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1Gg, the 7th letter of the alphabet.
2G.1. (gunung) mt., mount. 2. (gerakan) movement.
3G30s[Gerakan 30 September] September 30th Movement, the 1965 attempt to seize control of the gvt.
4Gaangmole cricket.
5Gaba-Gaba(Ambon) 1 garlands and other decorations made of palm fronds. 2 bamboo gate decorated with garlands of fronds, etc. 3 roof of sago palm fronds. 4 dried sago palm stems, esp. as building material.
6GabagGerman measles.
7Gabahunhulled paddy separated from the stalks.
8Gabaisee GAPAI.
9Gabak1. cloudy, overcast. meng-gabak gloomy, dark. 2. see GABAG.
11Gabas1. in a hurry, hurriedly. 2. rough, coarse, not tidy.
12Gabirclumsy, awkward, maladroit.
13Gableg,Gablek(Java) be capable of doing s.t.
14Gabruksound of banging.
15Gabug,Gabuk1 empty (of rice, kernels, etc.). 2sterile. 3 childless.
16Gabung1 bundle, sheaf. 2 cluster.
17Gabus1. 1) k.o. tree, the soft wood of which is used as cork, scraper, etc. 2) cork. 2. k.o. wiely eaten freshwater fish, snakehead.
18Gacok,Gacukthe marble, card, etc. which o. picks as the means of winning in children's game of marbles, cards, etc., where the object is to accumulate marbles, etc.
19Gadaclub, bludgeon, cudgel.
20Gada-Gadaship's weathervane.
21Gadai1 pawning. 2 security. ber-gadai borrow money by pawning s.t.
22Gadang1. large, big. rumah-gadang (Minang) large sprawling house,esp. the matrilineal clan house. 2. large sieve. 3. ber-gadang see BEGADANG.
23Gadang-Gadangmeng-gadang hope for s.t.
24Gadarsee KADAR 1.
25Gadasbowling pin.
26Gadensee SURAT.
27Gading1 elephant tusk. 2 ivory. 3 ivory color.
28Gading-Gading1 joist, truss. 2 ribs of ship.
29Gadis1 girl. 2 maiden, virgin.
30Gadomeng-gado eat side dishes without rice. gado-gado 1 k.o. salad eaten with peanut sauce. 2 s.t. consisting of various elements.
31Gaduh1. 1) noisy. 2) boisterous, rowdy. 3) tumult. 2. meng-gaduh farm s.o.'s land or raise s.o.'s animals for a share in the product.
32Gadukarrogant, conceited.
33Gadungk.o. creeping edible tuber which is toxic if not cooked properly.
34Gadunganfake, bogus, imitation.
35Gae, Gaek(coll. ) old.
36Gaethook, snare. meng-gaet 1 snatch, hook. 2 rake in. 3 tickle with fingers to catch s.o.'s attention.
37Gagasee GOGO 1.
38Gagah1 strong. 2 brawny, muscular. 3 handsome, dashing. 4 heroic, brave, dauntless.
39Gagaimeng-gagai climb a tree by embracing the trunk.
40Gagakraven, crow.
42Gagang1 handle. 2 stem, stalk, spadix.
43Gagap1. stammer, stutter. 2. meng-gagap feel, grope.
44Gagashave an idea.
45Gagasan1 idea. 2 concept.
46Gagau1. meng-gagau grope. 2. ber-gagau-gagau-an scream uncontrollably.
47Gagu1 mute, dumb. 2 empty-minded, void of ideas.
48Gaguksee gagap 1.
49Gaharmeng-gahar scrub, scour.
50Gahara(lit. ) of royal descent.
52Gaharuk.o. tree eaglewood, the rotted xylem of which yields fragrant resinous material.
53Gaib1 mysterious. 2 invisible, hidden, inscrutable (meaning, etc.). 3 disappear, vanish (of gods, etc.) 4 belonging to the invisible (divine or supernatural) sphere. 5 in absence.
54Gaing(naut. ) sheer.
55Gairah,Gairatpassion, strong desire.
56Gaitmeng-gait 1 pull, book, pluck (fruit, etc. with a pole). 2 wheedle money, etc. from s.o.). 3 swipe, steal, purloin.
57Gajah1 elephant. gajah-mada 1) the Prime Minister of Majapahit. 2) name of a university in Yogyakarta. 2. (che. ) bishop.
58Gajiwage, salary.
59Gajih(Java) fatty portions of meat.
61Gajulscoundrel, rascal. ber-gajul 1 hang around engaging in petty criminal activities. 2 act like a scoundrel.
62Gaksee NGGAK.
63Gakang(ga'ang) see GAANG.
64Gala1. resin, pitch. 2 caulking. 3 a resin-collecting bee. gala-gala putty. 2. gala-yudha (mil. ) field test. 3. main-gala-asin k.o. children's game. 4. see SEGALA.
65Galah1. 1) punting pole. 2) spear. 2. see GALA 3.
66Galak1 fierce, vicious. 2 sharp and mean. 3 impudent, forward.
68Galanggirder, supporting beam.
70Galantingalantine, k.o. meatloaf.
71Galar1 k.o. mat made of bamboo pounded flat. 2 board, two-by-four.
72Galas1 carrying pole. 2 goods carried on a shoulder pole. 2 peddle merchandise (carried in containers suspended from carrying poles).
73Galasi(Jakarta) k.o. poisonous spider.
74Galatsee RALAT.
75Galauhubbub, confusion.
76Galbanimeng-galbani galvanize.
77Galengan(Java) small dike in rice field.
78Galenikak.o. patent medicine.
79Galgalhurried and rude (in activity, behavior, etc.).
80Gali1. meng-gali 1) dig ( hole, well, mine, grave). 2) dig up (potatoes, etc.), excavate, unearth, exhume. 3) delve. 4) unearth, discover. 2. [gabungan anak liar] ( sl. ) 1) gang of street toughs. 2) racketeers.
82Galingsee IKAL.
83Galing-Galingk.o. wild climbing vine.
84Galir1 loose (of screws, key, ring, etc.). 2 fluent, glib, articulate. 3 agile, nimble, spry.
86GalunganBalinese celebration, lasting 10 days and occurring once every 210 days according to the wuku calendar.
87Galur1 furrow, groove. 2 channel.
88Galuranprobing back into s.t.
89Galvanisasimeng-galvanisasi-kan galvanize.
90Gama(Gajah Mada) Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta.
91Gamakmeng-gamak-gamak 1 take s.t. in hand to feel size or estimate its weight. 2 estimate, make a guess. 3 put o.'s hand threateningly on the hilt of a dagger.
92Gamalisasiplanting of gamal trees to eliminate elephant grass.
93Gamamsee GAMANG.
94Gamanweapon. ber-gaman armed.
95Gamang1 nervouse, afraid. 2 feel dizzy from heights.
96Gamatsea cucumber, sea slug.
97Gamawanmale student at Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta.
98Gamawatifemale tudent at Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta.
99Gamb.[gambar] illustration, picture.
100Gambangtraditional instrument similar to xylophone. gambang-keromong 1 small popular Chinese-Indonesian orchestra. 2 Jakarta gamelan.
102Gambar1 picture, drawing. 2 sketch.
103Gambask.o. squash.
104Gambir1 gambier, ingredient used in betel chewing, tanning and dyeing. 2 the climbing plant that produces gambier.
105Gamblang(Java) 1 clear, understandable.2 explicit, mincing no words.
106Gamblokng-gamblok 1 be attached to, hold on to. 2 join.
107Gambuh(Java) 1 a make dancer. 2 k.o. dance.
108Gambus1 k.o. six-stringed, plucked instrument of Arabic origin, us. accompanied by a drum. 2 band with such an instrument or a harmonium and with other instruments plaing Arabian songs.
109Gambut1 peat moss. 2 turf.
110Gambyong(Java) k.o. woman's dance. ng-gambyong perform this dance
111Game(gim) 1 expression signalling end of a game. 2 (sl. ) dead.
112Gamelangamelan orchestra.
113Gamiksee GAMIT.
114Gamisk.o. Arab-style shirt.
115Gamitber-gamit(an) 1 nudge, atap s.o. on the shoulder, arm. 2 attract s.o.'s attention.
117Gamparstike, slap.
118Gamparan1 slap, stroke. 2 wooden clog, flapping slipper.
120Gamuhk.o. water jar.
121Gansee JURAGAN.
122Gana-Ginisee GONO-GINI.
123Ganangsee GUNUNG.
124Ganassavage, ferocious, vicious. 2 malignant (tumor).
125Gancangquick, spray, alert.
126Gancaran(Java) prose.
127Ganco, Gancu1 pole with a hook (e.g. to pluck fruit from trees). 2 boat hook. 3 pickax.
128Ganda1. fold. 2. 1) opponent of unequal strength. 2) (Sport) handicap.
129Gandalgandal-an, peng-gandal obstache, hindrance.
130Gandapitak.o. cake.
131Gandapurak.o. tree whose fragrant leaves are used for medicinal purposes and whose seeds smell like musk.
132Gandar1. 1) lever, arm of scales. 2) axle of wheel. 3) carrying pole. 2. drive a vehicle.
133Gandaria,Gandariahko. tree bearing edible fruit, used for medicinal purposes.
134Gandarukamk.o. tree that provides resin used for caulking, soap, etc.
135Gandarusavarious k.o. small trees the leaves of which are used for medicinal purposes.
136Gandaruwasee GENDRUWO.
137Gandasulik.o. medicinal herb.
138Gandelclapper (bell).
139Gandensee GANDIN.
140Gandengber-gandeng 1 side by side, arm in arm. 2 coupled.
141Ganderuwosee GENDRUWO.
142Gandes(Java) graceful, charming, elegant.
143Gandik1 golden ornament worn on forehead by bride. 2 ornament on top of a kris. 3 milling stone.
144Gandinlarge mallet.
145Gandingsee GANDENG.
146Gandolsee GANDUL.
147Gandosk.o. cookie made of rice flour and coconut.
