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1Dd, the 4th letter of the alphabet.
2D-1(diploma satu) o.-year diploma program.
3D-2(diploma dua) two-year diploma program.
4D-3(diploma tiga) three-year diploma program.
5D.(danau) lake.
6D.A.(dengan alamat) c/o., in care of.
7D/P(dengan perantaraan) via s.o.
8Da1. (China) at, on, in. 2. daa, daag (coll. ) goodbye.
9Da'wasee DAKWA.
10Da'wahsee DAKWAH.
11Dabmen-dab dub a film.
13Dabung(lit. ) ber-, men- file teeth (for aesthetic or religious reasons).
14Dabussee DEBUS 2.
15Dacin, Dacingk.o. portable balances scale. men-dacin weigh items with such a scale.
16Dada1 chest, thorax. 2 bosom.
17Dadah1. medicine, medicinal herb. 2. (coll. ) wave goodbye, bye-bye.
18Dadakmen-dadak sudden.
19Dadalfall down or burst apart (as of dike or dam).
20Dadapflowering trees of Erythrina spp.
21Dadar1 fry a mixture spread into a pan. 2 omelette.
22Dadih(lit. ) fermented water buffalo milk.
23Dadu1. 1) dice. 2) cube. 2. pink, light brownish-red.
24Daduh/dadung/ 1. (lit. ) sing a lullaby. 2. (Java, Sunda, naut. ) hawser.
25Daeng(Makassar) 1 tittle of rank in S. Sulawesi. 2 respectful term of address for pedicab drivers.
26Daerah1 territory, esp. the size of a province. 2 area, region. 3 outlying district. se-daerah from the same region.
28Daftar1 list, roster. 2 (pol. ) slate.
29Dag-Dig-Dugsensation rapid heartbeat (caused by fear, anxiety, etc.).
30Daga1. (M) resistance, civil unrest. 2. see DAHAGA.
31Dagang1. from outside the region. 2. trade, commerce. 3. men-dagang carry on shoulder.
32Dagelmen-dagel joke, clown about.
33Dagelan1 joking, clowning. 2 short humorous skit.
34Dagisee DAHAGI.
35Daging1 meat. 2 flesh.
37Dah1. see DEH. 2. see DA 2. 3. see SUDAH.
38Dahaga1. thirst. 2. 1) opposition. 2) subordination.
39Dahagioppose orders.
40Dahakphlegm, sputum.
41Dahamsee DEHAM.
42Dahanbough, branch.
43Dahar(Java) eat (referring to respected person).
44Dahiforehead, brow.
46Dahsat, Dahsyat1 horrifying, terrifying. 2 awe-inspiring, imposing.
47Dahulu(lit. ) previous.
48Dahyang(Java) guardian spirit.
49Dai(islam) 1 proselytizer. 2 revival mullah.
50Daidan(Japanese) battalion.
51Daidancho, Daidanco(Japanese) battalion commander.
52Daif1 weak, powerless. 2 incompetent.
53Daim(islam) eternal, enduring.
54Daingdried fish or meat.
55Dajal1 (islam) a being of the days preceding the Last Judgment who tempts humans to evil, esp. licentious activities. 2 (islam) irreligious person who tempts others to be antireligious and licentious. 3 liar, deceiver. 4 (coll. ) Christian usage) k.o. devil.
56Dak1. see TIDAK. 2. (coll. ) roof. 3. sound of s.t. exploding.
57Dakapsee DEKAP 1.
58Dakar1. stubborn, obstinate, hardheaded. 2. see ZAKAR.
59Dakepsee DEKAP 1.
60Dakhil1 inner life. 2 intimate.
61Daki1. grime, esp. on o,'s body. 2. men-daki climb (hill, mountain).
62Dakocan/dakocang/ 1 k.o. black inflatable doll. 2 defamatory nickname for Malaysia (1960s).
63Dakongame played on board with depressions to be filled with cowrie shells.
65Daksa1 skilled, able. 2 proper.
66Daksina(lit. ) 1 right side. 2 south.
68Daktursee REDAKTUR.
69Daku(lit. ) me.
70Dakwacharge, accusation, indictment.
71Dakwahreligious proselytizing, missionary endeavor.
72Dal(Java) 5th in series of eight years.
73Dalal1 go-between, intermediary. 2 agent, broker.
74Dalam1 interior, inside. 2 in, within. 3 deep. 4 thoughtful, serious, deep.
75Dalang1 narrator and puppeteer of traditional shadow plays. 2 matermind, power behind the scenes.
76Dalem1. (Java) 1) residence of high official, palace of king. 2) tittle for person who possesses such a residence. 2. see DALAM.
78Dalihexcuse, pretext.
79Dalil1 (islam) argumentation. 2 proposition, theorem.
80Dalu(Java, Sunda, Jakarta) ripe.
81Daluwarsa1 overdue, expired.
82Dam1. 1) checkers. 2) checkered (design) 2. sound of thump of drum. 3. (China) greedy. 4. dam.
83Damaipeace, tranquillity.
84Damakblowpipe dart.
85Daman(naut. ) sheet (of large sail).
86Damar1 resin of certain trees collected as an article of trade. 2 resin torch.3 oil lamp.
88Dambalong , yearn.
89Dambansee LAMBAN.
90Dambinsound of thud, plop, or thump.
91Dambunsound of sonorous thud.
92Damesee DAMAI.
93Damen(Java) rice straw.
94Damisee DAMAI.
95Damirsymbol in Arabic script to indicate closed syllable.
96Dampakimpact. bump into, collid with.
97Damparmen-dampar 1 cast s.t. ashore. 2 break (of nerves).
98Dampingclose, near. contiguous, side by side.
99Dampratabuse, scolding.
