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1Jj, the 10th letter of the alphabet.
2Jasee SAJA.
3Jab/jep/ (Sport) jab (in boxing).
4Jabal1. mountain. men-jabal loom large (of mountain, etc.) 2. men-jabal 1) rob, mug. 2) steal from s.o.
5Jabang-Bayi(Java) 1 newborn baby. 2 exclamation of great surprise.
6Jabar[Jawa Barat] West Java.
7Jabatber-jabat(an) tangan shake hands.
8Jabatan1 function is to take care of foreign visitors. 2 position, post.
9Jabelsee JABAL 2.
10Jabil-Jabilber-jabil slovenly, sloppy (of clothes).
11Jabotabek[Jakarta Bogor Tangerang Bekasi] the megapolis of Jakarta and its satellite cities.
13Jabursee ZABUR.
14Jaburan1 snaks, sweet tidbits. 2 (Islam, Java) light repast for congregation after evening prayers during fasting month.
15Jadasee JUADAH.
16Jadahanak-jadah illegitimate child. men-jadah-kan anak father an illegitimate child.
17Jadajat(Zod. ) Capricorn.
18Jadamk.o. strong laxative.
19Jadi1 become, get. 2 so, therefore, thus, hence. 3 end up doing s.t. 4 work (out), become effective, come off. 5 finished, accomplished. 6 be, serve or work as.
20Jadi - Jadian1 an animal with supernatural powers which is owned by s.o and visible only to its owner 2 imitation .
21Jadinya1 outcome 2 consequently .
22Jadwal1 schedule. 2 table, list.
23Jaga1 wake up. 2 guard, watchman. 3 be on duty (of physician, pharmacist, etc.). 4 preserve. 5 be on the lookout for.
24Jagabaya(Java) village constable.
25Jagadsee JAGAT.
26Jagal1. small-scale trader. ber-jagal trade in retail goods, hawk wares. jagal-an small wares. 2. butcher, slaughterer. pe-jagal-an abatoir, slaughterhouse.
27Jagang1. support, prop, stand, pole (used for support). 2. moat.
28Jagatworld. se-jagat universal, world-wide.
29Jago1 cock, rooster. 2 gamecock. 3 champion, athlete. 4 (pol. ) candidate. 5 charismatic leader of a group.
30Jagorawi[Jakarta Bogor Ciawi] expressway between Jakarta and Ciawi via Bogor.
31Jagung1. corn, maize. men-jagung sprout (of rice, acne, etc.). 2. [Jaksa Agung] attorney general.
32Jagurrobust, sturdy, big for o.'s age. Ki-, si- jagur name of the sacred cannon in Jakarta.
33Jahank.o. catfish.
34Jahanam1 (rel. ) hell. 2 (vul. ) a strong oath.
35Jahatbad, wicked, evil.
37Jahidsee ZAHID.
38Jahil1. 1) stupid, ignorant, unenlightened. 2) (islam) ignorance of religion's teachings. 3) cruel. 4) rascal, scamp. 2. see JAIL.
39Jahiliah(islam) age of pagan ignorance preceeding the Islam era.
41Jail/ja'il/ mischievous, sneaky. men-jail-i mistreat, pick on s.o.
42Jailangkungdevice used in a seance : a straw man into whice the spirit of a departed person not personally familiar to the audience has entered: this is fitted with s.t. to write responses to questions.
43Jaitunsee ZAIT.
44Jaiz(islam) allowed but not required.
45Jajaber-, men-jaja hawk, peddle, vend. jaja-an merchandise that is peddled. pen-jaja hawker, peddler.
46Jajagsee JAJAK.
47Jajahmen-jajah 1 colonize, take over (a country). 2 traverse, tour. jajah-an 1 colony, subjugated territory. 2 (lit. ) district. pen-jajah colonizer.
48Jajakmen-jajak-i probe, sound out. 2 (naut. ) fathom, take soundings, plumb.
49Jajalmen-jajal try, test.
50Jajan1 a sweet, anack. 2 eat snacks. 3 (Humorous) patronize a prostitute (of married men). jajan-jajan-an various k.o. snacks.
51Jajar1. row, line.
52Jajaran1 row, line. 2 series. 3 array.
53Jajatimitation. men-jajat imitate.
54Jakabachelor. jaka-tingting (Java) young man who has never had sex. keper-jaka-an bachelorhood.
56Jakarsee ZAKAR.
57Jakask.o. pandanus tree.
58Jakatsee ZAKAT.
59Jakbar[Jakarta Barat] West Jakart.
60Jaketjacket, sport coat.
62Jakpus[Jakarta Pusat] Central Jakarta.
63Jaksa(leg. ) public prosecutor, district attorney.
64Jaksel[Jakarta Selatan] South Jakarta.
65Jaktim[Jakarta Timur] East Jakarta.
66Jakum,JakunAdam's apple.
67Jakut[Jakarta Utara] North Jakarta.
68Jalanet, esp. a hand-held casting net. men-jala fish with a casting net.
69Jaladfrost, cold air.
70Jalakvrious k.o. starling and mynas.
71Jalan1 road, path, street. 2 course s.t. follows. 3 way, manner. 4 course. 5 be going on, be approaching. 6 lineal family relation. 7 pass, go.
72Jalangwild, untamed, undomesticated (of animals).
73Jalangkungsee JAILANGKUNG.
74Jalarcreeping (vines).
75Jalaranclimbing pole.
76Jalisee TAJALI.
77Jali-Jali1 k.o. grass which produces hard edible seeds : Job's tears. 2 name of popular song of old Batavia.
78Jalil(Islam, in fixed phrases only) sublime, exalted.
79Jalin1 weave, plait together (into a rattan blind, wickerwork, etc.). 2 make s.t. be closer or more intense. 3 compose (stories, etc.).
80Jalinan1 s.t. braided, wickerwork. 2 combination.
81Jalma(Java) creature.
82Jalucock's spur. ber-jalu have a spur.
83Jalur1 strip, stripe. 2 traffic lane. 3 (R.R.) track. 4 space between two rows of plants, column between two lines. men-jalar-i provide with streaks, streak o,'s hair. jalur-an wake of a ship.
84Jalussee JELUS.
85Jalusijalousie, venetian blinds.
86Jalut(bib. ) Goliath.
