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1Kk, the 11th letter of the alphabet.
2K.[kaca] page.
3K.S.[kredit semester) (acad. ) semester credit.
4Kasee KAH.
5Ka.[kepala] head, chief.
6Kaabahsee KABAH.
7Kab.[kabupaten] regency (administrative unit].
8Kaba(M) tale, story.
9Kabag[kepala bagian] administrative section head.
10Kabah1. (islam) the small cubicle shrine in the Great Mosque of Mecca which contains the famous black Stone of Mecca. It represents the direction (kiblah) to which Muslims turn in praying. 2. symbol of the Islam political party.
11Kabalsee KEBAL.
12Kabarnews, report.
13Kabaret1. (coll. ) beret. 2. see MALAM 1.
15Kabatsee KEBAT.
16Kabesee KB.
18Kabil(islam) Cain, Abel's brother.
19Kabilahnomadic tribe.
20Kabin1. (naut. ) cabin. kabin-pengemudi (av. ) cockpit. 2. cream crackers.
21Kabinet1 governmental cabinet. 2 cabinet (for medicine, etc.).
22Kabir1. mighty (of God). 2. meng-kabir reverse the direction of a boat by paddling perpendicular to the hull.
23Kabisah/kabisat/ leap year.
24Kabitthief, pickpocket.
25Kabriolet(auto. ) convertible.
26Kabu-Kabu1 kapok. 2 fluffy material like kapok. ber-kabu-kabu fluffy, downy, cottony.
27Kabulanswered, granted (of a prayer, request).
28Kabulisee NASI 1.
29Kabungwhite mourning headband.
30Kabupaten1 regency, area headed by a bupati. 2 residence or office of the bupati.
31Kabur1. 1) hazy (view), vague, blurred, clouded (vision). 2) fading (of hopes), unclear (of handwriting, speech, etc.). 3) haze. 2. 1) bolt (of a horse). 2) run off, flee.
33Kabut1. mist, haze, fog. 1) sprayer. 2) atomizer. 3) carburetor. 2. see KEBUT 2.
34Kaca1. 1) glass. 2) mirror. 3) example. 2. page (of book, etc.).
35Kacak1. 1) dashing, robust, vigorous. 2) conceited. 2. meng-kacak determine the weight or size of s.t. by holding it in the hand.
36Kacangpea, bean, peanut. kacang-asin salted peanuts. kacang-buncis green beans. kacang kapri peas. kacang kedelai soybean. kacang-mede/mende cashew. kacang merah kidney bean.
38Kacapurimain building of a palace.
39Kacarline used to fish for squid and cuttlefish.
40Kacau1 in disorder, in an uproar. 2 confused (mind, situation). 3 in disarray. kacau-balau/bilau chaotic, disorganized, in total confusion.
41Kacekdifferent, dissimilar.
42Kacik.o. white cotton cloth from India.
43Kacip1 scissors used primarily for cutting areca nut. 2 gardening scissors.
44Kacirsee KUCAR-KACIR.
45Kacosee NGACO.
46Kacoa/kacoak/ cockroach.
47Kacokansee KACUKAN.
48Kacu1. handkerchief. 2. coagulated areca nut juice used in leather tanning.
49Kacukmeng-kacuk mix, put in disorder, muddle.
50Kacung1 lad, boy. 2 errand boy, houseboy.
51Kada(islam) 1 divine decree. 2 make up for unobserved days of fasting month or for missing o. of obligatory prayers.
52Kadalk.o. lizard.
53Kadaluarsa/kadaluwarsa/ see KEDALUWARSA.
54Kadamsee KHADAM.
55Kadang1. sometime. kadang-kala occasionally, once in a while. 2. meng-kadang-nasi skim water off the surface of rice to hasten cooking. 3. blood relationship.
56Kadar1. 1) degree, content. 2) standard, level, amount. 3) value, quality. 4) fate. 2. meng-kadar sleep outdoors.
57Kadask.o. skin fungus causing white blotches.
58Kadasterreal estate registry.
59Kadaver1 cadaver. 2 dead and uninspired.
61Kader1 cadre. 2 framework.
62Kadera(E. Indonesia) chair.
63Kaderisasiforming of cadres.
64Kades[kepala desa] village head.
65Kadet1. 1) cadet. 2) midshipman. 2. pickpocket. 3. k.o. white bread or roll.
66Kadi1 (islam) judge in religious court. 2 arbiter, referee.
67Kadim1. eternal. 2. close, intimate.
68Kadin[Kamar Dagang Industri] the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
69Kadinda[Kamar Dagang dan Industri Daerah] the Provincial Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
70Kadipaten(in the colonial period) area ruled over by an adipati.
72Kadogift, present.
73Kadok1. long pepper leaf used as a substitute for the betel leaf. 2. see KADA.
74Kadung(Java) 1 go too far, overdo. 2 take an irrevocable step o. should not.
75Kadut1 sack, bag. 2 sacking.
76Kaedahsee KAIDAH.
77Kafthe letters K and Q in the Arabic alphabet.
78Kafansee KAPAN 2.
79Kafaratsee KEPARAT 1.
82Kafetariasmall restaurant with a limited menu us. in a school or workplace.
83Kafilah1 desert caravan. 2 (mil. ) convoy, column, contingent.
84Kafirinfidel, unbeliever.
85Kaftank.o. cloak.
86Kagak(Jakarta) no, not.
87Kagetstartled, shocked.
88Kagok1 clumsy, awkward (esp. in feeling o. is doing s.t. improper). 2 speaking a language with a foreign or dialectal accent.
90Kagumamazed, struck with amazement and admiration.
91Kahbirdlime, glue.
92Kahaf(lit. ) cave.
93Kahanproboscis monkey.
94Kahar1. k.o. vehicle pulled by a draft animal. 2. all-powerful.
95Kahatscarcity, famine.
96Kahinsoothsayer, diviner.
97Kahiyangansee KAYANGAN.
98Kahotold-fashioned, ancient.
100Kahwa(lit. ) the beverage coffee.
101Kahwinsee KAWIN.
102Kahyangansee KAYANGAN.
103Kaidah1 norm, rule. 2 principle. 3 theorem.
105Kailmeng-kail fish with hook and line. peng-kail angler.
108Kain1 cloth, fabric, material. 2 sarong.
109Kaingyelp with (of dogs).
110Kaisscratch, scrape for food (of chickens, etc.).
111Kaisar1 emperor. 2 Caesar. ke-kaisar-an empire.
112Kaisaryah1 imperial. 2 (med. ) Caesarean.
113Kait1 hook, barb. 2 catch.
114Kaiwan(astr. ) Saturn.
115Kajanahsee KHAZANAH.
116Kajangmovable sunshade of bamboo laths, wickerwork or palm thatch.
117Kajatsee HAJAT.
118Kaji1. knowledge, teaching (esp. religious). meng-kaji recite Koranic verses. 2. mengk-kaji inspect, examine, investigate.
119Kak1. k.o. glue used in bookbinding. 2. see KAKAK 1.
120Kakahber-kakah burst out laughing.
121Kakak1. 1) older sibling or cousin. 2) term of address or reference (esp. as kak) for a person somewhat older than the epeaker. 3) term of address to o.'s husband (in some areas). 2. boisterous laughter.
122Kakaktuasee KAKATUA.
123Kakanda(lit. ) elder brother or sister (esp. in letters).
124Kakang(Java) elder brother.
126Kakap1. 1) name given to many k.o. large fish. 2) big-time criminal, gangster. 3) large-scale (firm, operation). 2. meng-kakap patrol, scout. 3. meng-kakap 1) hold, grasp. 2) work a wet rice-field.
127Kakasmeng-kakas scratch, scrape.
128Kakatua1 cockatoo. 2 pincers, pliers with pincer shape (like the beak of a cockatoo). 3 k.o. fish.
129Kakawink.o. old Java poetry.
130Kakeasdoubletime, quicktime in marching, jogging.
131Kakek1 grandfather or grand-uncle. 2 term of address for an old man. kakek-moyang ancestor.
132Kaken-Kakenkaken-kaken-ninen-ninen grow as old as grandparents.
133Kakerlak(coll. ) 1 cockroach. 2 s.o. as vile as a cockroach.
134Kaki1. 1) foot, leg. 2) foot (measurement). 3) classifier for flowers or umbrellas. 4) edge of an area. 2. see KAKEK. 3. see KHAKI.
135Kakok(M) hold.
137Kaku1 stiff, rigid. 2 clumsy, awkward, ungainly.
138Kakung(honorific, Java) male.
139Kakus((coll. ) privy, latrine.
140Kala1. 1) time, era, period, age. 2) (ling. ) tense. 2. 1) scorpion. kala-lipan centipede. 2) (Zod. ) Scorpio. 3. mare.
141Kala-Kala(naut. ) sea anchor.
142Kalah1 defeated. 2 lose. 3 inferior to.
143Kalai1. meng-kalai 1) lie down. 2) lean. 2. meng-kalai rub, polish s.t. tarnished.
145Kalak(math. ) 1 reciprocal. 2 inverse.
146Kalakatbamboo basket for moist cookies.
147Kalam1. 1) pen made from a leaf rib. 2) (lit. ) writing instrument. 2. word, saying. 3. see KALEM.
148Kalangtransverse support, prop.
149Kalang-Kabutconfused, chaotic.
150Kalangan1 circle, arena. 2 realm. 3 circle.
151Kalap1 possessed by an evil spirit. 2 be beside o.s. with anger.
152Kalas1 thole-strap for an oar. 2 band around the hilt of a machete.
153Kalau1 if. 2 when (future). 3 as for..., in the case of... 4 (coll. ) whether (introducing an indirect question). 5 (coll. ) that (introducing an indirect statement).
154Kalawarta1 magazine, periodical. 2 bulletin.
155Kalbar[Kalimantan Barat] West Kalimantan.
156Kalbu1 heart. 2 mind.
157Kalderacaldera (of a volcano).
159Kaldubroth, stock (for soup).
160Kalelep(Java) 1 be submerged, lowered. 2 drowned.
161Kalemcalm, cool, patient, relaxed.
163Kaleng1 tin can. 2 tin. 3 tin plate.
164Kalereksee KELERAK.
165Kalesasource of animal protein.
166Kali1. river. 2. 1) time, times. 2) (math. ) times. 3) fold (suffix). 3. (Jkt) probably. 4. (Jkt) very.
167Kalian(pl. ) you (form of address to equals, younger persons or persons of lower status).
168Kaliber1 caliber (of gun). 2 importance, class.
170Kalifah1 caliph. 2 caliphate.
172Kalimahsee SYAHADAT.
173KalimantanBorneo. Kalimantan-Utara Sarawak and Sabah.
174Kalimantang1 pennant. 2 white beam of light.
175Kalimatsentence, independent clause. kalimat-ingkar negative sentence. kalimat-majemuk setara compound sentence. kalimat-majemuk bertingkat complex sentence. kalimat-penjelas declarative sentence.
176Kalingan(Java) partially hidden, with obstructed view.
177Kaliosee KLIO.
178Kalis1 dull, lacking luster (of a surface). 2 immune to disease, not allowing air, water, or some other extraneous substance to penetrate. 3 pure.
180Kalkarim/kalkarium/ wallpaint.
181Kalkirmeng-kalkir trace s.t. over s.t.
184Kalkulirmeng-kalkulir calculate.
186Kalo1. strainer. 2. kalo, kalok see KALAU.
187Kalongsee KELUANG.
188Kalor(phys. ) heat.
190Kalpataruh1 (lit. ) k.o. mythological tree that never dies. 2 annual prize awarded to o. who has made an outstanding contribution to preserving the environment.
191Kalsel[Kalimantan Selatan] South Kalimantan.
192Kalselteng[Kalimantan Selatan dan Tengah] South and Central Borneo.
194Kalteng[Kalimantan Tengah] Central Borneo.
195Kaltim[Kalimantan Timur] East Borneo.
196Kalusee KALAU.
197Kaluik.o. fish, gurami.
199Kalurahansee LURAH 1.
200Kalutconfused, chaotic.
201Kalwan(astr. ) Uranus.
202Kaminternment or prison camp.
203Kama(lit. ) love, passion.
205Kamar1. room, chamber. 2. (lit. ) moon. 3. ornamental sash around the waist, cummerbund.
206Kamariahpertaining to the moon.
207Kamat1. (islam) the call to begin prayer. 2. k.o. tree.
208Kambangsee AMBANG 2.
209Kambark.o. large sea turtle.
211Kambek1 make a comeback. 2 (coll. ) be reconciled (of lovers).
212Kambelik.o. woolen fabric.
213Kambi1 rib, frame. 2 peneling, winscoting.
214Kambinggoat. kambing-domba sheep. meng-kambing-hitamkan place the blame on, make the scapegoat.
215Kambojak.o. tree, frangipani.
216Kambrat1 comrade. 2 accomplice, party to a crime. 3 small party, get together.
217Kambuhhave or suffer a relapse.
218Kambusblocked, stopped up (of drain).
219Kambutk.o. woven basket.
222Kameramancamera man.
223Kamerjas/kameryas/ man's dressing gown.
224Kamfersee KAMPER.
225Kamharcamel hair wool.
226Kami1 we, us, our (excluding the person addressed). 2 I (deferential).
230Kamisolen/kamisosolen/ unable to speak properly from overexcitement.
231Kamitsee KOMAT-KAMIT.
232Kamituadeputy village chief in Central Java.
233Kamlisewe KAMBELI.
234Kamling[keamanan lingkungan] law and order of the neigborhood.
235Kamp/kem/ see KAM.
236Kampagnesee KAMPANYE.
237Kampai1. ber-kampai(an) lie supine, stretched out. 2. (Japanese) Cheers ! (on raising a toast).
238Kampakadze. meng-kampak cut with an adze.
240Kampassee KANVAS.
241Kampemenmilitary encampment.
242Kampercamphor, mothballs.
243Kampil/kampit/ small sack.
244Kampiunchampion, very clever or skilled.
245Kamplengmeng-kampleng slap (s.o. in the face).
246Kampongsee KAMPUNG.
247Kampret1. k.o. small bat. 2. shucks !
248Kampuh1 shawl, wrap. 2 two thin strips of paper or cloth sewn together, seam. ber-kampuh see KAIN.
249Kampung1 village. 2 quarter. 3 residential area for lower classes in town or city.
252Kamsia(China) thank you.
253Kamso(Java) rustic, provincial.
254Kamtibmas[keamanan dan ketertiban masyarakat] peace and order in society.
255Kamuyou, your (familiar, singular and plural). kamu-sekalian all of you.
258Kamuflirmeng-kamuflir camouflage.
259Kamuplasesee KAMUFLASE.
260Kamusdictionary, lexicon.
261Kan1. 1) It is the case, isn't it ? 2) because as you well know... 2. short form for akan 1. 3. container for boiling tea. 4. see KANS.
262Kanapreserved olives.
263Kanakchild. kanak-kanak (lit. ) small child.
264Kanal1 canal. 2 channel.
265Kanan1 right. 2 (pol. ) rightist. kanan-luar (Sport) outside right.
267Kanari1. the canari tree or its nuts. 2. see KENARI 2.
268Kancah1 large pot for cooking rice. 2 s.t. figuratively comparable to a deep pot : depths (of despair), abyss (of misery).
269Kancanasee KENCANA.
270Kancapfilled to the brim.
271Kancil1 mouse deer. 2 a clever individual.
272Kancingbutton. kancing-jepret 1 snap. 2 push button. kancing-manset cufflinks. kancing-ritsleting/sorok zipper.
273Kancutloin cloth, jockstrap.
274Kandasee KAKANDA.
275Kandang1 stable, stall, pen. 2 place to keep vehicles, boats, etc.
276Kandarmeng-kandar(kan) operate a vehicle. peng-kandar driver, operator.
277Kandas1 run aground, founder (of a shiop etc.). 2 fail.
278Kandel1 thick, heavy. 2 rich, well-to-do.
279Kandi1. pouch, small bag. 2. see ASAM.
281Kandil1 lamp. 2 chandelier, candelabra. 3 candlestick.
282Kandistree with small sour fruit.
283Kandung1 womb, uterus. 2 pouch like part of the body.
284Kandungan1.uterus,womb 2.contens 3.unborn child,fetus 4.pouch.
285Kang1. large earthenware container. 2. see KAKANG. 3. see KEKANG.
286Kangen(Java) long for, miss s.t.
287Kangka(China) gambier plantation.
288Kangkang1. meng-kangkang 1) wide apart (of legs). 2) straddle, sit astride. 2. meng-kangkang strangle. meng-kangkang-i take by force or illegally.
289Kangkersee KANKER.
290Kangkung1. k.o. leafy vegetable, us growing in water. 2. large frog or toad.
291Kangmas(Java) 1 older brother. 2 term of address for o.'s husband.
292Kangsasee GANGSA 1.
293Kangsark.o. tall tree.
294Kangsenappointment, have an appointment.
295Kangtau(China) chance, opportunity (in business).
300Kanisahsee KENISAH.
301Kanjangber-kanjang persevering, persistent.
302Kanjark.o. large dagger.
303Kanjeng(Java) form of address or reference for a high-ranking noble.
304Kanji1. starch. 2. China characters used in Japanese.
305Kankercancer. kanker-ganas malignant tumor.
307Kanon1. cannon 2. rent for a plot of ground.
310Kanpassee KANVAS.
311Kanschance, opportunity.
314Kantangmud flats.
315Kantihthread, yard.
316Kantil1. (Java) the champac, k.o. magnolia. 2. see KONTAL-KANTIL.
317Kantincanteen, us. attached to a workplace.
318Kantongsee KANTUNG.
319Kantor1 office. 2 office, agency.
320Kantuksleepiness, drowsiness. meng-kantuk feel sleepy.
321Kantung1 pocket. 2 bag, pouch. 3 pouchlike part of body. kantung-buah zakar scrotum. kantung-empedu gall bladder. kantung-kemih/kencing bladder.
322Kanun(rell. ) canon law.
323Kanvas1 canvas. 2 floor of boxing ring. 3 piece of tire or tube used in patching. 4 brake lining.
324Kanwil[Kantor Wilayah] regional office.
325Kanya(Zod. ) Virgo.
326Kaok1 cackle (of chickens). 2 yell, shout (of children).
329Kaos1 sock, stocking. 2 singlet, undershirt. ber-kaos wear an undershirt.
330Kap1 (auto. ) roof of a car. 2 shade (of lamp, etc.).
331Kapa-Kapaa sunshade on a boat, us. of palm thatch or a temporary sunshade, esp. in the yard for a wedding (or other) feast.
332Kapabelcapabel, able.
334Kapahter-kapah-kapah 1 starled, trembling from fright. 2 gasping (for breath).
335Kapaimove as if wanting to clutch at s.t. ter-kapai-kapai flutter, fail around.
336Kapak1. ax. 2. see KEPAK 1.
337Kapal1. ship, boat, vessel. 2. 1) callous. 2) stubborn, insentive.
338Kapan1. when ? kapan-saja 1) any time whatsoever. 2) exactly when. 2. shroud of unbleached cotton. 3. (Jakarta) because, as you well know...
339Kapanewonsubdistrict of a kabupaten (county).
340Kapang1 ship worm or worm that gets into rice. 2 mold, mildew.
341Kaparflotsam, driftwood.
342Kaparatsee KEPARAT 1.
343Kapas1 cotton. 2 cotton plant. 3 fleece. 4 (med. ) cotton, gauze.
344Kapasitas/kapasitet/ capacity.
345Kapatihansee PATIH 1.
346Kapbirsee KABIR.
347Kape1 spatula. 2 putty knife.
350Kaper(Java) moth.
351Kapi1. (naut. ) pulley block. 2. see KAPE.
352Kapilahsee KAFILAH.
353Kapin(geol. ) limestone.
354Kapirsee KAFIR.
355Kapiran(Java) 1 be neglected. 2 let down. 3 beyond help.
356Kapitasee PER.
357Kapital(fin. ) capital.
360Kapitan1. leader for the China, Arabs or certain other local ethnic leaders under the Dutch. 2. /kapiten/ see KAPTEN.
362Kaplingsee KAVELING.
363Kaplokkaplok-dadabeat o.'s breast.
364Kapoces/kapocis/ condom.
365Kapok1. learn o.'s lesson, be curred. 2. see KAPUK 1.
366Kapolsee KAPUL.
367Kapolda[kepala polisi daerah] head of the provincial police.
368Kapolres[kepala polisi resort] head of the county police.
369Kapolri[kepala polisi Republik Indonesia] head of the Indonesian police.
370Kapolsek[kepala polisi sektor] head of the district police.
371Kapolwil[kepala polisi wilayah] head of the regional police.
372Kaporalsee KOPRAL.
374Kaprahusual, ordinary.
375Kaprisnow peas.
376Kapsalonbeauty parlor.
377Kapstokclothes hook, hatrack.
378Kapsul1. capsule. 2. hair piece.
379Kapt.[kapten] captain.
380Kapten1 (mil. ) captain, lieutenant (in Navy). 2 see KAPITAN 1.
381Kapu-Kapuk.o. plant, the leaves of which resemble lettuce, formerly found in aboundance floating on slow-moving or stagnant water.
382Kapuk1. 1) kapok. 2) kapok tree. 2. rice granary or barn.
383Kapul/kapulaga/kapulogo/ cardamom.
384Kapungsee APUNG.
385Kapur1. lime. kapur-barus 1) camphor. 2) mothballs. 2. calcium.
386Kapurancang(Java) stand with the hand cupped covering the genitals as a sign of deference (of men).
387Karmap, chart.
388Kar.1. [karangan] article. 2. [karesidenan] residency.
389Kara1. see KACANG. 2. see BATANG.
390Karabak.o. fish trap.
391Karaben/karabin/ carbine.
392Karaengtitle of nobility in South Sulawesi.
394Karah1 stain. 2 tartar (on teeth).
395Karaksee KERAK.
397Karakterdes[kader penggerak teritorial desa] cadre of the Golkar Party assigned to rural areas.
399Karakterisirmeng-karakterisir characterize.
401Karam1 be shipwrecked, founder, go under. 2 fail, founder.
402Karambabasket put in a stream for raising fish.
403Karambol/karambola/ billiards game.
404Karang1. coral, coral reef, atoll. karang-gigi tartar (on teeth). karang-endapan encrustation. 2. karang-taruna neighborhood youth association. 3. stay, sojourn.
405Karangkitrifruit-producing trees in a yard.
407Karapshuttlecomb on a weaving loom.
408Karapan-Sapibull race.
409Karar1 calm, peaceful. 2 stable, steadfast, unchanging.
410Karasaloes wood, camphor tree.
411Karas-Karask.o. fried cookie made of wheat flour.
412Karat1. stain, rust. 2. 1) carat. 2) quality, value.
414Karatekao. who engages in karate.
415Karauber-karau mixed. meng-karau mix, stir s.t.
416Karavan(auto. ) camper.
417Karawitan(Java, Sunda) gamelan music and singing accompanied by a gamelan.
420Karbol1. carbolic acid. 2. Indonesian airforce cadet.
422Karbonaci/karbonacis/ baking powder.
424Karcis1 ticket. 2 calling card.
426Kardan(auto. ) differential (of gearing, transmision).
433Kardus1 cardboard. 2 cardboard box.
434Karesee KARI.
435Karedok(Sunda) cooked vegetable salad.
436Karena1 because, because of. 2 reason, cause.
437Kareseh-Pesehbabble in Dutch.
438Karesidenanresidency (administrative unit of the colonial period).
439Karet1 rubber. 2 elastic. 2 condom.
441Karia dish of meat cooked in a spicy sauce. kari-ayam chicken curry.
442Karibclose, intimate friend.
444Karieriso. who is ambitions for a career.
445Karierismeout to promote o.'s career.
446Karihmix, stir s.t.
450Karil1. [karya ilmiah] scholarly paper. 2. rabbit.
451Karimgenerous, magnanimous (of God).
452Karirsee KARIER.
454Karismatik/karismatis/ charismatic.
455Karitatifcharitable (institution).
456Karkascarcass (of a slaughtered animal).
457Karmas.t. (us. bad) that happens to o. because of deeds in a previous life.
458Karnasee KARENA.
461Karo[kepala biro] head of a department or division.
463Karoseri1 body of a car. 2 body shop.
466Karpussee KERPUS 2.
467Karsa(lit. ) wish, intention. karsa-dan karya will and work.
468Karsinom/karsinoma/ carcinoma.
470Kartika(lit. ) star. kartika-Yudha/Yudo (mil. ) Star Wars.
471KartiniRaden Ajeng Kartini, a 19th-century Java woman, who distinguished herself in fields where women were traditionally excluded.
473Karton1 carton. 2 cardboard, hardboard.
474Kartotek/kartotik/ card file.
475Kartu1 card. 2 playing card.
476Kartuncartoon. 2. see KARTON.
478Karu1. meng-karu 1) interrupt s.o. 2) stir s.t. 2) karu-an see KERUAN.
480Karunsee HARTA.
481Karungbag, sack.
482Karuniagift, grant from above. meng-karunia-i favor, reward s.o.
483Karuselsee KAROSEL.
484Karut1 confused, muddled. 2 chaotic.
485Karya1 work, opus. 2 work, labor, activity. 3 creation (of a designer, etc.).
486Karyawanwhite collar worker, official employee, functionary.
487Karyawatifemale white collar worker, official employee, functionary.
