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1Bb, the 2d letter of the alphabet.
2B' Masincity of Banjarmasin.
3B.I., B.I.(bulan ini) this month, instant.
4B/L(bill of lading)
5Ba1 name of the 2d letter of the Arabic alphabet. 2 tanpa bilang ba-dan bu without uttering a sound, without warning.
6Ba'see BAK1.
7Baalwithout feeling, asleep (of foot, leg).
8Bab1 chapter (of book). 2 matter, subject, topic. 3 gate, door.
9Baba1. 1 father (form of address). 2 older man. 2. see BABAH, ALI BABA.
10Babadhistory, chronicle.
11Babah1 elderly Indonesian-born China man. 2 title for elderly China (as aterm of address, us. bah).
12Babak1. 1 stage, phase. 2 (Sport) round, heat, period. 3 (thea. ) act. 4 stanza. 2. babak-belur/bundas black and blue (from a beating or accident), skinned and bruised.
13Babakanbark (of tree).
14Babansee BEBAN.
15Babanggaping (of mouth, wound, abyss).
16Babarmem-babar spread, unfurl.
17Babar-Pisan(Java) completely.
18Babat1mem-babat clear away, cut through (jungle,grass, etc.). 2. mem-babat-kan give a blow, strike with s.t. 3 see BEBAT.
19Babe(Jakarta) 1 boss. 2 see baba 1.
20Babi1 pig, hog, pork. 2 swine (term of abuse). 3 (crd. ) a card suit in ceki.
21Babilquarrelsome. ber-babil squabble, quarrel.
22Babinsa(Bintara Pembina Desa) noncommissioned law enforcement officer posted in villages and wards and affiliated with the civilian administration.
23Babitmem-babit-kan invole, implicate s.o.
24Babon1 (Java) (laying hen. 2 original (text), master copy.
25Babtissee BAPTIS.
26Babu(derog. ) female domestic servant.
27Babutrug, carpet.
28Bacamem-baca 1 read. 2 recite or chant (holy text, prayer, magic formula, etc.).
29Bacak1 moistened, wet. 2 soft from moisture, water-soaked.
30Bacammem-bacam impregnate.
31Bacang1 (China) preparation of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, shaped into a diamond, filled with meat, and steamed. 2 see EMBACANG.
32Bacargarrulous, talkative.
33Baccalaureatsee BAKALOREAT.
34Baceksee BACAK.
35Bacemsteeped prior to cooking.
36Bacetsee MACAT.
37Baciluksee MAIN.
38Bacin1 odor of s.t. retten or spoiled. 2 rotten smelling.
39Backsee BEK1.
40Backingsee beking.
41Backingismesee BEKINGISME.
42Bacoka jab (with sharp instrument).
43Bacot1 snout. 2 (derog. ) mouth.
44Bacul1 spiritless. 2 lacking spunk, cowardly.
45Bada1 (lit. ) tak ter-bada-bada beyond words, inexpressible. 2 see BAKDA.
46Badai1. 1 sudden storm. 2 hurricane, typhoon, gale. 2. ter-badai be stretched out on the sofa.
47Badak1 rhinoceros. 2 o. oblivious to implied or overt critism, a thick-skinned person.
48Badalrepresentative, subsitute, assistant.
50Badan1 body. 2 torso. 3 body, group, agency. 4 corporation.
51Badanglarge sieve, winnower.
52Badani,Badaniahphysical, bodily.
53Badar1. 1 k.o. fish. 2 term for side dishes of meat or fish. 2. full moon. 3. k.o. crystal.
55Badeg,Badek1. an intoxicant beverage made from fermented cassava, rice, etc. 2 (Java) a guess was right.
57Badi1 evil influence (emanating supernaturally from a dead creature). 2 virus.
58Badikk.o. small dagger.
61Badog(Java, derog. ) eat gluttonously. m-badog, nge-badog eat like a dog.
62Badui1 ethnic group in W. Java. 2 see BADAWI.
