.
310Overlaping/overleping/ overlapping authority.
311Overste/obros/ (coll. ) lieutenant colonel.
312Ovulasi(biol. ) ovulation.
313Owe(China) 1 I, me (used by men only). 2 yes (used by men in affirmative answers).
314Oyak1. (M) shake s.t. loose. 2. (Java) chase after.
315Oyek(Java) k.o. dish made from cassava.
316Oyoksee OYAK 2.
317Oyongk.o. squashlike vegetable.
318Oyot-Oyotan(Java) various k.o. roots.

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