87Jam1 hour. 2 o'clock. 3 time for doing s.t. 4 watch, clock. jam-jam-an on an hourly basis.
88Jamaahsee JEMAAH.
90Jamahmen-jamah(i) 1 touch, feel, handle s.t. or s.o. 2 sleep with, have sexual relations with. 3 attack.
91Jamak1. plural. 2. ordinary, customary. se-jamak-jamak-nya normally. men-jamak-kan make or cinsider s.t. customary.
92Jamal(islam. , in fixed phrases only) beauty.
93Jamanperiod, epoch. se-jaman coeval. men-jaman be up-to-date.
94Jamang1. diadem. 2. moment.
95Jambak1. 1) bunch (of flowers, onions, keys, etc.). 2) tuft (of hair), plume (on horses). men-jambak pull, tear out hair, seize by the forelock. 2. k.o. fruit, jambu or rose-apple.
96Jambalk.o. fish.
97Jambanprivy, toilet, latrine.
98Jambang1. 1) vase, pot. 2) large earthen cooking pot. 2. see CAMBANG.
99Jambar1. shelter, temporary shed or hut. 2. serving, portion.
100Jambatansee JEMBATAN.
101Jambe,Jambi(lit. ) areca nut.
102Jambiank.o. fish.
103Jamblangk.o. sweet-sour and astringent fruit, dark purple about the size of an olive.
105Jambreto. who snatches purses, jewelry, etc.
107Jambrutsee JAMRUD.
108Jambuk.o. fruit, the rose-apple.
109Jambu-Jambutuft, tassel.
110Jambul1 tuft, plume (on horse). 2 crest (on bird). 3 front wave (in hair), tuft of hair. jambul-jambul cowlick.
111Jamhur(lit. ) o. well-versed in religion.
112Jami(islam) mesjid-jami principal mosque.
113Jamiah/jamiat/ 1 gathering. 2 association.
114Jamiksee JAMI.
115Jamin1 guarantor. 2 guarantee, security.
116Jamjamsee ZAMZAM.
117Jamnas[jambore nasional] national (Boy or Girl Scout) jamboree.
118Jampangsee CAMBANG.
119Jampimagic formula or spell, incantation.
120Jampuk1. k.o. owl. 2. men-jampuk interrupt s.o.
121Jamput(vulg. ) a harsh curse, screw you !
122Jamu1. 1) guest. 2) meal, offering (in set phrases). jamu-an dishes and drinks served to guests. 2. tonic made of medicinal herbs.
124Jamurfungus, mushroom, toadstool. ber-jamur be covered with mold. jamur-an moldy.
125Jan.[Januari] January.
126Janasee JANA BIJANA.
127Jana-Bijana(lit. ) birthplace.
128Janabah,Janabat[Islam] 1 impure, ceremonially unclean. 2 impurity after coitus.
129Janah,Janatsee JANNAH.
130Janangauk.o. rice bug.
131Jancuksee ANCUK.
132Janda1 widow, (less commonly) widower. ke-janda-an widowhood.
133Jandal-Jendulbumpy, with bumps on skin.
134Jang(Sunda) form of address to small boys or waiters.
135Jangakdissolute, licentious. libertine, rake.
136Jangan1. 1) do not. 2 should not, ought not to. jangan-kan, jangan-pun let alone, much less. 2. (Java) vegetables cooked with soup or gravy. jangan-an green vegetables.
138Jangat1 skin, hide. 2 rind. 3 bark (of tree). 4 rawhide rope.
139Janggal1 awkward, clumsy. 2 inelegant, displeasing (of sound or sight), discordant. 3 unbecoming, improper, indecent (of behavior).
140Janggel(Java) corncob, young corn on the cob.
141Janggelantentative, provisional.
142Janggersee JANGIR.
143Janggi1 black or exotic person. 2 s.t. bizarre or different from the usual.
144Janggocowboy, cowboylike.
145Janggut1 beard. 2 chin.
146Jangir1 Balinese dancing girl. 2 k.o. Balinese dance and music.
147Jangka1 (tech. ) compass for describing circles, etc. 2 period of time. 3 phase.
148Jangkahstep, stride.
149Jangkangmen-jangkang 1 straddle, stand with legs wide apart. 2 be wide apart (of legs).
151Jangkar1 anchor. 2 roots that begin above ground (like mangrove roots).
152Jangkatshallows, ford.
153Jangkau1 reach. 2 reach to. 3 reach for. 4 reach out. 5 reach out, extend to.
154Jangkauan1 reach. 2 extent, scope, range.
155Jangkeriksee JANGKRIK 1.
156Jangki,Jankihcords of a shoulder basket.
157Jangkih-Mangkihscattered around in a disorderly manner.
158Jangkingsee JONGKANG 2.
159Jangkit1 be contagious. 2 spread (of disease, fire). 3 contagious, infectious (of music, etc.).
160Jangkrik1. cricket. 2. (Java) exclamation used as a euphemism for diancuk.
161Jangkung1 heron. 2 tall, long-legged (of a person). jangkung-an stilts.
162Janiksea urchin.
163Janin(biol. ) fetus, embryo.
164Janjang1. (Java) long and slender (of the neck). 2. (M) see JENJANG 1.
165Janji1 promise, agreement, agree. 2 condition. 3 engagement, appointment. 4 delay, deferral. 5 dying hour.
166Janmasee JALMA.
167Jannah,Jannat(rel. ) paradise, heaven.
168Jantan1 male, masculine (of animals). 2 bold, valiant. 3 dashing, valiant. 4 virile, manly, macho. pe-jantan stud. per-jantan-an pederasty.
169Jantang1. ber-, men-jantang be clear, stand out (of blood vessels). 2. ter-jangkat blink from bright lights.
170Janterasee JENTERA.
171Jantiksee JENTIK.
172Jantung1 heart. 2 the heart as the seat of the emotions. 3 thick portion of hands, arms, legs, or feet. 4 heart-shaped ornament of necklace, watch.
173Jantungan1 suffer a heart attack. 2 heart disease.
174Jantur1 magic trick, sleight-of-hand. 2 magic spell.
175Janturanpuppeteer's narration in a shadow play.
177Janubisee KUTUB.
178Januryoung coconut leaf.
179Jap1 completed. 2 in agreement or accord.
180Japen(Jawatan Penerangan) gvt. information office.
181Japittongs, clamp.
182Japu,Japukk.o. small fish.
