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1Cc, the 3d letter of the alphabet.
3Ca(Ch) stir-fried dish.
4Cabaired pepper, chili.
5Cabakk.o. night bird.
6Cabang1 branch, bough , prong. 2 branch (office, department, academic field, etc.). 3 fork (in the road, river). 4 chapter, affiliate (of club, association, etc.).
7Cabarcabar-hati 1 cowardly, fear-striken, timorous. 2 discouraged, dejected, downhearted. 3 careless, unheeding.
8Cabesee CABAI.
9Cabik1 torn, ripped, snagged. 2 strip, piece.
10Cabirlong rip or tear. ber-cabir-an in tatters, in shreds.
11Cabo(China) prostitute, whore.
12Cabuhin an uproar.
13Cabuk1. 1) carbuncle. 2) foul-smelling ulceration. 2. k.o. fish, wolf herring. 3. see CAMBUK.
14Cabul1. 1) indecent, obscene. 2) pornographic. 2. see CEBOL.
15Caburke-cabur-an disturbance, commotion, tumult.
16Cabut1 yang out, withdraw. 2 (coll. ) take off, leave.
17Cacadsee CACAT.
18Cacadan(Java) whiffletree, pole to connect the yoke to the plow.
19Cacah1. number, amount. 2. cut up.
20Cacak1. vertikal, upright, perpendicular. 2. 1) pinch. 2) steal, swipe. 3. (Java) 1) elder brother. 2) form of address to elder man. 3) comrade, buddy (esp. to pedicab drivers in Surabaya, as cak).
21Cacap1. hair remedy (to ensure growth). 2. men-cacap-i flood, inundate.
22Cacar1 pustular skin eruption. 2 smallpox.
23Cacat1 physical defect, deformity. 2 flawed.
24Cacaufickle, inconstant, capricious, changeable.
25Caciabuse verbally.
26Cacingworm, maggot.
27Cadangsuku-cadang spare parts.
28Cadangan1 reseve, back up, spare. 2 a proposal. 3 plan, long-range project. 4 a vote.
29Cadarveil (worn by Islam women, bride, etc.).
30Cadas(geol. ) 1 sedimentary rock formation (such as sandstone or tuff). 2 rocky ground or area.
31Cadelsee CEDAL.
32Cadik1. (naut. ) 1) leeboard. 2) outrigger. 2. (coll. ) ny- addicted. 3. see CERDIK.
33Cadoknearsighted, myopic.
34Cadongshare, portion.
35Caelaexpression of exasperation.
36Caem(ca'em) (sl. ) cute.
37Cafetariacanteen, small restaurant (not necessarily self-selvice) attached to school or office.
38Cagak1. 1) a forking branch. 2) crossing. 2. (Java) pole, post used for support.
39Cagar1 security, guarantee, pledge. 2 advence payment.
40Cagu/caguh/ whitlow.
41Cagutmen- peck, bite.
42Cah1. hah ! (exclamation of disagreement). 2. see BOCAH.
43Caharloose (of feces).
44Caharisee CARI.
45Cahaya1 radiance, brilliance, glow. 2 light. 3 ray.
46CailahLord ! (exclamation of surprise).
47Caing-Caingin shreds, in tatters.
48Cair1 liquid, fluid. 2 thin, weak, diluted.
50Caisimk.o. China vegetable, mustard greens.
51Cak1. smack (of the lips). 2. cak-padang sparrow. 3. see CACAK 3.
52Cakahat an obtuse angle.
53Cakal-Bakal(Java) founder of a village, pioneer.
54Cakalang(E. Indonesia) k.o. tuna, skipjack.
55Cakalelewar dance in the Moluccas and Minahasa.
56Cakap1. 1) able, capable. 2) adroid, clever, skillful. 3) good-looking. 2. words, statement.
57Cakar1 claw, talon (of birds). 2 paw. 3 scratch. 4 rasp, file.
58Cakatansee CEKATAN.
59Cakausee CEKAU.
60Cakepsee CAKAP 1.
61Cakerasee CAKRA.
62Cakeramsee CAKRAM.
63Cakil1 noble shadow-play character with protruding lower jaw. 2 prognathous.
64Caklatsee CIAKLAT.
65CakraVishnu's mythical weapon.
66Cakrabirawapresidential palace guards in Sukano era.
67Cakrak(Java) well-formed body, good-looking (of humans, animals).
68Cakram1 disk. 2 (Sport) discus.
69Cakrawala1 firmament, heavens, sky. 2 rotation of heavenly bodies.
70Cakrawatirule, sway.
71Cakruk(Java) small market.
72Cakuesee CAKWE.
73Cakup1. men-cakup 1) catch with the mouth, snap at. 2) arrest, round up (prostitutes, illegal vendors, tramps). 3 embrace, entail, include. 2. (Java) scoop, ladle out.
74Cakwe(China) k.o. fried cake, fritter of twisted dough.
75Calasee COLA-CALA.
76Calabikangk.o. multicolored cake made from rice.
77Calak1. superimposed (of o. color on another). 2. (M) sharp-tongued, glib. 3. (Java) o. who perfoms traditional circumcision.
78Calang1 bare, almost leafles. 2 unadorned (of furniture, etc.).
79Calarlaceration, scratch (on skin).
80Calincingk.o. weed.
81Caling1. tusk, canine tooth. 2. see COLANG-CALING.
82Calipsosee CALYPSO.
83Calitsmear, stain, spot.
84Calo1 passenger recruiter for public vehicles. 2 ticket scalper.
85Caloismea mentality and system characterized by using the power of o.'s position for personal gain (i.e., by farning out projects, etc.).
86Calon1 candidate, aspirant. 2 applicant. 3 recruit.
87Caluksee ASAM.
88Calung1. 1) bamboo water scoop. 2) cup for latex. 2. k.o. bamboo xylophone.
89Calypso(kalipso) 1 k.o. Latin American dance. 2 pomaded, brushed-back hair style (1950s).
90Cam1. interest, attention (us. only in negative constructions). 2. see KECAM.
91Cama1. have a large appetite. 2. (calon mahasiswa) freshman, new university student (during hazing).
92Camarseagull, tern.
93Camatsubdistrict head.
94Cambahsee KECAMBAH.
95Cambangwhiskers, sideburns.
96Cambukwhip, cat-o-nine-tails.
97Cambulsee CEMBUL.
98Cambunglarge bowl, tureen (for rice, fruit, etc.).
99Camca(Sumatra) tea or soup spoon.
100Cami(calon mahasiswi). female freshman (during hazing).
101Camik(menyamik) eat a little. (nyamik-an) snacks
102Camilan(Java) snacks.
103Campacoarse, not ground finely (of tea leaves or coffee).
104Campahflat, insipid, tasteless.
105Campak1. a throw, toss. 2. measles. 3. k.o. folk dance from Beliton.
106Campin1 skillful, handy. 2 clever, adept.
107Campingin rags, in tatters.
108Campunglopped off, clipped.
109Campur1 mixed, mingled, blended. 2. get involved.
111Canaigrind down.
112Canangcrier's cymbal.