101Dan1. and. 2. particle requesting confirmation, right ? 3. (Sort) ranking.
102Dana1 donation. 2 fund.
105Dandan1. grooming, personal embellishment. 2. (lit. ) additional platform on a ship's deck.
106Dandang1. large metal vessel for steaming rice. 2. (lit. ) cormorant.
107Dandi1 (lit. ) k.o. drum. 2 (bib. ) k.o. lyre.
108Dang(lit. ) title for female nobility.
109Dang Dang Dut, Dangdut1 beating of drums (in Indian movies). 2 popular music with strong beat reminiscent of Hindi and Arabic music. 3 dance to such music.
110Dangaik.o. cake.
111Dangau1. loom up. 2. small temporary hut in agricultural fields.
112Dangir(Java) men-dangir (i) hoe before planting.
113Dangkal1 shallow. 2 superficial (of knowlwdge, etc.).
114Dangkungk.o. leprosy.
115Dangsasee DANSA.
116Dangukber-, men-, ter- sit with chin in hands and stare.
117Danramil(Komandan Rayon Militer) commander of the army administrative unit at the level of the camat.
118DansaWestern-style dance.
119Dansanak(M) relative, kin.
120Dansisee DANSA.
121Danta(lit. ) elephant tusk, ivory.
122Danu/Danuh/ (Zod. ) Sagittarius.
123Dapat1 can, be able. 2 may. 3 get, obtain. be obtained. 5 be found.
124Daptarsee DAFTAR.
125Dapur1 kitchen, galley. 2 stove, kiln. 3 firebox (in furnace, locomotive). 4 (coll. ) place where s.t. other than food is cooked up.
126Darsound of loud crash or explosion.
127Dara1. virgin, young girl. 2. see BURUNG.
128Darab(math. ) multiplication.
130Darajatsee DERAJAH.
131Darasmen-daras 1 (islam) recite the Koran. 2 study, investigate deeply.
132Darat1 land, shore. 2 upland, hinterland.
133Dari1 from. 2 (coll. ) of. 3 out of (a series). 4 starting at or from. 5 than.
134Daripada1 (lit. ) from. 2 than. 3 better than.
135Darma(lit. ) 1 duty, obligation. 2 service, good deed.
136Darmabaktivolunteer work, service of value to the state.
137Darmasiswa(lit. ) student scholarship, fellowship.
138Darmatamu(lit. ) leadership grant.
139Darmawisata1 excursion, outing. 2 field trip.
141Darsana, Darsonosee JAMBU.
142Daru-Daruk.o. tree used for commercial timber.
143Darulbaka(islam) The hereafter.
144Darulfana(islam) present transitory world.
145Darunse-darun in unison.
147Darussee DARAS.
148Darusalam1 Jerusalem. 2 (lit. ) abode of happiness.
149Darwisdervish, fakir.
150Dasboom (of gun), bang (of gun).
151Dasa(lit. ) inintervals of 10.
152Dasadarmathe 10 duties of Indonesian Boy Scouts.
154Dasar1 base, foundation. 2 basis. 3 nature. 4 (so-and-so) is like that because that is the way people of his or her type are. 5 background.
156Dasasilathe Ten Commandments.
157Dasawarsadecade, decennial.
159Daster1 house dress, lounging grown. 2 doctor's lab coat.
160Dasun(lit. ). k.o. garlic.
161Daswati(Daerah Swatantra Tingkat) autonomous administrative region (pre-1970s).
162Datadata. men-data encode for processing (on computer).
163Datang1 come. 2 arrive.
164Datar1 flat, level, smooth. 2 superficial.
165Dati(Daerah Swantantra Tingkat) autonomous administrative region.
166Datu(in some region only) title of headman.
167Datuk1 oldest male of family clan, headman. 2 grandfather (in some parts of Indonesia and Malaysia). 3 honorific term of reference and address (for strangers, dangerous animals). 4 term of adress to persons in high positions, us. as tuk or to.
168Dauk1 gray. 2 roan.
169Daulat(lit. ) 1 good fortune. 2 expression of deference to nobility.
170Daun1 leaf. 2 playing card. 3 balade or other flat thing.
171Daur1 cycle (of years). 2 rotation.
172Dawaifine wire. dawai-dawai strings (for musical instruments).
173Dawat, Dawet1. ink. 2. cold drink made from rice or arrowroot flour, coconut milk and palm sugar.
174Dawuh(Java) order, command.
175Daya1. 1) power, energy, capacity. 2) effort. 2. trick, ruse. 3. see BARAT.
176Dayah1 foster mother. 2 wet nurse.
177Dayak1 native ethnic groups of Kalimantan. 2 (coll. ) American Indian.
178Dayang(lit. ) lady-in-waiting.
179Dayumen-dayu rumble like distant thunder.
180Dayung1 oar. 2 pedal (bicycle).
181Db(drum band) marching band.
182Db.(di bawah) below, under, beneath.
183Dbb(daerah bebas becak) area in which pedicabs are not allowed to operate.
184Dbp.(di bawah pimpinan) under the direction of (referring to bands).
185De Facto, De Faktode facto.
186Debaksound of thud, esp. blow hitting the mark.
187Debamsound of heavy object falling with resonant thud (such as coconut falling to ground).
188Debapsound of object hitting ground.
189Debarsensation of pulse beat.
191Debassound of exhaling.
192Debatdebate, discussion.
194Debiksound of a goat bleat.
195Debilmentally retarded, psychologically unstable.
196Debingsound of light object falling.
198Debitrate of flow, discharge (of water).
201Debos(coll. ) nge-debos boasting.
202Debudust, grit.
203Debuksound of thud.
204Debumsound of muffled blow (such as when striking mattress).
205Debungsound of resonant blow such as drum beat.
206Debupsound of light object falling.
