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1Ll, twelfth letter of the alphabet.
2L/C[letter of creadit].
3L/C[letter of creadit].
4Lasee LHA.
5Laba1 profit. 2 benefit, gain.
6Labahk.o. tree yielding wood used to make furniture.
8Labakk.o. sea fish.
9Labanghammer out iron sheets.
10Labasexhausted, consumed, used up.
12Laberaksee LABRAK.
13Laberang(naut. ) rigging.
14Labi-Labifreshwater turtle.
15Labial(phon. ) labial.
16Labillabile, changing, unstable.
17Labirin1. labyrinth. 2. inner ear.
18Laboranlaboratory assistant.
20Labrakbeating. labrak-an attack, thrashing.
21Labu1. gourd, squash. 2. flask.
22Labu-Air1 vegetable marrow. 2 gourd for carrying water.
23Labuh1 hanging down, trailing (of shirt sleeve, curtain, etc.). 2 classifier for curtains.
24Labur1. whitewash s.t. 2. pay laborers in kind or in money. 3. windfall.
25Lacak1. drag slightly (of anchor). 2. trace, track. 3. abundant, in great quantity.
26Lacur1. immoral, indecent. 2. unlucky, working out poorly.
28Ladablack or white pepper.
29Ladahsoiled, dirty. polluted.
31Ladansee MINYAK.
32Ladangunirrigated agricultural field.
33Laden(Java) o. who serves. laden-an service.
34Lading1. cleaner. 2. cargo.
35Ladokhaughty, arrogant, overbearing.
37Ladungstagnant (water).
38Lafaldz/lafal, lafaz/ 1 pronunciation of a word or phoneme. 2 wording, text. 3 the correct version.
39Laga1. fight. 2. brag, boast, put on airs.
40Laga-Lagaan1 proud. 2 boastful.
41Lagak1 attitude. manner, behavior. 2 mannerism. 3. bluff.
42Lagam1. horse's bit. 2. see RAGAM.
43Lagi1. 1) again. 2) still, further. 3) still (when it shoul not be so). 4) (with negatives) any more, any longer. 5) more, else, other. 6) as well (as). 2. be in the process of.
44Lagian(Jakarta) moreever.
45Lagu1 melody, tune, song. 2 way, manner. 3 intonation.
46Lagu - Marhabanlagu - marhaban
47Lah1. 1) particle urging action. 2) That is it ! Believe me ! (particle requesting belief). 3) particle of assent. 4) particle marking predicate. 5) trivializing particle (with question words). 2. see LHA. 3. see TELAH1.
48Lahad(islam) niche in the wall of a grave for the corpse.
49Lahakrotten, spoiled (of food).
50Lahan1. 1) land, terrain. 2) area. 3) soil. 2. see PERLAHAN.
51Lahapravenous, gluttonous.
52Lahar1 lava. 2 (geol. ) volcanic mudflow.
53Lahatsee LAHAD.
55Lahir1. 1) external, extrinsic, outward. 2) worldy, material. 2. come into being, be born. lahir-nya genesis.
56Lahiriah1 external, extrinsic. 2 physical, material.
57Laicisee LECI.
58Laifattenuate, weaken, enfeeble.
59Laiksee LAYAK.
60Laila/lailah/ My word ! (an exclamation of surprise and us. disapproval).
61Lailahailla'llah/la ilaha illa'llahu/ 1 (islam) There is no god but Allah (the beginning of the profession of faith). 2 Good God ! (an exclamation uttered when under extreme emotional stress).
62Lailatlailat-al kadar (islam) The night of the 26 to 27 th of the fasting month (the night in which the Koran was revealed).
63Lain1 other, another. 2 different. 3 besides, not including.
64Lais1. backwater, i.e. to push a paddle or oar toward the bow (to reverse the boat, etc.). 2. k.o. pandanus.
65Lajangremain unmarried (past usual marrying age).
66Lajat1 serious (illness). 2 extreme, very much.
67Lajimsee LAZIM.
68Lajnah(islam) committee.
69Lajolajo (Java) commute to and from a place of employment or study.
70Laju1 fast, quick, rapid. 2 rate.
71Lajur1 row. 2 strip (of cloth). 3 column (in a paper). 4 lane. 5 line (of defense). lajur-an neck (of land).
72Lak1. 1) sealing wax. 2) lacquer. 2. (China) six. lak-ban 60,oo. lak-ban go 65,000. lak-cap 60. lak-cap go 65. lak-ceng 6000. lak-pek 600. lak-pek ceng 600,000. lak-pek go 650. lak-pek go ceng 650,000. lak-tiau six million.
73Lakalarge liana with red heartwood (used for joss sticks).
74Lakabtitle, epithet (for dead or deposed rulers).
75Lakakstrike with a heavy object.
76Lakan/laken/ 1 sheet. 2 felt. 3 woolen cloth. 4 vellet.
77Laki(coll. ) husband. laki-laki 1 man, amle (of humans). 2 (China, Ambon) male (of animals).
78Laklakanthroat, gullet.
80Laknat1 curse, malediction. 2 anathema.
81Lakon1 play, drama. 2 act. 3 story.
82Laksa1. 10,000. 2. 1) lfine noodles similar to vermicelli. 2) k.o. dish prepared with such noodles.
84Laksana1 quality, characteristic. 2 like, resembling.
85Laksanawanmanager, executor.
88Laku1 behavior, conduct, attitude. 2 valid, in effect. 3 in demand, sell well.
89Lakumk.o. vine.
90Lakur(lit. ) fuse (of metals).
91Lalabsee LALAP.
92Lalah1. gluttonous. 2. destroy undergrowth in order to plant.
93Lalai1. 1) careless, negligent. 2) absent-minded, indifferent. 2. see TALI.
94Lalang1. k.o. coarse grass. 2. see LALU.
95Lalapdish of raw vegetables and a spicy sauce.
96Lalar(Ambon) see LALAT.
97Lalata fly. lalat-hijau bluebottle.
98Lalau(lit. ) keep s.o. from trespassing.
99Laler(Java, Jakarta) see LALAT.
100Lali1 numb, insentive (to pain). 2 anesthetized. 3 (Java) forget.
101Lalimtyrannical, despotic, cruel.
102Lalu1 pass. 2 past, last. 3 then.
103Lama1 long (of duration). 2 old, long standing.
104Laman(coll. ) see HALAMAN.
105Lamangk.o. long straight single-edged sword.
106Lamar1 ask for the hand of. 2 propose marriage to s.o. 3 apply for (a job).
107Lamaran1 (marriage) proposal. 2 application.
108Lamat-Lamat/lamat-lamatan/ vague, indistinct, scarcely visible.
109Lambaiwave o.'s hands.
110Lambakpile, heap. lambak-an earth used to build up bunds in a rice field.
111Lamban1 languid, inolent. 2 clumsy, awkward, ungainly.
112Lambangsign, symbol.
113Lambangsari(Euphemism, Java) sexual intercourse.
114Lambarunderlayer. lambar-an pad, base.
115Lambat1 slow-moving, leisurely. lambat-laun 1)gradually, in the long run. 2) finally. 3) sooner or later. 2 late.
116Lambat-Laun1 gradually, in the long run. 2 finally. 3 sooner or later.
117Lambau(coll. ) farming.
118Lambo(Sulawesi) k.o. single-masted cargo boat.
119Lambung1. 1) side (of ship, person), flank. 2) an interior cavity. 2. the bounce (of a ball, etc.).
120Lamburk.o. large jellyfish.
121Laminme-lamin decorate the bed of the newlyweds.dais on whic the bridal couple sits.
122Lamp.[lampiran] 1 supplement. 2 enclosure.
123Lampaislim, slender.
124Lampamk.o. fish.
125Lamparbe scattered or spread about.
126Lampas(lit. ) 1 polish, rub (furniture, etc.) 2 hone, shapen (a knife).
128Lampiasflowing readily.release.
129Lampin1 diaper. 2 pot holder.
130Lampinga slope.
131LampionChina paper lantern.
133Lampiran1 enclosure. 2 attachment. 3 appendix, annex. 4 supplement.
134Lampok(M) pile of harvested rice.
135Lampor(Java) howling sound of evil spirits heard on rivers.
136Lampoyangsee LEMPUYANG.
137Lampu1 lamp. 2 light.
138Lampungfloat (of wood, etc.).
139Lampussee MAMPUS.
140Lampuyangsee LEMPUYANG.
141Lamtorothe Leucaena glauca, a fast-growing tree used for firewood the leaves of which furnish fodder.