148Gandrung1 infatuated, in love, crazy about. 2 devoted to a cause.
149Ganduk.o. flat black seed as marble.
150Ganduhber-, meng- barter, exchange by providing s.t. extra in the exchance.
151Gandulber-gandul-an hang down (of several things).
152Gandum1 wheat. 2 wheat flour.
154Gandungansee GADUNGAN.
155GanesaGanesha, Hindu elephant god.
156Gang1. 1) alley, narrow street. 2) corridor, passageway. 2. gang (of thieves, etc.).
157Ganggang1. algae, seaweed. 2. space between two objects. 3. ber-gangang 1) warm o.s. by a fire. 2) warm things on a fire.
158Ganggumeng-ganggu 1 disturb. 2 disturb, intrude on, interfere with. 3 annoy, molest.
159Ganggutmeng-ganggut pull, tug.
160Gangsa1. brass. 2. k.o. meat dish. meng-gangsa fry with little oil. 3. see ANGSA.
161Gangsalsee GASAL.
162Gangsangsee GASANG.
163Gangsarsee GANGSIR.
164Gangsingsee GASING.
165Gangsir(Java) mole cricket. meng-gangsir undermine, dig a tunnel, furrow. peng-gangsir s.t. that burrows.
166Ganja1 hemp plant. 2 hashish, marijuana. peng-ganja drug addict.
167Ganjakber-ganjak budge, move a bit.
168Ganjal1 a wedge. 2 a prop, support.
170Ganjaran1 reward. 2 just deserts, punishment, retribution.
171Ganjat1 have a cramp (in muscles, etc.). 2 tangled (of thread, etc.).
172Ganjelsee GANJAL.
173Ganjen(coll. ) coquettish.
174Ganjil1 uneven, odd (of numbers). 2 queer, odd, abnormal.
175Ganjur1. k.o. lance or pike. meng-ganjur-i spear s.t. 2. k.o. rice borer. 3. ber-ganjur withdraw, pull back.
176Gantangmeasure of rice equivalent to 3.125 kg, around o. quart.
177Gantarstake, post.
178Gantel1. (Java) meng-gantel-i hang from. 2. stick.
179Gantenghandsome, dashing.
180Gantet(Java, Jakarta) stick.
181Gantholsee GANTOL.
182Ganti1 substitute, replacement. 2 change (name, clothes, etc.). 3 over (of radio operators).
183Gantol(Java) meng-gantol catch with a large hook. gantol-an good-sized hook to sieze with.
184Gantolehang glider.
185Gantungmeng-gantung 1 hang (a person) 2 hang up (clothes). 3 adjourn, suspend (a legal case) 4 be suspended.
186Ganyahmeng-ganyah 1 polish (with sandpaper, etc.). 2 rub or massage vigorously, scrub. 3 strike hard (with a fist).
187Ganyangmeng-ganyang 1 eat raw, devour. 2 smash, crush. 3 eliminate, wipe out.
188Ganyarhard (of uncooked tubers).
189Ganyong(Java, Sunda) k.o. edible tuber.
190Ganyutsee GANYAR.
191Gaok(Java) 1 k.o. bird, crow. 2 cawing sound. meng-gaok caw.
192Gap1 sound of slapping on a table. 2 sound of heartbeat.
193Gapa,Gapah1. skillful, adroit, agile. 2. gapah see GOPOH.
194Gapaiber-an, meng-(2) 1 reach for, extend the hand for,grasp after. 2 wave (o.'s hand) to. 3 achieve, attain.
195Gapaksee GAPA.
196Gapiksee GOPOH.
197Gapilmeng-gapil interfere in.
198Gapitpincers, tweezers, clamp.
200Gaplekdried cassava.
201Gaplok(Java) meng-gaplok slap s.o. on the back.
202Gapmni[Gabubgab Pengusaha Makanan - Minuman] Association of Food and Drink Producers.
203Gapumeng-gapu reach, extend to.
204Gapuragate, gateway, portal.
205Gara-Gara1 (Java) scene in traditional wayang depicting turbulence and war. 2 turbulence, commotion (in war or of nature). 3 natural phenomenon (earthquake, typhoon, etc.). regarded as an omen (us, bad). 4 just be cause (of).
206Garage[garase] see GARASI.
207Garah1. frighten away, chase away (birds, etc.). 2. garah-garah joking, jesting.
208Garam1 salt. 2 a mineral salt. 3 experience, effectiveness (in idioms).
209Garan(Java) handle.
210Garandirmeng-garandir guarantee.
211Garang1) fierce, cruel, ferocious. 2) vivid (of colors). 3) very strong. 4) angry.
213Garansiguarantee, warrant.
214Garapmeng-garap work on.
215Garas1. shin. 2. meng-garas eat, gobble up.
218Garba, Garbha(biol. ) embryo.
219Garbis(Java) k.o. round, yellow and black melon.
221Gardan(auto. ) differential gear.
222Garden,Gardinsee GORDEN.
223Gardu1 guardhouse. 2 bus shelter. 3 (mil. ) depot, dump, magazine. 4 (tech. ). relay station.
224Garebek(Java) o. of the three major Muslim religious festivals.
225Gareng(Java) k.o. cicada that appears at end of rainy season. Gareng son of Semar in Java shadow play.
226Garihandcuffs. meng-gari handcuff, shackle, manacle.
227Garibstrange, peculiar, exotic.
228Garing1 dry and crispy, crunchy. 2 cool (of a relationship).
229Garis1 line. 2 (Sport) finish line. 3 frontier, border. 4 (Sport) boundaries, bounds.
231Garit1. scratch. 2. meng-garit move.
232Garneren,Garnering[harneren,harnering] (coll. 0 cake icing or decoration.
233Garnisun(mil. ) garrison.
236Garu1. harrow. 2. see GAHARU.
237Garuda1 mythical bird, mounted by god Vishnu. 2 bird in official seal of Rerpublic of Indonesia.
238Garukround up.
239Garung1. meng-garung 1 grow, roar. 2 cry or weep loudly. 2 see GARONG.
240Garutmeng-garut abrade, chafe.
241Garwa/garwo/ (Honorific, Java) spouse.
242Gas1 gas. 2 vapor from gasoline.
243Gasak1 fight. 2 hit.
244Gasal(math. ) uneven, odd (of a number).
245Gasanglustful, lecherous, lascivious.
246Gasinga top. ber-gasing spin a top.
250Gatal1 itch. 2 eager for s.t. (money, etc., but esp. sex). 1 itchiness. 2 irritation.
251Gatot(Java) sliced dried cassava boiled with coconut milk.
252Gatraphrase (in a sentence or in music).
253Gatuk(Java) match, meet, coincide.
254Gatutkacason of Bima, o. of the Pendawa brothers in the Java wayang.
255Gaulber-gaul associate.
256Gaungown, Wedding dress.
257Gaung1. echo, reverberation. 2. hole, ravine.
258Gawaisee GAWE.
259Gawalmistake, error.
260Gawang1 gate. 2 (Sport) goal posts. 3 (Sport) hurdles. gawang-gawang-an wicket.
261Gawarwarning sign (us. by means of ropes).
262Gawat1 critical, serious, grave. 2 dangerous, risky. 3 bad, terrible.
263Gawe(Jakarta, Java) work.
264Gawir(Sunda) escarpment.
265Gaya1 energy, force. 2 style, form, manner. 3 musical note, melody.
266Gayal1 elastic. 2 tough of meat.
267Gayamk.o. semicultivated Inocarpus tree with pulpy fruits eaten cooked.
268Gayangstaggering, reeling (from dizziness, drunkenness, etc.).
269Gayang-Gayanga rack.
270Gayem(Java) meng-gayem(i) chew the cud.
271Gayeng(Java) 1 pleasant, warm, cordial (attitude). 2 cheerful, interesting (conversation).
272Gayuh1. hang low (of fruit on tree or bush). 2. aspiration, ideal, objective. meng-gayuh achieve.
273Gayung1 water dipper, scoop. 2. attack(with sword or blow).
274Gayutber-gayut hang, swing.
275Gb.(gambar) illustration.
276Gbhn[Garis-garis Besar Haluan Negara] (pol. 0 Broad Outlines of the Nation's Direction.
277Gbr.see GB.
278Gebahmeng-gebah chase away, chase out.
279Gebang(Java) tall thornless jungle palm with large leaves.
280Gebarsee KAIN.
281Geber1. meng-geber vibrate (of an engine). 2. meng-geber give too much of s.t.
282Gebesmeng-gebes-kan move s.t.
283Geblak(Java) ng-geblak fall backward.
284Geblas(Java) meng-geblas go away hurriedly.
285Gebleksee GOBLOK.
286Geblok(Java) 1 bolt of cloth. 2 wad of money.
287Gebokbolt of cloth.
288Gebos1. meng-gebos scold, snap at, sanarl at. 2. (Java) meng-gebos suddenly let off smoke.
289Gebraksound of a door slamming, board crashing to floor, etc.
290Gebrakan1 (karate) blow, chop. 2 blow, slap (on table, etc.).
291Gebres(Java) sneeze.
292Gebumeng-gebu-gebu 1 flare up (of fire, revolt). 2 rage. 3 be tense and excited with enthusiasm, worked up for action.
293Gebukmeng-gebuk beat (a drum). meng-gebuk-i pummel, beat up.
294Gebyah(Java) meng-gebyah-uyah consider all to be the same, make no distinction.
295Gebyak(Java) meng-gebyak perform, stage.
296Gebyar(Java) sparkle, shine, glitter.
297Gebyur(Java) meng-gebyur splash a large amount of water on s.o. or s.t. gebyur-an water splashed out.
298Gecaksee GECEK.
299Gecartrembling, fright. meng-gecar shudder, tremle (from fear).
300Gecek(Java) meng-gecek 1 crush, smash (i.e. food to soften it, etc.). 2 catch, seize, grasp.
301Gedabahtriangle-shaped gold hair ornament.