207Debur1 sound of splashing (object falling into water, surf, etc). 2 pounding of heart.
208Debus1. sound whistling, sound of howling wind. 2. ritual display of invulnerability in West Java.
209Debutsound of light popping (e.g. breaking wind).
210Decaksound of click, esp. of tongue to express astonishment, enjoyment, etc.
211Decapsound of smacking o.'s lips.
212Deceh, Decihsound of clicking with tongue and teeth to express disapproval, tsk tsk.
213Decingsound of light metallic ringing.
214Decitsound of chirp (of chicks, etc.).
215Decursound of water spraying.
216Dedahexposed, uncovered.
217Dedakmixture of rice and bran, by-product of milling used as animal feed.
218Dedangkotsee DEDENGKOT.
219Dedassound of crackling of small arms.
220Dedaumen-dedau cry out loudly, scream.
221Dedaunanfoliage, leaves.
222Dedesee DIDEH.
223Dedek(Java, Jakarta) see DEDAK.
224Dedelripped. rip out (a seam, etc.).
225Dedemenan(Jakarta) o.'s favorite thing or person.
226Dedemitan1 ghost, apparition. 2 (Java) do s.t. secretly.
227Dedengkot(coll. ) prominent figure, big shot.
228Dedes1. 1) civet cat. 2) musk. 2. men-dedes slice thinly.
230Dedolarisasi(fin. ) removal of dollar as standard of currency valuation.
234Defaitis(lit. ) defeatist.
237Defile1 (mil. ) review, march past. 2 file past (a coffin).
245Degamsound of boom, such as thunder, cannon, etc.
246Degan(Java) young coconut.
247Degap1. sturdy, robust. 2. 1) sound of nonmetallic surface being struck. 2) heartbeat.
248Degar1 sound of a surface being struck hard. 2 sound of breaking down a door.
249Degdeg, Degdegansensation of pounding (of heart).
250Degen(Sport) foil in fencing.
252Degilobstinate, headstrong.
253Degingber-deging persevere through thick and thin.
254Deglengslanting (of walls of decrepit buildings).
256Degubsee DEGUP.
257Deguksound of gurgle.
258Degumsound of boom, such as cannon being fired.
259Degung1 sound of gong. 2 (Sunda) gamelan.
260Degupsound of gulp.
261Degursound of surf.
262Deh(Jakarta 1 come on, please do (an urging particle). 2 Oh, all right, Iwill agree. 3 that is the way it is, I guarantee you.
263Dehemclearing of throat.
265Dehoisee INDEHOI.
266Dek1. (naut. ) deck. 2. (coll. ) blanket.
269Dekah-Dekahsee TAWA.
271Dekamber-men 1 be in crouching position (of cat, etc.). 2 be cooped up. 3 be incarcerated.
272Dekanbamboo rat.
273Dekap1. with folded arms. ber-, men- embrace, hug. 2. near. 3. noise of heartbeat.
274Dekarmen-dekar fight with a sword.
275Dekat1 near, close by. 2 vicinity.
276Dekihsound of a chuckle.
277Dekiksmall indentation.
278Dekilcaked with dirt.
279Deking1 protection, shelter, cover. 2 patron, protector. 3 (fin. ) reserve
280Deklamasiformal stylized recitation of poetry, etc.
281Deklamatororator (esp. of poetry).
282Deklarasi1 customs declaration. 2 voucher.
283Deklerer(crd. ) declarer.
284Deklinasi1 (astr. ) declination. 2 (ling. ) declension.
286Dekon(Deklarasi Ekonomi) Economic Declaration (enunciated by Sukarno in 1963).
289Dekorasi1 decoration, decor. 2 (mil. ) medal, ribbon.
290Dekret/dekrit/ decree, edict.
291Dekukwork hard.
292Dekursee DEKUT.
293Dekussound of hissing or snorting.
294Dekutsound of cooing.
295Delahk.o. saltwalter fish.
298Delep(Java) 1 sink, go below surface. 2 make o.s unobstrusive.
300Deligirdelegate (power).
301Delikwide-open (of eyes).
302Delikan(Java) game of hide and seek.
305Delmank.o. two-wheeled buggy.
306Delongsunken (of eye).
308Delujursee JELUJUR.
309Dema(dewan mahasiswa) student council.
312Demahwarm compress.
313Demam1 fever, feverish. 2 (coll. ) fad.
314Demanlike, be fond of.
315Demang1 village headman in Java. 2 customary law expert. 3 village gvt. officer.
317Dembamsee DEBAM.
318Dembumsee DEBUM.
319Demekmoist, still wet.
320Demensee DEMAN.
321Demesflat (of nose).
322Demi1. 1) for the sake of. 2) by (in oaths). 2. 1) as soon as. 2) (immediately) after , by.
323Demikian1 such. 2 thus, such was the case.
325Demisioner1 ask for resignation of a cabinet. 2 strip (of authority, power).
326Demitsee DEDEMITAN.
327Demo1. (delman bermotor) small motorized threewheeled vehicle used for public transportation. 2. see DEMONSTRASI.
328Demobilisandemobilized member of armed forces.
337Demokratiser/demokratisir/ democratize.
338Demonstarsi1 demonstration, protest. 2 demonstration (of cars, radios, etc.).
339Demonstranparticipant in demonstration, protester
341Demoralisirmen-demoralisir demoralization.
342Demotrasisee DEMONSTRASI.
343Dempak1 low and flat. 2 stocky.
344Dempal(Java) physically strong.
345Dempanghollow sounding (as the fall of empty barrel).
346Dempelnear to.
347Dempet,Dempetstuck together.
348Dempirsound made by cymbal.
349Dempitsee DEMPET.
350Demplon(Jakarta) cute, pretty.
351Dempok,Dempukber-dempok bump against, collide with.
