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1Hh, the 8th letter of the alphabet.
2H.1. [Haji] (islam) title of o. who has made the pilgrimade to Mecca. 2. [Hijriah] year of the Arabic calendar. 1406 in the year 1406 of the Hijriah.
3Ha1. huh (question marker) 2. 1) Humph ! (exclamation of derision). 2) Ah ! (exclamation of discovery). 3) Ha ! (exclamation of disbelief).
4Ha.[hektar] hectare.
5Haacih,Haaciusee HACIH.
6Haahsee HA 2.
7Haaksee HAK 3.
8Habelursee HABLUR.
9Habibrespectful term of address for ethnic Arabs who can trace their ancestry to muh.
10Habil(bib. ) Abel, o. of Adam's sons.
11Habis1 finished, used up. 2 completed, through, concluded.
13Habsyi1 Ethiopia, Byssinia. 2 African.
14Hacih/hacing, haciu, hacu / Atchoo ! (sound of a sneeze).
15Hadboundary, limit.
16Hadangsee ADANG.
17Hadap1 across (the street). 2 side. 3 facing in a certain direction.
18Hadapan1 front. 2 future. 3 presence.
19Hadas(islam) ritual impurity.
20Hadatsee ADAT 1.
21Hadiah1 prize. 2 reward. 3 gift. with a gift. present s.t., donate.
22Hadirbe present.
23Hadirat1 (rel. ) presence (of God). 2 female members of the audience.
24Hadirinthose present, audience.
25Hadis(islam) traditional collection of stories relating words or deeds of Muhammad the chief source of guidance for understanding religious questions.
26Hadlirsee HADIR.
27Hadliratsee HADIRAT.
28Hadlirinsee HADIRIN.
29Hadrah1 (islam) communal gathering, us. mystical, sometimes including group chanting with tambourine accompaniment. 2 tambourine.
30Hadrat1 ( Islam) religious gathering. 2 presence.
31Hafal1 know by heart, memories. 2 know s.t. very well.
32Hafalanmaterial to be memorized.
33Hahsee HA 2.
34Hahasound of loughter.
35Hai1 Hey ! (exclamation to call s.o.'s attention). 2 What ! (exclamation of surprise).
36Hai-Alaisee HAILAI.
38HaikCharge ! (exclamation shouted when attacking).
39Hailai(Sport) jai alai.
40Hairansee HERAN.
41Haisom(China) k.o. dish made of sea cucumber.
42Haiwansee HEWAN.
43Haiyaa(China) 1 Greetings ! 2 exclamation of disapproval.
44Haj(islam) pilgrimage to Mecca.
45Hajarmeng-hajar beat up, thrash soundly. hajar-an beating, thrashing.
46Hajat1 wish, desire. 2 intent, intention. 3 (Euphemism) urination or defecation.
47Haji(islam) 1 o. who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca. 2 title and term of address for such a pilgrim.
48Hajingsee HACIH.
49Hajjahsee HAJJAH.
50Hak1.1) right. 2) rightful authority. 2. heel (of shoe). 3. knit.
51Hakekat,Hakikat1 truth, reality. 2 essence.
52Hakikitrue, real, authentic.
53Hakimjudge. meng-hakim-i pass judgment on, judge s.t. Departmen-kehakiman Ministry of justice.
54Hakjingsee HACIH.
55Hakul-Yakin(lit. ) be truly convinced of s.t.
56Hal1. 1) matter, thing. 2) case. 3) concerning. 2. galvanized sheet iron.
57Hal.[halaman] page of book.
59Halai-Balai1 ignored, neglected. 2 in confusion.
60Halal1 (islam) allowed, permitted. 2. rightfull, legal.
61Halal-Bihalal,Halal-Bilhalal1 (islam) ask and give forgiveness at the end of the fasting period. 2 a gathering of social group (workers at same office, people of same ethnic origin, etc.) soon after Islam fasting month for such a purpose.
62Halaman1 yard (of a house). 2 premises. 3 page (of book).
63Halang1. ber-halang-an be hindered, handicapped. 2. see ALANG 1.
64Halanganhindrance, obstacle.
65Halat1. see HELAH. 2. see ALAT 2.
66Halauexpel s.o.
68Halilintar1 flash of lightning. 2 thunderbolt.
70Halimunmist, fog.
71Halintarsee HALILINTAR.