302Gedang1. large, big. meng-gedang-kan enlarge, increase, expand. 2. (Sunda) papaya.
303Gede(coll. ) big, large. ke-gede-an too big. peng-gede (sl. ) big shot.
304Gedebakgedebak-gedebuk/gedebur 1 sound of s.t. heavy having fallen. 2 sound of footsteps on a floor. meng-gedebuk-kan stamp s.t. down hard.
305Gedebar-Gedebursound of beating or throbbing, beat or throb.
306Gedeblak-Gedebluksound of wrestling and fighting.
307Gedebok1. (Java) trunk of a banana plant, esp. as a place to arrange wayang puppets. 2. see GEDEBUK.
308Gedebrak-Gedebrukloud sound of s.t. heavy falling, very loud stamping of the feet.
309Gedebuksound of heavy footsteps. ber-gedebuk with a thud. (ber)-gedebuk-an make a pounding or thudding noise.
310Gedebumsee GEDEBUK.
311Gedebungsquare of cloth formed into a pouch often for betel leaves and tobacco.
312Gedebursee GEDEBAR-GEDEBUR.
313Gedekpanel of woven or plaited bamboo (for house walls, etc.).
315Gedempolfat, obese.
316Gedeng(Java) sheaf (of rice).
317Gedobros(Java) ng- talk nonsense.
318Gedokmeng-gedok weave. gedok-an primitive handloom.
319Gedombrongan(coll. ) too large (of clothes).
320Gedoncakber-gedoncak beat (of heart).
321Gedongfancy house, mansion.
322Gedonganhaving or living in a large, stone house.
323Gedormeng-gedor 1 pound on. 2 break in to plunder.
324Gedruk(Java) meng-gedruk stamp. gedruk-an stamping (of feet).
325Gedubrak(Java) meng-gedubrak make a sudden popping or crashing noise.
326Gedubrangsee GEDUBRAK.
327Gedumbrengsound of jangling or clanking (e.g. of cans banging against e.o.). gedubrang-an keep making this sound.
328Gedumelsee KEDUMEL.
329Gedungbuilding (us. of brick concrete), edifice. gedung-bertingkat multistoried building. gedung-instansi 1 public building. 2 building owned by a firm.
330Geduyutber-geduyut droop, bend (from heavy branches, etc.).
331Gegabahrash, reckless, hasty.
332Gegaksee GEGAP 1.
333Gegamanhand weapon.
334Gegaokan(Java) caw.
335Gegapgegap-gempita uproarious, noisy, clamorous.
336Gegarshaking, swaying. ber-gegar-an tremble, shake, rumble (plurally).
337Gegaresstuff, gorge o.s.
338Gegaslots of movement and activity. ber-gegas-an hurry.
339Gegat1. k.o. insect, silverfish. 2 see KEGAT.
340Gegauter-gegau starled, wake up with a start.
341Gegeppliers, tweezers.
342Geger1 commotion, tumult. 2 be in a tumult.
343Gegetuksee GETUK 1.
344Gegetunsurprised, dumbfounded.
345Geguyonjoke, make a joke.
346Gejala1 symptom, indication. 2 tendency. peng-gejala-an process of be coming conspicuous.
347Gejolak1 flaming, fire. 2 fluctuation (in prices).
348Gejossound of sizzling (when water is poured over hot coals, etc.).
349Gejug(Java) meng-gejug kick in fighting (in martial arts, dance). gejug-an kick, blow with the feet.
350Gejujumeng-gejuju build up, pile up (of clouds).
351Gelabaksee GELETAK.
352Gelaburmeng-gelabur plunge into water.
353Geladahsee GELEDAH.
354Geladak1. (naut. ) deck. 2. 1) mongrel dog. 2) criminal.
356Geladir1 mucus, phlegm. 2 slime.
357Gelagahwild sugarcane.
358Gelagaksee GELEGAK.
359Gelagapan1 stutter, stammer. 2 confused, flustered, upsed. 3 losing direction. 4 make gasping noises when drowning.
360Gelagarber-gelagar-an thunder (of cannons).
361Gelagat1 sign, indication. 2 symptom. 3 attitude. 4 habits.
362Gelagepansee GELAGAPAN.
363Gelak1 laughter. 2 laugh, chortle.
364Gelakakhearty laugh.
365Gelamk.o.Melaleuca tree and its bark which is used for caulking.
366Gelama1. k.o. sea fish. 2. mucus, phlegm.
367Gelamaisweet made of pounded sticky rice, coconut, and sugar. meng-gelamai prepare this sweet.
368Gelambirwattle of fowl, jowls, or other watterlike skinfold in animals. ber-(an), meng-gelambir hang down like jowls.
369Gelandang(Sport) halfback.
370Gelandanganvagrant, homeless drifter.
371Gelangbracelet. gelang-gelang tapeworm. per-gelang-an circle.
372Gelanggang1 circular area in which an event takes place : arena, forum, pit, ring. 2 a round area which forms the backround for s.t.
373Gelangsarmeng-gelangsar slide, slip up.
374Gelantarmeng-gelantar bleach, dry in the sun.
375Gelanting,Gelantungber-gelantung hang down, dangle, steady o.s. by holding onto s.t. above.
376Gelanturmeng-gelantur flow forth, come forth.
377Gelap1 dark. 2 unclear, obscure. 3 secret, illicit, clandestine(organization). peng-gelap embezzler.
378Gelapaimeng-gelapai fight feebly (of cocks).
379Gelar1. 1) title. 2) academic title, degree. 3) alias. 2. meng-gelar spread out. gelar-an carpet, mat to sit on.
380Gelasglass (for drinking). meng-gelas coat kite string with ground glass.
381Gelatak1. meng-gelatak tickle. 2. meng-gelatak-i hunt or search through (pockets, drawers, etc.0.
382Gelatikk.o. bird that eats rice crops, Java finch.
384Gelayutsee GAYUT.
385Gelebapsound of an object falling, plop.
386Gelebarber-, ter flap (of sail, shirt, tail, etc.). meng-gelebar plop o.s. down.
387Geleber,Geleberanhang loosely, hang in folds (of skin, clothing).
388Gelebuksound of an object falling.
389Geleburmeng-gelebur plunge, jump into (a fire, etc.).
390Gelebyarber-fly around.
391Gelecek,Gelecikmeng-gelecek skid, slip, slide.
392Geledahmeng-geledah search (a building), frisk (a person), ransack.
393Geledangmeng-geledang extend the arms (as if to ward or hold off s.t. or s.o.).
394Geledekthunder, lightning.
395Geledingmeng-geleding twist, warp (of wood, etc.).
396Geledurhave folds (of fat around the abdomen).
397Gelegakber-, meng- 1 buble, effervesce, fizz, seethe. 2 wheeze. meng-gelegak-kan bring to a boil, make s.t. seethe or wheeze.
398Gelegapansee GELAGAPAN.
399Gelegar1. (floor) beam, girder, joint. 2. thundering, rumbling, sound of cannon.
400Gelegataitchy rash, prickly heat.
401Gelek1. meng-gelek 1 roll over. 2 roll. 3 run over, crush as in mortar. 4 dodge, get out of the way. 2. (sl. ) marijuana.
402Gelekakmeng-peel (of paint, scabs, etc.).
403Gelekekmeng-gelekek giggle, snicker.
404Gelemat(naut. ) forecastle.
405Gelemberanwattle of fowl.
406Gelembung1 bubble. 2 (anat. ) vesicle. 3 swollen. ber-, meng-gelembung be inflated.
408Gelempangsee GELIMPAH.
409Gelemprangber-gelemprang high-pitched, piercing (of sound).
410Gelendongs.t. to wind s.t. around : bobbin, spool, coil, reel.
411Gelendotmeng-gelendot pull to attract attention.
412Gelengmove from side to side (of o.'s head) geleng-an a shake of the head.
413Gelenggangsee GELINGGANG.
414Gelentangber-gelentang roll over.
415Gelentarsee GELETAR.
416Gelenyarmeng-gelenyar tingle.
417Gelepaksag, collapse (of bridge, etc.).
419Gelepekhang loosely, hang limply (of flag, etc.).
420Gelepok/gelepot/ muddy, muddied.
421Gelepungsound of heavy object hitting water.
422Gelepurflapping, fluttering (of dying or fighting fowl).
423Gelersee GILIR.
424Gelesermeng-geleser 1 begin to turn, begin movement. 2 flutter, move agitatedly.
425Geletalong-necked jug.
426Geletakflounder, flutter. meng-geletak sprawl.
427Geletarber-, meng-geletar 1 shiver, tremble. 2 beat (of o.'s heart).
428Geletikmeng-geletik 1 move agitatedly, twitch, squirm. 2 make tick-tock sound (of watch or clock). 3 throb, beat (of o.'s heart).
429Geletingmeng-tinkle (as of ice in a glass).
430Geletismeng-geletis twitch, squirm.
431Geletukchattering (of teeth).
432Geli1. 1) amused, tickled. 2) ticklish. 3) set o.'s teeth on edge, give o. the creeps. 2. see BUAH.
433Geliang,Geliang-Geliutwrithe, wriggle. ber-geliang wriggle, squirm.
434Geliatgeliat-geliut writhe, wriggle.
435Gelibirsee GELIMBIR.
436Gelicikmeng-gelicik-kan avoid, evade. ter-gelicik skid, slip.
437Geligasee GULIGA.
438Geligisee GIGI.
439Geligirgeligir-hidung bridge of nose.
440Geligismeng-geligis 1 tremble, quiver, shudder, shake. 2 chatter (of teeth).
441Geligitmeng-geligit bite repeatedly.
442Gelimangber-gelimang be soiled, smeared, covered with s.t. wet. gelimang-an shallow pools of liquid, mud, etc.
443Gelimbirhang loosely, hang in folds. meng-gelimbir dangle, be pendulous. gelimbir-an sagging.
444Gelimpah, Gelimpangber-gelimpah-an be sprawled face up all over.