352Dempulglazier's putty, boat caulking.
353Dempungsound of s.t. falling into water.
354Densee RADEN.
355Denahsketch, blueprint, ground plan.
356Denaitrail, track (of wild game).
357Denakdecoy (used in hunting).
358Denas(Dewan Nasional) national council.
359Dencangber-dencang rattle, clang.
360Dencingsee DENTING.
361Dencissee SARDEN.
363Dendam1 reverenge, vengeance. 2 grudge, resentment. 3 yearning, longing.
364Dendang1. crow (bird). 2. see DANDANG 1.
365Dendengjerked meat.
366Denderangsound of drum or heavy steps.
367Dengan1 with, accompanying. 2 and. 3 by, by means of. 4 in. 5 by way of. 56 in the manner of.
368Dengapber-dengap 1pound, beat (of heart). 2 pant, be out of breath, gasp (for breath).
370Denger(Java, Jakarta) see DENGAR.
371Dengihsound of rapid breathing or gasping.
372Dengingsound of ringing (in ears). ber-, men- buzz, ring (in ears).
373Dengkangsound of croaking frogs.
374Dengkang-Dengkolcrooked, bent and bowed (of hand, tree branch, etc.).
375Dengkienvy, spite.
376Dengkikbecome weak from lack of food.
377Dengking1 sound of dog yelping. 2 a yelp, squeal, or scream.
378Dengkirmen-dengkir chirp.
379Dengklanglame, limping.
380Dengkul(Java, Jakarta) knee.
381Dengkung1growl (of dog). 2 sound of metal on metal.
382Dengkur1 snore, snoring. 2 grunt. 3 purr.
383Dengkus/dengu/ 1. whinny, snort. 2. dengu see DUNGU.
384Denguksound of sobbing.
385Dengungsound of droning, buzzing, purring, etc.
386Dengus1 snort (of animals). 2 deride with a snort.
387Dengutsound of murmuring (of quail), sound of vibrating (of xylophone, gong).
388Denok(Java) term of address to young girl, esp as nok.
391Dentamsound of gunfire, pounding on anvil, etc.
392Dentangsound of clanging or loud explosion.
394Dentingsound of jingle or tinkle (of money, piano, keys, etc.).
395Dentumsound of boom (explosion, cannon, etc.).
396Dentungsound of clap of thunder.
397Dentursound of pop, small explosion, etc. ber-, men- crackle, pop.
399Denyaksee ENYAK.
401Denyitsound of shrieking and high-pitched noises.
402Denyutthrob, beat.
404Depmen-, menge- pigeonhole, shelve (a question).
406Depag(Departemen Agama) Department of Rreligious Affairs.
407Depak1. akick. 2. sound of clap, clip-clop (esp. of horses'hoofs, etc.).
408Depan1 fron. 2 ahead. 3 coming, next.
409Depangber-depang stretch out both arms sideways.
410Depapsound of slap (i.e. palm of o.'s hand striking table, etc.).
411Deparlu(Departemen Luar Negeri) Department of Foreign Affairs.
412Deparpolisasi(pol. ) simplification of political party structures, decreasing of number of political parties.
414Depdagri(Departemen Dalam Negeri) Department of Internal Affairs.
415Dependensi1 dependency, dependence. 2 (colonial) possession.
416Deperdag(Departemen Perdagangan) Department of Commerce.
417Depersonalisirmen-depersonalisir depersonalize.
418Depertan(Departemen Pertanian) Department of Agriculture.
419Depinisisee DEFINISI.
420Depisensee DEVISA.
421Depkeh(Departemen Kehakiman) Department of Justice.
422Depkes(Departemen Kesehatan) Department of Health.
423Depkeu(Departemen Keuangan) Department of Finance.
424Deplu(Departemen Luar Negeri) Department of Foreign Affairs.
425Depnaker(Departemen Tenaga Kerja) Department of Labor.
426Depnakertranskop(Departemen Tenaga Kerja Transmigrasi dan Koperasi) Department of Labor, Population Resettlement, and Cooperatives (until 1978).
427Deposee DEPOT.
430Deponirmen-deponir delay, put on ice.
433Deposito(fin. ) fixed deposit (us. bearing high interest).
434Depotrefreshment stand.
435Deppen(Departemen Penerangan) Department of Information.
436Depresifinancial depression.
437Depresiasi(fin. ) depreciation.
438Deprok(me)n-1 sit on floor without folding legs. 2 (coll. ) sit s.w. uninvited.
439Depsos(Departemen Sosial) Department of Social Services.
441Depussound of sighing, exhaling air, etc.
442Deputasideputation, delegation.
444Dersound of explosion.
445Deralash (of whip), lashing.
446Derai1. sound of water dripping on or beating against glass, etc. 2. grain.
447Derajat,Derajah1 degree. 2 rank, level. 3 standard. 4 Latinate qualifiers of university degree (e.g. cum laude, etc.).
448Deraksound of snap (such as tree branch breaking, gnashing of teeth, etc.).
449Deramsound of rumble (thunder, tigers roar, drum roll, etc.).
450Derangsound of ringing clank (chains or coins falling, of small gongs, etc.). ber-, men- make a resonant, often metalic sound.
451Derapsound of stamping on flat surface (horse's) trot, marching feet, etc.), trop, clop.
452Deras1. swift (esp. of flowing liquids). 2. sound of trash or sand being stepped on. 3. see DARAS.
453Derausound of roaring (wind-borne rain, etc.).
454Derek1. crane, cargo boom. 2 see DERET.
455Derepmen-derep harvest rice.
456Deres1. men-deres tap tree to extract sap (suga palm). pen-deres tapper. 2. men-deres recite the Koran.
457Deresi(R.R.) passenger car.
458Deretrow, line, series.