63Baduk(Java) low wall near gate or doorway where o. can sit.
64Badung(Jakarta) 1 naughty but witty (of children). 2 naughty, delinquent.
66Baduta(bawah dua tahun) (children) under two.
67Bagadangsee BEGADANG.
68Bagai1 like, as if (often used to introduce idioms and proverbs).
69Bagaimana1 how. 2 how about it ?
70Bagakdauntless, confident.
72Bagan1. 1 draft, blueprint, design. 2 skeleton, frame. 3 program or schedule. 4 chart, diagram. 2. k.o. fishing platform.
73Bagapsee BEGAP.
74Bagark.o. curry.
75Bagas1 robust, sturdy (body). 2 strong (wind).
76Bagasi1 baggage, luggage. 2 luggage rack. 3 (auto. ) trunk. 4 (R.R.) baggage car.
77Bagea(Amb) a brittle cake made of sago flour and coconut or kenari nut.
78Bagerosee BAGERO.
79Bagi1 for. 2 divide.
80Bagiasee BAHAGIA.
81Bagimanasee BAGAIMANA.
82BagindaHis Majesty (for royalty). 2 (islam) a respectful term of reference for muh. 3 (M) title of nobility.
83Bagong1. 1) pot-bellied, portly. 2) cumbersome, ponderous. 3 name of a pot-bellied clown in a wayang performance. 2. (Sunda, Jakarta) 1 wild boar. 2 willing sexual partner.
84Bagork.o. coarse plaitwork of palm leaves.
85Baguksee BEGUK.
86Bagurhulking, ponderous, massive.
87Bagus1 fine, good. 2 good, exemplary.
88Bah1 inundation, flooding. 2 exclamation of disgust or denigration. 3 see BABAH.
89Bahadur1 knight, hero. 2 bold, courageous.
90Bahaduriheroic, chivalrous, knightly.
91Bahagisee BAGI.
93Bahagiansee BAGI.
94Bahagiawanblessed o.
95Bahak1 burst of laughter. 2 white-bellied sea eagle.
96Bahalasee BALA 2.
97Baham(anat. ) molar.
98Bahan1 matter, substance, material, cloth. 2 material for producing s.t. 3 object (of criticism, etc.).
99Bahana1 loud noise, din. 2 echo.
100Bahar1 large body of water (such as river, sea, large lake). 2 a measure of weight (about 400 lb.). 3 see AKAR.
101Baharasee BARA BAHARA.
102Bahari1. 1) antique, ancient. 2 charming. 2. maritime, nautical.
104Bahariwati,Bahariawatifemale sailor.
105Baharusee BARU 1.
106Bahas1 research, investigation, study. 2 criticism.
107Bahasa1. 1) language. 2) speech. 3) good manners. 2. that. 3 a little, slightly.
109Bahasisee BAGASI.
110Bahathsee BAHAS.
111Bahawasee BAHWA.
112Bahawasasee BAHASA 2.
113Bahayadanger, peril, jeopardy
114Bahelasee BAHEULA.
115Bahenolnicely shaped, sexy, voluptuous.
116Baheula1 old-fashioned, antiquated. 2 ancient.
117Bahkan1 in fact, even. 2 moreover, on top of that. 3 on the contrary, in fact. 4 indeed.
118Bahna(Jakarta, Sunda) on account of.
119Bahrisee BAHARI2.
120Bahtera1 (bib. ) ark. 2 boat, ship.
121Bahu1shoulder. 2 (Java) hamlet headman. 3 see BAKHU. 4 see BAU 2.
122Bahubahasa(ling. ) multilinguism.
123Bahureksasee BAUREKSA.
125Bahwasanya(lit. ) 1 that. 2 truly, indeed.
126Baiat(islam) oath.
127Baiddistant (of relatives).
128Baiduriopal (and other semiprecious stones).
129Baik1 good, fine, kind. 2 carefully. 3 yes, all right.
130Baikut(China) spare ribs.