488Kas1. 1) cash, money supply.2) cashier's window. 3) treasury. 2. 1) (wooden) case, (watch) case. 2) wardrobe, armoire.
489Kasa1. gauze. 2. see KASSA.
490Kasab[Kepala Staf Angkatan Bersenjata] Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.
491Kasadintention, purpose.
492Kasah-Kosohsound of s.t. cracking against s.t. and breaking.
493Kasai1 fragrant shampoo. 2 ointment for the skin. 3 lotion.
494Kasak1. meng-kasak rub s.t. 2. meng-kasak persuade s.o.
495Kasak-Kisik/kasak-kusuk/ 1 whispering, whispers. 2 intrigue.
496Kasal[Kepala Staf Angkatan Laut] Navy Chief of Staff.
497Kasamgrudge, spite.
498Kasanahsee KHAZANAH.
499Kasapcoarse, rough to the touch.
500Kasar1 coarse, rough, rugged (of facial features). 2 crude. 3 coarse, uncouth.
501Kasasi1 (leg. ) the jurisdiction of the highest court beyond which there is no appeal. 2 appeal to the supreme court.
502Kasatmatain plain view.
505Kasbisee KASPE.
506Kasboncash receipt.
508Kasemaksee KASEMEK.
509Kasematsee KESUMAT.
510Kasemekk.o. smooth-skinned sweet fruit the size of an apple and eaten fresh.
511Kasepsee KASIP.
513Kasi1. (coll. ) 1) give. 2) cause (allow) s.o. to. 3) put. 2. [kepala seksi] administrative section head.
514Kasiansee KASIH 1.
515Kasiatsee KHASIAT.
516Kasidahreligious chant in Arabic sung to the rhythm of a gambus.
517Kasih1. love, affection. 2. see KASI 1.
519Kasimaupset, discioncerted.
521Kasiptoo late.
523Kasmaran(Java) smitten with love.
524Kasno[bekas cino] (derog. ) China who adopts an Indonesian name.
525Kaso/kasok/ see KASAU.
527Kassa1 cashier, cashier's desk. 2 ticket or box office.
528Kastacaste in society.
529Kastengelcheese stick.
530Kastik.o. children's game similar to baseball.
532Kastrolicastor oil.
533Kasturisee KESTURI.
535Kasumatsee KESUMAT.
537Kasuscase (legal, medical, grammatical), example.
538Kasutsandal, slipper.
539Kat(coll. ) playing card.
540Kata1 word. 2 says, said.
541Katabelecesee KATEBELECE.
543Katai1 midget, dwarf, pygmy. 2 bantam chicken.
544Katakfrog, toad. 2 short, stocky, thick set.
546Kataliscatalyst, catalystic (factor).
550Katalogisasicataloging of books.
551Katalogussee KATALOG.
552Katamsee KHATAM.
553Katansee KHITAN.
554Katang-Katang1. a climbing plant. 2. plaited basket carried on the back.
555Katapel/katapuil/ see KETAPEL.
556Katarak/katarakta/ (med. ) cataract.
557Katesee KATAI.
558Katebeleceinformal note from o. powerful figure to another asking for action (to by pass bureaucracy or the like).
560Kategissee KATEKIS.
563Katek1. armpit. meng-katek-i tickle. 2. see KATAI.
567Katekisasi(rel. ) confirmation class.
570Katel(Java) k.o. large black spider.
571Katepelsee KETAPEL.
573Kates(Java) papaya.
575Katicatty (1/3 pounds or 617 grams).
576Katibsee KHATIB.
578Katigk.o. knapsack of plaited materials.
579Katiksee KATAI.
580Katil1 sleeping platform of solid materials. 2 bier.
581Katimahak.o. beautifully grained wood used for making kris sheats and walking sticks.
582Katimumulcorn on o.'s foot.
584Katistiwasee KHATULISTIWA.
585Katoda/katode/ cathode.
586Katok(Java) shorts, undershorts.
588Katrolpulley. peng-katrol-an lifting, hoisting.
589Katuk.o. bush yielding edible leaves and berries.
590Katulsee BEKATUL.
591Katulistiwasee KHATULISTIWA.
592Katuncotton, cloth.
593Katung(M) sea turtlle.
594Katup1 valve. 2 shut tight.
595Kau1. (China) nine. 2. see ENGKAU.
596Kaul1 a vow. 2 to vow.
597Kaula/kawula/ servant, subject.
598Kaum1. 1) social, political, or economic community. 2) family, clan. 3) ethnic group. 2. religious official who is in charge of the mosque.
599Kaussee KAOS.
600Kausacausa, movement.
601Kautscoop up with the hand.
602Kav. [kaveling] lot, parcel of land.
604Kavelinglot, parcel of land.
606Kawah1 cauldron, kettle. 2 crater.
608Kawakanexperienced, veteran.
609Kawal1 guard, sentry, watchman. 2 watch.
610Kawalatsee KUALAT.
611Kawan1 friend, comrade. 2 companion. 3 comrade (of communists). se-kawan 1 a herd, flock, school (of fish). 2 a gang (of bandits), group of people.
612Kawangsee TENGKAWANG.
614Kawanuafellow countryman (of Menadonese).
615Kawasber-kawas border on.
616Kawasanregion, area, sphere.
617Kawat1 wire, filement. 2 cable, telegram.
618Kawatirsee KUATIR.
619Kawedanan1 subdistrict within a kabupaten. 2 residence of the subdistrict officer.
620Kawisee BAHASA 1, BATU.
621Kawin1 be married. 2 capulate.
622Kawiryan(Java) military, having to do with military officers.
623Kawistak.o. cultivated tree and its fruit, the wood apple (Bengal quince).
624Kawruh(Java) knowledge.
626Kawung(Java) 1 sugar palm leaf used as wrapper for cigarettes. 2 k.o. motif in batik.
627Kaya1. 1) wealthy, rich, well-to-do, well-off. 2) rich, having in abundance. 3) (lit. ) able, having power. 2. kaya, kayak (coll. ) like, as.
628Kayalsee KHAYAL.
629Kayangan1 abode of the Hindu Gods. 2 heaven (as a wonderful place).
630Kayapitchy abscess or carbuncle.
631Kayau1. meng-kayau headhunt. peng-kayau headhunter. 2. meng-kayau flood, inundate.
632Kayu1. 1) wood, timber. 2) tree.
633Kayuh1. bolt (of cloth - us. 40 yards in length). 2. 1) paddle. 2) bicycle pedal.
634Kayun1 popular, sell well. 2 sold out.
635Kazanahsee KHAZANAH.
636Kb[Keluarga Berencana] Family Planning.
637Kbri[Kedutaan Besar Republic Indonesia] Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.
638Kck[Kredit Candak Kulak] credit extended to small middlemen.
639Keto, going to. ke-atas upward. ke-bawah downward. ke-dalam 1) into. 2) inward. ke-muka to the front. ke-pada to. see PADA. ke-samping to the side.
640Ke-Tengahsee TENGAH.
641Kea-Keaking parrot.
642Keabadian1 durability, permanence. 2 eternity, perpetuity.
644Keabsahanvalidity, legality.
645Keadaansituation, condition.
646Keadilan1 justice, justness. 2 judicature.
647Keagamaanreligious, religiousness.
648Keagungan1 grandeur, majesty. 2 greatness, mastery.
649Keahlianexpertise, skill, competence, know-how.
650Keajaiban1 miracle. 2 mystery, wonder. 3 remarkableness.
651Keajeganregularity, constancy.
652Keakbaranexaltation, elevation, glorification.
653Keakraban1 intimacy, familiarity. 2 solidarity.
654Keaktifanbeing active.
656Keakuran1 conformity. 2 harmony.
657Keamanan1 safety, security. 2 peacefulness, tranquillity.
658Keampuhan1. 1) magical power. 2) potency. 2. flooded, inundated.
659Keampunanforgiveness, pardon.
660Keanehan1 oddity, peculiarity. 2 idiosyncrasy.
662Keanekaragamanvariety, diversity.
663Keanekawarnaanvariety, miscellany, assortment.
664Keanggunan1 elegance. 2 affectation. 3 haughtiness, aloofness.
665Keangkara-Murkaanruthlessness, evilness.
666Keangkaraan1 greed, covetousness. 2 ruthlessness.
667Keangkuhan1 arrogance, conceit. 2 vanity.
668Keantenganimperturbability, calm.
670Keapikanneatness, tidiness.
671Kearifan1 learning, wisdom. 2 ability.
672Kearsipan1 archival matters. 2 records.
673Kebabalyoung jackfruit.
674Kebacut(Java) gone too far, taken an irrevocable step.
675Kebadutan1 clowning, buffoonery. 2 ridicule. 3 absurdity, ridiculousness.
676Kebahbreak out in sweat after a high fever has broken.
677Kebajik.o. spell (that makes a married couple love or hate e.o.).
678Kebal1 invulnerable (to bullets, etc.). 2 immune (from prosecution, taxes, etc.). 3 insentive.
680Kebambamk.o. mango.
681Kebangetanexcessively, terribly, overly.
682Kebas1. 1) paralyzed, paralysis. 2) stiff from fatigue. 3) numb. 2. meng-kebas(kan) 1) shake out (a cloth, bedsheet, etc.). 2) flap (wings), wag the tail.
683Kebatbunch, bundle. kebat-an 1 bond. 2 tightener, wrapper.
684Kebat-Kebitnervous, agitated.
685Kebayak.o. woman's blouse the front of which is pinned together, us. worn with a sarong.
686Kebayakan1 overly fat, quite obese. 2 very stout. 3 plumpness, stoutness, obesity.
687Kebayan1. village official in charge of security. 2. see NENEK.
688Kebelsee KEBAL.
689Kebeler(coll. ) accidentally cut oneself with a sharp object.
690Kebelet(coll. ) have an urgent need to do s.t. (esp. defecate or urinate).
691Kebembemsee KEBAMBAM.
692Kebendaan1 matter. 2 material, physical, substantive. 3 material wealth.
698Kebeswet, soaked.
699Kebet(Java, Jakarta) pages of a book.
700Kebin1 (naut. ) cabin. 2 movie projection booth.
701Kebiri1 castrated, neutered. 2 emasculated.
702Keblinger(coll. ) 1 confused, dizzy. 2 come to thing the wrong way about s.t., lose perspective on s.t.
703Kebluk(Sunda) be fond of sleeping, sleep soundly.
704Kebosee KERBAU.
705Kebon1 (coll. ) gardener. 2 (coll. ) janitor. 3 garden.
707Kebukcylindrical tool for making rice-flour vermicelli.
708Kebulisee NASI 1.
709Kebun1 garden. kebun-binatang zoo. kebun-bunga flower garden. kebun-raya the botanical garden at Bogor. 2 estate, plantation. 3 (coll. ) gardener.
710Keburmeng-kebur churn, whip up the ocean.
711Keburusee BURU.
712Kebut1. (me)ng-(k)ebut 1) drive at excessive speed. 2) race, have a drag race. 3) speed up an activity. 4) compete fiercely, push ahead. 2. meng-kebut(i) dust off (furniture, etc.).
713Kec.[kecamatan] subdistrict.
714Kecahsee KECUH-KECAH.
715Kecaiber-(2), ter-kecai smashed, broken to bits (of glass, pottery, etc.), torn to shreds (of paper, cloth).
716Kecak1. make a smacking sound while eating to express astonishment or call an animal. 2. ber-kacak-pinggang with hands on the waist and arms akimbo. ke`cak k.o. Balinese group dance featuring a seated chorus, the monkey dance.
717Kecammeng-kecam(kan) 1 critize. 2 investigate, consider carefully. 3 revoew, write a criticism of (a book, play, atc.).
718Kecambahshoot, sprout. per-kecambah-an germination.
719Kecamiksound of murmuring.
720Kecamukraging, uproar.
721Kecandak(Java) 1 can handled or picked up. 2 caught, seized.
722Kecandanjoke, jest.
723Kecantolsee CANTOL.
724Kecap1 sound of smacking the tongue. 2 word. kecap-an taste of s.t.
725Kecapeansee CAPAI 2.
726Kecapi1. k.o. plicked stringed instrument. 2. k.o. sour fruit grown commercially in some areas.
727Kecaprak(Java) ng-kecaprak open o.'s big mouth (when o. should be quiet).
728Kecark.o. salad of unripe fruits with a pungent sauce.
729Kece1 (Java) cross-eyed. 2 (Jakarta, sl. ) great, good looking.
730Kecebong1. tadpole. 2. chitchat, small talk.
731Kecelakaan1 accident, mishap. 2 bad luck.
732Kecele1 disappointed, fail to meet s.o. or find s.o. at home and feel bad about it. 2 feel cheated or fooled, feel o. has been made a fool of. kecele-bule completely fooled.
733Keceleksee KESELEG.
734Keceliksee KECELE.
735Kecenderungan1 inclination, preference. 2 tendency, willingness. 3 trend.
736Kecengwith o. eye closed.
737Kecerk.o. cymbal (in the gamelan orchestra).
739Kecewa1 disappointed. 2 fail to meet the success o. had been expecting.
740Keci(naut. ) ketch.
741Keciakber-keciak cheep, peep (of chickens).
742Kecibaksound of water splashing.
743Kecicakber-kecicak stamp with the feet.
744Kecik(coll. ) see KECIL.
745Kecil1 small. 2 little, young. 3 minor, insignificant, trivial.
746Kecimpungber-kecimpung(an) 1 splash around. 2 plunge into an activity.
747Kecimusscorn. meng-kecimus show scorn with the lips.
748Kecindansee KECANDAN.
749Kecipaksound of splashing water.
750Kecipirk.o. four-sided bean eaten as a vegetable.
751Keciputk.o. small cake sprinkled with sesame seeds.
752Kecitsee KECIL.
753Keciutwhistling, whizzing (of bullets).
754Kecoaksee KACOA.
755Kecohspit s.t. out. kecoh-an cuspidor.
756Kecomak-Kecemik1 for the mouth to move with out uttering anything. 2 chew slowly with lots of food in the mouth.
757Kecrek(Java) pieces of metal on strings which are made to rattle for sound effects in the wayang.
758Kecrekan1 (Java) instrument used by an itinerant welder to attact the attention of would-be customers. 2 (coll. ) handcuffs.
759Kecres(Java) meng-kecres 1 strike (a match). 2 slash.
760Kecu(Java) robber, bandit.
761Kecuaksee KACOA.
762Kecuali1 except. 2 aside from, besides.
763Kecubung1. 1) k.o. poisonous plant with large trumpet-shaped flowers, the jimson. 2) cone-shaped. 2. see BATU.
764Kecuh-Kecahmake a fuss.
765Kecumbungsee BATU.
766Kecumikber-mumble, mutter.
767Kecundangsee CUNDANG 1.
768Kecupsound of a kiss. kecup-an kiss.
769Kecut1. 1) wrinkled, shriveled, shrunken. 2) seared (from flames). 3) afraid. coward. 2. sour (of taste, face). 3. ber-kecut-kecut screak, squeak,screech (of a wheel that needs lubricating).
770Kedasee KEDAH.
771Kedabuk.o. tree producing firewood.
772Kedadakcholeric diarrhea.
773Kedahopen wide (of mouth), spread wide (of legs).
774Kedaishop, small place that sells s.t. or serves food.
775Kedalfungoid disease of the hands and feet.
776Kedaluwarsa1 superannuated. 2 barred by statute of limitations.
777Kedang1. 1) outstretched (of hands, arm, etc.). 2) extension (opposite of flection of limbs). 2. meng-kedang drain, pour water off rice.
778Kedangkaik.o. plant, the leaves of which are used as medicine.
779Kedap1 hermetical, impermeable, watertight. kedap-abu dustproof. kedap-air waterproof, watertight. kedap-suara soundproof. 2. closemeshed, tighly woven (of cloth, wickerwork, etc.). ke-kedap-an impermeability.
780Kedarsee KADAR 1.
781Kedasih(Java) k.o. cuckoo.
782Kedatonsee KERATON.
783Kedaumeng-kedau scream (for help).
784Kedaung/kedawung/ k.o. large forest tree, the bark, leaves and seeds of which are used medicinally.
785Kedekter-kedek-kedek 1 stagger. 2 waddle, toddle.
786Kedekaia myrobalan, a tree and its fruit, used medicinally
787Kedekak-Kedekuknot moving freely, stopped up here and there.
789Kedekeran(Jakarta) be agitated, kick the feet in agitation.
791Kedelai/kedele/ soybean.
792Kedempung1. sound of s.t. falling into water. 2. wormy, worm eaten (of fruit, etc.).
793Kedengkangsound of a gong being struck.
794Kedengkikvery thin, thin as a rail, skin and bones.
795Kedengkungsound of a deep gong being struck.
796Keder(Jakarta) confused, lose o.'s way.
797Kederak.o. small mullet.
798Kederangspiny bush, the roots of which are made into dye.
799Kedi1 transvestite. 2 a preadolescent girl. 3 lacking sexual power.
800Kediansee KEMUDIAN.
801Kedidik.o. plover or sandpiper.
802Kedikbent slightly backward (of body).
803Kedip1 wink (of an eye). 2 flicker.
804Kedirgantaraanaerospace affairs.
805Kedok1 mask. 2 guise, cover. ber-kedok wear a mask, masked.
806Kedombak1 k.o. forest tree. 2 k.o. fish.
807Kedomprengansound of metal objects clattering.
808Kedondong/kedongdong/ k.o. tree with edible, but fibrous, sour, plumlike fruit sometimes eaten cooked.
809Kedosenanhaving to do with lecturers.
810Kedubes[Kedutaan Besar] Embassy.
811Keduduk1. see SENDUDUK. 2. see DUDUK.
812Keduk(Java) a scoop. meng-keduk 1 scoop. 2 rake in (a profit).
813Kedumelgrumble, complain under o.'s breath.
814Kedung1 pool. 2 center of information.
815Kedurjanaanevil, crime.
816Kedut1. 1) fold, crease. 2) wrinkled, crumpled (of paper). 2. a twitch.
818Keeper/kiper/ (Sport) goalie.
819Kegatbite hard.
820Kegatalan1 itchiness. 2 irritation.
821Kegemaran1 o.'s hobby, what o. is fond of, amusement. 2 fondness, passion.
822Kegemukantoo fat, overweight.
823Kegencaran1 too fast, too often. 2 rapidity.
824Kegendutan1 corpulence. 2 too fat.
826Kegerahan1) suffer from sultry weather. 2) mugginess.
827Kegerejaanecclesiastical, concerning the church.
828Kegetolanindustry, industriousness, diligence.
829Kegiatan1 energy, ardor. 2 activity.
830Kegigihanpersistence, perseverance.
831Kegoblokanstupidity, folly.
832Kegombrongantoo large, too loose.
833Kegoncangan1 jolt, jarring. 2 shock.
834Kegundahandepression, dejection, despondency.
835Kehadiranpresence, attendance.
836Kehampaan1 emptiness. 2 disappointment. 3 vacuum.
838Keharuman1 fragrance. 2 fame, renown.
839Keharusan1 necessity, requirement. 2 imperative, must.
840Kehausan1) suffer thirst, be thirsty. 2) thirst, thirstiness.
841Kehel1 crooked, twisted, deformed. 2 off course (of ship, plane, etc.). 3 sprained, twisted (ankle, etc.).
842Kehendakwish, desire.
843Keheningan1 clarity, purity. 2 stillness, silence, quietness.
844Keheranan1 wonder, miracle. 2 be amazed.
845Kehewananpertaining to animals.
846Kehilangan1 suffer from a loss. 2 loss.
847Kehukumanlegal, juridical.
848Kehutananforestry, silviculture.
849Keibu - Ibuanfeminine, motherly.
850KeimamanCatholic priesthood.
851Keimigrasianmatters pertaining to immigration.
853Keinflasiansuffer from inflation.
854Keistimewaan1 peculiarity, peculiar feature. 2 special treatment, s.t. better than the normal.
855Kejadian1 (bib) creation,genesis 2 incident , event , occurrence 3 ffair,party,get together 4 case .
856Kejahanamanacused experience.
857Kejahatan1 evil, wickedness. 2 felony, misdeed, crime.
858Kejaik.o. tree producing rubber. ber-kejai stretch (after sleeping).
859Kejaksaan1 office of the counsel for the prosecution. 2 attorney (general). 3 judiciary.
860Kejam1. closed (of eyes). 2. 1) cruel, brutal. 2) (coll. ) stingy, miserly.
861Kejamasa lotion for rinsing the hair made from water in which the ashes of rice stalks have been immersed.
862Kejang1 stiff. 2 in convulsions, seized with a camp or spasm.
863Kejangkitan1 conatminated, infected, smitten by (virus, germ, disease). 2 smitten by.
864Kejapa wink of the eye, blink. se-kejap(mata) a second.
865Kejar1. ber-kejar-kejar-an 1) chase e.o. 2) race e.o. 3) compete (in achievement). pursuing of. 2. [kelompok belajar] study group.
868Kejat1 stiff, rigit. 2 firm, sturdy, tight.
869Kejauhan1 distance, distant place. 2 too far.
870Kejawen1 mysticism associated with the Java view of the world. 2 general Java knowledge.
871Kejayaan1glory, fame. 2 prosperity, wealth.
872Kejeblossee JEBLOS.
873Kejeliancarefulness of observation or work.
876Kejengkangsee JENGKANG.
877Kejidespicable, shameful, contemptible (deed).
878Kejipsee KEDIP, KEJAP.
879Kejiwaanspiritual, psychic, psychological.
880Kejoramorning star.
881Kejotsee KEJUT.
882Kejucheese. keju-kacang peanut butter.
883Kejujumeng-kejuju flowing, streaming ceaselessly.
884Kejumudan1 obstinancy, unbendingness. 2 being old-fashioned, resistant to change.
885Kejurstiff, unbending, inflexible (of bristles in a brush, hair, fibers, etc.).
886Kejuruan1 vocational. 2 vocation, trade.
887Kejut1 frightened, scared. 2 startled. kejut-an jolt, shock.
888Kek1. you could have... or you could have s.t. else, it does not matter if it is....or if it is... 2. see KAKEK.
889Keka/kekah/ see AKEKAH.
890Kekacauanconfusion, disorder.
891Kekafiraninfidel state, paganism.
892Kekahlong-tailed leaf monkey.
893Kekal1 eternal, everlasting. 2 durable, lasting. 3 colorfast.
894Kekalapanconfusion, bewilderment.
896Kekamscum, plankton or algae floating on surface of water.
897Kekanak - Kanakanpuerile, childish.
899Kekang1 bridle, reins. 2 restraint, curb.
900Kekapsee KEKEP.
901Kekapask.o. bird, leafbird.
902Kekar1. 1) open, unfolded. 2) spread out. 2. 1) solid, firm (body, etc.) 2) squat, hefty. 3) tight, close (of weaving, etc.).
903Kekarassee KARAS-KARAS.
904Kekassee KAKAS.
905Kekasihbeloved, sweetheart.
906Kekatscum or algae floating on the surface of water.
907Kekauwake up suddenly from a deep sleep.
908Kekawinsee KAKAWIN.
909Kekesee BURUNG.
910Kekehter-kekeh-kekeh laugh loudly.
911Kekek1. ter-kekek-kekek giggle, snicker. 2. see BURUNG.
912Kekekalan1 constancy. 2 durability.
913Kekeliruanerror, mistake.
914Kekentalanviscosity, thick consistency.
915Kekenyangan1satiation. 2 too full, overly full.
916Kekep(Jakarta) ng-(k)ekep-in hold in tight embrace, get hold of.
917Keker1 binoculars. 2 telescope.
918Kekerabatan1 kinship. 2 (ling. ) genetic relationship.
919Kekhasanspecial characteristics.
920Kekhi/keki/ (Jakarta, China) 1 annoyed, irritated, resentful. 2 ill at ease, uncomfortable.
921Kekhianatantreason, betrayal.
922Kekhidmatansolemnity, respectfulness, obedience.
923Kekhilafanmistake, error, slip.
925Kekocakan1 hilarity. 2 smartness. 3 being arrogant.
926Kekokclumsy, awkward, blundering.
927Kekompakan1 compactness. 2 harmony, solidarity. 3 togetherness, cohesiveness.
928Kekudungscarf used as head covering.
929Kekunoan1conservatism. 2 antiquity.
930Kel.[keluarga] family.
931Kelabsee KLAB-MALAM.
932Kelabakan1 flounder about, run around like a chicken without a head. 2 be at a loss (what to do).
933Kelabang1. k.o. centipede. 2. braid (of hair).
934Kelabatfenugreek, k.o. aromatic seed used as a spice or medicine.
935Kelabugray, ash colored.
936Keladakdregs, sediment, residue.
937Keladanthe champhor tree.
938Keladaumeng-keladau keep an eye on.
939Keladi1 taro. 2 calladium, general name for aroids. tua-tua-keladi the older o. gets the worse (or better) he is.
941Kelah1 complaint. 2 a charge. 3 tell on s.o., complain.
942Kelahiquarrel, argument, fight. ber-kelahi fight with the fists, clash, fight over.
943Kelaisee KALAI 1.
944Kelainan1 difference, deviation. 2 aberration, anomaly, disorder.
945Kelak1. later. 2. k.o. bird, cuckoo-dove. 3. see KELAH.
946Kelak-Kelikflickering (of light, etc.).