183Jarasmall drill, auger. men-jara drill, bore.
185Jarah1. men-jarah plunder. jarah-an plunder, booty, spoils. 2. see ZARAH, ZIARAH.
186Jarak1. distance between, gap. men-jarak-kan separate. pen-jarak-an spacing (of pregnancy, plants, etc.). 2. castor oil plant.
187Jaramcold compress.
188Jarambabsee JEREMBAB.
189Jaran(Java) horse.
190Jarang1 rare, scare. 2 infrequently, rarely, seldom. 3 spaced, wide apart (of teeth, plants, etc.). 4 coarse in texture (cloth). 5 spare (of inhabitants), scanty (of hair).
191Jaras1. bunch. 2 wicker basket.
192Jarembeuised, black and blue.
194Jari1 digit (finger or toe). 2 digitlike projection (eg. wheelspokes, squid tentacles, etc.).
195Jariah,Jariatsee AMAL.
196Jaringdragnet or seine (not a casting net), net used in sports.
197Jaringan1 net. 2 network (TV, road, radio). 3 (anat. ) tissue.
198Jarobamboo lath or slat.
199Jarongk.o. of tree.
200Jarotfiber in fruit or vegetables.
201Jarum1 sewing or hypodermic needle. 2 pin. 3 hand of clock, pointer. 4 trick, ruse.
202Jarwaexplanation of the meaning, exegesis. jarwa-dosok (ling. ) associative etymology.
204Jasa1 merit. 2 service. 3 commendable or meritorious service.
205Jasad(biol. ) 1 body. 2 organism. jasad-renik microorganism.
206Jasadibodily, physical.
207Jasirahsee JAZIRAH.
209Jasmaniahbodily. kebutuhan-jasmaniah physical needs.
210Jasuka[Jawa, Sumatera, Kalimantan] Java, Sumatra, Borneo.
211Jaswadisee JAS.
212Jatah1 allotment, allocation. 2 quota. 3 bribe.
213Jateng[Jawa Tengah] Central Java.
214Jati1. k.o. hardwood tree, teak. 2. see SEJATI.
215Jatim[Jawa Timur] East Java.
216Jatmika1 polite. 2 modest.
217Jatuh1 fall. 2 fall (of prices, gvt. ). 3 fall from a high position. 4 fail, flunk. 5 lead, reach, arrive. 6 related.
218Jauh1. far, distant, remote. 2 far, by far. se-jauh as far as.
219Jauhar1 jewel. 2 embryo.
220Jauhari1 jeweler. 2 expert, specialist.
221Jauza(Zod. ) Gemini.
222Jaw.[Jawatan] office, division, bureau.
223Jawa1 Java, Javanese. 2 (Java) s.t of local origin rather than the imported or foreign kind. 3 (Java) well-bred.
224Jawabreply, answer, response.
227Jawatse-jawat colleague. jawat-an office, division, bureau.
228Jawawut(Java) millet.
229Jawi1.ox, cow. 2. 1) Malaya or Indonesia (as the homeland of Indonesians or Malays who are in Mecca). 2) the script for writing Malay or Indonesian with Arabic letters.
230Jawi-Jawik.o. large ficus tree.
231Jawilmen-jawil touch s.o. in order to get attention.
232Jaya1 victory. 2 victorious, glorious. 3 prosperous.
234Jazz/jes/ jazz.
235Jeans/jin, jins/ 1 denim. 2 jeans.
236Jebah1. full, broad (of face). 2. ber-jebah 1) profuse, copious, abundant. 2 assorted, various.
237Jebaiber-jebai scattered, spread about.
239Jebakantrap, snare.
240Jebanglong shield made of wood and covered with hide.
241Jebar-Jebur1 splashing of water while bathing. 2 pouring of water over o.s.
242Jebatmusk. men-jebat-i anoint. jebat-jebat-an fragrant aromas, perfumes.
243Jebikthick or hanging (of lower lip). curl the lower lip down (to tease).
244Jeblok1. muddy. ke-jeblok 1) be stuck, mired in mud. 2) be tricked, cheated. 2. sag, drop (of prices, inflation, etc.).
245Jeblosgive way.
246Jebobokstand on end (of hair), ruffle (of feathers).
247Jebol1 broken down. 2 perforated.
248Jebolan1 dropout or graduate. 2 ex, former.
249Jebret1. scratched, scrawled. men-jebret scratch, scrawl (o's signature). 2. sound of a staples.
250Jebrolmen-jebrol erupt.
251Jebuhk.o. fish.
252Jebulsee JEBOL.
253Jebungk.o. fish, the leatherjacket.
254Jeda1 rest, respite, take a rest. 2 (Poetry) caesura. 3 (ling. ) juncture.
255Jedar-Jedorsound of a firearm.
256Jeding1. (Java) k.o. tub to store water. 2. curl upward (of lips).
257Jedul(Java) sudden appearance.
258Jegal(Java) men-jegal 1 stop, intercept s.o. 2 (Sport) keep an opponent from winning.
259Jegang1 stuff, inflexible. 2 tense, tight.
260Jegilmen-jegil 1 bulge (of eyes). 2 stab.
261Jegleg(Jakarta) sound of clicking.
262Jegleganstaple for a stapler.
263Jeglonghave a hole in it. ber-jeglong bumpy, have bumps (of road). jeglong-an (Java) pothole.
264Jegog(Java) men-jegog to bark.
265Jegrag(Java) men-jegrag stand on end (of hair).
266Jegung(naut. 0 sea chest, place for storing rigging, sails, etc.
267Jejadianan invisible animal with supernatural powers, obedient to its human master.
268Jejak1. 1) trail, track (of animal). 2) footstep, footprint. 3) (naut. ) wake. 2. 1) straight, erect. 2) stable.
269Jejaka1 youth, young man. 2 bachelor, unmarried young man.
270Jejalber-jejal 1 crowd, jam. 2 be jampacked (with spectators, etc.). ber-jejal(an) thronged, crowded. men-jejal stuff full.
272Jejamuherbs of various sorts.
273Jejaslacerated, laceration, lesion.
274Jejawik.o. large ficus tree, the banyan.
275Jejekstable, sound, firm (of a society, etc.).
276Jejelsee JEJAL.
277Jejenangframe of door or window.
278Jejer(Java) a row of leather puppets arrayed in preparation for use in performance.