113Cancang1. ter- cancang be standing on end. 2. men-, ny- 1) tie up. 2) put on a leash.
114Cancut(Java) loincloth.
115Canda(Java) 1 joke (esp. of teasing nature). 2 caprice.
116Candaksistim-candak-kulak system of gvt. credit for small investors.
117Candiancient Hindu or Budhist temple or shrine.
118Candit(naut. ) fluke (of anchor).
119Candra1. (lit. ) moon. candra-sangkala chronogram based on lunar calculations. 2. men-candra give s.t. a symbol or label.
120Candrabirawasee AJI 1.
121Candradimuka1 (lit. ) a legendary crater from which infants immediately emerge as adults. 2 (mil. ) officer candidate training.
122Candrasangkalasee CANDRA 1.
123Candu1 opium (ready for use). 2 s.t. hallucinogenic or intoxicating, like a drug.
124Candungmeat cleaver.
125Cang-Cing-Cong(derog. ) speak a China dialect.
126Cangahter-cangah be opened wide, agape.
127Cangak1. men-cangak raise the head in order to see. 2. k.o. heronlike bird.
128Cangap1 notch end of a pole. 2 forked branch.
129Canggah1. two-pronged pole or branch. 2. (Java0 1) great-great-grandchild. 2 great-great-grandparent.
130Canggai1. long, decorative fingernail. 2. peanuts fried with a confectionery shell.
131Canggi/canggih/ sophisticated.
132Canggung1. 1) clumsy, awkward. 2). gauche, ill at ease, bashful. 3) ill-mannered, curt. 4) insufficient, inadequate. 2. half-submerged tree trunk.
134Cangkat(in some regions only) low hill.
135Cangkelstuck fast.
136Cangkih-Mangkihstick out in all directions.
137Cangkinmen-cangkin carry by the hand while walking.
138Cangkir1. cup, small mug. 2. spur (of a fowl, bird).
139Cangklekmen-cangklek carry on the hips.
140Cangklongk.o. pipe with curved stem.
141Cangkoksee CANGKUK 1.
142Cangkrang1 leafless branch. 2 cover of a battery lamp. 3 (auto. ) chassis.
143Cangkrimanriddle, conundrum.
144Cangkringk.o. tree.
145Cangkruksit around doing nothing.
146Cangkuk1. 1) shoot, cutting. 2) grafit, transplant. 3) false, imitation. 2. 1) elephant goad, gaff. 2) hook. 3. k.o. tree whose dried flowers provide a medicine. 4. preserved or pickled fish.
147Cangkulmattock, hoelike tool.
148Cangkummen-cangkum embrance, hug, clasp.
150Cangkupmen-cangkup eat by tossing food into the mouth with the hand.
151Cangukmen-canguk sit with head bowed down.
152Cangutprotrude, stick out (as of the hilt of a dagger from the sheath).
153Cantas(Java) sharp-tongued.
154Cantel(nyantel) (coll. ) be hooked on s.t.
156Cantik1 pretty, beautiful (in appearance). 2 (Sport) well executed (smash, goal, etc.).
157Canting1 small dipper used to apply wax in batik process. 2 bamboo water scoop.
159Cantrikpupil, disciple (of Buddhist or Hindu guru).
161Cao1. (China) run. 2. see CINCAU.
162Caossee SAUS.
163Cap1. 1) stamp, seal. 2) trademark, brand name. 3) printed. 4) quality, feature. 5) China seal. 2. sound of sharp instrument perforating a target. 3. (China) ten.
164Capa1. (calon perwira) senior military cadet's rank. 2. k.o. wild camphor plant. 3. game of heads or tails.
165Capai1. men-capai 1) reach out for and touch. 2) reach attain. 3) achieve, attain. 2. tired, exhausted, weary.
166Capak1. men-, memper- 1) slight, ignore. 2) take lightly, show disdain for. 2. men-, smack o.'s lips (while eating). 3. ter-campak sit straddling s.t.
167Capalk.o. sandal.
168Capangwide-spreading (of ears, nostrils, mustache, horns).
169Capcai(China) 1 stir-fried vegetables. 2 bodge-podge, mishmash.
170Capeg(calon pegawai) candidate for civil service.
171Capeksee CAPAI 2.
172Capeloksee CAPLOK.
173Capeo(Ambon) hat.
174Capgome,Capgomekcelebration of 15 th day of the first China month.
175Capiklame, paralyzed.
176Capilk.o. broad sun hat made of palm or pandanus leaves.
177Capinghead covering of woven bamboo of broad conical shape.
178Capittweezers. snap at, bite (of crabs).
179Capita-Selecta(kapita selekta) anthology of selected topics.
180Capjaisee CAPCAI.
181CapjikiChina card game with 12 cards or dice.
182Caplak1 dog flea. 2 skin blemish.
183Caploksnatch and swallow.
186Cara1 manner, mien. 2 style, fashion, tradition. 3 method.
187Carahber-carah in small lots.
188Carak1. swallow in a gulp (such as sucking a raw egg, pouring water down o.'s throat, etc.). 2. begin to be visible (e.g., rising sun).
189Caraka1 enjoy, emissary. 2 (lit. ) messenger.
191Carilook for.
192Carik1. 1) torn, ripped (of paper, cloth). 2) classifier for paper. 3) (ticket) stub, remnant, scrap. 2. chief clerk of a village.
193Caringlie in the sun.
194Carok(Madura) duel to defend o,'s honor.
196Caruk1. 1) notch, indent. 2) tap (for rubber). 2. ravenous, gluttonous.
197Carutobscene, filthy (of speech).
198Cas1 (elec. ) charge. 2 (Sumatra) charge (a battery). 3( (sl. ) eat.
199Cas-Cis-Cus, Cas-Cus(coll. ) chatter, prattle.
200Casanova(kasanofa) womanizer.
201Casis(Auto) chassis.
202Cassettesee KASET.
203Cat1. 1) paint. 2) tint, tinge. 2. Charge ! (exclamation when attacking).
205Catat, Catetrecord, note . .
206Catok/catokan/ vise, clamp.
207Catushare, portion, ration.
208Catuk1. 1) peck at, nibble (of fowl). 2) rap, tap on. 3) hit, harm with the edge of a weapon. 4) cut into (a coconut). 5) a hammer. 2. 1) a spoonful. 2) contents of half a coconut shell. 3. ter-catuk sit with head bowed.
209Catur1. chess. 2. four (only in slogans, titles). 3. (Java) talk.
211Caturismepolitical chess.
212Catussee CETUS.
213Catut1 tweezers. 2 tongs, pincers. 3 black marketer, scalper, corrupter.
214Catutismemental attitude characterized by efforts to make a profit from o.'s official position.
215Caulsee KAIN.
216Caungsunken (face).
217Cawak1. leash .2. dent. ber-cawak have a dimple.
218Cawancup (without handle).
219Cawang1. check mark. 2. see CABANG.
220Cawatloincloth, G-string. ber-cawat wear a loincloth.
221Cawe-Cawe(coll. , Java) pry into, be a busybody.
224Cawisanstock, materials that have been prepared.
