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1M1. m, 13 th letter of the alphabet. 2. [mens] (Euphemism) have o.'s period.
2M'thai.[Muang Thai] Thailand.
3M.1. [meter] meter. 2. [menit] minute.
4M.Pd.[Magister Pendidikan] Master of Education.
6Ma'see MAK.
7Ma'dasee MAK.
8Ma'jizatsee MUKJIZAT.
9Ma'lumsee MAKLUM.
10Ma'lumatsee MAKLUMAT.
11Ma'mursee MAKMUR.
12Ma'nasee MAKNA.
13Ma'nawisee MAKNAWI.
14Ma'rifatsee MAKRIFAT.
15Ma'rufsee MAKRUF.
16Ma'ruhsee MAKRUH.
17Ma'siatsee MAKSIAT.
18Ma-Limasee MO-LIMO.
19Maab(islam) place of return.
20Maaf1 forgive, pardon. 2 forgiveness, pardon.
21Maag/makh/ 1 stomach (as source of sickness). 2 (coll. ) suffer a stomach disorder.
22Maalim(islam) religious teacher.
23Maapsee MAAF.
24Mabes[Markas besar] headquarters.
25Maboksee MABUK.
26Mabrur(islam) accepted by Allah (of o.'s pilgrimage).
27Mabuk1 drunk, intoxicated. 2 nauseated, on the verge of vomiting. mabuk-darat carsick. mabuk-laut seasick. mabuk-udara airsick.
28Mabur(Java) flee, run away.
29Macak(Java) dress up.
30Macam1 kind, sort, quality, type. 2 way, method.
31Macam-Macam1 various. 2 do all sorts of things.
32Macan(Java) tiger. macan-tutul panther.
33Macapatk.o. six-line Java verse form.
34Macat,Macet1 stuck, not running smoothly, out of order. 2 interference, disturbance.
35Maciksee MAK.
36Macikwe(China) k.o. pastry filled with fried sesame seeds.
37Maciok,Macok(China) mahjong.
39Madastupid, feebleminded, dull.
40Madah1 eulogy, praise. 2 stanza.
42Madaliun/medalyun/ see MEDALYON.
44Madang(Java, Jakarta) eat rice.
45Madap(Java) face.
46Madarsahsee MADRASAH.
47Madat1. opium. ber-madat opium. 2. watchtower.
48Maddi(islam) material rather than spiritual.
49Madepsee MADAP.
50Madhapsee MAZHAB.
51Madikipe(vulg. , Jakarta) swear word, mother-fucker.
53Madipantat(vulg. , Jakarta) swear word, mother-fucker.
54Madon(Java) chase after women.
56Madrasah1 Islam school. 2 (islam) institution of learning.
57Madu1. 1) honey. 2) very sweet (of a smile). 2. co-wife.
58Madya1 (in set formal phrases) medium, average. 2 level of Java language between kromo and ngoko.
59Madzabsee MADZHAB.
60Madznunsee MAJENUN.
61Maemsee MAIN.
62Maesansee MESAN.
64Mafhumknow, understand, comprehend.
65Magang1. 1) candidate, apprentice. 2) clerk. 3) volunteer. 2. overripe.
66Magel1 half-ripe. 2 incomplete in knowledge.
67Magersari1 tenant. 2 fringe area.
68Maggibouillon cubes.
69Maghribsee MAGRIB.
70Magik/mejik/ magic.
72Magistermaster's degree.
73Magnet,Magnitsee MAKNIT.
74Magrib1 west. 2 at sunset. 3 (islam) sunset prayer.
75Magribiwestern, esp. of western Africa.
76Magunfixed, permanent. magun-angin porthole.
77Mah1. ( Jakarta, Sunda) particle to mark the topic. 2. see MAAG.
78Mah.[maha] great.
79Mahagreat, very.
80MahaasihAll-loving (God).
81Mahabharatathe Mahabharata, important story in the literatures of Indonesia.
82Mahadahsyattremendous, fantastic.
83Mahadewa1 the Hindu god Siva. 2 supreme deity.
84Mahadewithe Hindu goddess Batara Durga.
85Mahadper[Mahkamah Angkatan Darat dalam Perang] Wartime Military Court.
87MahaesaThe Great Unity, God.
89Mahakeramatmost sacred or holy.
90Mahakuasathe Almighty.
91Mahal1 expensive. 2 scarce, difficult to find.
92Mahamenteri(lit. ) high official at old-courts.
93Mahameruthe holy mountain, seat of the gods.
94Mahamuliaexalted, lofty, sublime, illustrious.
95Mahapsee MAAF.
96Mahapenciptathe Almighty Creator.
97Mahar(islam) brideprice.
98Maharajasovereign, emperor.
99Maharajalela1 rage. 2 rampage. operate unchecked.
100Maharani/maharatu/ empress.
101Maharupaextremely beautiful.
102Mahasayangthe All-Merciful (of God).
103Mahasiswauniversity student.
104Mahasiswifemale university student.
105Mahasucithe Most Holy (of God).
106Mahatahu1 omniscient. 2 (coll. ) arrogant.
107Mahbub(lit. ) lover, sweetheart (male).
108Mahbubah(lit. ) beloved (woman).
109Mahdi(islam) messianic guide who will come just before the end of the world to lead the faithful.
110Maheratsee MAIRAT.
111Mahfulstored in the mind. me-mahful-kan memorize.
112Mahirskilled, well-versed, clever.
113Mahkamahcourt of law. mahkamah-Agung Supreme Court.
114Mahkota1 crown. 1 (biol. ) corona (in efflorescence). 3 crown of the tooth. 4 sweetheart.
115Mahligaipalace (us, figuratively).
116Mahmilub[Mahkamah Militer Luar Biasa] speial court-martial for members of the armed forces involved in the G30S incident or for members of the Communist Party.
117Mahmud(lit. ) praised.
119Mahsulsee HASIL.
120Mahsyarsee PADANG.
122Maidodoubt s.t.
124Main1 play. 2 engage in some (us. not quite respectable). activity. 3 play (a show). 4 do s.t. unthinkingly, needlessly. 5 have sex.
125Mairsee MAHIR.
126Mairat1 (islam) ascension. 2 (coll. ) disappear, die.
128Mait(Java) see MAYAT.
129Maitua(in some regions only) old woman.
130Maizenasee MAISENA.
131Majadayain o. piece (of poles, sticks).
132Majalblunt, dull.
133Majalahmagazine, periodical, journal.
134Majas/mmajasi/ (just a) figure of a speech.
135Majelis1 souncil, committee. 2 meeting, session. 3 meeting chamber.
136Majemuk(ling. ) compound, complex.
137Majenunpossessed, insane.
138Majikanemployer, boss.
139Majikanismeauthoritarian mental attitude.
140Majirbarren, sterile.
141Majongdust cloth.
142Maju1 go forward, advance, progress. 2 thrive, progress. 3 progressive, forward looking.
143Majuh1 gluttonous. 2 overeager.
144Majun1. see MAKJUN. 2. see MAJONG.
146MajusiPersian or Zoroastrian'religion.
147Mak1 mother. 2 term of address or reference for a woman who is older than the speaker and who might fittingly be called "mother".
148Maka1 then, so. 2 particle introducing the main clause which follows a conditional or temporal clause.
149Makalahworking paper (for a conference, etc.), short paper.
150Makamgrave, resting place, burial plot.
151Makan1 eat, eat a meal. 2 take, swallow, ingest. 3 meal, food. 4 destroy, consume. 5 take, require, consume. 6 make a living by (in set phrases). 7 hit, strike. 8 in working condition. 9 range of a weapon, draw of a ship.
152Makananfood , provisions.
153Makanyaconsequently, because of that, no wonder !
154Makar1. 1) trick, tactics. 2) attack, assault. 3) attack against the gvt. 2. 1) hard and tough (of fruits and vegetables). 2) unripe (of fruit).
155Makara1 mythological creature said to cause eclipses. 2 an astrological sign( Cancer). 3. curvilinear motif like the tail of a shrimp, e.g. as found on ancient temple gargoyles.
158MakasarMacassar, Macassarese.
159Makasisee TERIMA-KASIH.
160Makassarsee MAKASAR.
161Makbul1 fulfilled, answered. 2 accepted, realized. 3 effective.
162Makciksee MAK.
163Makelarbroker, intermediary in a sale. makelar-an system of using brokers.
164Makenahsee MUKENAH.
165Makeruhsee MAKRUH.
166Maketscale model, mockup.
167Makhdumsir (honororific, generally used of o. well versed in religion).
169Makhudumsee MAKHDUM.
170Makimaki-maki abuse, esp. with vulgar language.
171Makinincreasingly, the more.
172Makjizatsee MUKJIZAT.
173Makjuntonic to increase aman's sexual ability.
174Maklafsee MALAF.
175Maklum1 know, be knowledgeable. 2 be understanding of a situation.
176Maklumatannouncement, declaration. announce, proclaim, declare.
177Makmal(in some region only) laboratory.
178Makmum(islam) congregation, follower of a religious leader in prayer.
179Makmur1 prosperous, rich, wealthy. 2 luxurious.
180Makna1 meaning. 2 purpose, sense.
181Maknawi1 spiriitual. 2 meaningful.
182Maknawiahaccording to intent rather than literal (of an interpretation).
184Makotasee MAHKOTA.
185Makrifat1 knowledge. 2 the higest knowledge (in mysticism,).
186Makruf1 known. 2 good (of deeds).
187Makruh(islam) s.t. the avoidance of which yields merit but the performance of which is not sinful.
188Maksilarge-scale, major.
189Maksiatin violation of God's law, immoral (esp. sexually immoral). sin, wickedness.
190Maksimal/maksimum/ maximal, maximum.
191Maksud1 purpose, aim. 2 intention, plan. 3 meaning sense.
192MaktabKoranic elementary school.
194Makul/ma'kul/ rational, logical, reasonable.
195Makulatma'kulat/ (islam) metaphysics.
196Makzuldeposed, dethroned.
197Mal1 by (in measurements). 2 times (multiplication).
198Mala1 disaster, misfortune, accident. spot, stain, flaw, blot on o.'s reputation.
199Malaekatsee MALAIKAT.
200Malaf/ma'laf/ manager.
202Malahinfact, instead, on the contrary.
203Malaikatangel. malaikat-maut angel of death. malaikat-pelindung guardian angel.
204Malaikatulmautangel of death.
205Malaise/malese/ see MALESE.
206Malaksee MALAIKAT.
208Malakalmautsee MALAIKATULMAUT.
209Malakama/malakamo/ buah si-malakama proverbial fruit which brings bad luck to s.o. who is dear to the possessor if he eats it and equally bad luck to another dear person if he does not est it.
210Malakut(lit. ) kingdom.
211Malam1. 1) evening, night. 2) the night an event takes place. 3) (preceding the name of a day). 4) following the name of a day). 2. wax, paraffin.
212Malanhave an uneasy feeling, anxious, concerned.
213Malang1 transverse, across. 2 unlucky, unfortunate.
214Malap1 dim (of light). 2 smoldering.
215Malapetakamisfortune, great disaster.
216Malar1 continous, more and more. 2 but in fact, but instead even... malar-an (ling. ) continuant.
217Malari[Malapetaka 15 Januari] anti-Japanese riots of January 15, 1974.
218Malas1 lazy, indolent. 2 not feel like, not be up to.sluggard, lazy person.
219Malaun(islam) accursed.
220Maleman(islam) last 10 days of the fasting month during which the descent of the divine inspiration is celebrate
221Malessee MALAS.
222Maleseeconomic depression.
223Maligaisee MAHLIGAI.
224Malih(Java) changed, altered.
225Malik1 owner, proprietor. 2 (lit. ) king.
226Malikul-Mautthe angel of death.
227Malim1. 1) leader, guide. 2) pilot (of ship). 3) magician. 2. see MAALIM.
228Malin(rel. ) master.
229Maling1 thief. 2 steal.
230Malinjosee MELINJO 1.
231Malis1 faded, pale (of colors). 2 vague.
232Malu1 shy, bashful, embarrassed. 2 respectful and humble. 3 ashamed. 4 shame.
234Malungk.o. sea fish.
235Mam1. (coll. ) mother. 2. see MAEM.
236Mama1 mother. 2 (Ambon) aunt. 3 (Ambon) term of address for women the age of o.'s mother.
237Mamahchew. me-mamah chew, masticate. pe-mamah biak ruminant.
238Mamai1 walk in o.'s sleep. 2 drowsy.
239Mamak(M) mother's brother.
241Mamandaterm of respect for o.'s mamak, esp. in letters.
242Mamang1. 1) dizzy. 2) frightened, confused. 2. (Sunda) 1) term of address for parents' younger brother. 2) term of address for men older than the speaker, esp. as mang.
243Mambangk.o. supernatural being associated with crimson sunsets.
244Mambeg(Java) stagnant (of water in a swamp or stream that is stopped up).
245Mambrukk.o. bird from E. Indonesia with unusual plumage.
246Mambu(Java) smelling bad. tainted.
247Mami1 (child language) mother, mommy. 2 madame in a brothel.
248Mamiktasting bad.
249Mampansee MEMPAN.
250Mampat/mampet/ 1 solid, compact, compressed. 2 clogged up. 3 excellent, fine.
251Mampirdrop in, come by, call at.
252Mampu1 capable, able. 2 well-to-do, wealthy. 3 afford, be able.
253Mampuhsee MAMPU.
254Mampungporous (of coal, sponge).
255Mampus(vulg. ) 1 die. 2 exclamation about s.t. unfortunate.enterminate, finish off.
257Mana1. 1) where. 2) which, which person. 3) how (can it be). 4) what kind, which kind. 2. particle preceding a list of problems o. is facing.
258Manaipale, colorless (of complexion).
260Manalaginame given to esp. good varieties of fruits (esp. mangos).
261Manaok.o. large rattan.
262Manasikmanual, guide. manasik-haji guide for those going on the haji.
263Manasukaas you like, voluntarily.
264Manatfirm and permanent agreement.
265Manausee MANAO.
266Mancanegaraforeign countries.
267Mancawarnavaricolored, multicolored.
268Mancismatches, lighter.
269Mancung1 sharp, pointed. 2 dry sheath of a coconut.
270Manda1. bear to do, put up with. 2. storage place for rice.
271Mandah1. bear to do, put up with. 2. storage place for rice. 3. see MALAH.
272Mandala1 arena, area in a circle. 2 area or field of operations.
273Mandam1 drunk, intoxicated. 2 madly in love.
274Mandark.o. waterfowl.
275Mandarsahsee MADRASAH.
276Mandat1 gvt. orders to make paymen. 2 mandate.
277Mandatariso. entrusted with a mandate.
278Mandauk.o. sword made in Borneo.
279Mandeg/mandek/ (Java) 1 stop, get stuck, stall. 2 stagnate.
280Mandeng(Java) knowing o.'s proper position.
281Manderingsee MINDERING.
282Mandi1 bathe, take a bath. 2 go swimming.
283Mandiangsee MENDIANG.
284Mandiristand alone, be autonomous.
285Mandorsee MANDUR.
287Manduopinion, point of view, thesis.
288Mandulbarrent, sterile.
289Mandungrooster, cock.
290Mandurforeman, overseer.
291Maneken/manekin/ mannequin.
292Manfaat1 use, benefit. 2 profit.
293Mangsee MAMANG 2.
294Mangap(Java) 1 gape. 2 yawn.
296Mangga1. mango. 2. /manggaq/ (Sunda) please.
298Manggis/mangistan/ mangosteen.
299Manggung1 coo (of doves). 2 perform (of a band, theater troupe, etc.).
300Manggutnod (in agreement). manggut-manggut nod the head.
301Mangir(Java) k.o. powder to lighten the skin.
302Mangkasee MAKA.
303Mangkakfaded and dull.
304Mangkal1. see PANGKAL. 2. see MANGKEL.
305Mangkasarsee MAKASAR.
306Mangkat(Honorific) pass away, die, depart this world.
307Mangkelannoyed, irritated.
308Mangkinsee MAKIN.
309Mangkir1 be absent. 2 be missing, lack. 3 fail.
310Mangkoksee MANGKUK.
311Mangkusee PANGKU.
312Mangkubumio. of the high administrators in the Malay and Java courts.
313Mangkukcup, bowl.
314Mangkusefficacious, effective.
315Mangonisee MAHONI.
316Mangpang-Mungpungtaking advantage of a favorable situation (us. in an unsavory way).
317Mangroin a dual capacity. ke-mangro-an duality.
318Mangsa1 prey, bait. 2 victim.
319Mangsaisee MASAI.
320Mangsetsee MANSET.
321Mangsi1 (ling. ) ink. 2 powdered charcoal for blackening the teeth.
322Mangu1 confused, dazed. 2 taken aback, speechless. 3 thoughtful.
323Mangut1 confused, dazed. 2 doze.
324Mangut-Ikandish of fish in spicy coconut milk.
325Manisperm. pancuran-sperma ejaculation of sperm. per-mani-an insemination.
327Manifesbill of lading, manifest.
329Manifestomanifesto, political statement.
330Manikmanik-mata pupil. manik-manik 1 beads. 2 beads of perspiration, small droplets.
331Manikamgem, precious stone.
332Manikebu[Manifesto Kebudayaan] anticommunist intellectual manifesto of 1964.
335Manipol[Manifesto Politik] Sukarno's 1959 manifeto of political orientation. Manipol-Usdek manifesto of political reorganization.
336Manipoliso. who follow Sukarno's 1959 manifesto.
337Manipolisasibringing society into conformity with Sukarno's 1959 manifesto.
340Manis1 sweet. 2 talking sweetly. 3 attractive, cute. 4 nicely done. manis-an candy, sweets.
341Manisancandy, sweets.1 sweetener. 2 cosmetics. 3 decoration.
342Manja1 spoiled. 2 attached, friendly. 3 intimate, close in feeling.
343Manjung1. k.o. large torch used during fishing. 2. k.o. small boat.
344Manjur1 efficacious. 2 strong, effective. 3 powerful.
346Manpaatsee MANFAAT.
347Mans(crd. ) game (in bridge).
348Manset1 cuff. 2 cuff links.
349Mansuh/ mansukh/ 1 abrogated. 2 expired, null, invalid. 2 cancel, annul.
350Mantabsee MANTAP.
351Mantakanthat is why, therefore.
353Mantapsteady, stable, unwavering.
354Mantel1 coat, cardigan, cape. 2 casting. 3 condom.
355Mantepsee MANTAP.
356Manteramagic formula.
357Manterisee MANTRI 1.
358Mantiklogic, thinking based on reason rather than emotion.
360Mantolsee MANTEL.
361Mantramsee MANTERA.
362Mantri1. low-ranking gvt. employee us. a technician. 2. see MENTERI.
363Mantu1. (Java) hold wedding for o.'s doughter. 2. see MENANTU.
364Mantuk1. the real meanting. 2. nodding the head.
365Manuk1 (Java) bird (in set phrases). manuk-dewata bird of paradise. 2 (child language) penis.
366Manunggalbe united.
367Manusia1 human being, man. 2 human.
368Manusiawihuman, humane.
369Manut(Java) obeidient, tending to follow ordesr
370Manuversee MANOVER.
371Manyala-Bob(sl. ) excellent, terrific.
372Manyarsee BURUNG.
373Manyunpout in distate.
374Manyungk.o. fish.
375Manzilrest house, a place to spend the night on a trip.
376Maonisee MAHONI.
377Mapportfolio, file folder. map-ordner/ortner/thick folder with clips. map-snelhekhter binder with clips.
378Mapakmeet s.o., welcome.
379Mapalusmutual assistence.
380Mapan(Java) established, in proper place, order.
381Mapangshow, display.
382Mapram[Masa Prabakti Mahasiswa] time of initiating freshmen as full-fledged members of the student body.
383Mar(che. ) queen.
384Mara1. danger, disaster. 2. advance, progress, approach.
385Marabuntak.o. voracious African ant.
386Marah1 angry. 2 anger, fury. 3 become angry.
387Marajalelesee MAHARAJALELA.
388Marakglow, luster.
389Marakask.o. percussion instrument, maraca.
390Marasvery anxious, frightened.
392Marawal1 banner. 2 (mil. ) the colors.
393Marbutcaretaker of the mosque.
394Marcapadathe earth, this world as opposed to heaven (in wayang stories).
395Marem(Java) satisfied, content, complacent.
397Marga1. 1) (Batak) clan. 2) (biol. ) genus. 3) (South Sumatra) District. 4) family name. 2. (lit. ) street, way. bina-marga highway construction, road maintenance.
399Margasatwawild animals, fauna.
400Marge/marse/ margin.
401Marhaban(islam) Welcome ! (esp. used in Islam school circles).melody for praising the Prophert on Mikraj.
402Marhaenworking classes : peasantry, petty vendors, small-time artisans.
403Marhaenifemale marhaen.
404Marhaeniso. who fights for the interest of the have-nots.
405Marhaenismemovement to fight for the interests of the have-nots.
406Marhumsee ALMARHUM.
407Marhumahthe late (female).
408Mari1 come here. 2 please (do). 3 goodbye. 4 let us (do).
409Marihuanasee MARIJUANA.
410Marijuana/mariyuana/ marijuana.
411Marikan(coll. ) American.
413Marin(coll. ) see KEMARIN.
414Marinirmarine, marines.
416Marjinmargin (of profit).
417Markas1 station, office. 2 army or police post, barracks. markas-besar headquarters.
418Markis1. awning against sun. 2. k.o. setting for gems.
419Markisa/markisah/ 1 passion fruit. 2 syrup made from passion fruit.
420Markonisship's radio operator.
423Marmar/marmer/ marble.
424Marmot,Marmutguinea pig.
425Maro,Maron/maron/ (Java) system of renting rice fields sharing the crop 50-50.
426Marsmarching tune.
427Marsda[marsekal muda] major general in the air force.
428Marsdya[marsekal madya] lieutenant general in the air force.
429Marsekalair marshal.
430Marsma[marsekal pertama] brigadier general in the air force.
431Marsosemilitary police, constabulary of colonial period.
432Martabakk.o. thick folded crepe filled with spices and pieces of meat.
433Martabat1 rank, grade, status. 2 prestige. 3 value. 4 (chem. ) valence.
434Martelsee MARTIL.
435Martelarsee MARTIR.
437Martir(rel. ) martyr. martydom.
438Marusclotted blood (as in food).
439Marwah1 pride, dignity. 2 manliness.
440Marxissee MARKSIS.
441Maryam1 Mariam. 2 (rel. ) Mary, the mother of Jesus.
442Mas1. 1) sir, brother (used to address or refer to contemporary males, including wife to husband, us. only for Java). 2) Java title below raden. 2. see EMAS.
443Masa1. 1) time, period. 2) during. 3) phase. 2. see MASAK 1.
444Masa-Bodohsee MASA 1.
445Masaalahsee MASALAH.
447Masak1. impossible, it is inconceivable. 2. 1) ripe. 2) cooked, done. 3) mature. 4 experienced, ready to handle. 5) cook.
448Masakan1) food, cooking. 2) cooking utensils.
450Masakh,Masakan.see MASAK 1.
451Masakinithe present time.
453Masalah1 problem, complication. 2 question.
455Masamsour, acid.
456Masapme-masap evaporate.
457Masarakatsee MASYARAKAT.
459MasehJesus, the Messiah.
460MasehiChristian, us. Protestant.
461Masgulsee MASYGUL.
462Mashabsee MAZHAB.
463Mashafhandwritten text of the Koran.
464Mashursee MASYHUR.
465Masihsee MASEH.
466Masin(Java) 1 salty, briny. 2 brackish. masin-an pickles.
467Masin-Masing1 each. 2 respective, respectively.
469Masinisengineer of a ship or locomotive.
471Masjidsee MESJID.
472Masjulsee MASYGUL.
473Maskapaicompany, enterprise.
475Maskatk.o. shirt or outer jacket.
476Masker1 makeup mask (for a facial). 2 gas mask, fencing mask.
477Maskisee MESKI.
480Maslahatuse, benefit.
481Masmursee MAZMUR.
483Massalsee MASAL.
484Massalisasispread of s.t. to the masses.
485Mastautinreside at.
486Mastikasee MESTIKA.
488Masuk1 enter, go into. 2 set (of the sun). 3 be present at work. 4 be included. 5 participate, join. 6 almost, just about.
490Masup(Jakarta) see MASUK.
491Masyaallah(islam) Good heavens ! My God ! (an exclamation expressing strong disapproval).
492Masyakatsee MASAKAT.
493Masyarakat1 society, community. 2 inhabitants, people.
494Masyawaratsee MUSYAWARAH.
495Masygulsad, downhearted. arouse concern.
496Masyhurwell-known, famous.
497Masyrik(lit. ) the Orient.
498Masyuk(lit. ) beloved, sweetheart.
499Masyumi(Majlis Syuro Muslimin Indonesia) a modernist Islam party prior to 1960.
500Mat1. tempo. 2. /mat-matan/ (Java) sitting around enjoying o.s.
501Mata1. 1) eye. 2) the important part of s.t., source, center. 3) type. 4) cutting edge, point of s.t. sharp. 2. se-(mata-mata) only, nothing other than.
502Mata-Matasee MATA 1.
503Mataharithe sun. matahari-terbenam sunset. matahari terbit sunrise.
504Matalamatobjective, target.
505Matang1 ripe. 2 done, cooked. 3 mature, adult.
506Matarisee MATAHARI.
507Matematik/matematika/ mathematics.
509Matematissee mathematical.
510Matengsee MATANG.
511Materisee METERAI.
512Materialis/materialistis/ materialistic.
513Materiilmaterial (help, contribution).
514Materossee MATROS.
515Mati1 die, be dead. 2 stop, go out (of lights, gas, etc.), stop existing 3 fixed, inflexible. 4 numb. 5 (ling. ) word-final (of consonants not followed by a vowel).
517Matius1 Matthew. 2 (bib. ) the Book of Mattew.
518Matlamatsee MATALAMAT.
519Maton(Java) rational.
520Matra1 dimension. 2 musical measure, bar. 3 ideal, measure.
521Matras(Sport) mattress, mat.
523Matuunits of weight for gold (= 2.4 carats).
524Mau1 shall, will. 2 wish, want. 3 wish.
525Maujudconcrete, real, tangible.
526Maujudatall that has existence, the universe.
527Maulana(islam) 1 our Lord. 2 the Honorable (title of a Muslim scholar).
528Maulid/maulud/ (islam) 1 muh. 's birthday. 2 stories of muh. 's birth.
529Maung1. stinking, disgusting 2. 1) roar of a tiger. 2) tiger.
530Maunyawould like.
531Maupun/mau pun/ 1 although, in spite of the fact. 2 as well as.
532Maut1 death. 2 hour of death for humans. 3 tremendous, terrible. pe-an, ke-an mortality.
534Mawas1. orangutan. 2. mawas-diri self-correction through introspection.
535Mawutchaotic, disorganized.
536Mayaillusion, hallucination. maya-maya clear and transparent.
537Mayangspadix, palm blossom.
538Mayapadaworld of the heavens (in wayang stories).
539Mayathuman corpse.
540Mayeursee MAYOR2.
541Mayitsee MAYAT.
542Mayongsee MAHYONG.
543Mayor1. (mil. ) 1) major. 2) lieutenant commander. 2. (Music) major (key).
545Mayursee MAYOR 1, SAYUR.
546Mazbah(islam) place of ritual slaughter.
547Mazhab1 (islam) school of thought concerning Muslim law 2 (rel. ) sect. 3 school of thought, school of scientific discipline.