131Bait1. abode, house (often used in names of mosques). 2. 1) distich, couplet. 2 (islam) verse.
132Baitul-Makdissee BAITUL-MUKADDIS.
133Baitul-Mukaddis(islam) the holy city of Jerusalem.
134Baitullahthe holy mosque in Mecca.
135Baitulmal(lit. ) treasury.
136Baja1. 1) steel. 2) armor. 2. fertilizer, manure. 3. (Java) 1) mixture of oil and burnt coconut shell for blacening teeth. 2 dentifrice.
137Bajagk.o. sweet and fried chili-spiced condiment.
138Bajajtwo-passenger pedicab with motor scooter engine.
139Bajak1 plow. 2 bandit.
140Bajan1 basin. 2 see WAJAN.
141BajauSamal-speaking sea nomads off the coasts of E. Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and elsewhere in E. Indonesia.
142Baji1 wedge. 2 peg.
143Bajigurk.o. hot drink made of coconut milk and spices.
144Bajikgood, wholesome, virtuous (life).
146Bajingan1 scoundrel, gangster. 2 thief.
147Baju1 jacket, blouse, shirt. 2 clothing, apparel.
148Bajul(Java) 1 crocodile. 2 scoundrel, rascal. 3 pick-pocket.
149Bak1 (lit. ) like, as. 2. 1) basin, vessel. 2) large container. 3. (China) ink. 4. sound of a thud.
150Bak-Bak-Kur1 sounds of birds and chickens. 2 k.o. childrent's game.
151Baka1. eternal, everlasting. 2. 1) family, descant, line. 2) genetic origins.
152Bakal1 future, prospective.2 in the making. 3 shall, will.
154Bakantansee BEKANTAN.
155Bakapk.o. fish, murral.
156Bakar1 burn, set on fire. 2 roasted. 3 bake, roast.
158Bakat1 trace,trail. 2 sign, omen. 3 crest, head. 4 talent, aptitude, propensity.
159Bakauk.o. mangrove tree.
160Bakcangsee BACANG 1.
161Bakda1 after. 2 (Java) the celebration at the end of the fasting month.
162BakelitBakelite (plastic).
163Bakero(Japanese) idiot, imbecile.
164Bakhilstingy, miserly.
165Bakhsyissee BAKSIS.
166Bakhu(China) thin strip of spiced, fried pork.
167Baki1 small tray. 2. remainder, residue, balance.
168Bakiakwooden clog.
169Bakikbetel vine (leaves are chewed with areca and other ingredients).
170Bakikuk,Bakiluksee MAIN.
171Bakin(Badan Koordinasi Intelijens Negara) State Intelligence Coordinating Agency.
172BakmiChina noodles (flavored with meat).
173Bako1 the relation on the paternal side. 2. see BAKAU. 3. see BAKU 2.
174Bakpaosteamed bun stuffed with meat or other ingredients.
175Bakpuderbaking powder.
176Baksimizzen sail.
178Baksistip, gratuity, bribe.
179Bakso1 China meatballs. 2 soup with meatballs, sliced cabbage and bean threads
180Baktau(China) madam (of a brothel), procuress.
183Bakti1 homage, devotion. 2 service. 3 faith, loyalty. 4 filial piety. 5 staunch, loyal, faithful, devoted.
184Baku1. 1) standard. 2) fullfledged (teacher, etc.). 3) basic. 2. (coll. ) mutual, reciprocal.
185Bakul1. basket. 2. (Coll) small tradswoman.
186Bakung1 1 wild lily. 2 k.o. onion.
187Bakupred and swollen (of the eyes).
188Bakwan1 corn fritter (sometimes with shrimp). 2. soup with China meatballs.
189Bakyusee MBAK.
190Bal1. 1) ball. 2) ballon. 2. bale.
191Bala1 troops, army. 2 disaster, catastrophe.
192Balahber-balah argue, quarrel.
193Balai1. 1) public hall or building. 2) office or bureau, association. 3 house (of parliament). 2. see BURUNG.