225Cayasee CAHAYA.
226Cb(Citizens' Band) citizens' band radio.
227Cb.(cabang) branch (of a firm, etc.).
228Cccubic centimeter.
229Cdsee KERTAS.
230Cebakdig, mine.
231Cebakan1 mineral deposit. 2 mine.
232Ceban(Jakarta, China) 10,000, in commercial transactions.
233Cebar-Cebursound of splashing.
234Cebersamsee CERBER.
235Cebikmen-cebik extend lower lip as sign of derision.
236Cebir1. piece. 2. see CEBIK, CIBIR.
237Cebissee CEBIR 1.
238Ceblekmen-ceblek slap lightly.
239Cebokwash the genitals or anus with water after defecating or urinating.
242Ceburmen-cebur 1 splash. 2 jump, plunge. 3 splash down (of astronaut).
243Cecahse-cecah 1 a moment, awhile. 2 a little, a touch of, dash of.
244Cecak1. dot, spot, fleck. 2. men-cecah 1) pinch, tweak, nip. 2) pick (pocket). 3. see CICAK.
245Cecapmen-cecap taste, savor.
246Cecarmen-cecar bully, pester, cross-examine.
247Cece1. cubic centimeter, esp. in engine measurements. 2. see CICIT 1,2,
249Ceceng(Jakarta, China) 1,000, in commercial transactions.
250Cecerspilled, scattered (in small quantities).
252Cecoksee CEKCOK.
253Cecuitlow hissing or hushing sound.
254Cecunguk1 (Sd) cockroach. 2 (coll. ) shady character, spy. 3 secret police.
257Cedal(Java) suffer from speech defect characterized by pronounciation of / r / as a tap or as / l /.
258Cedera1. disagreement, conflict, bickering. 2. 1) be flawed, defective. 2) injury. 3. 1) traitorous, faithless, untrustworthy. 2)murder through treachery. 4. see CANDRA 1,2.
259Cedingsmall, scrubby, undersized (of plants, fruits, etc.).
260Cedok(Jakarta) dipper. men-cedok 1 scoop up (of sand, etc.). 2 dip up, ladle out (liquids).
261Cedongsee CEDOK.
262Cedukshrunken (of cheeks), sunken (of eyes).
263Cedut-Cedutslight twitching feeling, low-level pain in an infection.
264Cegahsay s.t. by way of prohibition.
265Cegak-Cegakstrong and active, vigorous, robust.
266Cegatmen-cegat 1 hail (taxi), flag down. 2 way lay, hold up.
268Cegukan(coll. ) hiccup.
269Cek1. (fin. ) check. 2. examine, check out. 3. see ENCIK.
270Cek Cek Ceksound of pieces of metal striking e.o.
271Cekahsplit open.
272Cekak1. se-cekak a pinch, what can be seized between finger and thumb. 2. 1) short. 2) insufficient, inadequate. 3) too narrow, tight (of clothes). 4) rude, coarse (behavior). 3. fight.
273Cekakak(cekikik) sound of laughter, giggles.
274Cekalstalwart, gallant.
275Cekalangsee CAKALANG.
276Cekam1.dibble. 2. see CENGKAM.
277Cekap1. fight. 2. see CAKAP 1.
278Cekatanadroit, deft, adept.
279Cekaumen-cekau grasp, seize.
280Cekcokquarrel, squabble, bicker, fall out.
281Cekeksee CEKIK.
282Cekelstingy, miserly.
283Ceker1 foot (esp. of birds). 2 claw.
284Cekeramsee CENGKERAM.
285Cekik.o. China card game.
286Cekibarflying lizard.
287Cekikmen-cekik strangkle, choke, throttle.
288Cekikiksound of a giggle.
289Ceking1 thin, slender, wasted. 2 frugal, economical.
290Cekitcekit-cekit small pricking pain. men-cekit nibble at, peck at.
291Cekleksee CEKLIK.
292Ceklismall and attractive (of house and furnishings).
293Ceklik1 sound of clicking. 2 (ling. ). click.
295Cekokmedicine forcibly given.
297Cekot-Cekotthrobbing pain in head.
298Cekumen-ceku prick, dent (with fingernail).
299Cekuhmen-cekuh search (in o.'s pocket).
300Cekuk1. niche, depression in surface. 2. see CEKOK.
301Cekukan1) notch (in coconut trunk for a foothold). 2) thumb index (of a dictionary).
302Cekukrak-Cekukruk1 in bad health (of chickens). 2 listless, not feeling up to doing anything.
303Cekung1 sunken (of cheeks). 2 concave.
304Cekup1. men-cekup seize with closed hand ( a fly, etc.). 2. see CEKUT.
305Cekurk.o. small cultivated plant of gingger family used as medicine.
306Cekutmen-cekut pick up with fingertips.
307Cel(sel) battery cell.
308Cela1. 1) defect, flaw, blemish. 2) shortcoming, failing. 3) disgrace, shame. 2. see CELAH.
309Celadsee CEDAL.
311Celaga(naut. ) helm, tiller (of boat).
312Celahgap, space, fissure, rift, slot.
313Celakk.o. cosmetic used to blacken eyelid.
314Celaka1 misfortune. 2 bad luck, unlucky. 3 dammit !, darn it !
315Celam-Celum1 go in and out of a house. 2 unsure, uncertain.
316Celampakmen-celampak(kan) fling, hurl, throw away.
317Celanatrousers, pants.
318Celangmen-celang stare (with eyes wide open).
319Celangakwide open (of a door, etc.).
320Celangapagape, wide open (of the mouth.
321Celapakmen-celapak-i straddle.
322Celas-Celosgo in and out of (a house).
323Celatmen-celat jump far, jump high.
324Celatukber-celatuk chat, joke, gossip.
325Celebuksound of a stone hitting water, splashing sound.
326Celekeh1 stain, blemish, spot. 2 dirty, soiled.
327Celekit(nyelekit) hurting o.'s feelings.
328Celemek(coll. ) apron.
329Celemotcrumbs or lefttovers from eating.
330Celempungk.o. zitherlike musical instrument.
331Celeng1 wild boar. 2 pig. 3 (derog. ) jerk.
332Celengan1 savings. 2 money box, piggy bank.
333Celengkang-Celengkok1 winding, twisting. 2 bent.
334Celentanglie face up.
336Celepik1 sound of a small object falling. 2 tick.
337Celepok/celepuk/ 1. 1) sound of a fall, thud, plop. 2) fall with thud or plop. 2. k.o. owl.
338Celetuksay s.t. abruptly.
339Celi1 keen, sharp-eyed. 2 careful, precise.
340Celik1 open (of eyes). 2 see.
341Celingak-Celinguklook around in a dazed way.
342Celingukanlook around in a dazed way.
343Celismen-celis chop up, cut in bits.
344Cello(selo) cello.
345Celomes1 ail, suffer chronically. 2 fussy, hard to please, finicky.
346Celomokpockmarked (of face).
347Celopar1 fussy, finicky. 2 talkative, garrulous.
348Celorengmenceloreng 1 gash, cut. 2 mark with a strip or slash.