947Kelak-Kelingsee KERAKELING.
948Kelak-Keluk1 curve, curves. 2 details, ins and outs of s.t.
949Kelakara joke, jest, wisecrack.
950Kelakara joke, jest, wisecrack.
951Kelakatsee KALAKAT.
952Kelakatuflying ant.
953Kelaksonsee KLAKSON.
954Kelakuan1 deed, act. 2 behavior, demeanor.
955Kelalangslender-necked earthenware bottle, decanter.
956Kelalapsee KELELAP.
957Kelam1. 1) dull, overcast. 2) dark, obscure. 3) dim (of eyesight). 2. clamp.
958Kelamaisee GELAMAI.
959Kelambaisee KELEMBAI.
960Kelambanan1 indolence. 2 torpor, inertia. 3 laziness. 4 awkwardness, clumsiness.
961Kelambir1. see KERAMBIL. 2. see GELAMBIR.
962Kelambitflying fox.
963Kelambumosquito net.
964Kelamin1 pair, couple (male and female). 2 sex, gender.
965Kelamunmeng-(k)elamun daydream, muse.
966Kelank.o. vegetable, China broccoli.
967Kelanawanderer, rover. ber-, meng- roam, wander.
968Kelancangan1 presumption, effrontery. 2 impudence, insolence.
969Kelangsee KILANG.
970Kelang-Kabutsee KALANG-KABUT.
971Kelangkansee LANGKAN.
972Kelangkangcrotch, groin.
973Kelanjarsee KELENJAR.
974Kelantangmeng-kelantang beach, whiten, dry in the sun.
975Kelantang-Kelantingsound of knocking, ratting, chattering, etc.
976Kelapkelap-kelip blinking, flickering.
977Kelapacoconut. kelapa-gading coconut with yellow-colored hull. kelapa-kering 1 copra. 2 desicated coconut.
978Kelaparan1 hunger. 2 famine, starvation. 3 be famished.
979Kelar1. (coll. ) 1) ready, done, finished. 2) settled, in order, arranged. 2. notch, indentation.
980Kelarahk.o. fruit worm.
981Kelaraidiamond-shaped pattern (of clotch, plaited mat, etc.).
982Kelarapk.o. small lizard.
983Kelarik.o. freshwater fish.
984Kelas1. 1) class. 2) classroom. 3) grade. 4) (biol. ) class. 2. neap tide.
985Kelasa1. camel's hump. 2. (Java) mat.
986Kelasahsee KELUSUH-KELASAH.
987Kelasak(lit. ) long body shield.
988Kelasi1. sailor, ordinary seaman. 2. proboscis monkey.
989Kelat1. (naut. ) brace, sheet (of sailing vessel). 2. astringent (of fruits). 3. name given to various myrtaceous trees. 4 meng-kelat stuck (of eyes as after waking up).
990Kelawar1. (crd. ) club. 2. see KELELAWAR.
991Kelayabsee KELAYAP.
992Kelayahter-kelayah be stretched out.
993Kelayangk.o. bird, swallow.
994Kelayap(coll. ) ber-(an), nge- roam the streets.
995Kelayuk.o. tree.
997Kelebatsee KELIBAT 2.
998Kelebek/kelebet/ folded at the corner or edge (dog-eared pages of a book, tucked-in edge of a bedspread, etc.).
999Kelebu1 taking in water (of foundering ship). 2 sink (of a ship, boat).
1000Kelebut1 shoe last, shoe tree. 2 mold for hats.
1001Kelecemeng-kelece-i tease.
1002Keledaidonkey, ass.
1003Keledang1 k.o. large timber tree. 2. k.o. Artocarpus tree that produces small, delicious fruit.
1004Keledarber-keledar approach carefully.
1005Keledeksee UBI.
1006Kelehsee KELIH.
1007Kelejatber-kelejat-an tremble or shiver strongly, have convulsions.
1008Kelek1 banister. 2 armrest. 3 armpit.
1010Kelelapsink into the water, disapper from sight.
1011Kelelawarcave bat.
1012Keleleranscattered around, strewn about.
1014Kelelotstick out the tongue.
1015Keleluasanfreedom (an action).
1016Kelem(coll. ) sunk, foundered, submerged.
1018Kelemarinsee KEMARIN.
1019Kelemayark.o. luminous millipede.
1021Kelembahangk.o. aroid.
1022Kelembaisupernatural being depicted as a giant female with red hair.
1023Kelembak1. aloes wood. 2. China rhubarb.
1024Kelembanber-kelemban go roundabout, go around.
1025Kelembuailarge dark-shelled snail.
1028Kelempaiter-kelempai stretched out weakly.
1029Kelemping(Jakarta) flabby and sagging (of breasts or belly).
1031Kelencer(me)ng-, kelencer-an take a walk, go on a tour.
1032Kelendara(naut. ) ring attaching yard to mast.
1034Keleneng1 sound of a bell. 2 small bell (of a bike, etc.). ber-keleneng clang, tinkle (of bell).
1035Kelengahan1 neglectfulness, inattentiveness. 2 idleness.
1036Kelengarsee LENGAR.
1037Kelenggarasee SELENGGARA.
1038Kelengkeng1. longan, k.o. fruit similar to rambutan or lychee, but smaller with smooth brown skin. 2. small hornbill.
1039Kelengkongintrigue, conspiracy.
1040Keleningsee KELENENG.
1041Kelenjargland. kelenjar-air mata tear duct. kelenjar-dada/susu mammary gland. kelenjar-getah bening lymph gland. kelenjar-gondok thyroid gland.
1042Kelentang1. sound of a tin can being struck. 2. see KELANTANG.
1043Kelentengsound of the tinkling of a bell. kelenteng/kelenting 1 China temple. 2 pagoda.
1044Kelentikansuppleness, pliability.
1045Kelentit1. (vulg. ) clitoris. 2. ornamental climbing plant with blue flowers.
1046Kelentom/kelentong/ 1 speech intonation. 2 tone of voice.
1047Kelentung1 sound of a cowbell. 2 wooden bell.
1048Kelenung1 sound of a small gong. 2 small gong.
1049Kelepsee KLEP.
1050Kelepaiber-, meng-, ter- hang down limply (of a flag, ears of a hound, broken branch, etc.).
1051Kelepaksound of a hand slapping s.t.
1052Kelepatmeng-kelepak (naut. ) caulk.
1053Kelepek/kele`pe`k/ meng-, ter flutter.
1054Kelepetsee KELEBEK.
1055Kelepiksee KELEPEK.
1057Keleponk.o. round cake of sticky rice filled with coconut and palm sugar.
1058Kelepuksound of an object falling to the ground.
1059Kelepursee GELEPUR.
1060Keler(coll. ) a Westerner who converts to Islam and follows indigenous customs.
1061Kelerakk.o. fruit producing soapy foam used for washing clothes, esp. batik.
1062Kelereksee KLERK.
1063Kelereng1. marbles. ber-kelereng play or shoot marbles. 2. see KELERAK.
1064Kelesak.o. river fish.
1065Keleseh-Pesehsee KERESEH-PESEH.
1066Kelesekdried skin of banana trunk (cut up in strips and used as twine for wrapping packages).
1068Keletbe stuck on.
1069Keletah1 coquettish. 2 affected (in manner).
1070Keletaksound of a pebble striking wood. ber-keletak make a clacking sound with wooden or leather heels.
1071Keletangsound of jingling or tinkling (of silver coins).
1072Keletarsee GELETAR.
1073Keletiksound of ticking.
1074Keletingsound of tinkling (of coins, etc.).
1075Keletuk1. 1) sound of rapping on a hollow wooden surface, table, etc. 2) sound of creaking (of wooden furniture, floor, etc.). 2. see JAMBU.
1076Keletungsound of a can being struck.
1077Keletus(me)ng-keletus bite, chew on hard things.
1078Kelewangsee KLEWANG.
1079Kelewar(naut. ) foresail.
1080Kelewatsee LEWAT.
1081Kelezatan1 taste. 2 delicacy. 3 infatuated, enamored. 4 enjoyment, pleasure.
1082Keliedible river catfish.
1083Kelian1. tin mine. 2. (Bali) village official. 3. see KALIAN.
1084Keliarber-keliar-an 1 roam or wander about, drift from o. place to another. 2 swarm about (of ants, birds, etc.).
1085Kelibangswarm about, fly around (of insects).
1086Kelibat1. double-bladed paddled. 2. appearing for a flash. ber-kelibat(an) be visible for only a second, flash by. se-kelibat(an) in a moment. 3. see LIBAT.
1087Kelicia hand nut (for playing with), marbles.
1088Kelicih/kelicik/ 1 skid. 2 slip.
1089Kelicikan1 cunning, wiliness, ability to twist words. 2 artifice, scheme.
1090Kelihlook, turn the head to look.
1091Kelihatan1 visible, in sight. 2 discernible.
1092Kelik1. slight curve, turn. 2. make a loud sound. 3. see KLIK.
1093Kelik-Kelokk.o. small stinging red ant.
1094Keliki-Kanji(M) k.o. weed the seeds of which adhere to cloth.
1095Kelikikgiggle, titter.
1096Kelikir1. rattan nose ring (for cattle). 2. see KERIKIL.
1097Keliling1 circumference, area around. 2 periphery. 3 surroundings. ber-keliling go around.
1098Kelilip(Java, Jakarta) speck in the eye.
1099Kelilipanget s.t. in the eye.
1101Kelima1. 5th. 2. the five.
1102Kelimissee KLIMIS.
1103Kelimpungan(Java, Jakarta) confused, distraught.
1104Kelimungroup, crowd.
1105Kelincahan1 liveliness, friskiness. 2 agility.
1106Kelincirabbit, hare. kelinci-hutan black-naped hare. kelinci-percobaan guinea pig.
1107Kelincirslip, skid
1108Kelinciran1 oilness. 2 slickness. 3 smoothness.
1109Kelindan1 newly spun thread. 2 conveyor rope of the spinning wheel. 3 thread on a needle. 4 bobbin, spool.
1110Kelindassee LINDAS.
1111Keling1. (derog. ) a person from S. India. 2. rivet.
1112Kelingkinglittle finger, pinkie. kelingking-kaki little toe.
1113Kelingsirenlargement of the testicles due to hernia and descent of intestines or accumulation of water.
1114Keliniksee KLINIK.
1115Keliningsee KELINTING 1.
1116Kelinjatter-kelinjat-kelinjat move o.'s body nervously.
1117Kelintar(ber)kelintar-an 1 walk or roam about, walk up and down or back and forth. 2 hang around, lurk.
1118Kelintingsmall bell.
1119Kelintingantinkle (of bells).
1120Kelintungrattle (of a snake).
1121Kelip1. kelip-kelip 1) firefly. 2) spangles, sequins. 3) flicker. ber-kelip 1) blink. 2) twinkle, glitter (of spangled things). 2. a coin valued at five cents (in the colonial period).
1122Kelipatber-kelipat folded, pleated.
1124Kelir1. color. 2. 1) curtain, screen. 2) screen for a movie, shadow play, etc. 3) disguise, cover, mask.
1125Keliru1 wrong, erroneous. 2 be mistaken, make a mistake.
1126Kelismeng-kelis dodge.
1127Kelitber-kelit zigzag, dart back and forth.
1128Kelitaksound of seeds rattling inside dried fruit.
1129Keliti(naut. ) oarlock, rowlock.
1130Kelitik1. see GELITIK. 2. see WAYANG
1131Keliwatsee LEWAT.
1132Keliwersee SELIWER.
1133Kelobotsee KLOBOT.
1134Kelocakber-kelocak shake.
1135Kelocehsee CELOTEH.
1136Kelogetber-keloget-keloget wriggle, writhe.
1138Kelojotan1. convulse. 2. writhin in pain.
1139Kelokcurve, bend, turn.
1140Kelola1 manage (a business, etc.). 2 carry out, execute (a job, etc.).
1141Kelomwooden clogs. kelom-geulis (Sunda) woman's wooden dress slipper.
1142Kelombensee KOLEMBEN 2, KOLEMBENG2.
1143Kelompang1 empty. 2 empty eggshell, fruit peel, etc.
1144Kelompok1 group. 2 cluster. 3 category.
1145Kelon(Java) accompaniment of s.o. lying down (esp. of a small child by an older person).
1146Kelonengsound of a ringing bell.
1147Kelonglarge sea fish trap with two or three compartments.
1148Kelongkongyoung coconut.
1149Kelongsong1 husk. 2 wrapper (of paper, leaf, etc.). 3 cartridge case.
1150Kelontangrattling sound of tin cans, clappers, etc.
1151Kelontong1 bamboo clapper (used by peddlers or hawkers). 2 peddler. 3 sundries, five-and-dime goods.
1152Kelonyo/kelonyor/ eau de cologne.
1153Kelop1 jibe, tally, square. 2 balanced. 3 fit togheter. 4 be in agreement.
1154Kelopak1 (biol. ) sheath, spathe, calyx, bract. kelopak-bunga sepal. 2 calyxlike covering for s.t. other than a plant.
1155Kelorthe merunggai tree, a small quick-growing tree cultivated for its edible piunnate leaves. Dunia tidak sedaun-kelor The world is bigger than a merunggai leaf (There is plenty of opportunity to find a lover).
1156Kelosreel, spool, bobbin.
1157Kelosetsee KLOSET.
1158Kelosokrub hard, scour.
1159Kelotakkelotak-kelotek bustling about (in the kitchen, etc.). ber-kelotak rustle, jangle (of silverware, etc.).
1160Kelotokmeng-(k)elotok fall off, be shed (of akin, feathers, peels).
1161Keloyakber-keloyak slough (the skin). ter-keloyak be peeled (of skin).
1162Keloyang1 k.o. small bird. 2 a stupid person.
1163Keloyorsee KELUYUR.
1164Keludumb, mute, speechless (from fright).
1165Keluakthe fruit of the kepayang tree used as a spice.
1166Keluannose rope (for cattle).
1167Keluangk.o. fruit-eating bat.
1168Keluar1 go or come out. 2 exxit, leave, go off (the track). 3 turn out to be.
1169Keluaran1 s.t. produced, output. 2 graduate. 3 (bib. ) Exodus.
1170Keluarga1 family. 2 relative. 3 (biol. ) genus. 4 group of people like a family.
1171Kelubsee KLUB.
1172Kelubaksee KUBAK.
1173Kelubik.o. salacca palm with bitter edible fruit.
1174Kelubungcover, veil.
1175Keluburanpit for trapping animals.
1176Kelucaksee KELOCAK.
1177Kelucuan1 humor, joking. 2 cuteness.
1178Kelugasan1 matter-of-factness, efficiancy. 2 simplicity, uneffectedness.
1179Keluh1 sigh, moan. 2 complaint.
1180Keluhuran1 grandeur, majesty. 2 nobleness (of character).
1181Keluiramie, k.o. fiber.
1182Keluihsee KLUWIH.
1183Kelukcurved. ber-keluk 1 bend 2 have curves. keluk-an buckling.
1184Kelukupk.o. timber-yielding tree.
1185Kelukurber-kelukur(an) abraded, scraped, grazed (of skin).
1186Kelulisteel rods for reinforcing cement.
1187Keluluproper, fitting.
1188Kelumitbit, part.
1189Kelumpangk.o. tall tree with malodorous flowers that yields soft, cheap wood.
1190Kelumunconver(let), wrapping.
1191Kelun1. ber-kelun billow (of smoke). 2. see KELON.
1192Kelunak.o. woody vine.
1193Kelunakk.o. tuber.
1194Kelung1 bent. 2 hollow, concave.
1195Kelungguhanjob, position.
1196Kelupaan1 forget s.t. 2 forgetfulness.
1197Kelupasget peeled off.
1199Keluron(Java) miscarriage, premature stillbirth. keluron-an have a miscarriage, bear a premature baby that dies.
1200Keluronanhave a miscarriage, bear a premature baby that dies.
1201Keluruk(Java) crow, go cock-a-doodle-do.
1203Kelus1. abraded, scraped (of skin). 2. see KELOS.
1204Kelusuh-Kelasahvery nervous.
1205Kelut-Melutcrisis, critical stage (of an illness, political situation, etc.).
1206Kelutumk.o. artocarpus tree the wood of which withstands water.
1207Kelututk.o. wasplike insect the nests of which exude a sweet sticky substance.
1208Keluwaksee KELUAK.
1209Keluyuk(China) meat dish with sweet sauce.
1210Keluyur1 loaf around, stroll about without purpose. 2 hang around.
1211Kem.[Kementrian] ministry, department.
1212Kemacetan1 jamming, sticking, stagnation. 2 stoppage, shutdown.
1213Kemah1 tent. 2 camp. 3 awning aboard ship.
1214Kemah-Kemihber- chew.
1216Kemak-Kemik1. ber- chew. 2. mumble.
1219Kemal1 moist, damp, clammy. 2 dingy, grubby.
1220Kemalasee GEMALA.
1221Kemalangan1 bad luck, calamity, distress. 2 struck by disaster or bad luck.
1222Kemalingan1 robbed. 2 theft, robbery.
1223Kemamber-kemam mumble.
1224Kemamang(Java) evil spirit in the shape of a flaming head.
1225Kemampuan1ability, capability. 2 prosperity.
1226Kemanasee MANA 1.
1227Kemanakansee KEMENAKAN.
1228Kemanan(Java) a percussion instrument used to mark the rhythm.
1229Kemandangsee KUMANDANG.
1230Kemang1. a supernatural being that attacks babies. 2. k.o. wild mango.
1231Kemangik.o. basil.
1232Kemangkatandeath, demise.
1233Kemanjaancomforting, familiarity.
1234Kemanten/kemantin/ (coll. ) newlywed, bride or bridegroom.
1235Kemanunggalantotal integration.
1236Kemanusiaan1 humanity, being a human. 2 human nature. 3 humanism.
1237Kemarahan1 fury, anger, wrath. 2 very angry.
1238Kemarau1 dray (of a season or the hold of a boat after bailing). 2 dry season. 3 having no money.
1239Kemarensee KEMARIN.
1241Kemaricome here.
1242Kemarin1 yerterday. 2 (Java) in the past.
1243Kemaronk.o. earthenware waterjug.
1245Kemaruk1 ravenous (esp. after a long illness). 2 greedy, covetous.
1246Kemas1 orderly, well kept (of a house, etc.), cleared away. 2 crated, boxed.
1248Kemasukan1 possessed. 2 entered accidentally, have s.t. manage to get into it.
1250Kemasyhuranfame, renown.
1251Kematsee HIKMAH.
1252Kemat-Kamitsee KOMAT-KAMIT.
1253Kematuhard as stone.
1255Kemawansee AWAN.
1256Kemayu(Java) coquettish.
1257Kembalsmall wickerwork container (of rattan, bamboo or palm leaves).
1258Kembala-Kembaligo back and forth.
1259Kembali1 return, revert to. 2 once again. 3 you are welcome. 4 change (of money).
1260Kembanbreast cloth (wrapped around the upper part of a woman's body).
1261Kembang1 flower. 2 breed (of germs, etc.).
1262Kembar1 twin. 2 in duplicate. 3 identical. 4 match, twin.
1263Kembarasee EMBARA.
1264Kembensee KEMBAN.
1265Kembengmeng-(k)embeng flood, overflow.
1266Kembilik.o. large us. purplish edible tuber.
1267Kembirascatter in all directions (of a fleeing army, etc.).
1268Kembirisee KEBIRI.
1269Kembojasee KAMBOJA.
1270Kembok1. see KOBOK. 2. see GEMBOK.
1271Kembolmeng- bulge (of pockets, etc.).
1272Kembuk.o. small basket for fish.
1273Kembung1. filled with air, puffed up, puffing, fill. 2. k.o. round rice basket.
1274Kemburchat, engage in small talk.
1276Kembutk.o. woven basket.
1277Kemegahangreatness, glory.
1278Kemejawestern-style shirt.
1279Kemejansee HIU.
1281Kemekmek(Jakarta) be fascinated.
1282Kemelutcrisis, critical stage (of illness, fever, political situation, etc.).
1283Kememadaiansatisfactoriness, sufficiency.
1284Kemenakannephew, niece.
1286Kemencongan1 declivity. 2 going off in a skewed direction.
1287Kemendangmirage or shimmer caused by hot air.
1288Kemendur1 (naut. ) commander. 2 harbor master. 3 civil official (during the colonial period). 4 overseer, foreman.
1289Kemengkalanirritation, annoyance.
1290Kemenissee KOMUNIS.
1291Kementambooming, thundering.
1292Kemenyanincense derived from gum benzoin.
1293Kemerdekaanfreedom, liberty, independence.
1294Kemerduansweetness of voice.
1295Kemeresaksound of rustling.
1296Kemerlapsee GEMERLAP.
1298Kemerutsee KERUT1.
1299Kemesraan1 absorption. 2 love, feeling of being intimate.
1300Kemeto. with the magical power to have intercourse with a woman from afar.
1301Kemi1. sucking fish, the remora. 2. see KEMIH.
1302Kemidisee KOMIDI.
1303Kemih(Formal) urine.
1305Kemil(me)ng-(k)emil eat snacks. kemil-an snacks.
1306Kemilapsee GEMILAP
1307Kemilausheen, shiny, shining (of metal, jewel, velvet, moon, etc.).
1309Keminting,Kemiricandlenut tree and its fruit.
1311Kemiringandeclivity, slope.
1312Kemis1. beg. 2. see PENATU.
1313Kemiskinanproverty, destitution.
1314Kemlandinganthe ipil-ipil, a fast-growing tree with edible beans planted to shade coffee and used as cattle feed or for green manure.
1315Kemocengsee KEMUCING.
1316Kemolekanloveliness, beauty.
1317Kemong1. sunken (of cheeks). 2. a small gong of the Java gamelan.
1318Kemotsee KEMUT 1,2.
1319Kempaa press.
1320Kempalsee KIMPAL.
1321Kempangk.o. canoe.
1323Kempask.o. tree.
1324Kempas-Kempispanting for breath.
1325KempeitaiJapanese military police (or a member of it) during the occupation.
1326Kempekbag for betel.
1327Kempekbag for betel.
1328Kempelangsee KEMPLANG 1.
1329Kempessee KEMPIH.
1330Kempih/kempis/ 1 deflated, flat (tire, etc.) 2 sunken (of cheeks, chest, etc.) 3 penniless. meng-(k)empih/(k)empis collapse (of lung, vein).
1331Kempit1. k.o. earthenware jug. 2. see KEPIT.
1332Kemplang1. meng-(k)emplang strike (esp. with the fist). kemplang-an blow, hit. 2. meng- sell fruit wholesale to middleman before harvesting. 3. meng- 1 not pay. 2 embezzle.
1333Kemplengtwanging sound.
1334Kemplong(Java) mallet for softening batik cloth.
1335Kempok.o. martial art.
1336Kemposflat, deflated.
1337Kempot1. sunken, hollow (of cheeks). 2. broke, penniless.
1338Kempuk.o. round box with lid for clothing.
1339Kempuh1 soft, mushy (of food which is fully cooked). 2 very ripe (of fruit). 3 rotten, spoiled of food).
1340Kempul1. k.o. gamelan instrument containing several small horizontal gongs. 2. ber-kempul-kempul pant, be out of breath.
1341Kempunan1 be in a quandary, nervous, desperate. 2 long or yearn for.
1342Kempungsunken (of cheeks from loss of teeth).
1343Kempungan1 abdomen. 2 bladder.
1344Kemreketgnash (of teeth).
1345Kemringet(Java) sweaty. ber-kemringet break into a sweat.
1346Kemrungsung(Java) uncomfortable, ill at ease.
1347Kemu1. ber-, meng- rinse out the mouth. 2. meng- mutter, mumble.
1348Kemucaksee KEMUNCAK.
1349Kemucingfeather duster.
1350Kemudi1 helm, rudder. 2 steering wheel. 3 reins (of gvt. , management, etc.).
1351Kemudianafterwards, later, then.
1352Kemudu-Kudusee SELAK 2.
1353Kemukasee MUKA.
1354Kemukusk.o. pepper, the cubeb.
1355Kemul1. (Java) blanket, coverlet. 2. munch, gnaw at or on.
1356Kemuliaanmagnificence, pomp, glory.
1357Kemumu1. k.o. seaweed. 2. k.o. aroid, the leaves and roots of which are eaten. 3. dandruff.
1358Kemuncakpeak, top, summit, apex.
1359Kemuncupk.o. grass, the seeds of which adhere to o.'s clothing.
1360Kemunduran1.decline,decrease. 2.deterioration. 3. cutback (in production).
1361Kemungsee KEMONG 2.
1362Kemungkusaddled (of an egg).
1363Kemuning1 yellow (color). 2 k.o. tree producing beautiful yellow wood.
1364Kemuntingthe rose-myrtle, ashrub producing dark red edible berries.
1365Kemurnian1 purity, genuineness. 2 chastity.
1367Kemut1. 1) throb, beat (of pulse). 2) stagger. 2. 1) suck on (a piece of candy or as sexual act). 2) move up and down (of mouth when eating). kemut-an hard candy that is sucked.
1368Kemutulk.o. hardwood tree.
1369Ken(Japanese) regency.
1370Kena1 be touched adversely, struck, hit, or affected by s.t. unpleasant, come into contact with. 2 hit s.t. 3 be subject to. 4 fit, be the right thing, be on the mark. 5 (coll. , Java) be allowed.