445Gelinangmeng-gelinang form in the corners of the eyes (of tears).
446Gelincirmeng-gelincir slip, skid.
447Gelincuhter-gelincuh stumble.
450Gelinggam1 red lead. 2 red dye, red paint.
451Gelinggamanshudder, get the creeps.
452Gelinggangk.o. shrub, used to treat ringworm.
453Gelingsirber-, meng-gelingsir 1 slide or slip down while revolving. 2 descend, go down (of the sun). 3 shift or move downward or forward.
454Gelinjangmeng-gelinjang 1 jump up and down. 2 wriggle with pleasure.
455Gelintangter-gelintang sprawled.
456Gelintinber-gelinting 1 sticky. 2 thick, concentrated.
457Gelintingmeng-gelinting 1 roll (cigarette, etc.). 2 writhe, squirm.
458Gelintir1 pellet. 2 counter used with small pelletlike objects. 3 counter used with persons. 4 a general all-purpose counter.
459Gelis(Sunda) lovely, pretty.
460Gelisah1 nervous, on edge, restless. 2 worried, concerned.
461Gelisirmeng-gelisir slide s.t. a short distance.
462Gelitasee GULITA.
463Gelitarmeng-gelitar struggle, move about to free o.s.
464Gelitik1 tickle, tickling. 2 stimulus, incitement, inducement.
465Geliutber-geliut writhe, squirm.
466Gelo(Java) be disappointed and therefore be hurt and angry.
467Gelo,Gelok1 out of o.'s mind, crzy. 2 unmannered, foolish.
468Gelobokmeng-gelobok make a sound like a bottle being filled with water.
469Gelocaksee GELOJAK.
470Gelodar1. meng-gelodar squirm, writhe. 2. turbid from mud.
471Gelogok1. swig (of whiskey), gulp (of water). meng-gelogok 1) gulp down. 2) seethe, boil. 3) spill a large quantity. 2. a threat.
472Gelohokter-gelohok opened wide.
473Gelojakber-, ter-gelojak slap, wash against (of waves against side of boat).
474Gelojoh1 gluttonous. 2 greedy.
475Gelokaksee GELOPAK.
476Gelomangsee GELUMANG.
477Gelombang1 a long unbroken wave or swell. 2 phase, facet.
478Gelomparmeng-gelombar leap or jump up.
479Gelondang(ber)-gelondang-an make a resounding sound (e.g. an empty can).
480Gelondongroll, bunch.
481Gelonengsmall gong.
482Gelonggongber-gelonggong eat through, nibble at.
483Gelongsorsee GELOSOR.
484Gelonjakjumping up and down. meng-gelonjang arise.
485Gelontormeng-gelontor 1 spray with water in order to remove s.t. 2 drink a great deal.
486Gelopakmeng-gelopak peel off (of bark, paint, etc.).
487Gelora1. 1) seething, tempestuousness, turbulence. 2) enthusiasm, violent passion. ber-, 2. [gelanggang olahraga] Sport Stadium.
488Gelosangmeng-gelosang hurry up, speed s.o. up.
489Gelosokmeng-gelosok rub hard, scrub vigorously.
490Gelosorber-gelosor slip. meng-gelosor slide down.
491Gelotakmeng-gelotak split a coconut shell.
492Gelotrakrattle. meng-gelotrak rattle (of chains).
493Geludukdeep, far-off thunder. ber-geluduk thunder, rumble.
494Gelugared lead.
495Gelugurk.o. forest tree with yellow edible fruits similar to mangosteen but sour.
496Gelugutmeng-gelugut shiver from cold, chatter (of teeth).
498Gelukcoconut shell.
499Gelulurmeng-gelulur 1 slide down, fall. 2 slip down (of trousers).
500Gelumangmuddied, wet with s.t. dirty.
501Gelumbangsee GELOMBANG.
502Geluncursee GELINCIR.
503Gelundung1. ber-gelundung-an roll downward (of several things). 2. see GELONDONG.
504Gelung1 coil (of rope, etc.), bun of hair. 2 curve, turn.
505Gelungsursee GELOSOR.
506Geluntung(ber)geluntung-an laze around in bed.
507Gelunturmeng-geluntur glide, slide, ride smoothly along.
508Gelupfall out, drop out (of teeth).
509Gelupursee GELEPUR.
510Gelusakmeng-gelusak trouble, throw *thoughts, etc.)into turnmoil.
511Gelut1 wrestle. 2 romp, play in rough-and-tumble fashion. 3 quarrel.
512Gelutuksee GELETUK.
513Geluyursee KELUYUR.
514Gemawcho, reverberate.
515Gemacaplaited bamboo for walls and ceiling.
516Gemah-Ripah(Java) very prosperous.
517Gemak1. meng-gemak-gemak handle, finger. 2. k.o. wild quail.
518Gemalbunch (of twigs, paddy), sheaf. meng-gemal 1 put together in sheaf or bunch. 2 hold, grasp.
519Gemalamagic stone, probably bezoar.
520Gemanafraid, frightened. peng-gemani coward.
521Gemang1. thick, cylinder-shaped (long, etc.). 2. k.o. fish.
522Gemapter-gemap astounded, dumbfounded.
523Gemarbe fond of, delight in.
524Gemas1 annoyed, put out, irritated. 2 passionate, with heat. 3 be moved emotionally to do s.t. physical from anger, love, etc.
525Gemawanclouds moving rapidly by in sky.
526Gembala1 shepherd, herdsman. 2 (rel. ) shepherd (of the flock). meng-gembala-(i ) tend, look a fter.
528Gembar-Gemborranting. meng-gembar-gembor-kan propagandize, tout, shout about.
529Gembelsee JEMBEL.
530Gemberengsee GEMBRENG.
531Gembilisee KEMBILI.
532Gembira1 glad, happy. 2 cheerful, gay.
533Gemblengber-, ter-gembleng united, welded into o. meng-gembleng unite. peng-gembleng-an unification.
534Gemblokmeng-gemblok-i cling to.
536Gembolmeng-gembol carry (in baf, pocket, piece of cloth). gembol-an s.t. carried (in bag, etc.).
537Gembongleader, brains, prominent figure.
538Gembor1. see GEMBAR-GEMBOR. 2. watering can.
540Gembrengk.o. flat knobless gong.
541Gembrot(Java) big-bellied, paunchy.
542Gembul1. always hungry, never satisfied. 2. full, fat.
543Gembung1 swollen, distended, puffed (of stomach, cheek, etc.). 2 stuffed, filled.
544Gemburloose (of soil). 2 crumbly (of bread).
545Gemelaisee GEMULAI.
546Gemelegarsee GELEGAR 2.
547Gemelentamsound of booming cannon fire.
548Gemeletakshiver, chatter (of teeth).
549Gemeletapsound of tapping (of fingers on table or glass pane, etc.).
550Gemeletuksee GELETUK.
551Gemelintangfull of stars.
552Gemelugut1 shake, shiver (from cold). 2 shudder.
553Gementarsee GEMETAR.
554Gemercaksplatter, splashing.
555Gemerciksee GEMERICIK.
556Gemerencangsound of clanging.
557Gemerenciksound of splattering.
558Gemerencingsee GEMERINCING.
559Gemerencungsee GEMERENCANG.
560Gemeresik1 sound of rustling (of leaves). 2 sound of paper being crumpled.
561Gemeretaksound of chattering teeth.
562Gemeretuk/gemeretup/ sound of rattling or clanging.
563Gemericik/gemerincik/ sound of water flowing in a small stream.
564Gemerincingsound of clinking or tinkling (e.g. glass breaking, jingling money, etc.).
565Gemerlapshining, gleaming, sparkling brightly.
566Gemerocoksee GEMERCAK.
567Gemertak,Gemertakansound of a crack or rattle.
568Gemertuk,Gemertupsee GELETUK.
570Gemerutuksee GELETUK.
571Gemessee GEMAS.
572Gemetartremble. gemetar-an trembling, tremor.
573Gemisee IKAN.
574Gemikmeng-gemik signal with the finger.
575Gemilangbrilliant, shining, bright.
576Gemilapsee GEMERLAP, GILAP. ke-gemilap-an glitter.
577Geminasi(ling. ) gemination.
578Gemingber-geming keep quiet, be motionless.
579Geminte/kheminte/ (coll. ) municipality.
580Gempagempa-bumi earthquake. ber-gempa shake, jolt.
581Gempal1. sturdy, plump (of build). 2. see GUMPAL.
582Gemparuproar, commotion. ke-gempar-an tumult, stir.
583Gempeladhere, fuse.
584Gempet,Gempitmeng-gempet push into a corner.
585Gempil(Java) chipped,damaged. gempila-an chip, splinter, sliver.
586Gempitaloud. meng-gempita be noisy, loud.
587Gempul-Gempulpanting, out of breath.
588Gempur1 attack and destroy. 2 demolish (an argument, idea, etc.). 3 demolish.
589Gempuranattack, assault, charge, onslaught.
590Gemuk1 fat, corpulent, obese. 2 fat, grease. 3 rich (of oil). 4 fertilizer.
591Gemulai1 supple, pliant. 2 swaying (of leaves in wind, etc.).
592Gemulungrolling (of waves).
593Gemuruh1 thundering, cannonading. 2 camorous, tumultuous.
594Genah(Java) 1 proper. 2 straightened out, settled.
595Genangber-, meng-, ter- filling a place and not flowing (water). meng-genangi inundate, whelm s.t. genang-an puddle, flooded area (caused by water backup, etc.).
596Genap1exactly enough, whole. 2 even (numbers). se-genap all, entire.
597Gencarunceasing, incessant, unbroken.
598Gencat1 stopped, suspended. 2 stunted (in growth). ter-gencat 1 halted, stopped. 2 oppressed. gencat-an cessation.
599Gencersee GENCAR.
600Gencetmeng-gencet 1 (Jakarta) squeeze, press. 2 urge, press. 3 (Jakarta) crush. 4 suppress, crush.