72Halipansee LIPAN.
73HalkumAdam's apple.
74HalmaChinese checkers.
76Halsdukneck scarf.
77Haltestopping place for public vehicles.
78Halterdumbbell, bar bell.
79Haluan1 (naut. ) bow, prow. 2 direction. 3 foremost section. se-haluan of the same course.
80Halus1 refined, cultured, sensitive. 2 soft, delicate, smooth (of skin, cloth, etc.) 3 unseen (of spirits). 4 small. 5 finely pounded or granulated of flour, etc.).
82Halwafruits preserved in sugar.
84Hama1 plant disease, pest. 2 infection. 3 pest, scourge. meng-hama-kan contaminate.
85Hamal(Zod. ) Aries.
86Hamba1 slave, servant. 2 (lit. ) I, esp. when talking to s.o. of higher rank, often in formal prayers. 3 (Lit) yes.
87Hambalanga great deal of violence (esp. in reference to martial art films).
88Hambar1 tasteless, flat, insipid. 2 vapid, trite.
89Hambatchecked, blocked.
90Hambatan1 obstacle, obstruction. 2 barrier, fence, wall. 3 (ling. ) closure.
91Hambungsee AMBUNG.
93Hamburgerk.o. sandwich, served with sauces in sliced bun.
94Hambussee EMBUS 1.
95Hamenworst/hamemwors/ luncheon meat.
96Hamilpregnant, pregnancy. meng-i, meng-kan impregnate, make pregnant.
97Hamintesee GEMINTE.
98Hamissee AMIS.
99Hampa1 empty. 2 without result.
100Hampaisee AMPAI 1.
101Hampar1 spread (rug, etc.). 2 explain, elucidate.
102Hamparan1 rug, carpet. 2 spread out area.
103Hampedalsee EMPEDAL.
104Hampedusee EMPEDU.
105Hampir1 near, close. 2 almost. hampir-an vicinity, neighborhood.
106Hampiranvicinity, neighborhood.
108Hamunber-hamun-hamun rail at, be abusive.
109Hamzahletter of Arabic alphabet representing glottal stop.
110Hana1 wide and uninhabited. 2 empty, deserted
111Hanacarakathe Java, Sunda, or Madurese syllabary.
112Hancingstench, foul odor.
113Hancur1 shattered, smashed. 2 dissolved.
114Handaifriend, companion.
115Handalsee ANDAL.
116Handikap(Sport) handicap.
118Hang(lit. ) male title.
119Hangarsee HANGGAR 1.
121Hanggar1. 1) airplain hangar. 2) sports hall. 2. see ANGGAR 2, ANGGAR 3.
122Hangitsee ANGIT.
123Hangus1 burnt, scorched. 2 singed. 3 (coll. ) completely used up (of money).
124Hanjutmeng-hanjut hit s.o., crush s.o.
125Hankam[Pertahanan dan Keamanan] Defense and Security.
126Hanra[Pertahanan Rakyat] lower level civilian defense units.
127Hansip[Pertahanan Sipil] civilian defense units often given neighborhood patrol tasks.
128Hansopchild's play- and sleepwear with short sleeves and short legs.
129Hantam1 fight, scuffle. 2 collide with. 3 infringe on.
130Hantamanblow, smack, punch.
131Hantarsee ANTAR 1.
132Hantirmeng-hantir wield, manage, handle.
133Hantu1 ghost. 2 evil spirit.
134Hanuman(lit. ) the white monkey, sacred hero of the Ramayana.
135Hanya1 only. 2 only, however.
136Hanyirsee ANYIR.
137Hanyut1 washed away, drift. 2 drift, wander. 3 lose o.s. (in reveries, etc.).
138Hao(China) filial piety.
139Hapaksee APAK.
140Hapalsee HAFAL.
141Hapermotsee HAVERMUT.
142Hapus1 completely remove. 2 clean s.t., wipe off (blackboard).
143Harafiahsee HARFIAH.
144Harakah,Harakatwowel (in Arabic grammar).
145Harakiri(Japanese) suicide.
146Haralsee ARAL.
147Haram1 (islam) forbidden, proscribed. 2 (coll. ) on no account, under no circumstances. 3 Never ! (an exclamation of strong denial).
148Haramjadah/haramzadah/ illegitimate (child).
149Harangaso(Sunda) k.o. tuber.