349Celotehempty talk.
350Celsiussee SELSIUS.
351Celung1. sunken (of eyes), hollow (of cheeks). 2. narrow corral for elephants, water buffalo.
352Celung-Celangjingle, tinkle.
353Celupmen-celup(kan) 1 dip, immerse. 2 dye.
354Celupak(Java) oil lamp without a chimney.
355Celuparsee CELOPAR.
356Celurimmersion into boiling liquid.
357Celuritsee CLURIT.
358Celurutmusk shrew.
359Celus1 loose fitting (of rings, clothing, etc.). 2 slip through, get through.
360Celutakwilling to eat anything.
361Celutakwilling to eat anything.
362Celutukk.o. sandpiper or plover.
364Cemar1 dirty, soiled, filthy. 2 besmirched, blackened (name, etc.).
365Cemara1. casuarina tree. 2. long switch of hair or wig twisted into chignon.
366Cemas1 worried, disturbed, apprehensive,frightened. 2. discouraged.
367Cematpull (boat).
368Cemberutsullen, glum, morose.
369Cembulsmall metal box for tobacco.
370Cembung1 chubby (of cheeks). 2 dome-shaped. men-cembung curve.
371Cembursee CEBUR.
372Cemburu1 jealous. 2 envious.
373Cemeehjeer, insult. men-cemeeh(kan) ridicule.
374Cemeh1. 1) blind on o. side. 2) blind but with eyelids open. 2. card game.
375Cemekian,Cemengkiank.o. croton tree (seeds used for purges and abortifacients).
376Cemersee CEMEH 1.
377Cemerlang1 sparkle, shine, gleam, glisten. 2 bright, gleaming, dazzling.
378Cemerutsee CEMBERUT.
380Cemilse- cemil a little bit.
381Cemomotdirty (of face).
382Cemong1 dirty, soiled. 2 scratched (face).
383Cemoohsee CEMUH.
384Cempaka1 k.o tropical manolia, champac. 2 frangipani (and other similar flowering shrubs.
385Cempakulk.o. fish with protruding eyes.
386Cempedakk.o. tree similar to jackfruit.
387Cempelungsee CEMPLUNG.
388Cemperak.o. seashore shrub.
389Cemperlingk.o. small bird.
390Cempiangrowdy, roughneck, ruffian, hoodlum.
391Cempingrag, piece of ripped-off cloth.
392Cemplakmen-cemplak kick a horse to make it go, step on the starter of a motorcycle.
394Cemplung1 sound of a splash. 2 plunge into water.
395Cempoasee SEMPOA.
396Cempolongplastic piping for sanitation, insulation, etc.
397Cempork.o. wall lamp with chimney.
398Cemprengshrill (of voice).
399Cempungsound of a splash.
400Cemuh1 insult, taunt. 2 ridicule.
401Cemuk1. shaft. 2. shake (stick). men-cemuk hit (with stick). 3. pod (of legumes). 4. cemuk, cemung large metal cup for drinking.
402Cenangauk.o. insect.
403Cenanggacongenital defect, deformity.
404Cenangkask.o. straight-edged sword.
405Cenayangmedium, spiritualist.
406Cencalak.o. bird.
407Cencalukk.o. condiment made of fermented, raw shrimp.
408Cencangsee CINCANG.
409Cencaruk.o. fish, horse mackerel.
410Cencongsee CINGCONG.
411Cendalalow, base, mean.
412Cendanayellow sandalwood.
413Cendawan1 mushroom, toadstool. 2 fungus, mildew, mold.
414Cendekia1 learned, educated. 2 clever, shrewd.
415Cendekiawan1 an intellectual. 2 the educated (class).
416Cenderamatasouvenir or memento (esp. exchanged or oresented on official visits).
417Cenderawasihbird of paradise.
418Cenderung1 inclined, lean, disposed. 2 sloping, leaning.
419Cendol1 small, doughy rice-flour droplets used in cold drinks. 2 a beverage made with such droplets.
420Cendongk.o. children's guessing game with pantuns.
421Cenelaembroidered slippers or sandals.
422Cengsyrup, molasses.
423Ceng-Ceng(Bali) k.o. cymbals.
424Cengalk.o. large hardwood tree yielding commercial timber.
425Cengammen-cengam snap at, seize with mouth or beak (as dog, crocodile, etc.).
426Cengangsurprised, astonished,amazed.
427Cengapmen-cengap 1 snap at. 2 gape, pant (for breath).
428Cengar-Cingirgrin foolishly, grimace.
429Cengbeng(China) grave-cleaning festival.
430Cengeng1 whine, be a crybaby, snivel. 2 terful, sentimental, overly emotional.
431Cengengesan(Java) cengenges-an 1 jeering, sneering at, ridiculing. 2 smile sheepishly.
432Cengervery young (of infants about 1-2 months old), crying stage.
433Cenggersee JENGGER.
434Cenggerenggrated coconut or onions fried for use in cooking.
435Cenggeretk.o. locust.
436Cenggo(China) 1,500 in business transactions.
437Cengirwry smile, grin. (nyengir) 1 (Jakarta) grimace, expression made by screwing up o.'s face. 2 smile sheepishly.
438Cengis1 bad odor or taste. 2 loathsome, nauseating.
440Cengkal1. unit of length (about 3.75 m.). 2. a framelike device worn to keep o.'s sarong from touching his healing circumcision wound.
441Cengkamgrip, squeeze, hold. men-cengkam 1 seize, grasp. 2 ingrown (of toenail). 3 gripping, tenacious, engrossing.
442Cengkarfallow, barren (land).
443Cengkarukfried sticky rice for use in confection.
444Cengkatstand on o.'s heels.
445Cengkau1. middleman, broker. 2. see CEKAU.
446Cengke/cengkeh/ see CENGKIH.
447Cengkelongmen-cengkelong withdraw (money).
448Cengkeramgrip, hold. men-cengkeram 1 hold firmly (into o.'s hands). 2 firmly grip.
449Cengkeramachat, talk.
450Cengkerawakk.o. bird, yellow-crowned bulbul.
451Cengkeriksee JANGKRIK 1.
452Cengkirun of luck in cards.
453Cengkih1 clove. 2 (crd. ) club. ber-cengkih spiced with cloves.
454Cengkingyelping, squealing (of a dog).
455Cengkirhalf-ripe coconut.
456Cengkok1. crooked, twisted, bent. 2. leaf monkey.
457Cengkoltwisted, bent.
458Cengkongdeformed, misshapen.
459Cengkung1. hollow, sunken (of eyes, cheeks). 2. yapping, barking, yelping. 3. ber-cengkung squat.
460Cengkursee CEKUR.
461Cengli(China) reasonable, logical.
462Cengor(Madura) see CINGUR.
463Centadusee BELALANG 1.
464Centangcentang-perenang/perentang in total disarray, in a mess.
465Centelsee CANTEL.
466Centeng1 guard, watchman. 2 foreman on private land. 3 hired thug, hit-man.
467Centeriksee CANTRIK.
468Centet1 stunted, runty (in growth). 2 shrunken. 3 economical.
