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1Nn, the 14th letter of the alphabet.
2N.A./en a/ [numpang alamat] (coll. ) c/o, in care of.
3N.B[nota bene] nota bene.
4Nasee NAH.
5Naar-Boven/naar bofen/ (coll. ) go to mountain resort areas, esp. for sexual adventures.
6Naasunlucky, ill-omened.
7Nabatah(biol. ) vegetable kingdom.
8Nabaticoncerning plants, phyto-.
9Nabi1 (rel. ) prophet. 2 (islam) muh. and other important religious figures.
10Nabiah(rel. ) prophetess.
11Nabraksee TABRAK.
12Nabtun(lit. ) a plant.
13Nacosee NAKO.
14Nada1 intonation. 2 tone, note. 3 (ling. ) pitch.
15Nadapol[Narapidana Politik] political prisoner.
16Nadarsee NAZAR 1.
17Nadi(med. ) pulse, artery.
18Nadir1. rare, unusual. 2. supervisor, inspector.
19Nadzarsee NAZAR 1.
20Nafakahsee NAFKAH.
22Nafi(lit. ) me-nafi-kan deny.
23Nafiri1 k.o. valveless ceremonial trumpet us. part of royal paraphernalia. 2 (bib. ) k.o. trumpet.
24Nafkah1 basic necessities of life. 2 money given to o.'s wife (or divorced wife) for household expenses.
25Nafsipersonal, individual.
26Nafsunatural appetite or desire.
30Nagari(M) see NEGERI.
31Nagasarik.o. rice-flour cake stuffed with banana bits and steamed in banana leaves.
32Nah1 Here. 2 see !(particle implying acceptance of o.'s advice or oponion. fact, common knowledge, etc.). 3 Now then (a particle introducing a new topic of conversation).
33Nahassee NAAS.
34Nahdatul-Ulama/Nahdlatul Ulama/ Association of Muslim Scholars, a Muslim political party of 1970's.
35Nahi(islam) prohibition, forbiden.
36Nahu(lit. ) grammar.
37Naib(islam) mosque official, deputy of local religious affairs.
39Naik1 climb, ascend, go up (on). 2 rise, be on the increase. 3 suddenly flare up. 4 ride s.t.
40Naim/na'im/ delighful, pleasant.
41Najamsee NUJUM.
42Najis1 (islam) defiling filth, s.t. which, if touched, make o. unfit for prayer. 2 excrement. 3 (coll. ) dirty.
43Nak1. see ANAK. 2 see HENDAK.
44Naka-Nakasing by turns.
45Nakal1 naughty, mischievous. 2 wanton.
46Naker[Tenaga Kerja] work force, manpower.
47Nakhoda(naut. ) ship's captain.
48Nakirsee NANGKIR.
49Nakojalousie window.
50Naksir(sl. ) have an eye for, be attracted to.
51Nalamsong, poetical composition.
52Nalar1 logical reasoning. 2 reasonable.
53Nalo[Nasional Lotere] National Loterry.
56Namsee ENAM.
57Nama1 name. 2 fame, title. nama-nya 1 that is just another name for. 2 what else would o. expect (considering what k.o. thing it is).
58Nambi1 yaws. 2 skin rash.
59Nambor(coll. ) name-plaque.
60Namnamk.o. fruit-bearing tree.
61Nampakvisible, evident. nampak-nya apparently.
63Namunyet, however.
64Nan(lit. ) which, a particle between a noun and its modifying adjective.
65Nanahsuppuration, pus.
66Nanak-Nunuk(Java) slow-moving (person), slowpoke.
67Nanap1 with wide-open eyes. 2 amazed.
68Nanar1 confused. 2 angry.
70Nandasee ANAKANDA.
71Nang-Ning-Nongsound of metallic resonance (e.g. gamelan, bell, etc.).
73Nangkir(islam) o. of the two angels that observe and record o.'s deeds.
74Nangkringsee TANGKRING.