150Harap(lit. ) war.
151Harapiahsee HARFIAH.
152Harasia(sl. ) see RAHASIA.
153Harbor,Hardbordbeaverboard, hardboard.
154Hardiksay s.t. sharply, snarl.
155Hardikanrebuke,scolding, harsh words.
156Harfiahliteral, word for word.
157Hargaprice, cost, value.
158Hariday. se-hari-hari every day.
159Harian1 daily. 2 daily newspaper.
161Harimwife, female members of the family (esp. among those of Arabic descent or educational background).
163Haring1. herring. 2. see ARING 1,2.
164Harini(coll. ) today.
165Harkah,Harkat1 level, standard. 2 rate, value. 3 dignity.
166Harlah[hari lahir] inniversary, birthday.
168Harmoniksee HARMONIS.
170Harmonis1 harmonious. 2 harmonic.
175Harpusresin used by violinists.
176Hart(crd. ) heart.
177Hartaproperty, wealth.
178Hartawanwealthy person, person of means.
179Haruharu-biru commotion, uproar, tumult. ter-haru moved, touched, affected. ke-haru-an emotional.
180Haru-Birusee HARU.
181Haruank.o. freshwater fish.
182Harum1 fragnant, aromatic. 2 fragnance, aroma.
183Harun(bib. ) Aaron. 2 (islam) o. of the prophets.
184Harungsee ARUNG.
185Harus1 have to, must. 2 (islam) permitted by religion, neither sinful nor meritorious, e.g. eating, bathing, etc.
186Has1. filet, tenderloin. 2. gauze, fine screening.
187Hasa(Ambon) sail along the shore.
188Hasadenvy, spite.
189Hasangood, beautiful, handsome.
190Hasiatsee KHASIAT.
191Hasil1 yield, crop. 2 product. 3 result, outcome, output. success
192Hasrat1 longing, desir. 2 propensity. berhasrat 1 desire, wish.
193Hassansee HASAN.
194Hastacubic. meng-cubic measure in cubics.
195Hastakarya1 handicrafts. 2 (sl. ) petting.
196Hasudsee HASAD.
197Hasungsee ASUNG.
198Hasutincite, goad, stir up.
199Hasutan1 instigation, provocation, fomentation. 2 agitation (for civil rights, etc.).
200Hasyiah1 edge, border. 2 marginal annotation.
202Hati1 liver. 2 seat of emotions. 3 (crd. ) heart.
203Hatsilsee HASIL.
204Hatta(lit. ) then, thereupon.
205Hatursee ATUR 2.
206Haus1. 1) thirsty. 2) thirst, thirstiness. 2. see AUS.
208Hawa1 air. 2 climate, weather. meng-hawa evaporate.
209Hawa-Nafsucarnal desire, lust.
210Hawai,HawaianHawaiian-style music.
212Hawatirsee KUATIR.
213Hawesee AWE.
214Hawiah(islam. , lit. ) depths of hell.
215Hayalsee KHAYAL.
216Hayalisee KHAYALI.
218Hayatibiological, vital.
219Hayo1 Come ! (in exhortations). 2 Behold! There you have it !
220Hayunsee AYUN.
221Hb/habe/ k.o. pencil.
222Hb.[hari bulan] (lit. ) date.
223Hbs[Hoogere Burger School] four-year secondary school for children of the elite (colonial period).
224Hc.[honoris causa] honorary.
225Hcs[Hollandsh-Chineesche School] Dutch-medium primary school for well-to-do Ch [colonial period].
226He1. huh (interrogative particle). 2. umm (hesitation particle). 3. see HAI.
227Heban(lit. ) hurl, throw s.t. heavy, throw with both hands.
228Hebatunusually intensive (excitement, attractiveness, intelligence, violence, etc.).
229Heboh1 commotion, uproar. 2 fuss, row, stir. 3 sensational.
231Hee(coll. ) uh huh, yes.
232Heehsee HA 2.
233Heehmsee EHM 1.
235Hehsee HE 1.
236Heisee HAI.
237Heihoindigenous militia during the Japanese period.
238Hejansee EJAN.
239Hejrahsee HIJRAH.
240Hek(coll. ) fence (around yard, etc.).
243Helameng-hela drag, haul, pull (carriage, wagon, etc.).
244Helah(lit. ) 1 trick, ruse. 2 excuse, pretext.