470Centong1 rice ladle. 2 dipper with handle. men-centong ladle out, scoop out (rice).
471Centung1 lock, tuft of hair. 2 tuft, crest (of bird).
472Cenungter-cenung stunned into silent pondering.
473Cep1. silent, quiet, sudden silence. 2. see CP.
474Cepaksmacking (of lips).
475Cepatfast, speedy, quick.
476Cepek1 (Jakarta, China) 100, in commercial transactions. cepek-ceng 100,000. 2 k.o. motorcycle with 100 cc. gas tank.
477Cepekcengsee CEPEK.
478Cepenghalf a cent.
479Cepengancheap, not worth much.
480Cepershallow and rimmed (of bowl, saucer).
481Cepetsee CEPAT.
482Cepiauhat (of kind worn by stationmasters).
483Cepit1. men-cepit sandwich between, jam. 2. see SEPIT.
484Ceplas-Ceplos1 speak out frangkly. 2 speak uninhibitedly.
486Ceplok1. circle-shaped. 2. sound of stamping feet.
487Ceplosmen-ceplos-kan blurt out. ceplos-an uninhibited comment.
488Ceplukan(ceplu'an) k.o. cherry tomato that grows on bush.
489Ceplusmen-ceplus press.
490Cepol1 come off (of a handle). 2 break off. 3 broken, damaged. men-cepol strike, hit.
491Ceprat-Ceprotsound of pounding (in a small mortar, etc.).
492Cepretsound of clicking (cameras, etc.), sound of squashing (an insect).
493Cepu, Cepuk1. wooden or metal box (for betel, etc.. 2. tube.
494Cepung1 sound of a splash. 2 splash.
496Ceracahsound or rain, brooks, etc. men-ceracah babble (brook), drum (rain).
497Ceracapcymbal, castanets.
498Ceracaubabble, prattle.
499Cerah1 bright and clear. 2 sharp (of a photo).
500Cerai1 divorce. 2 separate.
501Ceraka1. a stand on which clothes are laid for fuming with incense. 2. see CARAKA.
502Cerakin(lit. ) small chest with compartments for medicinal herbs.
503Ceramah1 extracurricular lecture, talk, speech. 2 talkative, communicative, sociable.
504Ceranametal container for betel-chewing paraphernalia.
505Cerancangber-cerancang(an) prickly, thorny.
506Ceranggahber-, men- 1 forked, branched. 2 prickly, thorny.
507Cerapmen-cerap 1 note, observe. 2 show interest in. 3 sense, apprehend, respond.
508Cerat1 faucet, spigot, tap, nozzle. 2 pour through a spout. 3 drain or draw off (liquids).
509Ceratukber-, men-ceratuk sit with head bowed slightly.
510Cerausound of a heavy downpour.
512Cerbaknot squeamish, willing to eat anything.
513Cerber(cerita bersambung) serialized story.
514Cerbergamsee CERGAM.
515Cerca1 a censure, reprimand. 2 derision. 3 scorn, disdain.
516Cercahse-cercah a slight s.t.
517Cercakslightly pockmarked.
518Cercapmen-cercap flop about, squirm (as fish out of water).
519Cerdas1 intelligent, educated. 2 shrewd, clever. 3 mentally agile.
520Cerdet(cerita detektif) detective story.
521Cerdik1 smart, clever, bright. 2 cunning, shrewd, tricky.
522Cerecak1 slightly spotted, lightly pockmarked. 2. see CICAK.
523Cerecatsound of chirping.
524Cerecehsound of a chirping house lizard. ber-cereceh make a chirping noise.
525Cerecekk.o. freshwater fish.
526Cerecissound of sizzling and hissing.
527Cerek1 kettle. 2 watering can.
528Ceremaisee CERMAI.
529Cerempungsee CELEMPUNG.
530Cerenahsee CERNA.
532Cerewet1 fussy, finicky, hard to please. 2 sharp-tongued.
533Cergam(cerita bergambar) story in comic strip form.
534Cergasenterprising, active, energetic.
536Ceria1. 1) pure, clean, cleaned. 2) cloudless. 3) cheerful. 2. (lit. ) oaths and formulas read at the installation of a king.
537Cericipsound of chirping or chatter (of birds).
538Cericitsound of chicks.
539Cerigasee CURIGA.
540Ceringiswide grin.
541Ceripingsee CRIPING.
542Cerita/ceritera/ story, account, narrative, tale, yarn.
543Ceriwistalkative when o. should not talk, open o.'s big fat mouth.
544Cerkassee CERGAS.
545Cerkaumen-cerkau grab at. cerkau-an a grab, snatch.
546Cerkrim(cerita kriminal) detective story, murder mystery.
547Cerlangbright, gleaming.
548Cerlihsee TUPAI.
549Cerlingmen-cerling 1 ogle. 2 look at from the corner of the eye.
550Cermaik.o. small red fruit often candied.
551Cermat1 accurate, precise, punctilious. 2 careful, prudent, cautious, frugal. 3 neat, orderly, conscientious.
552Cermin1 mirror. 2 shining example, examplar
553Cerna1 disgested, absorbed, assimilated. 2 dissolved.
554Cernak(cerita anak) children's story.
555Ceroboh1 improper, indecent, immoral. 2 cruel, merciless. 3 untidy, careless, sloppy, messy.
556Cerobong1 chimney, smokestack. 2 ship's funnel.
557Cerocok1. funnel, spout. 2. 1) palisade at sea's edge, landing stage, berthing area. 2 breakwater.
558Cerocossee CROCOS.
559Cerompongsee CEROPONG.
560Ceronggahsee CERANGGAH.
561Ceropongmuzzle of gun, mouth of cannon.
563Cerpen(cerita pendek) short story.
564Cerpenisshort story writer.
565Cerpuk.o. sandal.
566Cersil(cerita silat) martial arts stories.
567Certa(geol. ) chert.
568Cerucuksee CEROCOK 1.
569Cerucuppointed, tapering, funnel, shaped.
571Ceruhcompletely milled (rice).
572Ceruk1 hole, cleft, niche. 2 cranny, nook. 3 compartment (in drawer, etc.). 4 shaft (in a mine). 5 lane, path.
573Cerup1 sound of sucking in water. 2 sound of a small object falling.
574Cerurutsee CELURUT.
575Cerutwind around tightly, squeeze, constrict (as of a snake).
576Cerutucigar, cheroot.
577Cesplengcure instantly, provide instant relief.
578Cetsee CAT 1.
579Cetakmold, form, cast, matrix.
580Cetakanedition or printing.
581Cetar-Cetersound of gunshots, fireworks.
582Cetek1. 1) shallow (river. etc.). 2) superficial, shallow. 2. sound of a click. men-cetek-an click on (a switch).
583Cetengmen-ceteng carry by hand.
584Cetersee CETAR-CETER.
585Cetetsee CETEK.
586Ceti1. Indians, often merchants, from Coromandel or Malabar. 2. 1) moneylender (often at high rate of interest). 2) pimp, procuress.
587Cetiao/cetiau/ (Jakarta, China) o. million, in commercial transaction.