1371Kenal1 know, be familiar. 2 be acquainted with.
1372Kenalpotsee KNALPOT.
1373Kenan1. birthmark. 2. ber-kenan 1) have the pleasure of , be so kind as to. 2) agree, approve of, endorse. memper-kenan-kan permit, allow.
1374Kenangbe reminded of, think of.
1375Kenang - Kenangan1 souvenir, keepsake, memento. 2 remembrances, fond memories. 3 ideals of the past.
1376Kenangathe ylang-ylang or cananga, a shrub the flowers of which produce oils for perfume.
1377Kenapsmall table.
1378Kenapa1 whay. 2 what happened to.
1379Kenari1. the canari tree and its nuts. kenari- Belanda almond. 2. canary.
1380Kencan1 date, appointment. 2 date.
1381Kencana(lit. ) gold.
1382Kencang1 fast, quick, speedy. 2 taut, tight. 3 selling well.
1383Kencang-Kencungclanking sound.
1384Kencarter-kencar-kencar 1 nervous, agitated. 2 in haste, hastily.
1385Kenceng1. bow drill. 2. frying pan.
1386Kencerang-Kenceringsound of jingling coins or metal ornaments.
1387Kencing1 urine. 2 urinate. kencing-batu kidney stone. kencing-darah blood in the urine. kencing-gula/manis diabetes. kencing-nanah gonorrhea.
1388Kenco(Japanese) regent.
1389Kencong1. crooked, askew, awry. 2. pitcher plant.
1390Kencungsee KENCANG-KENCUNG.
1391Kencurgreater galingale, a root crop resembling ginger, used as spice and medicine. masih bau-kencur still a virgin/still young and inexperience.
1392Kendaga1 cowries, shell money. 2 a chest or oblong box adorned with shell, glass, etc.
1393Kendaklover, mistress. ber-kendak have an affair with. kendak-an paramour.
1395Kendalaconstraint, obstacle.
1397Kendang1. k.o. small drum covered with leather at each end. ber-kendang(an) play a kendang. kendang-an membrane in ear. 2. ream of paper (480 sheets).
1398Kendaraber-kendara ride (in or on s.t.).
1399Kendaraan1 vehicle. 2 mount.
1401Kendati/kendati pun/ 1 although. 2 not to mention, much less.
1402Kendekasee KAYU 1.
1403Kendik.o. earthware flask with a neck and spout 9us for drinking water).
1404Kendil(Java) pot for cooking rice.
1405Kendiri(coll. ) see SENDIRI.
1406Kendit1 cloth belt, sash. 2 girdle.
1407Kendo(Java) soft, slow (tone). / ke`ndo / martial arts with Japanese staffs.
1408Kendongmeng- carry s.t. in a cloth.
1409Kendorsee KENDUR.
1410Kenduduk1. see UBI. 2. see SENDUDUK.
1411Kendur1 slack (of rope, business). 2 loose. 3 flabby, not trim (of body). 4 lifeless, weak, without pep. 5 (ling. ) lax. 6 slacken.
1412Kenduri(islam) ritual meal.
1413Kenekassistent to a driver.
1415Kenekermarbles. ber-keneker play marbles.
1416Kenes1 coquettish. 2 affected (of female).
1417Kengbark, yelp (of dogs).
1418Kengkangsee KANGKANG 2.
1419Kengkengmeng-kengkeng-kengkeng 1 yelp, howl (of a dog). 2 whimper, whine.
1420Kenidainame given to several k.o. bushes or trees.
1421Kenikirthe cosmos, an ornamental flower with edible leaves.
1422Kenikmatan1 bliss, enjoyment. 2 comfort, amenity 3.the privilege of benefiting from s.t.
1423Kening1 brow, forehead. 2 eyebrow.
1424Keninisee KININE.
1425Kenisah(bib. ) the temple in Jerusalem.
1427Kenong(Java) k.o. small gong of the gamelan.
1428Kenop1. 1) knob, button. 2) button (of shirt, etc.). 2. see KNOP.
1429Kenpeitaisee KEMPEITAI.
1430Kenselkena-kensel experience a cancellation (us. of a trip).
1431Kental1 thick (of syrup). 2 strong (of coffee). 3 close (of friendships).
1433Kentarunit of weight for gold.
1434Kentara1 visible. 2 discernible, apparent, evident.
1435Kentelsee KENTAL.
1436Kentengsee GENTENG.
1437Kentit(Java, Jakarta) meng-(k)entit 1 steal s.t. 2 hide s.t.
1438Kentong/kentung/ 1 sound of a gong. 2 gong.
1439Kentongan1 drum made from bamboo or wood which is struck to sound an alarm. 2 alarm sounded by this drum.
1440Kentrang-Kentring/kentrang-kentrung/ sound of strumming, strings being plucked.
1441Kentut1 flatus, stomach gas. 2 break wind, fart.
1442Kenung1 sound of gong. 2 a horizontal gong in the gamelan.
1443Kenup1. truncheon, bludgeon, billy club. 2. see KENOP.
1444Kenyal1 tough, rubbery (of meat, etc.). 2 elastic (of fibers, etc.).
1445Kenyammeng-(k)enyam 1 taste, sample (food) 2 savor s.t. 3 experience, sample.
1446Kenyamanan1 freshness, fit feeling. 2 pleasure.
1447Kenyang1 satisfied, sated. 2 saturated.
1448Kenyat-Kenyit/kenyat-kenyut/ pulsate, throb.
1450Kenyi/kenyih/ 1 sickly. 2 susceptible to disease.
1451Kenyinyirantalkativeness, loquacity.
1452Kenyircrave (food).
1453Kenyitmeng-kenyit wink. meng-kenyit-kan wrinkle (the brows).
1454Kenyot,Kenyutmeng-(k)enyot suck (a nipple, etc.).
1455Kenyot,Kenyut - An1 nipple for baby's bottle. 2 candy to suck on.
1456Keok1. defeated, beaten (in sports). 2. cackle, cluck.
1457Keonaran1 confusion, boisterousness. 2 sensation. 3 disturbance.
1458Keong1 snail. 2 shape of snail's shell, coil, or spiral.
1459Kep1. cap, detonator, blasting cap. 2. (coll. ) form of address to a kapten. 3. cowlick, tuft or similar configuration of hair on animals.
1460Kep.1. [keputusan] decision, decree. 2. [kepulauan] archipelago.
1462Kepadasee PADA 1.
1463Kepahk.o. mollusk.
1465Kepaisee KAPAI.
1466Kepak1. wing (of bird, fowl). 2. see PAK. ke`pak1. meng-(k)epak carry on the hip. ke`pak 2. meng-ke`pak-ke`pak flutter.
1467Kepaksa(coll. ) see PAKSA 1.
1468Kepal1 lump, clod. 2 fist. se-kepal a handful or fistful.
1469Kepala1 head. 2 head, brain. 3 leader, head, chief executive. 4 the uppermost or foremost, principal part. 5 person, (per) head.
1470Kepalanginsufficient, inadequate.
1471Kepam1 musty, stale. 2 faded.
1472Kepandaiancleverness, skill.
1473Kepangk.o. tree, the rotten xylem of which yields fragrant material.
1474Kepanggungsee PANGGUNG.
1476Kepanjangan1 too long. 2 lenght. 3 duration. 4 continuation.
1477Kepark.o. perchlike fish. /ke`par/ twilled cloth.
1478Keparat1. (vulg. ) 1) dammit !, damned, accursed. 2) rogue. 3) infidel, heathen. 2. atonement through good deeds, sacrifice, etc.
1479Kepasifanpassivity, inaction.
1480Kepastian1 certainty. 2 assurance. 3 for sure.
1481Kepatang(M) yesterday.
1482Kepawanganthe field of animal training.
1483Kepayasee PAPAYA.
1484Kepayangk.o. large tree which produces the spice keluwak.
1485Kepecongfall asleep (of leg or arm).
1486Kepek1. (Java) notes for cheating on a test. 2. see KEMPEK.
1488Kepekatan1 thickness, concentration, density. 2 darkness.
1490Kepelet1 be made to fall in love by magical means. 2 be seduced.
1491Kepenaksee ENAK.
1492Kepencongfruit of the kepayang tree used as spice.
1493Kepencut(Java) fall in love, be attracted to.
1494Kependekan1 abbreviation. 2 shortness. 3 too short.
1495Kependetaanclergy, ministry.
1496Kependudukandemography , see DUDUK.
1497Kepengcoin with square hole in center formerly worth 1/8 of a cent (in the colonial era).
1498Kepengacaraanmatters dealing with lawyers.
1499Kepenghuluanterritory of a penghulu.
1500Kepenginsee KEPINGIN.
1501Kepengurusanmanagement, leadership (of an organization).
1502Kepentingan1 importance. 2 (self-) interest.
1503Kepepetsee PEPET.
1504Kepepetsee PEPET.
1505Keper1.see KEPAR. 2. see KIPER.
1507Keperawanan1 spinsterhood, maidenhood. 2 virginity.
1508Kepergian1 departure. 2 trip, journey. 3 going, passing, death.
1509Kepergoksee PERGOK.
1510Keperosoksink in, slip into.
1512Kepesatanspeed, momentum.
1513Kepetmeng(kepet-kepet)kan shake, manipulate s.t. ke`pe`t 1. (Jakarta) fin (of a fish). 2. fail to clean o.s. after defecating or fail to bathe. ng-(k)epet (vulg. ) be a shit ass. 3. ng-(k)epet magically turn into an animal.
1514Kepetangsee KEPATANG.
1515Kepetangansecret agent.
1516Kepialumigraine headache.
1517Kepiatdried coconut husk.
1519Kepik1. dented (of fender, etc.). 2. k.o. insect harmful to agriculture.
1520Kepilnear, close or next to, alongside (of a ship).
1521Kepiluan1 sadness. 2 emotion, being moved.
1522Kepincangan1 lameness. 2 defect. 3 imbalance.
1523Kepincut(Java) attracted, drawn to.
1525Keping1 chip, fragment. 2 splinter, sliver, shard. 3 counter for flat thin objects.
1527Kepingindesire, want strongly. kepingin-tahu curious, eager to know.
1530Kepintarancleverness, skill.
1531Kepintasan1 overcome, surmounted. 2 cut short. 3 intercepted.
1532Kepiransee KAPIRAN.
1533Kepisk.o. basket for holding freshly caught fish.
1534Kepitpressed between arm and side or between two fingers.
1535Kepitan1 clamp, pincers. 2 o.'s hold.
1537Keplakmeng-keplak slap (us. the head).
1539Keplokapplause. ber-keplok clap, applaud.
1540Kepodangsee KEPUDANG.
1541Kepoh/kepok/ deflect, ward off (a blow).
1542Kepompongcocoon, chrysalis, pupa.
1543Keponakannephew, niece.
1544Kepongahanconceit, arrogance.
1545Kepossee POS.
1546Kepot1. meng-kepot swerve, zigzag. 2. 1) crumpled, creased. 2) tousled, disheveled.
1547Keppres[Keputusan Presiden] presidential decree, executive order.
1548Keprajuritan1 military. 2 heroism.
1549Keprak(Java) small wooden box tapped for a castinetlike beat. meng-keprak hit, tap on s.t.
1550Keprasprune, trim, cut back.
1551Kepretspill, spray.
1552Kepretan(Jakarta) slap with the back of the hand.
1553Keprok1. see KEPLOK. 2. see JERUK.
1554Kepruk1. see JERUK. 2. meng-kepruk smash, break open.
1556Kepuh1. 1) bulging (of briefcase, packet, etc.). 2) billowing (of sails). 2. k.o. tree producing soft, cheap wood and striking flowers.
1558Kepuk1. 1) basket made of bark to hold rice, etc. 2) name given to other baskets. 2. dented.
1559Kepulbillowing smoke.
1560Kepulagasee KAPUL.
1561Kepulanganaction of going back.
1563Kepulesansee PULAS 1.
1564Kepundan1 lava. 2 crater.
1565Kepundunga tree with sour fruit similar to the Lansium.
1566Kepungencircling, sit or stand around. kepung-an encirclement, area surrounded.
1567Kepunjulansuperiority, being a bit better or more than others.
1568Kepura - Puraandissimilation, pretense.
1570Kepuspa - Ragamanvariegation.
1571Kepustakaan1 literature. 2 documents. 3 bibliography.
1572Keputrian1 women's affairs. 2 womanhood.
1573Kepuyuhsee PUYUH 1.
1575Kepyur(Java) men-kepyur sprinkle down.
1576Ker-see also entries with kr-.
1577Kerak.o. ape. kera-belanda proboscis monkey.
1578Kerabsee AKRAB.
1580Kerabatrelative, family.
1581Kerabiksee KERABIT.
1582Kerabittorn, ripped, rent.
1583Kerabu1. salad of raw vegetables or unripe fruits. meng-kerabu prepare kerabu. 2. ear studs (jewelry).
1585Keracak1. elated, jump with joy. 2. (naut. ) make good speed (of sailing vessels). 3. see KRECEK.
1586Keracapk.o. wooden or bamboo musical instrument.
1588Keraengsee KARAENG.
1589Keragamanvariety, diversity.
1590Keraguan1 hesitancy. 2 doubt.
1591Kerah1. corvee. 2. collar.
1592Kerahik.o. small melon.
1593Kerai1 blinds made of thin bamboo slats. 2 awning.
1594Keraitcreaky (chair, bicycle, etc.).
1595Kerajaan1 empire, kingdom. 2 royal.
1596Kerajanggold leaf.
1597Kerajinan1 industry,diligence. 2 handicraft.
1598Kerak1 rice crust adhering to the pot. 2 encrustation. kerak-bumi the earth's crust. kerak-besi iron slag.
1599Kerakalgravel (e.g.) for roadbed).
1600Kerakapbetel leaf that has grown thick and tough.
1601Kerakelingbrass knuckles.
1602Kerakyatan1 democracy, rule by the people. 2 populist.
1603Keram1. have cramps. 2. imprison, incarcerate, lock up.
1604Keramacurse, spell.
1605Keramansee KRAMAN.
1607Keramat1 sacred, holy. 2 possessing supernatural qualities. 3 shrine, sacred spot.
1608Kerambil(Java) coconut.
1609Kerambit1 short clawlike dagger. 2 short sickle.
1611Kerampangperineum, crotch
1612Keramuntingsee KEMUNTING.
1613Keran1. tap, faucet, spigot. 2. crane, derrick. 3. brazier, portable stove. 4. ng-keran work as an assistant.
1614Keranasee KARENA.
1615Kerancuan1 confusion. 2 (ling. ) contamination.
1616Keranda(islam) a bier, consisting of a framework of bamboo or wooden laths which support the cloth covering a corpse.
1617Kerang1 cockle shells. 2 mollusks and their shells.
1618Kerang-Keroh1 crisscross, askew, awry (of lines). 2 irregular (in shape). 3 rambling (of a house, city layout). 4 conniving, scheming.
1619Kerang-Kerungclattering (of dishes).
1620Keranggasee KERENGGA.
1621Keranggangsee SEMUT.
1622Kerangka1 skeleton. 2 framework. 3 ship's hull. 4 design, plan.
1623Kerangkaik.o. hard wood used for making wheel rims, hoe handles, etc.
1624Kerangkang1. see KELANGKANG. 2. see SEMUT.
1625Kerangkeng1 jail, lock up. 2 cage. 3 playpen.
1626Keranioffice clerk.
1627Keranjangk.o. basket. keranjang-pakaian clothes hamper. keranjang sampah wastebasket.
1628Keranjik.o. timber tree.
1629Keranjingbe fond of.
1630Keranjingan1 possessed (by bad spirit, etc.), mania. 2 have a mania for s.t.
1631Kerantalouse found on a dead or dying body.
1632Kerantong-Kerantungbamboo or wooden drum used as an alarm.
1633Kerap1. 1) close. 2) often, frequently. 2. meng-kerap race bulls. kerap-an bull race.
1634Kerap-Kerapsound of munching.
1635Kerapaisee GERAPAI.
1637Kerapissee KEROPAS-KERAPIS.
1638Kerapuk.o. seafish, the grouper.
1639Kerapuhan1 fragility. 2 brittleness, crispness.
1640Keras1 hard (not soft). 2 (phys. ) solid state. 3 tight, not flexible, taut. 4 strong. 5 hard (with effort). 6 gruff (speech, attitude). 7 loud (voice, etc.). 8 stern, stringent (measures). 9 seriously.
1641Keras-Kerask.o. crispy cookie.
1642Keras-Tulangk.o. plant, the leaves of which are used for medicinal purposes.
1643Kerasansee KRASAN.
1644Kerasulan1 attribute of a messenger of God. 2 apostolate.
1645Kerat1. 1) slice, piece, part. 2) part (of a house, road, town). 2. sound of munching. meng-(k)erat nibble, gnaw. 3. see KARAT 1. 4 see KRAT.
1646Keratonpalace, esp. of a Java ruler. ke-keraton-an having to do with the court.
1647Kerawai1. k.o. wasp that lives underground or has a nest made of earth. 2. k.o. plant.
1648Kerawanancrime-infested, unsafe.
1649Kerawang1 filigree. 2 openwork (on cloth, embroidery, lacework).
1650Kerawatband of iron or plaited rattan (on the handle of knife or chisel).
1651Kerawitsee CACING.
1652Kerbang1. k.o. wild breadfruit tree. 2. see GERBANG 2.
1653Kerbatmeng-kerbat mulut gag s.o.
1654Kerbau1 carabao, water buffalo. 2 stupid person.
1655Kercapsee KECAP.
1656Kercekcrunching sound.
1657Kercingmeng-kercing-kan mata shut o.'s eyes.
1658Kercitmeng-kercit-kan mata wink.
1659Kercutk.o. rush used for weaving mats, etc.
1660Kerdak1 dregs, sediment (of coffee, wine, etc.). 2 objects of no value, junk. 3 modest way to refer to o.'s own possessions.
1661Kerdamboom, loud, resonating sound.
1662Kerdil1 dwarf, stunted. 2 small-minded.
1663Kerdipsee KEDIP.
1664Kerdomber(r)-kerdom-kerdom cuss, engage in abusive language.
1665Kerdumbooming, resounding sound.
1666Kerdussee KARDUS.
1667Kerdut1 wrinkled. 2 corrugated.
1668Keresee KERAI. / ke`re`/ 1. (Java) puppy. 2. beggar, vagrant, tramp.
1669Kereat-Kereotrickety, squeaking.
1670Kerebokmeng-kerebok tear s.t.
1671Kereceksee KERCEK.
1672Kerecengsee KECENG.
1673Keredak1 caked, dried-up dirt (on people, animals, etc.). 2 dried mucus in the nose.
1674Keredepsee KEDIP.
1675Keredoksee KAREDOK.
1676Keredongcover, blanket.
1677Kereisee KERAI.
1678Kereksee KERIK. /ke`re`k/ 1. hoist, pulley (block). meng-(k)erek 1) hoist, raise (a flag). 2) lift with a hoist (as of a cargo). 2. a measure for palm sugar.
1679Kerekahsee KERKAH.
1681Kereketsound of squeaking or cracking (of wood, teeth grating, etc.).
1682Kerekot/kerekut/ 1 grown deformed (of hands, limbs, fingers, etc.). 2 rough, uneven (of a floor). 3 stingy, avaricious.
1683Kerelaan1 willingness. 2 agreement, consent. 3 blessing, favor (of God).
1685Keremipinworms, intestinal worms. -an, ke-an 1 suffer from pinworms. 2 itch in the anus from pinworms.
1686Keremotwrinkled, furrowed (of the face).
1687Kerempagi1 strraight razor. 2 pocketknife.
1688Kerempang/kerempeng/ emaciated, thin.
1689Kerempunglower abdomen.
1690Keremuntingsee KEMUNTING.
1691Keren1 impressive, handsome (of a man). 2 dashing, well-dressed. 3 spirited, fast (of a horse). /ke`ren/ see KERN.
1692Kerenasee KARENA.
1693Kerencang,Kerencing,Kerencungsound of clanging chains, etc.
1694Kerendahan1 too short. 2 lowness.
1695Kerendangk.o. spreading weed with edible leaves used as fodder.
1696Kereneng(Java) a net of bamboo strips for carrying small loose items.
1697Kerenggruff, surly, grumpy. see KERING 1.
1698Kerenggak.o. large biting red ant.
1699Kerengkama seaweed.
1700Kerengketshiver with fear.
1701Kerenikanporosity, delicateness.
1702Kereningantinkling sound.
1704Kerenyausee KERNYAU 1.
1705Kerenyitsee KERNYIT.
1706Kerenyotmeng-kerenyot 1 grin. 2 twist or distort o.'s mouth.
1707Kerenyutsee KERNYUT 1,2.
1708Kerepasblind in o. eye.
1709Kerepesmeng-kerepes grope for s.t.
1711Kerepotan1 stir, bustle. 2 very busy.
1712Kereranggasee KERENGGA.
1713Keresak,Kereseksound of rustling or snapping (of dry leaves). ber-, ter- rustle, crunch.
1714Kerese-Pesesee KARESEH-PESEH.
1715Kereseksee KERISIK.
1716Keresengcracked open, slightly open.
1717Keresmian1 official confirmation, official announcement. 2 of an official character.
1718Keresmissee KISMIS.
1719Keresotwrinkled, furrowed (of forehead).
1720Keret1. meng-keret cut s.t. 2. see MENGKERET.
1721Kereta1 carriage, cart. kereta-api train. per-kereta-apian railway affairs. 2 car.
1722Keretaksound of snapping or cracking.
1723Keretana pull.
1725Keretiksee KERTIK.
1726Keretotdeformed (of limbs, fingers, etc.), uneven (of a surface).
1727Kerewengfragment of broken tile.
1729Kerik.o. small sickle for cutting grass.
1730Keriak.o. cake made of sugar, flour, and potatoes.
1731Keriang-Keriutsound of squeezing and creaking (e.g. stairs).
1732Keriapber-an, meng-keriap swarm.
1733Keriat-Keriutsee KERIANG-KERIUT.
1734Keributanstir, commotion, disturbance.
1735Kericau1 chirp, twitter. 2 chatter.
1736Kericiksound of splashing water.
1737Keridassee KADAS.
1738Keridikmole cricket.
1739Kerihsound of a screaming monkey.
1741Kerikmeng-kerik scrape or shave off or s.t.,
1742Kerikamk.o. linen.
1744Kerikilpebble, gravel.
1745Kerikitmeng-kerikit gnaw, nibble.
1746Kerimutmeng-kerimut 1 undo, rumple. 2 hurt (feelings, etc.).
1747Kerincing1 sound of tinkling, jingling. 2 k.o. musical instrument, the triangle.
1748Kerinduan1 longing, yearning. 2 (coll. ) favorite.
1749Kering1. 1) dry, dried off or up. 2) arid. 3) not lucrative, poorly paid. 4) crispy. 5) dish made of ingredients chopped up, spiced, and fried until crisp. 2. sound of ringing.
1750Keringanan1 lightness. 2 relief, dispensation.
1751Keringat/keringet/ sweat, perspiration.
1752Keriningsound of bicycle bells, carts, etc.
1754Kerinjingk.o. hardwood tree used for construction.
1755Kerintilhang in clusters or bunches (fruit, etc.).
1756Kerinting1. salted shellfish. 2. see KERITING.
1757Kerinyitber-kerinyit see KERNYIT.
1758Kerinyutsee KERNYUT 1,2.
1759Keripmeng-kerip 1 crackle (of gravel, etc.). 2 nibble, gnaw (of rat, squirrel).
1760Keripikcrispy chips( of banana, potato, tempeh, etc.). keripik-elektronik microchip. meng-keripik flake, scale s.t.
1761Keriput1. wrinkled, furrowed, wizened (of face, etc.). 2. see JERUK.
1762Keriskris, k.o. wavy double-bladed dagger.
1763Kerisik1 rustling sound. 2 dried banana leaf.
1764Kerisikan1 rustling. 2 peeling off.
1766Keristensee KRISTEN.
1767Kerisutsee KISUT.
1768Keritsound of scraping on metal.
1769Keritik1. sound of crackling. 2. see KRITIK.
1770Keritingcurly, kinky (of hair).
1771Keriuhandin, clamor.
1773Keriutsound of creaking, squeaking, or scraping.
1774Keriwilsee PRIWIL.
1775Kerja1 work. 2 accupation, job. 3 activity. 4 celebration (of an important rite in life).
1776Kerjangsee EMAS.
1777Kerjantaraemployment agency.
1778Kerjapsee KEJAP.
1780Kerkahmeng-kerkah rip apart with the teeth and eat.crunch on s.t.
1781Kerkaksound of a bone being crushed.
1783Kerkaumeng-kerkau seize with a claw.
1784Kerkop(coll. ) Christian cemetery.
1785Kerkupsound of cracking.
1786Kerlap1. glare, glistening. 2. meng-, te- doze off for a moment.
1787Kerling1. glance out of the corner of the eyes. 2. shining, gleaming, sparkling.
1788Kerlinganlight given off.
1789Kerlip1. flickering (of light). 2. fall in love.
1790Kermasee KERAMA.
1791Kermakk.o. herb.
1792Kermisee KEREMI.
1793Kern/ke`ren/ (coll. ) nucleus, nuclear.
1794Kernaimeng-kernai cut into small pieces (of meat, vegetables).