459Deretaksound of repeated rattling.
460Derhakasee DURHAKA.
461Derijisee JERUJI.
462Derikcreaking sound.
463Derilsee DRIL.
464Dering1 sound of tinkling (bells, etc.). 2 sound of crickets chirping.
465Derissound of rustling (of stepping on dry grass, of cutting cloth, etc.).
466Deritsound of squeak (a brake, etc.).
468Dermaalms, donation. pen-derma donor.
469Dermagaquay, pier.
472Dermawandonor, philanthropist.
473Dermimil(Java) 1 mumble. 2 talk incessantly.
474Derobossee TEROBOS.
475Dersanasee JAMBU.
476Dersiksound of sighing or rustling (leaves in wind).
477Derusound made by storm, thunder, large trucks, planes, etc.
478Derujisee JERUJI.
479Deruksound of heavy object crashing.
480Derum1. sound of muffled rumble (distant thunder, whir of engine). 2. see DRUM.
481Derun,Derungsee DERUM 1.
482Derup-Derapsound of many footsteps.
483Derus,Derutsound of objects being rubbed or shifted.
484Derwis/derwisy/ see DARWIS.
486Desah1 sound of wheezing or huffing. 2 swishing (of leaves, etc.). 3 sigh.
487Desak1. sound of crumpling paper. 2.
488Desaprajasee DESA.
489Desarsound of sizzling or hissing.
490Desas-Desus1 sound of hissing or whispering. 2 rumor.
491Desausound of soft rustling.
494Desentralisirmen-desentralisir decentralize.
496Desertirdeserter, defector.
497Desiksound of light snapping (branch breaking, etc.). ber-, men- rustle.
498Desimal1 decimal. 2 decimal fracton.
499Desimeter10 centimeters.
501Desingsound of whizzing (wind blowing, shot fired, etc.).
503Desirsound of hissing, rustling, or slurping.
504Desis,Desitsound of hissing or sizzling.
505Deskripsidescription. men-deskripsi-kan describe.
509DestarJava head cloth, k.o. turban.
510Destilasisee DISTILASI.
513Desuksee DESAK 1.
514Desursound of forceful rustling.
515Desussound of light whispering.
516Desutsound of forceful blowing.
517Detailsee DETEL.
518Detailermedical sales representative.
519Detaksound of tapping.
520Detarsound of sizzling or whirring (roasting corn, wheels turning, etc.).
521Detassound of light crackling explosion (eggshell breaking, etc.).
522Detasemen(mil. ) detachment.
523Detaseringtemporary deployment to another place of work.
524Detasirmen-detasir (mil. ) detail, detach to another unit.
525Detdotsound of tooting. ber-detdot-detdot sound the horns.
526Deteksidetection, discovery.
527Detektif/detektip/ detective.
532Determinasidetermination, decision.
534Detik1 sound of ticking (of clock). 2 second (unit of time), moment.
535Detilsee DETEL.
536Detingsound of light twanging (i.e. of plucked guitar string, etc.).
538Detus,Detupsound of light explosion (gun firing, firecracker, etc.).
539Devaluasi(fin. ) devaluation.
540Devaluir(fin. ) men-devaluir devaluate.
542Devisa/devisen, devizen/ (fin. ) foreign exchange.
543Dewagod, idol.
544Dewan1 council. 2 board.
545Dewanggak.o. cloth design.
546Dewani1 council member. 2 council.
547Dewasa1 adult, of age. 2 (lit. ) time.
548Dewasawana mature person.
550Dewe,Dewek(Java) o.'s own.
551Dewi1 goddless. 2 darling, beloved.
552Dewi-Dewi(naut. ) davit.
553Dg.(daeng) title in S. Sulawesi.
554Dh.1. (dahulu) formerly. 2. (dengan hormat) with respectful salutation (in correspondence).
555Dhalimsee LALIM.
556Dharma1. term used in names of associations. 2. see DARMA.
557Dhatsee ZAT.
558Dholimsee LALIM.
559Di1 in, at, on, upon (general locative preposition). 2 (coll. ) at, on (temporal preposition).
560Di-3d person passive verbal prefix.
561Dia1 he,she. 2 (coll. ) it.
563Diacon(rel. ) deacon.
565Diafragma/diafrakma/ (anat. ) diaphragm.
566Diagnosa/diagnose/ diagnosis.
569Dialek(ling. ) dialect.
570Dialektik/dialektika/ dialectic.
573Diam1. 1) silent, quiet. 2) motionless. 3) idle. 2. reside.
575Diametrikal/diametris/ diametrical.
576Diantaper or oil lamp.
577Diancuk(Java, vulg. ) Dammit ! Fuck you !.
578Diang1. warm o.s. near the fire (esp. after childbirth). 2. see MENDIANG.
581Diat(islam) fine imposed for failure in o.'s religious responsibilities.
583Dideh(Java) coagulated chicken or beef blood as food.
584Didihmen-didih 1 boil. 2 boil, rage.
585Didik1 educate. 2 bring up, raise (children).
586Didikan1 education, upbringing. 2 pupil, product of a certain teacher, alumnus.
587Didis1. men-didis slice thinly. 2. (Java) men-didis removes nits and lice from o.'s hair.
588Dido,Didong1. (sl. ) 1) Frenchman. 2) European. 2. stubbon, obstinate. 3. k.o dance in Aceh.
589Dies-Natalisanniversary (of educational institutions, universities, college departments, etc.).
590Diesel1 (coll. ) diesel motor, electric generator. 2 diesel fuel.
592Diferensial(Math) differential.
594Difinisisee DEFINISI.
599Digdaya(Java) invulnerable.
601Digjayasee DiGDAYA.
602DigulBoven Digul, place of political exile in Irian Jaya during Dutch period.