279Jejungkrak(jejungkrakan) totally razed.
280Jek(crd. ) jack.
282Jeksisee INJEKSI.
283Jel(coll. ) jail.
284Jelaber-(jela-jela) dangle, swing to and fro (of rope, etc.). dangling.
285Jeladank.o. bird that feeds on rice.
286Jelagacarbon black, soot, lampblack.
287Jelai1. 1) k.o. plant, Job's tears. 2) barley. 2. jam, jelly.
288Jelajahmen-jelajah-kan analyze, examine, investigate.
289Jelak1 bored, satiated. 2 be tired. ter-jelak full, stuffed (with food).
290Jelalatglance. jelalat-an glance about, ogle.
291Jelang1 call on, pay o,'s respects to. 2 visit. 3. to (used to address mail). 4 around, toward. 5 approach, come close to.
292Jelangaklook upward.
293Jelangkungsee JAILANGKUNG.
294Jelantahoil that has been used for frying and will be reused.
295Jelapakber-, ter- jelapak flop down from weariness.
296Jelas1 clear, distinct. 2 unequivocal, explicit (instructions, etc.).
297Jelatasee RAKYAT.
298Jelatang1 stinging nettle. 2 agitator.
299Jelatiksee GELATIK.
300Jeleh(Java) nj-jeleh-i disgusting, sickening.
301Jelek1 ugly. 2 bad, evil (thoughts, etc.). 3 bad, poor in quality, not good.
302Jelelehdribble, slobber.
303Jelempahlie scattered about.
304Jelengarsurprised, stunned into silence.
305Jelentiktap or touch s.t. lightly.
306Jelepakfall backward with a plop, lie.
307Jeli1 charming, ravishing, beautiful 9of eyes). 2 sharp (in observation).
308Jeliksee JELEK.
309Jelimethair-splitting, meticulous.
310Jelingcast a sideways glance, ogle.
311Jelirmen-jelir project, protrude, stick out.
312Jelita1 lovely, sweet. 2 graceful, charming, beautiful. loveliness.
313Jelititanlook around in a confused way.
314Jelmamen-jelma assume a form.
315Jelmaan1 incarnation, creation. 2 thing into which s.t. has been transformed.
316Jelu(Java) 1 irked, piqued, annoyed. 2 dejected.
318Jeluangbark cloth.
320Jelujur1 baste (a hem). 2 tie or stitch together.
321Jelukcup, container.
322Jelumber-jelum bathe by wetting the body, but not showering. men-jelum give s.o. a sponge bath.
323Jelumatmen-jelumat mend with fine stitching. jelumat-an a darn (in socks, etc.).
324Jelungkapmen-jelungkap 1 spring loose. 2 recoil.
325Jeluntung,Jeluntursee CACAR.
326Jelunutviscous. men-jelunut adhere, cohere, stick.
327Jelus(coll. ) jealous, spiteful.
328Jelutmen-jelut 1 feel upset in the stomach. 2 be upset, annoyed, or irked.
329Jelutungk.o. tree that produces milky sap from which a rubber substitute can be made.
330Jemjam, jelly.
331Jemaah,Jemaat1 community, assembly. 2 (rel. ) congregation.
332Jemahlater on, in the future.
333Jemala1 head. 2 skull.
334Jemangse-jemang a moment.
337Jemawaconceited, arrogant.
338Jembameasure of lenght, two fathoms or about 2.4 meters. men-jemba reach out for, grab at. jemba-an two fathoms.
339Jembakmen-, ter-(jembak-jembak) flutter in the wind.
340Jembalangk.o. supernatural creature, gnome.
341Jembatan1 bridge. 2 bridge, bond between.
342Jembel1 poor, shabby, squalid. 2 wanderer, hobo, tramp.
343Jember(Jakarta) dirty, muddy.
344Jembiahk.o. dagger.
345Jemblemk.o. confection of fried cassava.
346Jembrot/jembrut/ see JAMBRUD.
347Jembut(Java, Jakarta) pubic hair.
348Jemekispangle, sequin.
349Jempalik,Jempalit1 turn a somesault, tumble over. 2 be upside down.
350Jemparing(Java) arrow.
351Jempol1 thumb. 2 thumbs up, tops, first rate. men-jempol fingerprint s.o. jempol-an first-rate in quality.
352Jemput1 a pinch. 2 a little bit of s.t.
353Jemputan1 pick up service, limousine. 2 laundry on the line or in the sun. 3 invitation. 4(M) marriage proposal to a man.
354Jemu1 tired. 2 sick of, fed up with.
355Jemuasfilthy, covered with dirt, mud, or food.
356Jemuju1. caraway seed. 2. (Sunda) k.o. timber tree.
357Jemur1 sunbathe. 2 dry in the sun. 3 dried rice plant.
358Jemuran1 items being dried. 2 the wash, laundry.
359Jen.[jenderal] (mil. ) general.
360Jenabah,Jenabatsee JANABAH, JANABAT.
361Jenaha/jenahar/ k.o. fish, red snapper.
362Jenak1. a moment. se-jenak an instant.2. 1) comfortable, at o.'s ease. 2) sound asleep.
363Jenakawanhumorist, comic.
364Jenang1. 1) doorframe or window frame. 2) doorpost. 2. 1) (Sport) referee at cockfight. 2) (Navy) steward. 3. 1) porridge, puddling, or any food which is thick and viscous. 2) molten metal or wet cement.
365Jenangauk.o. rice bug.
366Jenasah,Jenazahcorpse, mortal remains, cadaver. men-kan bury, inter. pen-an interment.
367Jendal-Jendulbumpy, with a bump on the skin.
368Jendelawindow. jendela-geser sliding window.
369Jenderal1 general (rank). 2 general, comprehensive.
370Jendolswollen (from a bump). ber-, men- stick out (of s.t. round).
371Jendulsee JENDAL-JENDUL.
372Jeneng(Java) 1 name. 2 status.
373JenewerDutch gin.
374Jeng(Java) polite form of address for a woman the same age or younger than speaker.
375Jengah1 embarrassed. 2 reluctant.
376Jengatsee JANGAT.
377Jengek1. jengek-an mockery, ridicule. 2. (M) woman trader of smuggled or illegal consumer goods.
378Jenggar-Jenggur(Jakarta) overgrown, overlarge, exceptionally big for o.'s age.