1795Kerneksee KENEK.
1797Kernetsee KENEK.
1798Kernyat-Kernyutsound of creaking (of door, shoes, floor, etc.).
1799Kernyau1. sound of crunching, sound of s.o. munching. 2. hoarse (of voice).
1800Kernyihgrinning, making faces (to show ridicule).
1801Kernyingbare the teeth or fangs.
1803Kernyut1. wrinkle. 2. gnashing of teeth. 3. be-kernyut pulsate (of arteries).
1804Kero1. bed with springs. 2. squinting, cross-eyed.
1805Kerobak1 with holes. 2 with a large rip (of a sail, flag, etc.). 3 scarred, pockmarked.
1806Kerobeksee ROBEK.
1807Kerocetandisorder, confusion.
1808Kerocokrattling noise, sound of liquid being shaken in a bottle, or of light objects falling rapidly.
1809Kerodongsee KERUDUNG.
1810Keroh1 false, deceptive, crooked. 2 confusing, hazy, unclear.
1811Kerok1. currycomb. 2. see KERUK.
1812Keroloksound of gurgling.
1813Keromoksee KERUMUK 1.
1814Keromong(Sunda) set of kettle gongs suspended horizontally in a row.
1815Keron(coll. ) crown (symbol of Dutch rule).
1816Keroncong1. 1) sound of clanking, jingling (of cow bells, etc.). 2) popular Indonesian music originating from Portuguese songs. 3) k.o. small guitar or ukulele. 2. deepest recess of a fish trap. 3. k.o. plant which furnishes green fertilizer.
1817Keroncormale horseshoe crab.
1818Kerong/kerong-kerang/ sound of a heavy object being shaken in a tin can.
1819Kerong-Kerongk.o. small sea perch.
1820Kerongkongan1 throat. 2 gullet, esophagus, pharynx.
1821Kerongsangbrooch, esp. a set of three brooches used to fasten together women's traditional blouses.
1822Kerongsongsee KELONGSONG.
1823Kerontang1. sound of ratting (of a bucket). 2. see KERING 1.
1824Keropakpalm leaf manuscript used to write on.
1825Keropas-Kerapissmall articles or objects of no value. ber- do work or activity of no importance.
1826Keropengscab (of a wound, skin eruption, rash). meng- pick a scab.
1827Keropesdried nasal mucus.
1828Keropok1. se-keropok small group. 2. 1) hollow, empty. 2) eaten at by ants. 3. see KERUPUK.
1829Keroponghollow, eaten away (of interiors).
1830Keropos1 porous, spongy. 2 hollow, rotten. 3 rarefied (gas).
1831Kerosaksound of treading on dry leaves or twigs.
1832Kerosangsee KERONGSANG.
1833Keroseksound of swishing (e.g. rinsing uncooked rice).
1834Kerosisee KURSI 1.
1836Kerosok1. sound of treading on dry leaves. 2. see TEMBAKAU.
1837Kerosongsloughed skin (of reptiles). meng-kerosong molt, slough the skin.
1838Kerotaksound of things grinding or clashing against e.o.
1839Kerotot1 grooved (of a file). 2 pockmarked, furrowed, wringkled (ike the skin of a tangerine).
1840Keroyokgang up on, swarm overhelm. keroyok-an attack by overwhelming numbers.
1841Kerpaicartridge of cracking (e.g. a branch being snapped).
1842Kerpassound of rustling, (e.g. treading on bushes, etc.).
1843Kerpiksee KERPAK.
1844Kerpissee KERPAS.
1845Kerpu(geol. ) blende.
1846Kerpus1. k.o. headgear, k.o. cap. 2. a plastered ridge along the top of a tile roof. 3. guardhouse, cell.
1847Kerrensee KEREN.
1848Kersaicrumbly, loose (of cooked rice, sand).
1849Kersaksound of treading on dray grass.
1850Kersangsee GERSANG.
1852Kersik1. grit, gravel, coarse sand. 2. see KERISIK.
1853Kersipsee KEDIP.
1854Kersmis(coll. ) Christmas.
1855Kersuksound of loud rustling.
1856Kertahk.o. land crab.
1857Kertang1. caked (with mud, dried blood, pus). 2. sound of striking a tin can. 3. k.o. sea fish, a large and vicious grouper.
1858Kertapsound of a door being slammed.
1859Kertas1. paper. 2. sound of paper being cumpled.
1860Kertaumulberry tree.
1861Kertikticking sound.
1862Kertikasee KARTIKA.
1863Kertingsound of tinging.
1864Kertusee KARTU.
1865Kertuksound of knocking.
1866Kertus1. cartridge (of a gun). 2. sound of paper being crumpled.
1868Kerubungber-, meng- encircling in numbers. meng-kerubung-i crowd around.
1869Kerubut1. meng-kerubut gang up on, mob s.o. kerubut-an crowd. 2. k.o. parasite bearing showy flowers.
1870Kerucilsee WAYANG.
1871Kerucut1 cone. 2 conical paper wrapper (for peanuts, etc.).
1872Kerudungveil. kerudung-lampu lampshade.
1873Keruh1. 1) turbid, muddy. 2) disturbed, clouded (of face). 3) restless. 2. snoring. ber-,1 snore. 2 purr (of a cat).
1874Keruingk.o. tree.
1875Keruitber-keruit-keruit wiggle, wriggle at its end, wag (a tail).
1876Keruk1 scrathing, scraping sound. 2 dredging.1 dredging. 2 exploition.
1877Kerukunanharmony, concord.
1878Kerukut1 curled up or over, warped (of wood, etc.), curled (of leaves). 2 deformed (of hands, feet).
1879Kerulcurl (in the hair, etc.).
1880Kerumak.o. itching mite.
1881Kerumitmeng-kerumit gnaw, nibble (of rabbits, mice).
1882Kerumuk1. ber-, meng-kerumut be crumpled, wrinkled. 2. ber- sump (in a chair), sink down.
1883Kerumun1 swarm over, cluster arround, throng, mill about. 2 assemble, come together. kerumun-an throng, crowd, mob.
1884Kerumusmeng-kerumus 1 embrace and kiss. 2 fondle, caress.
1885Kerunsee KERON.
1886Kerungconcave, hollow, hollowed out (of a spoon, bowl).
1887Kerungkuhandilapidated, decayed, worn-out.
1888Keruniasee KARUNIA.
1890Keruntung1 piggy bank (made of a bamboo cylinder). 2 fish basket. meng-keruntung-kan place s.t. in a keruntung.
1891Kerunyitsee KERNYIT.
1892Kerunyutwrinkle, furrow (in face).
1893Kerupsound of munching.
1894Kerupawananbeauty, handsomeness.
1895Kerupukchips made of flour flavored with fish or shrimp. kerupuk-belinjo chips made from the fruit of the belinjo. kerupuk-kerak chip made of hard-boiled rice and fruit. kerupuk-kulit crackled water-buffalo rinds.
1896Kerupungsee KEROPENG.
1897Kerusk.o. carbonated drink (e.g. orange crush).
1898Kerusisee KURSI.
1899Kerusuhan1 disturbance, riot. 2 turbulence, turmoil.
1900Kerusutber-, meng-kerusut 1 shrink (of material). 2 crease, wrinkle.
1901Kerut1. 1) furrow, wrinkle. 2) curl (in hair). 2. sound of scraping.
1902Kerutakcrunch (on a bone).
1903Kerutusee GERUTU.
1904Kerutupsound of cracling (e.g. dry leaves burning).
1905Keruwingsee KERUING.
1906Keruyuk1. see KERIUK. 2. see KEROYOK.
1907Kes(coll. ) cash.
1908Kes.1. [kesebelasan] soccer team. 2. [kesehatan] health.
1909Kesafirst (us. only of planting season).
1910Kesadsee KASAD.
1911Kesahmoan, sigh. /ke`sah/ see KISAH.
1912Kesakmeng-kesak 1 shift, move slowly (from o. place to another). 2 move or shift s.t.
1914Kesal1 fed up. 2 dejected. 3 piqued, peevish, cross.
1917Kesamaansameness, similarity.
1918Kesambet1. (Java) be seized with a sudden illness, attributed to possession by an evil spirit. 2. 1) struck by a sharp object. 2) struck with disease.
1919Kesambik.o. tree yielding wood for chacoal.
1920Kesampaianachieved, accomplished.
1921Kesampingsee SAMPING 1.
1922Kesan1 impression. 2 trace.
1923Kesanasee SANA.
1924Kesandungsee SANDUNG.
1925Kesangblow o.'s nose by pressing o. nostril with the finger.
1926Kesanggupan1 power, capability, performance. 2 readiness to do s.t.
1927Kesangsang(Java) be caught (of a kite in a tree, etc.).
1928Kesap-Kesipblink (of the eyes).
1929Kesasarlost, strayed away.
1930Kesastraan(things pertaining to) literature.
1931Kesastrawananmatters pertaining to men of letters.
1932Kesat1 stiff, rough. 2 rough and dry (of skin). 3 shaggy, hairy.
1933Kesatria1 noble (caste), knight. 2 acting with noble qualities.
1934Kesatuan1 (mil. ) unit. 2 totality. 3 unity, oneness.
1935Kesayangan1 pity, sorrow. 2 love, affection. 3 darling, favorite.
1937Kesebelasansoccer team.
1939Kesediaanreadiness, willingness.
1940Kesedihansorrow, sadness.
1941Kesegaran1 freshness. 2 health.
1942Kesehatianunanimity in ideal , emotions, etc.
1943Kesejahteraan1 prosperity. 2 safety.
1944Kesejatianauthenticity, genuineness.
1945Kesejukan1 cold, coolness. 2 numb with cold.
1946Kesek1 rubbing. 2 door mat.
1947Kesel1. (Java) tired, exhausted. 2 see KESAL.
1948Keselamatan1 happiness, walfare. 2 safety. 3 salvation.
1949Keseleg/keselek/ choke on s.t., swallow s.t. the wrong way.
1951Keseleobe sprained.
1952Keseluruhantotality, whole.
1953Kesemanan1 failure. 2 abortion.
1955Kesematsee KESUMAT.
1956Kesembaranganarbitrariness, doing things any old way.
1957Kesembronoanfrivolity, doing things without heeding the rules, recklessness.
1959Kesemeksee KASEMEK.
1960Kesementaraantransitoriness, temporariness.
1962Kesempatan1. opportunity. 2 occasion.
1963Kesempitan1 narrowness, narrow-mindedness. 2 being hard-pressed, shortage. 3 too narrow.
1964Kesempurnaan1 perfection. 2 completeness.
1965Kesemrawutan1 chaos, lack of organization. 2 be chaotic, disorderly.
1967Kesemuanyaall of it, everything. see SEMUA.
1968Kesemutango to sleep, become numb (as of arm or leg.
1969Kesenangan1 happiness, contentment, pleasure. 2 favorite.
1970Kesendatan1 clogged up. 2 stagnation.
1971Kesendirianaloneness, solitude.
1973Kesengajaandeliberateness, doing s.t. on purpose.
1974Kesengganganleisureliness, leisure.
1975Kesengitanacrimony, fierceness.
1976Kesengsaraanmisery, suffering, torment.
1977Kesengsemsee SENGSEM.
1978Kesenianthing having to do with art.
1979Kesenimananartistic, matters pertaining to artists.
1980Kesenjanganasymmetry, discrepancy.
1981Kesentenganscarcity, shortage.
1982Kesentimentilansentimentality, bathos.
1983Kesentosaan1 peace, tranquillity, rest. 2 safety.
1985Kesepadanancorrespondence, agreement.
1986Kesepakatanagreement reached.
1988Kesepian1 solitude, loneliness. 2 deserted, lonely, (too) quiet.
1990Keserakanrasp (in voice).
1993Keserandolly, cart for moving heavy things.
1995Keserempakanunison, synchronization.
1996Keserentakanunison, simultaneity.
1998Keserongan1 insincerity, disloyalty. 2 adultery.
1999Kesesatan1 losing o.'s way. 2 slip, digression, error.
2000Kesesuaian1 uniformity, conformity. 2 suitability, concord, congruity, compatibility.
2001Keset1. meng-keset skin, flay (an animal). 2. doormat. 3. see KASET.
2004Kesetiaanloyalty, allegiance.
2005Kesetrumget a shock (from electricity).
2006Kesewajaran1 genuineness. 2 naturalness.
2007Kesewenang-Wenangan1 arbitrariness. 2 despotism.
2008Kesi1. white, pale, white as a sheet. 2. see KESU-KESI.
2009Kesia-Siaan(lit. ) futility, uselessness.
2010Kesiagaanreadiness, preparedness.
2011Kesialanbad luck.
2012Kesiansee KASIH 1.
2013Kesiangan1 caught by daylight. 2 overslept. 3 do s.t. late in the morning which should have been done earlier.
2014Kesiapter-kesiap be startled.
2015Kesiap-Siagaanstate of being prepared and on the alert.
2017Kesibukanstir, bustle, activity.
2018Kesigapan1 efficiency. 2 energy.
2019Kesigapan1 efficiency. 2 energy.
2020Kesik/kesik-kesik/ sound of whispering.
2021Kesilaman1 darkness. 2 past.
2022Kesilapanmistake, slip, error.
2023Kesimater-kesima upset, shaken up, unnerved.
2024Kesimbukan1 k.o. climbing herbaceous vine, the crushed leaves of which emit an odor. 2 k.o. tree with malodorous leaves.
2028Kesinisee SINI.
2029Kesinisan1 sarcasm, scorn. 2 cynicism.
2031Kesintingancraziness, oddness.
2032Kesip1. seedless 9of fruit). 2. ber-kesip-kesip blink o.'s eyes.
2033Kesipitannarrowness (of eyes).
2034Kesisipan1 get a splinter under the skin. 2 get s.t. inserted into it by accident.
2035Kesiursound of whistling or whizzing.
2036Keskula beggar's bowl.
2037Kesliosee KESELEO.
2038Kesmaksee KASEMEK.
2039Kesodofestival of sacrifice held in Tengger during the 10th Java calendar month.
2040Kesohorsee SOHOR.
2041Kesombongan1 arrogance, boasting. 2 vanity, conceit. 3 arrogant, conceited.
2042Kesomplok1 (Jakarta) hit, bump into. 2 be broke, penniless.
2043Kesongaranpride, arrogance.
2044Kesopanangood manners, polite behavior.
2045Kesoreantoo late (in the afternoon).
2046Kesotber-, meng- kesot 1 drag o.s. along on the ground (e.g. of small tot, a disabled person). 2 shuffle, not lift o.'s feet.
2048Kesra[kesejahteraan rakyat] the welfare of the people.
2049Kesrakat(Java) suffering from poverty.
2050Kesripahansuffer the death of a loved o.
2051Kesruduksuffer a head on blow or head on collision.
2053Kestatistikanmatters pertaining to statistics.
2055Kesturimusk, civet.
2056Kesu-Kesisound of whispering.
2057Kesuaman1 warmth. 2 feverishness.
2058Kesuarisee KASUARI.
2059Kesuburan1 fertility. 2 prosperity.
2060Kesucian1 purity, chastity. 2 holiness.
2061Kesudahan1 conclusion, result, consequence. 2 in the end, finally.
2064Kesuk-Kesiksound of rustling or treading on leaves.
2065Kesukacitaanjoy, state of being glad.
2066Kesukaran1difficulty, hardship. 2 have difficulties, suffer hardship.
2069Kesulitandifficulty, trouble.
2071Kesuma(lit. ) 1 flower. kesuma-bangsa flower of the nation (youth killed in battle). 2 beautiful (of a woman), noble.
2072Kesumat1 conflict, altercation. 2 enmity. 3 hatred
2073Kesumba1 various plants tat yield a bright red color. 2 bright red in color.
2074Kesumpekanconfusion of thought, feeling of being troubled.
2075Kesunanandominion of the Sunan, i.e. Surakarta.
2076Kesungguhan1 truth, sincerity. 2 seriousness. 3 in all seriousness, earnestly.
2077Kesunyian1 loneliness. 2 quiet, solitude. 3 feel lonely.
2078Kesupsound of sucking. meng-kesup suck o.'s fingers.
2079Kesupelan1 flexibility. 2 sociability.
2080Kesuraman1 vagueness, indistinctness. 2 dullness.
2081Kesurupanpossessed (by a spirit).
2082Kesusahan1 difficulty. 2 worry, grief. 3 be in trouble, have difficulties.
2084Kesusilaan1 ethnics. 2 decency, morality.
2085Kesusu(Java) in a hurry.
2086Kesusutanshrinkage, decrease.
2087Kesutter-kesut-kesut in difficulty and frightened.
2089Kesyahbandaran1 matters pertaining to port authorities and harbormasters. 2 office of harbormaster.
2092Ketaatanloyalty, fidelity.
2093Ketabahanfirmness, determination.
2094Ketabibanmatters pertaining to such healing.
2095Ketagihan1 addiction. 2 addicted to. 3 (coll. ) crave for.
2096Ketahanantenacity, endurance.
2098Ketahuanbe faound out, detected.
2099Ketai1. ber-ketai-ketai 1) crumble, fall apart. 2) decompose (of a body, wood, etc.). 2. loser (in a card game).
2100Ketajaman1 too sharp. 2 sharpness. 3 acuteness.
2101Ketak1. sound of a clack (tapping on a table, etc.). 2. skin fold (of a double chin).
2104Ketakaranstandard of living.
2105Ketakhtaanthings concerning the throne.
2106Ketakhyulanbelief in supertitions.
2107Ketakjubanastonishment, amazement.
2108Ketakongpitcher plant.
2109Ketakrifan(ling. ) definition.
2110Ketaksaanbeing equivocal.
2111Ketakutan1 fear, anxiety. 2 frightened, anxious.
2112Ketakzimanmatters pertaining to honor and respect.
2113Ketam1. 1) tightly closed. 2) with teeth set. 3) (in some regions only) crab. 2. meng-ketam harvest rice with a knife held within o.'s palm. 3. a carpenter's tool, the plane.
2115Ketambahanhave s.t. added to it.
2116Ketambakk.o. fish, the pomfret.
2118Ketampilanappearance, presence.
2119Ketansticky or glutinous rice. ketan-hitam black sticky rice. ketan-urap sticky rice with grated coconut.
2121Ketangtight (of a fit or binding).
2122Ketangguhan1 strength, tenacity. 2 integrity, honesty.
2123Ketangkap(coll. ) seized, arrested.
2124Ketangkasanadroitness, skill, dexterity.
2125Ketap1. meng-ketap-bibir 1) press o.'s lips together. 2) bite o.'s lips (out of anger). 2. small knife held in the palm of the hand. 3. see KETAM 3.
2126Ketap-Ketipblink o.'s eyes repeatedly.
2127Ketapangk.o. almond tree growing near the seashore whice bears edible nuts.
2128Ketapel/ketapil/ 1 catapult, slingshot. 2 a sling to catch landing planes.
2129Ketar1. tart, sour 9to the taste). 2. see GETAR.
2130Ketarasee KENTARA.
2131Ketarapk.o. fish, a wrasse.
2132Ketarik(coll. ) drawn, attracted.
2133Ketasaufan/ketasawufan/ (things) having to do with mysticism.
2134Ketat1 tight(of top on bottle, clothes, ring, embrace, etc.). 2 firm, binding (contract, etc.). 3 strict.
2135Ketaton(Java) get injured.
2136Ketauhidano. ness (of God).
2137Ketawalaugh. ketawa-cekikikan giggle.
2138Ketawakalanattitude of resignation.
2139Ketaya1. torch made of bamboo filled with resin. 2. (coll. ) collar made of plaited rattan used as a harness for buffaloes or horses.
2140Ketayalan(Java) do s.t. with a lot of difficulty.
2141Ketayapwhite rimless cap worn by those who have made the hajj.
2143Keteduhan1 calm, quietness. 2 shelter, shade. 3 sheltered, shaded.
2145Ketegangan1 strained situation, tension. 2 strain, stress. 3 suspense.
2146Ketegarstubborn, obstinate, obdurate.
2147Ketegaranobstinancy, rigidity.
2148Ketegasan1 firmness, resoluteness. 2 clearness, explicitness. 3 explanation.
2149Keteguhan1 firmness, strength. 2 dependability.
2150Ketek/kete`k/ 1. (Java) monkey. 2. see KETIK. /ke`te`k/ 1. (Jakarta) armpit. 2. (M) small, little.
2151Ketekoran1 deficit. 2 be short of.
2152Ketekunan1 diligence, application. 2 perseverance.
2153Ketel1 thick, close together (of leaves, etc.). 2 crowded, dense (of population). /kete`l/drop (liquid). /ke`te`l/ 1 kettle. 2 (tech. ) boiler.
2154Ketela1 yams. ketela-manis sweet potato. 2 other starchy root crops. ketela-pahung/kayu cassava.
2155Ketelanjangannakedness, nudity.
2156Ketelapan(phys. ) permeability.
2159Keteledoran1 negligence, carelessness. 2 default (payment, etc.).
2161Ketelpakcoveralls, jumpsuit.
2162Ketempuhan1 be responsible for. 2 be blamed.
2165Ketenagakerjaanmatters pertaining to manpower.
2166Ketenangan1 calm and quiet. 2 composure.
2167Ketenaran1 noise. 2 popularity, fame.
2168Keteng1/2 cent coin (of the colonial era). buy o. or a little at a time, buy retail. keteng-an piecemeal, by the piece.
2170Ketengikan1 rancidity. 2 (coll. ) spitefulness.
2171Ketentaraan1 military. 2 military forces.
2172Ketenteramancalm, tranquillity.
2173Ketentuan1 certainty. 2 stipulation. 3 determinate, clear, certain.
2174Ketepak-Ketepaksound of clicking, clickety-clack (of horses on hard surface).
2175Ketepatan1 happen to be, coincidentally. 2 accuracy, exactness, precision. ketepatan-waktu punctuality.
2176Ketepelsee KETAPEL.
2177Ketepengk.o. ornamental shrub.
2178Ketepilsee KETAPEL.
2179Ketepok/ketepuk/ sound of clicking, clickety-clack (of wooden slippers, horse hooves on a hard surface, etc.).
2180Keterangan1 information. 2 explanation. 3 official statement.
2182Keterikanextreme heat (of sun).
2184Keterlaluanexcessive, far too much.
2186Ketertandaan(ling. ) markedness.
2187Ketertegunanstarled amazement.
2188Ketertiban1 orderliness, law and order. 2 correct conduct.
2189Ketertinggalanfact of having fallen behind.
2190Ketertutupanreticence, closedness.
2192Ketesdrop (of water, etc.).
2193Ketetapan1 decision. 2 firmness, determination. 3 constancy, steadiness.
2194Keteter1. /keteteran/ 1) fall or lag behind, unable to keep up, left behind. 2) be on the verge of defeat. 2. in chaos, dispersed, disordered.
2195Ketewasan1 defeat. 2 disaster, mishap.
2196Keti1. (Java) 100,000. 2. (Sport) wooden ball.
2197Keti-Ketik.o. small wasp.
2198Ketiada-Mampuancondition of inability to achieve or do s.t.
2201Ketial1 ponderous, have difficulty in moving about because of obesity or gout. 2 very tightfitting (of clothes, cork in a bottle, etc.).
2202Ketiapsmall flat-bottomed boat for river journeys.
2203Ketiauk.o. large tree.
2204Ketibsee KHATIB.
2205Ketiban(Java) 1 have s.t. fall on o. 2 be struck by.
2206Ketibungsee KETIMBUNG.
2207Ketidingk.o. large rattan basket for storing rice.
2208Ketiduran1 slumber. 2 bed. 3 oversleep, doze off.
2209Ketiksound of ticking or clicking (e.g. a watch or typewriter).
2210Ketika1. 1) point in time, moment. 2) when (at a certain point in time). se-ketika an instant, for a moment. 2. see KARTIKA.
2211Ketilbit. se-ketil a tiny piece.
2212Ketilangk.o. bird, a bulbul.
2213Ketimangbuckle, clasp.
2214Ketimbang(coll. ) 1 compared with, than. 2 better (so-and-so) than...
2215Ketimbulk.o. breadfruit with seeds.
2216Ketimbung/ketimpung/ sound of splashing in water.
2217Ketimpangan1 imbalance. 2 lameness. 3 partiality, one-sidedness.
2218Ketimunsee MENTIMUN.
2219Ketimuraneastern, Asian.
2220Ketimus(Java) cake made of corn or cassava with coconut and palm sugar.
2221Ketindihan1 pressed down, crushed under. 2 have a cramp.
2222Ketingtendon of the heel. meng-keting hamstring.
2223Ketinggalan1 remainder. 2 be left out, inadvertently ommited. 3 be left behind.
2224Ketinggian1 (coll. ) too high, very high. 2 elevated place (podium, plateau, etc.). 3 altitude, height. 4 boastful.
2225Ketionghoaan1 (lit. ) Chineseness. 2 act charachteristically Chinese.
2226Ketip1 bite or nip (of a small insect). 2 dime.
2227Ketipak-Ketipuksound of pitter-patter.
2228Ketiplaksound of clogs.
2229Ketipungk.o. small drum in the gamelan ensemble.
2230Ketir-Ketirfearful, apprehensive.
2231Ketirahk.o. red-leaved shrub.
2232Ketirisan1 get wet from a leak. 2 leak.