142Lamtorogunga fast-growing tree similar in use to the lamtoro but considerably taller.
143Lamun1. (lit. ) 1) although. 2) provided that, if. 2. pile up (in a disorderly fashion). 3. muse, daydream.
144Lamunan1) fantasy, daydream. 2) speculation.
145Lamuralmost blind.
146Lanang(Java) male.
149Lancak.o. three-masted ship.
150Lancanasee LENCANA.
151Lancang1. 1) dare to do s.t. without proper permision. 2) impudent. 2. k.o. fast sailboat. 3. box or container for betel-chewing ingredients.
152Lancapsmooth, slick (of surface).
153Lancar1. 1) fast, swit (of vessels, cars, etc.). 2) fluent. 3) smooth (of discussions, etc.). 2. pe-lancar girder.
154Lancarank.o. swift sailboat.
155Lancing-LancinganJava-style trousers.
156Lancip1 sharp and pointed. 2 (math. ) acute.
157Lanconggo sightseeing, take a pleasure trip.
158Lancung1. 1) false, fake, imitation. 2) faithless, untrue (friend). 2. see LANCONG.
159Landa1. attack violently, knock down s.o. 2.. pan (tin, gold). 3. lye, alkali.
160Landaislope slightly (of hollocks, etc.). landai-an hilt of a kris.
161Landakporcupine. landak-laut sea urchin.
162Landas1 base. 2 substratum.
163Landasan1 base. 2 anvil.
164Landaume-landau pan or wash (gold, tin).
165Landrad(coll. ) court of law.
166Landreform/lenriforem/ land reform.
167Landskap(coll. ) scenery.
168Landung1 trailing, hanging down. 2 slack.
169Lang1 table or stand for selling. 2 set of stacked containers for carrying food. 3. see ELANG.
170Langahopen s.t. widely.
171Langau1 horsefly. 2 bluebottle fly.
172Langca/langcia/ (China) rickshaw.
174Langgam1 way, custom, style. 2 melody, tune.
175Langganber-langgan-an be(come) a customer of (a store). 2 subscribe to.
176Langganan1 customer, client. 2 (regular) subscriber.
177Langgangsee TUNGGANG 1.
178Langgar1. (islam) prayer house (not used for Friday prayer). 2.
179Langgengeternal, imperishable.
180Langgukproud, arrogant, haughty.
181Langik.o. large mackerel.
182Langir1 a shrub, the leaves of which are used for preparing a shampoo. 2 herbal shampoo.
183Langit1 sky. 2 the heavens.
184Langkascarce, rare.
185Langkah1 step, stride. 2 step, action, measure.
186Langkaislim, slender.
187Langkan1 balcony. 2 balustrade, railing.
188Langkapk.o. palm tree.
189Langkas1. dexterous. 2. (lit. ) lose all its fruits (of a tree).
190Langkatthree days from now, the day after the day after tomorrow.
191Langkaume-langkau-i 1 overlook, skip. 2 leave out, omit.
192Langkitangk.o. edible mollusc.
194Langsaipaid, settled (of bill, accounts).
195Langsam(coll. ) slow.
196Langsar1. tall and slender. 2. 1) fortunate, lucky. 2) happy.
197Langsatthe Lansium tree and its clusters of small, yellow fruit.
198Langsepsee LANGSAT.
199Langsia shrill sound.
200Langsing1. slim, slender, slvelte. 2.(coll. ) me-langsing go back and forth, go up and down. 3. loud (of sound).
201Langsir1. thin, slender. 2. lancer.
202Langsuirk.o. wailing female vampire, preying on newly delivered mothers in childrenth and their infants.
203Langsung1 direct, straight. 2 immediately, straightaway. ber-langsung go on, take place.
204Langu1 rotten (of odor). 2 unpleasant (of taste).
205Langutme-langut sad, melancholy.
206Lanjame-lanja go on a visit.
207Lanja - Lanjaango anywhere.
208Lanjaislim, slender.
210Lanjang1. slender. 2 see TELANJANG.
211Lanjarlong and tapering.
212Lanjaranbean, pole, trellis.
213Lanjiratcourt of law.
214Lanjung1 small and slender (of sugarcane, etc.). 2 tall, high.
215Lanjurprotracted, stretched, dragged out.
216Lanjut1 advanced. 2 long, detailed. 3 continue, continued.
217Lansengreheat by steaming.
218Lanset(med. ) lancet.
219Lansir1. 1) launch s.t. 2) spread, distribute (news, etc.). 2. see LANGSIR.
220Lanskapsee LANDSKAP.
221Lantai1 floor. 2 story (of a building).
222Lantakpiston, pile.1 hammer s.t. 2 ram, drive (a pile).
223Lantam1 proud. 2 haughty, arrougant. brag, boast of s.t.
224Lantamal[Pangkalan Utama Angkatan Laut] first-class naval base.
225Lantanme-lantan 1 spoil s.o. 2 care for (o.'s body). 3 economize on (clothing by wearing poorer quality).
226Lantang1 shrill, piercing (voice). 2 clear, distinct (of voice, view).
227Lantar1. ter-, te-lantar neglected. 2. see PELANTAR.
228Lantaran1) reason. 2) (coll. ) because.
229Lantas1 straightaway, directly, forthwith, then. 2 and so ?
230Lanterasee LANTERA.
231Lantikinstall, inaugurate.
232Lanting1) thrown, tossed. 2) no longer useful, useless.1 slingshot. 2. hold out at arm's length.
233Lanting-Lantingplatform at river bank (for bathing and laundering).
234Lantunme-lantun 1 rebound (of a ball, spring). 2 reflect. 3 ricochet.
235Lantung1. putrid, stinking (odor). 2 1) aloud bang. 2) verbose. 3.nge-lantun laze about, do things without purpose.
236Lanturme-lantur-kan divert, distract s.o.
237Lanuma[pangkalan utama] main base.
239Lanut[pangkalan udara] air base.
241Lanyakme-lanyak 1 trample down (earth). 2 step on, run down, disparage (s.o. or s.t.). 3 hit hard.
242Lanyausoft mud (with a hard crust).
243Laosgalingale, aplant of the ginger family.
244Laotengsee LOTENG.
245Lap1 towel. 2 rag.
246Lap-Lapan(sl. ) be in love.
247Lapadsee LAFADZ.
248Lapahme-lapah 1 skin, flay, dress (an animal). 2 devour.
249Lapalsee LAFADZ.
250Lapan(coll. ) see DELAPAN.
251Lapang1 open, wide, spacious. 2 free, unoccupied. 3 roomy.
252Lapangan1 field, square. 2 sphere, range (of activity).
253Lapar1 hungry. 2 hunger.
254Lapat-Lapat(Java, Jakarta) 1 vague, barely visible. 2 barely audible.
255Lapazsee LAFADZ.
256Lapihsee LAPIS.
257Lapik1 base, underlayer. 2 lining. 3 mat.
258Lapis1 layer, lining. 2 row. 3 (geol. ) stratum. 4 in layers.
260Laporan1report, occount. 2 statement.
261Lapuk1 moldy, putrefied, mildewed. 2 rotten, decayed (of wood, etc.), weakened. 3 obsolete, out-of-date (regulation, etc.).
263Lapur1. twitch, flutter (of a bird, etc.) 2. see LAPOR.
264Lara1 ill, sick. 2 painful.
265Larang1 forbid, prohibit, ban. 2 interdict.
266Larangan1 prohibition, ban, interdiction. 2 embargo. 3 (ling. ) prohibitive.
267Larapin demand, selling. slacken, pay out ( arope).
268Laras1. 1) pitch, key, scale. 2) harmonym, harmonious. 2. 1) barrel (of rifle, cannon, etc.). 2) classifier for rifles. 3) straight and cylindrical. 3. (M) district.
269Larat1. 1) be protracted, be drawn out (of an illness). 2) drag (of anchor). 3 wander. 2. k.o. Moluccan orchid. 3. see MELARAT.
270Lari1. run. 2 escape, leave.
271Larih(lit. ) drink together.
272Larik1. row, line.1 turn on a lathe. 2 bore, drill (a hole) in.
273Laring(anat. ) larynx.
275Larispopular, in demand, selling well.1 the first item sold in a work day, throught to stimulate later sales. 2 s.t. that sells well, best seller.
276Laronflying white ant.
277Larsboot, esp. military boots.
278Laru(Java) fermenting agent added to make vinegar.
279Larung(Java) float (esp. of offering, corpses).