548Mazmur1 (bib. ) Book of Psalms. 2 psalm.
549Mb[Markas Besar] headquarters.
550Mbad[Markas Besar Angkatan Darat] army headquarters.
551Mbah1 leader, champion. 2 see EMBAH.
552Mbak/mbakyu/ term of address to a Java woman contemporary.
553Mbal[Markas Besar Angkatan Laut] navy headquarters.
554Mbau[Markas Besar Angkatan Udara] air force headquarters.
555Mbek(Java, coll. ) 1 bleat. 2 goat.
556Mbeleri(Java) cut into something.
557Mbeling1 naughty (of children). 2 antiestablishment, tongue-in-cheek literature or policy.
558Mbengok(Java) shout, yell.
559Mblekekoversatiated, overfull.
560Mboisbehave and dress like a young man.
561Mbok1. (Java) a coaxing particle. 2. (Java) form of address for older Java woman of humble origin.
562Mbokmas(Java) see MBOK 2.
563Mck[mandi cuci kakus] public bathing, washing, and toilet facilities.
564Mebea-Bingok.o. three-wheeled vehicle with motorcycle engine.
566Mebeler1 pertaining to furniture. 2 furniture.
567Mecicilopened wide (of eyes) out of illness or bad behavior.
569Medalyonmedallion, pendant.
570Medan1 field, plain, square. 2 domain, realm.
571Medangvarious Luarinaceae trees or trees bearing similar timber.
572Medesee MENTE.
579Medok1. speaking with a heavy Java (esp. West Java) accent. 2. /meduk/ 1porous. 2 dirty, filthy. 3 done.
580Mee[Masyarakat Ekonomi Eropa] European Common Market
581Meestersee MESTER.
582Megacloud. mega-mendung rain cloud.
584Megah1 glotious. 2 fame, glory. 3 luxurious, grandiose.
585Megah1 glotious. 2 fame, glory. 3 luxurious, grandiose.
586Megal-Megolsway the hips provocatively.
587Megank.o. paste made from fruit.
588Megap-Megapgasp for breath.
589Megaponsee MEGAFON.
590Megarsee MEKAR.
591Megatspin (of a top).
592Megrek1 continuously sick. 2 emaciated.
594Meja1 table. 2 (crd. ) dummy.
595Mejamturn, spin.
596Mejansee MEJEN.
598Mek(sl. ) term of address to a friend of either sex.
600Mekanik/mekanika/ (phys. ) mechanics.
605Mekankan/mekangkang/ see KANGKANG 1.
606Mekap(coll. ) makeup.
607Mekar1 open up, blossom. 2 rise.
608Mekasisee TERIMAKASIH.
609Mekissee MENGKIS.
611Mel1. report, present o.s. 2. illegal highway toll.
612Melabuhkan1 drop, lower (anchor, blinds). 2 give birth to, drop (a foal, calf, etc.).
613Melacurcarry on or perform prostitution.
614Melacurkanprostitute s.t.
615Meladeni1 serve, wait on (a customer, etc.). 2 pay attention, listen to.
616Melahirkan1 express, utter s.t. 2 think out (an idea).
617Melainkan1 but, but rather. 2 except.
618Melak-Melakopenly, clearly, obviously (when cheating s.o.).
620Melakonkan1 present (a play). 2 act out (a story, play, etc.).
621Melaksanakan1 bring about, cause to materialize. 2 implement s.t., execute (an order). 3 perform (a religious obligation).
622Melakukan1 carry out, execute. 2 make, do. 3 bring about. 4 commit, perpetrate (a crime).
623Melalapeat such a dish, eat voraciously. 2 utterly destroy, defeat. 3 rape.
624Melalui1 pass through (town, diplomatic, channels, etc.). 2 by means of.
625Melamar1 ask for the hand of. 2 propose marriage to s.o. 3 apply for (a job).
626Melambaiwave o.'s hands.
627Melamban1 be indolent, lazy. 2 be clumsy.
628Melambangk.o. flat-bottomed boat.
629Melambangkan1 symbolize. 2 demonstrate in a graphic way, epitomize.
630Melambatkan1 retard, slow s.t. down or up. 2 delay.
631Melambungkanthrow, toss s.t. upward.
632Melamindecorate the bed of the newlyweds.
633Melampaigraceful (of trees, women, etc.).
635Melampaui1 pass by s.t., go by way of s.t. 2 pass over. 3 exceed, overstep.
636Melanconggo sightseeing, take a pleasure trip
637Melanda1. attack violently, knock down s.o. 2.. pan (tin, gold).
638Melandakan1 crash or ram s.t. into s.t. 2 pound, overwhelm (of storms, fire, etc.).
639Melandasibase s.t. on.
640Melandaskan1 rest s.t. on s.t. 2 base.
641Melanding/melandingan/ k.o. fast-growing tree used for shading other plants, the beans of which are edible and the leaves of which are used as fodder.
642Melanganxious, restless.
643Melangahopen s.t. widely.
644Melanggar1 collide with s.t., run into s.t. 2 break (the law, etc.)., contravene.
645Melanggengkanperpetuate, preserve.
646Melangit1 soar skyward. 2 sky high.
647Melanglang1 make the rounds. 2 wander.
648Melangsir1) (R.R.) shunt trains from o. track to another. 2) (coll. ) move back and forth.
650Melankolik/melankolis/ melancholic.
651Melantai1 floor, install a floor. 2 take the floor (esp. to dance). 3 hit rock bottom.
652Melantak1 hammer s.t. 2 ram, drive (a pile).
653Melantakkandrum s.t. in.
654Melantamkanbrag, boast of s.t.
655Melantarkan1 because s.t. 2 pass on (a suggestion, etc.).
656Melantikinstall, inaugurate s.o.
657Melantingthrow, toss s.t.
659Melapangkan1 clear space for s.o 2 relieve s.o.
660Melaporkanreport, notify, inform.
661Melar1 stretch, expand, rise. 2 expansion. 3 elastic.
662Melarang1 forbid, prohibit, ban. 2 interdict.
663Melarapkanslacken, pay out ( arope)..
664Melaratpoor, miserable.
665Melaratkanimpoverish, make poor and miserable.
666Melarihpour (a drink).
667Melarik1 turn on a lathe. 2 bore, drill (a hole) in.
668Melarikan1 cause s.t. to go, run off with s.t. 2 kidnap, abduct s.o. 3 drive (a car, etc.) at a high speed.
669Melasmiserable, inspiring pity.
671Melatacreep, crawl, slitter.
672Melatat-Melototbulge (of the eyes).
674Melaung1 shout, scream, call out loudly. 2 summon, appeal to s.o.
675Melawat1 paya a visit. 2 make a trip. 3 (coll. ) make a visit of conolence.
676Melayahbend over backward, bow.
677Melayahkancover (the face) with a veil.
678Melayang1. 1) fly. 2) drift, waft about. 2. cut s.t. in half ( e.g. mango, etc.).
679Melayani1 serve, wait on (guests), take care of (customers). 2 supply. 3 man. 4 service.
680Melayap1. fly just above the water's surface seeking fish (of birds). 2. doze, nod.
681Melayatmake a visit of condolence.
682Melayu1 Malay, Malayan. 2 Indonesian and not Caucasian (self-deprecatory).
683Meleberspill or run over.
684Melebihi1 exceed (expectations, etc.). 2 eclipse, overshadow s.t. 3 add more (to s.t.).
685Melebur1 melt, fuse. 2 destroy, wipe out. 3 merge.
686Melecit1 slip away. 2 ooze through.
687Meledek(Jakarta) tease.
688Meledos1 explode, burst. 2 collapse.
689Melego1 hand over, transfer s.t. 2 sell s.t., release for sale. 3 (sl. ) sell cheaply, dump.
690Melek1 be awake, have o.'s eyes open. 2 be aware of the world, educated.
691Melekamhold between thumb and index finger.
692Melekap1 stick, adhere. 2 draw together.
693Melekapkan1 affix s.t. 2 press.
694Melela1 flaunt. 2 swagger, boast. 3 brandish (a sword). 4 chalenge with a sword. 5 rampage, storm, tear around.
695Meleleh1 trickle, drip (of tears, etc.0. 2 melt.
696Melelepkan(Java) 1 submerge, immerse, dip s.t. 2 drown s.o. or s.t.
697Meleler1 drip, trickle, slobber. 2 stray, wander (of thoughts).
698Meleletkanspread, smear (s.t.).
699Melemaskan1 weaken, soften s.t. 2 smother, stifle, suffocate s.o. 3 refine. 4 accommodate.
701Melembungkaninflate, blow up (a balloon).
702Melempar1.throw s.t 2. ( coll ) dispose s.t 3.trow ( esp. with stone ).
703Melemparipelt s.o. or s.t.
704MelemparkanThrow , hurl , toss.
705Melempem1 soggy, not properly dry and crisp. 2 lack hardness, grown weak.
706Melencengveer, swerve, turn.
707Melencitslip away or out (as of a seed between o.'s fingers).
708Melencong(Jakarta) 1 veer, swerve. 2 go astray, depart (from the right path).
709Melendung1 sag. 2 flex.
710Melengsee MELING.
711Melengak1 look up. 2 (Jakarta) look up in surprise.
712Melengangkan1 empty, vacate s.t., clear s.t. out. 2 give s.t. appearance.
713Melenggak - Lenggoktwist and turn, swing and sway.
714Melenggarakanarrange, take care of.
715Melengos1 turn o.'s head to the side. 2 avoid looking at s.o.
716Melengser1. 1) slide down (of the sun, skirt). 2) grease s.t. 2. baking pan, cooking sheet. 3. (Sunda) prime minister.
717Melenguh1 gasp for breath. 2 bellow.
718Melentikcirve upward or back (esp. of eyelashes).
719Melentukanblend s.t.
720Melenyapkan1 cause s.t. to vanish. 2 abolish, repeal, abrogate. 3 destroy, get rid of s.t.
721Melepehkanchew and spit s.t. out.
722Melepohplaster, daub s.t.
723Melerrun (of nose).
724Meleraibreak up a fight, separate (fighters).
725Melesatfly away, take off.
726Meleset1 miss the target, be wrong. 2 depression, slump.
727Melesit1. hum, buzz (of wasps). 2. 1) spray, spout, gush. 2) blow o.'s nose.
728Melestarikan1 continue, perpetuate s.t. 2 conserve, preserve (environment).
729Meletakandespise, holid s.o. in contempt.
730Meletup1 explode. 2 go off (gun, cannon).
731Meletus1 explode, erupt (volcano, boil, etc.). 2 break out, erupt 9of a war, quarrel, epidemic).
733Meligionly, purely.
734Melihat1 see s.o. or s.t. 2 observe. 3 discern.
735Melihat-Lihatlook around, browse.
736Melihati1 look at, scrutinize. 2 see, visit, look in on s.o.
737Melihatkan1 show s.t. 2 observe, look at carefully.
740Melimbaikanwave (the arms).
741Melimbang1. wash (gold, rice, etc.). 2. loiter, lounge about.
742Melindangkanrun through, squander, dissiplate (o.'s wealth).
743Melindap1 become overcast. 2 fade (of light).
744Melindas1 knock down, run over. 2 crush (pepper, etc.).
745Melindileach s.t.
746Melindih1 crush s.t. 2 level, smooth s.t. 3 crush, put down (a rebellion, etc.).
747Meling1 careless, sloppy, untidy. 2 look aside, be inattentive.
748Melingarlook about bewildered.
749Melingkupi1 cover (the head). 2 encompass, cover, include.
750Melingsirset (of the sun).
751Melingsirkanunroll or let down o.'s sleeves.
752Melinjo1. tree (Gnetum gnemon) bearing edible leaves and seeds. 2. carelessly negligent.
753Melintangi1) obstruct, block s.t. 2) lie across s.t.
754Melintasi1 rush past, pass in a hurry. 2 flash by s.t. 3 cross (over), traverse. 4 overcome (difficulties).
756Melionersee MILYUNER.
758Meliputcover (an event).
759Meliputi1 cover, envelop s.t. 2 comprise, include. 3 pervade.
760Melirikpierce, perforate, bore through.
761Melisankanexpress, utter, put into words.
762Melitcurious, inquisitive.
763Meliuk1 bend (of a tree, etc.). 2 flicker.
764Meliwissee BELIBIS.
765Melkcanned milk.
766Melobakancovet, crave.
767Melocokpiston rod.
769Melodikak.o. wind instrument with keys like a piano.
770Melodohsoften s.t. by sticking it in water.
771Melolong1 howl, yelp (of a dog). 2 scream, wail.
772Meloloskan1 slip off s.t. 2 realease (s.o., a secret, etc.). 3 allow s.t. to get through or out.
773Melonceng1 strike (of bells, chimes). 2 ring, call. 3 toll (the death of).
774Melondongkan1 wash away. 2 destroy, wipe out.
775Melongo1 gawk. 2 be open-mouthed (from surprise)., bewildered.
776Melongongagape, open-mouthed.
777Melongsorslide down, collapse.
778Melonjakjump up.
779Melonjak-Lonjak1 bounce around. 2 be elastic or springy. 3 boast, brag, be haughty.
780Melonjakkangive a bounce or stimulus to.
781Melork.o. two-wheeled carriage.
782Melorotkanlower, decrease s.t.
783Melototopen wide (of eyes), bulge out 9of eyes, when angry, etc.).
784Meluahkanvomit (up).
785Meluakidecrease, reduce s.t.
786Meluangkan1 vacate. 2 make room for. 3 make time for.
787Meluap1 overflow (of a river). 2 boil over (of water). 3 flare up.
788Melucuchapfe, rub, cause a blister.
789Melucutkan1 take off (clothes, ring, etc.). 2 loosen, untie (a knot).
790Melukut1 pieces of rice broken off in pounding. 2 s.t. insignificant.
791Meluluexclusively, only.
792Melulumsuck (o.'s finger).
793Melulur1. swallow whole, goble up. 2. apply this cosmetic.
794Meluluskan1) permit, allow, grant. 2) yield to (pleas). 3) pass (an exam)
795Melumatkan1 pulverize. 2 smash, destroy.
796Meluncur1 slide. 2 skim.
797Melunjurprotrude, stick out.
798Melupakanforget, forget about.
799Melupuhhammer flat (bamboo for flooring).
801Melurut1 draw o.'s hand over s.t. firmly. 2 massage (by pressing in long strokes). 3 strip off (leaves, etc.) by squeezing between the fingers and pulling lengthwise.
802Mem-see also entries with p- or m-.
804Memaculsqueeze or press out.
805Memadahkan1 express, pronounce. 2 relate.
806Memadambecome extinguished, go out.
807Memadamkan1 extinguish, put out. 2 suppress, put out.
808Memagut1 peck. 2 bite (of snake). 3 embrace
809Memakai1 wear, apply a dressing. 2 use, make use of. 3 require, take.
810Memakaikanput something on someone.
811Memakamkanbury, inter.
812Memaklumatkanannounce, proclaim, declare.
813Memakmuranmake s.t prosper .
814Memaktubkanwrite down.
815Memalingisteal from, rob.
816Memalingkanswing round, alter the course of, divert.
817Memamahchew, masticate.
818Memampang1 extend, widen, spread out. 2 explain.
819Memampuskanenterminate, finish off.
820Memanahshoot at with bow and arrow.
821Memancar1 spout, spray, gush. 2 sprout.
822Memancarkan1 radiatte. 2 spout, spray s.t. out. 3 broadcast.
823Memancungcut off, decapitate, amputate.
824Memancurgush, spout, pour out or down.
825Memang1 yes, you are right, it is indeed so. 2 Yes, I concede the point (but...).
826Memanggil1 call, summon, send for s.o. 2 name, call.
827Memanggilkan1 call s.o. by a certain name. 2 summon on behalf of.
828Memanggulcarry on o.'s shoulder.
829Memangkas1 cut, trim hair. 2 prune, trim.
830Memangkurtill, work the soil.
832Memantapkanplace on a solid footing.
833Memantaumonitor s.t., observe.
834Memanteraicharm, cast a spell on, read a magic formula to affect s.t.
835Memantik1 strike fire. 2 snap o.'s fingers.
836Memantisblacken eyebrows.
837Memantuk-Mantukkannodding the head.
838Memantulbounce back, bounce off.
839Memapangkanshow, display.
840Memaparkan1 roll out, flatten. 2 explain, relate.
841Memapas1 remove, take off. 2 take everything away. 3 resist. 4 criticize.
843Memarahireprimand, scold.
844Memarhabankangreet a newborn baby by singing religious melodies to it.
845Memarunburn bushes or weeds to clear.
846Memasang1 tall in or on. 2 install. 3 fasten, pin, post. 4) turn on. 5 put in, enter a wager. 6 set.
847Memasoksupply (a certain commodity).
848Memasrahiturn over, entrust to.
849Memasuki1 enter. 2 meddle in.
850Memasukkan1 take, put into. 2 import. 3 enter s.t. in. 4 (Sport) enter (a goal).
851Memasygulkanarouse concern.
852Memasyhurkan1 make s.o. or s.t. famous. 2 spread (news), make s.t. well known.
853Mematuk1 peck, bite. 2 grab with the beak. 3 manage to achieve s.t.
854Mematutkancorrect, put in order, fit.
855Memayungi1 screen. 2 protect. 3 drape over.
856Memb-see also entries with b-.
857Membaji1) spilt s.t. with a wedge. 2 hold together with a peg.
858Membalap1 race, compete. 2 speed, hurry a long.
859Membalas1.answer,reply 2.repay , reward 3.avenge,take revenge,punish.
860Membanting1 veer sharply 2 change direction (in o,s politics,opinion,attitudes).
861Membantu1 help, aid, assist. 2 support, back up.
862Membantuthinder, prevent.
863Membarut1) scrub, clean, polish, wipe (floors, etc.). 2) grease (a pan).
864Membasirsee MUBASIR.
865Membatak1 rob, plunder, pillage. 2 wander, roam.
866Membawa1 carry (bag, suitcase, etc.). 2 bring, take along.
867Membawakan1 bring s.t for s.o 2 present (a song ,violin solo,working paper etc) , perform. 3 portray,present. 4 recite (a poem).
868Membayang1 cloud over,darken . 2 be reflected 3 apper (on o,s face) .
869Membayangi1 shade 2 shadow , follow closely 3 hover about ominously .
870Membayangkan1 reflect an image 2 show s.t describe 3 reflect on,image .
871Membayat1 initiate. 2 honor, respect.
872Membeber1 spread, unfold, display. 2 open up (a map). 3 unfurl. 4 reveal, disclose (a secret).
873Membedil1 fire, shoot. 2 use a rifle, have a rifle.
875Membegal1 rob. 2 hijack, holdup.
876Membekuk1) capture, arrest. 2) swindle, trick, fool.
877Membela1 look after, provide material support. 2 help, assist s.o.
878Membelanjai1 finance, defray expenses of. 2 bear the expense of.
879Membelanjakanspend s.t.
880Membelerang1 treat with sulphur. 2 fumigate.
881Membeludak1) explode, burst out. 2) rage, boil up.
882Membenamkan1 drown, immerse. 2 suppress. 3 sink (a knife in s.o.). 4 sink, scuttle (a ship). 5 incarcerate, jail.
883Memberangkatkandispatch, send.
884Memberengutgrumble, gripe.
885Memberhentikan1 stop (a vehicle). 2 dismiss s.o. from his job.
886Memberi1 give, bestow. 2 offer, put up. 3 (coll. ) let. 4 put on, apply s.t. 5 (coll. ) hit, strike. 6 add (in recipes).
887Memberikan1 give, hand over. 2 extend, confer.
888Memberlakukanput into effect, cause to be effective.
889Membersut1 hiss, spit at (of dogs, cats). 2 glate at, glower at.
890Membetas1 rip, tear. 2 crack.
891Membidik1 peer, look. 2 take aim, draw bead on (by closing o. eye). 3 engage in sharpshooting.
892Membikin1 make, build. 2 fix, repair. 3 cast a spell.
893Membina1 build, found, construct. 2 develop, cultivate.
894Memble1 pout, be sullen. 2 (sl. ) ugly, lousy, no good.
895Memblokir1 blockade. 2 obstruct. 3 (fin. ) freeze (account), stop (check).
896Membongkar1 force open. 2 break in. 3 demolish, wreck (building). 4 disclose, uncrate, unpack. 5 unload, discharge (ship). 6 open up, uncrate, unpack. 7 dismantle, disassemble, take apart (engine).
897Memborong1 buy up the entire stock, take all of s.t. 2 do an entire job. 3 hold various positions.
898Membran1 filter in automobile engine. 2 membrane.
899Membreidel1 check, curb. 2 muzzle (critics), close down (press).
900Membrondong1 fire a volley. 2 shell, bombard.
901Membuang1 throw, cast. 2 throw away, cast off, discard. 3 exile, banish. 4 waste (time. energy, money).
902Membubarkan1 disperse s.t., break up. 2 dissolve, liquidate. 3 close down (a factory).
903Membujuk1 persuade s.o. 2 trick, cheat s.o.
904Membujur1 stretch out. 2 lie alongside. 3 stretch, run. 4 horizontal.
905Membumbui1 season s.t. , add spice to s.t. 2 add flavor to s.t. , add color to s.t. (speech, conversation, etc.).
906Memburu1 chased after us. 2 pursue (wealth, position).
907Memecahkan1 analyze, solve. 2 split. 3 break. 4 destroy. 5 disperse, dissect.
908Memedi(Java) ghost.
909Memegang1 hold, take hold of. 2 handle. 3 control. 4 occupy, hold.
910Memek1 whimper, whine. 2 nag.
911Memelet1 lick, stick out tongue. 2 flatter, play up to s.o. 3 make s.o. fall in love with o. by magical means.
912Memelihara1 take care of, protect. 2 raise, rear. 3 keep, maintain.
913Memeliturvarnish, polish furniture.
914Memencet1 crush, smash. 2 push, press.
915Memencilfar from everything.
916Memendambury, hide away.
917Memendamkanbury, hide away.
918Memenggalcut off, cut to pieces.
919Memengkolturn, branch off.
920Mementangopen, extend, spread out.
921Mementingpluck strings or make s.t. give off a sound of "ting".
922Mementingkan1 emphasize. 2 bring to noice, advance. 3 consider important.
923Memenuhi1 fill. 2 fulfill, comply with a request. 3 meet a demand.
924Memerah1. redden, become red. 2. 1) squeeze. 2) milk.
925Memeras1 press, squeeze. 2 milk. 3 blackmail, put the squeeze on.
926Memerasi1 press (many things). 2 squeeze juice on to.
927Memerdekakan1 liberate, release, set free. 2 acquit, exonerate, absolve.
928Memergoki1 catch by surprise. 2 catch s.o. red-handed.
929Memeriksa1 investigate, look into. 2 control, inspect. 3 cross-exampine, interrogate.
930Memeriksakanhave s.t. examined.
931Memetik1 pick flowers. 2 fire (gun). 3 strum, pluck (strings of musical instrument). 4 snap o.'s fingers. 5 quote from a book.
932Memetikipick many things.
933Memf-see also entries with f-.
934Memikat1 trap birds with sticky substance. 2 attract, be attractive.
935Memikul1 carry on the shoulders. 2 shoulder, bear.
936Memilahkansort, classify.
937Memilin1 wind. 2 entwine, twist.
938Memilisikandraft into the service.
939Memimpikandream of, dream about.
940Memimpinlead, guide.
941Meminang1 propose, ask in marriage. 2 apply for job.
942Meminta1 require, demand. 2 request, ask. 3 propose to.
943Memintairequest from s.o.
944Memintalspin, twine.
945Memintastake a short cut.
946Memintasi1 intercept, interrupt, cut s.o. short. 2 cut off, block o.'s way. 3 cut in (in traffic).
947Memitesstrush between the fingernails.
948Memiting1. hold with forearms, clinch.
949Memjumputpick up with thumb and forefinger, get a pinch of.
951MemocongJava) wrap in a shroud.
952Memodulir(phys. ) modulate.
953Memondongcarry in o.'s arms.
954Memopongcarry a baby in o.'s arms.
955Memoriexplanatory statement, memorandum.
956Memoroti1 gnaw at, bite into. 2 steal.
957Memotong1 cut (off), slice. 2 slaughter. 3 operate on, amputate. 4 reduce, cut, deduct wages, abbreviate a word. 5 take a short cut.
958Memotongi1 cut s.t. off from. 2 cut many things.
959Memotrettake a picture, photograph.
960Mempagelarkanput on a show, present.
961Mempajuhstuff, gorge.
962Mempaleh(Sunda) take care of a fighting or racing animal.
963Mempampatpress, squeeze.
964Mempan1 be vulnerable. 2 be sensitive to 3 be effective.
965Mempancalpress down on with foot, step on (the gas).
966Mempangahopen the mouth in astonishment.
967Mempangkunghit with a club.
968Memparajikanabort a fetus.
969Memparaniapproach, go to.
970Memparaphammer, pound.
971Mempasahplane (wood).
972Mempasung1 lock legs between two pieces of wood. 2 repress, muzzle (the press).
973Mempayangsupport s.o. in walking.
974Mempejalkanpress down.
975Mempelaibride and/or bridegroom.
976Mempelajari1 study carefully, diligently, in depth. 2 study, scrutinize (proposal).
977Mempelajarkan1 teach, offer as instruction. 2 teach thoroughly.
979Mempelantingkanthrow out in all directions.
980Mempelassee AMPLAS 1.
981Mempeliturvarnish, polish furniture.
984Mempentangkanshoot s.t. off, loose (an arrow).
985Memperresemble, be similar to.
986Memperalatmanipulate, treat or use as an instrument.
987Memperalatkan1 marry off. 2 arrange a traditional feast.
988Memperbaiki1 repair (road, etc.). 2 correct (mistake, etc.). 3 improve s.t., reform. 4 improve upon, break (record).
989Mempercakmake rushing noise (of water).
990Mempergunakan1 use, utilize. 2 make use of, resort to.
991Memperhatikan1.pay attention , take not of 2.watch,observe.
993Memperingankan1 lighten, alleviate. 2 make light of.
994Memperkalikan(math. ) multiply.
995Memperlambanslow (s.o. or s.t.) up or down.
996Memperlihatkanshow, display, exhibit.
997Memperlimitkan1 laminate. 2 fold.
998Mempermanis1 make sweeter. 2 make ccuter more attraction.
999Mempermudahfacilitate, make s.t. easier.
1000Mempersatukan1 unite, joint, ally. 2 concentrate s.t. on.
1001Mempersembahkan1. offer or present s.t. to a high personnage. 2 (lit. ) inform or report to a royal personnage. 3 dedicate. 4 present a performance.
1002Mempersetankandamn, send to the devil.
1003Mempersetujukanbring into line, coordinate.
1004Mempersilakaninvite, ask.
1005Mempersoalkan1 question s.t. 2 discuss, deal with.
1006Mempersulit1 complicate s.t., render s.t. difficult. 2 cause difficulties for s.o.
1007Mempertahankandefend, maintain.
1009Mempertalikan1 tie to. 2 link, connect. 3 joint. s.o. (in marriage).
1010Mempertambahcause s.t. to increase.
1011Mempertandingkan1 compare s.t. with. 2 put into combat.
1012Mempertanggungjawabkanaccount for, justify.
1013Mempertanggungkanmake s.o. responsible for s.t.
1014Mempertanyakancall s.t. into question.
1015Mempertapakanachieve through asceticism.
1016Mempertaruhkan1 pawn. 2 entrust. 3 risk.