588Cetitsmall pinch, impression made on skin by a rough surface.
589Cetok1. 1) k.o. large China hat. 2) European style hat, pith helmet. 2. sound of a valve in an engine.
590Cetreksound of a switch, a clicking noise.
591Cetus1 sound of s.t. being struck against stone. 2 say s.t. unexpected, unrelated to previous discourse
592Ceuksee ACEUK.
593Cewangnot clear, clouded.
594Cewek(sl. ) girl, gal.
595Cewirsee CEBIR 1.
596Cewoksee CEBOK.
597Cgmi(Central Gerakan Mahasiswa Indonesia) left wing student organization (pre-1965).
598Chrom, Chroomsee KHROM.
599Chrysant(krisan) chrysanthemum.
600Chudancho(Japanese) military rank in Indonesian auxiliary units during Japanese occupation.
601Chusetsu(Japanese) submission to the fatherland.
602Ci1) 1/10 of a tahil or 2/15 of an ounce. duit-ci k.o China coin with a square hole in the middle. 2) a measure of weight used in illicit drug deals.
603Ciak1. cheep, sound of birds and chicks. 2. k.o. bird. 3. (China) eat.
604Ciaka(China) barefooted.
605Ciaklat, Cialat(China) Uh-oh ! Troubles !
606Ciami, Ciamik1 handsome, beautiful. 2 (China of good quality.
607Ciapsee CIAK 1.
608Ciarmen-ciar-ciar bawling, squalling (of babies).
609Ciaten garde ! (sound made when attacking in martial arts).
610Ciat-Ciutsound of creaking or squeaking.
611Cibirmen-cibir curl o.'s lips.
612Cibuk(Java) dipper.
613Cicakk.o. small house lizard.
614Cicik1. men-cicik 1) whistle (of water boiling). 2) flow (of sweat). 2. affectionate form of adress and reference for o.'s elder sister.
615Cicilmen-cicil pay in installments.
616Cicip1. men-cicip 1) taste (during prepartion of food). 2) sip at, eat (a bit). 2. sound of birds, chicks, etc. men-cicip chirp, twitter, cheep.
617Cicirsee CECER.
618Cicit1. great-grandchild, great-great-grandchild. 2. sound of an animal squeaking. squeak (of mouse, etc.). 2) tweet (of canary).
619Ciderasee CEDERA 1,2.
620Ciduk1. (coll. ) men-ciduk arrest. ciduk-an detention. 2. see CEDOK.
621Cigakk.o. monkey.
622Cihexclamation of scorn, disgust, disapproval.
623Cihuiwhoopee! (exclamation of delight).
624Cik1. get out ! shoo ! 2. see ENCIK. 3. see CI. 4. see TACI, CICIK 2.
625Cikal(Java) young coconut.
626Cikal Bakalsee CAKAL-BAKAL.
627Cikalanremnants (of cloth, cake, tin can, etc.).
628Cikark.o. two-wheeled bullock cart.
629Cikrak1. 1) waste basket. 2) dustpan. 2. see JINGKLAK.
631Cilakasee CELAKA.
632Cilapter-cilap-cilap flicker.
633Cili(Ambon) chili.
634Cilik,Cilikan(Java) little, small (esp. of children).
635Cilingsee CELENG.
636Cilokmen-cilok 1 steal, pilfer. 2 pick pockets.
637Ciluk-Ba, Cilup-Bapeekaboo (exclamation to babies).
638Cimsee ENCIM.
639Cimplungfood prepared by boiling with sap or juice that is being boiled down for sugar.
640Cina(us. derog. ) China, Chinese. Pe-china(n) Chinatown.
641Cina Butathe intermediate husband which a thrice-divorced Muslim woman must have before remarrying her original husband.
642Cinafikasi(derog. ) sinicization.
644Cincai(China) not important, it does not matter.
645Cincanghack, chop, mince.
646Cincau1 k.o. gelatin used in cool drinks. 2 drink made from this gelatin. 3 k.o. plant the leaves of which are used to produce this gelatin.
647Cincin1 ring. 2 washer for bolts, faucets, etc.
648Cincingmen-cincing rise up (of skirt, pants). men-cincing-kan raise up (clothing) for s.o.
649Cincoangk.o. bird, blue shortwing.
650Cincongsee CINGCONG.
651Cincuboat owner, ship's captain.
652Cindai, Cindek.o. elaborately dyed cloth.
653Cindilbaby mouse.
654Cindur Mata1 sweetheart. 2 souvenir.
656Cingahsee CINGANGAH.
657Cingamk.o. small tree found in mangrove swamps.
658Cingangahstarled, surprised.
659Cingbingsee CENGBENG.
660Cingcaisee CINCAI.
661Cingcongado, fuss.
662Cingge(China) parade featuring floats and pantomimes.
663Cingkehsee CENGKIH.
664Cingurcartilage and meat of the nostrils and ears of cattle (often used in salads).
665Cinkolim(Cina Kolonis Imperialis) Colonialist Imperialist China.
666Cinsesee SINSE.
667Cinta1 love, affection. 2 love s.o. 3 have a great interest in. 4 (lit. ) sorrow, regret.
668Cintrong(sl. ) love.
669Cintuhsee SENTUH.
670Ciongsamsee CONGSAM.
671Cip1. sound of cheeping. 2. (Sport) a chip (golf).
672CipanMalay tapir.
673Ciplak1. (Java) ny-(ciplak) chew s.t. noisily. 2. see JIPLAK.
674Ciplukank.o. weed.
675Cipoa1. (coll. ) cheat, deceive. 2. see SEMPOA.
676Cipok(coll. ) kiss.
678Cipta1 creative force, creative power. 2 thought, idea.
679Ciptakaryadirectorate of housing, planning, and urban development.
680Ciput1 (coll. , vulg. ) female genitalia. 2. see SIPUT.
681Circirsmall bell.
682Ciri1. 1) feature, characteristic. 2) identifying mark, earmark. 3) (ling. ) feature. 4) have a defect, marked by not being good. 2. (lit. ) words (of fidelity) read at the installation of a ruler.
683Cirit1 diarhea. 2 sediment.
684Cis1. exclamation of disgust, bah ! 2. k.o. light rifle.
685Citsqueak (of mouse, baby bird).
686Cita1. feeling, sentiment. 2. see KAIN.
687Citraimage. Citra name of the annual film festival awards.
688Citukmen-cituk snatch.
689Ciuintoxicating distilled beverage.
690Cium1 smell. 2 kiss.
691Ciut1. 1) shrunk(en), shriveled. 2) narrow, tight. 2. sound of squeaking.
692Ck-Ck-Ckrepresentation of) a smacking of the tongue tip, an exclamation of astonishment and often disapproval.
693Claiminsurance claim.
694Clash(kles) 1 dutch attacks on Indonesian territory in 1947 and 1948. 2 (coll. ) conflict, disagreement.
695Cleguksound of swallowing liquid.
696Clikmen-clik snip.
697Clila-Clili(Java) flustered, embarrassed.
698Clingak-Clinguk(Java) look bewildered.