75Nanti1 wait. 2 later, presently. 3 presently at (such-and-such a time), to(night), this (noon, afternoon, etc.). 4 next, it might happen that (so watch out).
76Nantiasasee SENANTIASA.
77Nanyang/nan-yang/ the overseas Chinese, esp. of S.E. Asia.
78Napalk.o. clay (eaten for medicinal purposes).
79Napas1 roan (of horses). 2. see NAFAS.
80Napekahsee NAFKAH.
81Napi1. [narapidana] inmate, prisoner. 2. see NAFI.
83Napsisee NAFSI.
84Napsusee NAFSU.
85Naqli(islam) reference to relevant citation from Koran.
86Naradakwaaccused, defendant.
87Narakasee NERAKA.
88Narapidana1 convict, prisoner, prison inmate. 2 (leg. ) convicted criminal.
89Naraprajagvt. official.
90Narasumberresource person, informant.
91Narayana1 a boyhood name of Kresna. 2 (lit. ) (time) of o.'s youth.
95Narwastuspikenard oil.
96Nas(islam) authoritative quotation (from the Koran).
97Nasab1 lineage, descent (in the male line). 2 (family) tie.
98Nasabah1 customer, client. 2 relationship.
100Nasakom[Nasionalisme, Agama, Komunisme] "Nationalism, Religion, Communism," political concept in Sukarno era.
101Nasar1 vulture. 2 see PENASARAN.
102Nasaranisee NASRANI.
103Nasehatsee NASIHAT.
104Nasgitel[panas legi kentel] (sl. ) hot, sweet, and syrupy.
105Nasi1. 1) cooked rice. 2) a meal (of rice). 2. see NATIE.
106Nasibfate, destiny.
107Nasihatadvice, admonition.
110Nasionalisnationalist, nationalistic.
112Nasionalisirme-nasionalisir nationalize.
114Nasipsee NASIB.
115Naskah1 manuscript. 2 document, original text.
116Nasofaring(anat. ) nasopharynx.
117Nasrani1 Christian. 2 (lit. ) Portuguese, of Portuguese creole descent.
118NatalChristmas. Natal-an Christmas celebration.
119Natalitasbirth rate.
120Natang(lit. ) small window, opening.
121Natarbasic color, background.
122Natie/nasi/ (lit. ) nation.
123Natijah(lit. ) core issue (of argument, etc.).
124Natirlek(coll. ) of course, naturally.
125Nato[naskah asli ditetapkan oleh] (leg. ) certified to be a true copy by.
126Naturain kind.
129Naturelneutral-colored shoe polish.
130Naudu-Billahi/nauzu-billahi, naudzu-billahi/ (islam) I find protection in God, God bless us, God forbid that I should ever do it ! (uttered when hearing of a despicable act or fact).
131Naung1 shadow, shade. 2 shelter, protection.
133Nautikanautical science.
137Nayagasee NIYAGA.
138Nayubansee TAYUB.
139Nazampoem, composition.
140Nazar1. (rel. ) vow (to do s.t. if prayer is gratted). 2. eagle.
141Nazirsee NADIR.
142Ndableg/ndablek/ (Java) 1 stubborn. 2 thick skinned.
143Ndak1 (coll. ) no, not. 2. see HENDAK.
144Ndang-Ndutsee DANG DANG DUT.
145Ndoro(Java) master, term of address for a member of the aristocracy.
146Ndoroismefeudal attitude.
147Nduk(Java) see GENDUK.
148Ndut-Ndutan(coll. ) pulsate, throb (with pain, etc.).
149Ne(China) term address for o.'s mother.
150Nebeng(Jakarta) 1 sponge off s.o. 2 hitchhike.
151Necis(coll. ) neat, well groomed.
152Nederlan/Nederland/ the Netherlands.
153Nefo,Nefos[new emerging forces] newly independent countries (Sukarno-era term).
154Neg.1. [Negeri] country. 2 [Negara] nation, state.