379Jenggercock's comb. ber-jengger have a comb.
380Jenggotbeard. ber-jenggot have a beard.
381Jengguksee JENGUK.
382Jenggulsee JENDOL.
383Jenggursee JENGGAR-JENGGUR.
384Jengiit-Jengitbob up and down (of dog's tail, head, etc.).
385Jengitber-jengit look starled.
386Jengkalspan (of the hand, about nine inches).
387Jengkangke-, men-, ter- 1 fall or topple backward. 2 lie on o.'s back. 3 (vulg. ) die, kick the bucket.
388Jengkausee JANGKAU.
389Jengkekber-jengkek 1 jump with joy. 2 walk on high heels.
390Jengkelannoyed, irritated, irked.
391Jengkelitmen-jengkelit do a handspring, tumble.handspring, somersault.
392Jengkelitanhandspring, somersault.
393Jengkeng1. ber-jengkeng-an sticking out in every direction. 2. see JINGKAT.
394Jengkerstiff, rigid 9of corpse).
395Jengkeriksee JANGKRIK 1.
396Jengketsee JINGKAT.
397Jengkikind used by cowboy.
398Jengking1. men-jengking lie with bottom up. 2. see KALA 2.
399Jengkitsee JENGKING 1.
400Jengkolk.o. tree the beans of which are eaten raw, the Phithecolobium. jengkol-an suffer excessive urination from eating too many of these beans.
401Jengkoletber-, men-jengkolet capsize, turn turle, tumble over.
402Jengkotber-, men-jengkot 1 limp. 2 be lame.
403Jengkriksee JANGKRIK 1.
404Jengukber-jenguk-an look or peer out (of many people). men-jenguk-kan stick (the head) out.
405Jengulmen-jengul protrude. men-jengul-kan stick s.t. out.
406Jeni1. genius. 2. see ZENI 1.
407Jenialbrilliant, gifted, talented.
408Jenialitasgenius, talent.
409Jenis1 kind, sort, genre. 2 (biol. ) species, race.3 gender.
410Jenjamtranquil, untroubled, secure.
411Jenjang1. 1) ladder, scaffold, trellis. 2) stairs, staircase, flight of stairs. 3) stage, level. 2. see JANJANG 1. 3. see BURUNG.
412Jenjengsee JINJING 1.
413Jentaiter-jentai be caught s.w., situated.
414Jentaka(lit. ) misery.
415Jentatmen-jentat leap, jump (of fleas, etc.).
416Jentat-Jentit(Java) way of walking sexily.
418Jentera1 wheel in a machine or device. 2 mill, turbine. 3 spinning wheel.
419Jentikjentik-jentik mosquito larva.
420Jentret(Jakarta, Java) row, line.
421Jenuh1 surfeited, having had too much of s.t., sick and tired. 2 saturated.
422JepangJapan, Japanese.
423Jepet, Jepit1 tweezers. 2 clip, clamp.
424Jepratmen-jeprat sprinkle, splash, splatter (of water). jeprat-jepret snap pictures.
425Jepretsound of clicking or snapping . jepret-an stapler.
426Jepunsee JEPANG.
427Jeput1. se-jeput hari all day long. 2. see JEMPUT.
428Jera1 be cured of a habit, learn o.'s lesson. 2 wary, chary, leery.
429Jerabaiber-(jerabai-jerabai) with tattered edges, in tassels.
430Jeragansee JURAGAN.
431Jeragihk.o. weed.
432Jerah1. 1) abundant, plentiful. 2) prevalent (of disease, etc.). 2. learn a lesson, have had enough.
433Jerahakter-jerahak neglected, abandoned (of work, a problem, etc.).
434Jerahapmen-jerahap lie on o.'s stomach. ter-jerahak fall into a prone position.
435Jeraitber-jerait(an) interwined, interwoven, intergrown (of plants, etc.).
436Jerajaksee JERJAK.
437Jeram1. rapids, cataracs. 2. see JARAM.
438Jeramahber-jeramah tug or pull at. men-jeramah attack viciously, fall upon prey.
439Jerambabsee JEREMBAB.
440Jerambahplatform terrace annexed to a house used for washing things.
441Jerambaisee JERABAI.
442Jerambangglow that sometimes appears at night over marshy areas.
443Jerami1 dried rice stalks. 2 straw.
444Jeransee JERA.
445Jerangmen-jerang 1 heat s.t. 2 place s.t. on the fire or stove.
446Jerangauthe sweet flag, awild rush with pungent root stock and sweet-smelling flowers, widely used for medicinal purposes.
447Jerangkakmen-jerangkak crawl on hands and knees.
448Jerangkangber-jerangkang stick up, project upward. ter-jerangkang standing, in position projecting upward.
449Jerangkong(Java) skeleton.
450Jerapmen-jerap absorb. ter-jerap absorbed.
452Jerat1 snate, lasso. 2 ruse, trick.
453Jeratannoose, trap.
454Jerauflorid, deep red.
455Jerausnimble, sprightly.
456Jerawatpimple, blackhead, acne.
457Jerbar[Jerman Barat] West Germany.
458Jerejakadhere, stick.
459Jerembab,Jerembapmen-jerembab throw o.s. down headlong.
460Jerembetsee JEREPET.
461Jerembunter-jerembun suddenly become visible (of huge object).
462Jerempakber-, men-, ter- suddenly meet, suddenly come face to face with.
463Jereng1. 1) squinting. 2) cross-eyed. 2. men-jereng spread s.t. out.
464Jerepet1 linked together (of links in chain). 2 grown togheter (of fingers, etc.). jerepet-an coalescence.
465Jeri1 frightened, afraid. men-jeri-kan fearsome.
466Jeriaujoists used to support floor or roof.
467Jerigensee JERIKEN.
468Jerihtired, weary. jerih-lelah/payah exertion, effort.
469Jeriji1. finger. 2. see JERUJI.
471Jering1. Pithecolobium tree, with edible seeds considered beneficial to kidneys. 2. k.o. cricket with strong chirping sound.
472Jerit1 a scream, shriek. 2 clamor. 3 strong complaint.
473Jerjakbars at window, grid, latticework.
474Jerkahsnarl, growl. men-jerkah snarl or snap at s.o.
475Jermalfish trap conmsisting of closely spaced stakes behind which the fish get caught when the tide goes out.