245Helai1 sheet (of paper, etc.). 2 a counter for paper, cloth, leaf, etc. ber-helai in sheets, unbound.
246Helakber-helak be wafted or lifted back (of long things, whips, etc.).
247Helat1. celebration, party. 2. see HELAH.
248Helengmeng-heleng turn, look.
249Heli[helikopter] helicopter.
250Helicak[helikopter becak] three-wheeled motorized pedicab.
252Helipad[helikopter pad] helicopter pad.
254Helm/helem/ motorcycle helmet, hard hat.
255Hemum (exclamation of distaste, scorn).
256Hemat1. judgment, observation. 2. thrifty, economical, thrift.
257Hembalangber-hembalang tumble head over heels.
258Hembussee EMBUS 1.
259Hemong(sl. ) homo, male homosexual.
260Hempangsee EMPANG.
261Hempassee EMPAS.
262Hempessee HIMPIT.
263Hendak1 wish (to do s.t.). 2 intend, be going to. 3 be about to. hendak-nya be desirable that, should.
264Hendam-Karamdestroyed, wiped out.
265Hendapsee ENDAP 1.
266Hendelhandle (of door, etc.).
267Heng(Sport) Hands ! (said when soccer ball is touched with hands).
268Hengahsee ENGA 2.
269Hengkangsee ENGKANG.
270Hening1 clear. 2 silent, quiet.
271Hentaksee ENTAK.
272Hentammeng-hentam-kan stamp (the foot). hentam-an 1 foot stamping. 2 big explosion.
273Hentistopping, stoppage. henti-an (ling. ) stop.
274Henyaksee ENYAK.
275Heosmeng-heos blow with a bursting sound (of steam, etc.).
277Her1 retake (an exam). 2 makeup exam.
278Heran1 surprised, amazed. 2 astonisment.
281HerderGerman shepherd dog.
282Herdislokasire-dislocation (of shoulder, etc.).
283Herengsee ERENG.
284Heriksee ERIK.
285Heringk.o. fish, herring.
286Hero1 popular sports figure. 2 s.o. of considerate prowess.
290Herotsee EROT 1.
291Hert,Herrtsound of s.t. being ripped.
296Hewan1 domesticated animal. 2 animal (as a class).
297Hewani/hewaniah/ of an animal.
298Heysee HAI.
299HiHa ! (exclamation uttered when teasing s.o.).
300Hianatsee KHIANAT.
301Hiansay(China) son-in law.
302Hiasber-hias 1 be decorated, adorned. 2 dress o.s., groom o.s.
304Hibasee IBA.
305Hibahbequest, grant (from foundation, etc.).
308Hibuksee SIBUK.
309Hibur1 comfort, cheer up, divert. 2 entertain.
310Hiburan1 consolation, solace, comfort. 2 entertainment.
311Hidamsee IDAM.
312Hidangmeng-hidang-kan 1 serve (food, drink). 2 present (entertainment, etc.).
313Hidapsee IDAP.
314Hidayah/hidayat/ (God's) guidance.
315Hidmatsee KHIDMAT.
316Hidrat(chem. ) hydrate.
323Hidumeng-hidu sniff in, inhale.
325Hidup1 be alive, live. 2 life. 3 fresh. 4 (coll. ) run, go, esp. of machines. 5 long live ! 6 (ling. ) prevocalic (of consonants).
326Hierarkisee HIRARKI.
329HihUgh ! (exclamation of distaste, disgust).
330Hihisound of twittering and giggling.
331Hii/hiih/ (China) oh ! (exclamation of terror).
332Hijarah(islam) flight of muh. from Mecca to Medina.
333Hijau1 green, verdant. 2 inexperienced.
334Hijriahof the Islam calendar.
335Hikayat1 tale, story, romance. 2 history, account.
336Hikmah/hikmat/ 1 wisdom, philosophy. 2 magical power. 3 power in general.
337Hikwan(China) fish balls.
338Hilang1 be lost, vanish. 2 pass away, die.
339Hilapsee KHILAF.
340Hilatsee HELAH.
341Hilirlower course, downstream. meng-hilir-mudikkan steer, lead by the nose.
343Himbausee IMBAU.
344Himmah/himmat/ see HEMAT 1,2.
345Himnea solemn song, often the antherm of an organization.
346Himpitan1 be very close together. 2 (math. ) coincide.