155Negarastate. tamu-negara state guest. negara-berkembang developing country. negara-hukum constitutional state. negara-terbelakang underdeveloped state.
158Negatif/negatip/ negative.
159Neger/neher/ (coll. ) Negro, a black (esp. in colonial period).
160Negeri1 country, land. 2 (M, E. Indonesia) village. 3 state-owned, state-run.
162Nehersee NEGER.
163Nek1. 1) too rich (foods). 2) indigestion due to greasy foods. 2. see ENEK. /ne`k/ see NENEK.
164Nekasee ANEKA.
165Nekadsee NEKAT.
167Nekara(lit. ) kettledrum.
168Nekatdetermined, to do s.t. no matter what, ready to take serious risks.
169Nekelsee NIKEL.
170Neko-Neko(Java) 1 all k.o. things. 2 do diverse things unnecessarily.
171Nekolim[Neokolonialisme, Kolonialisme, Imperialisme] Neocolonialism, Colonialism, Imperialism (Sukarno-era term).
173Nelangsa(Java) arousing pity.
176Nemsee ENAM.
177Nempil(Java) buy s.t. from a place of business that does not normally sell that item, e.g. buy (uncooked) rice from a food stall.
178Nemplok1. position o.s. 2. 1) lean on. 2) depend.
179Nemusee TEMU 2.
180Nensee NAN.
181Nenassee NANAS.
182Nendasee NENEKANDA.
183Nenek1 grandmother, great-aunt. 2 (In some regions) grandfather, great-uncle. 3 respectful term of reference and address (esp. as nek) for elderly persons (esp. women) and, in some areas, dangerous wild animals, e.g. tigers, etc.
184Nenekanda/nenenda/ grandmother (esp. in letters).
185Neneryoung milkfish.
186Neng(Jakarta, Sunda) polite form of address to younger woman.
187Neng-Nongsound of metallic ringing (e.g. railway crossing bells, gamelan, etc.).
188Neoneo-. neo-kolonialisme neocolonialim.
191Neonfluorescent or neon light.
192Neonisasiprovision of flourescent lamps for street lights.
194Neraca1 pair of scales. 2 balance.
195Neraka1 hell. 2 destruction, misfortune.
196Nerawangtranslucent, lacy.
197Nerimo(java) passive, acquiescent to o.'s fate.
198Nerocossee CROCOS.
199Nesansee NISAN.
200Nestapasorrow, grief.
201Net1. clear, precise. 2 (Sport) net.
202Netral1 neutral. 2 uncommitted, nonaligned.
207Netralitas/netralitet/ neutrality.
208Netronsee NEUTRON.
209Netto(fin. ) net.
210Neurolog(med. ) /nerolokh/ neurologist.
211Neurologi(med. ) /nerologi, nerolokhi/ neurology.
212Neutron/netron/ neutron.
213Nevenancillary (of an organization).
214Ng-see also entries with k-.
215Ngabehi,Ngabei(Java) title of nobility.
216Ngaben(Bali) cremation.
217Ngablakopen wide.
218Ngabrukin(Jakarta) slam or set s.t. down with a crash.
219Ngabuburit(Sunda) seek amusement and distractions while waiting for day's fast to end.
220Ngacausee KACAU.
221Ngaceng(coll. ) 1 be erect. 2 have an erection.
222Ngacir1. flee, run away. 2. (coll. ) 1) in disarray. 2) helter-skelter.
223Ngaco1. (coll. ) talk at random, talk without knowing what o. is talking about. 2. see KACAU.
224Ngadak-Ngadakmake a fuss.
225Ngadat1. break down, sulk, go wrong. 2. 1) make a fuss, cry and be naughty. 2) not run properly (of car).
226Ngaharisee GAHARI.
227Ngai(China) I.
228Ngak-Ngik-Ngok/ngak-ngik-nguk/ 1 sound of cacophonic music. 2 low grade music (esp. pop music).
229Ngakakboisterous laughter.