2233Ketismeng-ketis flick, flip s.t. with a finger.
2234Ketitipanhave s.t. left with o.
2235Ketitir/ketitiran/ (Java) k.o. spotted dove.
2236Ketiwul(Java) steamed porridge or cake of powered cassava with palm sugar and grated coconut.
2237Ketoksee KETUK 1.
2238Ketok-Kadalchildren's game played with bamboo sticks.
2239Ketolsee KETUL 2.
2240Ketolak.o. squash, luffa.
2241Ketololanstupidity, foolishness.
2242Ketolongan1 helped. 2 can be helped.
2244Ketonk.o. tree.
2247Ketorprak1. a Java drama depicting historical or pseudo-historical events. 2. (Jakarta) k.o. salad consisting of bean sprouts, tofu, rice noodles and a peanut sauce.
2248Ketot(auto. ) cut-out valve in the engine.
2250Ketrampilanskill, know-how.
2251Ketransmigrasianmatter pertaining to organized resettlement.
2252Ketresnoan(Java) love.
2253Ketrikmeng-ketrik scrape out prior to spackling.
2254Ketrokmeng-ketrok strike, hit s.o., beat.
2255Ketssee SEPATU.
2256Ketuskull cap. ketu-merah red stocking cap.
2257Ketua1 chairman. 2 elder, chief. 3 moderator.
2258Ketua-Tuaanelderly, oldish.
2260Ketuahan1 supernatural power. 2 lucky, fortunate.
2261Ketuan-Tuananlike a master, make a pretense at being a tuan.
2263Ketubanfetal membrane.
2264Ketubruk1 slammed into. 2 struck, run over.
2265Ketuhanandivinity, deity.
2266Ketuirk.o. bush the seeds of which are used medically to neutralize toxins of ingested seafood.
2267Ketuk1. knock, tap. 2. (Java) k.o. gamelan instrument, a horizontally suspended bronze kettle. 3. sound of a hen clucking.
2268Ketukan1.knock,tapping sound 2.rap,blow 3.beat.
2269Ketukanganskill, craftsmanship.
2270Ketul1. lump, clod. 2. meng-ketul touch, hit against. 3. (Java) dull (of knives, scissors, etc.).
2271Ketulahaffliction sent as punishment for disrespect to elderly people, sacred places, etc.
2272Ketulahanstruck by a curse.
2273Ketulanganhave a fishbone struck in the throat.
2274Ketularaninfected, contaminated.
2275Ketulenanauthenticity, genuineness.
2276Ketuliansuffer from deafness.
2277Ketulusanhonesty, sincerity, integrity.
2279Ketumbe/ketumbi/ 1. see KETOMBE. 2. final dregs.
2280Ketumbitk.o. large weed.
2281Ketumbuk.o. covered basket or hamper.
2282Ketumbuhan1 growth. 2 smallpox, skin eruption, etc. 3 grown over.
2283Ketumpahanhave s.t. spilled on it.
2285Ketumpukanaccidentally piled on.
2286Ketumpulanbluntness, dullness.
2289Ketundukan1 submision. 2 loyalty, obedience.
2290Ketunga resonant sound.
2291Ketunggalan1 left alone. 2 singleness, oneness.
2292Ketunggalikaanunity, singleness.
2293Ketunggingk.o. large black scorpion.
2294Ketuntasan1 completeness, thoroughness. 2 (ling. ) exhaustiveness.
2295Ketup1. see KATUP. 2. sound of stamping of feet on planks.
2296Ketupa1. k.o. owl. 2. k.o. flower.
2297Ketupatrice cake boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves. ketupat-Ambon/Bangkahulu fist (as used in punching s.o.).
2298Ketupukk.o. owl.
2299Ketur1. cuspidor, spittoon. 2. ber-ketur croak (of frogs).
2300Keturunan1 decline. 2 descent, offspring, scion. 3 generation. 4 inherit. 5 possessed, seized.
2301Ketussharp (in reply), speaking in an angry tone.
2302Keuanganfinances, things having to do with money.
2303Keudaraanmatters pertaining to air.
2304Keugal-Ugalan1 naughtiness, mischief. 2 recklessness, inconsiderateness.
2305Keujian(M) found out, discovered.
2306Keuletantenacity, perseverance.
2307Keulungan1 experience, skill. 2 superiority, excellence.
2309Keunggulansuperiority, specal quality.
2311Keunikan1 uniqueness. 2 unique thing or phenomenon.
2313Keuniversitasanmatters pertaining to the university.
2314Keuntungan1 profit. 2 luck.
2315Keuring/kering/ inspection, examination.
2317Keusilanannoyance, naughtiness.
2318Keuskupan1 diocese, bishopric. 2 office or residence of a bishop.
2319Keutamaan1 superiority, excellence. 2 virtue, decency, moral excellence.
2320Keutuhantotality, wholeness.
2321Keuzuran1 suffer from weakness and illness. 2 agedness.
2322Kevakumana situation in which a vacuum exists.
2324Kewafatandeath, demise.
2326Kewajibanobigation, duty.
2327Kewalahan1. at a loss what to do (because of a deluge of work, in the face of a superior enemy, etc.), be snowed under. 2. overhelmed (by a task, a person), unable to handle.
2328Kewalianstatus as guardian.
2329Kewansee HEWAN.
2333Kewarasanhealth (physical and mental).
2334Kewarganegaraan1 citizenship. 2 civics (as subject in school).
2335Kewartalsee KUARTAL.
2336Kewartawananjournalist, correspondent.
2337Kewaspadaan1 vigilance, allertness. 2 caution.
2338Kewaswasananxiety, uneasiness.
2339Kewatirsee KUATIR.
2340Kewedanaan1 district. 2 residence of district chief.
2341Kewenangancompetence, authority.
2346Keyakinanconviction, firm belief.
2347Kg.[kilogram] kilogram.
2348Kh-see also entries with k-.
2349Khabarsee KABAR.
2350Khadam/khadim/ (lit. ) 1 servant, slave. 2 wage earner.
2351Khaidsee HAID.
2352Khaimahsee KEMAH.
2353Khair(lit. ) handsome, beautiful.
2354Khaki/kaki/ khaki.
2355Khalaiksee KHALAYAK.
2356Khalak(lit. ) creation, handwork, product.
2357Khalayak1 creature. 2 the public.
2358Khali1 free, unoccupied, unengaged. 2 carefree, easygoing. 3 void, deserted.
2360Khalik(islam) the Creator.
2361Khalikah1 creation. 2 character, behavior.
2362Khalilfriend, companion.
2363Khalis(rel. ) pure, undefiled.
2364Khalkumsee HALKUM.
2365Khalwat(rel. ) solitude, retirement from the world, retreat.
2366Khamar(lit. ) wine, liquor.
2368Khamissee KAMIS.
2369Khandurisee KENDURI.
2370Khanjark.o. large dagger.
2373Kharab(lit. ) destroyed, ruined.
2376Khas1 special, exclusive, for private use. 2 special, specific to s.t.
2377Khasahsee KASA 1.
2378Khasanahsee KHAZANAH.
2379Khasiat1 special quality or virtue, merit. 2 peculiar property.
2381Khasumatsee KESUMAT.
2382Khat1 line. 2 handwriting. 3 Arabic calligraphy, esp. as an art form.
2383Khatam1 seal, signet ring. 2 (islam) final, last. 3 (islam) read through to the end (esp, the Koran).
2384Khatansee KHITAN.
2385Khatib1 preacher at the mosque. 2 a mosque official.
2386Khatifah(lit. ) carpet, rug.
2388Khaulsee KAUL.
2389Khawatirsee KUATIR.
2390Khayal1 fancy, vision, imagination. 2 imaginary.
2392Khayali1 imaginary. 2 (islam) in a state of mystic revery.
2393Khayatsee HAYAT.
2394Khazanah1 treasure. 2 treasure. 3 storage area for valuable objects. 4 vocabulary of language.
2395Khewansee HEWAN.
2396Khianat1 treason, betrayal. 2 treacherous.
2397Khidmat1 respect. 2 humility, submission.
2398Khilaf1 wrong, erroneous. 2 commit an error. mistake, error, slip.
2399Khilafiah1 wrong. 2 uncertain.
2400Khitancircumcision. khitan-an feast celebrating a circumcision.
2405Khodratsee KODRAT.
2406Khoja(lit. ) 1 muslim merchant (us. from abroad). 2 title for such a person.
2408Khotibsee KHATIB.
2411Khrysantsee CHRYSANT.
2412Khuatirsee KUATIR.
2414Khulak(islam) action of returning the bride-price so that o.'s husband will divorce her.
2415Khuldisee BUAH.
2417Khuluknature, character.
2418Khurafat(lit. ) myth, superstition.
2419Khurmasee KURMA.
2420Khusu/khusuk/ see KHUSYU, KHUSYUK.
2421Khusus1 special, different from others. 2 specifically for.
2422Khusyu,Khusyuk1 devout, devoted, humble before God. 2 engrossed in, deeply absorbed in.
2423Khutbahsee KHOTBAH.
2424Ki1 title of respect for men learned in religious matters. 2 title used with certain objects of veneration. ki-Jagur name given to an ancient cannon in Jakarta.
2425Kiachain stitch.
2426Kia-Kia1. k.o. shark. 2. (China) have fun, enjoy o.s., be relaxed.
2427Kiahmeng-kiah(kan) stretch (socks, gloves, etc.). peng-kiah shoehorn.
2428Kiai1 title or reference for a venerated scholar, teacher of islam. 2 district head (in South Kalimantan). 3 title used with certain objects of veneration.
2429Kiak-Kiakk.o. large black ant.
2431Kiam(islam) erect standing posture during prayer ritual.
2432Kiamat1 Judgement day, doomsday. 2 end of world, disaster.
2433Kiambangk.o. plant formerly found in abundance in stagnant or slow-moving waters, the leaves of which resemble lettuce.
2434Kiambwee/kyambwe/ (China) dried salted plums.
2435Kian1 all the more. 2 the....so much more.... 3 (lit. ) (following a number) as many as.
2436Kianatsee KHIANAT.
2437Kiangkiang-kiut sound of creaking. kiang-kiang creak, screech, squeak, grate.
2438Kiappieces of wood used to prop s.t. up.
2439Kiarak.o. shade tree.
2440Kias1 simile, comparison, analogy. 2 analogical reasoning. 3 allusion, hint.
2441Kiasan1 figure of speech, allegory, metaphor, analogy. 2 criticism by indirect reference or analogy. 3 lesson, moral.
2443Kiat1. stiff, cramped (of neck, limbs, etc.). 2. trick, secret. 3. meng-kiat shuffle cards.
2444Kiaupau(China) overseas Chinese.
2445Kibarber-, ber-an 1 wave, flutter, fly (of flags, etc.). 2 be displayed. peng-(k)ibar standard-bearer, waver (of flag).
2446Kibas1. meng-(k)ibas wag (tail), sway to and fro, flap (ears, wings). 2. see KAMBING.
2447Kibiksee KUBIK 2.
2448Kibirarrogant, haughty.
2449Kiblah/kiblat/ 1 direction of Mecca. 2 direction (of the wind). 3 orientation.
2450Kiblik(coll. ) republic.
2451Kibul(Jakarta) bottom, buttocks, rear.
2452Kicaksee KICAU 1.
2453Kicang-Kecohswindle, deceit of various kinds.
2454Kicap1. see KICAU 1. 2. see KECAP1.
2455Kicap-Kicuprepeated blinking of the eyes.
2456Kicau1. ber-kicau 1) chirp, twitter, warble. 2) chatter. 2. ter-kicau swindled.
2457Kicerat(Jakarta) meng-kicerat spurt out.
2458Kici(naut. ) ketch, brig.
2459Kicu1. 1) deceit. 2 ) deceiver. 2. see KICAU1.
2460Kicuhsee KICU 1.
2461Kicutsqueak (of a floor, etc.).
2462Kidalleft-handed. si-kidal southpaw.
2463Kidamtime immemorial, infinite preexistence.
2464Kidangsee KIJANG.
2465Kidar/kider/ see KITAR 1.
2466Kidmatsee KHIDMAT.
2467Kidul(Java) south.
2468Kidungballad. kidung-gereja hymn. kidung-rohani a spiritual hymn.
2469Kihanatastrology, augury.
2470Kijaik.o. large timber tree.
2471Kijang1 k.o. small antelope. 2 brand name for k.o. jeep.
2472Kijing1. k.o. edible mussel. 2. (Java) gravestone.
2473Kijusee KEJU.
2474Kik/ka i ka/ [ Kredit Investasi Kecil] small business loans.
2475Kikih/kikik/ giggle.
2476Kikil1 foot of an animal (for eating). 2 foot of a person (jocking or contemptuous).
2477Kikir1. file, rasp. kikir-an filings. 2. stingy, tightfisted.
2479Kikisan(geol. ) alluvium, what has piled up from erosion.
2480Kikukclumsy, awkward.
2481Kilafsee KHILAF.
2482Kilah1. trick, deception, ruse, pretext. 2. k.o. snaillike mollusk.
2483Kilaispool or reel of thread (for spinning).
2484Kilan1. span (of the hand). 2. ter-kilan be offended.
2485Kilang1 press, mill, factory for processing or refining natural products. kilang-an millstone or other instrument for refining or processing.
2486Kilang-Kelokwinding, tortuous (road, path).
2487Kilap1. shine, gloss, shee, luster. 2. see KHILAF.
2488Kilark.o. edible snail.
2489Kilas1. 1) noose made of rattan. 2) rattan rings used for climbing trees or poles. 2. kilas-balik flashback.
2490Kilat1 flash of lightning. 2 shine, gleam, sheen. 3 done in a flash (in set expressions).
2491Kilauluster, reflected shine, glare.
2492Kiler(sl. ) university lecture who gives killer exams.
2494Kili-Kilinose ring of rope or rattan for an ox or water buffalo.
2495Kilikmeng-kilik-kilik 1 tickle. 2 amuse. 3 incite s.o.
2496Kilir1. whet (o.'s knife, etc.). 2. be sprained.
2497Kilo1 kilogram. 2 kilometer.
2499Kilometer1 kilometer. 2 speedometer.
2501Kimk.o. gambling game similar to bingo where the numbers are given out in rhymed verses.
2502Kimathe giant clam.
2503Kimah,Kimatprice, value, worth.
2504Kimbangter-kimbang hestitating, wavering.
2505Kimblosee KIMLO.
2506Kimiachemistry. kimia-analistis analistical chemistry. kimia-anorganik inorganic chemistry. kimia-fisika physical chemistry. kimia-hayat biochemistry.
2508Kimischemical, synthetic.
2510Kimlok.o. soup with vegetables and meat.
2511Kimonokimono, dressing gown.
2512Kimpalsolid, welded.
2513Kimpul1. k.o. taro. 2. purse, wallet.
2514Kimpuster-kimpus hollow, concave, sunken (of eyes, cheeks).
2516Kinanga chew of betel.
2517Kinantang1 be all white (of cock, horse, etc.). 2 very special.
2518Kincasyrup of palm sugar.
2519Kincahmeng-kincah 1 rinse, wash (laundry, etc.). 2 dress, game or fowl. 3 cleanse the genitals.
2520Kincanmeng-kincan mix, stir s.t.
2521Kincangfraud, deceit.
2522Kinces(Jakarta) 1 deflated, burst (of boils). 2 blind.
2523Kincirspool, reel. kincir-air waterwheel. kincir-angin 1 windmill. 2 propeller.
2524Kincitminor case of diarrhea.
2525Kincupsmall, narrow, restricted (of an opening).
2526KineskopTV screen.
2528King(crd. ) king.
2529Kingkitk.o. tiny sour citrus fruit.
2530Kininow, nowadays.
2532Kinjajump with joy.
2534Kintakaarchive.archival matters.
2536Kintal1. see KUINTAL. /kintel/ bullfrog.
2537Kintiltrail s.o.
2538Kintut(Jakarta) youngest child.
2539Kinurang(math. ) subtrahend.
2540Kinyamsee KENYAM.
2541Kinyangquartz, rock crystal.
2542Kinyis-Kinyisstill fresh.
2543Kio(China) palanquin.
2544Kiongsee KEONG.
2545Kioskiosk. kios-buku bookstall.
2546Kippercussion cap.
2549Kipang1. cake made of fried rice or peanuts or sesame seeds with palm sugar. 2. see KEPANG 1.
2550Kiparsee KEPAR.
2551Kipas1 fan. 2 propeller (of plane, etc.).
2552Kipatshake, shale off.
2553Kipergoalie, goalkeeper.
2554Kiprah1. (Java) gait, pace, progress. 2. part of Java dance which displays making up and dressing.
2555Kiprat1. 1) spurt out, jump. 2) hit. 2. splash s.o. or s.t.
2556Kipsiau(China) teakettle.
2558Kir1 examination, test. 2 motor vehicle inspection. 3 get o.s. examinated, get s.t. inspected.
2559Kiraguess, reckon, suppose.
2560Kira-Kira1 approximately, about, around. 2 estimate. 3 perhaps, do you thing. 4 probably. 5 reasonable, within reason.
2561Kirab1. carnival. 2. (Java) a ritual procession moving in a circle (e.g. bridal couples, heirlooms, etc.).
2562Kirai1. 1) shake out (wet laundry, tablecloth, rug). 2) winnow (rice, etc.). 3) spread (rice) out to dry. 4) flap (its wings, etc.), push open (a door). 2. long strip. 3. k.o. palm tree. kirai-an open spice.
2563Kirana(Java) 1 ray. 2 beautiful.
2564Kirap1. 1) hit (with its wings, of an angry goose, hen). 2) flap. 3) flutter (of wings, flag). 2. disappear, vanish (of ideals, etc.).
2565Kirask.o. timber tree.
2566Kiraunot quite ripe (of fruit).
2567Kirbatbag to hold water, wine etc.
2568Kiri1 left. 2 (naut. ) port. 3 command to driver to pull over to let passenger out. 4 leftist. 5 awkward 9behavior). 6 left-handed. 7 unfortunate, unfavorable.
2569Kirik1. mengk-kirik shuder (from fear). 2. pup.
2570Kirimkirim-salam/tabik send greetings or regards.
2571Kiriman1 shipment, consigment, s.t. sent. 2 missive, missile. 3 item left for safekeeping. 4 rain or some other natural phenomena which comes out of season.
2572Kirmizi(lit. ) scarlet, crimson.
2573Kirtya(lit. ) society, organization.
2574Kiruhsee KERUH 1.
2576Kisbox, chest.
2577Kisa1 small purse. 2 small purse net for coastal fishing.
2578Kisah1 story. 2 narrative. kisah-bersambung serialized story. kisah-perjalanan travelogue. ber-kisah tell a story. peng-kisah narrator.
2579Kisaimeng-kisai sift (rice). kisai-an sifter, sieve.
2580Kisarrotation (of the earth on its axis).
2581Kisaran1 revolution, turn. 2 milling (of wheat, etc.). 3 vortex.
2583Kisatsee KESAT.
2584Kisi1 grill, lattice, trellis.
2585Kisikwhisper. kisar-an gossip.
2586Kismat/kismet/ 1 fate, destiny. 2 an interjection expressing resignation, What can o. do ?
2588Kisruh1 chaotic, anarchic. 2 confused, disorganized.
2589Kissahsee KISAH.
2591Kisut1 wrinkled, dried up (of skin, etc.). 2 creased (of clothes, etc.).
2592Kiswah(islam) veil that covers the Kabah.
2593Kit(coll. ) square, paid up.
2594Kita1 we (including person addressed), our, us. 2 (coll. ) I (somewhat more humble than aku/gua).
2595Kitab1. (lit. ) 1) book. 2) holy book. 2. partition in a cow's stomach.
2596Kitabipossessing the scriptures (of the Christians and Jews).
2597Kitang/kitang-kitang/ k.o. small sea ish with venomous dorsal spines.
2598Kitarmemper-kan, meng-kan shove or push s.o. aside.
2600Kitikmeng-kitik-kitik tickle s.o.
2601Kitinga bit, a little.
2602Kitiran1 propeller, windmill.
2603Kiubilliard cue.
2605Kiutsee KICUT.
2606Kiwir-Kiwirfloat in the wind.
2607Kizib(lit. ) lie, falsehood.
2608Kjri[Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia] Indonesian Consulate General.
2609Kk[Kepala Keluarga] head of family, households.
2610Kkn[KuliahKerja Nyata] obligatory (rural) social action internship for advanced university students.
2611Kko[Korp Komando ] Marine Corps.
2612Kl-see also entries with kl-.
2613Kl.1. [kelas] class. 2. [kurang lebih] more or less, approximately.
2614Klabetsee KELABAT.
2617Klak-Klaksound of clicking, clickety-clack (e.g. of shoes).
2618Klakepsee CEP 1.
2619Klakson(auto. ) horn.
2621Klarsee KELAR 1.
2622Klaras(Java) dry banana leaf.
2625Klassee KELAS 1.
2627Klash/kles/ military clash.
2628Klasisee KELASI 1.
2630Klasik/klasika/ classic.
2632Klatrough draft.
2633Klausa(ling. ) clause.
2634Klausul/klausula/ (leg. ) clause, article (Law).
2635Klaver(crd. ) clubs.
2637Klawarsee KLAVER.
2638Klecam-Klecem(Java) smile.
2639Kledik.o. mouth organ from Kalimantan.
2640Klelepsee KELELAP.
2641Klem1. clamp. klem-besi iron strap. meng-klem 1) clamp together, rivet. 2) stencil s.t. 2. see KLAIM.
2642Klemak-Klemekslow and sluggish.
2643Klembak1. k.o. cigarette in which tobacco is mixed with gum benzene incense. 2. see KELEMBAK 1,2.
2644Klensee KLAN.
2645Klenengk.o. small bell.
2646Klenenganconcert of gamelan music.
2647Klengersee LENGAR.
2648Kleniksecret mystical or magical practices of a questionable nature. klenik-klenik-an charlatanism.
2649Klentangsound of a bell.
2650Klenteng1 China temple. 2 pagoda.
2652Klepek(lit. ) student of the STOVIA.
2653Kleponk.o. steamed rice cake filled with palm sugar.
2655Klereksee KELERAK.
2656Kleren-Hanger(coll. ) clothes hanger.
2660Klessee KLASH.
2661Klesot(Java) meng-klesot move squatting close to the ground in a submissive attitude.
2662Klesotansitting on the floor.
2663Kletek(Java) meng-kletek(i) peel s.t.
2664Klewangsingle-edge sabre, sword with broad, curved blade.
2665Kliar-Klioraimless, without direction or goal.
2666Klienclient, customer.
2667Klik1 click (of camera, etc.). 2. clique.
2670Klimissmooth, shiny, oily (of hair).
2671Klimpunganbe disoriented, confused.
2672Klingsound of small bells.
2674Kliningansee KELENENG.
2676Klintir1 clot. 2 small group.
2677Kliospicy dish of meat stewed with coconut milk.
2679Klipingclipping (as from a newspaper).
2681Klirbe clear, become clear.
2683Kliringbank clearance, be cleared.
2684Klise1 negative of photo. 2 print, picture slide of type shown in movie house. 3 photograpic illustration. 4 cut, engraving. 5 cliche.
2685Klisma1 catch cold. 2 irritation. klisma-makanan stomach upset caused by food.
2686Kliwer,Kliwirkliwer-kliwer hanger (for clothes). ber-kliwir-an hang loosely.
2687Kliwon(Java) the 5th day of the five-day week.
2688Klm[Kapal Layar Motor] motorized sailing boat.
2689Klobot(Java) dried corn husk used as cigarette wrapper.
2690Klobotismetendency toward extensive verbiage without content.
2691Klojotan(Java) shake, tremble (from injury or illness).
2692Klokbell-shaped (of skirts).
2693Klolodan/kloloten/ choke from getting s.t. stuck in throat.
2694Klompen1. [kelompok pendengar] fans of a certain radio program. 2. (biol. ) clone.
2695Klontang-Klantunghang or go about idly or without purpose.
2696Klonyosee KELONYO.
2697Klopsee KELOP.
2699Klossee KELOS.
2700Klosetwater closet, toilet bowl.
2701Klosotsee KLESOT.
2702Klotoksmall motorized boat ranging in size from a dugout to a small commercial boat.
2703Klub1 club. 2 clubhouse.
2704Kluing(Java) millipede.
2705Kluntang-Kluntunghang around, roam about aimlessly.
2706Klutuksee JAMBU.
2707Kluweksee KELUAK.
2708Kluwih(Java) k.o. breadfruit with many seeds.
2709Kluyar-Kluyurhang around, roam about with no purpose.
2710Kluyursee KELUYUR.
2711Km[Kapal Motor] MS (Motorship).
2712Km.1. [kilometer] kilometer. 2. [kamar] room.
2713Kmb[Konperensi Meja Bundar] Round Table Conference.
2714Kmd[Koran Masuk Desa] a gvt. police by which newspapers are given wider distribution in rural areas.
2715Kmd.[komandan] commandant.
2716Knalpot(auto. ) muffler.
2717Knil[Koninklijk Nederlandsch-Indisch Leger] Dutch colonial army and its members.
2718Knip[Komite Nasional Indonesia Pusat] the Central Indonesian National Committee.
2719Knopsee KENOP 1.
2720Koko-dan non the o.'s who collaborated (with the Dutch) and the o.'s who did not.