699Clingus(Java) bashful but coy.
700Clola-Clolo(Java) act stupid.
701Clupaksee CELUPAK.
702Cluritk.o. sickle (often used as weapon).
703Clurutsee CELURUT.
704Cm.(sentimeter) centimeter.
705Coaching(kocing) (coll. ) directions given before a speech, etc.
706Coan(China) gain a profit.
707Coangber-(an), men- protrude, stick up.
708Coba(cobak) 1 try, make an attempt. 2 try s.t. out. 3 (coll. ) please (with a request to a person on equal or lower footing). 4 (coll. ) just imagine, try considering. 5 (coll. ) just try, let us see you prove (in challenge). 6 (coll. ) if, supposing.
709Cobak-Cabikall torn up.
710Cobank.o. broad, coarse needle for making nets, etc.
711Cobar-Cabirsee CABIR.
712Cobek1. mortar (for braying condiments). 2. see SOBEK.
713Coblongsmall hole.
714Coblosmen-coblos 1 perforate, punch. 2 vote by punching ballot.
715Cocakrawasee CUCAK RAWA.
716Cocok1. 1) agree, tally, jibe. 2) correct, exact. 3) come true. 4) like, be agreeable. 5) compatible (people, colors, etc.). 6) suitable. 2. 1) pin, needle. 2) skewer.
717Cocol1. men-cocol extend, thrust out, protrude. 2. men-cocol 1) dip with finger. 2) eat ravenously. men-cocok-an stick in, insert.
718Cocormen-cocor 1 hit with o.'s fist. 2 kick (a ball) with the tip of the foot.
719Cocor Bebekk.o. flower.
720Cocot1 mouth of animals. 2 (vulg. ) human mouth.
721Codakmen-codak hold up (of head).
722Codetscar (on face).
723Codotk.o. fruit-eating bat.
724Coelmen-coel 1 touch with the tip of thefinger. 2 reprimand, rebuke, admonish.
725Cogan1emblem. 2 standard, ensign.
726Cogok1. 1) be erect, vertical. 2) appear, occur. 2. k.o. taper lamp made from empty bottle.
727Cokekk.o. China-Jakarta dance show.
728Cokelatsee COKLAT.
729Cokerscratch around for food.
730Cokettake a small piece.
731Coklak-Cakliksound of clicking.
732Coklat1 brown. 2 chocolate. 3 cocoa.
733Cokmar(lit. ) club, cudgel.
734Cokokmen-cokok seize, catch (chicken, fish, etc.).
735Cokolber-cokol 1 settle, reside. 2 squat. 3 be in existence s.w., extant. men-cokol-i dominate s.t.
736Cokot(nyokot) take a large bite out of s.t.
737Cola-Cala, Cola-Colotalk nonsense.
738Colak-Calingin disarray.
739Colak-Colektouch lightly, pinch lightly.
740Colang-Calingin disorder.
741Colektouch lightly with the fingertips and pinch.
742Colembeng1.columbine. 2 k.o. pastry like lady fingers.
743Colengmen-coleng hold up, steal by force, rip off. pen-coleng thief.
744Coletse-colet a bit. men-colet-kan daub, smear.
745Collecte(kolekte) collection (at church).
746Colok1. 1) piece of cloth dipped in oil and used as a light. 2) fuse, wick. 2. men-, meny- striking, glaring. 3. men- poke with finger, poke finger into s.t.
747Colong(Jakarta, Java) men-, ny- steal.
748Colotmen-colot spring, leap, jump (like a frog).
749Colt(kol) a brand of light pick-up truck frequently rebuilt as a minibus and used as a passenger vehicle.
750Comat-Comotpick in a variety of ways.
751Comberandrainage ditch, sewer.
752Combi(kombi) k.o. minibus.
753Comblang1 matchmaker, go-between. 2 (sl. ) pimp, procurer.
754Combolsee TOMBOL.
755Combongsee KECUBUNG 1.
756Comborhorse feed (grass, rice bran and rice husks mixed with water).
757Comek1. small goatee just beneath the lower lip. 2. k.o. cuttlefish.
758Comel1. gumbling, nagging. 2. (lit. ) 1) dainty, exquisite. 2) winsome, pretty.
759Comitesee KOMITE.
760Comot1. grimy, dirty, filthy. 2.
761Compang-Campingin tatters, frayed, ragged.
762Compengtorn on the edge.
763Compeschipped, jagged on the edge (chinaware, etc.).
764Concongmen-concong go forward without turning around.
765Conderongsee CENDERUNG.
766Condong1 leaning, inclining to o. side. 2 inclined, sympathetic. 3 set. 4 off, insane.
767Conefo(Conference of the New Emerging Force) 3d world organization created by Sukarno.
768Conetupturned. men-conet turn upward (of moustache, tail, etc.).
769Congmenge-cong brew tea.
770Congakmen-congak 1 raise o.'s head, hold o,'s head high. 2 calculate in o.'s head. 3 dictate mathematics problems.
771Congek1 deaf. 2 inflamed (of the eare).
772Conggetter-congget-congget move up and down (of tail, etc.).
773Conggokerect. men-conggok stand or sit erect.
774Congkahcongkah-cangkih stick out at an angle, uneven, irregular.
775Congkak1. proud, arrogant, snooty. 2. 1) cowrie shell. 2) k.o. board game with receptacles often played with shells as tokens.
776Congkar-Cangkirprotruding everywhere.
777Congkelsee CUNGKIL.
778Congklaksee CONGKAK 2.
779Congklangsound of galloping hooves.
780Congkong1 guard house, sentry post. 2. men-congkong squat.
781Congkrah(Java) quarrel.
782Congoksee CONGGOK.
783Congolmen-congol stick out suddenly (through a small hole).
784Congor(Java) snout, muzzle.
785Congsamk.o. sleeveless, high-collared China dress.
786Container(kontener) container (as in shipping).
787Containerisasi(kontenerisasi) changing over to shipping by containers.
788Contengsmear, stain, blemish.
789Contoh1 specimen, sample. 2 model. 3 pattern, design. 4 example.
790Contongcone-shaped container made from papper or banana leaf.
791Cop1. 1) electric plug or socket. 2) lightbulb socket. 2. see CUP 1.
793Coplok1 come loose, break off. 2 detached, apart.
794Coplotsee COPLOK.
795Copot1 dislodged. 2 broken off, detached, loosened. 3 Gracious ! (exclamation of surprise, somewhat effeminate).
796Cormen-cor 1 cast, found. 2 pour concrete.
797Corak1 design, motif, pattern. 2 color. 3 stripe (of flag). 4 type, from. 5 feature, characteristic, color.
798Corak-Carikin tatters, in shreds.
799Corat-Coret1 rough (of draft, sketch). 2 first draft (of composition). 3 scrawled.
800Corek1 long line, scratch. 2 streak.
801Coreng1 scratch, streak. 2 smear.
802Coret1 scratch. 2 streak, smear.
803Coro1 (Java) cockroach. 2 (derog. ) creep, bum.
804Corong1) funnel (for bottles, etc.). 2) shaft (for ventilation), funnel (ship). 3) microphone, megaphone. 4) mine shaft.