476JermanGerman, Germany.
477Jermangprops for boat on beach.
478Jernangdragon's blood, red dye obtained from fruit of k.o. rattan.
479Jernih1 clear (of water, air, eyes, etc.). pure (of liquids, etc.). make s.t. clear, clear up (a misunderstanding). 2 purify, cleanse. purification.
480Jeroan(Java) innards, entrails as food.
481Jerohokter-jerohok fall or sink into a hole.
482Jerojolmen-, ter-jerojol stick out.
483Jerongkangjerongkang-korang head over heels. ter-jerongkang fall backward.
484Jerongkokmen-jerongkok sit with the chin on o,'s knees.
485Jerongkongmen-jerongkong lean forward and press chest against the knees. ter-jerongkong fall prostrate.
486Jerubungawning, canopy, tarpaulin.
487Jeruji1 trellis, grating, lattice. 2 grating, iron bars. ber-jeruji supplied with a grating or iron bars.
488Jerujuk.o. small shrub.
489Jerukcitrus fruit. jeruk-bali pomelo. jeruk-garut/kepruk tangering or orange that peels easly. jeruk-purut small fragrant k.o. lime used as medicine.
490Jerukunmen-jerukun cover or spread over.
491Jerukupmen-jerukup overarch.
492Jerumatmen-jerumat darn, mend.
493Jerumbaitassle, fringe.
494Jerumun1 lair of wild boar. 2 shelter, hide-out.
495Jerumusmen-jerumus-kan 1 drop s.t. on its face. 2 make s.t. fall down or into a hole.
496Jerungk.o. large shark.
497Jerungkaumen-jerungkau hang down like hair over the face or branches of a willow tree.
498Jerungkisbent upward. men-jerungkis damage, harm.
499Jerungkupsee JERUKUP.
500Jet(av. ) jet.
501Jetismen-jetis make banging noise of firecracker.
502Jetisasireplacing old fashioned aircraft with jets.
503Jetset1 sophisticated, well trained. 2 (sl. ) ugly but fashionable.
504Jewangsnatch s.t. up.
505Jewawutsee JAWAWUT.
506Jewermen-jewer 1 pull or tweak s.o.'s ear. 2 reprimand, scold s.o.
507Jiarahsee ZIARAH.
508Jiawangk.o. monitor lizard.
509Jib(naut. ) jib sail.
510Jibaku(Japanese) 1 suicide attack. 2 make a suicide attack, participate in a suicide squad. ber-jibaku engage in a suicide attack.
511Jibakutai(Japanese) suicide squadron.
512Jiblahaptitude, talent.
513Jibunber-jibun 1 pile (of work). 2 teem, swarm (of ants).
514Jicingopium dust.
515Jidar1 border around a letter or printed page. 2 wooden ruler.1 provide a line. 2 make a line with a ruler.
517Jidor,Jidursee TANJIDOR.
518Jidwalsee JADWAL.
519Jigo(China) 25.
520Jigong1 tartar, plaque, dirt on teeth. 2 dirty person, tramp. ber-jigong have dirt on it (of teeth).
521Jih(lit. ) target.
522Jihad(islam) holy war. ber-jihad engage in a holy war.
524Jihinsee JIN 1.
525Jiitmeh(China) twenty-first day of the first China month (end of the Cap Go Meh celebration).
526Jijaksee JEJAK 1.
527Jijatsee JIDAT.
528Jijik1 repugnant, abhorrent, nauseating. 2 disgusted, nauseated.1 loathe, abhor, abominate. 2 nauseating, loathsome.
529Jijitsee JINJIT 2.
530Jika,Jikalau1 if. 2 when (future, general).
532Jilat-Jilatmen-jilat-jilat purr (of cat).
533Jilatismemental attitude characterized by seeking benefits by bootlicking.
534Jilbab(islam) female headgear that exposes fase but not ears, neck, or hair.
535Jilidvolume. ber-jilid bound (of book, etc.). men-jilid bind (book, periodicals)
536Jimakcoitus. ber-, men- have sexual intercourse.
537Jimatcharm, talisman, amulet.
538Jimbitse-jimbit a pinch, a small amount.
539Jin1. 1) genie. 2) evil spirit. 2. Gin.
540Jina,Jinahsee ZINA.
541Jinak1 tame, domesticated (animal). 2 gentle, docile, moderate. 3 (med. ) benign (tumor).
542Jinawisee GEMAH-RIPAH.
544Jingaumen-jingau peer at.
545Jinggacolors ranging from orange to bright red. men-jingga become orange.
546Jinggering1 high-heeled (shoes). 2 longstemmed (glass).
547Jingkatber-(2), bersi-, men-jingkat stand or walk on tiptoes. ter-jingkat be startled.
548Jingkek1 tiptoe. 2 high-heeled shoes.
549Jingkikber-jingkik-jingkik hop on o. leg.
550Jingklak/jingkrak/ 1. jump up and down (for joy). 2. straddle (horse, fence, etc.).
551Jinjang1. slender and tapering (neck). 2. 1) leader. 2) necromancer. 3. se JENJANG 1.
552Jinjing1. men-jinjing carry s.t. light in o.'s hand. 2. k.o. fast-growing tree that yields cheap lumber. 3. ber-jinjing stand on tiptoes.
553Jinjit1. stand on tiptoes. 2. men-jinjit carry in the hand. 3. men-jinjit 1) pull s.t. that is not stiff. 2) tweak (an ear).
555Jintan,Jintencaraway seed. jintan-hitam cumin. jintan-manis anise seed. jintan-putih white cumin.
556Jipjeep. ber-jip go by jeep.
557Jipang1. branch, twig. 2. melon, gourd. 3. see BIPANG.
558Jiplakmen-jiplak 1 copy. 2 cheat on an exam, crib. 3 plagiarize, fake s.t. by copying it.
559Jiplakan1 a copy. 2 plagiatism, imitation that pretends to be the real thing.
560Jipratmen-jiprat splash, splatter.
561Jirakk.o. tree with edible fruit.
562Jiran1 neighbor. 2 kin, relative.
563Jirangkongsee JERANGKONG.
564Jirat1. tomb, mousoleum. 2. jirat, jiret see JERAT.
565Jirian(med. ) leucorrhea.
566Jirigensee JERIKEN.
567Jirus1. men-jirus sprinkle water on, pour a small amount of water over. 2. see TIRUS.