280Larut1. 1) soluble. 2) fused, dissolved. larut-an (chem. ) solution. 2. 1) protracted. 2) late, far-advanced (of night).
281Lasweld, joint.
282Lasa1 numb (of o.'s limbs). 2 paralyzed. 3 callus on the sole.
283Lasah1. spread flat (mat, fish for drying, etc.). 2. everyday clothes, work clothes.
284Lasak1. 1) restless, restive, fidgety. 2) energetic, hyperkinetic (of a child). 3) peevish, petulant. 2. see LASAH 2.
285Lasat(M) serious (of illness).
286Laskar1 (lit. ) pre-modern soldiers. 2 paramilitary troops,guerilla-fighters.
288Lastiksee ELASTIK.
289Lasykarsee LASKAR.
290Lat1. 1) interval. 2) the space between planks. 2. late. 3. lath.
291Lata1. 1) humble, degrading. 2) dirty, ugly. 2. see LATAH 1.
292Lataboga(lit. ) herbivore.
293Latah1. 1) a nervouse condition characterized by erratic involuntary imitative behavior, often pornographic or socially disapproved. 2) (coll. ) other irrational imitative behavior (e.g. imitation of speech, etc.). 3) madly in love. 2. piles of leaves, etc.
294Latakresidue (in oil or paint).
295Latamsolid, compact.
296Latangsee JELATANG.
297Latar(Java) 1 yard. 2 surface, plane. 3 background, backdrop.
301Latif1 fine, handsome. 2 gentle, delicate.
302Latihaccustomed, wont.
303Latin1 Latin. 2 Roman 9type, letters).
304Lattahsee LATAH 1.
305Latuhedible seaweed.
306Latung1 petroleum. 2 kerosene.
307Latur1 blistered. 2 blister.
308Laturahmi(islam) having close personal relationships.
309Lauhsee LOH 1.
310Laukside dish, esp. meat or fish served with rice.
311Laundawdle, procrastinate, dally.
312Laungloud voice or sound.
313Laurbent, curved.
314Lautsea, ocean.
315Lawa1. crossbeam. 2. small bat. 3. /lawah/ vast, extensive (of view).
316Lawa-Lawa/lawah-lawah/ see LABAH-LABAH.
317Lawaithread for weaving.
318Lawak1. joke, jest, gag. pelawak comedian, jokester. 2. feeding trough. 3. see TEMU 1.
319Lawalata(coll. , Ambon) ber-lawalata trek on foot, walk a considerable distance.
320Lawamahsee NAFSU.
321Lawan1 opponent, adversary, rival. 2 enemy, foe. 3 (leg. ) respondent. 4 the contrary, the opposite. 5 against, versus.
322Lawang1. door, gate. 2. 1) mace. 2) clove flowers.
323Lawarslice of meat or fish.
324Lawas1. 1) long (time). 2) old. me-lawas no longer bearing (of fruit tree). 2. see LUAS.
325Lawat1 paya a visit. 2 make a trip. 3 (coll. ) make a visit of conolence.
326Lawe1 yarn, thread. 2 cotton waste. lawe-an place where thread is being woven.
327Laweank.o. headless ghost.
328Lawi,Lawi-Lawilong tailfeather.
329Lawon(Java) white cotton. lawon-tenun woven material.
330Layah1. veil. 2. bend over backward, bow. 3. flat-edged metal plate. 4. see LAYAP.
331Layak1 proper, suitable. 2 reasonable, fair (price). 3 like.
332Layan1 serve, wait on (guests), take care of (customers). 2 supply. 3 man. 4 service.
333Layang1. 1) kite. 2) k.o. bird, swift. 2. cut s.t. in half (e.g. mango, etc.).
334Layap1. low (close to the surface). 2. doze, nod.
335Layar1. 1) sail. 2) screen (TV or movie). 3) blind, shade (of window, door). 2. see IKAN.
336Layatmake a visit of condolence.
337Layu1 withered, faded, wilted (of flowers). 2 weak, pale.
338Layuh1 paralyzed. 2 weak, feeble, debilitated.
339Layuksway (to the left or right).
340Layurme-layur 1 singe, scorch s.t. 2 sear s.t.
341Lazatsee LEZAT.
342Lazim1 usual, customary, common. 2 compulsry, obligatory.
343Lazuardi1 lapis lazuly. 2 azure.
344Lbh[Lembaga Bantuan Hukum] legal aid services.
345Lbr.[lebar] wide, width.
346Lesee TOLE.
347Leaksee LEYAK.
348Lebahbee. lebah-laut k.o. jelly fish.
349Lebai1 mosque official. 2 mosque servant.
350Lebak1. 1) valley. 2) lowlands. 2. sound of a slap.
351Lebamsound made by a falling object. /le`bam/ k.o. small edible fish.
352Leban1. 1) lead-colored. 2) (med. ) hematoma. 2. k.o. tree whose bark and leaves are used for medicinal purposes.
353Lebapsound of fruit falling to the ground.
354Lebar1 broad, wide, extensive. 2 width, breadht.
355Lebaranday of celebration at end of fasting month.. Lebaran-Haji festival celebrated on the 10th day of the 12th Islam month.
356Lebaswhip s.o.
357Lebat1 luxuriant, dense (of fruit on trees, hair, etc.). 2 heavy (of rain).
358Lebesee LEBAI.
359Leberspill or run over.
360Lebih1 more, -er. 2 more than.
361Lebihan1 excess, surplus. 2 remainder.
363Lebuhbroad road.
364Lebuk1. sound of a stone hitting the ground. 2. loose (of soil). me-lebuk (tanah) loosen (soil).
365Lebumsound of a thud.
366Lebundeceit, fraud.
367Lebur1 smelted. 2 dissolved, melted. 1 melt, fuse. 2 destroy, wipe out. 3 merge.
368Lecah1 muddy. 2 glutinous.
369Lecak1. muddy, slushy, miry. 2. plain, ordinary (of faces).
370Lecapsee BASAH.
371Lecat1. raw (of throat). 2. see LICIN.
372Leceh1. sloppy, unkempt (of dress). 2. talkative. 3. vile.
373Lecek1 disheveled, unkempt. 2 crumpled (of paper, etc.). /le`ce`k/ worn (of locks, latches, etc.).
374Lecet1. chafed. 2 blister (on foot, etc.). 3 scratched.
375Lecithe lychee fruit and tree.
376Lecit1 slip away. 2 ooze through.
377Lecit-Lecitsnap fastener.
378Lecodwarf, midget.
379Lecokvery slick.
380Lecotsee LECUT.
381Lecuhshriveled up (of cooked vegetables).
382Lecupsound of a kiss.
383Lecur1. sound of a whip's lash. 2. blister.
384Ledak1 explode (of a bomb, etc.). 2 erupt (of a volcano). 3 break out, burst out. 4 (sl. ) become a sensation.
385Ledek1. (Java) 1) k,.o. dance performed at feast by hired dancers joined by honored spectators. 2) such a hired dancer. 2. (Jakarta) tease.
386Ledengsee LEDING.
387Ledesinflamed, red (of eyes).
388Ledingme-leding warp, sag (of floors, etc.). /le`ding/ plumbing, running water. tukang-leding plumber.
389Ledorsee TELEDOR.
390Ledos1 explode, burst. 2 collapse.
391Ledukme-leduk explode.
392Ledungme-ledung bend, give (of a bridge).
393Lega1 roomy, open. 2 free, not busy. 3 relieved, free of worry.
394Legahsee LEGA.
395Legak-Legoksee LENGGAK-LENGGOK.
396Legal/lekhal/ legal.
401Legam(lit. ) black.
402Legar1 take turn. 2 revolve, circle about.
404Legatstraight, fixed.
405Legen(Java) unfermented toddy.
406Legenda1 legend, myth. 2 legend (on maps, etc.).
408Leger/lekher/ ledger. /le`ge`r/ 1 floor joist. 2 wine vat.
409Legi(Java) the first day of the five-day week.
410Legion1 legion. 2 association.
412Legit(Sunda) 1 sweet. 2 sticky.
414Legitimirme-legitimir legitimatize.
415Legiunsee LEGION.
417Legojosee ALGOJO.
418Legok1 concave. 2 dented. 3 pothole.
419Legongk.o. Balinese dance by young girls.
420Leguplait (rug, mat).
421Legundik.o. shrub.
422Legungk.o. tree.
423Leha/lehah/ careless, inattentive. (ber)leha-leha (coll. ) take it easy.
424Leherneck. leher-baju collar. leher-botol neck of bottle. leher-rahim cervix.