194Balai-Balaiwooden or bamboo couch or sleeping platform.
195Balairung1 royal audience hall. 2 market shed or stall.
196Balam1 turtledove, banded ground dove. 2 ber-balam, mem-balam be barely visible.
197Balanakk.o. fish, gray mullet.
198Balang1 long-necked bottle. 2 see HULUBALANG. 3 see BELANG.
199Balans1 (coll. ) weighing scales. 2 bank balance.
200Balansirmem-balansir balance (wheel, scales, etc.).
201Balantarasee BELANTARA.
202Balaprace, racing.
203Balapecah(Java) crockery.
204Balar1albino. 2 with white spots (of cattle).
205Balasreply, response.
207Balauconfused, in disorder.
208Bale-Balesee BALAI-BALAI.
210Balessee BALAS.
212Balgam,Balghammucus, phlegm.
213Bali1 placenta. 2 culinary style characterized by large quantities of chili, tamarind, and other spices.
214Balian1 shaman, traditional medicine practitioner. 2 transvestite medium among the Ngaju Dayak.
215Balig,Balighbe of age, attain o.'s majority, mature.
216Balihobillboard (esp. for movies).
217Balik1 return. 2 the reverse side, behind. 3 the reverse, the contrrary. 4 again.
218Balingbaling-baling 1 propeller. 2 ship's screw. 3 weathercock. 4 toy windmill.
219Balirsee BALIG.
220Balistik1 ballistic. 2 ballistics.
221Balita(Bawah Lima Tahun) anak-balita children under five.
223Balkon1 balcony. 2 (R.R.) platform.
224Ballada/ballade/ ballad.
225Ballpoinballpoint pen.
226Balmaskimasquerade ball.
227Balok1 beam (of wood). 2 crossbar, joint, girder. 3 bar (as in military insignia, line drawn, etc.).
228Balolo(barisan lonte lanang) line-up of male prostitutes. (Sl).
229Balon1 balloon. 2 (Java) prostitute.
230Balong1 pond, pool. 2 fishpond. 3 puddle, mud hole.
232Balsam,Balsembalsam, ointment.
234Baluartifortress, bastion.
235Baluhan1 wooden frame for seat on elephant. 2 wooden frame for drum.
236Balui(Sport) draw, tie.
237Balun1 mem-balun beat (with a stick). 2 mem-balun fold, roll up.
238Balung1. 1) cockscomb. 2) cockscomb plants. 2. bone. 3 k.o. snakelike fish that swims near water surface.
239Balur1. 1) jerky, dried meat. 2 thick skin around neck (of certain animals). 2. see HABLUR.
240Balut1.bandage, dressing, wrapping. 2. red and swollen (of eyes).
241Bam1. cross beam to hold rudder. 2. sound of a drum. 3. (coll. ) gun.
242Bambang1 vast, extensive. 2 se-bambang elope.
244Bambung,Bambungan(Java) squatter, street people.
245Bamisee BAKMI.
246Bampersee BUMPER.
247Ban1. 1) tire. 2) ribbon. 3) sash, belt. 4) tire tread. 2. 1) (tennis, badminton) court. 2) train track. 3) (race) track. 3. see BAND2.
248Banalbanal, trite.
249Banatmem-banat whip, thrash, defeat.
250Bancakan1 (Java) k.o. ritual feast. 2 victim of mob attack.
251Bancangtether (an animal).
252Bancar(Java) flow copiously.
253Bancetk.o. small frog.
254Banci1. 1) effeminate or transvestite homosexual. 2) hermaphrodite. 3) effeminate. 4) powerless. 2. China or Hindu census. 3. k.o. large ax.
255Bancuhmixed up, confused.
256Bancutprotruding (of eyes).
257Band1 (ben) band. 2 (ban) radio band. 3 see BAN 1.
258Bandalsee BANDEL.