603Digulisorang-Digul o. who was exiled at Boven Digul.
604Diitsee DIET.
605Diksee ADIK.
606Dikau(lit. ) you.
607Dikhotomisee DIKOTOMI.
608Dikir(islam) repeatedly chant part of the confession of faith, often in unison, as a form of worship.
609Dikitlittle, small.
610Diklat(pendidikan dan latihan) training and education program for gvt. and military personnel.
611Dikosee DUKO.
612Dikol1 calculated, estimated. 2 collated.
614Dikritsee DEKRET.
615Diktatwritten summary of lectures, often used as a university texbook.
616Diktatordictator. men-i rule over (with iron hand).
618Diktaturdictatiorial gvt.
620Diktumdecision of a high authority.
621Dilakmen-dilak roll o.'s eyes.
622Dilalah(Java) by God's will, by chance.
626Dim1. a linear measurement, decimeter. 2. (auto. ) bright headlights.
627Dimas(Java) term of address for younger brother.
629Dimesionirsee DEMISIONER.
630Dimpitsee DEMPET.
631Dinaof low esteem, ignoble.
637Dinamisirmen-dinamisir make dynamic.
641Dinar1 various k.o. gold coins, now used as jewelry. 2 unit of money in Middle East.
642Dinas1 official (gvt. ). 2 agency, department. 3 gvt. service, official duty. 4 church service.
644Dindasee ADINDA.
645Dinding1 interior wall, partition. 2 buttress.
646Dinessee DINAS.
647Ding(coll. ). particle that contradicts o.'s own statement.
648Dingdongarcade games, esp. pinball and video.
650Dingkikmen-dingkik watch, spy on.
651Dingklikstool, seat with no back.
653Diniyahreligious (in school names).
657Dip(Daftar Isisan Proyek) budget proposal for a project.
658Dipandivan, sofa.
659Dipatisee ADIPATI.
660Dipisisee DIVISI.
661Diplomadiploma, certificate.
664Diplomatik/diplomatis/ diplomatic.
665Direksimanagement, administration.
666Direksi, Direktris1 directress, headmistress. 2 Catholic mother superior.
668Direktorat1 directorate. 2 department, division.
670Direkturdirector, headmaster.
671Dirgahayulong live ! long life.
672Dirgantarasky, upper atmosphere.
673Diri1. self. 2.
674Dirigenmusical director, conductor.
675Dirigirmen-dirigir direct (an orchestra).
676Dirismen-diris water (plants).
677Dirjen(Direktor Jenderal) director general.
678Dirusmen-dirus flush with water.
679Dirut(Direktor Utama) managing director.
680Dis1. (dinas) service, agency. 2 (diskualifikasi) disqualification.
681Disaindesign, pattern.
682Disainerfashion designer.
683Diselsee DIESEL.
685Disensee DISAIN.
687Disersisee DESERSI.
689Disertirsee DESERTIR.
692Disintegrasiorganizational disintegration (of parties, cabinets,etc).
697Disjoki(coll. ) disc jockey.
698Disketfloppy disc.
699Diskodiscotheque. dance to disco music.
701Diskonto(fin. ) discount.
702Diskotek/diskotik/ 1 discotheque. 2 collection of phonograph records. 3 producer of music cassettes.
705Diskriditsee DISKREDIT.
709Diskualifisirmen-diskualifisir disqualify.
711Dislokasi1 (med. ) dislocation. 2 disturbance.
716Dispensasi1 (rel. ) dispensation. 2 exemption (from tax, official responsibility, etc.).
717Dispersimen-dispersi-kan disperse.
718Disposisiauthorizing signature.
723Distilirmen-distilir distill.
726Distrikadministrative district.
727Ditangsel(Jakarta) stuffed to the gills.
728Diteksisee DETEKSI.
729Ditektifsee DETEKTIF.
730Ditelsee DETEL.
731Diter.(diterjemahkan) translated.
732Ditjen(Direktorat Jendral) Directorate General.
734Diunggulkan1 be considered or proposed as superior. 2 (Sport) seeded.
735Div.(divisi) division.
736Divansee DIPAN.
738Divide-Et-Imperadivide and rule.
740Divisi1 (mil. ) division. 2 (bio. ) phylum.
741Diy(Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta) Special District of Yogyakarta.
742Dk(daya kuda) horsepower.
743Dki(Jaya) (Daerah Khusus Ibukota) Special Capital District (of Jakarta).
744Dkk.(dengan kawan-kawan) et al.
745Dl.(dalam) in.
746Dleweran(Java) ooze and trickle down slowly.
747Dll.(dan lain-lain) and others, etc.
748Dlm.(dalam) in.
749Dls.,Dlsh.(dan lain sebagainya) and so forth.
750Dn[ (Departemen) Dalam Negeri ] (Department) of Internal Affairs.
751Dng.(dengan) with, by means of.
752Doa(do'a) prayer.
753Doanesee DUANE.
754Doang,Doangan(Jakarta) only, no more than.
755Dobel1 double. 2 (Sport) doubles.
756Dobelopdouble-barreled rifle.
757Dobi(lit. ) laundryman.
758Dobiscaps (for toy guns).
760Dobol1. perforated, torn. men-dobol-kan pierce, puncture. 2. see DOBEL.
761Dobraksmashed, broken open (of door, gate, fence, etc.).
762Dodet(sl. ) men-dodet rip open the belly.
763Dodok1. (Java) squat, kneel sitting on the hams. 2. men-dodok smooth out a metal sheet by hammering.
764Dodolk.o. taffy made of sticky rice, coconut milk, and palm sugar (often with durian).
765Dodorke-dodor-an loose and ill-fitting (of clothing).
766Dodosplane s.t.
767Dodot(Java) k.o. batik wraparound worn by courtiers and bridgrooms.