230Ngalor-Ngidul(Java) in all directions, without direction.
231Ngambekpout, mope.
232Ngambrenghave a pervasive odor.
233Ngambul(Java) sulk.
234Ngamen1 beg while singing playing musical instruments or reciting prayers. 2 be persistent (like a singing beggar).
235Ngana(coll. , Menado, N. Maluku) you (singular).
237Ngangenisee KANGEN.
238Ngangutmumble to o.s.
239Ngantek1. (Java) until. 2. (coll. ) be a lackey.
240Ngantuksee KANTUK.
241Ngap-Ngapgasp for breath, pant.
242Ngapa(coll. ) see MENGAPA.
243Ngarai(M) chasm, gorge.
244Ngarepsee HARAP.
245Ngaritsee ARIT.
246Ngarsa-Dalem/ngarso dalem/ (Java) the sultan (of Yogya).
247Ngarti(Jakarta, Sunda) understand, comprehend.
248Ngaungsound of s.t. resonating (airplane, etc.).
249Ngawurdo s.t. haphazardly or without basis.
250Ngayausee KAYAU 1,2.
251Nge-see also entries with e-. or the root alone.
252Ngeaksound of a baby crying.
253Ngebet(coll. ) want s.t. intensely, desire s.t. very stroungly
254Ngebluksee KEBLUK.
255Ngebodoin(Jakarta) see BODO 2.
256Ngeden(Java, Jakarta) strain during bowel movement.
257Ngedumelgrumble, complain under o.'s breath.
259Ngel-see also entries ngl-, l-.
260Ngelantur1 stray (from a path). 2 digress.
261Ngelayap(Jakarta) wander around.
262Ngelayatmake a visit of condolence.
263Ngeledek(Jakarta) tease.
264Ngelendothang on to (arm, sarong edge, etc., e.g. a child hanging on to his mother).
265Ngelesot(Java) sit on the ground or floor.
266Ngelindur(Java, Jakarta) talk in o.'s sleep.
267Ngelmuesoteric knowledge.
268Ngelonengsee LONENG.
269Ngelotok(Jakarta) burst open (of fruit).
270Ngeloyor1 (Jakarta) slither. 2 (coll. ) leave without saying goodbye.
271Ngelu(Java) have a headache.
272Ngeluyur1 loaf around, stroll about without purpose. 2 hang around.
273Ngemongsee EMONG.
274Ngemutsee KEMUT 2.
275Ngenes(Java) deeply saddened.
276Ngengapgasp for breath, pant.
278Ngenger(Java) live with s.o. (esp. relatives) and do chores in return for room and board.
279Ngengkelsee ENGKEL.
280Ngentit(coll. ) shortchange s.o. cheat s.o.
281Ngentotsee ENTOT.
282Ngenyeksee ENYEK.
284Ngepas1 try clothes on. 2 fit (of clothes). 3 be just enough.
285Ngepiahsee PIAH.
286Ngepotsee KEPOT 1.
287Ngepres1 tight (of clothing). 2 urgent.
288Nger-see also entries r-.
289Ngeramsee ERAM.
290Ngeransee KERAN 4.
291Ngereh(Java) boss around.
292Ngeremsee REM.
293Ngeres1 (Java) unpleasant or irritating sensation due to sand or dust (of sand in o.'s sheets, dust in o.'s eyes, etc.). 2 (coll. ) touching, sad.
294Ngeri1 horrified. 2 horrifying.
295Ngerokoksmoke s.t.
296Nges(Java) very agreeable.
297Ngeslongsee SLONG.
298Ngetemwait for sufficient numbers (of passengers).
299Ngetengsee KETENG.
300Ngetopbe on top.
301Ngetrek1 operate a public vehicle along such a route. 2 drive a vehicle very fast.
302Nggak(coll. ) no, not.
303Ngglenggemsee GLENGGEM 2.
304Nggregessee GREGES.
305Nggrengsengsee GRENGSENG.