260Bandar1 harbor, port. 2. 1) water course, channel, duct. 2) ditch, drain. 3. 1) croupier. 2) o. who directs or finances illegal or underhand activities.
261Bandara(bandar udara) airport.
262Bandel1obstinate, stubborn, recalcitrant. 2 undisciplined, disobedient (of children).
264Bandengk.o. fish, milkfish.
265Banderek1 k.o. ginger drink served hot. 2. master key, any device used to pick a lock.
267Banderol1 strip of paper verifying payment of tax on package of cigarettes, revenue stamp. 2 official price, controlled price.
268Bandes1 (bantuan desa) village assistance program. 2 (pembangunan desa) rural development (body).
270Banding1 equivalent, equal. 2 consederation, appeal.
271Bandit1gangster, bandit. 2 scoundrel, villain.
272Banditisme1 banditry, higway robbery. 2 mentality characterized by thoughtless commercial exploitation of the public.
273Bandok.o. large headcraft, us. silk.
274Bandongsee BENDUNG.
275Bandosa sweet tidbit made of cassava.
276Bandosasee BENDOSA.
277Bandot1 billy goat. 2 lascivious old man. 3 womanizer, ladies'man.
278Bandreksee BANDEREK1.
279Bandrolsee BANDEROL.
280Bandul1 pendulum. 2 hanger.
281Bandungpair, set, duo.
282Bandutcord, string, twine.
283Bang1. sound of a bang. 2. 1) muezzin's call to prayer. 2) call others to prayer, 3. see BANK. 4. see ABANG.
284Bangaiter-bangai 1 neglected. 2 given up.
285Bangarsee BANGER.
286Bangat1 fast, quick, soon. 2 see BANGET.
287Bangauwhite egret, tufted heron.
288Bangbongsound of an empty barrel when struck.
289Bangdes(pembangunan desa) rural development.
290Bangerstinking, rotten (odor).
291Banget(Java) very, excessively.
292Banggarightfully proud.
293Bangir(Java) pointed (of nose).
294Bangkatough and stiff (of rug, etc.).
295Bangkahulusee BENGKULU.
296Bangkai1 carcass, carrion. 2 (derog. ) corpse. 3 (av. ) fuselage (of a crashed plane).
297Bangkangmem-bangkang rebel, resist, oppose.
298Bangkar1 tough and stiff, coarse. 2 rigid. 3 rigor mortis, rigidity. 4 rough to the touch.
299Bangkerutsee BANGKRUT.
300Bangkessee BANGKIS.
301Bangket1 banquet. 2 k.o. fancy cookie.
302Bangkingsee BUNGKANG.
303Bangkirsee BONGKAR.
304Bangkirsee BONGKAR.
305Bangkirsee BONGKAR.
307Bangkit1 get up from seated or prone position. 2 come up.
308Bangkongk.o. large frog.
309Bangkot,Bangkotan(Java) 1 old, advanced in age. 2 old and cantankerous.
311Bangkubench, seat.
312Bangkuang,Bangkuwangk.o. juicy tuber.
313Banglasvast, extensive (of a view).
314Banglesee BENGLE.
315Banglosee BUNGALO.
316Bangosee BANGAU.
317Bangornaughty, annoying.
318Bangsa1 nation, people, race. 2 family, breed, category, sex. (biol. ) order.
319Bangsai1 rotten. 2 fragile, brittle. 3 thin, frail.
320Bangsal1 shed, warehouse (of wood). 2 public building. 3 market stalls. 4 ward (in hospital). 5 emergency housing, learn-to.
321Bangsat1 (derog. ) scoundrel, rascal. 2 (Jakarta) poor person, pauper. 3 bedbug.
322Bangsawan1. 1) noble, of nobility. 2) nobility. 3) o. who is not punctual, comes late to work. 2. k.o. drama, often with singing based on European or Arabian themes.
324Bangsik.o. bamboo lute.
325Bangun1 wake up. 2 get up. 3 rise (of dough). 4 structure, form. 5. model, type.
326Bangus(Java) snout.