425Lejame-leja 1 reprimand. 2 abuse, revile.
426Lejang1 fast, swift. 2 flash. 3 (Sport) lap.
427Lejat1. me-lejat flip (of a fish). me-lejat-lejat flip-flop, writhe. 2. see LEZAT.
428Lejitme-lejit 1 run off, make a dash. 2 increase suddenly, skyrocket.
429Lek-Lekan(Java) all-night get-together.
430Leka1 negligent, careless, inattentive. 2 absorbed in, engrossed, lost in thought.
431Lekahcrack, aperture.
432Lekak-Lekukbumpy (of road, ground).
433Lekak-Liku/lekak-likuk/ 1 with many bends. 2 intricacies (of a plan, etc.).
434Lekamhold between thumb and index finger.
435Lekam-Lekuma loud noise.
436Lekang1 cracked (of hard ground). 2 fission. 3 easily separated (fruit from its pit, friends from e.o., etc.).
437Lekapber-lekap embrace, cuddle up (to s.o.).
438Lekap-Lekapsound of crunching or rattling.
439Lekarplaited rattan stand to hold round-bottomed vessels. /le`kar/ 1 reading stand for the Koran. 2 lectern.
440Lekas1 fast, switft, quick. 2 soon. lekas-an (coll. ) hurry.
441Lekatsticky, stick.
442Lekat-Lekat1 adhering, sticking. 2 addicted. 3 close (of friendship).
444Lekirstreaky, mottled.
445Lekitsticky, viscous.
446Lekokcurving, winding (of road, etc.).
447Lekra[Lembaga Kebudayaan Rakyat] the People's Cultural Association, a left-wing literary and cultural organization until the mid-1960s.
450Leksikostatistik(ling. ) lexicostatistics.
451Lektora rank of university teachers, similar to associate professor.
452Lektrissee ELEKTRIS.
453Lekturreading matter.
454Lekulean on o.'s elbow.
455Lekuh-Lekihsound of a cough or difficult breathing.
456Lekuk1 hollow (in the cheeks), concavity.
457Lekukan1 dent. 2 indentation.
458Lekum1. see HALKUM. 2. see LEKAM.
459Lekung1 hollow. 2 curved, bent.
460Lekup-Lekapsound of cracking o.'s knuckles, snapping sticks in two, etc.
461Lela1. smart, jaunty. 2. whim, caprice.
463Lelabik.o. fresh-water turtle.
464Lelahtired, weary, worn-out, exhausted.
465Lelaidroop (of tree branch, etc.).
466Lelakiman, male.
467Lelakon1 story (in a shadow play). 2 life story.
468Lelank.o. fish.
469Lelancur1 half-grown chicken. 2 youngster, young whippersnapper.
471Lelangit1 palate. 2 house ceiling.
472Lelapsound asleep.
473Lelar(M) use continually.
474Lelas1 smooth (after polisthing). 2 blister, blistered (of skin).
476Lelawacave bat.
477Lelek.o. freshwater catfish.
478Leleh1 melt (of wax, etc.). 2 calm down.
479Lelembutk.o. trouble-making invisible spirit.
480Lelep1. (Java) 1) submerge, immerse, dip s.t. 2) drown s.o. or s.t. 2. see LELAP.
481Lelerdrip with (perspiration).
482Lelet(Java) nge-lelet very slow.
483Lelewaber-lelewa 1 show off, put on airs. 2 gaudy, flashy, showy.
485Lelonobroto(Java) lead an ascetic itinerant way of life.
486Leluasa1 free, unhampered, unimpeded. 2 lavish, generous, liberal (in giving).
487Lelucon1 joke, jest. 2 spoof, farce.
488Leluhurancestors, forefathers.
489Leluingk.o. banyan tree.
490Lelungsee LELANG.
491Leluri1 ancestor. 2 predecessor.
493Lemah1 weak (of body, argument, etc.), low (of battery), fading (of radio). 2 (ling. ) unstressed (of syllable). 3 limp, supple. lemah-gemulai graceful.
494Lemak1 fat, grease. 2 greasy. 3 sweet (in speech), suave.
495Lemang1 glutinous rice roasted in bamboo tubes. 2. k.o. cake of grated cassava and coconut with palm sugar steamed in bamboo tubes.
496Lemaricupboard, wardrobe, case. lemari-arsip filing cabinet. lemari-besi safe.
497Lemas1 limp, faint, languid. 2 supple, pliant, flexible.
498Lemau1 soft (of s.t. that should be hard or crisp) 2 weak.
499Lembab1 damp, moist, humid. 2 dull (of a drum sound) 3 clumsy, awkward. 4 indolent.
500Lembaga1. institute, league, organization, institution. 2. embryo, sprout.
501Lembahvalley, dale.
502Lembaisee LAMBAI.
503Lembakme-lembak 1 boil over. 2 spill over.
504Lembam1. 1) weak, tired, languid. 2) swollen from fatigue, weeping, etc. (of facial features). 2. see LEBAM.
505Lembang1 dent, hollow. 2 dented. 3 valley.
506Lembar1. 1) sheet (of paper). 2) classifier for paper, etc. 2. 1) thread, string. 2) classifier for hair, thread, etc.
507Lembaran1 page. 2 sheet (of s.t. thin like paper). 3 paper, pamphlet.
508Lembayung1 the water hyacinth. 2 reddish purple, crimson.
509Lembegak.o. shrub with medicinal qualities
510Lembek1 soft (of a pillow, etc.), flabby (flesh). 2 soft, mushy (of porridge, etc.). 3 loose, slack (of rope, springs). 4 weak.
511Lembeng(Java) coquettish.
512Lembidangedge, rim (of plate, hat, etc.).
513Lembiksee LEMBEK.
514Lembing1 spear, lance. 2 (Sport) javelin.
515Lembuox, cow, bull.
516Lembung1. (of a bruise, balloon, etc.). 2. see LAMBUNG 2.
517Lembur1. work done outside of normal working hours. lembur-kerja overtime (work). 2. see LAMBUR.
518Lembusirwithers, shoulder (of beef, etc.).
519Lembut1 soft. 2 meek, tender, gentle. softening, toning down.
520Lemekprotective underlayer.
521Lemes1. (Sunda) the most polite speech level. 2. see LEMAS.
522Lemetk.o. cake of grated coconut steamed in banana leaves or corn husks.
523Lemhanas[Lembaga Pertahanan Nasional] National Defense Institute.
524Lemigas[Lembaga Minyak dan Gas Bumi] Institute for Petroleum and Natural Gas.
525Lemonsee LIMUN 1.
526Lemotsmeared all over with s.t.
527Lempaisee L;AMPAI.
529Lempar1 throw. 2 (Sport) throwing event.
530Lemparana pitch, toss, throw.
531Lempemsee MELEMPEM.
532Lempeng(Java) see LEMPANG.
533Lemperk.o. snack made of steamed glutinous rice with meat or other stuffing and wrapped in a bananas leaf.
534Lempingsee LEMPENG.
535Lempita fold.
536Lempokk.o. candied fruit (often durian).
537Lempuhsee LEPUH.
538Lempuksee LEMPOK.
539Lempung1. clay. 2. soft and light (of eood).
540Lempuyanga medicinal plant of the ginger family
541Lemukutsee MELUKUT.
542Lemuruk.o. fish, the oil sardine.
543Lemusirsee LEMBUSIR.
544Len1. (coll. ) lens. 2. see LIN 2.
545Lenasoundly asleep.
547Lencamk.o. small sea fish.
548Lencana1 emblem, badge. 2 insignia, ribbon.
549Lencangin a straight line. lencang-kanan (mil. ) form a straight line by looking to the right.
550Lencengveer, swerve, turn.
551Lencersee KELENCER.
552Lencingme-lencing flee.
553Lencir(Java) tall and slim.
554Lencitslip away or out (as of a seed between o.'s fingers).
555Lencong1. (Jakarta) 1) veer, swerve. 2) go astray, depart (from the right path). 2. see BASAH.
556Lender,Lendirmucus, phlegm.
557Lendothang on to (arm, sarong edge, etc., e.g. a child hanging on to his mother).
558Lendung1 bent inward, curved. 2 bowed down (from old age).
561Lengah1 careless, inattentive. 2 carefree, nonchalant.
562Lengai1 unskilled, maladroit. 2 inactive, dawdling. 3 neglectful.
563Lengak1 look up. 2 (Jakarta) look up in surprise.
564Lengan1 arm. 2 sleeve. 3 arm (of scales).