601Gencetan1 physical or psychological pressure. 2 suppression.
602Gendak(Jakarta, Java) mistress, concubine.
603Gendalahindrance, obstacle.
604Gendang1. 1) k.o. drum. 2) mosque drum. 2. a roll (of paper).
605Gendeng(Java) dumb, stupid.
606Genderk.o. metallophone with keys suspended on thongs or cords over sounding tubes, a gamelan instrument.
607Genderangk.o. large drum.
608Genderuwosee GENDRUWO.
609Gendisee KENDI.
610Gending(Java) musical composition for gamelan.
611Gendirsee GENDER.
612Gendongmeng-gendong carry (esp. children) on the small of the back or the hip, supported by the waist and o. arm, often with the help of a cloth sling, carry (a child) astraddle.
613Gendruwo(Java) malevolent (male) spirit.
614Genduk(Java) 1 girl. 2 term of address for girls, esp. as nduk for little girls or for waitress or maid.
615Gendut1 corpulent, potbellied. 2 (coll. ) pregnant. 3 (coll. ) very profitable.
622Generatif(ling. ) generative.
625Genggamhandful. meng-genggam clutch, hold in o.'s grasp. genggam-an 1 s.t. held in the hand, a handful. 2 grasp, grip, clutch.
626Genggang1. 1) ajar, slightly open. 2) fissure, split. ber-, ter- be ajar (of a door, etc.). 2. gingham.
627Genggong1. 1) bamboo jew's harp. 2) harmonica. 2. (small) house surrounded by water.
628Gengsi1. (lit. ) collateral relative. 2. 1) prestige .2) (sl. ) put on airs.
629Gengsotk.o. dance. ng-gengsot dance such a dance.
632Genitfirtatious, vain.
633Genitif,Genitip(ling. ) genitive.
634Genjahearly-ripening (of certain rice or fruit varieties).
635Genjang1 askew. 2 (math. ) rhomboid, parallelogram.
636Genjerk.o. edible riverine plant.
637Genjer-Genjersong associated with Indonesian Communist party.
638Genjik(vul. ) an imprecation : you pig !
639Genjotmeng-genjot 1 operate a pedal or treadle. 2 do s.t. all at once, push s.t. to the limits. 3 (mil. ) attack (en masse).
640Genjurstiff (of hair).
641Gensisee GENGSI 2.
642Gentabell (in churches, worn by cattle, etc.). ber-genta ring out.
643Gentar1 vibrate (of plucked string), quiver. 2 tremble (with fear), fear.
644Gentas1 pinched off (with thumbnail), broken off (of stem of flower). 2 finished.
645Gentat(lit. ) dented.
646Gentayanganmeander, roam, ramble.
647Gentelpill, pellet.
648Gentengroof-tile. per-gentengan-an imbrication, overlapping.
649Gentiksee GETIK.
650Genting1. (lit. ) 1) narrow, thin, slender in the middle. 2) frayed, worn thin. 3) critical, tense. 2. see GENTENG.
651Gentonglarge earthenware bowl for water.
652Gentus(Jakarta) surly, offensive (of speech, words).
653Genyotawry, askew.
661Geol(Sunda) ber-, meng-geol sway, swing.
670Gepak,Gepak1. see KEPAK 1. 2.(Jakarta) kick.
671Geparsee GELEPAR.
672Gepengflat and rather thin, us. of s.t. not flat (a cake that fails to rise, a malformed head, a plate rather than a soup bowl, etc.).
673Geplak1. (Java, Jakarta) k.o. sweet cake. 2. meng-geplak strike with the back of the hand.
674Gepokbundle, sheaf. gepok-an bundle, sheaf, wad.
675Geprakmeng-geprak hit with banging sound (us. the head).
676Gepuk1. (M) fat, obese. 2. meng-gepuk 1) beat, pound. 2) crack (with hammer).
677Gersee also entries with gr- ger.
678Ger-Ger1 sound of boisterous laughter. 2 sound of snoring.
679Gerameng-gera frighten, threaten (by starling actions).
680Gerabahearthenware vessels.
681Gerabakmeng-gerabak trickle, flow (of tears).
682Gerabak-Gerubuk1 sound of repeated, various thumping noises (of heavy footsteps, falling chairs, futniture being moved). 2 do s.t. hurriedly or without care or regard for others.
683Gerabang1 large rip. 2 gaping hole (in wall).
684Geradakan1 uneven, coarse (surface, etc.). 2 rough (action, handling, etc.).
685Geragaik.o. hook for catching crocodiles.
686Geragapmeng-geragap be nervous and uncontrolled (of speech). geragap-an hace difficulty speaking (from nervousness, fear, atc.).
687Geragas(Java) ng-geragas gluttonous.
688Geragau1. meng-gerafgau claw at. 2. see UDANG.
689Geragotmeng-geragot damage s.t. slightly by nibbling or gnawing at it.
690Gerah1. 1) stifflingly hot, sultry. 2) (coll. ) sick. 2. see GERUH 1.
692Geraimeng-gerai dig, excavate. 2. (lit. ) small stand or platform. 3. meng-, ter be loose (of hair).
693Gerak1 movement. 2 twitch, jerk (of eyelid, shoulder, etc., often regarded as an omen). peng-gerakan activation.
694Geram1. 1) infuriated. 2 (lit. ) passionate.
695Geramangk.o. long-legged ant.
696Geramisee GURAMI.
697Geranatsee GRANAT.
698Gerangtooth blackener.
699Gerang-Ancan it be ?, an expression of wondering or double.
700Geranggang(Java) bamboo spear.
701Gerantamsound of cannon, explosion, etc.
702Gerantang1 tumult, din, racket. 2 snarl, growl.
703Geranyam1. meng-geranyam have a tingling sensation (from striking o.'s funny bone, etc.). 2. (M) meng-geranyang come up in waves (e.g. heat off a tin roof).
704Gerapaimeng-gerapai grope.
705Gerasakanrough (of a surface).
706Geratmeng0gerat-kan gnash.
707Geratak(Jakarta) meng-geratak search, look for (everywhere).
708Geratih(M) canter.
709Gerayang1. meng-gerayang 1) craw (of insects, snakes, etc.). 2) scratch the head). 2. (Jakarta) meng-gerayang grope, esp. probe stealthily (in order to steal).
710Gerbakmeng-gerbak pervade (of odors).
711Gerbang1. disheveled (of hair). 2. gate, esp. ceremonial arches.
712Gerbangkertasusila[Gersik-Jombang-Kertosono- Surabaya-Sidoarjo-Lamgongan] metropolitan Surabaya area.
713Gerbas-Gerbussound of rustling.
714Gerbongrailway coach.
715Gerciksee GEMERICIK.
716Gerdaksound of s.t. hard falling suddenly.
717Gerdamsound of loud slamming. meng-gerdam fall with loud noise (as of heavy object hitting floor).
718Gerdumsound of loud thud.
719Gerebak-Gerebek1 come up (in large number) on s.o. unawares. 2 raid s.t. 3 (Jakarta) gang up on s.o.
720Gerecaksound of fizzing.
721Gerecokmeng-gerecok annoy, bother, nag.
722Gereformeers,Gereformirreformed (church), Calvinist Protestant sect.
723Geregetantense from restraining pent-up emotions.
724Gereh(Java) dried salted fish of any kind except enchovy.
725Gereja1 church. 2 (coll. ) church services.
727Gerejawanchurchman, an ecclesiastical.
729Gerekdrill. meng-gerek 1 drill (a hole), perforate. 2 bore (of a rodent).
730Gerelapsee GELAP.
732Gerendel(M) see GERENDEL.
733Gerendengmeng-gerendeng strike a threatening posture (e.g. bull about to attack).
734Gerentangsee GERANTAM.
735Gerenyamsee GERANYAM.
736Gerenyauimpertinent, saucy.
737Gerenyeng,Gerenying1 display the teeth (of dog, mongkey, etc.). 2 grin broadly.
738Gerenyet,Gerenyit1 muscle spasm, twitching (of mucles). 2 sound of squeaking.
739Gerenyot,Gerenyut1 with the corners of the mouth pulled up or down. 2 sneering, grimacing
740Gerepes1. meng-gerepes fidget, fiddle (with o.'s fingers). 2. bergerepes uneven, rough (of a surface, etc.).
741Gereseh-Pesehsee KARESEH-PESEH.
742Gereseksound of rustling.
743Geretmeng-geret 1 scratch, scrape. 2 screech, squeak. geret-an matches, lighter.
744Geretak,Geretekmeng-geretek 1crackle. 2 gnash o.'s teeth.
745Geretang(M) meng-geretang adopt a fighting posture.
747Gergajul(Jakarta) scoundrel, blackguard.
749Gerhamsee GERAHAM.
750Gerhana1. eclipse. 2. in difficulty.
751Geriapmeng-geriap become small (of drooping eyelids, fading lamps).
752Geriatri/geriatria/ geriatrics.
754Gericausound of repetitive twittering or chattering (e.g. birds, geese, monkeys, etc.).
755Geridikmeng-geridik-kan (bulu roma) make the hair stand on end.
756Geridipmeng-geridip blink.
757Gerigiserration, a serries of notches.
758Gerigikk.o. bamboo water-scoop, with a handle.
759Gerigisber-gerigis serrated, cogged (file, etc.).
760Gerigitmeng-gerigit gnaw at.
761Geriksee GERAK.
762Gerilyaguerrilla. ber-gerilya wage guerrilla warfare.
763Gerilyawanmale guerrilla fighter.
764Gerilyawatifemale guerrilla fighter.
765Gerimk.o. coarse flannel.
767Gerincingsound of thinkling. meng-gerincing-kan jingle s.t. (keys, etc.).
768Gerindagrindstone, emery wheel. meng-gerinda hone s.t.
769Gerindin(M) suffer from shivers (esp. a horse disease).
770Gerindingk.o. jew's harp.