327Bani(rel. ) children of, descendants of.
328Baningk.o. tortoise.
329Banirbuttress root
330Banjang(Java) fishing platform.
331Banjar1. 1) line, row, series. 2) train of events. 2. (Bali) hamlet association, neightborhood organization.
332Banjilattice work (as in wall decorations), motif in form of a swastika.
333Banjir1 flood, deluge. 2 flood, overflow.
334Banjursprinkle, pour.
335Bank(bang) bank, financial body.
336Banketsee BANGKET 2.
337Banpol(Pembantu Polisi) auxiliary police.
338Banpres(Bantuan Presiden) special precidential aid.
339Bansai(Japanese) long live !
340Bantahsay in disagreement.
341Bantahan1 protest, objection. 2 contradiction. 3 back talk. 4 protestation.
342Bantai1 butcher. 2 beat up severely.
343Bantalpillow, cushion.
344Bantam(Sport) bantam weight.
345Bantangsee BUNTUNG.
346Bantar(med. ) present (illness).
347Bantaran(geog. ) flood plain.
348Bantatnot well done, partially cooked (of bread, etc.).
349Bantengthe wild ox of Java.
350Banter1 fast, quick, speedy. 2 loud, projects or carries well (of voice).
351Banterassee BERANTAS.
352Bantingthrow down forcefully.
353Bantingan1 beating. 2 steep reduction (in price). 3 (sudden) shock or swaying.
354Bantu1 assist. 2 auxiliary.
355Bantunmem-bantun 1 weed (yard). 2 extract, pull out ( a tooth, etc.).
356Bantutblocked, aborted.
357Banyak1. 1) many, much. 2) have a lot of s.t. 3) excessively. 4) in great quantities. 2. (Java) goose.
359Banyol1 joke, jest, gag. 2 clown, jokester, wag. 3 rascal, scamp.
360Banyu Bening(Java) a high degree of spiritual enlightenment and peace.
361Banzaisee BANSAI.
362Bapa, Bapak1 father. 2 form of address to an older man, esp. 3 part of a respectful title, esp. 4 founder of a cause, movement. 5 spiritual father.
364Bapandarespectful form of address to o.'s father (esp. in letters).
365Bapaosee BAKPAO.
366Baperki(Badan Permusyawaratan Kewarganegaraan Indonesia) political movement of the 1950s and 1960s to integrate ethnic China into Indonesia society.
367Bapet1 penniless, broke. 2 bad, wicked, rude.
368Baplanglarge and thick (of a moustache).
369Bapparda(Badan Pembangunan Pariwisata Daerah) Regional Tourism Development Board
370Bappeda(Badan Pembangunan Daerah) Agency for Regional Development.
371Bappenas(Badan Perancang Pembangunan Nasional) National Planning Board.
372Baptis1 (rel. ) baptism. 2 the Baptis sect or adherent thereof.
373Bapus(Badan Penerangan Uni Soviet) Information Agency of the Soviet Union (common in citites until mid-1960s).
374Baqasee BAKA 1.
375Barbar, cocktail lounge.
376Bara1 ember, live coal. 2 heat, warmth. 3 fire, fervor.
377Bara Baharaballast.
378Baragajulsee BERGAJUL.
379Barahboil, abscess.
380Barak1 barracks. 2 quarantine quarters.
382Baranswampy forest.
383Barang1. 1) goods, commodity. 2) article, object. 3) (coll. ) s.t. whose direct mention should be avoided (i.e. marijuana, genitals, etc.). 4) baggage, luggage. 2. any. 3. more or less, approximately.
384Barang-Barangmay it happen thet, would that.
385Barangansee BERANGAN 1.
386Barangkaliperhaps, maybe.
388Barat1 west. 2 western, occidental.
389Barau-Barauk.o. bird, the yellow-crowned bul-bul.
392Barbirbarber (in expensive hotels, posh salons).
393Barbur1 splash, spill. 2 waste
394Barelbarrel, a measurement for petroleum.