565Lengang1 lonely, deserted. 2 quiet, slack (of business). 3 vacant, unoccupied.
566Lengar1 dazed, drowsy. 2 dizzy.
567Lengas1 moist, damp, humid. 2 moisture.
568Lengatsteam (rice, etc.).
569Lengausee LANGAU.
570Lengersee LENGAR.
571Lenggaklook up.
572Lenggak-Lenggoka swaying movement.
573Lengganansee LANGGAN.
574Lenggang1 pause or rest for a moment. 2 be free, have a free moment. /le`nggang/ 1 swinging, swaying. 2 (naut. ) roll, wallow (of a boat).
575Lenggarasee SELENGGARA.
576Lenggek1. (M) floor, story. scream, shriek.
577Lenggokswinging, swaying.
578Lenggundisee LEGUNDI.
579Lenggut1. me-lenggut nod, doze. 2. (phys. ) precession.
580Lengit1 crafty, wily, tricky. 2 dishonest.
581Lengkangsee LEKANG.
582Lengkap1 complete. 2 fully equipped. 3 comprehensive.
583Lengkengsee KELENGKENG.
584Lengketbe sticky, adhering.
585Lengkiangsee RENGKIANG.
587Lengking1 shrill, strident. 2 say stridently, shriek. 3 wail (of siren).
588Lengkitangsee LANGKITANG.
589Lengkokcurve, bend.
590Lengkuask.o. ginger plant, the galangale.
591Lengkung1. 1) curve, bend. 2) arc. 3) hollow. 2. sound of hammer on iron.
592Lengkursee DENGKUR.
593Lengongme-lengong look back at.
594Lengos1 turn o.'s head to the side. 2 avoid looking at s.o.
595Lengser1) slide down (of the sun, skirt). 2) grease s.t. 2. baking pan, cooking sheet. 3. (Sunda) prime minister.
596Lengsetbe-lengset folded outward 9of edge of eyelid).
597Lenguha bellow (of a bull).
598Lengukme-lenguk hum, buzz.
599Lengungmuse, ponder, brood (over bad news).
600Leningsounding of a bell.
601Lenja1. me-lenja be brazen, become bold. 2. ring, hoop.
602Lenjuangk.o. small bush.
603Lenong(Jakarta) k.o. folk theater.
605Lenso(E. Indonesia) handkerchief. tarian-lenso k.o. dance with scarves.
606Lentang1. clapper (of bell). 2. me-lentang-kan stretch s.t. out. mene-lentang lie on o.'s back.
607Lentang-Lentokleaning to o. side (of the head).
608Lenteralantern. lentera-laut lighthouse beacon.
609Lentikcurved, curving.
610Lenting1. springy, resilient, bouncy. 2. sound of small metal objects hitting a stone. se-lenting a tiny (audible) bit.
611Lentokbent to o. side (of the head).
612Lentukme-lentuk be flexible.
613Lentumsee DENTUM.
614Lentunsee LANTUN.
615Lentung1. sound of clapper or drum. 2. me-lentung touch s.o. or s.t.
616Lentur1 bent, curved. 2 (phys. ) refraction. 3 flexible. 4 warped.
617Lenyahsee LANYAH.
618Lenyaksound asleep.
619Lenyapdisappeared, lost (from sight).
620Lenyausee LANYAU.
621Lenyeh1 knead (dough). 2 mash (potatoes).
622Leo(coll. ) 1 male lion. 2 astrological sign.
623Leotme-leot bend (of wire, etc.).
624Lepa1. plaster, mortar, caulking. 2. 1) lie sprawled out. 2) be long enough to trail on the ground (of a dress, etc.).
625Lepa-Lepathe lower part of a palm trunk. /le`pa-le`pa/ (E. Indonesia) dugout canoe.
626Lepaipartially paralyzed, withered (of foot, hand).
628Lepas1 free, liberated (of bird, etc.), be rid of. 2 undone, detached. 3 (ling. ) released. 4 after. 5 past, last.
629Lepasan1 graduate, alumnus, alumna. 2 former, ex-.
630Lepatk.o. snack made of sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves.
631Lepaufood stall.
632Lepehchew and spit s.t. out.
633Lepek1. soaking wet, drenched. 2. saucer. 3. slap s.o.
634Lepersee LEVER 1,2. /le`pe`r/ 1 flat, level. 2 shallow (of bowl).
635Leperansirsee LEVERANSIR.
636Leperisee RIFRI.
637Lepih1 edge of plaited mat (folded back into the plaitwork). 2 folded back (of a page).
638Lepitfolded over. lepit-an a fold.
639Lepoh1. ter-lepoh sprained, twisted 9of ankle, etc.). 2 me-lepoh plaster, daub s.t.
640Lepot1 smeared, smudges, soiled (with blood, mud, etc.). 2 be bemirched (of reputation).
643Lepufish with toxic spines, i.e. stone fish, scorpions fish, etc.
644Lepuha blister.
645Lepuksee LAPUK.
646Leraibreak up a fight, separate (fighters).
647Lerak1. broken open (of house, lock). 2. see KELERAK.
648Leramsee DERAM.
649Lerangstrip (of cloth).
650Lerang-Lerangstretcher, litter.
651Lerapsee DERAP.
652Lereksee KELERAK.
653Lereng1. 1) slope (of mountain). 2) rim of a wheel, edge (of a coin or of s.t. round). 2. having diagonal stripes (of fabric.
654Leret1 row, line. 2 series. me-leret stretch out straight.
655Lerokme-lerok squint in anger.
656Lerumsee DERUM 1.
657Les1. 1) extracurricular tutorial lesson. 2) nonscholastic course. 3) take lessons. 2. list, roster. 3. 1) picture frame. 2) trim. 4. reins (for horse).
658Lesahsee LASAH 1.
659Lesak1. sound of rustling (of leaves, rain). 2. see LASAH 2.
661Lesantarget, goal.
662Lesapdisappeared, vanished.
663Lesapan(phys. ) dissipation.
664Lesatfly away, take off.
665Lesausee DESAU.
666Lesbi/lesbian, lesbis/ lesbian.
667Lesbril(coll. ) reading glasses.
668Lesbumi[Lembaga Seni Budayawan Muslimin Indonesia] Muslim Cultural Association of Indonesia, a branch of the Islam party in the 1960s.
669Leset1 fall short of (target, estimate). 2 decline (in quality).
670Lesi,Lesihsee PUTIH.
671Lesingsee DESING. /le`sing/ lecture.
672Lesit1. hum, buzz (of wasps). 2. 1) spray, spout, gush. 2) blow o.'s nose.
673Lesnar(coll. ) reading desk, lectern.
674Lesot(Java) sit on the ground or floor.
675Lestari1 eternal, everlasting. 2 long-lasting.
677Lesu1 listless, weak (from lack of food or sleep). 2 sluggish, slack (of business). 3 depressed, blue.
678Lesungmortar (for pounding rice). lesung-pipi dimple (in cheek).
679Lesussee DESUS. /le`sus/ 1 whirlwind. 2 cyclone.
680Lesutsound of swishing made by a sword or whip.
681Letsee LAT 1. /le`t/ 1. (Sort) let ball. 2. see LETNAN.
682Letabase, shameful, contemptible. despise, holid s.o. in contempt.
683Letai1 weak. 2 tired, listless.
684Letak1 location, site. 2 disposition, set up. me-letak-kan put, place s.t. /le`tak/ exhausted, weary, fatigued.
686Letangsound of a hammer on iron.
687Letda[letnan muda] 2d lieutenant.
688Letekcrack (of earth).
689Letenansee LETNAN.
690Leter/le`te`r/ 1. 1) letter. 2) type, front. 2. be-, me- 1) quack repeatedly (of a duck flock). 2) babble, prattle, talk incessantly.
691Leterlek(coll. ) lit. , word for word.
693Letihtired, weary, worn out.
694Letiksound of glass cracking from contact with excessive heat.
695Leting1. me-leting flap about (of fish in basket). 2. sound of tinkling metallic objects.
696Letjen[letnan-jenderal] lieutenant general.
697Letkol[letnan-kolonel] lieutenant colonel.
698Letnanlieutenant, often let as a term of familiar address. 2 (Navy) lieutenant (junior grade).
699Letoithin and weak, emaciated.
700Letoksee LETUK.
701Letosme-letos stare.
702Letrasetk.o. lettering sheet rubbed with a pencil.
703Lettu/letu/ [letnan satu] first lieutenant.
704Letuksound of knocking.
705Letumsee DENTUM.
706Letungsound of drumbeats.