771Gering1 (Java, Jakarta) ill, esp. of animals. 2 (lit. ) ill (of royalty). peng-gering 1 sickly. 2 potion to cause illness.
772Geringsing1. k.o. batik pattern. 2. see GERISING.
773Gerinjalsee GINJAL.
774Gerinjam1. whetstone for filling teeth. 2. ear scoop (for clearing outer earduct).
775Gerintingk.o. grass.
776Gerinyaumeng-gerinyau feel itchy.
777Gerinyitsee GERENYOT.
778Geripslate pencil.
779Geripir(coll. ) court clerk.
780Gerisiksound of rustling.
781Gerisingdistort o.'s face (from pain).
782Gerit1. sound of scratch (e.g. chalk across black-board). ber-, meng- gerit screech (from scraping), squeak (of chair on floor). 2. meng-gerit nibble, gnaw.
783Gerit-Geritk.o. vine yielding k.o. latex.
784Geritasee GURITA 1.
785Gerlapsee KERLIP 1.
786Gerlipsee KERLIP 1.
787Germo1 pimp, procurer, panderer. 2 brothel keeper. per-germo-an matters pertaining to pandering.
788Germutmeng-germut-i crowd, swarm around.
789Gero-Gero(Java) wail.
790Geroakhave a large, gaping tear, esp. in clothing.
791Gerobak1 cart, wagon. 2 (R.R.) car.
792Gerobok1. 1) (Jakarta) k.o. bamboo cupboard for food storage. 2) (lit. ) large clothes wardrobe. 2. meng-gerobok bubble, gurgle.
793Gerocoksound of falling water. ber-gerocok-an foam (of fountain).
794Gerodaksound of clattering (stone rolling on floor, stamping of feet, etc.).
795Gerogi1 somewhat afraid. 2 embarrassed. 3 dazed, dizzy.
796Gerogohmeng-gerogoh(i) grab at, grope.
797Gerogol(lit. ) palisades.
798Gerogotmeng-gerogot-i 1 (Jakarta) gnaw on (of rats, etc.), chew at. 2 undermine (a plan or duty). 3 embezzle, steal little by little.
799Gerohokhollow, empty.
800Gerombolassemble, collect.
801Gerombolan1 group, bunch, cluster. 2 gang, band (of thieves, etc.).
802Gerong1 (Jakarta) hole or cavity in the earth. 2 (Java) sunken (of eyes).
803Geronggang1. k.o. tree yielding house timber. 2. geronggang, geronggong 1) cavity (in tree, etc.), 2) be hollow.
804Gerontangsound of erratic chattering or clattering (falling cans, etc.).
805Gerontologi/gerontologia/ gerontology.
806Geronyot1 throb with pain. 2 twitch.
807Geropessee GERUPIS.
808Geropyak(Java) sound of a crash. ber-geropyak thump, thud (of tree falling, etc.).
809Geropyokmeng-geropyok (Java) 1 stage a raid, give chase. 2 round up.
810Geros1. (Jakarta) meng-geros snore. 2. see GROS 1.
811Gerosok1. sound of rustling (e.g. dry leaves when walked over). 2. meng-gerosok-gerosok wade.
812Gerowotsee GEROGOT.
813Gerpol[gerilya politik] political guerrilla.
814Gerrsound of laughter, snoring, purring of a cat.
815Gersah,Gersaksound of crackling (e.g. dried twigs, leaves, etc.).
816Gersang1 dry, barren (of hair, land, etc.). 2 coarse (of hair).
817Gersikk.o. coarse sand.
818Gertak1 snarl, snapping. 2 threaten.
819Gertakan1 snarling,snapping 2 threat , intimidation 3 spurring (of a horse).
820Gertapsound of repeated tapping.
821Gertikmeng-gertik make a grating noise.
822Geru(lit. ) meng-geru roar (of tiger, etc.).
823Gerubuksee GERABAK.
824Geruduk(Java) meng-geruduk attack en masse.
825Gerugulsee GEROGOL.
826Gerugutgrooved, corrugated.
827Geruhmisfortune, bad luck .
828Geruitsee KERUIT.
829Geruksound of object scraping scross hard surface.
830Gerumbuldensity. meng-gerumbul be gathered in a place.
831Gerumitmeng-gerumit perform fine, meticulous work.
832Gerumpungmutilated, deformed (nose).
833Gerumukmeng-gerumuk sit hunched up.
835Gerunoverwhelming fear (on seeing a serious car accident, etc.).
836Gerundang(M) tadpole.
837Gerundelmeng-gerundel complain, pout.
838Gerungsound of roaring.
839Gerunggungk.o. tree.
840Gerunjalmeng-gerunjal 1 jolt. 2 appear suddenly. 3 cause jolts.
841Gerupthe portion of the loom in which the comb is fixed.
842Gerupistinker at, putter at (o.'s work).
843Gerusshell used to polish cloth.
844Gerut1 sound of scratching. 2 scraping, scratching.
845Gerutan1 scratch. 2 claw.
846Gerutu1. rough, coarse (of texture). 2. say s.t. in complaint.
847Gerutuancomplain, gripe.
848Gerutup,Gerutussound of rattling explosion (of machine gun, firecrackers, etc.).
849Geruyakmeng-geruyak shake, make s.t. turbulent.
850Gesaber-, (ber)gesa-gesa in a hurry, in haste.
851Gesekrub, scrape.
852Gesekan1 rubbing, friction. 2 stringed instrument.
853Gesel,Geser(ling. ) fricative.
854Gesit1 nimble, adroit, agile. 2 skillful.
855Gesperclasp, buckle. meng-gesper-kan buckle (belt, etc.).
856Gestapu[Gerakan September Tiga Puluh] September 30th Movement, the 1965 attemp to seize control of the gvt.
857Getah1 sap, latex, resin. 2 (biol. ) gland secretion.
858Getak-Getuksound of knocking or pounding (e.g. butcher's cleaver on cutting block).
859Getangcover of rthin material (paper, cloth, skin) tightly drawn over an opening.
860Getap1. broken. meng-getap grate, crunch. 2. getap ,getapan 1 quick-tempereted. 2 easily shocked.
861Getar1 tremble. 2 (ling. ) trill.
862Getaran1 vibration, quiver, shiver. 2 (ling. ) trill. 3 (med. ) pulsation. 4 frequency.
863Getas1. 1) brittle (of wood, etc.). 2) easily heartbroken, oversensitive. 2. (Jakarta) clear, distinct (change, etc.).
864Getek1. (Jakarta) small raft. 2. see GITIK.
865Getikmeng-getik 1 tap lightly, flick (with finger). 2 nip between o,'s fingers. getik-an a pinch, a nip.
866Getilse-getil a pinch of s.t.
867Getir1. bitter. 2. see GETIL.
868Getis1 brittle. 2 frail (of health).
869Getoksound of pounding.
870Getokanstick to hit with.
871Getoldiligent, industrious, harworking.
872Getroksound of flailing (e.g. palm fronds). meng-getrok strike repeatedly (to remove contenst of can, jar, etc.).
873Getumeng-getu crush with fingernail.
874Getuk1. (Java) k.o. sweet steamed loaf of pounded cassava. 2. see GETOK.
875Getunke-getun-an surprise, astonishment.
876Geulis/gelis/ see GELIS.
877Gewang1. mother-of-pearl. 2. see GIWANG.
878Geyong(Jakarta) large-buttocked.
879Geyong-Geyong(Java) dangle.
880Gh-see also entries with g-.
882Gi(coll. ) see PERGI.
883Gia[Garuda Indonesian Airways] the Indonesian national airline.
884Giamk.o. hardwood tree.
885Giatenergetic, active.
886Gibas1. see KIBAS. 2. see KAMBING.
887Gidig,Gidikber-gidig shudder, shiver (e.g. due to gruesome situation).
888Gigausee IGAU.
889Gigi1 tooth. 2. toothlike object. 3 cog, gear. 4 edge or extremity.
890Gigih1. persevering. 2. half-cooked rice. 3. see GIGIL.
891Gigil,Gigirmeng-gigir shiver, tremble.
892Gigir-Gunung(Java) mountain ridge, range of hills.
893Gigis(Java) see KIKIS.
894Gigitbite s.t.
895Gila1. 1) insane, crazy. 2) obsessed, infatuated. 2. meng-i, meng-kan (M) look after, take care for s.o.
896Gila - Gilaan1) foolhardy, foolish. 2) frantic, like mad. 3) exessive, beyond reason.
897Gilang-Cemerlangglittering and bright.
898Gilang-Gemilangbright and brilliant.
899Gilapmeng-gilap lustrous, shining (of s.t. polished).
900Gilasmeng-gilas 1 crush, pulverize. 2 run over. 3 overrun, cross over.
901Gilessee GILAS.
902Gili(M) meng-gili-gili 1 tickle. 2 incite, egg on, needle.
903Gili-Gili1 bund, earthen dike. 2 sidewalk.
904Gilik1. meng-gilik roll over s.t. to crush it. 2. see GILI.
905Gilingmeng-giling 1 roll (cigarette, steel). 2 mill, grind (wheat, coffee, pepper, etc.). 3 flatten (s.t. with a roller).
906Gilir1 alternate, pass through cycles. 2 take turns.
907Giliran1 turn, shift. 2 serve (in tennis).
908Gim1. gold thread. 2. 1) the gymnasium of colonial period offering Latin and Greek courses. 2) attend such a school. 3. see GAME. (coll. ).
909Gimana(coll. ) see BAGAIMANA.
911Gimpallocket, pendant.
913Ginang-Ginangsticky rice sweetmeat.
917Gingsirsee GELINGSIR.
918Gini(coll. ) see BEGINI. se-gini this much.
920Giok(China0 jade.
921Gips1 gypsum. 2 plaster cast (on sprain or fracture).
922Girgear wheel, cogwheel (of car, bicycle, etc.).
923Girangglad, happy.
924Girask.o. coarse linen.
925Girik1 ID card. 2 chit, voucher. 3 title of land ownership (containing land measurements). 4 schedule of rounds by guards.