306Ngiangsound of whining or steady humming.
308Ngibrit(coll. ) run out of a place.
309Ngibultell a lie.
310Ngicipsee ICIP.
311Ngijosee IJO 1.
312Ngik-Ngik1 sound of squeaking or screeching (e.g. asthmatic wheezing, violin screeching, etc.). 2 suffer from asthma.
313Ngikiksee KIKIH.
314Ngilersee ILER.
315Ngilupain, smart.
316Ngincersee INCAR.
317Ngiprit(Sunda) marry a beautiful woman who is in reality a supernatural snake that can make her husband rich.
318Ngirabsee KIRAB 2.
319Ngiung-Ngiung1 sound of a siren, etc. 2 motorcade.
320Ngl-see also with kl-, l-.
321Nglomprotbe sloppy.
322Nglunjakinsolent, impertinent.
323Ngluyursee KELUYUR.
324Ngo(China) I.
325Ngobrolsee OBROL.
326Ngocehtalk nonsense.
327Ngocok(coll. ) 1 shake, mix, rub. 2 masturbate.
328Ngok(Jakarta, sl. ) loud smacking kiss.
329Ngoko(Java) speech level of Java used among intimates or when speaking to certain people of lower status.
330Ngolorsee KOLOR.
331Ngomelsee OMEL.
332Ngomongsee OMONG.
333Ngompolwet the bed or o.'s pants.
334Ngompolimake s.t. wet by urinating in it.
335Ngompyanggrumble angrily (continuously).
336Ngoni(coll. , Menado, N. Maluku) you (plural).
338Ngos-Ngosan(coll. ) gasp and pant.
339Ngot-Ngotan1 unpredictable. 2 furious.
340Ngototsee OTOT 2.
341Ngowos(coll. ) 1 leak (of a tire). 2 talk nonsense.
342Ngoyo(Java) exert o.s.
343Ngrasani(Java) backbite, gossip about.
344Ngreh(Java) look down on.
345Ngrewes(Java) tidak-ngrewes indifferent.
346Ngublak-Ngublek(Java) turn upside down to find s.t.
347Ngubleg-Ngubleg(Java) pester s.o.
348Ngudang(Java) coo, talk babytalk.
349Nguing-Nguingsound of siren.
351Ngunduhsee UNDUH.
352Ngungusound of repeated sobbing, choking etc.
353Ngupil1 pick o.'s nose. 2 form scab on a wound.
354Ngurek1 (Java) gnaw. 2 (coll. ) be inguisitive.
355Ngut-Ngut(lit. ) nervous movement of mouth, twitch.
357Ni(Bali) respectful title for women. 2. (China) you. 3 see NIH.
358Niagacommerce, trade.
360Nianvery, really.
361Niatintention, plan, aim. berniat intend.
362Nibungk.o. palm, the nibong.
363Nica/nika/ [Netherlands Indies Civil Administration] postwar adminitrative system imposed by the Dutch in occupied territories.
364Nifas1 childbirth, porturition. 2 (islam) the 40-day period after childbirth during which sexual intercourse is forbidden.
365Nigongdental plaque, film adhering to teeth.
366Nih1 particle pointing to s.t. nearby. 2 see INI.
367Nihilnothing, nil.
371Niksee NONI.
372Nikah1 marriage, wedding. 2 marry.
373Nikelnickel (metal).
374Nikmat1 comfort, luxury. 2 deeply enjoyable, pleasant. 3 (islam) grace.
377Nilablue dye, indigo.
378Nilai1 price, value. 2 school grades. 3 percentage, ptoportion. 4 moral value.
379Nilakandi1 sapphire. 2 sapphire blue, azure.
380Nilam1. k.o. shrub yielding fragrant oil, patchouli. 2. see BATU. 3. see BURUNG.
381Nilemsee NILAM 1.
382Nileptake s.t. on the sly.
384Nimbrung(coll. ) join on in conversation where o. is not wanted, butt into discussion.