768Dogdog1 sound of repeated knocking (at door, etc.). 2 make such a sound. 3 (Sunda) small drum.
769Doger(Sunda) k.o. folk dance performed by women.
771Dogmatika(rel. ) dogmatics.
773Dogol1 without horns (of horned animals). 2 without combs(of fowl). 3 stupid.
774Doha(islam) nonobligatory prayertime around 10 a.m.
775Doi(do'i) (sl. ) he or she (of o.'s lover).
776Dok1. (Navy) dock. 2. see DOKTER.
777Dokarhorse-drawn buggy.
778Dokingdocking (of ship, etc.).
779Doklonyo(coll. ) collogne.
780Dokoh1. pendant for a necklace. 2. see DUKUH.
781Dokok-Dokoksee KUE.
782Dokterdoctor, physician, esp.
783Doktorholder of doctorate.
784Doktoraldoctoral studies.
785Doktoranda1 female holder of postgraduate degree in humanities below doctoral rank. 2 female college graduate (post-1980).
786Doktorandus1 s.o. with postgraduate degree in humanities below doctoral rank (pre-1980). 2 academic degree in humanitiesequivalent to baccalaureate (post-1980).
789Doku(sl. ) money.
793Dol1 damaged or worn because of overuse. 2 (coll. ) crazy, mad.
794Dolak-Dalikconstantly changing, vacillating.
795Dolan(Java) 1 make a visit for pleasire. 2 play.
796Dolar1 dollar, esp. the US currency. 2 (coll. ) any gold coin. 3 k.o. round, sweet wafer.
797Dolarsen(coll. ) cent of US currency.
799Dolimsee LALIM.
800Dollarsee DOLAR.
801Dolle-Minaradical feminist.
802Dolog(depot logistik) warehouse for foodstuff.
803Dolok(Batak) mountain.
804Dom(coll. ) compass.
805Domba1 sheep. 2 (rel. ) the congregation.
806Domblong(Java) open-mouthed due to surprise.
807Dombrongke-dombrong-an baggy, fitting too loose (of clothes).
808Domeindomain (of authority).
810Dominaterm of reference for female Protestant minister.
813Domineterm of reference for Protestant minister.
814Dominirmen-dominir dominate.
816Domisili(leg. ) domicile.
817Dompak1 ber-dompak 1) leap, jump (in fighting). 2) prance (of horses). 2. densely packed (of houses, etc.).
818Dompet1 wallet. 2 relief fund (often organized by a publication).
820Domplengmen-dompleng join, double up. pen-dompleng non paying passenger.
822Don-Juansee DON-YUAN.
826Donatir,Donaturdonor, benefactor.
827DonauDanube River.
828Doncangmen-doncang jump, leap.
830Donder(coll. ) scolding.
831Dong1. (coll. ) partical asserting that interlocutor should already know or do what o. is asserting. 2. (E. Indonesia) they.
832Dongakmen-,ter- 1 pointed upward (of head, rifle muzzle, etc.). 2 gaze up(ward).
833Dongeng1 fairy tale, legend. 2 nonsense.
834Dongkakleap up.
835Dongkellever, jack.
836Dongkol1. 1) resentful, acrimonious. 2) irked, vexed. 2. ex-, former.
837Dongkrak(auto. ) jack.
838Dongkrok(Java) n- dongkrok remain motionless.
839Dongok1 ponderous, hulking. 2 stupid.
840Dongongmen-dongong stare open-mouthed.
842Doorslagsee DORSLAG.
843Dop1. 1) hubcap. 2) caps (for toy guns). 2. (coll. ) baptism. 3. lightbulb.
844Dopercis,Doperten(coll. ) canned sweet peas.
845Dopissee DUMPIS.
846Dorsound of gunshot.
847Dorakasee DURHAKA.
848Dorang1. k.o. fish. 2. (E. Indonesia) they.
849Doreng(coll. ) striped.
850Dornasee DURNA.
851Dorongmen-dorong 1 push. 2 motivate, provide the impetus. 3 urge.
852Dorslag,Dorslahonionskin paper.
853Dortrapk.o. bicycle with pedal brakes.
854Dos1 small box. 2 carton, case.
856Dosenuniversity-level instructor.
857Dosinsee LUSIN.
859Dosis(med. ) dose. men-dosos-kan determine the dosage.
860Dot1. 1) nipple. 2) pacifier. 2. sound of a car horn.
861Dower(Java) having a drooping lower lip.
862Doyan(Jakarta) be fond of.
863Doyonginclined, not straight.
865Dpc(Dewan Pimpinan Cabang) leadership of political party at local level.
866Dpd(Dewan Pimpinan Daerah) leadership of political party at regional level.
867Dpp1. (Dewan Pimpinan Pusat) leadership of political party at national level. 2. (dada, pinggang, pinggul) chest, waist, hip measurements. 3. (dana pembinaan pendidikan) k.o. gvt. subsidy to state universities to supplement tuition fees.
868Dpr(Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat) Indonesian legistilative assembly.
869Dprd(Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah) Assembly at provincial, regional, or municipal level.
870Dprgr(Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Gotong Royong) The Indonesian Parliament (1959-1973).
871Dpt(diphteri, pertussis, tetanus) diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus vaccine.
872Dpt.(dapat) can, be able.
873Dr-see also entries with der-.
874Dr.1. (dari) from. dr.2, Dr.1 (dokter) doctor (of medicine). Dr.2 (doktor) doctor (of philosophy).
875Dra.(doktoranda) title of woman holding post-graduate degree in humanities below doctoral rank.
876Draftdraft (of plan, etc.).
877Dragonmanual water pump.
880Dramsee DRUM.
882Dramataridance drama.
884Dramatisasimen-dramatisasi-kan dramatize, make into a play.