1017Mempertarungkan1 cause persons or animals to fight. 2. risk.
1018Mempertautkan1 combine s.t. 2 sew up a wound. 3 attach s.t.
1019Mempertebalstrengthen, reinforce.
1020Mempertegangmake tenser.
1021Mempertegas1 clarify, explain. 2 affirm.
1022Memperteguhkan1 confirm s.t. 2 strengthen s.t.
1024Mempertempurkan1 fight for s.t. 2 cause s.o. to fight (on behalf of another).
1025Mempertemukan1 (lit. ) unite s.o. or s.t. 2 confront.
1026Mempertenggangkan1 get along on, be economical. 2 consider.
1027Mempertengkarkanmake s.t. the subject of a dispute.
1028Mempertentangkan1 oppose. 2 contrast.
1029Mempertikaikan1 differentiate. 2 make s.t. a subject for a quarrel.
1030Mempertimbangkanconsider s.t., mull s.t. over.
1031Mempertinggikan1 make s.t. higher. 2 enhance.
1032Mempertololkanconsider s.o. a fool, make a fool of.
1033Mempertontonkan1 show (off), exhibit. 2 play, perform.
1034Mempertopeng1 mask, hide, disguise. 2 use as a mask.
1035Mempertuankan1 respect. 2 address s.o. as tuan.
1036Mempertuhankanconsider as a god, deify.
1037Mempertukarkan1 barter. 2 vary, alternate.
1039Mempertunggangkanhold upside down.
1040Mempertunjukkan1 show, exhibit. 2 demonstrate.
1041Memperuletmake tough, cause to perserve.
1042Memperundikanraffle off s.t.
1043Memperuntukkanallocate, assign.
1044Mempesaitousle (hair).
1045Mempetieskan1 put on ice. 2 put on the back burner.
1047Mempijahkanhatch (fish, etc.).
1048Mempindaiscrutinize, look at carefully.
1049Memplakextremely white.
1050Memplombir1 fill (tooth). 2 stop, plug up.
1051Mempocoki(Java) fill a certain position temporarily.
1052Mempolemikkancarry out a debate over.
1053Mempoles1 polish. 2 apply makeup.
1054Mempreteli1 dismantle, tear apart. 2 remove, take out. 3 find out a secret, question thoroughly. 4 wipe out, clear away.
1056Mempunahkandestroy, exterminate.
1057Mempundakcarry on the back.
1058Mempungahload, cargo.
1059Mempunjuttie together.
1060Mempunyaisee PUNYA.
1061Mempuputbreak, pry open.
1062Mempurukkanhide s.t. inside.
1063Memuakkannauseating, repugnant.
1064Memualkansickening, make o. feel nauseous.
1065Memubutkangrind, crush, pound.
1066Memujaworship, revere.
1067Memujipraise, commend.
1068Memukul1 hit, strike. 2 defeat.
1069Memulangireturn to a place.
1070Memulangkan1 give back, return, bring back, send s.t. back to where it came from. 2 return what has been expended.
1071Memumpuncollect, gather.
1072Memuncakculminate, reach a crest.
1073Memundurkanmake s.t back up.
1074Memungkinkanenable, make possible.
1075Memungut1 pick, pick up. 2 collect. 3 harvest. 4 quote. 5 adopt (child, etc.).
1076Memupukput traditional medicines on a wound.
1077Memurahkanlower the price.
1078Memvakumkanput in a vacuum.
1079Memverbalkanverbalize, put into words.
1080Memveterankanretire s.o. from the army.
1082Memvonissentence, condemn s.o.
1083Men-see also entries with t-, n-.
1084Menaarbitrarily, in a highhanded and unfair fashion.
1085Menabahkanmake firm, make determined.
1086Menabalcrown or declare s.o. king.
1087Menabalkaninstall s.o. as king.
1088Menabokslap, esp. the head.
1089Menabokirepeatedly slap s.o.
1090Menabuh1. strike a gong, etc. 2. 1) strike such a drum. 2) drum on s.t. with o.'s finger.
1091Menabuncollect and burn s.t.
1092Menabur1 sow, broadcast (seed). 2 scratter s.t. about..
1093Menaburi1 sow s.t. (a field, etc.). 2 spread over s.t., scatter all over s.t.
1094Menaburkan1 sow with s.t. 2 scatter, spread.
1095Menadah1 store liquids, collect liquids in receptacles. 2 (coll. ) receive stolen goods.
1096Menadahkanobtain s.t. (esp. liquids) or whit s.t.
1097Menadbirkanmanage, administer.
1098Menag[Menteri Agama] Minister of Religious Affair
1099Menagama[Menteri Agama] Minister of Religion.
1100Menagih1 dun, collect o.'s debts. 2 demand fulfillment of (a promise, etc.).
1101Menagihkancollect a debt for s.o.
1102Menahan1 hold back, restrain, with hold. 2 detain, arrest. 3 provide support for, hold up.
1103Menajamintensify, reach a critical point.
1104Menajamkansharpen s.t., whet s.t.
1105Menakaristocratic, distinguished, prominent.
1106Menakjubkanastonish, amaze.
1107Menaksirestimate, value, appraise.
1108Menakuti1 frighten s.o. 2 fear s.t.
1109Menakutkan1 cause s.o. to fear, frighten s.o. 2 fear s.t.
1110Menalanglend money as a profession.
1111Menalangiadvance s.o. money.
1112Menalarkanreason or think s.t. out.
1113Menalitie with a rope.
1114Menalikantie s.t. or s.o. to.
1115Menamatkanconclude s.t.
1116Menambahadd to, increase.
1117Menambahiincrease s.t.
1118Menambahkan1 add a.t. 2 cause s.t. to increase.
1119Menambak1 bank up earth to control water flow or irrigate fields, etc. 2 apply a poultice. 3 obstruct movement.
1120Menambalpatch, mend.
1121Menambaliapply a patch to s.t.
1122Menambalkan1 patch with s.t. 2 patch on behalf of s.o.
1123Menambang1. mine, dig. 2. cross a body of water by a small passenger boat. 3. fasten with a thick rope. 4. separate from but refuse to support or divorce o.'s wife.
1124Menambatkantether, tie up.
1125Menambul(thea. ) do theatrical stunts (magic shows, farces, etc.).
1126Menambunkancause to put on some needed weight.
1127Menamburbeat a drum.
1128Menamburibeat on s.t.
1129Menampaunderstand. 2 think, suppose.
1130Menampak(coll. ) see.
1131Menampakkanmake s.t. visible, show.
1132Menampal1 patch or mend (clothes, inner tube, etc.). 2 patch, plaster.
1133Menampalkan1 affix a patch, etc. so that it adheres. 2 cause s.t.to adhere.
1134Menampang1. cut in slices. 2. 1) looking like a tramp. 2) show off, put on.
1135Menamparbeat, slap.
1136Menamparislap repeatedly.
1137Menamparkanuse s.t. to slap.
1138Menampas(lit. ) lop off.
1139Menampel(Sport) hit a ball or shutlecock.
1140Menampiwinnow s.t.
1141Menampikreject, refuse.
1142Menampilkan1 put s.o. or s.t. forward. 2 bring forward to show to the public, show.
1143Menampung1 intercept and retain falling water (rain, waterfall, spigot, etc.). 2 receive, accommodate, take in.
1144Menampungkanintercept and retain (water) with s.t.
1146Menanak1 cook rice (by boiling). 2 boil.
1147Menanam1 plant s.t. 2 cover with earth. 3 (fin. ) invest.
1148Menanamiplant on s.t.
1149Menanamkan1 implant s.t. 2 (fin. ) invest.
1150Menancap1 embed s.t., implant s.t. 2 implanted, stick (of s.t. sharp).
1151Menancapkan1 implant s.t., embed s.t. 2 transfix with o.'s eyes.
1152Menandai1 sign s.t., make a mark on s.t. 2 remark, perceive.
1153Menandakansignify, indicate.
1154Menandaskan1. spend everything, completely finish s.t. 2. state s.t. firmly, stress s.t.
1155Menandatanganisign s.t.
1156Menandingi1 be equal to, be comparable with. 2 stand up to. 3 compete with.
1158Menanducarry in a litter.
1159Menanduk1 butt. 2 (Sport) shoot (at billiards).
1160Menandurplant s.t.
1161Menanduriplant on or in.
1162Menang1 win, come out on top. 2 pass an examination.
1163Menangani1 handle, take in hand (job, problem, etc.). 2 strike with the hand.
1164Menanggali1 strip s.o. or s.t. 2 strip s.t. off.
1165Menanggalkan1. 1) strip off, take off. 2) pull out. 2. date.
1166Menanggamdovetail s.t.
1167Menanggangrestrain o.'s appetites.
1168Menanggap1. 1) listen carefully. 2) note attentively. 2. hire a performer.
1169Menanggapireceive, perceive.
1170Menangguhkanpostpone, delay s.t., put off.
1171Menanggukfish with such a net or scoop.
1172Menanggulbuild a dike, embankment.
1173Menanggulangiward off, cope with.
1174Menanggung1 carry on o.'s shoulders. 2 bear s.t. (emotion, duty, etc.). 3 guarantee, assume liability for.
1175Menanggungkan1 bear. 2 be responsible for s.t.
1177Menangisiweep over, bemoan.
1178Menangkalavoid, ward off a (catastrophe).
1179Menangkap1 catch. 2 seize, arrest. 3 comprehend, grasp.
1180Menangkapi1 arrest repeatedly. 2 seize or arrest a large number of people.
1181Menangkapkancapture on behalf of.
1182Menangkis1 ward off parry. 2 repulse, repel.
1183Menangkisiparry or repulse several things.
1184Menangkring1 (coll. ) sir, sir high where easily visible.
1185Menangkulfish with a net.
1186Menangkup1 close (of two sides uniting). 2 fall face downward.
1187Menangkupkanlay s.t. face down.
1188Menangsel(coll. ) 1 wedge s.t. 2 insert s.t.
1189Menanjak1 slope upward. 2 ascend, climb.
1190Menanjakan1 cause s.t. to slope upward. 2 bring s.t. upward.
1191Menanjulsnare s.t. with such a noose.
1192Menanjung1 look like a cape. 2 sail along the cape.
1195Menanti-Nanti1 wait a long time. 2 look forward to.
1196Menantikan1 wait for. 2 watch for.
1197Menantuson-or daughter-in-law.
1198Menanya1 (coll. ) ask. 2 ask for a woman's hand in marriage.
1199Menanyairepeatedly question, interrogate.
1200Menanyakanask about s.t.
1201Menapai1 become fermented. 2 ferment s.t.
1202Menapak1 measure with the palm of the hand or sole of the foot. 2 step, tread on. 3 follow in the footsteps of, do same thing s.o. else did.
1203Menapakifollow in the footsteps of.
1204Menapakkanset (foot) down.
1205Menapal1. apply a poultice or plaster. 2. make horseshoes.
1206Menapis1 filter s.t. 2 sort through s.t. 3 censor s.t.
1207Menaplakicover s.t. with a tablecloth.
1208Menapuk(Java) slap.
1210Menarafkan1 evaluate, grade s.t. 2 give the rank of.
1211Menarahplane s.t. smooth.
1212Menaridance, esp. non-Western dances..
1213Menari-Narijump (with joy), dance up and down.
1214Menarik1 draw, pull. 2 draw out, extract. 3 drive. 4 collect. 5 attractive, interesting.
1215Menarik-Narik1 repeatedly drag, pull. 2implicate s.o.
1216Menarikandance s.t., dance a certain k.o. dance.
1217Menarikipull repeatedly on.
1218Menarikkandraw or pull for s.o.
1219Menaruh1 put, place. 2 maintain..
1220Menaruhi1 put s.t. on s.t. 2 bet on s.t.
1221Menaruhkan1 place, put. 2 bet.
1222Menasakstanch bleeding.
1223Menatsee MINAT.
1224Menataput in order, organize.
1225Menatahinlay s.t.
1226Menatangcarry in outstretched palm of hands.
1227Menatapobserve intently.
1228Menatapiexamine s.t. closely.
1229Menatarupgrade s.t.
1230Menatih1 teach s.o. to walk by holding his hands. 2 give support with the hand to s.o. walking.
1231Menatusee PENATU.
1232Menawaki(lit. ) throw stone at.
1233Menawan1 capture in war. 2 subdue. 3 intern, imprison.
1234Menawar1. weaken (strength or effectiveness of s.t.). 2. 1) bargain. 2) offer a price for s.t.
1235Menawari1. 1) make magic or venom ineffective by using spells, charms, potions, etc. 2) seduce, tempt. 3) pacify, calm down. 2. 1) offer to s.o. 2) repeatedly bargain.
1236Menawarkan1. make (magic, etc.) ineffective. 2. offer s.o. or s.t. (for sale, use, in marriage, etc.).
1237Menayang1 carry s.t. resting on o.'s palms. 2 (lit. ) carry, waft.
1238Menayangkan(lit. ) present.
1239Menayubdance with a professional dancer in k.o. traditional dance.
1240Menc-see also entries with c-.
1241Mencabik1 rip s.t. 2 lacerate.
1242Mencacah1 chop s.t. into fine bits, mince (meat, etc.). 2 chop up food for animals.
1243Mencaci1 scorn, jeer at, ridicule. 2 curse out, swear at.
1244Mencakmencak-mencak 1 be out of sorts. 2 move convulsively.
1245Mencanai1 sharpen, polish (on grindstone). 2 make even (with ruler). 3 smooth (the way).
1246Mencang-Mencongnot in a straight line, contorted.
1247Mencangkulbe engaged in hoeing, prepare (ground) for cultivation.
1248Mencantelkanput s.t. on a hook.
1249Mencapitsnap at, bite (of crabs).
1250Mencarah1 cut into small bits. 2 sell piecemeal.
1251Mencarak1. swallow in a gulp (such as sucking a raw egg, pouring water down o.'s throat, etc.). 2. begin to be visible (e.g., rising sun).
1252Mencatat1 make a note of, record. 2 register, chalk up.
1254Mencegah1 restrain, prevent, prohibit. 2 combat, guard against.
1255Mencekal1 hold firmly, grasp tightly, seize. 2 arrest, capture.
1256Mencekoki1 force s.o. or s.t. to take medicine. 2 indoctrinate.
1257Mencelanaiput trousers on s.o. or s.t.
1258Mencelur1 boil (an egg). 2 scald (a chicken to remove feather).
1259Mencengslanted, skewed.
1260Menceretsee CERET.
1261Mencereweti1 criticize, find fault with. 2 order about.
1262Mencicitsqueak (of mouse, etc.). 2) tweet (of canary).
1263Mencipta1 compose. 2 be creative.
1265Mencium1 kiss. 2 smell, sniff. 3 sense, learn about.
1266Mencla-Mencle(Java) inconsistent, unreliable.
1267Menclok(Java) perch (of birds).
1268Mencoksee MENCLOK.
1269Mencomot1) seizy, nab, grab and hold. 2) snatch off. 3) pick.
1270Mencong1 askew, aslant. 2 without any specific direction or aim.
1271Mencopot1 take off, remove (shoes, etc.). 2 pull out, extract (a nail). 3 untie. 4 remove, take away.
1272Mencorong1) shine, glare. 2) radiate.
1273Mencos(Jakarta) miss a target, fail, not be in a straight line.
1274Mencretsee CERET.
1275Mencuaikan1 neglect. 2 look down on, hold in contempt. 3 ignore.
1276Mencuat , Cuar1) be flipped, pushed away with a springy motion. 2) spring back. 3) bend outward to project in a point.
1277Mencurahi1 pour on. 2 bestow upon, shower. 3 expend.
1278Mend-see also entries with d-.
1279Mendadaksee DADAK.
1280Mendagri[Menteri dalam Negerei] Minister for Internal Affairs.
1281Mendak1 sink down, bow down. 2 approach bowing.
1283Mendampakbump into, collid with.
1284Mendap1 sink, settle. 2 sediment, deposit.
1285Mendesee MENTE.
1286Mendedelirip out (a seam, etc.).
1287Mendepak1) kick (ball, etc.). 2) fire, dismiss, kick out, expel s.o.
1288Menderabanyan tree.
1289Menderumkneel (of elephant, camel, etc.).
1290Mendesak1 push, shove. 2 urge, insist.
1292Mendesuskanspread s.t. as gossip.
1293Mendewakan1 deify. 2 idolize s.o.
1294Mendiangthe late.
1295Mendieselkanchange (bus engines, etc.). to diesel fuel.
1296Mendikaismall watermelon.
1297Mendikbud[Menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan] Minister of Education and Culture.
1298Mendikte1 dictate to s.o. 2 command s.o.
1299Mending1 fairly good, well off, mild (of climate). 2 average, middling.
1300Mendingan1 fairing well, well off. 2 average, middling. 3 better, preferable.
1301Mendisketkanstore on a disc.
1302Mendobrak1 batter down, break in. 2 (mil. ) penetrate (defenses).
1303Mendodosi1 dig s.t. up. 2 (coll. ) steal little by little.
1304Mendonanimmigrant, stranger.
1305Mendongengkannarrate (stories, etc.).
1306Mendongkel1 lift up, pry loose. 2 remove by force, oust s.o. 3 reveal (secrets).
1307Mendongkrak1 jack up (car, etc.). 2 assist s.o. in achieving his purpose. 3 praise, esp. in sycophantic manner.
1308Mendrengsee MINDERING.
1309Mendudufollow s.o., continue on (without looking back).
1310Mendudut(Java) pull, tug at.
1311Menduga1 (naut. ) take depth bearings. 2 understand, fathom. 3 presume, expect.
1312Mendungcloudy, overcast.
1313Mendusel(Java) snuggle up close.
1314Mendusin1 be awake. 2 be conscious of, realize.
1315Mendutk.o. cake made of sticky rice with grated coconut and brown sugar wrapped in banana leaves.
1316Menebahstrike a flat surface.
1317Menebak1. guess. 2. chop off, cut off.
1318Menebalbecome thick.
1319Menebalkan1 thicken s.t. 2 reinforce.
1321Menebangirepeatedly chop down.
1322Menebariscatter in or on s.t.
1323Menebarkan1 spread around, disperse. 2 spread and throw s.t. out.
1324Menebas1. cut down (shrubs, vegetation, etc. but not large trees). 2. 1) buy up a harvest's yield before it has been harvested. 2) (Java) buy up all of s.t. produced.
1325Menebaskan1. cut with s.t., use s.t. to cut down. 2. contract to sell o.'s harvest while it is still in the fields.
1326Menebatcreate a pond with dam.
1327Menebeng1. 1) put up temporary screen (mat, sail, etc.). 2) spread out cloth, mats, etc. for display. 2. sponge s.t., freeload, ride or live with (for free).
1328Menebengiprotect or screen s.t.
1329Menebengkanallow or arrange for s.o. to live for free, mooch, etc.
1330Menebokfirmly strike with fist.
1331Menebuk1 perforate s.t. 2 bore through s.t.
1332Menebus1 redeem s.t. by paying cash or exchanging some other object. 2 compensate for some wrong. 3 fulfill.
1333Meneduh1 be shady. 2 become calm.
1334Meneduhiprovide shade or shelter for.
1335Meneduhkan1 calm s.o. down. 2 make s.t. sheltered or shaded.
1337Menegahkanforbit, prevent s.t.
1338Menegakbecome upright.
1339Menegakkan1 erect, build. 2 cause s.t. to be upright. 3 maintain.
1340Menegangtighten, become tight, be tight, tense.
1341Menegangkan1 tighten, make taut. 2 strain, make tense.
1342Menegarkanstiffen s.t.
1343Menegaskan1 explain, clarify. 2 assert, insist.
1344Menegelcover with floor tiles.
1345Meneguhkan1 confirm s.t. 2 strengthen s.t.
1346Menegukswallow s.t., gulp down.
1347Menegukirepeatedly swallow or gulp s.t.
1348Menegur1 address s.o. (in order to open a conversation). 2 admonish, reprimand.
1350Menekadkanmake (a decision, o.s.) resolute.
1351Menekakstick to the palate.
1352Menekan1 press, push down. 2 suppress, repress, oppress. 3 compress.
1353Menekankan1 stress, emphasize s.t. 2 press with s.t.
1354Menekatembroider s.t.
1355Menekelmanage, handle.
1356Menekensign s.t.
1357Menekerlight a fire with a flint.
1358Menekukfold s.t. stiff.
1359Menekukkanfold s.t., bend s.t. over.
1360Menekunioccupy o.s. diligently with s.t.
1361Menekur1 bend, bow. 2 meditate.
1362Menekuri1 stare at. 2 bend, bow o.'s hed over s.t.
1363Meneladanfollow the example of.
1364Meneladaniset an example of hisbrilliant sister.
1365Meneladankanmake s.t. an example, provide a model.
1367Menelan1 swallow. 2 swallow up. 3. endure patienly (insults, etc.) 4 require, consume.
1368Menelanjangi1 strip s.o. or s.t. 2 strip s.o. of.
1369Menelap1 cause injury (by sharp weapons). 2 (phys. ) permeate.
1370Menelatenipersevere in s.t.
1371Meneledorkanneglect s.t.
1372Menelegramsend a telegram.
1373Menelekkanrest a part of the body s.w.
1374Menelempapmeasure with o.'s hand.
1375Menelengicause s.t. to slope at an angle.
1376Menelengkancause s.t. to be at an angle.
1377Meneleponphone s.o.
1378Meneleponkanphone on s.o.'s behalf.
1379Menelikungbind hand and foot, wrap s.t. up entirely.
1380Meneliti1 examine carefully. 2 research s.t.
1381Menelukcurve around, be curved.
1383Menelungkuplie face downward.
1384Menelungkupilie face downward on s.t.
1385Menelungkupkanplace s.t. face downward.
1386Menelurkanproduce s.t. as if laying an egg (s.t. new, s.t. dropped, etc.).
1387Menelusur1 unravel s.t. 2 investigate, explore.
1388Menelusuri1 go along, follow. 2 trace, follow. 3 research, investigate.
1390Menemaniaccompany s.o.
1391Menembagabecome copper-colored.
1392Menembak1 fire a gun. 2 aim at, intend. 3 (Sport) shoot (a basket), make a goal, etc.
1393Menembakirepeatedly fire on s.t.
1394Menembakkan1 shoot with s.t. 2 shoot s.t. out.
1395Menembangkansing or recite (a tembang).
1396Menembok1. wall s.t. up. 2. cover batik with wax to resist dye.
1397Menembunghit with a cudgel.
1398Menembus1 pierce, stab. 2 penetrate, break through. 3 emerge, come out.
1399Menembusipenetrate s.t.
1400Menembuskanpierce with s.t.
1401Menempamake metal objects, manufacture knives, etc.
1402Menempahkan1 book ahead of time. 2 make to order.
1404Menempatkanput s.t. in a certain place.
1405Menempekan1 make s.t. into this foodstuff. 2 consider s.t. trivial or low grade.
1406Menempel1 adhere, cling. 2 (coll. ) patch. 3 (coll. ) be right up next to.
1407Menempelakreproach s.o.
1408Menempelengislap s.o. on the face or side of the head.
1409Menempeli1 stick to, make s.t. stick to. 2 sponge, freeload on s.t. 3 cover s.t. by sticking materials. 4 (sl. ) bribe.
1410Menempelkanstick s.t. on.
1411Menempias1 splash up. 2 splash on s.t.
1412Menempiaskansplash s.t. onto.
1413Menemplekattached to, hanging on or against.
1414Menemplok1 lean on. 2 depend.
1415Menempuh1 attack, assail. 2 go through, endure by passing through. 3 take on, take up.
1416Menempuhkanmake s.o. responsible for s.t.
1417Menempurattack, assail.
1418Menemui1 go to meet s.o. 2 come upon, run into. 3 experience s.t. (us. unpleasant).
1419Menemukan1 find, meet with. 2 find, discover.
1420Menenangkancalm s.o. down.
1421Menendang1 kick. 2 (coll. ) expel s.o.
1423Menengadahlook up.
1424Menengadahilook up at s.t.
1425Menengadahkancause s.t. to face upward.
1426Menengah1 move to the center. 2 middle, intermediate. 3 average. 4 be neutral. 5 intecede, mediate.
1427Menengahi1 intercede, mediate. 2 intervene.
1428Menengahkancome between.
1431Menenggekto squat.
1432Menenggelamkan1 cause s.t. to sink. 2 make s.t. disappear.
1433Menengkarifight over s.t.
1434Menengok1 view s.t. 2 visit. 3 look. 4 make predictions.
1435Menengokirepeatedly look at or visit.
1436Menengokkanturn o.'s head to look.
1437Menentang1 gaze directly at. 2 facing toward. 3 oppose. 4 defy.
1438Menentangirepeatedly oppose.
1439Menentangkan1 bring o.s. face to face with. 2 cause s.o. to face.
1440Menentengcarry in o.'s hand, while walking.
1441Menentir1 give s.o. a tutorial or preliminary exam. 2 (sl. ) educate.
1442Menentucertain, stabilized.
1443Menentukan1 determine, establish. 2 make certain about s.t.
1444Menenungkan1 tell fortunes. 2 bewitch s.o.
1445Menepakslap slightly. menepak-air-didulang, terpercik-muka-sendiri. Slapping a tray full of water will only get your own face splashed.
1446Menepati1 head straight for s.t. 2 fulfill. menepati-janji fulfill a promise.
1447Menepatkan1 aim, direct. 2 set, adjust.
1448Menepi1 move to o. side. 2 go along the side of (road, etc.).
1449Menepikanmove s.t. to o. side, pull s.t. over.
1450Menepis1. 1) skim, glid low. 2) skim s.t. 2. ward off s.t.
1451Menepukclap, slap.
1452Menepung1 pound into flour. 2 powdery.
1453Menepungkanmake s.t. into flour.
1454Menera1 seal s.t. 2 calibrate. 3 print s.t.
1455Menerabas1 take a shortcut, bypass. 2 (coll. ) bypass red tape or other obstacles by bribing.
1456Menerakan1 calibrate. 2 stamp, seal, imprint s.t.
1457Menerangdawn, become light.
1458Menerangi1 light s.t. 2 remove undergrowth.
1459Menerangkan1 explain, clarify. 2 declare, state. 3 illuminate s.t. 4 indicate.
1460Menerap1. adjust, apply, arrange. 2. do inlaid work.
1462Menerawang1. make holes (in s.t.). 2. muse, be lost in thought, he gazed at the valley.
1463Menerawangicause s.o. to be lost in thought, trouble o.
1464Menerbangifly over.
1465Menerbangkan1 cause s.t. to fly, blow s.t. away. 2 flee with s.t.
1466Menerbitkan1 cause, produce. 2 publish. 3 put in print.
1467Meneriakishout at s.o.
1468Meneriakkan1 yell out s.t. 2 show off.
1469Menerima1 accept, approve. 2 receive. 3 (coll. , Java) be passive.
1470Menerimakanhand s.t. over.
1471Menerjanglunge, attack.
1472Menerjangitrample on.
1473Menerjangkanlunge at with.
1474Menerjuni1 jump in(to) 2 occupy o.s. with s.t.
1475Menerjunkancause s.t. to dive downward.
1476Menerkaguess, surmise.
1477Menerkampounce on.
1478Menerkupfall on s.t.
1479Menerobos1 break through. 2 cut in a line or queue (at a bank, etc.).
1480Menerompetkanproclaim loudly.
1481Meneropong1 look through a telescop. 2 observe carefully, study, scrutinize.
1482Meneropongiexamine carefully, focus carefully on s.t.