568Jisim(anat. ) body.
569Jit(China) seven, in commercial transactions.
570Jitahsee AKAR.
571Jitakmen-jitak slap s.o.
572Jitpek(China) 700 (used in commercial transactions).
573Jituaccurate, precise, exact.
574Jiwa1 soul, spirit. 2 spirit, the principle behind s.t. 3 inhabitant.
575Jiwanipsychic, psychological.
576Jiwasrayaname of gvt. -owned life insurance company.
577Jka[Jawatan Kereta Api] see PJKA.
578Jkt.[Jakarta] Jakarta.
579Jkta.[Jawatan Kereta Api] Indonesia Railways.
580Jl., Jln.[Jalan] street, road.
581Jlimetsee JELIMET.
582Jml.[jumlah] amount.
583Jng.[Jatinegara] a district in Jakarta.
584Jo.[juncto] (leg. ) connected with.
585Joangsee JUANG.
586Joanglo,Joanlo(China) chafing dish, food warmer.
587Joblossee JEBLOS.
588Jobong(Jakarta) prostitute.
589Jodo,Jodoh1 marriage partner, mate. 2 match, be a match, be a mate (to). 3 be in agreement over.
590Jogargame of checkers.
591Joget1 k.o. classical Java dance accompanied by the gamelan. 2 k.o. dance to lively music, us. for couples. 3 o. who performs a dance of this type.
592Joglo(Java) steep upper section of roof of traditional Java mansion.
593Jogosee KACANG.
594Jogo-Tirto(Java) officer in village in charge of distribution of water for irrigation.
595Jogrog(Jakarta) nge-, n-jogrog be in a place without moving. jogrok-kan thrust s.t. in front of o.
596Johan1 world, universe. 2 champion.
597Johar1. k.o. fast-growing shade tree the crown of which yields firewood. 2. see BINTANG, ZOHRAH. 3. see JAUHAR.
598Joharisee JAUHARI.
599Joja,Jojok.o simian.
600Jojolpiling, palisades.
601Jok1 seat (of car, pedicab, etc.). 2 car upholstery.
602Joki(Sport) jockey.
603Jolakber-, men- jolak blaze.
604Jolekmen-jolek wrap s.t. in leaves.
605Joli1 palanquin. 2 team of horses. se-joli a couple, twosome.
606Joli-Joliyawl, k.o. small boat.
607Jolokmen-jolok 1 prod at s.t. with a pole, etc., to knock it down. 2 probe, ferret out. 3 pole finger down throat, into nose, etc.
608Jolong1. men-jolong project, protrude. 2. (M) see JULUNG 2.
609Jolong-Jolongsee IKAN.
610Jolormen-jolor 1 creep, crawl 9of snakes, etc.) 2 inch forward on o.'s belly.
611Jombang(M) handsome, pretty, beautiful.
612Jompakrear, prance (of horse, etc.).
613Jomplangsee JUMPLANG.
614Jompo(Java) old, decrepit, infirm. rumah 0rang-jompo old folks' home.
615Jompongpe-jompong-an rallying place.
616Jon-Towel(Jakarta) young fellow that puts on airs.
617Jongsee JUNG.
618Jongangsee JONGKANG 2.
619Jongetcurved upward at the tip or side.
620Jonggolrepresentative, responsible person. jonggol-an responsibility.
621Jonghek.o. weed.
622Jongkang1. k.o. boat. 2. protruding 9of teeth, upper lip, etc.). jongkang-jangking sticking out right and left. 3.
623Jongkar-Jangkirsticking out all over (esp. of teeth).
624Jongkatsee JUNGKAT.
625Jongkostall (in market).
626Jongkokber-, men- jongkok squat. ber-jongkok-jongkok be obsequious. ter-jongkok in a squatting position.
627Jongkongk.o. dugout canoe.
628Jongos(now considered derog. ) houseboy, waiter.
629Jonjot1 tuft (of hair). 2 flake. men-jonjot extract, pluck.
630Jontrotmen-jontrot poke, thrust s.t. by poking it.
631Jor-Jor(Java) push, elbow aside. jor-jor-an vie with o. another, compete. jor-jor drumband marching band competition.
632Joranfishing rod. joran ampai divining rod.
633Jorengsmall piece (of cloth), small clod (of earth). men-joreng slice thin.
634Joriteam of horses.
635Jornalissee JURNALIS.
636Jorok1. 1) slovenly, slipshod. 2) dirty, untidy. 2. men-jorok stick out, project, protrude.
637Jorong1. ellipse, elliptical, oval-shaped.2 metal V-shaped holder for betel leaf. 3. a corner.
638Jotakan(Java) be on unfriendly terms.
640Jotosanboxing, fisticuffs.
641Jrang-Jrengsound of plucking a guitar, banjo, etc.
642Jrangkungsee JERANGKONG.
643Jrawutrumpled, disheveled, messed up.
644Jreng-Jrengsound of coins clinking, tinkling sound (of guitar, etc.).
645Jring-Jringsound of tinkling (of guitar, mandolin).
646Jrs.[jurusan] 1 direction. 2 academic field.
647Jua1 nothing or nobody but, only. 2 even if it is, no matter. 3 nevertheless. 4 also.
648Juadah1 delicacy made of rice. 2 cake or cookies. 3 provicions, foodstuffs.
649Juak1. ber-juak compete. men-juak incite, instigate 9a fight). pen-juak instigator. 2. men-juak be projecting upward. men-juak-kan hoist a sail, project s.t. upward.
650Jualsell, sale.
651Juangstruggle. medan-juang battlefield. ber-juang fight, struggle. fighter, warrior, freedom fighter. sharing in the same struggle.
652Juang-Juangk.o. shrub.
653Juarsee JOHAR 1.
654Juara1 champion. 2 referee in a cockfight.
655Jubahlong flowing robe 9including religious habits, Arabic garments, etc.). ber-juang wear such a robe.
656Jubal,Jubelber-(2), ber-an, -an crowd around. men-jubal-kan cram, jam.
657Jubinfloor tile.
658Jubir(jurubicara) spokesperson.
659Jubitsee CUBIT.
660Jublekamazed, astronished.
661Jubur(anat. ) anus.
662Judas,Judes1 cruel, vicious (esp. in speech). 2 hars and rude, unmannered.