2721Koa(China) k.o. card game.
2722Koacisee KWACI.
2723Koaksound of a crow, water buffalo, etc. koak-hitam k.o. bird.
2725Koarber-koar 1 scream, shout, yell. 2 talk big, be arrogant.
2726Kobahlarge drum.
2727Kobak1. a three-cornered tear (in a shirt, etc.). 2. see KUBAK.
2728Kobakan1) small hole in the ground into which coins are tossed in game. 2) puddle, wallow.
2730Kobarflaming, in flames (forest, etc.).
2731Kobaranthe raging.
2732Kober(Java) have the opportunity or chance. / kobe`r / Christian graveyard of colonial times.
2733Kobissee KUBIS.
2734Kobnsultasi1 consultation. 2 consult.
2735Koboi1 cowboy. 2 acting big.
2736Kobok1. 1) group (of people). 2) (pol. ) party. 2. finger bowl.
2737Kocah-Kacihbusy doing this and that, niggling, fussing around.
2738Kocaik.o. leek.
2739Kocak1. 1) hilarious, amusing. 2) smart, classy, dashing. 3) proud, arrogant. 2. shaking (of a liquid).
2740Kocar-Kacirsee KUCAR-KACIR.
2741Kocehng-(k)oceh talk nonsense.
2742Kocekpocket in clothes.
2743Kocisee PURU.
2744Kociksee KOCEK.
2745Kocloksee KOCOK.
2746Kocohhaste. hurriedly, in a hurry.
2747Kocokmeng-(k)ocok 1 shake, mix s.t. 2 mix, stir (egg, dough), shuffle (cards). 3 rub hard. 4 incite s.o. to do s.t.
2748Kocolanfry of the gabus fish used for bait.
2749Kocong1 hood (placed over a corpse or s.o. about to be hanget). 2 wrap-around cover with the loose ends bundled up and tied together (e.g. a white cloth wrapped around a corpse in Islam rites).
2750Kocorsee KUCUR 1.
2751Kodaeral[Komando Daerah Angkatan Laut] Regional Naval Command.
2752Kodakcamera. meng-kodak take a picture.
2753Kodam1. [Komando Daerah Militer] Regional Military Command. 2. [Komando Daerah Angkatan Udara] Air Force Regional Command.
2754Kodarsee KADAR 1.
2755Kodau[Komando Daerah Udara] Regional Airforce Command.
2756Kodecode. kode-etik code of ethics. kode-pos zip code.
2757Koden1 in lots of 20. 2 of low quality, of the kind sold in lots of 20. 3 common, ordinary by the score.
2758Koderatsee KODRAT.
2759Kodia score (the normal quantity of wholesale purchase of clothes or clothing).
2761Kodim[Komando Distrik Militer] District Military Command.
2763Kodrat1 (islam) God's omnipotence. 2 power (of nature). 3 nature or character.
2764Kodratisee ADI.
2765Kodya[kota madya] municipality.
2766Koesee KOWE.
2768Koekquacking sound.
2771Kognossemensee KONOSEMEN.
2772Kohsee ENGKOH.
2774Kohanudas[Komando Pertahanan Udara Nasional] National Air Defense Command.
2778Kohirtax assessment list.
2779Koholk.o. eye salve.
2780Kohongfetid, stinking (of rotten eggs, etc.).
2781Koin(coll. ) coin.
2783Koit(vulg. ) die, dead.
2785Koja1. water jar with a neck. 2. see KHOJA.
2786Kojohflooded (of ricefields).
2787Kojolter-kojol-kojol laugh convulsively.
2788Kojor(vulg. ) drop dead.
2789Kok1. 1) why ?, how come ? 2) a partical at the end of a phrase denying a presumption or statement of the interlocutor. 2. /kok/ shuttlecock.
2790Kokak.o. monkey.
2792Kokam[kontal kambing] k.o. fried cake.
2793Kokangcock a rifle for firing.
2795Kokbrut1 (sl. ) have sexual intercourse. 2 (sl. , Jakarta) damn you !.
2796Koki(coll. ) cook, chef.
2797Kokilasee KUKILA.
2798Kokoterm of address or reference for o.'s elder brother.
2799Kokohsee KUKUH.
2800Kokokcrowing. kokok-beluk owl.
2801Kokol1. k.o. fern, bracken. 2. hunched over, doubled up (sitting or lying down). ber-(kokol-kokol) shivering (with fever).
2803Kokopsee KUKUP.
2804Kokosank.o. very sour lansium fruit.
2805Kokot1. clamp, bent hook. 2. gnarled (of hands, feet through arthritis, scar tissue, etc.).
2806Kokpit(av. ) cockpit.
2808Kol1. cabbage. kol-kembang cauliflower. 2. k.o. minibus, name given to passenger vans in general. 3. colt pistol. 4. 1) calculated, estimated. 2) collated. 5. brush (of a generator). 6 (bri. ) call.
2809Kol.[kolonel] 1 colonel. 2 (Navy) captain.
2811Kolaburasicollaboration, esp. with the enemy.
2812Kolahsee KULAH 1.
2813Kolak1. sweet compote made of starchy fruits (cassava, bananas, etc.) stewed in coconut milk and sugar. 2. see KULAK 2.
2814Kolam1 pond, pool. kolam-air water reservoir. kolam-(be)renang swimming pool. kolam-kaca aquarium. 2 tank.
2815Kolang-Kaling1. the fruit of the sugar palm. 2. to and fro, back and forth, up and down.
2816Kolarsee KORAL.
2817Kole-Kole(Ambon) dug-out canoe.
2821Koleh-Koleh1 tapioca starch. 2 k.o. pastry made from wheat dough rolled into balls.
2822Kolekkolek-kolek small dinghy.
2823Koleksi1 collection. 2 church collection.
2824Kolektechurch collection.
2827Kolektor/kolektur/ collector of the land tax.
2829Kolengber-koleng 1 float, bob up and down. 2 go hither.
2831Kolese1 lecture. 2 college.
2834Kolipiece, bag, bale.
2836Kolik1 bacterial infection. 2 colic.
2837Kolintangk.o. Minahasa musical instrument similar to the marimba.
2839Koloksee KULUK.
2840Kolokan/kolo'an/ mollycoddled, spoiled so that o. easily cries.
2844Kololitk.o. liquid shoe polish.
2845Kolomprinted column.
2847Kolone(mil. ) column.
2848Kolonel1 colonel. 2 (Navy) Captain.
2849Kolong1. 1) space underneath s.t. (a house, table, sky, etc.). 2) pit (as in mine). 2. kolong-kolong, kolong-an rattan ring or bracelet.
2854Kolonisirmeng-kolonisir colonize.
2855Kolonjonok.o. tall grass used as fodder.
2856Kolonyetperfumed tissue.
2857Kolor1 drawstring. 2 shorts or undershorts. ng-(k)olor bootlick.
2859Kolot1 old-fashion, traditional. 2 conservative.
2860Kolporteur/kolportir/ 1 peddler, hawker. 2 canvasser (of subscriptions).
2861Koltsee KOL 2.
2862Kolumnissee KOLOMNIS.
2863Kom(coll. ) cereal bowl.
2864Koma1. coma. 2. comma.
2866Komak-Kamiksee KOMAT-KAMIT.
2867Komalasee GEMALA.
2868Komaliwan(Navy) eating utensils supplied on a boat.
2869Komandan1 commander. 2 commandant.
2871Komanditelimited partner (in a business, o. who provides part of the capital without participating in the management).
2872Komanditerlimited partnership.
2873Komando1 command, area of military jurisdiction. 2 military command (to do s.t.).
2874Komat-Kamitwith moving lips but bot speaking aloud (as in offering a silent prayer).
2875Kombalisee KEMBALI.
2876Kombangsee KUMBANG.
2877Kombek(coll. ) reconciliation of lovers.
2878Kombia Volkswagen minibus.
2879Kombinasicombination. kombinasi-fitting combination plug or socket.
2880Kombong(Java) stable, coop. kombong-an feeding trough for horses.
2881Kombor1. meng-kombor feed a horse. 2. (Java, Jakarta) too big in size, loose fitting. 3. see ES.
2882Komdak(Komando Daerah Kepolisian] Regional Police Command.
2883Komedisee KOMIDI.
2884Komendur1 troop commander. 2 harbormaster. 3 district head.
2885Komengdwarfish, stunted in growth, diminutive.
2890Komersiil,Komersilsee KOMERSIAL.
2891Komessee KUMIS 2.
2893Komforsee KOMPOR.
2895Komidi1 comedy. 2 theater. komidi-kuda circus. komidi-putar merry-go-round.
2896Komik1 clown, humorist, comic. 2 comics.
2897Kominikasisee KOMUNIKASI.
2899Kominissee KOMUNIS.
2900Komisadministrative position immediately senior to that of a clerk.
2901Komisariat1 office of the commissioner. 2 police headquarters.
2902Komisariscommissioner, superintendent.
2903Komisi1. 1) commision. 2) commitee (in parliament, etc.). meng-komisi inspect, investigate. 2. 1) commission on a sale. 2) tip, brible.
2904Komisionercommission agent.
2905Komitsee KOMET.
2908Komkomasee KOMA-KOMA.
2909Komoditicommodity, raw materials as an item of trade.
2910Komodo1 an island of the Lesser Sundas. 2 the komodo dragon found on this island.
2912Kompasee POMPA.
2913Kompak1 compact, dense. 2 cohesive (of a group). 3 unified.
2914Kompanyisee KOMPENI.
2915Kompanyonassociate, colleague (esp. in business).
2917Kompartimentwo or three departments combined.
2918Kompartimentasicoordinating of several departments.
2919Kompas1. compass. 2. blackmail.
2920Kompeni1 popular term for the Dutch E. India Company. 2 Dutch E. Indies soldier or army. 3 Dutch rule (during the early colonial period).
2922Kompensirmengk-kompensir compensate.
2923Komperensisee KONFERENSI.
2924Komperessee KOMPRES.
2925Kompes1 give s.o. the 3rd degree. 2 coerce, torture.
2926Kompesan1 the 3d degree. 2 coercion, torture.
2930Kompi(mil. ) company.
2932Komplek/kompleks/ 1 complex. 2 (psychological) complex. 3 site, complex (of buildings).
2934Komplemencomplement, supplement.
2940Komplitsee KOMPLET.
2941Komplong1. (Jakarta) stupid. meng-komplong be agape. 2. komplong-Jepang rubber sole of Japanese slippers (without the bands).
2942Komplot1 accomplise, henchman. 2 plot.
2943Komplotangang, ring.
2944Kompoisee KONVOI.
2945Kompolsee OMPOL.
2947Kompong1 mutilated, mangled. 2 amputated, only a stump left (of limbs).
2949Komporhot plate, stove, brazier.
2953Komprang(Java) 1 k.o. bell-bottom trousers. 2 loose-fitting (of pants).
2957Komprescompress. s.t. applied as a compress.
2961Kompromi/kompromis/ compromise.
2962Kompromistiscompromising (situation).
2966Kompyutersee KOMPUTER.
2967Komres[Komando Resort] Police District Command.
2968Komsat(Kommunikasi Lewat Satelit] satellite communication.
2969Komsek[Komando Sektor] Police Subdistrict Command.
2970Komtabes[Komando Kota Besar] Metropolitan Police Command.
2974Komuni(rel. ) communion.
2980Komunistofobiirrational fear of communism.
2982Komutatoro. who commutes (a juridic sentence).
2983Komwil[Komando Wilayah] Subregional Police Command.
2984Konanmeng-konan-i assault, beat up s.o.
2985Konangmeng-konang-i discover, find out about.
2986Konbes[Konperensi Besar] Major Conference.
2988Konci1. (coll. ) female friend. 2. see KUNCI 1.
2989Konco(Java) buddy, crony.
2990Kondaichignon, hair bun.
2991Kondang1. 1) famous. 2) high official. 2. 1) invitation. 2) be invited, go to an affair. 3. ditch, canal, small river.
2992Kondangan1 invitation. 2 be invited, go to an affair.
2993Kondesee KONDAI.
2994Kondekturconductor on public transportation.
2998Konditesee KONDUITE.
3000Kondomisasispreading the use of condoms.
3001Kondor/kondoran/ inguinal hernia.
3002Konduite/konduwite/ efficiency report.
3003Kondumsee KONDOM.
3004Koneksiconnection with s.o. in power.
3005Koneksitas(leg. ) interconnection of jurisdictions.
3006Konengsee KUNING, KUNYIT.
3007Koneometrigeometry involving problems.
3009Konfeksiready-made clothes.
3012Konfidensial/konfidensiil/ confidential.
3017Konformbe in conformity.
3018Konfrontasi1 the police of political and armed confrontation with Malaysia of the early 1960s. 2 confrontational (attitude, behavior).
3019Konfrontirmengk-konfrontir confront.
3020Kong,Kong-Cu(China) master, teacher, champion.
3022Konggressee KONGRES.
3024Kongkalikongintrigue, connivance with s.o. in power to get a favor.
3025Kongkangsee KUNGKANG 2.
3026Kongkausee KONGKO.
3027Kongking(China) k.o. card game.
3028Kongko(China) talk, chat.
3029Kongkoan1 a chat. 2 council of China Officers (colonial period).
3030Kongkoltalking over s.t.
3031Kongkong1. loud bark of a dog. 2. see KUNGKUNG.
3032Kongkowsee KONGKO.
3033Kongkret/kongkrit/ see KONKRET.
3035Kongkretisirmengk-kongkretisir concretize.
3036Kongkursee KONKURS.
3037Kongkuren/kongkurensi/ see KONKURENSI.
3038Kongkurssee KONKURS.
3039Konglomerat/kon-glomerat/ conglomerate.
3041Kongrescongress, convention.
3043Kongsepsee KONSEP 1,2.
3044Kongsi(China) 1 commmercial association, partnership. 2 group, association.
3045Kongsolsee KONSUL 1.
3046Koni[Komite Nasional Olah Raga Indonesia] the Indonesian National Sports Commitee.
3048Konjen[Konsulat Jenderal] Consulate General.
3050Konjungtur1 business outlook. 2 business cycle. 3 upswing, favorable market.
3052Konkordansi1 (rel. ) concordance. 2 agreement.
3053Konkretconcrete, tangible, solid.
3054Konkuren1 rivalry. 2 compete.
3055Konkurensicompetition., rivalry.
3056Konkursmatch, contest.
3057Konon1 they say, purportedly. 2 I wonder. 3 perhaps, it seems.
3058Konosemenbill of lading.
3060Konpeksisee KONFEKSI.
3061Konpensisee KONVENSI.
3062Konperensisee KONFERENSI.
3063Konpergensisee KONVERGENSI.
3064Konpoisee KONVOI.
3066Konsekrirmengk-konsekrir consecrate.
3068Konsekuensi1 consistency. 2 consequences.
3069Konsekwensee KONSEKUEN.
3070Konsekwensisee KONSEKUENSI.
3071Konseletsee KORSTSLETING.
3078Konsentrirmengk-konsentrir concentrate.
3079Konsep1. draft, rough copy. 2. konsepsi concept, notion, idea.
3080Konsepsional/konsepsionil/ conceptual.
3081Konseptor1 conceiver. 2 drafter (of a plan).
3084Konser/konsert/ concert, concerto.
3088Konservatorcurator (of a museum).
3089Konservatoriconservatory (of music).
3091Konsesi1 concession, special privilege. 2 concessions, partial surrender of o.,s own interest.
3092Konsideran/konsiderans/ preamble.
3093Konsignasisee KONSINYASI 2.
3094Konsili(rel. ) church council.
3095Konsinyasi1. confinement to military base. 2. consignment.
3097Konsinyeringconfinement to base.
3098Konsinyi1. consignee. 2. see KONSINYIR 1.
3099Konsinyir1. (mil. ) on alert. 2. consign.
3102Konsolsee KONSUL 1,2.
3104Konsolidirconsolidate s.t.
3109Konstan1 a constant. 2 constant, fixed.
3110Konstatasidraw a conclusion, establish a fact.
3111Konstateringascertaining, establishing.
3112Konstatirmengk-konstatir 1 mention, state. 2 establish a fact, ascertain.
3115Konstituanteconstituent assembly.
3117Konstitusional/konstitusionil/ constitutional.
3118Konstruirmengk-konstruir construct.
3121Konsul1. consul. 2. consultation.
3124Konsulerconsular (affairs).
3125Konsultsee KONSUL2.
3130Konsumirmengk-konsumir consume.
3131Konsumsi1 consumption. 2 refresments.
3133Kontak1. contact. 2. 1) light switch, ignition. 2) short circuit. 3 electric shock.
3134Kontal-Kantil1 dangle, swing to and fro. 2 flap.
3136Kontan1 cash. 2 at that very moment. 3 flatly denying s.t.
3139Konteler/kontelir/ district officer of the colonial era (controller).
3145Kontestan1 contestant. 2 candidate (in election).
3146Kontestasidispute, conflict.
3147Kontetstunted in growth.
3150Kontingencontingent, part.
3151Kontinu/kontinue/ continuous.
3153Kontinyuesee KONTINU.
3154Kontol(vulg. ) penis.
3159Kontradisisee KONTRADIKSI.
3160Kontraksi(fin. ) contraction (of money supply).
3161Kontraktancontracting party.
3163Kontraktual/kontraktuil/ contractual.
3167Kontrelirsee KONTELER.
3168Kontribusicontribution, donation.
3169Kontrol/kontrole/ 1 control, supervision. 2 trip supervisor. 3 control.
3170Kontrolir1. controller, ticket taker. 2. see KONTELER.
3172Kontroversial/kontroversiil/ controversial.
3173Kontrrakcontract. kontrak-an s.t. leased (out).
3177Konvensi1 convention, congress. 2 agreement. 3 convention, custom.
3178Konvensional/konvensionil/ conventional.
3183Konvertibelconvertible (car).
3187Konyan(China) New Year's celebration.
3188Konyol1 foolish, inviting, problem onto o.s. 2 constant bad luck. 3 incompetent, not up to snuff.
3189Konyongsudden, suddenly.
3190Konyungsisee KONJUNGSI.
3191Konyungtursee KONJUNGTUR.
3192Kooperasisee KOPERASI.
3193Kooperatifsee KOPERATIF.
3194Koops[Komando Operasional] Operational Command.
3195Koordinasi/ko'ordinasi/ coordination.
3196Koordinat/ko'ordinat/ coordinate.
3197Koordinator/ko'ordinator/ coordinator.
3198Koordinatoratoffice of coordinating staff.
3199Koordinir/ko'ordinir/ coordinate.
3200Kop1. 1) head. 2) letterhead. 3 head of a recorder. 2. nge-kop give cupping suction treatment by applying a heated glass to the skin.
3201Kopahquantity of blood.
3202Kopak1. peel (potatoes, etc.). 2. see KUPAK.
3203Kopasgat[Komando Pasukan Gerak Cepat] Rapid Action Force Command.
3204Kopek1. 1) flaccid (of breasts). 2 (in some regions only) teat. 2. meng-kopek peel with the nails.
3205Kopel1. (auto. ) universal joint. 2. see RUMAH.
3206Kopeleng/kopeling/ 1 clutch. 2 connection.
3207Kopelrima broad army belt (for carrying grenades, etc.).
3208Kopersee KOPOR.
3209Koperaksee KOPRAK.
3210Koperalsee KOPRAL.
3211Koperasi1 a cooperative (economic enterprise). 2 cooperation.
3214Kopetnarrow (of opening, street, passage).
3215Kopi1. coffee. 2. copy, draft.
3216Kopiahk.o. rimless cap, headdress worn by Muslim men and also by Indonesian men in general as a symbol of national identity.
3217Kopkamtib[Komando Pemulihan Keamanan dan Ketertiban] Command for the Restoration of Security and Public Order.
3218Koplak/koplakan, kopla'an/ place where carts minibuses, and other vehicles gather to await paddengers.
3219Koplam/koplamp/ headlight.
3220Kopletsee KUPLET.
3221Koplingsee KOPELENG.
3222Kopok/kopokan/ have a runny ear.
3223Kopong(Java,Jakarta) empty, hollow.
3224Kopor1 trunk, footlocker. 2 suitcase.
3226Koprakbamboo clapper to frighten birds.
3227Kopral1 (mil. ) corporal. 2 (Navy) petty officer 3d class.
3228Koprolsomesault, tumble.
3229Kopula(ling. ) copula.
3230Kopur(fin. ) denomination.
3231Kopuredenomination, note of money.
3232Kopyok1 shake s.t., esp. to blend or mix it up. 2 shake up pieces of paper for lottery. 3 (coll. ) dancing.
3233Kopyora coconut that has developed differently from the others in the bunch and has soft flesh blended with the juice and is esp. tasty and highly prized for snacks.
3235Korah1 sphere. 2 spherical.
3236Korak[kommando perak] 1 name of a crime organization that specializes in pilfering from delivery trucks. 2 petty extortionist.
3238Koramil[Komando Rayon Militer] Military Headquarters at the ward [kecamatan] level.
3239Koran(islam) the Qur'an.
3240Korat-Karitdislocated, scattered, in disorder.
3241Korban1 sacrifice. 2 (islam) religious offering, the offering made at rites celebrating idul adha. 3 victims.
3242Kordensee GORDEN.
3243Kordinasisee KOORDINASI.
3244Kordinatsee KOORDINAT.
3245Kordinirsee KOORDINIR.
3246Kordoncordon worn with an academic gown.
3247Koredk.o. small hoe with short handle.
3248Korekmatches, cigarette lighter. korek-kuping earpick.
3250Koreksian1 corrected material. 2 papers to be corrected.
3252Korektor1 proofreader. 2 corection fluid (for stencils).
3254Korem[Komando Resort Militer] Military Command (at a level below the residency).
3255Koreng1 sore, ulceration. 2 scab (over a sore).
3256Korengansuffer from skin infections.
3259Kores[Komando Resort] District Police Command.
3260Koresponden(newspaper) correspondent.
3262Koresta[Komando Resort Kota] Metropolitan Police Command.
3263Koret1. leftovers. 2. see KOREK 1. 3. see KURET.
3264Kori1. (Java) door. 2. see QARI.
3265Koriahsee QARIAH.
3267Kormasee KURMA.
3268Kornedsee KORNET 2.
3269Kornel1. (Sport) corner kick. 2. see KOLONEL.
3270Kornet1. canned corned beef. 2. see KENEK.
3271Korok1. excavation, excavated tunnel. snore.
3272Koronera coronary (attack).
3277Korpri[Korp Pegawai Republik Indonesia] the Indonesian Civil Service Corps.
3278Korps/korep, koreps/ corps.
3280Korselmerry-go-round, carousel.
3282Korsisee KURSI 1.
3283Korsletingsee KORTSLETING.
3286Kortsleting1 short circuit. 2 (coll. ) misunderstand e.o.
3287Korumsee KUORUM.
3289Korupsicorruption, graft.
3290Koruptoro. who is corrupt.
3291Korut[Korea Utara] North Korea.
3293Korvetk.o. warship, a corvette.
3294Kos1 room and board or just board. 2 board with s.o.
3295Kosak-Kasik1 rustling. 2 fidgeting, restless.
3296Kosakatavocabulary, glossary.
3297Kosambisee KESAMBI.
3298Kosark.o. autocarpus tree yielding edible fruits and timber.
3299Kosbaslandlord, landlady.
3300Kosekdoor mat.
3301Kosel1 hem and haw. 2 work in fits and starts. 3 have difficulty with tough meat.
3302Kosen1. window or door frame. 2 brave, courageous, daring.
3303Kosetsee KESET 2.
3304Kosinus(math. ) cosine.
3305Kosmetik/kosmetika/ cosmetics.
3308Kosmonaut/kosmonot/ cosmonaut.
3309Kosmopolit/kosmopolitan/ cosmopolite, a sophisticate.
3311Kosokkosok-balik antonym, opposite, reverse.
3312Kosong1 empty, blank, zero. 2 (Crd) void suit. 3 unoccupied. 4 hole, empty space.
3314Kostsee KOS.
3315Kostermanager of a rectory.
3316Kosthuis/koshoys/ boarding house.
3317Kostikcaustic (soda).
3318Kostim/kostum/ 1 costum. 2 woman's Westernstyle clothing. 3 dress uniform, formal dress.
3319Kostranas[Komando Strategi Nasional] National Strategic Command.
3320Kota1 city, town. 2 fort. kota-an urbane, from the city.
3322Kotai1 hang down (as of old fruit). 2 left to dry up, desicated.
3323Kotak1 box. 2 compartment, cubicle. 3 drawer. 4 boxshaped section of a garden divided into beds, of paddy fields, etc.
3324Kotak-Katikmotion by which s.o. indicates his presence.
3326Kotangen/kotangens/ (math. ) cotangent.
3327Kotbahsee KHOTBAH.
3328Kotek1. 1) tail feather. 2) tail plumed with a tuftlike end (e.g. of a comet). 2. a cackle (of a hen).
3329Kotekapenis sheath of Irian.
3330Kotengter-koteng-koteng alone, friendless.
3331Kotereksee KOTREK.
3332Kotesbits of thread or lint.
3333Kotipa[Kolera, Tipes, Paratipes] immunization against cholera, typhoid, and paratyphoid.
3334Kotok1. kotok-ayam having defective vision, i.e. nearsighted or suffering from night blindness. 2. short (of pants legs).