395Bareng(Java) with, togheter with.
396Baresbare-bares-an honest, straightforward.
397Baret1. beret. 2. 1) laceration, scratch, abrasion. 2 lacerated, scratched.
398Barisee BAHARI 2.
400Barik-Barik1 grain (in wood). 2 vein (in marble). 3spotted, speckled (of eggshell).
402Baring1 lie down. 2 mem-baring take a bearing.
403Baris1. 1) row. 2) line. 3) line, queue. 4). ranks. 5) slide rule. 6 (mil. ) drill). 7) verse. 2. (Bali) k.o. male dance.
404Barisan1 ranks 2 rear guard 3 (sport) back (soccer).
405Baritmessenger who delivers letters.
407Barjahsee BARZAKH.
408Barkask.o. small steamship.
409Barokahsee BARAKAH.
412Barong1. national dress of Filipino men. 2 (Bali) k.o. dance with mask.
413Barongan(Java) folk entertainment featuring performer dressed as monster.
414Barongsailion dance us. performed on China New Year.
415Baros1 (Java, Sunda) k.o. tropical magnolia. 2 see BERUAS.
417Baru1. 1) new, recent. 2) modern. 3) fresh. 4) just, only so much up to now. 5) only now, just at acertain time. 6) not until, only then. 7) be in the process of. 2. k.o. tree of seashore with large yellow flowers, beach hibiscus.
419BarunaHindu god of the sea.
420Barung-Barung1 watchman's hut (in field or orchard). 2 stall, booth, stand. 3 hut, hovel.
421Barussee KAPUR.
422Barusan(coll. ) just, just now.
423Barut1. 1) bandage, dressing. 2) diaper. 2 scratch deeply.
424Barzakh(islam) the place and time between death and the Last Judgment.
425Barzanji(islam) chant recounting muh. 's life, us. recited on 10th of Muharram.
426Bas1 boss, foreman, overseer. 2. 1) bass (voice). 2) double bass. 3) bass guitar. 3. (chem. ) base.
427Basa1 (chem. ) alkali. 2. see BAHASA 1.
428Basa-Basi1 good manners, courtesy, politeness. 2 conventional phrase of greeting, etc., conventionality.
429Basah1 wet, soaked. 2 damp, moist. 3 fresh (not dried). 4 remunerative.
430Basal1. 1) dropsy. 2) scab, scar. 2. basalt.
431Basi1. 1) spoiled, stale. 2) stale, out-of-date, not topical. 2. 1) commission, fee. 2) overtime or extra pay. 3) reduction (in price), discount. 3. 1) bowl, dish. 2) serving dish. 4. see BASA-BASI.
432Basilbacillus, germ.
433Basis1 basis, principle. 2 (mil. ) base.
434Basit1 all-embracing (of God). 2. (math. ) indivisible.
435Baskarasun (used in mottoes).
436Basket(Sport) basketball.
438Basmimem-basmi 1 exterminate (rodents, etc.). 2 eradicate, root out, eliminate (crime, etc.). 3 burn off, clear by burning.
439Basosee BAKSO.
440Basokasee BAZOKA.
441Bassdrumbass drum.
444Basuki(Java) prosper, flourish.
445Basung1. two dozen. 2. mem-basung kick (a ball) high. 3 corklike root.
446Bataconcrete brick.
447Bata-Bataambivalent, unsettled, wavering.
448Batak1 hobo, vagabond. 2 soldier of fortune, adventurer.
449Batakok.o conrete brick (manufactured in a modern factory, not in a cottage industry).
450Batal1 canceled, null and void. 2 in vain. 3 invalid, invalidate. 4 cancel out, omit.
452Batang1 stem, stalk, blade (grass). 2 stick, pole, shaft.
453Bataragod, male deity.
454Batarigoddess, female deity.
455Batas1 limit. 2 border, confine, boundary, limits.
456Batausee BAKTAU.