1483Menerpa1 (lit. ) jump at (often in anger or passion). 2 attack (of meteorological phenomenon).
1484Meneruskan1 continue. 2 forward, pass (on).
1485Menetakkan1 hack at s.t. 2 hack with s.t.
1486Menetalbe compact, compressed.
1487Menetalkancompact s.t.
1488Menetap1. 1) settle at, maintain a permanent residence at. 2) stabilize. 2. (lit. ) blot up a liquid (ink, water, etc.).
1489Menetapi1 fulfill. 2 carry out.
1490Menetapkan1 decide, determine. 2 maintain, establish, secure. 3 determine.
1491Menetas1 crack or slit s.t. open by force from the interior.
1492Menetaskan1 cause s.t. to break out. 2 hatch s.t.
1494Menetekigive suck to, breast-feed.
1495Menetekkanhave s.o. else breast-feed a baby.
1497Menetesisrinkle on s.t.
1498Meneteskanexpel a liquid drop by drop.
1500Menewaskan1 defeat, overcome. 2 kill, slay.
1501Meng-see also entries with k-, ng- or beginning with a vowel.
1502Mengaba-Abakangive orders (for drill, etc.).
1503Mengabadikan1 immortalize, record for posterity. 2 perpetuate.
1504Mengabaikan1 ignore, disregard. 2 underestimate, minimize. 3 make light of, belinttle.
1505Mengabar1 brake. 2 impede, hinder. 3 remove. 4 lessen.
1506Mengabariinform, let s.o. know.
1507Mengabarkanreport s.t.
1509Mengabdikansubjugate, make subservient.
1512Mengabonemenkansubscribe for s.o.
1513Mengabortusabort (a fetus).
1514Mengabsahkan1 endorse, approve. 2 legalize.
1516Mengabstraksikanmake abstract.
1517Mengacak-Acak1 mess up, put in disorder. 2 disturb, upset, confuse.
1518Mengacarakan1 place on the agenda. 2 bring up with (a judge, etc.).
1519Mengacau1 stir (a drink, paint, etc.). 2 stir up trouble.
1520Mengacaukan1 mix, stir s.t. up throroughly. 2 make s.t. confusing. 3 stir up trouble.
1521Mengacu1. 1) point. 2) refer. 2. shape, mold, cut (cookies). 3.. 1) ponder a way to achieve a purpose. 2) strike a threatening pose (with gun, knife).
1522Mengacuhkanheed, care about, be concerned about.
1523Mengacukan1. 1) point at with s.t. 2) threaten (with a weapon). 3) refer. 2. advocate, suggest, propose.
1524Mengacungpoint upward.
1525Mengacungkan1 hold up (the hand to greet or answer). 2 point s.t.
1526Mengada-Adainvent, fabricate, concoct (stories).
1527Mengada-Adakansay what is not true or does not exist.
1528Mengadakan1 organize, arrange. 2 give, hold, deliver (a lecture). 3 create, make. 4 launch. 5 cause, bring about (a catastrophe, etc.). 6 establish (boundaries), bring about, effect (a consolidation).
1530Mengadili1 hear, try (a case). 2 administer justice. 3 bring to justice.
1531Mengadu1. 1) pit. 2) bump, hit (o.'s head). 3) contest. 2. 1) complain about. 2) sue, bring legal action. 3) inform, squeal, tell on, report.
1532Mengadukancomplain about.
1533Mengageni1 distribute. 2 handle, manage.
1534Mengagung-Agungkanindulge in glorification.
1535Mengagungkan1 glorify, exalt, elevate. 2 praise.
1536Mengahadkanunite in marriage.
1537Mengairi1 irrigate (rice field). 2 dilute with water. 3 give to drink.
1538Mengaiscarry on the back.
1539Mengajaibkanamazing, miraculous.
1540Mengajak1 invite, ask. 2 urge. 3 challenge, invite.
1541Mengajar1 teach (a subject). 2 teach s.o. 3 give s.o. a lesson be will not forget. 4 train, coach.
1542Mengajarkan1 teach s.t. 2 lecture, rebuke.
1543Mengajukan1 file, submit (a protest). 2 file, submit. 3 send, submit, present. 4 set forward, propose, put a motion. 5 indict, remand. 6 lodge, enter (a complaint).
1544Mengakadkanenter into an agreement, fix contractually.
1545Mengakali1 seek a way. 2 deceive, double-cross.
1546Mengakalkanendeavor, seek a way, work s.t. out.
1547Mengakhiriend, close.
1548Mengakrabkanbring close, strengthen (friendships, etc.).
1550Mengaktualisasikan/mengaktualisir/ bring up to date, actualize.
1551Mengaku1 confess, admit. 2 guarantee, promise. 3 claim to be. 4 consider as o.'s own. 5 always talk about o.'s., boast about o.'s.
1552Mengakui1 acknowledge, admit. 2 confess, admit. 3 recognize, acknowledge.
1553Mengakurkan1 reconcile. 2 check. 3 harmonize (colors, etc.).
1555Mengalap1 pick (fruit). 2 abduct.
1556Mengalasi1 cover. 2 lay a base or foundation for.
1557Mengalaskan1 put s.t. down as a base (cloth, rug, etc.). 2 base (o.'s complaint, accusation).
1558Mengalihchange, replace s.t. with s.t. else.
1560Mengalihkanshift, move s.t.
1561Mengalir1. 1) flow. 2) pour, stream, flow (of money, people). 3) stream down. 2. catch crocodiles (with a baited line).
1562Mengaliriflow through.
1563Mengalirkan1 channel. 2 siphon. 3 shed (tears). 4 aim, point.
1564Mengalun1 pitch, heave. 2 be in steady, rhythmic movement.
1565Mengalunkanput s.t. in steady motion.
1566Mengamahi/mengamanati/ deliver a speech, give advice.
1567Mengamalkan1 put into practice, apply. 2 do s.t. regularly. 3 carry out with devotion.
1568Mengamanahkan1 entrust, commit. 2 instruct, order. 3 dedicate, set aside.
1569Mengamankan1 pacify, render safe. 2 place in protective custody, hold in custody. 3 hand over for safekeeping. 4 reassure. 5 prosecute.
1570Mengamat-Amati1 watch closely, keep track of. 2 inspect. 3 monitor, guard.
1571Mengambil1 take. 2 get, fetch. 3 subtract. 4 adopt (a child, a policy).
1572Mengambilikeep taking.
1573Mengambilkanget or fetch for s.o.
1574Mengambul1 bounce, rebound, ricochet. 2 bob up and down.
1575Mengambulkanbounce (a ball).
1576Mengampai1 hang on, over. 2 hang out s.t. to dry (e.g. tobacco). 3 hit, strike.
1577Mengampuni1 forgive s.o. 2 pardon, commute (a sentence).
1578Mengampunkan1 forgive s.t. 2 condone.
1580Mengamuk1 go berserk, run amuck. 2 rage violently.
1582Mengancaikanwreck, damage.
1584Mengancamkan1 threaten with s.t. 2 threatening.
1585Mengandaikansuppose, assume.
1586Mengandalkan1 rely on. 2 trade on.
1587Mengandung1.be pregnant with 2.have wtihin it , contains.
1588Menganeksasiannex, appropriate, take possession of.
1589Menganga1 be agape be wide open. 2 gape, gawk.
1590Mengangah1 have fiery coals. 2 see API.
1591Mengangan-Angankan1 recall, ponder, contemplate. 2 imagine, fantasize.
1592Menganggap1. regard as, consider, deem. 2. (lit. ) nod the head to invite another to join in dancing or drinking.
1593Mengangguknod (in agreement).
1594Mengangguk-Anggukkeep nodding.
1595Menganggukkan1 nod (the head). 2 agree to.
1596Menganggur1. 1) be unemployed, be idle. 2) lie idle. 2. 1) prepare cutting for planting. 2) transplant, plant with a slip.
1597Menganggut1 nod due to drowsiness. 2 move erractically, pitch (of a ship).
1598Mengangkasa1 be airbone. 2 soar, take off. 3 come to the fore.
1599Mengangkat1 lift (up), raise. 2 appoint, designate. 3 promote. 4 remove, take away. 5 take up. 6 adopt (a child), adapt (written material). 7 nab, pick up.
1600Mengangkatiremove (many things).
1601Mengangkatkan1 lift up, raise. 2 roll up (o,'s sleeves).
1602Mengangkut1 carry, transport. 2 carry away. 3 contain.
1603Mengangkutipick up, collect.
1604Mengangon(Java) graze cattle.
1605Mengangsu(Java) 1 draw water. 2 absorb, draw upon. 3 gain knowledge.
1606Mengangsur1 do gradually. 2 pay in installments. 3 move.
1607Mengangsuripay for s.t. installments.
1608Mengangsurkan1 order s.o. to move. 2 pay s.t. in installments. 3 move forward.
1609Mengangut1 nap, doze. 2 fritter o.'s time away.
1610Menganiayai1 maltreat, torture, beat viciously. 2 tyrannize, persecute.
1611Menganjaktransplant, reset (plants).
1612Menganjal1 bounce, rebound. 2 elastic, springy, resilient.
1613Menganjur1. 1) stick out, jut out, protrude. 2) move on or toward. 2. withdraw.
1614Menganjuri1 lead, head (a parade). 2 pioneer, take the initiative.
1615Menganjurkan1 suggest, propose, recommend. 2 extend, project, thrust s.t. out. 3 hand over, pass.
1616Mengantar1 deliver, bring s.t. 2 carry, transmit.
1617Mengantarai1 come or be between. 2 intercede, mediate.
1618Mengantaribring or send to s.o.
1619Mengantarkan1 accompany, bring s.o. to a destination. 2 see off. 3 introduce.
1620Mengantep(Java) 1 trust, believe in. 2 be faithful to. 3 let, permit.
1621Menganting1 dangle, sway. 2 swing.
1623Mengantukkanbump or strike s.t. against.
1624Mengantulbounce, rebound (of a ball.).
1626Menganugerahibestow on s.o.
1627Menganugerahkanbestow, confer (a degree), present a gift to s.o.
1628Menganuti1 follow, submit to. 2 practice, profess (a religion).
1630Mengapgape. mengap-mengap pant, gasp for breath.
1631Mengapa1 why ? 2 doing what ?
1632Mengapammake or make s.t. into apam.
1633Mengapel1appeal, enter an appeal. 2 take roll.
1634Mengapit1 flank. 2 press between s.t., clamp. 3 hold by pressing between. 4 staple (paper together). 5 enclose on either side.
1635Mengapkir1 reject (because of poor quality). 2 condemn (a building). 3 prohibit, ban.
1636Mengaplikasikanapply, put to use, administer.
1639Mengapresiasiappreciate, relish, enjoy.
1640Mengapung1float. 2 float upward, soar.
1641Mengapungihover about, float about.
1642Mengapungkanset or keep afloat (of a canoe, toy boat, etc.).
1643Mengarah1 aim, direct. 2 aim at. 3 manage, direct, administer. 4 head for.
1644Mengarahkan1 direct, aim, point. 2 make efforts in a certain direction. 3 give directions or instructions, direct.
1645Mengarakaccompany in a procession.
1646Mengarang1 string (beads, jewels), arrange (flowers).
1647Mengarangkan1 arrange, string s.t. 2 write or compose for s.o.
1648Mengarcakancast into a statue, make a likeness.
1649Mengaritcut grass.
1650Mengartikan1 interpret, construe. 2 bear a meaning for, lead o. to understand.
1651Mengarungwade across, cross.
1652Mengarungi1 cross s.t. 2 sail through s.t. 3 ford, wade across. 4 wade through, plod through (o.'s studies, work).
1653Mengasah1 sharpen. 2 file (teeth). 3 polish, shine, burnish (a gem). 4 grind, whet, hone. 5 plane (a board).
1654Mengatakansay s.t. , say that...
1655Mengatur1 put in order, straighten up. 2 regulate, organize. 3 arrange, settle. 4 string, thread.
1656Mengaturkan1 offer, give (used on solemn occasions or to s.o. of higher authority). 2 say, express to a person of high status.
1657Mengayunhousehold furnishings.
1658Mengecatsee CAT.
1659Mengecersell retail.
1661Mengeksitkanexpel, dismiss.
1662Mengelabuideceive s.o.
1663Mengelapwipe s.t. with a cloth.
1664Mengelola1 manage (a business, etc.). 2 carry out, execute (a job, etc.).
1665Mengeluarkan1 take or put outside. 2 expel, eject, remove, discharge (an employee). 3 issue (an order, a ticket), publish (a book), say what o. has on o.'s mind. 4 export s.t. 5 produce, manufactore. 7 secrete (a fluid), discharge (blood), exhale s.t.
1666Mengelukbend, make s.t. supple.
1668Mengeluyur1 loaf around, stroll about without purpose. 2 hang around.
1669Mengembang1 expand. 2 unfurl (sail, wings, etc.). 3 open (an umbrella, book, etc.) 4 swell.
1670Mengembararoam, rove wander.
1671Mengembungkanpuff up (o,s cheeks ), inflate , blow up ( a ballon,etc ).
1672Mengempaskan1 throw, dash, hurl s.t. against. 2 slam (door, etc.).
1673Mengempihcollapse (of lung, vein).
1674Mengempih (S)collapse (of lung, vein).
1675Mengemuka - Kan1 suggest, propose, put forward. 2 put to the front. 3 confront
1676Mengemukakan1 suggest, propose, put forward. 2 put to the front. 3 confront s.o.
1677Mengemut1. 1) throb, beat (of pulse). 2) stagger. 2. 1) suck on (a piece of candy or as sexual act). 2) move up and down (of mouth when eating).
1678Mengenai1 concerning, about. 2 see KENA.
1679Mengenal1 know, be acquainted with. 2 recognize. 3 distinguish, make out. 4 diagnose (an illness).
1680Mengenangkan1 remember, recall. 2 commemorate. 3 remind 9o. of s.o.).
1681Mengendalikan1.hold the reins 2.restrain 3.manage,lead.
1682Mengendarai1 drive (a car). 2 ride (a horse).
1683Mengendus1 get wind of, smell, whiff. 2 get wind of, find out, discover.
1684Mengentalcoagulate, clot (of blood), curdle (of milk).
1685Mengenyahkanchase a way , evict .
1686Mengepakhold a franchise, lease the rights to provide a service.
1687Mengepastry s.t. on.
1689Mengeping1split (a plank). 2 slice , cu t into thin pieces.
1690Mengepit1 carry s.t. under the arm. 2 clasp. 3 pinch.
1691Mengeprasprune, trim, cut back.
1692Mengepung1 surround, encircle. 2 besiege.
1693Mengerahkan1 mobilize, conscript (workers, militia, etc.). 2 mobilize to do s.t., assemble (to carry out s.t.).
1694Mengerjai1 work on s.t. to prepare it. 2 (coll. ) have sex with.
1695Mengerjakan1 do carry out. 2 work ( a field, land, etc.). 3 finish off, eliminate, kill. 4 perform (a task).
1697Mengeroyokgang up on, swarm overhelm.
1698Mengerpus(mil. ) place in a cell.
1699Mengerti1 understand. 2 (Java) know.
1700Mengeruk1) curry, rub down, groom (a horse). 2) chafe s.o. with a coin as a medical treatment.
1701Mengeset1.1) arrange s.t., set s.t. 2) typeset. 2. trick s.o.
1702Mengesittype s.t. in a master sheet.
1703Mengetahui1 know, understand s.t. 2 detect, find out.
1704Mengetekitickle under the arm.
1705Mengetengbuy o. or a little at a time, buy retail.
1706Mengetengahi1 intercede, mediate. 2 intervene.
1707Mengetengahkan1 set forth. 2 (leg. ) subpoena, , summon.
1708Mengetim1 boil meat until very tender. 2 steam rice in a certain way.
1709Mengetuk1 knock on (a door). 2 pound out (a dent, etc.).
1710Mengetuki1.make a knocking noise on. 2.knock on.
1711Menggacomplete, perfect.
1712Menggabrukstrike with a bang.
1713Menggaji1 hire, employ. 2 pay a salary or wage.
1714Menggala1 (lit. ) knight. 2 chief indoctrinator.
1715Menggambarkan1 explain s.t. by drawing it. 2 depict, describe.
1716Menggampangkan1 facilitate, smooth (the way). 2 take lightly, consider s.t. easy which is hard.
1717Menggapaipick up, hold, with tweezers.
1718Menggarang(Java) 1 roast s.t. 2 dry s.t.
1719Menggarisbawahi1 underline, underscore (word, sentence, etc.). 2 emphasize.
1720Menggarong1 rob, commit a robbery. 2 plunder, loot, pillage.
1721Menggaruk1 scratch (head, arm, etc.), curry (horse), scape (pan, etc.), rake. 2 round up people (in a raid). 3 rob, clean out.
1722Menggasak1 rub hard, 2 attack, assault (by hitting or kicking). 3 take by force. 4 pilfer, steal. 5 thrash. 6 devour.
1723Menggaungdig, excavate.
1724Menggayung1 strike, slash. 2 cast an evil spell on. 3 stab. 4 do footwork (in silat or other self-defense art).
1725Menggebrak1 thump, pound on (a table, etc.). 2 crash. 3 hit. 4 instigate, urge, move. 5 shake off.
1726Menggegapkanear-shatering, ear-splitting.
1727Menggelemburkanwrinkle (the skin, etc.).
1728Menggelepar-Geleparflutter, twitch, flap (as of wings, of dying fowl), flounder, squim (of fish in net).
1729Menggelikan1) encourage. 2) ridiculous,absurd.
1730Menggelinding1 roll (of ball, etc.). 2 revolver. 3 (sl. ) get .
1731Menggelitik1 tickle. 2 prod, encourage, incite. 3 beat of o.'s heart.
1732Menggelora1) rage, seethe (of sea). 2) impassioned (of speech), full of spirit.
1733Menggelumangispread on, smear with.
1734Menggeluti1 embrace. 2 wrestle with. 3 seize, embrace.
1735Menggemakanwrinkle (the skin, etc.).
1736Menggembirakan1 cheer up, make happy, gladden. 2 enliven (a party , etc.). 3 rejoice over s.t.
1737Menggemborkan1) bruit about, noise about. 2) ballyhoo, plug, pour out.
1738Menggendalakanobstruct, hinder, hamper.
1739Menggeram1. be furious. 2. sound of growl.
1740Menggerantang1 snarl at s.o. 2 intimidate (with o.'s speech).
1741Menggerontang1 make such a noise. 2 threaten with loud noises.
1742Menggertakan1 intimidate. 2 spur (a horse). 3 gnash o,'s teeth.
1743Menggeruh1) snore. 2) roar (of animals).
1744Menggerumuti1 swarm over s.t. (of ants, etc.). 2 crowd (the thoughts).
1745Menggerung1 make a roarong noise (elephant, engine, etc.). 2 cry loudly.
1746Menggerus1 polish s.t. with a sheel until it shines. 2 crush, grind. 3 bray (in a mortar).
1747Menggerutugrumble, complain.
1748Menggetah1 tap (a tree), collect sap. 2 catch birds with birdlime.
1749Menggetilpinch, hold between two fingers
1750Menggetok1 hit, strike. 2 knock on (with a hammer, gravel, knuckles, etc.).
1751Menggigit1 bite s.t. 2 scathing (critique, etc.).
1752Menggiring1) herd, drive (livestock). 2) escort a criminal (to prison, court, etc.).
1753Menggodamstrike, pound (of fist, club, etc.).
1754Menggokmake a turn.
1755Menggolakbrew, boi
1756Menggosipkangossip about s.t.
1757Menggosok1 rub. 2 incite, instigate. 3 shine or polish s.t. 4 iron (clothing).
1758Menggoyahkan1 make s.t. wobble or shake. 2 make s.t.
1759Menggugat1) accuse, charge. 2) criticize, judge. 3) claim, demand.
1760Menggugurkan1 cause s.t to fall out prematurely. 2 topple, bring down.
1761Menggulaflatter, butter up.
1762Menggulaiprepare a curry.
1763Menggulaikan1 cook s.t. as a curry. 2 prepare a curry for others.
1764Menggulingkan1 roll s.t. 2 topple, overthrow. 3 (Sport) defeat.overthrow, deposer.
1765Menggulirkanmake s.t. roll.
1766Menggumalkan1 wrinkle s.t. 2 rumple or crumple s.t.
1767Menggumamkanmutter s.t.
1768Menggumpal1 lump up , clot. 2 cause s.t. to congeal or clot.
1769Menggumpalkan1 make s.t into a lump 2 make s.t coagulate .
1770Menggunduk1 pile up. 2 be shaped like a heap.
1771Menggunduli1 shave s.o. bald. 2 clean s.o. out (financially). 3 make barren, denude (forests, etc.).
1772Menggunting1 cut with scissor or shears. 2 (coll. ) deceive, swindle.
1773Mengguntur1 thunder. 2 boom out (of a sound).
1774Menggunung1 pile up, mount up. 2 resemble a mountain.
1775Mengguruiact like a teacher to s.o., be a know-it-all to s.o.
1776Menggusarkanprovoke s.o. to anger.
1777Menggusur1 haul, drag. 2 condemn (property for public use, etc.), remove (people from their land). (Jakarta) flatten, level to the ground (buildings).
1778Mengguyur1 spray, splash. 2 pour (liquid) in large quantities.
1779Menghabisi1 end, finish (speech, etc.) 2 finish off, wipe out. 3 spend (time).
1780Menghadiahkanpresent s.t., donate.
1781Menghadiriattend, be present at.
1782Menghafalkanmemorize, learn by heart.
1783Menghalakan1direct, guide, steer. 2 aim at.
1784Menghalangi1) block s.o.'s way. 2) hamper.
1785Menghalaukan1 chase away, drive away. 2 drive, herd.
1786Menghambat1 hamper, impede. 2 head off s.o. or s.t., obstruct.
1787Menghampiriapproach, come close to.
1788Menghamuni1 abuse s.o., revile s.o. 2 curse.
1789Menghancurkan1 smash, shatter (building, glass, hopes, etc.). 2 dissolve (sugar in water, etc.). 3 crush (a stone).
1790Menghangatbecome hot.
1791Menghangatkan1 warm up (food, etc.). heat s.t. peng-hangat warmer.
1792Menghanguskan1 roast until burnt. 2 burn, singe, scorch.
1793Menghantam1 strike hard. 2 pound, pummel. 3 attack vigorously. 4 (coll. ) go at (o.'s food).
1794Menghantamkan1 strike s.t. 2 strike with s.t.
1795Menghantui1 frighten. 2 haunt, obsess.
1796Menghapus1 completely remove. 2 clean s.t., wipe off (blackboard).
1797Menghapuskan1 eliminate s.t., wipe out. 2 nullify (a contract), expunge (a record).
1798Mengharamkan1 forbid, prohibit. 2 abjure, abstain from.
1799Menghardik1 snap at. 2 scold, dress down, rebuke.
1800Mengharuskancompel, require.
1801Menghasilkan1 produce. 2 deliver, produce results.
1802Menghayati1 experience to the full, comprehend fully. 2 inspire, vivify.
1803Menghendaki1 wish for s.t. 2 require, demand.
1804Menghentikan1 stop, halt (car, production, etc.). 2 end, put an end to s.t. 3 fire, dismiss. 4 (av. ) feather (a motor).
1805Mengherankancause amazement, be astonishing. 2 be suprised at s.t.
1806Menghibahkan1 give grant, award. 2 donate, bequeath.
1807Menghidupkan1 revivem bring to life. 2 turn on (radio, TV, light, etc.). 4 rekindle (interest, political party, etc.).
1808Menghikayatkannarrate stories.
1810Menghimpitsqueeze, press.
1811Menghina1 humiliate, insult. 2 affront, offend s.o.
1812Menghirup1 draw on, inhale (cigarette, etc.). 2 slurp (up), sip at. 3 sniff in. 4 (ling. ) implosive.
1813Menghitamkan1 blacken (hair, teeth). 2 blacken, denigrate, sully (a reputation).
1814Menghitung1 count, do sums. 2 calculate. 3 count in, reckon.
1815Menghubungi1 contact, get in touch with. 2 get ahold of.
1816Menghubungkan1 connect, join. 2 put s.o. in contact with s.o.
1817Menghukum1 punish s.o. 2 judge, criticize. 3 sentence to.
1818Menghunjam1 pierce s.t. so it is fixed. 2 penetrate. 3 (av. ) dive.
1819Menghunjamkan1 thrust in, insert (by stabbing). 2 shower on.
1820Menghunusunsheathe, draw (sword).
1821Menghuru - Harakanexcite to violence, bring about confusion.
1822Menghutangkanlend s.t.
1823Mengi/mengih/ 1 asthma. 2 pant, have difficulty breathing.
1824Mengiang1. rainbow. 2. continually whine, hum, or buzz.
1825Mengibaratkan1 follow s.o's example. 2 compare s.t., say s.t. is like. 4 treat like s.t.
1826Mengibulilie to s.o., cheat, deceive.
1828Mengigal1 strut, show off. 2 display its feathers. 3 dance in a strutting way.
1829Mengikhtiarkan1 make an effort to. 2 arrange for. 3 make a suggestion.
1830Mengimamilead prayer service at mosque.
1831Mengimbas1 blow. 2 (tech. ) induce (air flow or electrical current).
1833Mengimbaukancall out or appeal for.
1834Mengimigrasikanbring to the Immigration Bureau.
1835Mengimlikasikan1 implicate. 2 imply.
1836Mengincar1 aim (gun, pistol, etc.). 2 have o.'s eye on s.o. or s.t., set o.'s sights on s.o.
1837Mengincitkanshoo, chase s.o. away.
1838Mengindekoskanhave s.o. rent a room s.w.
1839Mengindenkanorder s.t by making a down payment..
1840Mengindikasikanindicate s.t.
1842Mengingat1 remember, recall, recollect. 2 think of, keep in mind. 3 considering, in the light of.
1843Mengingkari1 disavow, go back on. 2 deny (a fact).
1844Menginjak.1 tread or step on. 2 enter a certain age or status.
1845Menginjak - Injak1 disobey, disregard, ignore (a law, regulation, etc.) 2 be disrespectful of, hold a low opinion of.
1846Menginjeksiinject, give an injection.
1847Menginkasokanpresent a check to the issuing bank for payment.
1848Menginpreskanissue an executive order.
1850Menginterlokalmake a long distance call.
1852Menginvestarikaninventory, take stock.
1853Mengiprat1 spurt out, jump. 2 hit.
1854Mengipratisplash someone or something.
1856Mengiratsplit into thin strips.
1857Mengirimkan1.send,dispatch s.t 2.leave s.t for safekeeping,entrust s.t .
1858Mengiringkan1 escort. 2 have s.o. follow.
1859Mengislamkan1 Islamize, convert to islam. 2 circumcise. ke-islam-an Islamic.
1861Mengistirahatkangive s.o a rest or pause.
1862Mengisukan1 make an issue of. 2 gossip about s.t.
1863Mengisyaratkanbeckon, signal.
1864Mengizinkan1 permit, allow. 2 license s.o. or s.t.
1865Mengkadimkanpredict, foretell, prophesy.
1866Mengkafirkanconsider s.o. an infidel.
1867Mengkakok1 hold. 2 work, do.
1868Mengkal1 unripe (of fruit). 2 improperly ripened because of defect. 3 annoyed, irritated.
1869Mengkal-Pengkolcroked, winding.
1870Mengkali(Jakarta) see BARANGKALI.