707Letupsound of an explosion.
708Letussound of a large explosion.
709Leukemi,Leukimia/lekemi, lekemia/ leukemia.
710Lever1. (anat. ) the liver. 2. me-lever supply, provide (goods).
711Leveransirsupplier, purveyor.
712Levis(coll. ) blue denim jeans.
713Lewat1 via, through, by way of. 2 beyond, past. 3 past, over.
714Leyak(Bali) k.o. evil spirit.
715Leyehber-leyeh lie around.lie back.
716Lezatdelicious, luscious.
717Lha(Java) 1 Well, yes, of course ! (particle conceding the obvious). 2 well now (particle bringing previous discussion to its conclusion. That is it ! (particle of recognition).
718Lho(Java) 1 My ! (exclamation of surprise at learning s.t. unexpected). 2 Remember ? (reminder or warning particle). 3 Right ! (emphatic particle to draw interlocutor's attention).
719Liang1 hole, pit. 2 opening, aperture.
720Liang-Liong(China) 1 China New Year's dragon dance. 2 paper dragon used in such parades.
721Liang-Liuksway like a drunken person.
722Liar1 wild, primitive (animal, tribe, etc.). 2 wild illegal, unauthorized (school, organization, etc.).
723Liat1. 1) tough, rubbery (of meat). 2) tough, hardened (of champion, criminal). 3) clayey (soil). liat-liut meandering (of a river). ke-liat-an plasticity. 2. see LIHAT.
724Liausuppurate, fester (of a sore).
726Libatme-libat 1 become wrapped around. 2 bandage, wrap (a wound). 3 involve.
728Liberalisasiprocess of loosening up procedures, etc.
729Liberalisme(pol. ) liberalism.
730Liburleave, vacation.
731Licakcrushed flat.
732Licaushiny, glossy, lustrous.
733Lichtdruk/likhdruk, lithdruk/ phototypography.
734Licisee LECI.
735Licik1 sly, crafty, tricky. 2 cagey, wily.
736Licin1 slippery, slick. 2 glossy, smooth. 3 bare, grassless (of land). 4 smooth, suave, smooth-tongued. 5 cunning, crafty.
737Lid(lit. ) member of committee, party, etc.
739Lidasitching, sore (esp. eround mouth and tongue).
740Lidipalm leaf rib. sapu-lidi a broom made of such splintered ribs.
743Ligascenter. me-ligas canter.
744Ligatadept, quick to adjust. me-ligat gyrate, spin.
745Ligyat(China) hardworking.
746Lih.[lihat] see.
747Lihai1 shrewd, astute. 2 wily, cunning. 3 terrific, tremendous.
748Lihat1 see. 2 refer to.
749Lihaysee LIHAI.
750Lijnsee LIN 1.
751Lika-Liku1 details, inner workings. 2 vagaries.
752Likasme-likas reel in, wind (on a reel).
753Likat1. 1) thick and sticky. 2) turbid. pe-likat adhesive. 2. shy.
755Likir1. liqueur. 2. k.o. plant with edible tubers.
756Liku1 curve, bend (in the road). 2 coil. 3 bay, inlet.
757Liku - Liku1 intricacies. 2 vagaries.
758Likuida(ling. ) liquid.
761Likuideliquid (assets).
763Likuiditas(fin. ) liquidity (of capital).
764Likur(Java) se-likur 21. tiga-likur 23. likur-an 21 to 29. se-likur-an blackjack, 21 (card game).
765Likw-see also entries with liku-.
767Lilin1 candle. 2 wax.
768Liliputs.t. small.
769Lilitturn, twist. lilit-nya circumference.
770Lilitan1 coil. 2 winding. 3 twist.
771Lilo-Lilophrase derived from the Arabic for "there is no God but Allah"
772Limsee LEM.
773Limafive. lima-belas fifteen. lima-puluh fifty.
774Limar(Java) k.o. silk fabric.
775Limas1 pyramid. 2 dipper or cup made of young palm leaves.
776Limaucitrus fruit.
777Limbah1 waste. limbah-pertanian compost heap. 2 cesspool.
778Limbaiwave (the arms).
780Limbang1. wash (gold, rice, etc.). 2. loiter, lounge about.
781Limbatsee IKAN.
782Limbubusee HALIMBUBU.
783Limbukemerald dove.
784Limbung1. 1) inner harbor. 2) dry dock. 3) fenced-in bathing place. 2. 1) unsteady because top heavy. 2) bewildered, confused.
785Limbur1. me-limbur flood, inundate. 2. see SABUR.
787Limosin1 limousine. 2 minibus serving passengers between hotels and airports.
788Limpa(anat. ) spleen.
789Limpah1abundant. 2 affluent. 3 overflow, plentiful, profuse.
790Limpasme-limpas-kan let run off, let overflow.
791Limpitlayer, lamina, sheet. ber-limpit laminated, in layers.
792Limpungbe in a dither.
793Limun1. soda pop, carbonated beverage. 2. invisible, dark.
794Lin1. line, route. 2. line, edge, boundary line (of sports field, etc.).
795Lina/linen/ see LINEN.
796Linangtrickle, drop (of tears, sweat, etc.).
797Lincah1 energetic, lively, active. 2 agile.
798Lincak(Java) low bamboo bench for sitting or sleeping.
799Lincam1 flash by quickly (lightning,, emotions). 2 sudden stab.
800Lincippointed (of a pencil).
801Lincirslick, smooth, slippery.
802Lindakboil over.
803Lindangfinished, over.
804Lindap(M) 1 shade. 2 poor (of visibility), overcast. 3 obscure (of a question).
805Lindas/lindes/ 1 knock down, run over. 2 crush (pepper, etc.).
806Lindi1 lye. 2 (chem. ) alkali.
807Lindih/lindis/ 1 crush s.t. 2 level, smooth s.t. 3 crush, put down (a rebellion, etc).
808Lindu(Java) earthquake.
809Lindung1. ber-lindung 1) take shelter (under a tree, etc.). 2 be under the protection of.1) protection. 2) patronage, sponsorship. 2. eel.
810Lindur(Java, Jakarta) talk in o.'s sleep.
812Lingarlook about bewildered.
813Lingga1 phallus in Hindu temples. 2 commemorative post.
814Linggamsee SEDELINGGAM.
815Linggi(lit. ) covered decking at bow and stern of a boat.
816Linggisk.o. crowbar.
817Lingir(Java) sharp edge.
818Lingkar1 circle. 2 bend, coil. 3 rim (of wheel). 4 hoop (of barrel). 5 circumference.
819Lingkung1 circle. 2 circumference. 3 perimeter.
820Lingkungan1 circles. 2 area, surroundings. 3 sphere, domain, range.
821Lingkupscope, range.
822Lingkupanscope, range.
823Linglung1 absent-minded, preoccupied. 2 confused, dazed. 3 weak, not aware of things.
825Lingsirset (of the sun).
826Liniline, edge.
827Linosee PAHAT.
829Lintabungk.o. grass.
830Lintahleech. lintah-darat usurer, profiteer.
831Lintang1. 1) across. 2) (geog. ) latitude. 2. (Java) star. lintang-kemukur comet.
832Lintangan1) deterrent. 2) hindrance, obstacle, barrier.
833Lintasmove (quickly) across.
834Lintasan1 flash (of light, etc.). 2 line. 3 (Sport) track, course. 4 orbit, trajectory.
835Lintibang(M) centipede.
836Lintingroll (a cigarette).
837Lintinganhand-rolled cigarette.
839Lintuh(M) weak, soft.
840Lintupsee LINGKUP.
841Linu1. 1) shooting pain (of teeth, nerves, etc.). 2) rheumatic pain. 2. earthquake.
842Linyak(M) presed flat.
843Linyapsee LENYAP.
844Linyar(coll. ) ruler.
845Lio(China) brick kiln.
846Liong(China) dragon.
847Liontinmedallion, locket, pendant.
850Lipatfold, crease.
852Liperisee RIFRI.
853Lipi[Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia] The Indonesian Academy of Sciences.
854Lipirsee LEPER.
855Lipithem s.t.
856Liplap1 in thin of various colors. 2 (derog. ) Eurasians.
858Lipurcomfort, consolation, solace.
859Liputcover (an event).
862Lirihlow, sweet-sounding, gentle, soft (of voice).
863Lirik1. 1) sharp glance. 2) a glance to left or right. 2. pierce, perforate, bore through. 3. lyrics.
864Lirisk.o. batik pattern consisting of decorated parallel lines.
865Lissee LES 2. LES 3, LES 4.