347Himpitan1 be very close together. 2 (math. ) coincide.
348Himpunassemble, gather.
349Himpunan1 association, club. 2 collection, compilation.
351Hinaan1 insult, indignity, affront. 2 taunt, gibe .
352Hinaisee INAI.
353Hindar1 pull to o. side. 2 avoid (a blow, etc.).
354Hindia(lit. ) Indies.
355Hindusee INDUK.
357Hingarnoisy. ke-hingar-bingaran boisterousness.
358Hinggauntil, up to. ber-hingga limited, finite.
359Hinggap1 perch, alight. 2 attack (of disease, infection, etc.).
360Hintaisee INTAI.
361Hio(China) joss stick.
362Hiolo(China) incense burner.
363Hioswasee HIO.
367Hipis1 young Western traveler on a low budget. 2 a style of Western-influenced grooming characterized by unkempt hair and clothing.
368Hipmi[Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia] Indonesian Association of Young Businessmen.
369Hipnotishypnotic. meng-hipnotis hypnotize.
370Hipnotisirmeng-hipnotisir hypnotize.
374Hipotea/hipotesis/ hypothesis.
376Hipotenusa(math. ) hypotenuse.
377Hipuksee IPUK.
378Hirapdisappear, vanish.
381Hiraumeng-hirau-kan heed, note, pay attention to.
382Hirissee IRIS.
383Hiru-Birusee HARU-BIRU.
384Hiru-Harasee HURU-HARA.
385Hirukhiruk-pikuk/piruk tumult, hullabaloo, hurly-burly (of the crowd). ke-hiruk-pirukan racket, noise, din.
386Hirupwhiff, sniff.
387His1. 1) Shame ! (exclamation of scorn). 2) Shhh ! 2. (coll. ) yeast.
388Hisabcomputation, calculation, reckoning. meng-hisab (astr. ) calculate, compute. ter-hisab counted.
389Hisaksee ISAK.
390Hisapsee ISAP.
391Hisit(China) shark fin (for soup).
394Histologi(med. ) histology.
395Histologik(med. ) histological.
398Historishistoric, historical.
400Hitextremely popular.
401Hitam1 black. 2 dark, swarthy.
402Hitung(coll. ) arithmetic.
404Hiungmeng-hiung whistle.
405Hiursee IUR.
406Hiwansee HIKWAN.
407Hkbp(Huria Kristen Batak Protestan] The Batak Protestant Church.
408Hlasee LHA.
409Hlm.[halaman] page (of book).
410Hlosee LHO.
411Hmi[Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam] Muslim Students' Association.
412Hooh !
413Ho,Ho.[hongeroedeem] malnutrition.
414Hoakiau/Hoakiauw/ overseas Chinese.
415Hobatsee OBAT.
416Hobi1 hobby, s.t. o. likes. 2 like s.t.
417Hodengcomportment, the way o. carries o.s.
418Hofmesterchief musician of a palace (colonial period).
419Hohosound of laughter.
420HoiHey ! (esp. when calling s.o. from afar).
421Hojatsee HUJAT.
423Hoki(China) good luck.
424Hokkifield hockey.
425Hol(islam) annual, ritual feast to commemorate the dead.
426Holan/Hollan/ (coll. ) Netherlands.
427Holopis(kuntul baris) Yo-heave-ho (exclamation to summon up strength when lifting things).
428Homomale homosexual.
432Homoseksual/homoseksuil, homoseks/ see HOMO.
434Honarsee ONAR.
435Honda(coll. ) motorcycle.
436Hong1. (Sport) home base. 2. earthen pipe for drainage. 3. see BURUNG.
438Hongeroedeem/hongerudim/ malnutrition, undernourishment.
439Honggisee HONGI.
440Honghouw(China) empress.
441Hongipunitive 17th-century expeditions by Dutch in the Moluccas to extirpate spice trees.
442Hongsi(Cina) rheumatism.
443Honor/honorarium/ 1 honorarium, stipend. 2 payment for services.
444Honorer1 honorary. 2 not officially confirmed (in o.'s job) and so paid by stipends not salary.
446Hooisee HOI.
447Hop1. (coll. ) head, chief. 2. Stop ! Whoah ! (exclamation only).
448Hopbiro(coll. ) central (gvt. ) office.
449Hopeng/hoping/ (China) close friend.