1871Mengkandaskan1beach (a boat etc.). 2 cause s.t. to fail, frustrate.
1872Mengkarasee MAKARA.
1873Mengkarut1 confuse s.o. 2 lie, tell a falsehood.
1874Mengkasarsee MAKASAR.
1875Mengkasipkandelay, postpone.
1876Mengkebetopen a book to a certain page.
1877Mengkedutseize or take by force, snatch.
1878Mengkelanget s.t. stuck in the throat.
1879Mengkelosokrub hard, scour.
1880Mengkemam1 retain in the mouth. 2 mumble.
1881Mengkencongkan1) twist, bend (s.o.'s words). 2) curl (o.'s lips).
1882Mengkeramatkan1 consider sacred. 2 respect highly.
1883Mengkeret1 shrink. 2 angry. 3 afraid, scared. 4. double up with pain.
1884Mengkerkahicrunch on s.t.
1885Mengkernyingbare the teeth or fangs.
1886Mengkeruh1 snore. 2 purr (of a cat).
1887Mengkerutshrink s.t.
1888Mengkerutakcrunch (on a bone).
1889Mengkesatwipe dry.
1890Mengkesipsuck (on a juicy fruit, etc.).
1891Mengketiakiput or carry s.t. under the arms.
1892Mengkhatamkanfinish, conclude (the reading of the Koran).
1893Mengkhotbahipreach at, lecture s.o.
1894Mengkhotbahkanpreach s.t. via a sermon.
1895Mengkikis1 erode. 2 make s.t. disappear bit by bit.
1897Mengkilapkanshine, polish (shoes, silver, etc.).
1898Mengkilas1) trap (animals, birds). 2) tighten (up).
1899Mengkilaskanreleas, let s.t. go quickly.
1900Mengkilat1shine. 2 flash.
1901Mengkilihem s.t.
1902Mengkimbang - Kimbang1 circle, hover (of a plane, bird, etc.) 2 move back and forth, go to and fro, be very restless.
1903Mengkimpalforge metal.
1904Mengkingshake with fright.
1905Mengkipaikanwag s.t.
1906Mengkiraikan1 shake out (wet laundry, tablecloth, rug). 2 winnow (rice, etc.). 3 spread (rice) out to dry. 4 flap (its wings, etc.), push open (a door).
1907Mengkirap1. 1) hit (with its wings, of an angry goose, hen). 2) flap. 3) flutter (of wings, flag). 2. disappear, vanish (of ideals, etc.).
1908Mengkirikmake o.'s flesh creep, shiver.
1909Mengkis1 challenge. 2 scorn, taunt.
1910Mengkisruhkanupset, disrupt.
1911Mengklirbe clear, become clear.
1912Mengklirkan1 finish s.t. 2 clear s.t. up.
1914Mengkodaktake a picture.
1915Mengkopyok1shake s.t., esp. to blend or mix it up. 2 shake up pieces of paper for lottery.
1916Mengkover1 cover, include. 2 cover (a story).
1917Mengkremuschew a.t. crispy into small pieces.
1918Mengkuangsee BANGKUANG.
1919Mengkuatirkan1 cause apprehension, alarm. 2 be worried about.
1920Mengkubit1 pinch s.o. 2 tap s.o. on the arm or shoulder to attract his attention.
1921Mengkudusee BENGKUDU.
1922Mengkuit1 beckon, motion (with fingers, hand, for s.o. to come nearer). 2 tap, prod (with a finger or pencil to attact attention).
1923Mengkulminasibe at the pinnacle.
1924Mengkungkanggnaw at s.t.
1925Mengkungkung1 shackle, restrain. 2 impede movement. 3 dominate.
1928Mengobarkan1 inspire, fire s.o. up. 2 fan flames, inflame a situation. 3 arouse passions, stir up feelings.
1929Mengobatitreat s.o. or s.t.
1930Mengobatkan1 treat s.t. medically. 2 treat with s.t.
1931Mengobrak-Abrik1 destroy, ruin. 2 upset, tip over, turn upside down.
1932Mengobral1 sell out, sell cheaply. 2 spend or dispose of s.t. freely.
1934Mengobrolirepeatedly talk about, gossip about.
1935Mengoceh1 bable, jabber. 2 twitter of bird.
1936Mengocok1 shake, mix s.t. 2 mix, stir (eggs, dough), shuffle (cards). 3 rub hard. 4 incite s.o. to do s.t.
1937Mengoekquack like a duck.
1938Mengojok(coll. ) make s.o. do s.t. bad.
1939Mengokangcock a rifle for firing.
1940Mengolahprocess, turn s.t. into s.t. better.
1941Mengomelgrumble and complain.
1942Mengompes1 give s.o. the 3rd degree. 2 coerce, torture.
1943Mengomprengoperate office or gvt. vehicles for personal profit.
1944Mengomprengkanuse an official or company car illegally as a taxi.
1945Mengongkok-Ongkok(M) walk with a stoop.
1947Mengoper1 take s.t. over. 2 hand over, pass s.t. to. 3 transfer.
1948Mengorak1. uncoil, unfold. 2. (Jakarta) 1) shake s.t. violently. 2) bring s.t. to disorder.
1949Mengorek1 scrape, get s.t. by scraping. 2 dig up secrets.
1951Mengorok(Jakarta) 1 snort, drone. 2 snore.
1952Mengosek1 clean a floor with a brush. 2 rinse or wash food. 3 run water on whetstone while sharpening.
1953Mengotcrooked, curved.
1954Mengotoricontaminate s.t., polute, foul (a river, the environment).
1955Mengoyak(Java) chase after.
1956Mengoyak-Oyak(M) shake s.t. loose.
1957Mengsol1 askew, aslant. 2 crazy.
1958Mengtangsikanconfine to quarters.
1959Menguakkan1 make a rent , opening in 2 break open a window , door , safe , barricade ,etc . 3 push apart ( as of people , in ordeer to get through a crowd ) .
1960Menguangifinance s.t.
1961Menguangkan1 cash in s.t. 2 sell s.t. (jewelry, etc.) for cash.
1962Menguap1 evaporate, vaporize. 2 become steam.
1963Menguapisteam s.t.
1964Menguapkan1 steam. 2 let evaporate.
1965Menguarkanproclaim s.t.
1967Mengubah1 change, become different. 2 alter, modify.
1968Mengubahichange or modify several things.
1969Mengubahkanalter on behalf of s.o.
1970Mengubanbe graying.
1971Mengubani1 pull out gray hairs. 2 cause gray hair (through worry, etc.)
1972Mengubar1. paint or dye s.t. with such material. 2 unroll s.t. and spread it out.
1973Mengubek1. stir vigorously by hand. 2. (Jakarta, Java) 1 turn s.t. around. 2 stir.
1974Menguber-Ubergo after, pursue.
1975Mengubinitile s.t.
1976Mengubit1 pinch s.o. 2 tap s.o. on the arm or shoulder to attract his attention.
1977Menguburkanbury, inter, lay to rest.
1978Mengucaibe isolated from o.'s friends.
1979Mengucap(islam) worship God by pronouncing His names and attributes.
1980Mengucapi1 say s.t. to s.o. 2 recite spells over s.o., treat s.o. who is ill by reciting prayers and invocations.
1982Mengucek1 rub. 2 do the laundry. 3 crush, grind, mash.
1983Mengucek-Ngucek(Jakarta, Java) rub with o.'s hands.
1984Mengucilkan1 expel (from family, clan, relationship, political party, etc.), ostracize, excommunicate. 2 squeeze out (toothpaste, glue, etc.).
1985Mengudakchase after, pursue.
1987Mengudal-Adulrumple hair, string, or other hairlike material.
1988Mengudap1 taste s.t. 2 snack, eat between meals.
1989Mengudar1 reel, wind. 2 disentangle.
1990Mengudara1 go on the air (radio, etc.). 2 go up in the air (balloons, etc.).
1991Mengudarakan1 air (programs). 2 put s.t. in the air, let s.t. fly.
1992Mengudek(Java, Jakarta) stir.
1993Mengudik1 go upstream. 2 return to o.'s ancestral village.
1994Mengudut(Java) smoke s.t.
1995Mengugem(Java) claim as o.'s own.
1996Mengugutthreaten, intimidate.
1998Menguiksqueal (of pigs).
1999Mengujarsay s.t.
2000Menguji1 examine. 2 put to the test, try.
2001Mengujung1 reach an end or a top. 2 become sharp or pointed. 3 intensify.
2002Mengukircarve s.t., engrave.
2003Mengukirkancarve into or on s.t.
2004Mengukupperfume s.t., incense s.t.
2005Mengukur1 measure, survey. 2 read a meter.
2006Mengukurkanmeasure against s.t.
2008Mengulakbuy goods for resale.
2009Mengulang1 repeat s.t. 2 study over again.
2010Mengulangi1 repeat, do s.t. again. 2 visit frequently.
2011Mengulangkanrepeat for s.o.
2012Mengulap-Ulapkanperform such a gesture with (the hand).
2013Mengulas1. 1) cover, wrap. 2) daub (in painting). 2. 1) review, comment on. 2) explain, analyze.
2014Mengulasi1 put a cover on s.t. 2 daub over and over.
2015Mengulaskan1. use s.t. to cover. 2. divide into sections.
2016Menguleg/mengulek/ pulverize, grind.
2018Menguletstretch (after sleeping).
2019Menguliknead (dough).
2021Mengulirput in a screw.
2022Mengulitkanput s.o. to sleep by singing lullabies.
2023Mengulur1 pay out. 2 extend. 3 make concessions.
2024Mengulur-Ulurrepeatedly extend s.t.
2025Mengulurihand over to s.o.
2026Mengulurkan1 pay out (a rope, etc.). 2 pass s.t. out, stick s.t. out. 3 extend, stretch.
2027Mengumak-Umik(Java) silently mouth words.
2028Mengumbah1 wash, do the laundry. 2 rinse.
2029Mengumbai-Umbaikanswing, dangle s.t.
2030Mengumban1 sling. 2 throw away.
2032Mengumbarfree s.t., let loose.
2033Mengumbatextract s.t. difficult to remove.
2034Mengumbuk1 swindle. 2 persuade. 3 appease, talk in a friendly way to s.o.
2035Mengumbulbubble up, rise rapidly.
2036Mengumpak-Umpakextol a person to the skies.
2037Mengumpamakan1 compare. 2 take as an example. 3 assume, suppose.
2038Mengumpantempt, lure.
2039Mengumpani1 bait s.t. 2 entice.
2040Mengumpankanuse s.t. as bait.
2041Mengumpatswear, curse (in reproach).
2042Mengumpatiswear at s.o.
2043Mengumpetgo hide, lie low.
2044Mengumpetkanhide s.t.
2045Mengumpil1 lift, raise. 2 row, scull.
2046Mengumpulkan1 gather , assemble , concentrate (forces ) 2 collect ( stamp,coins,etc) 3 amass,accumulate ( a for tune , an art collection , eetc ) .
2047Mengumumkan1 announce, notify. 2 publish.
2048Mengunclikwalk without looking left or right.
2049Mengunda-Undatow o. behind the other.
2050Mengundanginvite, summon.
2051Mengundangkanlegislate, establish by law.
2052Mengundat-Undat(Java) dig up old grievances.
2053Mengundidraw (lots, straws, etc.).
2054Mengunduh(Java) pick (fruit from tree).
2055Mengundung-Undungkanuse as a head covering.
2056Mengundur-Undurkankeep postponing.
2058Mengungsee MENUNG.
2059Mengungapgasp for breath.
2060Mengunggisnibble, gnaw at.
2061Mengunggul-Unggulkanshow off.
2064Mengunggunkanpile (wood, etc.).
2065Mengunggutpull at, tug.
2066Mengungkai1 untie, undo, loosen. 2 break open. 3 undo, take off. 4 disclose.
2067Mengungkap1 express (with words, face or gestures). 2 reveal, uncover.
2068Mengungkapidig up.
2069Mengungkapkan1 give expression to. 2 utter, pronounce. 3 uncover, reveal.
2070Mengungkat-Ungkatbring up old sore points.
2071Mengungkilpry up.
2072Mengungkit1 pry up. 2 pry (into other people's business).
2073Mengungkit-Ungkit1 bob up and down. 2 open up old sore points.
2075Mengungsikanevacuate s.o.
2076Mengungubecome purple.
2077Menguniversalkan/menguniversilkan/ make s.t. universal.
2078Mengunjuk1 extend the hand. 2 indicate, point out.
2079Mengunjukkan1 raise or extend o.'s hand. 2 present, hand over, pass.
2080Mengunjurstretch o.s.
2081Mengunjurkanstretch s.o. or s.t. out.
2082Mengunjutwrap up in a bundle, make into a bundle.
2083Mengunsuribe an element of.
2084Menguntai1 dangle, hang down. 2 string s.t.
2085Menguntal1. roll s.t. into pellet shape. 2. 1) swallow a large quantity. 2) (vulg. ) eat.
2086Menguntal-Nguntalwad up.
2088Menguntildangle, hang down.
2089Menguntingsound, plumb.
2091Menguntukkanallocate, assign.
2092Menguntungkancause s.o. to enjoy a profit or benefit.
2093Mengunyah1 chew, masticate. 2 digest (advice, a problem, etc.)
2094Mengunyaido s.t. slowly.
2095Mengupacarai/mengupacarakan/ hold a ceremony for.
2096Mengupahipay s.o. wages or some remuneration.
2097Mengupahkanhave s.t. done upon payment.
2098Mengupampolish, burnish.
2099Mengupayakanstrive for, seek.
2100Mengupgrade/apgred/ upgrade s.t.
2101Mengupil1 pick o.'s nose. 2 form scab on a wound.
2102Mengurah1 (M) demolish, tear down. 2. relate.
2103Menguraibecome disentangled.
2104Menguraikan1 loosen, disentangle (o.'s hair, a fastening, etc.). 2 scatter. 3 explain, analyze.
2105Mengurapirub with ointment.
2106Mengurapkanapply s.t. to the body.
2107Mengurat1 be rooted. 2 become tough.
2108Menguruk1 bury. 2 fill (with soil, sand, etc.).
2109Mengurukiput sand or soil on.
2110Mengurungkan1 cause to fail. 2 abandon, cancel.
2111Mengurup1 barter, exchange. 2 change money.
2112Mengurus1 arrange matters (with a higher-up). 2 take care of, manage.
2113Mengurusitake care of.
2114Menguruskan1 manage, run. 2 take care of on s.o.'s behalf, handle for s.o.
2115Mengurut1. 1) massage, rub. 2) caress, stroke. 2. 1) put in the right order. 2 trace s.t.
2116Mengurutkanput s.t. in the right order.
2117Mengusahakan1 carry on, expend o.'s energy at s.t. 2 organize, manage.
2118Mengusangdry up, wither.
2119Mengusap1 wipe s.t. off. 2 caress, stroke.
2120Mengusapkanwipe with s.t.
2121Mengusik1 tease. 2 touch on. 3 (phys. ) perturb.
2122Mengusirchase away, drive out, expel.
2123Mengusuliexamine s.o.
2124Mengusulkanpropose, suggest.
2125Mengusungcarry (together with others) on the shoulders.
2126Mengusut1 feel all over, handle. 2 examine.
2127Mengutak-Atik/mengutak-utik/ tinker with s.t.
2128Mengutamakanconsider as most important, give priority to.
2129Mengutarakanpresent, state in public.
2130Mengutik1.tinker with 2.pick (o.s nose ) 3.cavil,look for faults in another person.
2131Mengutik-Utiktouch with a finger, poke into s.t. to examinate it.
2132Mengutip1 pick up small bits (money, rice grains, etc.). 2 copy a portion, cite, excerpt s.t.
2133Mengutuskandelegate s.o.
2134Menguyel-Uyelkancause to jostle.
2135Menhankam[Menteri Pertahanan dan keamanan] Minister of Defense and Security.
2136Menhub[Menteri Perhubungan] Minister of Communication.
2137Meniorange paint used as antirust primer.
2138Meniadakan1 abolish, destroy, nullify. 2 consider nonexistent.
2139Meniangiprovide with poles, posts, masts, etc.
2140Meniarap(lie) face downward.
2141Meniarapkanplace s.o. or s.t. face downward.
2142Meniduri1 (of a man) to have intercourse with s.o. 2 lie or sleep on s.t.
2143Menidurkan1 put to bed. 2 lay s.t. down.
2144Menikam1 stab s.o. 2 be cutting, be biting (words, wind, etc.). 3 put up a stake in a card game, etc.
2145Menikamkanstab with s.t.
2146Menikmati1enjoy. 2 benefit from.
2147Menikung1 curve or bend. 2 make a turn.
2148Menilangissue a traffic ticket.
2149Menilik1 tell the future. 2 observe carefully, watch. 3 consider, examine carefully. 4 supervise.
2150Menimangrock (a child) in o.'s arms or a cradle.
2151Menimang-Nimang1 (lit. ) test the balance of s.t. by shifting it in o.'s hand. 2 observe by holding in the hand. 3 consider an issue carefully.
2152Menimba1 bail out (a boat). 2 draw (water) from a well, etc.
2153Menimbalicounterbalance, counter s.t.
2154Menimbang1 weigh. 2 consider, take into account. menimbang-terimakan hand over, transfer.
2155Menimbangi1 repay, counterbalance. 2 be in proportion to.
2156Menimbangkanweigh out on behalf of s.o.
2157Menimbrung(Java) 1 interfere in s.o.'s affairs. 2 butt in on a conversation.
2158Menimbrungiinterrupt a conversation.
2159Menimbulkan1 make s.t. to come to the surface. 2 cause s.t. to occur or appear.
2160Menimbun1 be heaped up, become piles. 2 be piled up on. 3 heap s.t. up.
2161Menimbuniheap piles on s.t.
2162Menimbunkan1 pile s.t.up. 2 accumulate s.t.
2163Menimbusifill up s.t.
2164Menimpai1 fall on. 2 descend upon, strike down.
2165Menimpakan1 cause s.t. to fall upon. 2 blame.
2166Menimpang1 be unbalanced. 2 limp.
2167Menimpe(Jakarta) swipe, pilfer.
2168Menimpuki(Jakarta) throw at.
2169Menimpukkanthrow s.t.
2170Meninabobokanlull to sleep.
2171Menindaktake ation against.
2172Menindakkancarry on s.t.
2173Menindas1 crush with snapping action (esp. insects). 2 oppress. 3 suppress.
2174Menindih/menindihi/ 1 press with s.t. heavy, place a weight on s.t. 2 suppress. 3 oppress.
2175Menindihkanpress wiht s.t.
2177Meninggaldie, pass away.
2178Meninggali1 live in, stay at. 2 leave behind to, bequeath.
2179Meninggalkan1 leave s.t. behind. 2 leave.
2180Meninggi1 go high, rise, advance. 2 boast, be boastful.
2181Meninggikan1 raise, heighten. 2 increase, enhance.
2182Meningkahi1. put on airs toward s.o., contradict. 2. strike a musical instrument to accompany other instruments.
2183Meningkap(lit. ) peer from a window.
2184Meningkar(Sunda) surround.
2185Meningkat1 rise, mount. 2 be promoted, advance. 3 terrace.
2186Meningkatkan1 increase s.t., raise. 2 upgrade.
2187Meninjau1 watch, observe at a distance. 2 view, consider. 3 observe s.t., reconnoiter s.t., survey s.t. 4 guess from afar.
2188Meninjube engaged in a fist fight.
2189Menipis1 become thin. 2 diminish, become less and less.
2190Menipiskan1. make s.t. thin. 2. dilute s.t. 3 reduce, decrease.
2191Menipudeceive s.o.
2192Menir1. finely ground grains of rice. 2. see MENEER.
2193Meniran(Java, Jakarta) tired from speaking (of the lips).
2194Meniruimitate, do as s.o. does.
2195Menirukanimitate s.t.
2196Menirustaper, come to a point.
2197Menisikidarn, mend.
2198Menisikkangive to s.o. to mend.
2200Menitahkancommand, decree s.o.
2201Menitiwalk on s.t. elevated, narrow, and long.
2202Menitik1 drip. 2 place a period.
2203Menitikberatkan1 stress, emphasize. 2 count heavily on.
2204Menitikisprinkle on s.t.
2205Menitikkancause s.t. to drip.
2206Menitipientrust to s.o.
2207Menitipkan/menitip/ entrust s.t. to s.o. for a short period.
2208Menitirsound an alarm in such a way.
2209Menitis1(Java) become incarnate. 2 (coll. ) descend into o.'s offspring (of traits, etc.).
2210Meniup1 blow. 2 blow air into or through.
2211Meniupi1 blow on s.t. 2 blow on s.o. as part of a healing ritual.
2212Meniupkan1 cause to spread, cause to fan out. 2 blow on or up on behalf of s.o.
2213Menj-see also entries with j-.
2214Menjabat1 takehold of, grasp. 2 occupy an office.
2215Menjadi1 become 2 be 3 as,be 4 boil down to 5 succeed ,win out,go through with.
2216Menjadikan1 make into s.t 2 conclude ,bring into being 3 create ,make 4 cause bring about , bring to pass.
2217Menjahanamkan1 ruin, destroy. 2 curse, swear at.
2218Menjahit1 sew, stitch. 2 tailor. tailor, seamstress.
2219Menjajaki1 probe, sound out. 2 (naut. ) fathom, take soundings, plumb.
2220Menjajarkanpull, drag s.t.
2221Menjaksee SEMENJAK.
2222Menjalani1 wolk on 2 undorge , endure ( an operation , military training ,punishment, etc ) 3 go through a period of o,s life . 4 travel trhough s.w .
2223Menjalankan1 drive ( car et ), operate ( machine) 2 start , put into operation ( a car etc ) 3 carry out , perform (o,s duty ) put into effect 4 serve ( prison sentence ) .
2224Menjalar1 creep, crawl (of snakes, plants). 2 spread (of fire, disease, etc.).
2225Menjangan(Java, lit. ) deer.
2226Menjangat1 skin, flay, fleece. 2 strip bark.
2227Menjangkakan1 measure (with calipers). 2 plan, work out.
2228Menjangkau1 reach. 2 reach to. 3 reach for. 4 reach out. 5 reach out, extend to.
2229Menjaring1 catch or pick up in a net. 2 encompass, embrace (a large area, etc.).
2230Menjatuhkan1 let fall , drop 2 drop , supply a lower level with money 3 toppley , overthrow , bring down ( the gvt,regime ) 4 ruin , topple , ruin a good name 5 (leg) pass (a sentence,judgement),hand down (a verdict,decision) .
2231Menjauhi1 avoid, keep away from. 2 be far from.
2232Menjawikan1 translate into Malay. 2 put into the Malay script.
2233Menjayakanglorify, extol.
2234Menjebak1 trap (animals, birds). 2 trap, frame s.o.
2235Menjebloskan1 throw s.t. into. 2 throw (into jail).
2236Menjebol1 break down (a door, etc.). 2 penetrate (enemy lines, etc.). 3 break through (a wall, etc.).
2237Menjebrolkan1 produce, bring forth, give birth to. 2 eject, expel s.t.
2238Menjegaliinterfere with, interrupt.
2239Menjeglegkanpunch a hole in.
2240Menjelajah1 cruis over seas, cross land areas. 2 explore (an area, etc.). 3 examine.
2241Menjelang1 call on, pay o,'s respects to. 2 visit. 3. to (used to address mail). 4 around, toward. 5 approach, come close to.
2242Menjelangaklook upward.
2243Menjelempahlie scattered about.
2244Menjelirkanstick out (o.'s tongue).
2245Menjelmakan1 create. 2 realize, bring about.3 transform s.o. or s.t.
2246Menjelujur1 baste (a hem). 2 tie or stitch together.
2247Menjelujuri1 stitch s.t. on. 2 hold s.t. together with a thread. 3 go over the lenght of s.t. 4 investigate.
2248Menjemput1 pick up (with fingertips). 2 pick up (figuratively). 3 call for, fetch.
2249Menjemukan1 bore s.o., boring. 2 tiresome, irksome.
2250Menjemurspread out in the sun to dry.
2251Menjenguk1 look or observe with head thrust forward. 2 pay a call, look in on.
2252Menjentik1 pinch, tweak, nip. 2 flick, rap with the fingers. 3 rap, scold, criticize s.o.
2253Menjepitkan1 squeeze, pinch s.t. 2 clip s.t., affix s.t. with clips.
2254Menjepret1 hit with a slingshot. 2 take a snapshot of.
2255Menjerakan1 teach s.o. a lesson. 2 frighten, intimidate. 3 be wary of, learn to avoid.
2256Menjerat1 snare. 2 trick, deceive, round up (criminals). 3 entice, inveigle (customers). 4 snarl, tangle.
2257Menjeriauinstall such joists.
2258Menjeringchirp, cheep (of birds, etc.).
2259Menjernihkan1 make s.t. clear, clear up (a misunderstanding). 2 purify, cleanse
2260Menjewangsnatch s.t. up.
2261Menjidari1 provide a line. 2 make a line with a ruler.
2262Menjijikan1 loathe, abhor, abominate. 2 nauseating, loathsome.
2263Menjilat1 lick. 2 flatter, curry (favor), apple polish.
2264Menjinakancurl the lower lip down (to tease).
2266Menjojol1 protrude (of eyes). 2 protrude upward (of palisades, etc.).
2267Menjorokan1 make s.t. protrude. 2 push or shunt aside.
2269Menjuaraiwin out, come up as champion.
2270Menjublekbe silent, speechless (us. in bewilderment).
2271Menjulur1 stick outward. 2 panhandle, beg in street.
2272Menjumpai1 find. 2 go to meet. 3 meet with, encounter.
2273Menjurus1) point, lead (in certain direction, etc.). 2) go in a certain direction.
2274Menkeh[Menteri Kehakiman] Minister of Justice.
2275Menkes[Menteri Kesehatan] Minister of Public Health.
2276Menkesra[Menteri Kesejahteraan Rakyat] Minister of Public Welfare.
2277Menkeu[Menteri Keuangan] Minister of Finance.
2278Menko[Menteri Koordinator] Coordinating Minister.
2279Menkop[Menteri Koperasi] Minister of Cooperatives.
2280Menlu[Menteri Luar Negeri] Minister of Foreign Affairs.
2281Menmud[Menteri Muda] Undersecretary.
2282Menobatkancrown, install.
2283Menodong1 threaten s.o. by pointing a weapon. 2 commit armed robbery.
2284Menodongkanthreaten by pointing with s.t.
2285Menohokstab downward.
2286Menohokkanuse s.t. in a downward piercing motion.
2287Menohorkandry s.t. up.
2288Menojokthrust (s.t. long) into s.t.
2289Menojokkanthrust s.t. (of long things).
2290Menojorhit with a fist.
2291Menokohcheat, deceive.
2292Menokohirun, lead (a group).
2293Menokohkanfeature s.t.
2294Menokok1. give or say s.t. extra. 2. tap, pound at.
2296Menolak1 push. 2 push aside, prevent. 3 repel. 4 reject. refuse. 5 (math. ) subtract.
2297Menolakkan1 push away. 2 push off on to.
2298Menoleh1 turn o.'s head. 2 look toward by turning the head.
2299Menolehkancause o.'s head or attention to turn somewhat.
2301Menolonghelp, aid, assist s.o.
2302Menolongirepeatedly help with s.t.
2303Menombakstab with a spear.
2304Menombok1 (Jakarta) pay extra, pay an additional fee. 2 stake out money in gambling.
2305Menomboki1 add a sum of money to. 2 pay extra (of many persons). 3 bet on.