3335Kotongcut off, amputated.
3336Kotor1 dirty, soiled, filthy. 2 dirty, vile, filthy (words, etc.). 3 gross (of income, profits).
3337Kotoran1 feces, dung, manure. 2 muck, waste. 3 impurity.
3340Kover/kafer, kofer/ .
3341Kowad[Korps Wanita Angkatan Darat] Army Women's Corps.
3342Kowakber-kowak-kowak 1 jabber, chatter. 2 shout (of drunkards, people wild with joy or excitement).
3343Kowal[Korps Wanita Angkatan Laut] Navy Women's Corps.
3344Kowe(coll. , derog. , Java, Jakarta) you.
3345Koweksee KUWEK.
3346Kowersee KOAR.
3347Kowil[Komando Wilayah) Police Subregion Command.
3348Kowilhan[Komando Wilayah Pertahanan] Defence Territorial Command.
3349Kowiltabes[Komando Wilayah Kota Besar] Metropolitan Police Command.
3350Koyak1 torn, ripped. 2 lacerated (of the hand, etc.). koyak-koyak in rags or tatters. koyak-an tear, rip, rent.
3351Koyakantear, rip, rent.
3352Koyanmeasurement of weight or capacity (27-40 piculs).
3353Koyesee KOHIR.
3354Koyer(Sport) pitcher in games where a ball is thrown to be batted back.
3355Koyo/koyok/ 1. nonsense. 2. (China salve put in a medical plaster. 3 stray dog.
3356Kozynsee KOSEN 1.
3357Kpd.[kepada] to.
3358Kpm[Koninkliske Paketvaart Maatschappij] The Royal Mail Packet Lines (of the colonial era).
3359Kr-see also entries with ker-.
3360Krahsee KERAH 2.
3361Kramsee KERAM 1.
3362Kramasee KROMO.
3364Kramatsee KERAMAT.
3365Kransee KERAN 1.
3366Kranggangk.o. red ant.
3367Kransfunerary wreathe.
3368Krasan(coll. ) feel at home, like a place o. is new at.
3369Kratcrate, case of 24 bottles.
3370Kratonsee KERATON.
3371Kresee KERAI.
3376Krecekbuffalo skin processed for eating.
3377Kredasee KRIDA.
3378Kredapber-kredap-an glitter, shine, flicker.
3380Kredibilitas(fin. ) credibility.
3382Kreditir/kreditor/ creditor.
3383Kredo(rel. ) credo, creed.
3384Kreisee KERAI.
3385Krem1 cream of milk. 2 skin-care salve. 3 cream colored, light-yellow.
3388Kremesk.o. cake made of cassava and palm sugar.
3389Kremisee KEREMI.
3390Krempengsee KEREMPANG.
3391Kremuschew a.t. crispy into small pieces.
3392Kreolincreolin, a preparation of creosol and resin soap used as a deodorant and disinfecrant.
3394Krepcrepe paper.
3396Kreseh-Pesehsee KARESEH-PESEH.
3397Kresek1. see KERESEK. 2. thin plastic bag with handle.
3398Kresnacentral figure of the Mahabharata.
3399Krestensee KRISTEN.
3400Kretek1. k.o. cigarette containing choped cloves. 2. (Java) horse-drawn cart.
3401Kri[Kapal Republik Indonesia] an Indonesian Flagship.
3402Kriat-Kriutsee KERIANG-KERIUT.
3403Kribofrizzy (of hair, like Africans, Melanesian, etc.).
3404Kricika(od. ) Scorpio.
3405Kridaactivity, physical activity (as opposed to office, school work).
3406Kriditsee KREDIT.
3407Kriditorpupil who must repeat many school subjects.
3409Krimsee KREM.
3410Kriminal/kriminil/ criminal (law, ast, etc.).
3411Kriminalitas/kriminalitet/ criminality.
3413Kring1. cell, small group of believers who work together (e.g. Catholics, etc.). 2. see KERING 2.
3414Kripiksee KERIPIK.
3419Kristen1 Christian. 2 Protestan.
3420Kristenisasi/kristianisasi/ Christianization.
3424Kritik1 criticism. 2 critical.
3427Kritiscritical, serious (of patient, situation).
3428Kritisisee KRITIKUS.
3429Kriuk-Kriuksee KERIUK.
3430Kriwilsee PRIWIL.
3432Kriyawanmale salesclerk.
3433Kriyawatifemale slaesclerk.
3434Kroco1. k.o. small snail. 2 of little value, of no great importance. 3 loest economic class.
3437Krolsee KERUL.
3438Kromo1 the polite form of Java used to and among upper-class people. 2 the common people.
3440Krompyang1 sound of s.t. crashing to the floor. 2 sound of tin cans.
3441Kronsee KERON.
3442Kroncongsee KERONCONG 1.
3443Krongsee KERONG.
3448Kropok1 empty, without concent. 2 soft, weak. 3 moldy.
3449Krosaksee KEROSAK.
3450Krosboi(coll. ) delinquent youth.
3451Krosgirl(coll. ) female delinquent.
3452Krosmama(coll. ) a woman who goes after young men.
3453Krosoksee KEROSOK 1.
3454Krospapaa man who goes after young women.
3455Krotored ant eggs (fed to birds).
3456Krtikawanliterary critic.
3460Krulsee KERUL.
3461Kruntel(Java) rolled up, curled.
3462Krupuksee KERUPUK.
3463Krupukanconfused, doing s.t. hastily.
3464Krussee KERUS, KURS.
3466Ks[Kepala Staf] Chief of Staff.
3467Ksatriasee KESATRIA.
3468Ktp[Kartu Tanda Penduduk/Pengenal] residence indentification card.
3469Ktt[Konperensi Tingkat Tinggi] Summit Conference.
3470Kusee KUE.
3471Ku-first person agent marker of passive verb.
3472Kuacisee KWACI.
3473Kuadeseat at which couples sit in wedding ceremony.
3476Kuahgravy, broth, thin sauce, (thin) dressing.
3477Kuak1. low (of buffalo), croak (of frogs). 2. part (in the hair).
3478Kualaestuary, river mouth, confluence.
3479Kualahansee KEWALAHAN.
3480Kualat1 accursed, damned. 2 struck down by a calamity.
3481Kuali1 wide-mouthed clay pot for cooking. 2 (in some regions only) iron wok.
3482Kualifikasi1 qualification, limitation. 2 qualification, fitness, eligibility
3486Kualonstep-(relation). ibu-kualon stepmother.
3487Kuangwungk.o. beetle in coconut trees.
3491Kuapa yawn.
3492Kuarmeng-kuar loosen or undo with a stick.
3495Kuartala period of three months. kuartal-an 1 quarterly examination. 2 s.t. to mark the beginning of a threemonth period.
3497Kuas1. 1) small brush for painting, writing. 2) shaving brush. 3) applicator. 2. k.o. lemonade.
3498Kuas-Kaisscratch the ground (of a chicken, etc.).
3499Kuasa1 power, might. 2 authority given to s.o. 3 capable, able, powerful.1 dominate. 2 take charge, be in command. 3 master (a language, a raging fire, etc.). 4 have control over (o.'s feelings).
3500Kuat1 strong, powerful. 2 sturdy. 3 forceful (personality), fervent (believer, etc.). 4 be able to. 5 loud (of voice, noise).
3501Kuatirafraid, apprehensive about.
3502Kuauk.o. pheasant.
3503Kuayagall, bile.
3504Kuayahk.o. climbing plant.
3505KubaCuba. mengk-kuba (coll. ) hijack a plane.
3506Kubah1 dome, vault, cupola. 2 (mil. ) turret.
3507Kubakmeng-kubak 1 peel 9potatoes, etc.). 2 strip (bark from a tree).
3508Kubangmudhole, mudpuddle.
3510Kubek(Jakarta, Java) 1 turn s.t. around. 2 stir.
3511Kubik1. meng-kubik peel (with the fingernails). 2 cubic.
3512Kubil(Jakarta) swollen (of eyes).
3513Kubink.o. flying lizard.
3515Kubittiny bit.
3516Kubra1 unsuccessful, afailure. 2 left undone.
3518Kubu1 fortification, fortress, stockade. 2 bunker, entrenchment.
3519Kubung1. flying lemur. 2. box for raising mushrooms.
3520Kuburgrave, tomb.
3522Kucai1. k.o. leek or green onion. 2. be isolated from o.'s friends.
3523Kucaksee KOCAK 2.
3524Kucampale, wan, drained (of energy or vitality).
3525Kucar-Kacir1 in disorder, in a mess. 2 disorganized, inadequately supervised.
3526Kucek1 rub. 2 do the laundry. 3 crush, grind, mash.
3527Kucelcrumpeled, creased.
3528Kucerpen[kumpulan cerita pendek] collection of short stories.
3529Kucicak.o. small bird.
3530Kucil1 expel (from family, clan, relationship, political party, etc.), ostracize, excommunicate. 2 squeeze out (toothpaste, glue, etc.).
3531Kucindansee KECANDAN.
3532Kucingcat, a feline.
3533Kucing-Kucingan1 calf (of leg). 2 biceps, muscle of leg or arm. 3 toy litten. 4 play tag.
3534Kucir1 cowlick. 2 tuft of hair (left on top of a child's shaved head). 3 tassel. 4 pigtail.
3535Kucovillage chief (in Japanese times).
3536Kucungsee KOCONG.
3537Kucup1. be closed (of s.t. that folds up). 2. see KECUP.
3538Kucur1 gushing, pouring forth. 2. k.o. fried cake of rice flour.
3539Kucutsee KECUT 1.
3540Kuda1 horse. 2 (che. ) knight. 3 a vaulting horse for gymnastics. 4 timbering for a roof.
3541Kudai1 small, rattan basket. 2 round silver betel leaf holder.
3542Kudang(Java) coo, talk babytalk.
3543Kudanganwish or request by fianceee that her future husband must fulfill.
3544Kudap/kudap-kudap/ snack, tidbit.
3545Kudetacoup d'etat. meng-kudeta carry out a coup d'etat.
3546Kudi1. k.o. machete. 2. see KODI.
3547Kudiansee KEMUDIAN.
3548Kudil/kudis/ scabies.
3549Kudratsee KODRAT.
3550Kudratisee ADI.
3551Kudu1. flower. 2. (Java) must, have to. 3. k.o. red dye.
3552Kuduk1. nape of the neck. 2. see NASI.
3553Kudung1. crippled, maimed. 2. veil.
3554Kudusholy, sacred, sacrosanct.
3555Kue/kueh/ cooky, cake.
3556Kue/kueh/ cooky, cake.
3557Kueknoise, ado, commotion.
3558Kufusee KUPU, KUPUAN.
3559Kufurinfidel, atheist, unbeliever.
3560Kuhap[Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Acara Pidana] Criminal Code.
3561Kuhd[Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Dagang] code of business law.
3562Kuhp1. [Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Pidana] Criminal Code. 2. [Kasih Uang Habis Perkara] (coll. ) Give me money and that is that.
3563Kui1. goldsmith's crucible. 2. genuflect.
3564Kuihsee KUE.
3565Kuiltemple or shrine currently used by practicing Indian Hindus.
3566Kuin(crd. ) queen.
3567Kuingyelping of a dog.
3568Kuinik.o. mango.
3569Kuintalmeasure of 100 kilograms.
3571Kuirweeding sickle.
3572Kuis1. meng-kuis(kan) 1) kick s.t. aside. 2) scratch the earth (of a chicken, etc.). 3) stir up (a fire). 2. quiz.
3573Kuitkuit-gamit beckon (s.o to approach).
3574Kuitansisee KWITANSI.
3575Kuizsee KUIS 2.
3576Kujangcleaver, chopping knife.
3577Kujur1. spear for catching fish. 2. stiff, rigid. se-kujur the entire (body).
3578Kujutber-kujut hang strangle or choke o.s.
3579Kuk1 yoke. 2 collar, harness.
3580Kukaik.o. fish.
3581Kukang1. see KUNGKANG 2. 2. see KOKANG.
3582Kukila1 mynah bird. 2 (Java) bird in general.
3583Kuku1 fingernail, toenail. 2 claw, s.t. like a claw. 3 hoof.
3584Kukuh1 sturdy, strong (house, etc.), hefty. 2 firm, tenacious.
3585Kukuksee KOKOK.
3586Kukukbelukk.o. owl.
3588Kukul1. acne, pimple. 2. see KOKOL 2.
3589Kukupalluvium, silt.
3590Kukur1. cooing (of a dove). 2. grater.
3591Kukuruyaksee KUKUKERUYUK.
3592Kukus1. marten. 2. steam, vapor. kukus-an rice steamer.
3594Kulsee KOL 2.
3595Kulah1. a small basin us. build into the bathroom for bathing and other purposes. 2. k.o. mango.
3596Kulaidrooping, hanging down.
3597Kulak1. a cubic measture for rice, etc. 2. buy goods for resale. kulak-an wholesale.
3598Kulank.o. tree of forest that furnishes guttapercha.
3599Kulansingsee BATU.
3600Kulasisee OKULASI.
3601Kulattoadstool, mushroom, fungus.
3602Kuldisee BUAH.
3603Kulicoolie, laborer, porter.
3604Kuliahuniversity lecture.
3605Kulikscream of a bird. ber-kulik cry out, scream (of birds of prey).
3606Kulikatdisposition, character.
3607Kulimk.o. hardwood.
3608Kulino(Java) 1 be accustomed to. 2 be good at doing s.t.
3609Kulintangsee KOLINTANG.
3610Kulipat1 successor. 2 deputy.
3612Kulit1 skin. 2 hide, leather. 3 (tree) bark. 4 peel, husk, shell, crust. 5 cover (of a magazine).
3613Kulkasrefrigerator, icebox.
3614Kulliahsee KULIAH.
3616Kulon(Java) west.
3617Kulonuwun1 (Java) what is called out to announce o.'s arival at s.o.'s house, ask to come in. 2 (coll. ) ask for an OK to proceed.
3620Kultural/kulturil/ cultural.
3622Kulub1. heart (as seat of emotions). 2. boil or steam (vegetables).
3623Kuluk(Java) a man's court headdress shaped like a fez.
3625Kulup1 foreskin. 2 appellation for boys. ber-kulup not circumcised.
3626Kulurk.o. breadfruit with many seeds.
3627Kulutk.o. hardwood similar to the lansium.
3628Kuluyak(China) sweet and sour cooking.
3629Kulzumsee LAUT.
3630Kuma-Kumasee KOMA-KOMA.
3632Kumal1 rumpled, disheveled of clothes. 2 dingy of a room. 3 dog-eared (of magazines).
3633Kumalasee GEMALA.
3634Kumangerm, microbe.
3635Kumandangecho, reverberation.
3636Kumanga/kumango/ see BARANG 1.
3637Kumathave a relapse.
3638Kumat-Kamitsee KOMAT-KAMIT.
3639Kumba1 basin, bowl. 2 the protuberance on the forehead of an elephant.
3640Kumbah1 wash, do the laundry. 2 rinse.
3641Kumbang1 bumblebee. 2 beetle. 3 black (color of animal). meng-kumbang buzz.
3642Kumbark.o. thorny, stemless palm resembling the Salacca.
3643Kumbarasee EMBARA.
3644Kumbikthe candlenut tree and its fruit.
3645Kumbunarrow-mouthed basket for holding freshly caught fish.
3646Kumicohead of a quarter (during the Japanese occupation).
3647Kumidisee KOMIDI.
3648Kumilapsee KELAP.
3649Kumingranule, mole.
3650Kuminter(Java) thing o. is smart when o. is not.
3651Kumis1. mustache. kumis-kucing a herb the leaves of which have diuretic properties. 2. see KOMIS.
3652Kumisisee KOMISI 1,2.
3654Kumkumasee KOMA-KOMA.
3655Kumlahsee MATI.
3656Kumpal1. ter-kumpal-kumpal be tossed about (esp. a difficult situation). 2. see GUMPAL.
3657Kumparwind (thread, twine, etc.) on a spool.
3658Kumparan1 spool, reel. 2 coil, bobbin.
3659Kumpigreat grandparent.
3660Kumplitsee KOMPLET.
3661Kumpul(mil. ) fall in !. kumpul-kebo live together out of matrimony.
3662Kumpulan1 collection. 2 horde, drove. 3 herd (of cattle). 4 (coll. ) association.
3663Kumuhdirty, vile, base, low.
3665Kumurber-kumur rinse the mouth. ber-kumur-kumur gargle.
3666Kumusk.o. forest tree yielding good timber and resin.
3667Kun1. apron, skirt. 2. (islam) come into being. kun-fayakun ! Become ! And it came into being.
3668Kunasee KUNO.
3669Kunang-Kunangfirefly, glowworm.
3670Kuncah1 bale of straw. 2 measure for a bale.
3671Kuncara(lit. ) famous, renowned.
3672Kuncencaretaker of a sacred place.
3673Kunci1. 1) key. 2) key, solution. 3) lock, fastening. 4) wrench. 5) joints. 6) locked, fastened. 2. see TEMU 1.
3674Kuncir/kuncit/ see KUCIR.
3675Kuncung1 tuft, crest (of feathers). 2 tuft of hair from the crown to the forehead.
3676Kuncup1. bud (of flower. 2 closed (of flowers). 3 not circumcised.
3677Kundaisee KONDAI.
3678Kundangsee KONDANG 2.
3679Kundektursee KONDEKTUR.
3680Kundur1 wax gounrd, alarge green melon-shaped fruit growing on vines and eating as a vegetable. 2 go home (honorific, Java).
3681Kung(Java) having a properly developed voice (of a dove).
3682Kungkang1 sloth. 2. k.o. large frog. gnaw at s.t.
3683Kungkik.o. large forest tree yielding a hard but undurable timber.
3684Kungkum(Java) diri bathe submerging o.s. in the water.
3685Kungkungshackles, locks (for a prisoner).
3686Kuningyellow. kuning-gading ivory colored, cream colored. kunign-kepodang canary yellow. kuning-mas golden. kuning-telur egg yolk. kuning-an brass.
3687Kunir(Java) see KUNYIT.
3688Kunjung1. ber-kunjung pay a visit, call on s.o. 2. tak-kunjung never (was it, willit be).
3689Kuno1 ancient. 2 old-fashioned, dated.
3690Kuntal-Kantilsee KONTAL-KANTIL.
3691KuntauChina boxing (kung-fu).
3692Kuntetsee KONTET.
3693Kuntianak/kuntilanak/ (Java) a malicious supernatural beiong that is the spirit of a woman who died in childbirth and that appears as a beautiful young woman with a hole in her back.
3694Kuntitmeng-kuntit(i) tail, shadow, follow s.o.
3695KuntuanChina silk.
3696Kuntul1. heron, egret. 2. tailles (of fowl). 3 see KONTOL.
3697Kuntum1 flower bud ready to open. 2 (lit. ) a budding girl. 3 classifier or counter for flowers.
3698Kuntungpigtail as formerly worn by China men.
3699Kununsee KONON.
3700Kunutsee DOA.
3701Kunyahmeng-kunyah 1 chew, masticate. 2 digest (advice, a problem, etc.) kunyah-an cud.
3702Kunyamshrunken, sunken (of cheeks from loss of teeth).
3704Kunyuk1 monkey. 2 a stupid person, an idiot.
3705Kunyungsee KONYONG.
3708Kuoyu/kwo-i/ (China) Mandarin Chinese.
3709Kup1. howdah (on elephant). 2 coup, political power move.
3710Kupakbroken, damaged.
3711Kupang1. k.o. shellfish. 2. a coin of former times.
3712Kupas1 remove peel or shells. 2 strip s.o. (of clothes). 3 analyze (a problem).
3713Kupasan1 peels. 2 analysis.
3714Kupat-Kapit1 wagging (of a tail). 2 dangling limply.
3716Kuper[kurang pergaulan] (sl. ) socially awkward.
3717Kupet1 bulb of a thermometer. 2 developing tray (in photography).
3718Kupiahsee KOPIAH.
3719Kupingear. kuping-gajah 1 anthurium, caladium. 2 k.o. cookie in the shape of an elephant ear.
3720Kupir1. cutter in tailor or dress shop. 2. meng-kupir (crd. ) cut (the cards).
3722Kuploksee KULUK.
3723Kupnatdark (in tailoring).
3725Kupu/kupuan/ rank (by birth, nobility).
3726Kupu-Kupubutterfly. kupu-kupu-malam prostitute.
3727Kupuilarge forest tree with reddish wood and edible fruit.
3728Kupur1. k.o. wild raspberry. 2. see KUFUR.
3729Kur1. 1) coo (of a pigeon). 2) sound made in calling chickens to come and eat. 2. see KOR.
3730Kura(anat. ) spleen.
3732Kurai1 grain in wood. 2 vein in marble, damascened veins in a kris blade.
3733Kuransee KORAN.
3734Kurang1. 1) less, decrease. 2) minus, less, until (of time). 3) lack s.t. 4) not...enough, not quite, do not quite. 2. (med. ) milt.
3735Kurapringworm. kurap-anjing mange.
3736Kurapan1 coered with scabs (of aninmals). 2 fraudulent.
3737Kurapatsee KHURAFAT.
3738Kuras1. printed paper folded over several times for binding into a book. 2. kuras-otak brain drain.
3739Kuratifcurative, healing, therapeutic.
3740Kurator1 curator, keeper. 2 (leg. ) receiver (in bankruptcy).
3741Kurawalbraces (of graphics).
3742Kurbansee KORBAN.
3743Kurcaci1 Brownie Scout. 2 gnome, a small supernatural being.
3746Kuria(rel. ) parish (in the Batak area).
3750Kuringscabby, with sores.
3754Kurkuma1 turmeric. 2 saffron.
3755Kurmadate palm, dates.
3756Kurniasee KARUNIA.
3757Kurouk.o. edible saltwater fish.
3758Kurs(fin. ) a rate of exchange.
3759Kursemangatsee KUR 1.
3760Kursi1. 1) chair. 2) (official) position. 3) seat (in parliament). 2. see AYAT.
3762Kursiscourse taker, o. who attend courses.
3763Kursus1 course (of study). 2 nondegree course offered outside of the college or university system.
3764Kurun1 century, era. 2 time frame.
3765Kurung1 cage. 2 prison. 3 (naut. ) cabin. 4 parenttheis, brackets.
3766Kurus1 thin, emaciated, lean. 2 meager. 3 barren, sterile (land).
3767Kurutber-kurut be wrinkled.
3768Kuruyukcrow (of a cock).
3769Kussee DEKUS.
3770Kusaelephant goad.
3771Kusalroll s.t. between the hands (like a cigarette).
3772Kusam1 dull, lusterless. 2 dim, dull (of light). 3 pallid (of face).
3773Kusau1 confused, mixed up. 2 tousled (of hair).
3774Kusensee KOSEN 1.
3778Kusuk1. rub the body with leaves. 2. see KHUSYU.
3779Kusuma(Java, lit. ) flower. kusuma-bangsa a nation's heroes.
3780Kusussee KHUSUS.
3781Kusut1. 1) tousled (of hair). 2) tangled (of thread, etc.). 3) rumpled (of clothes). 4) complicated, involved, intricate. kusut-an kink, twist. 2. see USUT.
3782Kutakmeng-kutak-an shake s.t. hard.
3783Kutak-Katik1 tinkering with, working on various things. 2 mixing into other people's things.
3784Kutang1 camisole, a woman's underblouse used instead of a brassiere. 2 brassiere. 3 armored vest.
3785Kutat-Kutetbe busily engaged in s.t.
3786Kutetsee KUTAT-KUTET.
3787Kutimeng-kuti tear into very small strips.
3788Kutikber-kutik move slightly.
3791Kutilangsee KETILANG.
3792Kutingconstantly follow.
3793Kutip1 pick up small bits (money, rice grains, etc.). 2 copy a portion, cite, excerpt s.t.
3794Kutu1 louse. 2 name for fleas, ticks, and other insects which infest people or animals.
3795Kutu-Barua piece of cloth sewn between the lapels of a kebaya to cover the bosom.
3797Kutuk1. 1) curse, malediction. 2) bane, curse (of o.'s existence), blight. 2. measure for rioce equal to four handfuls.
3798Kutung(Java) amputated, cut off (of limbs).
3799Kuud/ku'ut/ [Koperasi Unit Usha Desa] Village Cooperative.
3800Kuwacisee KWACI.
3801Kuwahsee KUAH.
3802Kuwalatsee KUALAT.
3803Kuwek(Java, Humorous] coming from the regions that have a distinct accent.
3804Kuwihsee KUE.
3805Kuwuvillage administrative official in charge of water.
3806Kuwuksee KUCING.
3808Kuyak.o. small turtle.
3809Kuyudull, lusterless (eye, eye, etc.).
3811Kuyungk.o. large timber tree.
3812Kuyupsee BASAH. kuyup-kuyup soaking, sopping wet, soaked through and through.
3813Kv[kaset video] video cassette.
3814Kw-see also entries with ku-.
3815Kw.1. [kwintal] 100 kilograms. 2.[kawan] comrade.
3817Kwacisalted dried watermelon seeds eaten as a snack.
3818Kwalitassee KUALITAS.
3819Kwartalsee KUARTAL.
3820Kwassee KUAS 1.
3822Kwt.[kawat] wire, cable.
3823Kyahi/kyai/ see KIAI.
3824Kyakyasee KIA-KIA 2.

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