450Hopyeshard coffee-flavored caramel.
451HorasGreetings ! Long live ! (Batak greeting).
452Horden/hordeng/ curtains, drapery.
453HoreHurrah ! Hurray !
456Hormat1 honor, respect, esteem. 2 respectful.
458Horn/horen/ ice-cream cone.
462Hoskuthouscoat, dressing gown.
463Hospes(biol. ) viral or bacterial host.
466Hostes1 taxi dancer, bar waitress. 2 prostitute.
467Hosti(rel. ) host, consecrated wafer.
468Hot(coll. ) 1 sexy. 2 sexually aroused. very popular.
469Hotdogsandwich in hot dog bun.
471Houdercartridge pouch or box on soldier's belt.
472Howerk.o. artillery piece.
473Hoyaksee OYAK 2.
474Hoyongsee HUYUNG.
475Hph[Hak Pengusahaan Hutan] logging concession.
476Hr.[harian] daily newspaper.
477Hrs.[harus] must.
478Huapsee SUAP.
479Hubaya-Hubayamake sure that...., above all, by all means.
480Hubungconnect, related.
481Hubungan1 connection, relationship. 2 contact. 3 context. 4 coupling (in poetry).
482Huduhsee ODOH.
483HuhHa ! (exclamation of derision, scorn, etc.).
484Hujahproof, evidence. berhujah argue, adduce arguments.
487Hujungsee UJUNG.
488Huk1. (Sport) hook. 2. (coll. ) 1) corner (of room). 2) intersection.
489Huk-Huk1 sound of coughing. 2 coughing.
490Hukum1 law. 2 verdict.
491Hukuman1 punishment 2 prisoner .
492Hulamsee ULAM.
493Hulerrice huller.
494Hulu1. 1) upper course (of river). 2) beginning of s.t. (in set phrases). peng-hulu see PENGHULU. 2. 1) upper end (of a pole). 2) hilt. 3) top of head, head (in certain phrases only).
495Hulubalang1 commander, war chief. 2 district chief (in Aceh).
496Hulursee ULUR 1.
497Huma1 field for dry rice cultivation. 2 newly cleared land for agriculture.
498Humaniorathe humanities.
500Humas[Hubungan Masyarakat] public relations.
501Humbalangsee HEMBALANG.
505Hun(China) unit of measure for weight (1/10 tael) or lenght (1/12 inch).
506Huncue(China) tobacco pipe.
507Hunioccupy, dwell or reside in.
508Hunjamstuck, inserted.
509Hunjuksee UNJUK.
510Hunkwek.o. gelatin made from mung bean flour.
511Hunusunsheathed (sword, dagger).
512Hunyisee HUNI.
513Hup-Hupexclamation to encourage o. to jump.
514HuraHooray ! (exclamation of pleasure, delight). ber-hura shout hurrah.
515Hura-Hura(sl. ) not to be taken seriously.
516Huriah(Sumatra) district.
517Huru-Hara1 disturbance. 2 hurly-burly. 3 riot.
518Hurufletter, characters.
519Hurufuahsee HARFIAH.
520Hurungsee URUNG.
521Hurupsee HURUF.
522Hushush ! be quiet !
523Husapsee USAP.
524Husaren-Slak.o. vegetable and fruit salad with mayonnaise and sometimes bits of cold meats.
525HuseHurrah !
526Hussain(islam) grandson of muh. martyred in religious war. Hussain's and his brother Hassan's deaths are commemorated on asyura.
527Hustissee HOSTES.
528Husuksee KHUSYU.
529Husussee KHUSUS.
530Husysee HUS.
531Hut(Zod. ) Pisces.
532Hutanwoods, forest.
533Hutangdebt, obligation.
534Hutanganhaving a debt.
535Huyungter-huyung-huyung stagger, falter.
536Hvs[houstvrij schrijfpapier] bond paper of 60-100 gram thickness (lit. , bondpaper free of wood).
537Hwa-Hwe(China) popular game of numbers for gambling.
538Hwee(Cina) association.
539Hyangtittle of authochthonous or Hindu deity. Wisnu Vishnu.
540Hydrolistriksee HIDROLISTRIK.
541Hygienesee HIGIENE.
542Hygienissee HIGIENIS.
544Hypertensisee HIPERTENSI.
545Hypnotisirsee HIPNOTISIR.

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