926Girik-Girikareca nut crusher.
927Giringsee TEMU 1.
928Giring-Giring1. bell (on bicycle, clothing, etc.). 2. plants used for fertilizer.
930Giris(Java) fel fear and horror.
931Giro(fin. ) 1 clearing, clearing account. 2 credit transfer. 3 check for deposit only.
932Giro-Pos1 postal money transfer. 2 postal clearing.
934Gisar1. see KISAR. 2. see GESEL.
935Gisik(Java) beach.
936Gisilsee GESEL.
937Gita(Java) hymn, song.
938Gitarguitar. ber-gitar play the guitar.
940Gites(Java) meng-gites crush lice between tips of a.'s fingernails.
941Gitik(vul. , SL.) meng-gitik have sex with a woman.
942Gitu(coll. ) see BEGITU. gitu-gitu so-so, all the same. se-gitu that much. gitu-an that sort of (bad, dirty) thing.
943Giuk(naut. ) guy.
944Giurmeng-giur-kan 1 arouse sexual excitement. 2 arouse interest, temp.
945Giwangear stud.
947Gk[gaya kuda] horsepower.
948Gl-see also entries with gel-.
949Gl.[gelar] title.
951Gladiol/gladiole/ gladiolus.
952Glasiasi(geol. ) glaciation.
953Glasirsee GLAZUR.
955Glazur1 glazing (of tile, etc.). 2 tooth enamel. 3 cake frosting.
956Glek-Glek-Gleksound of gulping down liquids.
957Glendem/glenggem/ 1. sound of s.t. heavy rolling slowly (wheels of train, etc.). 2. glenggem (Java) eat s.t. or put s.t. in o.'s pocket quietly without letting anyone know to avoid sharing it.
959Glikosasee GLUKOSA.
961Global1 global, overall. 2 broad.
962Glondongan(coll. ) unprocessed timber.
963Glos(ling. ) gloss.
964Glosarium(ling. ) glossary.
965Glotal(ling. ) glottal.
966Glotalisasi(ling. ) glottalization.
967Glotis(ling. , anat. ) glottis.
968Glotokronologi(ling. ) glottochronology.
969Glugut(Java) fine hairs of the bamboo.
971Go1. (China) five. go-ban 50,000. go-cap 50. go-ceng 5,000. go-pek 500. go-tiau five million. 2. GO gonorrhea.
972Go-Gosee SISTEM.
973Goasee GUA 1.
974Goalsee GOL.
975Gobahsee KUBAH.
976Gobansee GO 1.
977Gobangk.o. colonial era coin (valued at two-and-a half cents) with hole in middle.
979Gobekmetallic cylinder with plunger to mince betel chew, esp. for toothless elders. meng-gobek pound areca nut with such a device.
980Gobernorsee GUBERNUR.
981Gobetmeng-gobet cut very thin, grate.
982Goblek1 finished, done. 2 done as o. pleases.
984Gocan(Jakarta) toss and turn (ino.'s sleep).
985Gocapsee GO 1.
986Gocekmeng-gocek (Sport) maneuver with the foot.
987Gocengsee GO 1.
988Gocetsee GOCEK.
989Gocohber-gocoh fight, pummel.
990Godameng-goda 1 tempt. 2 plague, tease, torment. goda-an temptation.
991Godamsledgehammer. strike, pound (of fist, club, etc.).
992Godekside whiskers, sideburns. ber-godek growing side burns.
993Godog,Godoks.t. boiled.
994Godotmeng-godot slice, saw thinly.
995Goeksound of clearing the throat.
996Gogo1. nonirigated rice field. 2. go-go dance.
997Gogohmeng-gogoh shiver.
998Gogok(Java) meng-gogok 1 drink straight from a pitcher or bucket. 2 guzzle, swill.
999Gogossee GUGUS.
1000Gohok(Jakarta) k.o. plant bearing sour purple fruit.
1001Gohong(M) hole, cave.
1002Gojlog,Gojlokmeng-gojlok 1 shake up (from accident, etc.). 2 haze (new students, etc.).
1004Gol1. goal, score, point. 2 achieve a goal. 3 (Sport) goal, goal post.
1005Gol.[golongan] group.
1006Golakber-golak 1 boil (of water). 2 seethe, churn. brew, boil. turbulence, upheaval.
1007Golak-Galik1 up and down. 2 to and fro.
1008Golbifly (of trousers).
1009Golek1. ber-golek 1) rol. 2) lie down. 2. (coll. ) k.o. wooden rod-puppet used in a genre of wayang. golek-an (Java) doll, puppet.
1010Golerlie down. ber-goler 1 turn or roll over. 2 lie down.
1011Golf/golef/ pe-golf golfer.
1012Golkar[Golongan Karya] (pol. ) the Group of Functionaries, a political party established by gvt. for technocrats and civil servants.
1013Golkarisasi(pol. 0 process or movement to enlist support and secure victory for Golkar.
1014Golokmachete (often somewhat short). meng-golok slash with such a weapon.
1015Golongan1 group 2 class .
1016Golongan1 group 2 class .
1017Golongismementality characterized by divisiveness and group-orientation.
1018Gombak1 forelock. 2 tuft, crest.
1019Gombalempty, false.
1020Gombang1. glazed earthenware jar. 2. (M) handsome, good-looking.
1021Gombengmeng-gombeng enlarge (a hole), interspace s.t.
1022Gombinissee KOMUNIS.
1023Gombolbunch (of keys, etc.).
1024Gombrong(Jakarta) loose-fitting (of clothing).
1025Gombyok(Java) tassel, fringe.
1026Gombyorbaggy (of k.o. pants).
1027Gomoksee GEMUK.
1028Gompal(Jakarta) torn down, broken.
1029Gompyok1. thick (of hair, leaves). 2 betasseled. 2. (biol. ) gonad.
1030Goncang1 shake. 2 shaky, swaying. 3 unstable, changeable.
1031Goncengsee BONCENG.
1032Gondang(Java) 1 snail, slug. 2 name for various k.o. mollusks.
1033Gondok1. goiter. 2. (Java) angry in a suppressed way. gondok-an easily irritated.
1034Gondol1. meng-gondol 1 (Java) carry in mouth (of dog, etc.). 2 walk away with or win (a championship). 3 (coll. )steal or swipe. peng-gondol winner, champion (of tournament, etc.). 2. see GUNDUL.
1035Gondonggoiter. gondong-an s.t. similar to goiter.
1036Gondorukemsee GANDARUKAM.
1037Gondoruwosee GENDRUWO.
1038Gondronglong-haired, esp. of men.
1039Gong1. gong. meng-gong-kan second a motion, idea, etc. 2. sound of barking.
1040Gonggong1. sound of barking. ber-, meng- 1) bark (of dog). 2) ( coll. ) scold. 2. (Lit) meng-gonggong carry in mouth (of animals).
1041Gongli(Sunda) (bagong lieur) willing sexual partner.
1042Gongsengmeng-gongseng fry s.t without oil.
1043Goni1 jute. 2 gunny-sack.
1045Gonjong(lit. ) steep and pointedd, pitched (of roof, etc.).
1046Gono-Giniproperty acquired jointly, esp. during marriage, and which is divided equally in event of divorce.
1047Gonorea, Gonorigonorrhea.
1048Gonta-Ganti1 muttually, reciprocally. 2 take turns, ber-gonta-ganti alternate.
1050Gontokhit with the fists in anger.
1051Gontokan1 quarrel. 2 engage in a conflict, fistfight, etc.
1052Gonyakmeng-gonyak-kan (lit. ) ridicule, deride.
1053Gonyokmeng-gonyok wipe, scour, make clean.
1054Gonyokan1 wiping, cleaning. 2 scourge, wiping out.
1055Gopehquick. gopoh-gopoh in a hurry, hurriedly. ter(gopoh-gopoh) hurry, hurriedly, hastily.
1056Gopeksee GO 1.
1058Gordonsee KORDON.
1059Gorekmeng-gorek scratch. peng-gorek-an scratching, scraping.
1060Gorengs.t. fried, fried food. meng-goreng fry.
1061Gores1 scratch. 2 etch lines into s.t.
1062Goretsee GORES.
1063Gori(Java) unripe jackfruit.
1065Gorokcut (a throat). peng-gorok-an slaughtering.
1067Gosipgossip. meng-gosip-kan gossip about s.t. gosip-gosip-an spreading by word of mouth.
1068Gosokgosok-gigi (coll. ) toothbrush.
1069Gosong1. sandbar. 2. (Java) burnt, scorched, singed.
1070Gossipsee GOSIP.
1071Gotgutter, drain.
1072Gotesmeng-gotes pluck, pick, gather.
1073Gotiausee GO 1.
1074Gotongmeng-gotong carry s.t. so heavy two or more people must cooperate. gotong-an heavy burden, shared load.
1075Gotong-Royongcommunity self-help, mutual cooperation. ber-gotong-royong cooperate, share work.
1076Gotri(Java) pellet, buckshot.
1077Gotrok(Java) k.o. narrow-gauge railway (used for transporting sugar).
1078Goyahloose, wobbly (of teeth,chair legs, etc.).
1079Goyakmeng-goyak (M) shake or rock s.t.
1080Goyangshaky, wobbly, unsteady.
1081Goyangan1 oscillation, staggering. 2 fluctuation.
1082Goyorsee GUYUR.
1083Gr[Gotong Royong] mutual aid.
1084Gr-see also entries with ger-.
1086Gradag(Java) sound of dragging or moving over a rough surface. gradag-an clatter, tumult.
1087Gradah,Gradaksee GELEDAH.
1090Graf(ling. 0 graph, letter (of a writing system).
1091Grafik,Grafikaon a graph.
1094Gragalbits of plaster, cement, rocks left over from construction.
1096Gramangsee GERAMANG.
1097Gramatika(ling. ) grammar.
1098Gramatikal(ling. ) grammatical.
1102Grapiksee GRAFIK.