385Ninabobo/ninabobok/ lullaby.
386Ningsee NENG.
387Ning-Neng/ning-nong/ sound of jiggling such as horse drawn carriage, etc.
388Ningratnobility, aristocracy.
389Ningratismefeudal way of thingking and behaving.
390Ninisee NENEK.
391Ninik(China) term of address for liitle girl.
392Ninik-Mamak(M) village elders.
393Ninitowok/ninitowong/ (Java) 1 k.o. spirit possession involving figure made of coconut shell. 2 such a figure of coconut shell.
394Nip[Nomor Induk Pegawai] 1 official registry number of civil servants. 2 letter of appointment for civil servant
395Nipahthatch palm, nipa palm.
396Nipis1. see TIPIS 1. 2. see JERUK.
397Nipon(coll. ) Japan.
398Nir1. (coll. ) kidney. 2. (lit. ) not, non.
399Nirasap obtained by tapping inflorescences of various palms used to make sugar.
406Nirbhayawithout danger.
408Nirhawawithout air.
411Nirmalaclean, pure.
413Niru1. see TIRU. 2. see NYIRU.
417Nisbah1 family name, name descriptive of origin or relationship. 2 (fin. ) ratio.
418Nisbi/nisbiah/ relative, proportionate.
419Niscayacertainly, surely.
420Niskalaabstract, immaterial.
421Nista1 insult, abuse. 2 stigma. 3 insulted, humiliated.
422Nitis1 ( Java) become incarnate. 2 (coll. ) descend into o.'s offspring (of traits, etc.)
423Nitrat(chem. ) nitrate.
424Niuginisee PAPUA NUGINI.
425Nivothe level of s.t.
426Niyaga/niyogo/ (Java) performers in gamelan orchestra.
427Njelirit(Java) form a thin line, like a thin line.
428Njlimetsee JELIMET.
429Nkk[Normalisasi Kehidupan Kampus] a gvt. measure to reduce student militancy in late 1970's.
430Nn.[nona] Miss.
431No(China, Jakarta) two, in commercial transactions. no-ban 20,000. no-cap twenty. no-ceng 2,000.
432Nobansee NO.
433Nobatroyal drum used at installation ceremonies.
434Nocap,Nocengsee NO.
435Noda1 stain, spot of dirt. 2 shame, disgrace.
436Nodul/nodule/ (med. ) nodule.
437Nojos(Jakarta) perforate, pierce.
438Noksee DENOK.
439Noktah1 dot, poiunt. 2 period (of punctuation)
440Nolnought, zero.
441Nomade/nomaden/ nomad, nomadic.
442Nomborsee NOMER.
444Nomer1 number. 2 issue (of a periodical). 3 number in a musical show.
445Nominalnominal (in statistics, research, mathematics).
446Nomorsee NOMER.
447Nompangsee TUMPANG.
448Nomplok(coll. ) be s.w. in large quantities.
449Non1. (pol. ) noncooperative. 2. nun. 3. see NONI.
451Non-Eksakta(acad. ) pertaining to humanities and social sciences rather than exact sciences
452Non-Formal/non-formil/ 1 outside the regular system, irregular. 2 (coll. ) informal.
453Nona1 miss, unmarried European, China, or Westernized well-to-do Indonesian girl in Western dress. 2 term of address for such women. 3 (Ambon) unmarried woman.
454Nonaktifinactive, laid-off.
455None(Jakarta) see NONA.
456Nongkrong1 (coll. ) squat. 2 (coll. ) sit around doing nothing , hang out. 3 idle, not in use.
457Nongol(Jakarta) stick the head out, appear, be conspicious.
458Noni/nonik/ (coll. ) 1 young girl, esp. European or in European clothes. 2 affectionate term of address for such a girl, esp as nik or non.
459Nonius(tech. ) vernier.
460Nonok(Jakarta, vulg. ) vagina.
461Nonpribumiof foreign descent, nonnative (esp. referring to ethnic Chinese).