866Lisalouse egg, nit.
867Lisahsee GELISAH.
868Lisanoral, spoken.
869Lisensi1 license, permit. 2 franchise.
870Lisoldisinfectant of creosot in soap, Lysol.
872Listrikelectricity, electric.
873Listriselectrical, by means of electricity.
874Lisut1 withered, wizened, atrophied. 2 wilted, faded.
875Litaksee LETAK.
877Litbang[Penelitian dan Pengembangan] Research and Development.
878Litenansee LETNAN.
880Literatorman of letters.
883Litnansee LETNAN.
885Litupsee LINGKUP.
886Liturgi/liturgia/ liturgy.
889Liuk-Liukwhistle made of a rice stalk.
890Liung-Liungk.o. sea fish.
891Liursaliva, drool.
892Liutleathery, tough.
893Liwaath/liwa:t/ (lit. ) sodomy.
894Liwat1. /liwa:t/ (lit. ) sodomy. 2. see LEWAT.
895Liwet(Java) nasi-liwet boilet rice. me-liwet boil rice.
896Liyer-Liyer(Java) doze.
897Lk.[lebih kurang] approximately, ca.
898Lkmd[Lembaga Ketahanan Masyarakat Desa] village social activities group.
899Ln1. [Luar Negeri] abroad, foreign. 2. [Lembaran Negara] national statues.
900Losee LHO.
901Loakbarang-loak seconhand things. pasar-loak flea market. put s.t. used up for sale, resell.
902Lobagreedy, avaricious, selfish.covet, crave.
903Lobakradish. lobak-merah beet.
904Lobansee LUBAN.
905Lobangsee LUBANG.
907Lobi1. lobby, foyer. 2 (pol. ) s.o. who intervenes at political meetings to argue (informally) for a certain cause
908Lobi-Lobitree with edible fruit (used in fruit salads).
909Lobiinggo around to various people to persuade them to do s.t.
910Loco(coll. ) me-, nge-loco masturbate.
911Locok(lit. ) me-locok move up and down (of a pump handle, etc.).
912Locot1. chafed, blistered (of hand, foot). 2. see LUCUT 1.
913Loda[lotto daerah] legalized lottery restricted to a certain region.
915Lodehk.o. vegetable dish cooked with coconut milk.
916Lodoh1. (Java, Jakarta) stripped (threads of screw, etc.). 2. soften s.t. by sticking it in water.
917Lodongcovered glass jar.
920Logat1 (lit. ) word, wordlist. 2 dialect. 3 way of speaking, accent.
921Logesee LOSE.
923Logislogical, reasonable.
926Loh1. writing tablet. 2. see LHO.
927Lohasee DOHA.
928Lohjinawi(Java) 1 lush, luxuriant, fertile. 2 wellpopulated.
929Lohor1 (islam) midday prayer, o. of the five obligatory prayer rituals. 2 midday, noontime.
930Loji1 (lit. ) warehouse of a colonial trading company. 2 (coll. ) large, colonial style house.
931Lojotwrithin in pain.
932Loksee LOKO.
934Loka(lit. ) place, shop.
935Lokahsee LUKAH.
936Lokakaryaworkshop, seminar.
937Lokal1 local. 2 place.
938Lokalisasi1 prostituation complex organized in order to confine prostitution to only o. area. 2 confinement of prostitution to o. area. 3 complex for confining poor, sick, etc.
939Lokalisirme-lokalisir localize.
941Lokank.o. edible bivalve. lokan-laut conch.
942Lokasisite. ber-lokasi located.
943Lokcan,Lokchuan(China) silk crepe.
944Lokekstingy, miserly.
945Loketcounter (of post offices, immigration office, etc.), ticket window.
946Lokio(China) chives.
947Lokir(che. ) exchange position of s.t. with the rook.
948Loko/lokomotif/ locomotive.
949Lokroloose, slack. ng-lokro despondent.
950Loksun(China) consumptive with blood in spittle.
952Lola[lonte lanang] (sl. ) male prostitute. /lola / me-lola manage, run s.t.
953Lolak-Lolok(coll. ) look around uncertain about what to do.
954Loleng(China) paper lantern.
955Loli, Lolipoplollipop.
956Loloh1. me-loloh overfeed s.o. 2. loose, slack (of clothes).
958Lolos1 slip off (of a ring, etc.). 2 slip away, bolt (from jail, etc.). 3 be allowed to get through or out.
959Lombaa race, contest.
960Lombarme-lombar 1 pay out rope. 2 follow an urge to.
962Lombong1 mine, quarry. 2 crater.
963Lomi(China) k.o. viscous noodle dish.
964Lomot(Jakarta) nge-lomot suck in.
965Lompata leap, jump. lompat-galah pole vault. lompat-jauh long jump. lompat-katak leapfrog.
966Lompongme-lompong empty, bare.
967Lompongsaguk.o. sweet made of boiled sago filled with coconut and palm sugar.
968Lomprotbe sloppy.
969Loncat1. leap, jump (esp. high or from a height). 2. frog.
970Lonceng1 bell, chime. 2 wall clock.
971Loncerloose (of a screw).
972Loncongsee LUNCUNG.
974Londangbuffalo wallow.
976Londo(Java) white person.
977Londong1 wash away. 2 destroy, wipe out.
978Londotstripped (of the threads of a screw, etc.).
979Loneng(Java) 1 balustrade, railing. 2 low wall before house.
980Long1. k.o. large firecracker. 2. (lit. ) k.o. bottomless coffin. 3. see SULUNG.
981Longak-Longok(coll. ) look around unsure of what to do.
982Longgar1 loose (of rope, clothes, screw, etc.). 2 fax (in discipline). 3 not binding (of contract, friendship).
983Longgokheap, pile, stack.
984Longgorgrow tall.
985Longkoppeel (of paint).
986Longkopanflake (of peeling paint).
987Longo1 gawk. 2 be open-mouthed (from surprise)., bewildered.
988Longoktake a peek.
989Longongagape, open-mouthed.
990Longsongme-longsong peel (fruit, etc.)
991Longsonganshell of spent bullet.
992Longsorslide (of embankments, hills, etc.).
993Longsoran1 landslide. 2 soil erosion.
994Longtorsostrapless bra combined with corset to cover the torso.
996Lonjakan1 leap, jump. 2 bump (in plane flight).
997Lonjong1 tapering, pointed. 2 oval, egg-shaped (esp. of faces).
998Lonjor1. stalk, stick. 2 classifier for soap.
999Lonsongsee LONGSONG.
1000Lontang-Lantung1 go about with no purpose or destination. 2 neglected, ignored.
1001Lontar1. 1) palmyra palm the leaves of which may be written on. 2) manuscript of such palm leaves. 2. lonta-martil (Sport) hammer throw.
1002Lonte(Java) prostitute.
1003Lontoksquat (of a bottle).
1004Lontongfood consisting of rice steamed in a banana leaf.
1005Lontossmooth and cylindrical (of a pillar).
1006Loop/lop/ (gun) barrel.
1007Lopak-Lopak(Jakarta) woven pouch for tobacco.
1008Lopakan(Jakarta) puddle.
1009Lopekk.o. small boat.
1010Loper1 messenger, errand boy. 2 delivery man.
1011Lopisk.o. cake of glutinous rice steamed in banana leaves.
1012Lopongsee LOMPONG.
1013Lor(Java) north.
1016Lori(R.R.) flatcar us. to transport sugarcane.
1018Lorong1 path, lane, trail. 2 alley(way). 3 hallway, corridor.
1019Lorot1. me-lorot decline, drop (of prices, etc.).lower, decrease s.t. 2. me-lorot remove wax fom batik between dyeings.
1020Los1. (naut. ) pilot. 2. shed without interior walls, hangar. 3. (coll. ) 1) free, loose. 2) slack, not taut. 3) not restrictive, unrestricted.
1021Lose1. box seats, first-class seats in a movie house. 2. house guest.
1022Losinsee LUSIN.
1023Losmeninn, cheap hotel.
1024Losong-Kosongcompletely empty.
1025Lotsee LOTERE.
1026Lotekk.o. raw vegetable salad served with spicy sause.
1027Loteng1 upper story, upstairs. 2 top floor, attic. 3 cerling.
1028Lotere1. lottery, raffle, pool. 2 lottery ticket. me-lotere gamble, participate in lottery.
1029Lotoknge-lotok chip off.
1030Lotongblack or gray long-tailed monkey.
1031Lototstaring (of eyes).open wide (of eyes), bulge out 9of eyes, when angry, etc.).