2306Menonggak1. make s.t. erecrt. 2. drink from a container by pouring its contens down o.'s throat.
2307Menongkat1 raise hight . 2 cane s.o.
2308Menongkatkan1 hold up with s.t. 2 raise.
2309Menongkrongi1 squat on s.t., hang out around at. 2 squat on land.
2310Menongkrongkanlet s.t. remain idle.
2311Menonjokhit with the fist, fight.
2312Menonjol1 protrude, stick out. 2 conspicuous, prominent.
2313Menonjol-Nonjolkanshow s.t. off which is not worth showing off.
2315Menonton1 watch for entertainment, observe. 2 go to the movie.
2316Menontoni1 visit the family of o.'s future in-laws (to obtain information). 2 meet e.o. for mutual inspection (of future bridal pairs in arranged marriages).
2317Menontonkan1 show (off), exhibit. 2 play, perform.
2318Menopang1 prop up, shore up. 2 tidak-menopang contradict.
2319Menopangkanlean s.t. on.
2320Menorgarish, gaudy in dress or make up.
2321Menoreh1 make a shallow cut. 2 slit open.
2322Menpan[Menteri Negara Penertiban Aparatur Negara] State Minister or Control of Machinery of the State.
2323Menpen[Menteri Penerangan] Minister of Information.
2324Menpera[Menteri Negara Urusan Perumahan Rakayat] State Minister of Public Housing.
2325Menperdag[Menteri perdagangan] Minister of Trade.
2326Menperhubsee MENHUB.
2327Menpora[Menteri Negara Pemuda dan Olah Raga] State Minister of Youth and Sports.
2328Menpplh[Menteri Negara Pembinaan dan Pelestarian Lingkungan Hidup] State Minister of Environmental Affairs.
2329Menristek[Menteri Negara Riset dan Teknologi] State Minister of Research and Technology.
2330Mens(coll. ) menstruation, menstruate.
2331Mensekneg/Mensesneg/ (Menteri Sekretaris Negara] Secretary of State.
2332Menselkanput into a prison cell.
2334Menservisservice (of engines, etc.).
2335Mensiangk.o. rush.
2336Mensinyalircall attention to, point out.
2337Mensinyalkangive a signal.
2340Menskors1 suspend s.o. 2 adjourn.
2341Menslengercrank, start a car with a crank.
2342Menslogankanutter s.t. as a slogan, make s.t. into a slogan.
2344Mensortirsort (of mail, etc.).
2345Mensos[Menteri Sosial] Minister for Social Affairs.
2347Menstabilomark a text with a highlighting pen.
2348Menstarter(coll. ) start an angine.
2349Mensteling1 set up barricades around s.t. 2 (mil. ) take up a position.
2356Mensubstantifkanmake into a substantive.
2358Mensucikan1 purify, disinfect, clean. 2 sanctify.
2359Mensugestikanpersuade s.o. to be of the same opinion.
2360Mensyariahkan/mensyariatkan/declare a certain deed to be Islam law.
2361Mensyukuri1 be grateful to God to God about s.t. 2. (coll. ) thank s.o.
2362Mensyurkan1.1) attract, absorb o.'s interest. 2) arouse, sexual desire. 2. advise, recommend.
2363Ment-see also entries with t-.
2364Mentaati1 ahere to, obey s.t. 2 be faithful to.
2365Mentabukanconsider s.t. taboo.
2366Mentafahus1 search s.t. 2 examine s.t.
2367Mentah1 unripe, raw, uncooked. 2 incomplete, unfinished. 3 raw, unrefined.
2368Mentahbiskanconsecrate, ordain.
2369Mentahkikkan(lit. ) verify.
2370Mentajakiwork soil or chop down weeds with such a tool.
2371Mentajin1 feed rice water (to an infant). 2 starch o.'s clothes.
2372Mentajinkanmake rice water or starch out of s.t.
2373Mentajongstrike (with the arm).
2374Mentajuk1 protrude. 2 prominent, well known.
2375Mentajukkanmake s.t. into an editorial..
2376Mentak(Jakarta) probable. ke-mentak-an probability.
2377Mentakaksew two ends of sarong together (to yield tube shape).
2378Mentakdirkanpredestine, preordain
2379Mentakhlikkancreate (of God).
2380Mentakhtakancrown, enthrone.
2381Mentakik1 make incisions to extract sap. 2 notch s.t.
2382Mentaklikread diligently, peruse carefully.
2384Mentakukcut a notch, incision.
2385Mentakukkanfix, determine.
2386Mentakung1 let s.t. settle. 2 cause liquid to accumulate.
2387Mentakupclose itself together firmly.
2388Mentakupkanclose s.t. (two symmetrical things) together firmly.
2389Mentakzimkanrespect or esteem s.o.
2390Mental1 bounce off, rebound. 2 be launched (of a vessel). 3 uninjured. /me`ntal/ way of thinking.
2392Mentalitas/mentalitet/ mentality.
2393Mentalkinkanwhispher instructions in the ear of the dead or dying.
2394Mentamsilkan1 compare. 2 relate in a parable or analogous manner.
2396Mentan[Menteri Pertanian] Minister of Agriculture.
2397Mentanangcarry s.t. with the hands underneath it.
2399Mentangmentang-pun although. (se)-mentang-mentang, mentang-kan just because.
2400Mentantingcarry in the palms of the hands.
2401Mentargetkanaim for s.t., target s.t.
2402Mentarisee MATAHARI.
2403Mentasbehkanextol God.
2407Mentauhidkan1 acknowlege God's o.ness. 2 concentrate on s.t.
2408Mentawuriattack in a group.
2410Mentega1 butter. 2 margarine.
2411Mentekk.o. plant disease.
2412Mentelaahanalyze, study carefully.
2413Menteledorkanneglect, be careless about.
2414Mentenarkanmake s.o. well known.
2415Mentengelite section of Jakarta. menteng-menteng-an in the mode of s.o. or s.t. from this area.
2416Mententeramkan1 pacify. 2 reassure, calm.
2417Menteorikantheorize about s.t.
2418Menterasee MANTERA.
2419Mentereng1 dressed up. 2 luxurious, magnificent.
2420Menteri1 cabinet minister. 2 (che. ) bishop. ke-menteri-an ministry, department.
2422Menterlantarkan1) cause s.t. 2) pass on (a suggestion, etc.).
2423Menternakkanbreed animals.
2425Mentertawakanlaugh at.
2426Mentertibkan1 straighten up, put in order. 2 control, curb.
2427Menterutamakanconsider as most important, give the highest priority to.
2428Menteterhit repeatedly.
2429Mentilawatilkanrecite (Koran) in a competition.
2431Mentintaiapply ink to s.t.
2432Mentip-Exapply white-out to s.t.
2433Mentiriskan1 cause to leak through. 2 drain.
2434Mentiup-Tiupblow a problem out of proportion.
2435Mentobatkancause s.o. to repent and change behavior.
2436Mentok(Java) breast of chicken. /me`ntok/ (Java) duck.
2440Mentololkanconsider s.o. a fool, make a fool of.
2441Mentonilkan1 act, perform. 2 dramatize, put into a play.
2442Mentopikkanuse as a topic.
2443Mentorpedirtorpedo s.t.
2444Mentorpedotorpedo s.t.
2445Mentotalkanadd s.t. up, total s.t.
2446Mentotolkancause s.t. to splatter on s.t.
2447Mentour-Of-Dutykantransfer s.o. to another post.
2448Mentoyor(Jakarta) strike, punch.
2449Mentraktirtreat s.o.
2450Mentraktorido work with a tractor.
2451Mentrampilkantrain s.o.
2455Mentransmigrasikanresettle s.o.
2459Mentrindili(Jakarta) rob s.o.
2460Mentrompetkantrumpet out s.t. (a song, etc.).
2461Mentrondolidefeat s.o.
2462Mentuasee MERTUA.
2463Mentuaslever s.t. up.
2464Mentubaspread this poison in a pond.
2465Mentubaipoison fish, etc. with such a poison.
2466Mentujah(lit. ) stab downward.
2469Mentunangitake s.o. as o.'s betrothed.
2472Mentunuroast a fire.
2473Mentunukanroast for s.o.
2474Menturbakancause close contact with the people.
2475Menturismake a notch or scratch.
2476Mentuterblow a horn.
2477Mentutul-Tutulkandab on.
2478Menu1 diet, what o. eats at a certain meal. 2 what is served at a party.
2479Menua1 become old. 2 ripen, come to head.
2480Menuai1 harvest rice by cutting each stalk individually close to the ear with such a reaping knife. 2 reap.
2482Menuambe treated with a hot compress.
2483Menuamiapply a hot compress on s.t.
2484Menuangpour s.t. liquid.
2485Menuangipour into s.t.
2486Menuangkan1 pour s.t. out. 2 cause to pour forth. 3 mold, cast.
2487Menubirdeep, steep.
2488Menubiritrace the edge of s.t. precipitous.
2489Menubruk1 lunge at s.o. 2 collide with, run into. 3 run over, hit s.o.
2490Menubrukkanmake s.t. crash into.
2491Menuding1 point at s.t. 2 accuse.
2492Menudingipoint at repeatedly.
2493Menudingkan1. make s.t. slant. 2. point with s.t.
2494Menuduhaccuse s.o.
2495Menuduhkanaccuse of, charge with s.t.
2496Menudungicover s.t. up carefully, repeatedly shade s.t.
2497Menudungkanuse s.t. for a cover or shade.
2498Menugaldibble with a pointed stick in order to sow seeds.
2499Menugalkansow seeds in this way.
2500Menugasigive an assignment to.
2501Menugaskan1 assign s.t. as a task. 2 assign, place s.o. in an assignment.
2502Menuhankanconsider as a god, deify.
2503Menuillevel s.t. up.
2504Menuju1 go in the direction of. 2 aim, strive. 3 concern, aim (accusation, etc.) at. 4 (lit. ) practice a k.o. sorcery on s.o.
2505Menujukan1 point with s.t. 2 cause s.t. to point in a direction.
2507Menukangi1 craft s.t. 2 repair s.t.
2508Menukar1 change. 2 exchange, barter.
2509Menukarkangive s.t. in exchange.
2510Menukas1. columniate. 2 say in repetition.
2511Menukik1. dive. 2. make a notch.
2512Menukikidive at.
2513Menukikkan1 let dive, point s.t. downward. 2 point s.t. at, direct s.t. to.
2514Menulahicurse s.o. or s.t.
2515Menular1 infect, contaminate. 2 spread.
2516Menularispread to s.o. or s.t.
2517Menulikanmake deaf.
2518Menulis1 write. 2 draw.
2519Menulisi1 write on s.t. 2 doodle on s.t., jot graffiti on s.t.
2520Menuliskan1 write s.t. down. write with s.t.
2521Menulupblow with a pipe.
2522Menumbangkan1 cause to come crashing down. 2 slaughter (cattle, etc.).
2523Menumbuhisprout up over s.t.
2524Menumbuhkan1 make s.t. grow. 2 cause to emerge or sprout up.
2525Menumbuk1 pound,crush. 2 strike, deliver a blow to. 3 crash into. 4 let the eyes alight on s.t.
2526Menumbukkan1 pound with s.t., beat s.t. against. 2 crush for s.o.
2527Menumissaute at high temperatures.
2528Menumpahispill on s.t.
2529Menumpahkan1 cause s.t. to spill. 2 spill s.t. out, concentrate s.t.
2530Menumpang1 ride in, go by. 2 join in, go along with use s.t. belonging to s.o. else. 3 stay with. 4 please, may I, (particle preceding polite queries).
2531Menumpangkan1 cause s.o. or s.t to go with, cause s.o. to be a passenger. 2 cause s.o. to stay with.
2532Menumpas1 destroy, eradicate. 2 extinguish.
2533Menumpaskan1 destroy s.t. or s.o.'s behalf. 2 destroy, exterminate.
2534Menumpatkancram s.t., stuff s.t.
2535Menumpilprop up.
2536Menumpu1 become concentrated. 2 support, sustain.
2537Menumpuk1 pile up, accumulate. 2 pile s.t. up.
2538Menumpukan1 lean with s.t., lean s.t on to. 2 provide suppport for s.t. or s.o. 3 cause s.t. to rest. 4 concentrate.
2539Menumpukipile up on top of s.t.
2540Menumpukkan1 pile s.t. up. 2 hoard, accumulate.
2541Menumpul1 become blunt. 2 become stupid.
2542Menumpulkanblunt s.t.
2544Menunaikan1 fulfill, carry out. 2 cash.
2546Menundakan1 postpone, delay. 2 adjourn.
2548Menunduk-Nundukbow repeatedly, humble o.s
2549Menundukibow over s.t.
2550Menundukkan1 cause s.o. or s.t. to bow. 2 cause s.o. to submit.
2551Menundungexpel, exile.
2552Menungmusing, pondering. ber-menung 1 muse, ponder, meditate. 2 act gloomy. pe-menung dreamer, ponderer. per-menung-an contemplation, musing.
2553Menunggakbe in arrears.
2554Menunggal1 be alone. 2 be a single entity.
2555Menunggalkanconcentrate into o.
2556Menunggangride, mount.
2557Menunggangi1 ride s.t. 2 use an exiting, activity or situation for o.'s own purpose or profit, get a free ride out of.
2558Menunggangkanturn s.t. over.
2559Menungging1 move with the rear and higher than the front. 2 sink bow first. 3 be upside down. 4 dive. 5 bulge toward the bottom.
2560Menunggingkan1 place s.t. upside down. 2 lift or raise rear portion. 3 overthrow (a high authority).
2561Menunggu1 wait for. 2 look forward to. 3 (Java) stay at a place to take care of what has to be done there.
2562Menunggu-Nunggulook forward to eagerly for some time.
2563Menunggui1 watch over, look after, guard. 2 take care of, tend, nurse.
2564Menunggukanwatch over on behalf of s.o.
2566Menungkul1. 1) bow o.'s head. 2) submit. 2. 1) push from behind. 2) do s.t. to s.o. from behind.
2567Menungkulkanbow s.t.
2568Menungkupbe in a face-downward position.
2569Menungkupkanplace s.t. or s.o. face downward.
2570Menungkuswrap s.t.
2571Menunjal(lit. ) find footing for a leap.
2572Menunjangkick s.o. or s.t.
2573Menunjuk1 point toward, indicate. 2 show, indicate. 3 appoint, designate. 4 raise o.'s band. 5 with reference to (your letter).
2574Menunjukiadvise s.o., train s.o.
2575Menunjukkan1 point out s.t. 2 indicate. 3 refer.
2576Menuntaskantreat exhaustively.
2577Menuntun1 guide s.o. or s.t. by a line, the hand, etc. 2 give guidance to.
2578Menuntung1 cut into tiny pieces. 2 empty.
2579Menuntut1 demand. 2 (leg. ) prosecute, sue. 3 strive for.
2580Menurun1 go down, descend, down (in crossword puzzles). 2 decline, sink, decrease. 3 be herditary. 4 (ling. ) falling (of tones).
2581Menuruni1 go down along s.t. 2 go down to, descend to.
2582Menurunkan1 cause s.t. to go down. 2 discharge passenger or cargo. 3 reduce, lower. 4 send down s.t. to o.'s inferiors. 5 generate (descendants), produce a hereditary line of.
2583Menurusstraight and erect.
2584Menuruskan(lit. ) tie s.o. to a post as a punishment.
2585Menurut1 follow. 2 according to. 3 imitate, follow along. 4 obey, follow.
2586Menuruti1 follow . 2 grant. 3 comply with, observe (regulation, etc.).
2587Menurutkan1 obey, follow. 2 copy, imitate. 3 cause s.o. to follow or joint in.
2588Menusuk1 stab s.o. 2 prick, stick. 3 skewer s.t. 4 vote by perforating the symbol of o.'s choice on the ballot, punch a ballot. 5 penetrate.
2589Menusuki1 perforate s.t. in many places. 2 penetrate s.t.
2590Menusukkanstab or prick with s.t.
2591Menutuhlop off, trim.
2592Menutuk1 tap, knock on. 2 strike with o.'s fingers (in martial arts).
2593Menutup1 close, shut. 2 cover. 3 hide, cenceal. 4 fill in, cover over. 5 lock, shut up in jail.
2594Menutup-Nutupicover s.t. up.
2595Menutupi1 provide a cover for. 2 cover up. 3 cover or shut repeatedly.
2597Menuturkan1 relate, narrate, tell about. 2 pronounce, express. 3 inform, announce.
2598Menwa[Resimen Mahasiswa] students with military training.
2599Meny-see also entries with s-, n-, c-.
2600Menyabet1 whip. 2 snatch, grab.
2601Menyabetkanwhip s.t. against.
2602Menyabitcut (grass, rice, etc.). 2. certain, definitive.
2604Menyabur1 disappear into the crowd. 2 become confused.
2605Menyadap1 make incisions in a tree to obtain sap. 2 sample blood. 3 tap, bug (telephone, information, room, etc.).
2606Menyadarirealize, be aware (of).
2607Menyajikan1 serve, dish up. 2 provide, supply, present.
2608Menyakralsanctify, make holy.
2609Menyalangstab with a knife, dagger.
2610Menyalangkanopen (eyes), see JALANG.
2611Menyalippass, overtake (a car).
2612Menyamakan1 compare s.t. (with). 2 treat the same as. 3 place on a par, make the same.
2613Menyamankan1 makefit, freshen up 2 make pleasant or compfortable .
2614Menyamaratakan1 treat alike. 2 generalize 3 raze to the ground.
2615Menyambar1 swoop down and seize. 2 strike, attack. 3 steal, rob.
2617Menyambut1 welcome, receive. 2 accept. 3 parry, reply. 4 on the occasion of.
2618Menyampaikan1. 1) convey, extend (information, etc.). 2) hand over, give. 3) deliver. 2. 1) put on (a dress). 2) carry on a pole.
2619Menyampangpaddle at stern of the boat.
2620Menyampericall on s.o., drop by to pick s.o. up.
2621Menyansee KEMENYAN.
2622Menyandang1) carry s.t. strapped over the shoulder. 2) bear (a tittle).
2623Menyanggahprotest, oppose, contradicted the truth of the report.
2624Menyanggupkan1 enable. 2 promise.
2625Menyangka1 think, suppose. 2 suspect.
2626Menyangkakhave goose flesh, ruffle feathers.
2627Menyangkulbe engaged in hoeing, prepare (ground) for cultivation.
2628Menyangrai(Sunda, Jakarta) fry without oil.
2630Menyapihwean a child.
2631Menyapu1 wipe off, brush off. 2 sweep. 3 finish s.t.
2632Menyargutrip with o.'s teeth.
2633Menyaring1 filter, strain, sift. 2 refine, distill. 3 sift, separate, sort out (information, meaning, etc.). 4 screen (personel for job).
2634Menyarudisguise o.s.
2635Menyaruk1. make o.'s way through (bushesh, jungle etc.). 2. have luck (in game), win.
2636Menyarungi1 encase. 2 put s.t. on. 3 sheathe.
2637Menyarungkanuse as a sheath, pillowcase, casing, etc.
2638Menyasappull up weeds.
2639Menyatakan1 explain, clarify. 2 declare, assert
2640Menyatroni(Java) be hostile toward.
2641Menyatubecome or be one.
2642Menyatukan1 unite, joint, ally. 2 concentrate s.t. on.
2643Menyaurrepay a debt.
2644Menyayangkan1.regret ,deplore,consider s.t to be a pity. 2 spare form s.t bad.
2645Menyayat1 slice, slash into. 2 touch profoundly.
2646Menycetak1 print (books, banknotes, etc.). 2 cast, shape, mold. 3 produce, stamp (coins, etc.). 4 achieve, produce.
2647Menyebal(Java) deviate (from a principle).
2649Menyebar-Luaskanspread, disseminate, propagate.
2651Menyebuk1 infiltrate, penetrate. 2 interrupt a conversation.
2652Menyebukanfill up, plug up.
2653Menyebut1 mention. 2 name, call.
2654Menyebutkanname, list names.
2655Menyederhanakan1 simplify. 2 economize.
2656Menyediakan1 prepare. 2 set aside (food, funds, etc.) in preparation. 3 equip, supply, make available.
2657Menyedot1 suck. 2 inhale, sip from.
2658Menyejukkancool s.t.
2659Menyekarub, wipe, polish.
2660Menyekamshut in, repress.
2661Menyekirsand s.t., grind.
2662Menyekutuijoint, ally o.s.
2663Menyekutukan1. consider as an ally. 2. provide forces as an ally.
2665Menyelakkan1. open (o.'s shirt, etc.). 2. reveal.
2666Menyelam1 dive. 2 be under water.
2667Menyelamatkan1 save, rescue. 2 bury.
2668Menyelamkan1 convert s.o. to islam. 2 circumcise.
2669Menyelang1 interrupt, intercede. 2 alternate two things. 3. lend.
2670Menyelapitake possession of (of a spirit).
2671Menyelapkanarouse o.'s fury.
2672Menyelaputifrom a thin layer around s.t., coat.
2673Menyelarkan1 brand. 2 singe, sear. 3 fry (without oil).
2674Menyelatkaninsert, thrust between.
2675Menyelekehismear, stain.
2677Menyelempangkanworry about.
2678Menyelendangkanhang, carry on the shoulder.
2679Menyelenggarakan1 run s.t., take care of, operate. 2 organize. 3 execute, carry out, implement.
2680Menyelengiput money in a piggy bank.
2681Menyelesaikan1 finish s.t. 2 solve, settle, discharge (debt, etc.).
2682Menyeleweng1 deviate, digress. 2 engage in improper activity. 3 be unfaithful in an amorous relationship.
2683Menyelewengkandivert, deflect, s.t.
2684Menyelidiki1 investigate. 2 do research. 3 spy, pry into.
2685Menyeligithrow a javelin.
2686Menyelimpangdeviate from the right path.
2687Menyelimpatstay clear of, wind s.t.
2688Menyelimuti1 cover s.t. with a blanket, 2 cover, hide s.t.
2689Menyelimutkan1 hide behind, use as a cover. 2 cover, blanket with s.t.
2690Menyelinap1 slitther, move stealthily. 2 get, slip away or into s.t.
2691Menyelinapi1 crawl, move stealthily into s.t. 2 get, slip into s.t.
2692Menyelingiintervening, go in between.
2693Menyelipslip into a place.
2694Menyelipslip into a place.
2695Menyelipkaninsert s.t. in between.
2696Menyeliputicover, envelope.
2697Menyelisik1 go through the hair to pick lice or nits. 2 investigate, get at the bottom of.
2698Menyelisipkaninsert s.t.
2699Menyelisirgo along the edge of s.t.
2700Menyelitbe wedged or inserted in between.
2701Menyelitkaninsert between two objects.
2702Menyelobokkanslip s.t. into s.t.
2703Menyelomot(Java) fool, hoodwink.
2704Menyelomotiburn, touch fire to s.t.
2705Menyelonexile, deport.
2706Menyelongkar1 turn over, put in disorder. 2 rummage through.
2708Menyelubungicover with a veil or wrapper.
2709Menyeludukcrawl under s.t.
2710Menyelukfeel (around) for.
2711Menyelundup1 duck into, hide. 2 smuggle. 3 infiltrate.
2712Menyelundupkansmuggle s.t. in.
2713Menyelungkupcover, close.
2714Menyelungkupkanenclose, cover.
2715Menyeluruh1 spread all over. 2 comprehensive.
2716Menyelusuppenetrate, infiltrate.
2718Menyelusuri1 go along, follow. 2 go through s.t. carefully.
2719Menyemahkansacrifice s.t.
2720Menyemaikanraise seedlings, make seeds germinate.
2721Menyemak1 be like underbrush. 2 entangled. 3 confused. 4 worried.
2722Menyemakkan1 allow to become a wilderness, let (a garden, etc.) run wild. 2 confuse, worry.
2724Menyemarakkan1 embellish, adorn. 2 cheer up, brighten.
2725Menyematkanfasten, pin, attach.
2727Menyembah1 pay homage. 2 worship.
2728Menyembahkanput (the hands or s.o.'s hands) in the position of respectful greeting.
2729Menyembahyangkanpray for, conduct services for.
2730Menyembamroast in hot ashes.
2731Menyembat1 whip up with a jerk. 2 grab while passing.
2732Menyembilu1 cut (with such a blade). 2 be cutting (of words)..
2734Menyemboyankan1 give a prearranged signal. 2 use s.t. as a slogan.
2736Menyembul1 appear partially, emerge. 2 swell, bulge, protrude.
2737Menyembulkan1 hold out or up. 2 make s.t. protrude, appear.
2738Menyembunyikan1 hide s.t. 2 conceal, suppress.
2739Menyembur1 squirt, spurt. 2 spray spit at.
2742Menyemburkanspray or spout s.t. out.
2743Menyeminarkanhold a seminar on.
2744Menyemir1 to polish. 2 spread s.t. oily or greasy on, lubricate. 3 bribe, grease the palm.
2746Menyempal/tersempal/ 1 stick. 2 gag.
2747Menyempangtrip s.o.
2748Menyemparpush, hurl s.t.
2749Menyempatkan1 make use of. 2 give o. time.
2750Menyempil/tersempil/ stick out so that a small part can be seen.
2751Menyempittighten, narrow, constrict.
2752Menyempritblow (a whistle).
2753Menyemprot1 spray. 2 scold.
2754Menyemprotkan1 squirt s.t. out. 2 inject, spray.
2755Menyempurnakan1 perfect. 2 complete s.t. 3 be given a proper ceremony.
2756Menyemutswarm, teem.
2758Menyenandungkanhum s.t.
2759Menyenangkanplease, gratify.
2760Menyendenglean, slant.
2761Menyendengkantilt s.t.
2762Menyendiri1 be alone, apart, separated. 2 be aloof, isolate o.s.
2763Menyendok1 ladle up, ladle out, spoon. 2 scoop up, scoop out.
2764Menyendoki1 skim. 2 spoonfeed.
2765Menyendokkanspoon out on behalf on s.o.
2766Menyengajakando s.t. on purpose.
2767Menyengatsting s.o. or s.t.
2768Menyengetslant, be at an angle.
2769Menyengetkanput s.t. on an angle.
2770Menyenggangkanfree (time), allow (time) for.
2771Menyenggol1 snudge with the elbow, brush against. 2 brush against.
2772Menyenggukrepeatedly nod (often from weariness).
2773Menyengihkancause to open (the mouth).
2774Menyengkakmassage the abdomen with an upward motion..
2775Menyengkang1 arrange a crossbar on s.t. 2 have a fish bone, etc.) caught in the throat.
2776Menyengkelitbe worn in this way.
2777Menyengkelitkanattach to o.'s waist-belt.
2778Menyengsarakantorment s.o.
2779Menyenguk(Java) sniff.
2780Menyensustake a census.
2781Menyentak1. pull at s.t. 2. (Java) snap at s.o., verbally abuse s.o., tongue-lash.
2782Menyentakkan1 pull at, jerk at. 2 startle s.o.
2783Menyentalrub hard, scour, scrub.
2784Menyenter1. shine, light. 2. 1) center (a ball). 2) play as a center.
2785Menyenteri1 light with a flashlight. 2 expose (in photography).
2786Menyentil1 (Jakarta) snap o.'s fingers. 2 flick s.t. with o.'s finger, snap o.'s fingers at s.t. 3 criticize, reprimand.
2787Menyentuhtouch s.t., nudge.
2789Menyepelekanbelittle, consider insignificant (of s.t. which is worth consideration).