805Corotspout, nozzle (of watering can).
806Corps(koreps) corps.
807Cotokbeak, bill. men-cotok peck at.
808Cowboy(koboi) 1 cowboy. 2 rough, rowdy.
809Coweksee COBEK 1.
810Cowok(coll. ) young fellow, guy, boyfriend.
811Cp(cep) (representation of) sound made by smacking tongue and closing lips, used to calm children.
812Cpm(Corps Polisi Militer) Military Police.
813Cq(ceki) (casu quo) (leg. ) in this case.
814Crat1 sound of s.t. squirting. 2 shit ! strong exlamation of disapproval. crat-cret 1 emission of feces in diarrhea. 2 go to the bathroom frequently.
815Cretsee CRAT, CERET.
816Cringsound of jingling.
817Cripingfried cassava chips.
818Crocosrattle on. ny- (coll. ) talk glibly and fast.
819Crongosbuck-toothed. ny- sticking out, growing outward.
820Crop-Cropsound of metal pieces hitting e.o.
821Crossboy(krosboi) punk, delinquent.
822Cruat-Cruittalk in large groups all at once.
823Cs(cum suis) and associates.
825Cuaiinsignificant, unimportant, trivial.
826Cuap(coll. ) talk.
827Cuar, Cuat1) stick up high, project upward. 2) stretch out o.'s legs. 3) stick out, be too visible.
828Cuat-Cuitsee CRUAT-CRUIT.
829Cubitpinch between forefinger and thumb.
830Cublikk.o. oil lamp with chimney and reflector.
831Cubungsee KECUBUNG 1.
832Cubung-Cubungfly larva.
833Cucamagic formula (for treating wounds). men-cuca pronounce a spell.
834Cucak Rawa, Cucak Rowok.o. bird, yellowcrowned bulbul.
836Cucimakiverbal abuse.
838Cucuh1 kindle, light. 2 switch on (a light).
839Cucuk1. 1) bill, beak. 2) (mil. ) front line. 2. see COCOK 2.
840Cucundayour grandchild (respectful form, esp. in writing letters).
842Cucunguksee CECUNGUK.
843Cucup1 a kiss. 2 suck, slurp.
844Cucur1. a flow, trickle. 2. fried cake made of rice flour and sugar. 3. k.o. bird, large frogmouth. 4. (naut. ) bowsprit (of ship).
845Cucurutsee CECURUT.
846Cucut1. shark. 2. men-cucut 1) kiss. 2) suck.
847Cuenosit(senosit) (phys. ) coenocyte.
848Cuh1 sound of expectoration. 2 huh ! (exclamation of distaste, cynical disfavor, etc.).
849Cuikmen-cuik steam and salt (fish).
850Cuil1 chunk. 2 chipped. se-cuil a little bit.
851Cuilah(coll. ) Lord ! Gosh ! (exclamation of distaste).
852Cuing-Cuingmen-cuing shred meat with the fingers.
853Cuit1. sound of squeaking. 2. movement of fingers.
854Cuk1. (auto. ) choke. 2. mosquito larva. 3. see CUKULELE.
856Cukai, Cuke1 (customs) duty, toll, tax. 2 excise duty. 3 tariff.
857Cuki1.game of draughts. 2. (vulg. ) have sexual intercourse.
858Cukilsee CUNGKIL.
860Cukit1 pick. 2 fork (for eating0.
861Cukong1 well-to-do financier, financial backer. 2 capitalist (engaged in illegal practices). 3 broker, wholesale distributor.
862Cukongismea mode of (often illegal) cooperation between authorities and (us. China) financiers.
864Cukup1 enough, sufficient, adequate. 2 exactly, precisely. 3 well-to-do, prosperous. 4 complete. 5 quite, rather.
865Cukur1 razor, shaver. 2 tonsure.
866Cularhinoceros horn.
867Culank.o. shrub, the flowers of which are used to perfume tea and clothes.
868Culas1. 1) lazy, indolen. 2) slow, plodding, poky. 3) clumsy, awkward. 2. deceitful, dishonest, not straightforward.
869Culikmen-culik kidnap, abduct.
870Cuma1 only, merely. 2 only, but.
871Cuman(coll. ) only.
872Cumbu1 flattery. 2 sweet talk, honeyed words. 3 joke, jest, good-natured banter.
873Cumi-Cumi1. squid. 2. 1) evildoer, criminal. 2) traitor. 3 enemy spy.
874Cumlaud(kumlot) with distinction (esp. of academic achievements).
875Cumpang-Campingsee COMPANG-CAMPING.
876Cun1. inch. 2. (child language) kiss.
877Cunampliers, pincers.
878Cunang-Cuningtime at random.
879Cuncumk.o. cone-shaped pastry with sweet filling.
880Cundasee CUCUNDA.
881Cundang1. defeat. 2. incite, instigate, foment.
882Cundrikk.o. small kris.
883Cunduklarge pin for holding a chignon in place.
884Cung1. (Java) laddy, sonny, aterm of address. 2. k.o. machine gun.
885Cungappant, gasp (for breath).
886Cungkilcrowbar, lever.
887Cungkilanchunks peried from s.t. (coconut, etc.)
888Cungkupdome or cover over grave.
889Cunguksee CECUNGUK.
890Cungulsee CONGOL.
891Cungursee JUNGUR.
892CuosangiinIndonesian advisory body assisting the Japanese occupation.
893Cup1. smack (of kiss). 2. That is mine ! (assertive exclamation).
894Cupaineglect, ignore.
895Cupak1. a measure of volume, esp. for rice. 2. bowl (of an opium pipe).
896Cupang(coll. ) love-bite, hickey.
897Cupar1. deride, sneer at. 2. a man who is stingy and a busybody in the kitchen.
898Cupat/cupet/ 1 inadequate, short, insufficient, skimpy. 2 shortsighted. 3 petty, narrow, bigoted.
899Cupingear lobe.
900Cuplaksee CELUPAK.
901Cuplikpick out a small portion.
902Cupu/cupu-cupu/ 1 box for pills. 2 posthole, hole for mast.
903Cupultoo short.
904Cursound of spouting.
905Curajoke, jest.
906Curahmen-curah fall (of rain).
907Curai1 loose, detached, apart. 2 clear, evident, real.
908Curamsteep, precipitous, sheer, abrupt (cliff, abyss, etc.).
909Curangdishonest, fraudulent, deceitful.
910Curatspout, nozzle. men-curat gush out, spew forth, spout.
911Curat-Coretsee CORAT-CORET.
912Curengdeep-socketed (of eyes). ny- (nyureng) (Java) put on serious face, frown.
913Curi1 steal. 2 surreptitious.
914Curigasuspicious, distrusful.
915Curu-Curudiarhea or dysentery.
916Curuk(Java) waterfall.
917Cussound of fizzing or sizzling (i.e. water poured on a fire).
918Cutbrai/cutbray/ see CELANA.
919Cutileave, furlough.
920Cuwilsee CUIL.
921Cv(Commanditaire Vennootschop) Limited Partnership.

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