885Dramatisirmen-dramatisir dramatize, make into a play.
888Dramawanstage actor, performer.
889Drambensee DRUMBAND.
891Drat1 wire thread. 2 thread of a screw.
892Dreik.o. drill.
893Drellsound of ataccato crackling (gun salvo, etc.). men-drel spray with bullets.
894Dressoar(dreswar) sideboard, buffet.
895Drg.(dokter gigi) dentist.
896Drh.(dokter hewan) veterinarian.
897Dribbel, Dribelmen-dribbel (Sport) dribble.
898Drilk.o. cloth.
899Drive(drayp) (Sport) drive in golf.
900Drodok(coll. ) dry dock.
902Dropmints, cough-drops.
903Droping,Droppingallocation, us from outside ordinary channels (direct order of president, etc.).
904Drs.(Dokterandus) title of o. holding graduate degree in humanities below doctoral rank.
905Drum1 drum. 2 oil drum, canister for chemicals.
906Drumband(dramben) marching band.
907Ds.(domine) Protestant clergyman.
908Dsb.(dan sebagainya) etc.
909Dsl. (dan selanjutnya) and so forth.
910Dst.,Dstnya(dan seterusnya) and so on.
911Dtsee DASWATI.
912Dt.(Datuk) title in Malaysia and certain parts of Indonesia.
913Dtk.(detik) second moment.
914Dto.(ditandatangani oleh) signed by.
915Duatwo. (ber)-dua-dua 1 two by two 2 both.
916Duaisee IPAR.
917Duajabanner, ensign.
918Dual1 duel. 2 (coll. ) traffic collision.
919Dualis(ling. ) dual.
922Dubsee DAB.
923Dubang(Java) saliva reddened by betel chewing.
924Dubes(Duta Besar) ambasador.
925Dubilah(isl. , coll. ) God forbid !
929Dudufollow s.o., continue on (without looking back).
930Duduk1 sit. 2state, situation. 3 live, dwell, reside. 4 settle, go to the bottom (of dregs).
931Dudut1. (Java) pull, tug at. 2. (child language) penis.
933Dugaguess, estimate.
934Dugal(Java) naughty.
935Dugangrestrain s.t. with a rope so that it will not fall.
936Dugden(Java) invulnerable.
937Dugder(Java) week-long festival before fasting month.
939Duhsee ADUH.
940Duhaisee ADUHAI.
941Duilah/duillah/ (coll. ) My gosh ! (exclamation of surprise or astonishment).
944Dukagrief, sorrow.
945Dukacarita/dukacerita/ tragedy, story with sad theme.
946Dukacitaprofound sorrow.
947Dukanataking pleasure in sex, lascivious.
948Dukospray paint (for cars, etc.).
949Dukulanseh totree or its fruit.
951Dukunindigenous medical practitioner, shaman.
952Dukungmen-dukung 1 carry as o. would carry a child, on the back or straddling the hip (with support of the arm) 2 support, espous (a couse).
953Dulang1. food tray. 2. printer's galley. 3. men-dulang feed (a child).
954Duli(lit. ) 1 dust. 2 expression in royal tittles.
955Dulu1 formerly, previously. 2 first (before doing s.t. else). 3 before, prior. 4 for the time being.
956Dulur(Java) kin, family.
957Dum-Dumsound of drum or cannon.
958Dumel(Java) nag, complain.
959Dumpiscaps (for toy guns, etc.).
960Dungsound of drum.
961Dungaksee DONGAK.
962Dungu1 dull-witted, mentally slow. 2 gullible.
963Dunia1 world. 2 (bio. ) kingdom. se-dunia the whole world.
964Duniawiworldly, secular.
965Duniawiahworldly, profane.
966Dunsanak(M) relatives.
967Dupsee DOP 2.
969Dupaksee DEPAK 1.
970Duplik(leg. ) rejoinder, rebuttal.
971Duplikasiduplication (of effort, etc.).
972Duplikat/duplo/ duplicate, carbon copy.
973Dursound of explosion.
974Duren(Java) see DURIAN.
975DurgaHindu goddess of destruction.
976Durhakarebellious, insubordinate.
977Duri1 thorn, burr, spine. 2 fish bone.
978Duriandurian fruit and tree.
979Durjasee MURAM.
980Durjana(lit. ) evil, wicked.
981Durna1 (Java) name of character in the wayang, adviser first to o. side and later the other. 2 intrigue-ridden adviser.
982Dursila(Java) unethical.
983Dus1. shower (bath). 2. (coll. ) so, consequently. 3. see DOS.
984Dusel(Java) snuggle up close.
985Dusimen-dusi continue to feel drowsy after nap.
986Dusinmen-dusin 1 be awake. 2 be conscious of, realize.
987Dusta1 lie, falsehood. 2 tell a lie.
988Dusun1 (lit. ) orchard. 2 village far from urban areas.
989Dut(coll. ) dead.
992Duyunber-duyun-duyun in throughs.
993Duyungsee DUGONG.
994Dwitwo (formal and only in certain constructions).
997Dwibahasawana bilingual.
998Dwidasawarsa20th anniversary.
999Dwifungsidual function, esp. of the military, referring to its soldierly and political roles.
1001Dwihuruf(ling. ) digraph.
1002Dwikewarganegaraandual citizenship.
1003Dwikora(dwikomando rakyat) The people's two mandates: crush Malaysia and defend the revolution (slogan of Sukarno era).
1006Dwisuku(ling. ) disyllabic.
1007Dwitunggalduumvirate, two working as o.
1008Dwiwarnathe Indonesian flag, the Red and White.
1010Dynamosee DINAMO.
1011Dysentrisee DISENTRI.
1012Dzsee also entries with d-. l-.or z-.

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