462Nonsennonsene, ridiculous.
463Nontonsee TONTON.
464Nonyasee NYONYA.
465Noot/not/ see NOT.
467Nopol[nomor polisi] vehicle registration number.
468Nora/norak/ (Jakarta) tacky, in bad taste, vulgar, lower than normal.
469Noritgeneral term for carbon-based medicine for stomach problems.
470Normanorm, standard.
473Norotossound of firecrackers.
475Nostalgi/nostalgia/ nostalgia.
477Notmusical note.
478Nota1 note. 2 statement of account, bill. 3 memorandum.
479Nota-Benenota bene.
480Notariatoffice of notary.
482Notarisnotary public.
484Notessmall notebook, notepad.
486Notilenminute, notes (of a meeting).
487Notok1. (Java) to the very end. 2. see TUTUK.
488Notulensee NOTILEN.
489Notulisrecorder of the minutes of a meeting.
495Nr.[nomor] number.
496Nri[Negara Republik Indonesia] Republic of Indonesia.
497Nrimosee NERIMO.
498Nrp[Nomer Registrasi Pokok] soldier's registration number.
499Ntar(coll. ) see SEBENTAR.
500Ntb[Nusa Tenggara Barat] Western Lesser Sundas.
501Ntr[Nikah, Talak, Rujuk] be married, divorced, and recorciled.
502Ntt[Nusa Tenggara Timur] East Lesser Sundas.
503Nu[Nahdlatul Ulama] Association of Muslim Scholars, a Muslim political party of the 1970s.
505Nubuat(rel. , Islam) prophecy, divine revelation.
508Nuduhsee TUDUH.
509Nuftah(biol. ) germ, sperm.
511Nuginisee PAPUA NUGINI.
512Nuh(bib. ) Noah.
513Nujumfortune-telling, esp. with stars.
514Nukhterobjective, balanced (of views, etc.).
515Nukil1 quotation, quote. 2 excerpt.
516Nuklir(phys. ) nuchlear.
517Nulsee NOL.
518Numpangsee TUMPANG.
519Numplek1 pour out, empty all at o. time. 2 be splled out, be in a huge crowd in a place.
520Nun(lit. ) younder.
521Nunak-Nunuk(coll. ) 1slow in doing s.t. 2 snoop around.
522Nuntiuspapal nuncio.
523Nunut(Java) ride along with.
524Nur(lit. ) light, ray of light.
526Nurani1 lustrous, illuminated. 2 pure. 3 inner.
527Nurbisa(lit. ) antidote, esp. charm or incantation against venom.
528Nurik.o. parrot.
529Nurmalasee NIRMALA.
530Nusk.o. flat-headed squid.
531Nusaisland, esp. in island names.
532Nusakambangana penal island off the S. coast of Java.
533Nusantara1 archipelago. 2 the Indonesian Archipelago.
534Nusra[Nusa Tenggara] the Lesser Sundas.
535Nusrabar[Nusa Tenggara Barat] Western Lesser Sundas.
536Nusrateng[Nusa Tenggara Tengah] Central Lesser Sundas.
537Nusratim[Nusa Tenggara Timur] East Lesser Sundas.
538Nusteng[Nusa Tenggara] the Lesser Sundas.
539Nusus/nusyur/ (islam) disobedient (of wives, esp. with regard to granting of conjugal rights).
542Nuzulul-Qur'an(islam) day commemorating descent of the Koran.
543Nv[Naamloze Vennootschap] Inc., Ltd.
544Ny-see also entries with s-, c-.
545Ny.[Nyonya] Mrs.
546Nyasee NYONYA.
547Nyabunsee SABUN 1.
548Nyadransee SADRAN.
549Nyah1 see ENYAH. 2. see NYONYA.
550Nyaho(Jakarta) 1 know, understand. 2 find out the hard way.
551Nyai1 term of reference and address for concubine of european or China in colonial period. 2 (Java) respectful term of address to older woman.