1032Lotresee LOTERE.
1033Lottok.o. lottery (1960s).
1034Loudspeaker/lotspiker/ (coll. ) loudspeaker.
1035Lowaksee LOAK.
1036Lowongempty, vacan, unfilled.
1037Lowongan1 vacancy, (job) opening. 2 gap, vacum.
1040Loyang1 brass. 2 large tray. 3 casserole dish, baking pan.
1041Loyarextravagant, wasteful.
1042Loyo1. weak, faint. 2 exhausted.
1043Loyongme-loyong stagger, totter.
1044Loyor1 (Jakarta) slither. 2 (coll. ) leave without saying goodbye.
1045Lp1. [Lembaga Pemasyarakatan] correctional institution, jail. 2. [long-play] long-play album.
1046Lsd[Lembaga Sosial Desa] village social activity group.
1047Lt.1. [lantai] story, floor. 2. [letnan] lieutenent.
1048Ltd.[letnan dua] 2d lieutenant.
1049Lts.[letnan satu] first lieutenant.
1050Lu(Jakarta, China, coll. ) you.
1051Luahsickening, nauseating.
1052Luak1. (Java) k.o. civer cat. 2. a dug well 3. decrease, reduce s.t. 4 see LOAK. 5. see LUHAK. 6. see LUAH.
1053Luangempty, vacant, free.
1054Luap1 overflow (of a river). 2 boil over (of water). 3 flare up.
1055Luar1 outside, outer part. 2 beyond.
1056Luas1 wide, broad. 2 extensive, vast (forests, etc.). 3 capacious, commodious (trunk, room). 4 far-ranging (discussion).
1057Luasnya1 width. 2 area, extent, scope.
1058Luatsee LUAH.
1060Lubang1 hole, orifice. 2. cavity, hollow. 3 burrow, pit.
1061Luberme-luber overflow, run over. overflowing (of water, etc.).
1062Lubukdeep pool in a stream.
1063Lucu1 funny, amusing. 2 cute.
1064Lucupsee LUCUT 2.
1065Lucut1. me-lucut slip off (of a ring, bold, etc.).
1066Ludahsal;iva, spittle.
1067Ludangk.o. dugout canoe.
1068Ludas/ludes/ 1 finished, allgone (of money, etc.). 2 completely destroyed. 3 extinguished (of a flame).
1069LudingSpanish mackerel.
1070LudrukEast Java folk theater in which all parts are played by men.
1071Lugas1 simple, unadorned. 2 businesslike, direct, to the point.
1072Lugatsee LOGAT.
1073Lugusimple, plain, unadorned.
1074Luhsee LHO.
1076Luhung1 noble, supreme. 2 superb, exquisite.
1077Luhur1 glorious, supreme. 2 lofty (ideals). 3 upright, noble.
1078Lui(China) money.
1079Luik1 retch. 2 drip, trickle.
1080Luingk.o. banyan tree.
1081Lukcurve (on a kris).
1082Luka1 injury, wound. 2 (coll. ) injured.
1083Lukahk.o. fishtrap used in shallow water.
1084Lukatcome loose (of adhesive tape).
1085Lukis1 paint, draw. 2 depict, describe.
1086Lukisan1 painting, drawing, portrayal. 2 design.
1088Luku(Java) plowshare.
1089Lukupsee TELUNGKUP.
1090Lukutvarious k.o. riverine weeds.
1091Luli1. spindle for making cotton thread. 2. k.o. fish similar to smelt.
1092Lulusee MELULU.
1093Luluh1 crushed (to powder). 2 (ling. ) assimilated.
1094Lulukmud. ber-luluk muddy. terluluk loose and ready for planting (of soil).
1095Lulumsuck (o.'s finger).
1096Lulur1. tenderloin (of beef). 2. swallow whole, gobbe up. 3. (Java) herbal cosmetic used to lighten o.'s complexion.
1097Lulus1. 1) pass (a tes). 2) be granted (permission).1) permit, allow, grant. 2) yield to (pleas). 3) pass (an exam).
1098Lulusan1) graduate. 2) alumnus, alumna. 2. see LOLOS.
1099Lumangber-lumang smeared.
1101Lumatfine, pulverized.
1102Lumayan1 reasonable, moderate. 2 pretty fair, not bad.
1103Lumba-Lumbacetaceous mammal (i.e. dolphin, etc.).
1104Lumbungrice barn.
1106Lumintuwithout interruption, continuous, uninterrupted.
1107Lumpang1 mortar (used in pestle). 2 rice jar.
1108Lumpatsee LOMPAT.
1109Lumpia(China) eggroll.
1110Lumpingsee KUDA.
1111Lumpuhparalyzed (of a person, organ or business).
1113Lumrah1 normal, customary, usual. 2 commonplace, ordinary.
1114Lumura smear.
1115Lumussoil (of face).
1116Lumut1 moss, lichen, bryophyte. 2 algae.
1117Lunak1 soft (food, etc.). 2 easy-going, tractable in disposition. 3. benign (of tumor).
1118Lunas1. paid, settled. me-i, me-kan pay, settle (a debt), expiate (a sin), discharge (o.'s duty). 2. 10 base. 2) (naut. ) keel.
1120Luncah1 smutty, fifthy, obscene. 2 shameless, brazen.
1121Luncatmiss or fall short of (the mark).
1122Luncipsee LANCIP.
1123Luncungprotruding (of chin, snout).
1124Luncurmove with gliding action.
1125Luncuran(ling. ) glide.
1126Luncussee LONCOS.
1127Lundigrub, larva (of beetle).
1128Lunduriver catfish.
1130Lung1. 1) curve, bend. 2) bow and arrow. 2. see LONG 1,2,3.
1131Lungguh(Java) me-lungguh sit at ease.
1132Lungguksee LONGGOK.
1133Lungkrahweak, tired.
1134Lungkumsee MUNGKUM.
1135Lungkupsee TELUNGKUP.
1136Lunglaiweak, exhausted.
1137Lunglit[balung kulit] (Java) emaciated.
1138Lungsinwarp in a loom.
1139Lungsur1. me-kan, nge-lungsur hand s.t. down (a toy, coat, etc.). 2. see LUNCUR.
1140Lunjaksee LONJAK.
1141Lunjurstrech out (of arms and legs).
1142Luntabe in constant dissiculty, suffer constantly.
1143Luntang-Lanting1 loaf about, hack around. 2 be out.
1144Luntang-Lantung(coll. ) go alone.
1145Luntassee BELUNTAS.
1146Luntur1 faded, become discolored. 2 changeable (of opinion). 3 out-dated (of theory, policy, etc.).
1147Lup1. magnifying glass. 2. see LOOP.
1149Lupa-Luparoll of fatty tissue in a fish's stomach above the roe.
1150Lupaksee LOPAK-LOPAK.
1151Lupatk.o. mollusc.
1152Lupisee PAPAN 1.
1153Lupissee LOPIS.
1154Lupuhhammer flat (bamboo for flooring).
1155Luput1 sliupped away, escaped. 2 not on target.
1156Lurah1. village chief. ke-lurah-an political district administrered by the lurah. 2. 1) ravine, gorge, gully. 2 groove.
1157Lurik(Java) striped woven material. lurik-an wear such cloth.
1158Luru(lit. ) chase, run after.
1159Lurub(Java) clotch for covering a bier.
1160Luruban(Jakarta) see LURUB.
1161Luruh1 drop (of fruit, leaves, feathers). 2 be touching to the heart. 3 (phys. ) disintegrate. 4 become emotionally affected.
1162Lurukme-luruk assault on a large scale.
1163Lurusstraight, undeviating.
1164Lurut1. 1) draw o.'s hand over s.t. firmly. 2) massage (by pressing in long strokes). 3) strip off (leaves, etc.) by squeezing between the fingers and pulling lengthwise. 2 see LURUH.
1165Lussee ELUS.
1166Lusathe day after tomorrow.
1167Lusindozen. lusin-an by the dozen.
1168Lustrum5th anniversary (of an institution).
1169Lusuhold and faded, worn-out (esp. of cloth, paper, etc.).
1170Lusursee LUNCUR.
1171Lutpenetration by a sharp weapon.
1172Luticrumpled, wrinkled.
1173Lutungsee LOTONG.
1174Lutut1. obey without questioning. 2. a scented powder for cleaning babies.
1175Luwaksee LUAK 1.
1176Luwes1 smooth, well-mannered, sociable. 2 attractive. 3 flexible.
1178Luyursee KELUYUR.

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