663Judigambling. pe(n)-judi gambler.
664Judo(Sport) judo. pe-judi expert in judo.
665Judoka(Sport) expert in judo.
666Judokang(Sport) judo hall.
667Judul1 title (of book, etc.). 2 caption (under cartoon, etc.) 3 credits (in movie or on TV). 4 heading.
668Juga1 also, too. 2 even if. 3 no matter what, how, who, etc. 4 rather. 5 anyway.
669Juhi(China) dried squid.
670Juihcurled (of lips).
671Juitasweet, lovely, beautiful.
672Juja(zod. ) Gemini.
673Jujai(lit. ) ceaseless, incessant.
674Jujat(lit. ) slander, insult, (verbal) abuse.
675Juju1. men-juju feed (a baby) pre-chewed food. 2. see TUJU.
676Jujuhber-, men-jujuh be incessant, unceasing.
677Jujur1. honest, on the level. ke-jujur-an honesty, integrity. 2. men-jujur-i present a bride-price to.
678Jujutmen-jujut pull, tug at (rope, etc.).
679Julaislender end of stem of a creeping plant, runner of a creeping plant. men-julai-kan dangle s.t.
680Julaksee JOLAK.
681Julangmen-julang 1 soar, tower. 2 carry on the shoulder. 3 hold in high esteem, esteem highly.
682Julat(lit. ) range, reach. se-julat-mata as far as the eye can see.
684Julig(Java) cunning, sly (in negative sense).
685Julingcross-eyed. men-juling-i steal a glance at, glance at a bit.
687Julitasee JELITA.
688Julolottery played by neighborhood wives at monthly get-together. ber-julo play julo.
689Juluber-julu-an stretch out (in all directions). men-julu extend, stick out (of tongue, etc.). julu-an 1 stick, stave, bar. 2 line, row.
690Juluknamed, called. juluk-an sobriquet, nickname.
691Julung1. (Java) fated to be unlucky. 2. for the first time.
692Julung-Julungsee IKAN.
693Julurstick out (of several things).
694Jumaah/juma'ah/see JEMAAH.
695Jumaat/juma'at/ see JUMAT, JUM'AT.
696Jumadilakhirthe 6th month of the Arabic calendar.
697Jumadilawalthe 5th month of the Arabic calendar.
698Jumantarafirmament, outer or upper atmosphere.
700Jumatsee JEMAAH.
701Jumbaitassle, fringe. se-jumbai a bunch of s.t. that hangs down. ber-(jumbai-jumbai) 1 tassled, fringed. 2 frayed. 3 flutter.
702Jumblahsee JUMLAH.
703Jumblangcesspool, septic tank.
704Jumbuhsimilar, edentical.men-jumbuh-kan make s.t. compatible. ke-jumbuh-an identity.
705Jumlah1 sum, amount, total. 2 number, quantity. 3 (ling. ) number. men-jumlah-kan add or count up. men-jumlah-kan adding, totaling.
707Jumpalitber-jumpalit turn a somersault.
708Jumplangunbalanced, unequal.
709Jumplukpile. se-jumpluk a pile of.
710Jumpulk.o. mullet.
711Jumputa pinch of s.t.
712Jumud1 stiff, rigid, unbending. 2 old-fashioned, resistant to change.
713Junammen-junam 1 dive (of planem bird). 2 attack in flight.
714Juncto/yungkto/ (leg. ) in connection with.
715Jungk.o. boat, China junk.
716Jungatmen-jungat tilt upward (of boat, cart, etc.).
717Jungkalmen-jungkal-kan 1 overturn s.t. 2 overthrow, bring down (a regime, etc.). ter-jungkal tumble forward.
718Jungkangjungkang-jungkit bob up and down.
719Jungkarmen-jungkar project, protrude.
720Jungkatjungkat-jungkit bob up and down. men-jungkat slant, tilt. jungkat-an seesaw.
721Jungkel,Jungkilsee JUNGKAL.
722Jungkirjungkir-balik 1 upside-down, topsy-turvy. 2 turn a somersault. 3 be in a dither. men-jungkir flip over.
723Jungkitsee JUNGKANG.
724Jungkrakmen-jungkrak raze (a building). men-jungkrak-an push s.t. aside.
725Jungkungsee JONGKONG.
726Jungur1 snout, sword (of swordfish). 2 (Navy) bow.
727Jungutmountain spur.
729Junjungber-junjung-an have a husband .
730Junjungan1 o. who is esteemed. 2 adoration. 3 pole for climbing plants. 4 (Formal) o,'s husband.
732Juntaiber-, men-, ter- dangle.
733Juntrungorganized, orderly.
734Juntrungn1 organization, unit. 2 purpose, aim.
735Junub(islam) ritual impure or soiled (after coitus, giving birth, menstruation, etc.)
736Jununpossessed by a devil.
737Jup(sl. ) yep !
738Juramen-jura how out of respect.
739Juragan1 skipper (of small craft). 2 owner of an enterprise. 3 (in some regions only) respectful address by villager to man of nobility or higher class.
740Jurai1 bunch. 2 row, sequence. ber-, ter-, men- dangle, hang down (of hair, tassels, etc.). ber-jurai-an hang down (in large numbers).
741Juransee JORAN.
742Jurangravine, gorge, chasm. jurang-kenistaan the depths of misery. jurang-pemisah gap. jurang-juriat generation gap.
743Juri(leg. ) jury. men-juri be amember of the jury in a competition. pen-juri-an judging a case by a jury.
744Juriatsee ZURIAT.
745Juridiksisee YYURIDIKSI.
746Juridissee YURIDIS.
747Jurikk.o. supernatural being.
748Juring,Juringansection, segment (of fruit).
749Jurissee YURIS.
750Jurisprudensisee YURISPRUDENSI.
751Jurnalisjournalist, reporter.
753Juruskilled worker. juru-bicara spokesman, spokeswoman. juru-damai peacekeeper, peacemaker. ke-juru-rawatan nursing.
754Jurus1. step, movements in martial arts. 2. moment.
755Jus1. sound of steam locomotive. 2. (Tennis) deuce. 3. juice. men-jus make a drink out of. 4. see JUZ.
756Justasee DUSTA.
757Justruexactly, precisely.
758Jutamillion. ber-(juta-juta) by the millions.
760Juwangsee JUANG.
761Juz(islam) section of the Koran.

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