2790Menyepi/nyepi/ 1 grow still, become desolate. 2 retire into seclusion.
2791Menyerah1 surrender. 2 give in, accede.
2792Menyerahihand over to s.o., deliver to s.o., submit to s.o.
2793Menyerahkanhand s.t. over, transfer s.t.
2795Menyeramkan1 cause o.'s hair to stand on end. 2 terrify.
2796Menyerampangharpoon a.t. with a trident.
2797Menyerandangsupport with a trestle.
2798Menyeranikan1 convert s.o. to Christianity. 2 legally marry an Indonesian wife (in the colonial period).
2799Menyerap1 absorb a fluid. 2 pervade.
2800Menyerapahibe abusive, curse.
2801Menyeratimake tight
2802Menyerayaask for help.
2803Menyerbakbe perfumed, be good-smelling.
2804Menyerbakkanspread s.t. (fragnance, etc.).
2805Menyerbetiwipe off with a napkin.
2806Menyerbuattack or invade in a throng.
2807Menyeret1 drag s.t. or s.o. 2 cause s.t. to drag.
2808Menyeretkanmake business sluggish, make sales slow.
2809Menyergap1 attack, ambush. 2 catch (in a raid, etc.). 3 snarl at
2810Menyerimpung(serimpung) (Jakarta, Jakarta) 1 tie or entangle another's feet. 2 block s.t., impede s.t. 3 make o. stumble (by hurling s.t. to entangle the feet).
2811Menyeringplait or twine s.t.
2812Menyeringai1 grin, grimace. 2 curl into a grin or grimace.
2813Menyeritremove lice with this comb.
2814Menyerkahbreak or tear off.
2815Menyerkai1 wring out (wet clothes, etc.). 2 squeeze out liquid (from cheesecloth, etc.).
2816Menyerkap1 catch fish with such a fish trap. 2 cover with s.t. (us. cone-shaped).
2817Menyerkupseize or cover with a concave object (a cone, cupped hand, etc.).
2818Menyerobot1 get in front of. 2 interfere with or take arbitrarily.
2819Menyerok1 scoop up (food, etc.). 2 round up in a swoop.
2820Menyerongkantilt s.t., slant s.t.
2821Menyeropot(Jakarta) sip s.t. noisily.
2822Menyerpih1 splinter. 2 fragment.
2823Menyertai1 participate in. 2 accompany s.o. or s.t.
2825Menyertifikatkan(leg. ) formalize (ownership of land, etc.) with a certificate.
2826Menyeruak1 make o.'s way through a narrow passage or dense foliage or a crowd. 2 waft out through narrow spaces.
2827Menyerudipolish by grinding.
2828Menyeruduk1 go with the head lowered. 2 (Java, Jakarta) ram into. 3 go into a place unobstrusively.
2829Menyeruit1. harpoon s.t. 2. blow a whistle.
2830Menyerukan1 call, shout out s.t. 2 proclaim s.t.
2831Menyerumtreat with serum.
2832Menyerusukgo through (bushes, crowds, etc).
2833Menyerutplane s.t.
2834Menyesahwash clothes by pounding them.
2835Menyesakkanoppress, tighten, constrict.
2836Menyesalsee SESAL.
2837Menyesalsee SESAL.
2838Menyesap1 sip, lap up. 2 suck.
2839Menyesarkanmove or push s.t. aside.
2840Menyesatkanlead astray, mislead.
2841Menyesetskin, peel.
2842Menyesuaikanadjust, adapt, bring into line.
2843Menyetarafkan1 make equal, make equivalent. 2 consider on a par with. 3 balance.
2844Menyetel1. match. 2. 1) tune up, adjust. 2) turn on.
2845Menyetem1. vote for s.o. or s.t. 2. tune up.
2846Menyeterika1 iron s.t. 2 (coll. ) flatten, smash..
2847Menyetir1 drive, steer. 2 (coll. ) control, wield control over.
2848Menyetopstop s.t.
2849Menyetor1 make a deposit. 2 pay a rental fee. 3 put in storage. 4 (sl. ) defecate.
2850Menyetrum1 induce. 2 electrify, charge.
2851Menyetubuhicopulate with s.o.
2852Menyetujuiagree to s.t., approve s.t.
2853Menyetum1 dry-clean with steam. 2 let steam off.
2854Menyia-Nyiakanmake s.t. useless, cause s.t. to have no result, neglect.
2855Menyiagakanalert s.o., prepare s.o. for action.
2856Menyiangiclear s.t. of weeds.
2857Menyiapkan1 prepare. 2 finish s.t.
2858Menyiasatipry into s.o.'s affairs or get the better of s.o. (by questioning, using certain tactics or approaches, etc.).
2860Menyibak1 separate s.t. 2 cleave s.t. apart.
2861Menyibakkanmove s.t. aside.
2862Menyibukkan1 stir up, incite. 2 occupy, busy o.s. with.
2863Menyidakhang out to dry.
2864Menyidangkan1 convene on a matter. 2 (leg. ) bring s.o. or s.t. to trial.
2866Menyigaiclimb up on such a ladder.
2867Menyigarpart (hair).
2868Menyigi1 light with a torch. 2 investigate.
2869Menyikat1 brush s.t. 2 comb s.t. 3 rake out, harow s.t. 4 (coll. ) take away. 5 (coll. ) wipe out , clean out. 6 (Sport) defeat completely.
2870Menyiksa1 torture s.o. 2 (coll. ) annoy, irritate.
2871Menyiku1 nudge, elbow o.'s way. 2 form a rectangle. 3 curve or bend at a right angle.
2872Menyikut1 nudge with elbow. 2 (coll. ) deceive, cheat.
2874Menyiletslice with a razor blade.
2875Menyilih1 change. 2 shed skin, molt.
2876Menyilikobserve, note carefully.
2877Menyimak1. scrutinize, observe attentively. 2. gather, collect.
2878Menyimbah1 splash, bespatter. 2 break out, appear.
2879Menyimpan1 store, lay away. 2 have inside, keep s.t. in storage.
2880Menyimpang1 deviate, diverge. 2 take a side route.
2881Menyimpul1. 1) button clothing. 2) form a knot. 2. form an embarrassed smile.
2882Menyimpulkan1 form s.t. into a knot. 2 conclude, summarize.
2883Menyinarkan1 radiate, send off. 2 cause s.t. to shine.
2884Menyindirtease us. by insinuation and allusion.
2885Menyinggatdivide, part.
2886Menyinggung1 touch, contact. 2 offend, insult, hurt (o.'s feelings). 3 touch on, treat (a subject, problem).
2887Menyingkap1 unveil, expose, open. 2 reveal. 3 be turned back and open a bit (sheets, skirts, etc.).
2888Menyingkir1 step aside, yield. 2 evacuate, move to.
2889Menyingkirkan1 evacuate s.t. 2 remove, put away, lay aside. 3 eliminate, purge, get rid of s.o. or s.t.
2890Menyingkuriturn o.'s back to s.o. or s.t., ignore.
2891Menyingsatkan1 tighten. 2 roll up. 3 shrink s.t.
2892Menyingsingrise, lift, break clear.
2893Menyingsingkanroll, tuck up.
2894Menyingsringblow o.'s nose.
2895Menyintungtouch with the elbow.
2896Menyipitbecome squinted or narrowed (of eyes).
2897Menyirampour (water) over s.t., flush.
2898Menyirapkan1 raise slightly. 2 scare s.o.
2899Menyiratmake a knot.
2901Menyirepkan1 cast a sleeping spell over s.o. 2 (Java) calm s.o.
2902Menyiringscoop up carefully.
2903Menyirnakan1 make disappear. 2 abolish. 3 destroy, kill.
2904Menyiruuse such a tray to winnow.
2905Menyisakan1 leave behind. 2 set aside (for later).
2906Menyisi1 move to the side. 2 go along the side of s.t.
2907Menyisih1 give way, get out of the way. 2 be separate, aloof from. 3 set s.t. aside, put s.t. to the side.
2908Menyisihkan1 set aside, separate out. 2 reject, ignore. 3 (Sport) eliminate.
2909Menyisikanmove s.t. to the side.
2910Menyisipi1 insert into s.t. 2 repair s.t. by putting s.t. flat in between, e.g. insert new parts in roof, etc.
2911Menyisipkaninsert s.t. in.
2912Menyisir1 comb s.t. 2 harrow s.t.
2913Menyisirkancomb s.t. for s.o.
2914Menyita/mensita/ 1 seize, confiscate. 2 consume (o.'s time or attention).
2915Menyiukgroan, moan.
2916Menyjelaskan1 clarify, explain s.t. 2 resolve, settle, clean up (a debt, conflict, etc.).
2917Menyjumlahkanadd or count up.
2918Menyjunjung1 carry s.t. on the head, shoulders, or high on the back. 2 respeck, hold in high esteem.
2919Menylentik1 snap s.o. or s.t. with o.'s index finger. 2 reprimand s.o.
2920Menyobektear, rip.
2921Menyodok1. shovel, scoop up. 2. thrust, poke.
2922Menyodorkan1 thrust s.t. forward, stretch s.t. out. 2 put forth.
2923Menyogokbribe s.o.
2924Menyohorkanmake s.o. or s.t. famous.
2925Menyokong1 prop up, support. 2 aid.
2926Menyoloksee COLOK 2.
2927Menyombolcram food into the mouth.
2928Menyondanglift, raise on o.'s head or shoulders.
2929Menyondol1 charge by lowering the head, butt s.t. 2 (Sport) hit the ball with the head.
2930Menyondongcatch shrimp.
2931Menyongelprotrude, jut out.
2932Menyongsong1. 1) welcome. 2) commemorate. 3) carry out (s.o.'s wishes, etc.). 2. go against.
2933Menyontakkan1. mutilate, disfigure. 2. tug at, give a (sudden) jerk at.
2934Menyontek1. push away. 2. copy, cheat in class, crib.
2935Menyorakkanyell out s.t.
2936Menyorong1 push, slide. 2 urge. 3 propose, suggest. 4 bribe s.o.
2937Menyorongkan1 slide s.t. forward. 2 shove, push forward, hand.
2938Menyorot1 shine, gleam, irradiate. 2 project (pictures). 3 gaze, look (of eyes). 4 draw attention to, highlight.
2939Menyoroti1 illuminate s.t., light up. 2 spotlight s.t. or s.o., give prime importance to.
2940Menyosoh1. whiten or clean rice. 2. 1) fight, engage in combat. 2) do s.t. with vigor.
2941Menyosoruse the bill to scoop up or to peck at.
2942Menyrudukram or butt with o.'s head.
2943Menyuap1 eat with the hand. 2 bribe s.o.
2944Menyuapifeed s.o., esp. by placing food in the mouth.
2945Menyuarakan1 give voice to s.t., express s.t. 2 utter.
2946Menyubalsubstitute with fake material.
2947Menyuburkan1 make s.t. fertile, make s.t. grow. 2 make s.t. prosper.
2948Menyudet(Java) 1 make an incision (e.g. on a boil, ulcer). 2 make a connecting passage between canals.
2949Menyudipstir s.t.
2950Menyudutkanput s.t. into a corner.
2951Menyuguhkanserve (a guest, etc.). with s.t.
2952Menyuhunshowgreat respect for s.o.
2954Menyukailike, love.
2955Menyula1 shear off coconut husks by exerting downward pressure on such a stake. 2 (lit. ) impale s.o.
2956Menyulam1. embroider. 2. replace dead rice seedlings with new ones.
2957Menyulap1 conjure up s.t. 2 (coll. ) cause s.t. to disappear (esp. in embezzlements, etc.).
2958Menyuling1. play the flute. 2. distill.
2959Menyulingkanturn s.t. upside down.
2960Menyuluhi1 light s.t. with a torch, cast a light upon s.t. 2 inform, instruct. 3 investigate.
2961Menyulurclimb, creep.
2962Menyulut1 (Java) kindle, ignite. 2 become heatedly angry
2963Menyulutkanignite or light s.t. on s.o.'s. behalf.
2964Menyumbang1 contribute. 2 help, assist.
2965Menyumbatstop, close up, plug up.
2966Menyumbirepair the edge of s.t. damaged (e.g. crown a tooth, etc.).
2967Menyumbur1 protrude. 2 emerge.
2968Menyumburkan1 extend s.t. (hand, leg, tongue, etc.). 2 hang out or raise the flag.
2969Menyumpal1 plug s.t., fill a gap. 2 (vul. ) feed.
2970Menyumpalkanplug up, with s.t.
2971Menyumpitshoot with a blowpipe.
2972Menyumpitkanuse as a blowpipe.
2973Menyunat1 circumcise s.o. 2 skim money off the top of a budget to that the grantee gets only a portion.
2974Menyunatkan1. have s.o. circumcised. 2. 1) consider a deed meritorious. 2) prescribe for s.o. as a meritorious deed.
2975Menyundak1 (M) bump o.'s head. 2 rise.
2976Menyundut1.(M) carry. 2. (lit. ) light, kindle.
2977Menyunggastick with a spike.
2978Menyunggicarry on the head.
2979Menyunggingproduced s.t. decorative with delicate details.
2980Menyungkahkandevour s.t. greedily.
2981Menyungkalplow, dig up.
2982Menyungkitembroider in such a way.
2983Menyungkupicover with s.t.
2984Menyungkur1 root up, grub up (earth). 2 lower the head (as if to root up).
2985Menyungkurkanput down, lower.
2986Menyungsang1 be upside down. 2 go against the grain.
2987Menyungsangkanplace s.t. upside down.
2988Menyuntih(M) cut into small pieces.
2989Menyuntik1 inject. 2 inoculate, vaccinate. 3 incite.
2990Menyunting1. 1) proofread and correct. 2) insert s.t., edit s.t. into. 2.marry s.o. (of men).
2991Menyuntingkan1. place behind the ear or in the hair. 2. have s.o. as a wife.
2992Menyuplaisupply s.t.
2993Menyurati1 incribe. 2 write a letter to s.o.
2994Menyuruhorder s.o. to do s.t.
2995Menyuruk1 duck the head. 2 hide.
2996Menyurupset, sink (of heavenly bodies).
2997Menyurutlessen, subside.
2998Menyurutkan1 withdraw s.t. 2 decrease, lessen.
2999Menyusahkan1 make s.t. difficult. 2 worry about.
3000Menyususuckle on the breast.
3001Menyusuigive suck.
3002Menyusuk1 magically insert s.t. subcutaneously to improve o.'s attraction. 2 (Java) stab with a pin.
3003Menyusukkanstick s.t. in.
3004Menyusul1 follow, come afterward. 2 follow and catch up with.
3005Menyusunarrange s.t. in orderly fashion.
3006Menyusunkanarrange s.t. in an orderly fashion on s.o.'s behalf.
3007Menyusup1 move (below s.t.), pass in a low posture. 2 penetrate, infiltrate.
3008Menyusupienter into s.t. stealthily.
3009Menyusupkan1 place s.t. below s.t. else. 2 smuggle, have infiltrate.
3010Menyusur1.1) go along the edge. 2) trace, follow. 2. chew tobacco.
3011Menyusuri1 go along the edge. 2 trace, follow.
3012Menyusut1 decrease in size, shrink (of cloth, etc.). 2 subside (of a wind, storm, swelling, etc.). 3 wipe off.
3013Menyusuti1 reduce, decrease. 2 wipe off (repeatedly).
3014Menyusutkandecrease s.t.'s size.
3015Menyutradaraidirect a film or play.
3017Menyuwuk(Java) heal magically by blowing on s.t.
3018Menzakatkandonate s.t.
3019Menziarahivisit (a sacred place).
3020Meong1 sound made by a cat, meow. 2 cat.
3021Mepetsee PEPET.
3022Meraba1 feel s.t. 2 grope (often with sexual implications). 3 guess..
3023Meraban1 jabber, babble. 2 rave, be delirious.
3024Merabusize, carry off (loot, etc.).
3025Merabun1) (lit. ) rise 2) have a ridge .
3026Meracaurave, delirious..
3027Meracik1. catch birds with such a snare. 2. 1) cut into thin slices. 2) blend various proper ingredients into food, etc. 3) eat foods already mixed (rice with vegetables, etc.). 4) make the necessary preparations prior to a main endeavor.
3028Meracuktease, entice s.o.
3029Meragas1 pull out (Hir, grass, etc.). 2 cut, tear.
3030Meragu1 disturb. 2 be doubtful.
3031Meragukan1 confuse, make s.o. hesitate. 2 put s.t. in doubt.
3033Merahap1. cover a corpse with a cloth. 2. 1) alight. 2) kneel down next to. 3) throw o.s. face down.
3034Merais1. sweep off. 2. president or chairman, formerly used by the Islam party.
3035Merajamstone to death.
3036Merajangcut into small pieces, mince (vegetables, etc.).
3037Merajukpout, sulk.
3038Merajut1 make a net. 2 crochet, knit.
3039Merakpeacock. merak-hati affable.
3040Merakit1 make a raft. 2 connect, join, assemble.
3041Merakyatbe close to the people.
3042Meralatcorrect, rectify.
3043Meralipdoze off.
3044Meramsee MEREM.
3045Meramalkan1 predict. 2 portend.
3046Merambahclear away, cut down.
3047Merambakmultiply, spread in all directions.
3048Meramban(Jakarta) collect grass or leaves for food.
3049Merambangat random.
3050Merambodestroy completely, annihilate.
3051Merambumark out, plot.
3052Merampasseize, carry away.
3053Meramping1 slenderize. 2 worn at the edges.
3054Merampokrob, plunder.
3055Meramugather, collect.
3057Meranapbend over and touch the ground.
3058Merancak1 clip. 2 cut into small bits.
3059Merancang1 stake out, place stakes. 2 plan, make a schedule
3060Merancangkan1 design. 2 design for s.o.
3061Merancap1 sharpen to a point. 2 masturbate.
3062Merandabe-unmarried (past usual marrying age).
3063Merandaitraverse on foot.
3064Merandau1 eat food that has been mixed together or seasoned. 2 make food tasty by mixing several things together.
3065Merandek(Jakarta) stop.
3066Merandungkanviolet, step on, infringe.
3067Merangrice straw (of paddy).
3069Meranggahstrip s.t of all its fruit.
3070Meranggak(naut. ) tow (in embarkation).
3071Meranggas1 wither, dry up. 2 molt, shed.
3072Merangkak1 crawl on hands and kness. 2 make slow progress. 3 fawn.
3073Merangkak-Rangkak1 cringe. 2 stumble.
3076Merangkum1 embrance, enclose. 2 include, encompass.
3077Merangkungsquat down, crouch.
3078Merangkup1 cup two hands together. 2 cover, embrace.
3079Merangsek(Jakarta) attack.
3080Meranjahloot, pillage.
3081Merantau1 leave o.'s home area to make o.'s way in life. 2 wander about. 3 sail along the reaches of a river.
3082Merantik.o. timber tree.
3084Meranyah(M) be difficult, agitated (of infants).
3086Merapahwalk, step on s.t.
3087Merapali1 utter a prayer or incantation over s.o. 2 (Sunda) bless and solemnize a wedding.
3088Merapat1 move closer. 2 join together s.t. 3 moor, tie up.
3089Merasa1 feel, sense. 2 think, believe.
3090Merasai1 taste. 2 experience, endure. 3 feel, touch. 4 feel, intuit.
3091Merasakan1 cause s.t. to be experienced. 2 experience s.t.
3092Meratsee MAIRAT.
3093Merata1 smooth. 2 be spread evenly.
3094Merataheat o. thing only.
3095Meratai1 cover s.t. completely and evenly, traverse all of s.t. 2 give equal amounts out to, reach all of a population.
3096Meratakan1 level s.t. 2 distribute evenly.
3097Merataplament, mourn.
3099Meraung1 a roar. 2 a moan.
3100Meraupscoop up s.t. with the hands.
3101Merawaifish with such a device.
3103Merawat1 take care of, nurse. 2 (lit. ) resume o.'s original form.
3104Merawati1 take care of (s.o. ill). 2 sponge or wipe off (baby, patient, etc.).
3105Merawatkantake s.o. for treatment.
3107Merayapcreep, crawl.
3108Merayau1 fumble, grope. 2 rustle. 3 wander around. 4 be troubled.
3109Merayu1 attempt to persuade s.o 2 seduce deceive .
3110Merbahk.o. bird.
3111Merbauk.o. timber tree.
3112Merbukk.o. turtledove.
3113Mercak-Merciksound of water lapping against the shore.
3114Mercapadasee MARCAPADA.
3115Merconsee MERCUN.
3116Mercu1 top point, summit, crow's nest. 2 tree top.
3117Mercunfireworks. mercun-bumbung bamboo cannon using carbide.
3118Mercy/mersi/ Mercedes-Benz (esp. as a symbol of opulence).
3119Merdekafree, independent, liberated.
3120Merdesa1 good, beautiful, decent. 2 choosy, fussy.
3121Merdumelodious, sweet, clear of voice.
3122Mere/mer/ (rel. ) title for sisters of certain Catholic orders.
3123Merealisirbring s.t. about.
3124Merebak1. be full of tears. 2. spread (of news, disease).
3125Merebankanplace in the chicken house.
3126Merebungsprout (of bamboo).
3127Merecak(M) ride (a horse).
3128Merecall/merikol/ (pol. ) recall and force resignation of member of parliament for failure to agree with party policies.
3130Meredah1. (M) cut down (trees). 2. traverse s.t.
3131Meredakansoothe, calm.
3132Meregukgulp down.
3134Merejahkantransgress s.t.
3135Merejeng(Jakarta) seize, catch (several people).
3136Mereksee MERK.
3137Merekathey, them, their.
3138Merekatglue s.t. together or to s.t. else.
3140Merekrutirrecruit s.o.
3141Merelakan1 allow, consent. 2 acquiesce in.
3142Meremwith closed eyes.
3143Meremajakan1 rejuvenate. 2 replace older persons by younger o.'s.
3144Meremang1. stand on end (of hair). 2. 1) buzz, hum of insects. 2) stream, flow (of perspiration, tears).
3145Merembahdrop down, flow freely.
3146Merembes1 ooze out, leak. 2 permeate, seep in.
3147Merembet1 creep, climb up. 2 hang down. 3 spread.
3148Merembihflow (of tears).
3149Meremehkan1 belittle, disparage s.t. 2 take lightly, underestimate.
3150Merencah-Rencah1 wade through, slough through. 2 face s.t. difficult.
3151Merencekkan(Jakarta) clean tree trunk of branches.
3153Merendah1 descent. 2 be modest.
3154Merendahkan1 lower. 2 humiliate, disparage.
3155Merendamsoak, steep.
3156Merendangmake such a dish.
3157Merendeng(jakarta) grumble.
3158Merendengiput together in line.
3160Merengsee MIRING.
3161Merengat1 crack, split, chap. 2 erupt. 3 have shooting pains
3162Merengekwhine, whimper.
3163Merenggut1 tug at, yank out. 2 obtain s.t. with great endeavor.
3164Merengketshiver with fear.
3165Merengkuh(lit. ) tear, pull at.
3166Merengussullen, unhappy.
3167Merenjissprinkle, make spots.
3168Merenovasirenovate s.t.
3169Merentang1 stretch, extend. 2 build s.t. that spans or extends outward.
3170Merentekanlend at interest.
3171Merentetline up, extend in a line or series.
3172Merenung1 muse, be wistful. 2 daydream.
3173Merenungi/merenungkan/ 1 meditation upon, muse over. 2 gaze at thoughtfully.
3174Merenyakcrush, torture s.t. or s.o.
3176Merepes1 fidget. 2 waste time.
3177Merepet1 chatter, blabber. 2 splatter (of an oar, etc.).
3178Merepotkancause a fuse, make difficulties for.
3180Mereseven, level.
3181Meresap1 penetrate, infiltrate. 2 ooze out, soak through and out. 3 become absorbed, dissipate.
3182Meresek1 look for s.t. by feeling with the hands. 2 investigate.
3183Meresmikan1 make s.t. official, authenticate s.t. 2 announce officially.
3184Mereta-Retatalk foolishly and endlessly.
3185Meretasrip open, take apart.
3186Mereturkanreturn (a letter) to sender.
3187Merewang1. 1) swing. 2) (naut. ) yaw. 2. (M) grope about.
3188Merger/merjer/ (fin. ) merger.
3189Meriahmerry, gay.
3190Meriakripple, move in ripples.
3192Meriangfeel dizzy and feverish, out of sorts.
3193Meriapprotrude, swell out.
3194Mericapepper, esp. white pepper. merica-bubuk ground pepper. merica- bulat peppercorns.
3195Mericauchatter, twitter.
3196Mericik-Ricikmake a rushing sound (such as water in terraced ditch).
3197Mericis(Jakarta) slice, chop (ingredients for a dish).
3198Merihthroat, windpipe.
3199Merikan(sl. ) American.
3200Merimpungbind the arms and legs.
3201Merinai(lit. ) hum.
3202Merincikan1 plan, schedule. 2 break s.t. down into sections, details, etc.
3204Merindingfeel suddenly frightened, feel eerie.
3205Merindukan1 yearn for, miss. 2 cause s.o. to yearn (for s.t.).
3206Meringis1. grin, show o.'s teeth. 2.grimace
3207Meringkaskan1 shorten, make brief. 2 summarize, contract.
3208Meringkuk1 bend over., stoop over. 2 confined, cooped up.
3209Meringkukkan1 cause to bend. 2 imprison, jail, confine.
3210Meringkus1 catch by binding the limbs. 2 take into custody, catch.
3211Merintang-Rintang(lit. ) entertain, distract.
3212Merintangi1 block (o.'s path). 2 interfere with, hamper.
3213Merintihgroan, whimper.
3214Merisaukan1 worry about. 2 make restless, cause worry.
3215Meriskirrisk s.t.
3216Meritul1 (coll. ) reorganize. 2 purge (Sukarno era).
3217Meriungconduct or gather for a ceremonial meal.
3218Meriutkanbe bent or folded.
3219Meriyep(Jakarta) dim (lights).
3220Merjanred coral beads for making necklaces.
3221Merjer(fin. ) merger.
3222Merk1 brand, make. 2 trade-mark, label. 3 quality. 4 signboard.
3223Merkah-Merkahsarat (naut. ) draft marks.
3226Merobohkan1 cause to come down. 2 overthrow, bring down. 3 (Sport) floor s.o.
3227Merocok1 flow (forcefully). 2 (Jakarta) leak.
3228Merodong1. ( lit. ) run into, meet by chance. 2. wander about.
3229Merofel(coll. ) do more than o. thing at once.
3230Merogoh1 grope, search (in pocket, bag, etc.). 2 grope after s.t.
3231Merogolrogol rape s.o.
3232Merokoksmoke s.t.
3234Merombak1 tear down s.t. 2 change the appearance of s.t., remodel. 3 reorganize.
3235Merombengbuy and sell secondhand articles.
3236Merometwork at odd jobs.
3237Meromok(lit. ) be uneasy, be upset.
3239Meronggengdance, serve as a dancing girl.
3240Merongkohwalk stooped over.
3242Merongossee MRONGOS.
3243Merongrong1 gnaw at s.t. 2 undermine s.t., damage s.t.
3244Merongrongidisturb, upset.
3245Merongseng1 grumble. gripe. 2 discontented, unhappy.
3246Merontastruggle to get loose.
3247Merosot1 slip off. 2 decline, sink
3248Merotok1 explode repeatedly. 2 grumble.
3249Merpatipigeon, dove. merpati-jambul the crested dove. merpati-mahkota crown pigeon. merpati-perdamaian the dove of peace. merpati-pos carrier pigeon.