1103Grasiclemency granted by head of state.
1104Gratifikasi1 bonus (for workers). 2 dividend (for shareholders).
1105Gratisfree, gratis. meng-gratis-kan give away for free. gratis-an s.t. for free.
1106Gravirengraving (in trophies, etc.).
1107Gravitasi(phys. ) gravity.
1108Grebeg, Grebeksee GAREBEG.
1109Gregatansee GEREGETAN.
1110Gregel(Java) ng-gregel-i nervous to the point of quivering (and lossing grip of s.t.).
1111Greges(Java) feverfish. ng-greges suffer or tremble from a fever.
1112Gregetsee GEREGETAN.
1114Gremet(Java) meng-gremet advance very slowly. meng-gremet-i crawl on s.t.
1115Grendellatch, door bolt.
1116Grengseng(Java) feeling of excitement or anticipation.
1117Grepesee GERAPAI.
1118Gres(sl. ) brand new (car, etc.).
1119Grifir,Gripirsee GERIPIR.
1120Grimissee GERIMIS.
1121Grobaksee GEROBAK.
1122Grodoksound of dragging or bumping (i.e. metal banging against metal, etc.).
1123Grogisee GEROGI.
1124Grogolsee GEROGOL.
1125Grogotsee GEROGOT.
1126Grojokgush forth.
1128Grombolansee GEROMBOL.
1129Gros1. gross, unit of measure. 2. (Ambon) large.
1130Grosirwholesaler, distributor.
1131Growakhaving a hole or flaw.
1132Grumbulsee GEROMBOL.
1133Grundelsee GERUNDEL.
1135Gua1. cave, grotto. 2. (Jakarta, China, coll. ). I, familiar firts person pronoun.
1136Gual-Gailloose, wobby (of teeth).
1137Guamtheush (children's disease).
1138Gub.[gubernur] governor.
1139Gubah1. gubah-an 1) arrangement or composition (of music, flowers). 2) literary work. 2. see KUBAH.
1140Gubal1. clump, pile 9of stone, soil etc.). 2. cambium, soft wood between bark and xylem.
1141Gubang1. notch in tree for foothold when climbing. 2. ber-gubang roll over to clean itself (of animals). 3. see GOBANG.
1142Gubelmeng-gubel coax, urge.
1143Gubernemen1 gvt. (colonial period). 2 residence of the governor.
1145Gubit(M) meng-gubit beckon to.
1146Gubrismeng-gubris heed, pay attention to (a request, etc.).
1147Gubuk1 hut, shack. 2 shelter in rice field.
1148Guciporcelain or earthenware jug.
1149Gudang1 warehouse, storehouse. 2 storeroom, pantry.
1150Gudangan(Java) steamed mixed vegetables with grated coconut and chili peppers.
1151Gudeg(Java) young jackfruit cocked in coconut milk with spices.
1152Gudel1. water buffalo calf. 2. plaque (on o.'s teeth).
1153Gudik1. scabies. gudik-an mangy. 2. ter-gudik-gudik flop about (of dog's tail, fish on land, etc.).
1154Guesee GUA 2.
1155Gugah1. meng-gugah 1) waken, arouse. 2) move (s.o.'s heart, conscience). ter-gugah awakened, aroused. gugah-an the moving of s.t. 2. meng-gugah(kan) grouse, complain, grumble.
1156Gugata shock, jerk, jolt. meng-gugat shake, rock s.t.
1157Gugatan1) accustion. 2) (leg. ) suit. 3) claim. 4) criticism.
1158Gugu(Java) meng-gugu listen to and obey s.o. ter-gugu trusted, relied on.
1159Guguh1. meng-guguh 1) beat (a drum). 2) knock on (a door). 2. (Jakarta) very old.
1160Guguk1. hillock, knoll. 2. meng-, ter-guguk cry with gasping, boo-hoo sounds.
1161Guguppanickly, nervouse, jittery. ke-gugup-an nervousness, jumpiness. peng-gugup a nervous person.
1162Gugur1 fall (of leaves, hair, etc.) 2 fall prematurely (of fruit, fetus, etc.).
1163Gugusgroup, cluster.
1164Guhasee GUA 1.
1165Guikmeng-guik-guik squeal (of pig).
1166Guitmeng-guit 1 touch with the feet. 2 infringe on.
1167Gulsee GOL.
1168Gulasugar. gula-gula 1 sweets, candy. 2 mistress.
1169Gulaik.o. curry.
1170Gulali1 taffy. 2 k.o. syrupy sweet.
1171Gulanasee GUNDAH.
1172Gulatber-gulat wrestle e.o. wrestler.
1173Guldenguilder (monettary unit in colonial times or the current Dutch unit).
1174Gulesee GULAI.
1175Gulet1. see GULAT. 2. see GELUT.
1177Guligabezoar, esp. when used as amulet.
1178Gulingber-guling 1 roll. 2 sleep with a bolster.
1179Gulirber-gulir move, roll on, go.
1182Gulu-Banyak(auto. ) curved part of exhaust pipe.
1183Gulung1 roll. 2 coil (of rope). peng-gulung roller.
1184Gulutber-, ter- (gulut-gulut ) in hurry, hastily, in haste. meng-gulut hurry s.t. up, accelerate.
1185Gumsound of boom (cannon, etc.).
1186Gumal1 wrinkled, creased (of cloth). 2 rumpled, crumpled (of paper).
1187Gumalasee GEMALA.
1188Gumalaisee GEMULAI.
1189Gumamgumam-an a murmur.
1190Gumpal1 clod, clump (of earth, clay, clouds, etc.). 2 wad, ball.
1191Gumuk(Java) knoll.
1192Gumul1 wrestle. 2 struggle.
1193Gumulana tangle (of issues, boys wrestling, etc.).
1194Gumun(Java) astonished, surprised.
1195Gun1 (China sleep. 2. fine-toothed comb in weaving machines to separate threads.
1196Guna1 use, purpose. 2 for, in order to.
1197Guna-Gunamagic, magical formulas.
1198Gunapa(coll. ) what for ?
1199Gunawan1 (lit. ) virtuous, noble. 2 useful (person).
1200Guncangsee GONCANG.
1201Gundahdepressed, dejected. gundah-gulana despondent.
1202Gundal1. 1) notch (in wood). 2) knot (in string) as indicator in counting. 2. see BEGUNDAL.
1203Gundarcoarse brush (for cleaning a horse, etc.). meng-gundar use such a brush.
1204Gundisee LEGUNDI.
1205Gundikconcubine, mistress.
1206Gundu1 k.o. nut used as a marble. 2 marble. ber-gundu play marbles.
1207Gundukber-gunduk-gunduk be piled up in several heaps.
1208Gundukanheap, pile.
1209Gundul1 bald. 2 bare, barren (of land). 3 leafless.
1210Gungsee GONG 1.
1211Gunggungsum total. gunggung-an the total.
1212Gunglisee GONGLI.
1213Gunisee GONI.
1214Gunjaitassel, tuft.
1215Gunjinggossip. ber-gunjing gossip with s.o. else. meng-gunjing-kan say s.t. bad about s.o. gunjing-an slanderous gossip.
1216Guntai1. owned by an absentee landlord. 2. see GONTAI.
1217Guntakrattling (e.g. of seeds in fruit). ber-guntak rattle.
1218Gunting1 scissors, shears, clippers. 2 (CoLL.) cut, clip, trim.
1219Guntingan1 clipping (from newspaper, etc.). 2 cut, style of cutting (a pattern, etc.).
1220Guntung1 flat, level, smooth. 2 short. 3 blunt, flat. meng-guntung top (a tree, pole, etc.).
1222Gunungmountain .
1223Gunungan1 (Java) mountainlike figure in the wayang play symbolizing the universe. 2 imitation mountain.
1224Gupsound of mutted thud.
1225Gurahber-gurah gargle, rinse. meng-gurah rinse s.t. out (vat, o.'s mouth, bottle, etc.).
1226Guram1. dull, dim, hazy. 2. 1 chiken flea. 2 insignificant, inconsequential. 3. gums.
1227Guramik.o. fish, gurami.
1228Gurassee KURAS 2.
1229Gurat1 scratch, line. 2 (Jakarta, sl. ) lines in the palm.
1230Guratan1 sketch, outline. 2 facial wrinkle.
1231Gurau1 a joke. 2 say jokingly. ber-gurau joke, jest. gurau-an joke, prank.
1232Gurdidrill, auger.
1233Gurem(Jakarta, Java) see GURAM 1,2.
1234Gurismall earthen pot.
1235Gurih1 deliciously oily 9and salty) but causing thirst (of fried fish, etc.). 2 delicious in general. ke-gurih-an too salty and crisp.
1236Gurindasee GERINDA.
1237Gurindam(lit. ) 1 aphorism in two lines. 2 rhapsodical type of free verse.
1238Gurissee GORES.
1239Gurit1 philosophical verse. 2 simple verse in rhyme. meng-gurit poetize, versify, write poetry.
1240Gurita1. octopus. 2. baby's vest.
1242Guruhthunder. ber-, meng-guruh thunder, boom.
1243Gurunwasteland, desert.
1244Gurung(Java) windpipe, esophagus, gullet. gurung-an water channel.
1245Gus1. (Java) respectful term of address by adults to boys or youth. 2 see BAGUS.
1246Gusah(Java) meng-gusah chase away.
1249Gusti1 the Lord. 2 Lord ! exclamation of hope. 3. aristocratic title.
1250Gusurgusur-an an area condemned for right of way or public use.
1251Gutikmeng-gutik touch with tips of fingers.
1253Guyahsee GOYAH.
1254Guyon(Java) ber-guyon joking. guyon-an joke, object of fun.
1255Guyub1. (Java) friendly, close, mutually helpful. ke-guyub-an communality. per-guyub-an community organization based on ascribed status. 2. see KUYUP.
1256Guyurber-guyur bathed in (sweat, etc.).
1258Gwo-Yeu/kwo-i/ see KUOYU.

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