552Nyak1. (Jakarta) term of address and reference for o.'s mother. 2. see NYONYA.
554Nyalangclear (of vision).
555Nyalangwadi(Java) arousing suspicion, having s.t. secret about it.
556Nyalesee SALAI.
557Nyali1 gall, bile. 2 guts, daring o. shows in a crisis situation.
558Nyamanpleasant, comfortable.
559Nyambisee SAMBI.
560Nyamikan/nyamii'an/ 1 (Java) sweet anacks, candy. 2 (coll. ) mistress.
561Nyampangin case, just in case, by chace.1 supposing that, if 2 (lit. ) although.
562Nyampohk.o. tree.
563Nyamukmosquito. nyamuk-pers newspaper reporter.
564Nyanaexpect, presume, think.
565Nyandusee CANDU.
566Nyang(coll. ) see YANG 1.
568Nyanyah(Java) me-nyanyah chew.
570Nyap-Nyap(Jakarta) angry.
571Nyaring1 high-pitched, piercing. 2 (ling. ) sonorant.
572Nyarisnearly (of s.t. unpleasant).
574Nyasarsee SASAR.
575Nyata1 obvious, evident. 2 real, tangible.
576Nyatutsee CATUT.
577Nyawalife-sustaining principle, soul.
578Nyawang(Java) look.
579Nyekarsee SEKAR.
580Nyelangsee NYALANG 1, SELANG 1.
581Nyelekit(Java) offensive, tending to hurt o.'s feeling.
582Nyelonongsee SELONONG.
583Nyelonongsee SELONONG.
584Nyemek-Nyemekbecome soggy.
585Nyemplakgo to a prostitute.
586Nyengirturn up o.'s nose, make a wry face (due to s.t. distasteful).
587Nyengir-Nyengirsee CENGIR.
588Nyenisee SENI 1.
589Nyenisee SENI 1.
590Nyentrik1 eccentric, act in such a way that o. stands out as different. 2 (coll. ) stick out, be different from every o. else.
591Nyenyailoosely woven.
592Nyenyakbe sound (of sleep).
593Nyenyeh(Java) suppurating, not healing well (of wound).
594Nyenyepvery quiet.
595Nyepi1. last day of Balinese calendar, when no work is done. 2. see SEPI.
596Nyeporsee SEPUR.
597Nyepretsee CEPRET.
598Nyepur(coll. ) go by train.
599Nyeripainful, sharp (pain).
600Nyerimpungsee SERIMPUNG.
601Nyerocossee CROCOS.
602Nyeteksee SETEK.
603Nyi(Java) respectful title for women.
604Nyilusee NGILU.
605Nyinyirtalkative, fond of chatting.
606Nyiplaksee CIPLAK 1.
607Nyiruk.o. flat basket.
608Nyiur(lit. ) coconut.
609Nylentiksee SLENTIK.
610Nylonsee NILON.
611Nyok(Jakarta) see AYO.
612Nyolnyolan(coll. ) unladylike (of coarse, mannish behavior).
613Nyoloksee COLOK 2.
614Nyolongsee COLONG.
615Nyolotbe blazing with anger.
616Nyong1 (Ambon) young man. 2 (Ambon) polite term of address for males younger than speaker. 3 (Jakarta) term of address among intimate male friends.
617Nyontekcheat on exams.
618Nyonya1 Mrs. (esp. of non-Indonesian, i.e. China, foreigners). 2 lady. 3 (coll. ) wife. 4 term of address (esp. as nya or nyah) for China and Western women.
619Nyora(E. Indonesia) term of polite address for certain women of high status (e.g. minister's wife, etc.).
620Nyrempetsee SEREMPET.
621Nyruputsip noisily, slurp.
622Nyungsepfall or slip down in mud headfirst.
623Nyurengsee CURENG.
624Nyutsensation of stabbing pain.
625Nyutnyut(Java) be soggy (of s.t. that was crisp.).

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