3250Mersik1 shrill. 2 crisp and dry. 3 skinny, lean.
3251Mertasee SERTA.
3252Mertamu(Java) pay a visit.
3253Mertegasee MENTEGA.
3255Meru1 pagoda of Hindu temple. 2 rice heaped into a mountain shape.
3256Meruahsee MARWAH.
3257Meruap1 steam. 2 bubble up.
3258Merubu-Rubugrope around nervously.
3259Merubungflow together in large quantities, gather around.
3260Merucutescape, glide loose.
3261Merudalshoot with a missile.
3262Merugikan1 inflict a financial loss. 2 damage, harm.
3263Merukahturn over.
3264Merukunkanappease, bring peace about.
3265Merumbaigrow in strands.
3267Meruncingkan1 sharpen (a point). 2 aggravate, exacerbate.
3268Merundukstoop, bend, bow.
3269Merunggaik.o. small tree the leaves of which are eaten as a vegatable (Moringa sp).
3271Merungguhkanpawn, hock.
3272Merungkauhang down like hair over the face or like willow branches.
3273Merungkuhbe worn out, decayed, old.
3274Merungus(M) grumble.
3275Merungutgrumble, gripe.
3276Meruntaidangle, hang loosely.
3277Meruntuh1 collapse, come down. 2 infiltrate.
3278Meruntunpull out.
3279Meruntunkanlink, join together.
3280Merunyamkan1 make difficult. 2 damage, cause to fail.
3281Merupakanconstitute, form, make up.
3282Merupiahkanconvert to rupiah.
3283Merurut1 fall down. 2 slip off.
3284Merutinbecome ordinary, routine.
3285Merutuk.o. small mosquito.
3286Merutukgrumble, cuss.
3287Mesresidence belonging to a concern or gvt. for housing its employees.
3289Mesantombstone, grave marker.
3290Mesem(Java, Jakarta) smile.
3291Meserasee MESRA.
3292Meseschocolate sprinkles (on cookies, etc.).
3293Mesigitsee MESJID.
3294Mesinmachine, engine.
3298Meski/meskipun/ although, in spite of (the fact that).
3299Mesra1 very close so as to become fused. 2 intimate, very close.
3300Messsee MES.
3301Mester1 lawyer, jurist. 2 title of those holding a Dutch or Indonesian law degree. 3 teacher.
3302Mesti1 certain, surely. 2 must, have to.
3303Mestikamagic jewel, precious stone.
3305Mesum1 dirty, filthy, polluted. 2 improper, indecent. 3 immoral.
3306Metamad, drunk, in a rage.
3310Metafor/metafora/ metaphor.
3311Metahsee PUTIH.
3312Metal(auto. ) bushing.
3314Metan/metana/ methane.
3315Metarisee MATAHARI.
3317Metesee MENTE.
3320Meteraistamp, seal to indicate payment, revenue stamps.
3321Meti(Ambon) low tide.
3322Metoda/metode/ method.
3330Metrominimedium-sized city bus.
3331Metropolisasisee METROPOLITANISASI.
3333Metropolitanisasimake s.t. into an urban area.
3334Metrumpoetic meter.
3335Meubelsee MEBEL.
3336Mevrouw/mefro/ (coll. ) tern of address or title for Western or westernized women.
3337Mewabahbecome an epidemic.
3338Mewabahiplague s.o. or s.t.
3339Mewabahkan1 spread an epidenmic disease. 2 cause s.t. to spread like an epidemic.
3340Mewadahicontain, provide a place for.
3341Mewafatkancause s.o.'s death.
3342Mewahluxurious, extravagant.
3344Mewahyuiinspire s.o.
3345Mewahyukanreveal s.t. (in a vision).
3346Mewajarkanmake natural, make proper.
3347Mewajibkanmake s.t. compulsory.
3348Mewakafkandonate s.t. to be used for religious or community use.
3349Mewakilirepresent, look after the interests of s.o. or s.t.
3350Mewakilkan1 appoint s.o. as a representative. 2 do s.t. by proxy.
3351Mewalikan1 act as guardian for. 2 appoint s.o. to be guardian.
3352Mewangi1 fragrant. 2 scent, perfume.
3353Mewangikanperfume s.t.
3354Mewanti-Wantitell s.o. repeatedly, warn.
3355Mewarisiinherit s.t.
3356Mewariskanbe queath s.t.
3357Mewarnai1 apply a color to s.t., color. 2 slant (a story), color s.t.
3358Mewarnakancolor, paint.
3359Mewartakanreport, inform.
3360Mewasiatkanwill, bequeath.
3361Mewasitibe the referee in.
3362Mewaspadaikeep on guard against.
3363Mewaspadakanalert s.o.
3364Mewatakiform the character of.
3365Mewawancaraiinterview s.o.
3366Mewawancarakanmake the topic of an interview, interview about.
3367Mewayangkan1 put into a wayang format for presentation. 2 act, perform.
3368Mewedel(Java) dye.
3369Mewejangiadvise, instruct.
3370Mewejangkanuse s.t. to advise or instruct.
3371Mewek1 start to cry. 2 torn open.
3372Meweselkansend money.
3373Mewirupleat s.t.
3374Mewisudakanaward a degree at graduation ceremony.
3375Mewujudkan1 give shape to, create. 2 bring into reality.
3376Meyakinibe conviced about s.t.
3377Meyakinkan1 convince s.o. 2 make convincing.
3378Mezbahsee MAZBAH.
3379Mh.[marah] (M) a title for male nobility.
3381Mhs.[mahasiswa] university student.
3382Mi1. noodles. 2. see MAMI.
3383Mi'rajsee MIKRAD.
3384Miakpeeping of chickens.
3385Miang1 small plant hairs. 2 traitor, slanderer.
3386Miarasee PELIHARA.
3387Mib[Maluku Irian Barat] Moluccas and Western New Guinea.
3390Midodareni(Java) celebration on the natural before a wedding.
3391Miesee MI 1.
3392Migas[minyak dan gas bumi] oil and natural gas.
3395Mihrabniche or chamber in mosque indicating the direction of Mecca.
3396Mihun1 thin rice noodles. 2 dish containing dried coodles with bits of vegetables.
3397Mijnman/men man/ (coll. ) my husband.
3398Mijnvrow/men fro/ (coll. ) my wife.
3401Mikinsee MAKIN.
3402Mikrab/mi'rab/ see MIHRAB.
3403Mikrad/mikraj, mi;rad/ (islam) celebration commemorating muh. 's ascent to Heaven.
3405Mikroba/mikrobe/ microbe.
3406Mikrobiologi/mikrobiolokhi, mikrobiologi/ microbiology.
3407Mikrobis/mikrobus/ medium-sized bus.
3409Mikrofonsee MIKROPON.
3410Mikroletk.o. minibus or jitney.
3419Milik1 property, possession. 2 fate.
3421Milionersee MILYUNER.
3422Milir1 go down to the sea. 2 go down to the city from the outskirts.
3423Milisi1 militia. 2 military man. 3 military service.
3424Militanmilitant (as in political movement).
3426Militer1 soldier. 2 military.
3430Miliunsee MILYUN.
3431Milosee MULO.
3432Milukutsee MELUKUT.
3434Milyaranby the billions.
3438Mimbarpulpit, speaker's platform, rostrum.
3439Mimimale horseshoe crab.
3440Mimik1. (child language, Java) drink. 2. facial expression. 3 mimicry.
3441Mimisround pellet for rifles, beebee.
3442Mimisansuffer from nosebleed.
3443Mimpidream. mimpi-buruk nightmare.
3444Min(math. ) minus.
3446Minal'aidinwalfaizincongratulations expressed at the end of the fasting month.
3447Minangof the Minangkabau ethnic group.
3448Minatinterest, proclivity.
3449Minderfeel inferior.
3450Minderingsell merchandise on the installment plan traveling through villages.
3451Mindoeat breakfast leftovers with rice at noon.
3452Mindringsee MINDERING.
3454Mineur/minir/ 1 snide remark. 2 minor key. 3 melancholy (of atmosphere).
3455Minggat(Java) 1 flee, run away. 2 Get out of here !.
3456Minggirsee PINGGIR.
3457Minggu1 week. 2 Sunday. 3 go out for a Sunday picnic or walk. minggu-an weekly.
3458Mingkinall the more.
3459Mingsershift, change position.
3461Minicar/minikar/ k.o. three-wheeled motorized taxi.
3462Minikatak.o. play using few words.
3467Minitsee MENIT.
3468Minoritas/minoritet/ minority.
3469Minta1 ask, request, beg. 2 please. 3 ask for trouble.
3470Minta-Minta(Jakarta) 1 hope. 2 beg for alms.
3471Mintak(coll. ) see MINTA.
3472Mintakatzone, area.
3474Mintalsee PINTAL.
3475Mintangsee SILANG.
3476Minteradmunicipal council.
3477Mintuna1 female horseshoe crab. 2 (Zod. ) Gemini.
3478Minum1 drink, absorb. 2 take in (air, smoke).
3479Minuman1 a drink. 2 beverage.
3480Minus1 poor, lacking in economic potential. 2 (math. ) minus. unproductiveness.
3481Minyakoil, grease, fat.
3482Minyawaksee BIAWAK.
3484Miring1 at an angle, aslant, sideways. 2 oblique. 3 crazy,
3486Mirjansee MERJAN.
3487Miru(Java) pleat a sarong.
3488Mis.[misalnya] for example.
3489Misa(rel. ) Mass.
3491Misalexample, instance.
3492Misan(Jakarta, Java) first cousin.
3493Misbahlamp, light, lantern.
3494Misbar[gerimis bubar] (sl. ) open-air cinema that lets out when it starts to drizzle.
3495Misi1. 1) (Catholic) mission. 2) mission. 2. see MISSI.
3496Misihsee MASIH 1.
3497Misiologistudy of missionizing activities.
3500Miskam/miskamp/ miscarriage.
3501Miskinpoor, needy, destitute.
3502Miskram/miskran/ see MISKAM, MISKAMP.
3503Misluk/mislukt/ be botched, failed.
3504Mismis(Jakarta) 1 avaricious. 2 overly meticulous.
3505Misoasmall rice and egg noodles.
3506Misrok.o. made of fried cassava filled with brown sugar.
3507Missasee MISA.
3508Missiideological role.
3509Mistar1 ruler, line. 2 crossbar at goal.
3510Mister1 term of address or reference for a Caucasian male. 2 (coll. ) term of address for male and female Caucasians.
3513Mistisee MESTI.
3514Mistik1 mystical. 2 o. of a pair of numbers which go together as determined by a lottery in gambling.
3519Misuhsee PISUH.
3523Mitoni(Java) ceremony and feast given for a woman seven months pregnant with her first baby.
3525Mitra1. (lit. ) friend. 2. miter.
3526Mitraliur/mitralyur/ machine gun.
3527Mitsalsee MISAL.
3528Mizan(Zod. ) Libra.
3529Ml-see also entries with mel-, l-.
3530Mobbrigsee MOBRIG.
3531Mobilcar, automobile. mobil-derek towing truck.
3532Mobilersee MEBELER.
3533Mobiletmoped or motorbike.
3536Mobilitas/mobilitet/ mobility.
3537Moblong(Jakarta) loose, baggy.
3538Mobrig[Mobil Brigade] paramilitary branch of national police in the Sukarno era.
3539Mocokfill in for a person who is absent.
3540Mocopatsee MACAPAT.
3541Modalfinancial capital.
3543Modalwancapitalist, financier.
3544Modar(Vulgar., Java) die.
3545Modefashion (of clothes).
3546Model1 model. 2 the fashion. 3 (coll. ) dressed up fancy.
3548Moderatormoderator in a panel, etc.
3549Moderensee MODERN.
3553Moderok(Jakarta) 1 mushy (of fruit). 2 damaged, spoiled.
3554Modifikasimodification. me-modifikasi(kan) modify.
3555Modin1 o. who calls to prayers, muezzin. 2 village religious functionary, esp o. who officiates at circumcisions.
3557Modistedress maker, designer.
3558Modol1. (Jakarta) kill. 2. (Java, Jakarta) disheveled, untidy.
3560Modulasi(ling. , phys. ) modulation.
3561Modulesee MODUL.
3562Modulir(phys. ) modulate.
3563Modus1 modus. 2 (ling. ) mood.
3564Mogainitiative. se-moga May it happen, I hope that.
3565Mogok1 strike. 2 stall, fail, break down.
3566Mogoldrop out of school.
3567Mohsee EMOH.
3569Mohon1 ask, request. 2 implore, beseech.
3570Mohorseal, signet.
3571Mojah1 socks. 2 stockings.
3572Mojang(Sunda) young girl.
3573Mok(coll. ) mug.
3575Mokalsee MUHAL.
3576Mokhalsee MUHAL.
3577Moksaredemption (in Hinduism and Budhism).
3578Moksai1. (China) Pekinese dog. 2. (China) a kung fu movement.
3579Molekpretty, cute. loveliness, beauty.
3582Molencement mixer.
3583Moler(Jakarta, sl. ) prostitute.
3584Molig/molekh/ plum and full (of body).
3585Molimothe five sins in Java religion : maling, madat, madon, main, minum. stealing, opium smoking, womanizing, gambling, drinking.
3586Molor1 become longer and longer in time or space. 2 laze around. 3 (Jakarta) sleep.
3587Molos1 penetrate. 2 go away without paying.
3588Momen1. monument. 2. 1) temporary police roadblock or speed trap. 2 check motorists in temporary rioadblock. 3. torque.
3589Momok1 ghost, spook, specter. 2 haunting danger.
3590Momongtake care of a baby. momong-an child taken care of.
3591Momot(Java) carry (a load, passengers).
3592Monas[Monumen Nasional] the obelisklike national monument in the center of Lapangan Merdeka in Jakarta.
3593Moncong1 snout, muzzle. 2 spout. me-moncong protrude.
3594Moncor1 flow out. 2 diarrhea.
3595Mondarsee MUNDAR-MANDIR.
3596Mondialon a worldwide scale.
3597Mondok1. fat, squat. 2. see PONDOK.
3599Mongsound of a gong.
3600Mongkok1 stick out. 2 tower above. 3 proud.
3601Mongolknotted, gnarled.
3602Monitorme-monitor s.t.
3609Monolitik/monolitis/ monolithic.
3611Monoloyalitasloyalitas to only o. thing.
3613Monopolisirme-monopolisir monopolize.
3617Monster1. sample of merchandise. 2 monster.
3618Monstrans(rel. ) monstrance.
3619Montang-Mantingmoving about restlessly.
3620Montase1 assembly. 2 editing (of movie).
3621Montesee MOTE.
3622Montir1 mechanic, repairman. 2 repair, do mechanical work.
3623Montokwell built, plump and full (of child's body or breats).
3624Montor1 motor. 2 auto, car.
3625Monumenmonument (in commemoration of s.t.).
3626Monumentalgrandiose, monumental.
3627Monyet1 monkey. 2 term of abuse.
3628Monyong1. sticking out, protruding (of the mouth, from buck teeth or pouting). 2. humorous term of address to an intimate.
3629Mopedmoped, motorbike.
3630MopitChina writing brush.
3631Mopongcarry a baby in o.'s arms.
3632Morak-Mariksee MORAT-MARIT.
3636Morat-Maritconfused, disorganized.
3637Morfem(ling. ) morpheme.
3639Morfinisdrug addict.
3640Moriunbleached plain cloth (used for batik, shrouds, etc.).
3641Moril1 moral, morality. 2 morale.
3642Morissoursop tree.
3643Morongcoffeepot, teapot.
3644Morphin/mprphinis/ see MORFIN, MORFINIS.
3645MorseMorse code.
3646Mortalitas/mortalitet/ mortality.
3647Mortirartillery mortar.
3649Mosimorion, vote.
3651Moster1. mustard. 2 see MONSTER 1.
3652Motasee KAIN.
3653Motebeads (for necklaces).
3654Motfologi/morflokhi, morfologi/ (bio. , ling. ) morphology.
3655Motif1. motif, design. 2. motive.
3656Motipsee MOTIF 1,2.
3658Moto1. motto. 2 (coll. ) monosodium glutamate.
3659Motor1 motor, engine. 2 motorcar, auto. 3 motorcycle. 4 moving force behind s.t. 5 (in some regions only) motorboat.
3661Motorisengineer, motorman.
3663Motorkapremovable roof of car.
3665Moyanggreat-grandfather, great-grandparents.
3666Mp-see also entries with emp-.
3667Mpo[menghitung pajak orang] k.o. sales tax.
3668Mpok(Jakarta) term of address to young woman of low class.
3669Mpot-Mpotanphysically or emotionally painful.
3670Mpp[Masa Persiapan Pensiun] period prior to retirement.
3671Mpr,Mprs[Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat (Sementara) ] (Provisional) People's Consultative Council.
3672Mps.[menurut pendapat saya] in my opinion.
3673Mr.[Meester (in de Rechten) ] a law degree used as a tittle by its holder.
3674Mrongos(Java) busktoothed.
3675Mtq[Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur'an] contest of Koranic recitation.
3676Mu[Majelis Umum] General Assembly.
3677Mu'jizatsee MUKJIZAT.
3678Mu'minsee MUKMIN.
3679Mu'tamarsee MUKTAMAR.
3680Mua1. eel. 2 see SEMUA.
3681Muafakah/muafakat/ see MUFAKAT.
3682Muaiexpand, swell.
3683Muak1 nauseated, revolted. 2 loathe (food or drink).
3684Mual1 queasy. 2 feel loathing. sickening, make o. feel nauseous.
3685Mualafrecent convert to islam.
3687Mualim/muallim/ 1 (religious) teacher. 2 navigator. 3 pilot, guide. 4 (Navy) deck officer, mate, first mate.
3688Muang-Thai/muangtai/ Thailand.
3689Muara1 estuary, mouth. 2 orifice.
3691Muat1 contain, hold, accomodate. 2 be contained in a publication. 3 include.
3692Muatan1 load, contents. 2 capacity. 3 cargo.
3693Muazin/muazzin, muezzin/, o. who calls to prayers.
3694Mubadir/mubadzir/ see MUBASIR.
3695Mubah(islam) neutral, neither forbidden not required.
3696Mubalih/muballigh/ (islam) preacher, o. who expound a certain idea.
3697Mubarakblessed, fortunate.
3698Mubarat(islam) divorce at the request of the wife.
3699Mubasir,Mubazirsuperfluous, waste.
3700Mubutfragile, brittle.
3702Mucikarisee MUNCIKARI.
3703Muda1 young (in age). 2 deputy. 3 unripe, green. 4 light, pale. pe-muda youth, young man.
3704Mudaheasy, simple. facilitate, make s.t. easier.
3705Mudah-Mudahan1 may it be, I hope (that). 2 maybe, perhaps.
3706Mudarat/mudharat, mudhorat/ 1 disadvantage. 2 fail.
3707Mudisee KEMUDI, MUDA.
3709Mudik1 upstream, upcountry, inland (away from the sea). 2 home to the village.
3710Mudinsee MODIN.
3711Mudlaratsee MUDARAT.
3713Mufakat1 (hold) discussion to reach an agreement. 2 agreement, consensus.
3714Mufasir(islam) commentator (on the Koran).
3715Mufrad(lit. ) single, simplex.
3716Mufti(islam) adviser on religious law for a region (above the kadi in authority).
3717muh. [Muhammad].
3718Muhajirin(islam) those who accompanied Mud. on his flight from Mecca.
3719Muhalimpossible, out the question.
3720Muhallil(islam) man who marries a divorced woman only so that be can divorce her to enable her to remary her original husband legally.
3721Muhammadiyaha Muslim movement.
3722Muharramfirst month of the Muslim year.
3723Muhibah/muhibbah/ goodwill.
3724Muhrim(islam) degree of consanguinity between a man and woman that renders marriage impossible but gives them the right of association.
3725Mui[Majelis Ulama Indonesia] Indonesian Council of Religious Scholars.
3726Mujahadah(islam) war against deviation from the true principles of religion.
3727Mujahid(islam) defender of the faith.
3728Mujahidin(islam) defender of the faith.
3729Mujairk.o. freswater fish widely stocked in inland waters and an important food.
3730Mujarabeffective, efficacious.
3731Mujaradabstract, not concrete.
3732Mujarrabsee MUJARAB.
3733Mujarradsee MUJARAD.
3734Mujtahid(islam) expert in Muslim law who gives an independent interpretation of the Koran and Hadist.
3735Mujur1 straigh ahead, straight. 2 luck. 3 lucky.
3736Muka1 face. 2 front. 3 page, side. 4 surface. 5 upcoming. 6 face, reputation.
3737Mukadimah/mukaddimah/ introduction, preface.
3739Mukenah(islam) white cloak covering a woman's head and body worn at prayer.
3740Mukhalaf(islam) heresy.
3741Mukhrimsee MUHRIM.
3742Mukhtasarsummary, resume.
3743Mukibat1 k.o. huge cassava bred by a man named Mukibat. 2 s.t. unusually large for the thing it is.
3744Mukim1 stay at, be a resident of. 2 residence, distric
3746Mukjijatsee MUKJIZAT.
3748Mukmin/mukminin/ (islam) the believers, the faithful.
3749Mukswasee MOKSA.
3750Muktabar/muktabir/ respected, venerated.
3751Muktamarcongress, conference.
3752Mula1 beginning. 2 original cause, basis.
3753Mulasslight stomach upset, pain in the stomach.
3754Mulekcirckle around in a closed space.
3755Mulessee MULAS.
3757Mulianoble, sublime, lofty.
3758Muliawanperson worthy of deep esteem.
3759Mulo[Meer Uitgebreid Lager Onderwijs] Dutch-language secondary school of colonial times.
3761Multipleksk.o. plywood.
3763Muludsee MAULID.
3764Muluk1 high-sounding. 2 bombastic, pompous.
3765Mulur1 elastic. 2 flexible.
3766Mulus1 flawless, pure. 2 sincere.
3767Mulut1 mouth. 2 opening. 3 nozzle.
3768Mumbangyoung coconut.
3769Mumbul(Java) rise, bounce.
3770Mumet1 headache. 2 (Java) dizzy. 3 confused.
3771Mumi/mumia/ mummy.
3772Mummisee MUMI.
3773Mumpungtake advantage while o. can, as long as.
3775Munafik1 (islam) unbeliever who pretend to be a Muslim. 2 hypocrite. 3 (sl. ) liar.
3776Munas[Musyawarah Nasional] National Deliberative Council.
3777Munasabah/munasabat/ reasonable, logically acceptable (as an argument, o.'s reaction, etc.).
3778Muncikariprocures, pimp.
3780Munculemerge, appear, turn up.
3781Muncungsee MONCONG.
3782Mundamlarge bowl, tub.
3783Mundar-Mandirmove back and forth, esp. aimlessly.
3784Munding(Sunda) water buffalo.
3785Munduk.o. small tree and sour fruit.
3786Mundur1 go back, back up. 2 decline, decrease, deteriorate. 3 retreat.
3787Mungsee MONG.
3788Munggahsee PUNGGAH.
3789Munggusmall hill.
3790Munggurk.o. tree.
3791Mungilcute, sweet.
3793Mungkar1 deny. 2 ignored.
3794Mungkeretsee MENGKERET.
3796Mungkir1 deny, disavow. 2 renege.
3797Mungkumdome shaped, overarching.
3798Mungkur1. stretcher, palanquin. 2. with o.'s back turned.
3799Mungpungsee MUMPUNG.
3800Mungsik.o. herb.
3802Munjungheaping full.
3803Munkar(islam) o. of two angels who interrogate a dead person soon. after he has been buried.
3804Munokeep silent and muse.
3805Munsyi(lit. ) language teacher.
3806Muntaber[muntah berak] diarrhea and vomiting, esp. as cholera symptoms.
3807Muntah1. vomit, throw up. 2. fade, run.
3808Muntupbegin to appear.
3809Munyeng(Java) dizzy.
3810Mupakatsee MUFAKAT.
3811Muqaddimahsee MUKADIMAH.
3813Murad1 intention. 2 meaning, significance.
3814Muradifsee MURAJIF.
3815Murah1 cheap, inexpensive. 2 easy, not subject to a number of conditions. 3 generous.
3816Muraik.o. small bird.
3817Murajif(ling. ) synonym.
3818Muramgloomy, depressed.
3819Murangfuse for igniting firecrackers or dynamite.
3820Murat-Maritse MORAT-MARIT.
3821Murbacommon, proletarian.
3822Murbai/murbe/ mulberry.
3823Muri1. k.o. metal flute. 2. see MORI.
3824Murid1 pupil, student of lower grades. 2 disciple, follower of.
3825Muringin a bad mood.
3826Muris1. k.o. fabric. 2. greedy, closefisted.
3827Murka1 anger, fury. 2 (lit. ) angry (esp. of royalty).
3828Murnipure, clean.
3829Mursal1. (islam) messengers of God: Abraham, Moses, Jesus, et al. 2. undisciplinable.
3830Mursid/mursyid/ spiritual guide, religious teacher.
3831Murtad1 (islam) apostate. 2 renegade from social values.
3832Murungmelancholy, depressed.
3833Murup(Java) flame, flaming.
3834Murushave loose bowels.
3836Musababsee SEBAB.
3837Musabaqah/musabaqoh/ contest for reciting the Koran.
3839Musallasee MUSHOLLA.
3841Musawarahsee MUSYAWARAH.
3843Musholla/musola/ (islam) small building or room set aside in a public place for performance of religious duties.
3844Musibahcalamity, disaster.
3849Musium1 season, period. 2 monsoon.
3850Muskilsee MUSYKIL.
3851Muslihat1 trick. 2 strategy, tactics.
3852Muslima Muslim.
3853Muslimah/muslimat/ Muslim woman.
3854Muslimin(pl. ) Muslims.
3855Musna(coll. ) see MUSNAH.
3856Musnahannihilated, destroyed.
3857Musollasee MUSHOLLA.
3859Muspida[Musyawarah Pimpinan Daerah] council for provincial and lower level gvt. officials.
3860Mustahakimportant, crucial.
3861Mustahilimpossible, out of the question.
3862Mustaidready, completed, at hand.
3863Mustajabefficacious, effective.
3864Mustakimstraightforward, sincere.
3865Mustisee MESTI.
3866Mustikasee MESTIKA.
3867Musuh1 enemy, adversary. 2 competitor, contestant.
3868Musyafirsee MUSAFIR.
3869Musyarakah/musyarakat/ partnership.
3870Musyawarah/musyawarat/ 1 meeting, conference. 2 discussion, deliberation.
3871Musykildifficult to know or prove.
3873Musytarithe planet Jupiter.
3874Mutsee KEMUT 2.
3875Mutabar/mutabir/ see MUKTABAR, MUKTABIR.
3876Mutahsee MUNTAH 1.
3877Mutakhirthe very latest, most up-to-date (flashion, etc.).
3878Mutalaahstudy carefully, scrutinize.
3879Mutalaksee MUTLAK.
3880Mutasi1 (biol. ) mutation. 2 transfer of gvt. official to a new post or of pupil to a new school, shakeup.
3881Mutawatirhanded down from person to person for generations.
3883Mutlakabsolute, unconditional.
3884Mutu1 pearl. 2 quality, grade. 3 carat.
3885Mutung1 burnt, lost by five. 2 brokenhearted, discouraged. 3 give up.
3887Muwarikh(lit. ) historian.
3888Muzhabsee MUZHAB.
3889Muziksee MUSIK.

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