457Baterai/batere/ 1 dry-cell battery. 2 (Mill.) battery.
458Bathalsee BATAL.
459Bathcupsee BADKUIP.
460Bathilsee BATIL 2.
461Bathinsee BATIN.
462Bati(Java) gain, profit.
463Batih1 o.'s household. 2 (nuclear) family.
464Batik1. 1) batik. 2) batik work. 2. see BETIK 1.
465Batil1. 1) copper bowl. 2) plate. 3) tray. 2. 1) invalid, null and void. 2) false, wrong. 3) evil, bad.
466Batin1 inner, internal, spirityual. 2 mind, heart. 3 arcane, esoteric.
467Batiniahspiritual, internal, moral.
468Batisbatiste, cambric.
469Batkepsee BADKUIP.
470Batok1 coconut shell. 2 dry measure, about a litter.
471Batu1 stone. 2. milestone, milepost. 3. artificial diamond. 4 (coll. ) flint (of lighter), battery. 5 classifier for teeth.
472Batuk1 a cough. 2 to cough.
473Batur1 shelf. 2 (Java) servant.
474Bau1. 1) scent, smell, aroma, odor. 2) unpleasant odor, stench, stink. 3) furnes. 4) (coll. ) give off an odor. 5) suggest an element of. 2. surface measurement, 7096.5 square meters.
475Baudsee BAUT.
476Bauk1 down between chin and neck. 2 feathers beneath jaw or beak. 3 (coll. ) beard, sideburns.
478Baulusee BOLU.
479Baungk.o. freshwater catfish.
481Baureksa(Java) ghost or spirit inhabiting (and guarding) a certain place.
482Bausastra(Java) dictionary.
483Bausukuunpaid laborer.
484Baut1 bolt. 2 bully, strong-arm man, bouncer.
486Bawabring, bring along.
487Bawab(lit. ) gatekeeper.
488Bawahunder, beneath.
489Bawaksee BAWA.
490Bawalk.o. fish, pomfret.
493Bawel(coll. ) fault finding, carping.
494Bawon(Java) share of rice harvest received for o.'s service during harvesting.
496Bayabgkara(lit. ) policeman.
497Bayakfat, corpulent.
498Bayamamaranth used as a vegetable.
499Bayan1 k.o. parrot, long-tailed parakeet. 2 clear, distinct. 3 see KEBAYAN.
500Bayang1 shadow, shade. 2 image, reflection. 3 imagination.
501Bayangan1 shadow 2 imagination 3 estimation 4 (thea) understudy 5 image , phantom .
502Bayangkari(lit. ) 1 policewoman. 2 policemen's wives' association.
503Bayarmem-bayar 1 pay. 2 pay for. 3 pay s.o.
504Bayask.o. palm tree.
505Bayat1 (acad. ) freshman. 2 homage.
506Bayemsee BAYAM.
507Bayibaby, infant.
509Bayu1. (lit. ) 1) wind, breeze. 2) Hindu god of wind. 2. 1) s.t. thet turned, i.e. fermented. 2) stale (of food), tasting of leftovers. 3. (lit. ) slave, servant.
510Bayuhwife's right of access to her polygynous husband.
511Bayungsee LEMBAYUNG.
512Bayurk.o. tree.
513Bazarcharity fair, church bazaar.
514Bazirsee MUBASIR.
516Bb1. (Binnenlands Bestuur, Binnenlandsch Bestuur) Civil Service during the colonial period. 2. (Bau Badan) body odor.
517Bbd(Bank Bumi Daya) state-controlled bank.
518Bbm(Bahan Bakar Minyak) refined fuel oil.
519Bbn(Bea Balik Nama) fee for conversion of vehicle ownership.
520Bd(Barat Daya) S.W.
521Be'see BABE'.
522Bea1 exice, tax, duty, toll. 2 cost, expense..
523Beasiswaschoolarship, fellowship.
524Beayasee BIAYA.
525Bebal1 stupid, imbecilic, slow. 2 silly, foolish, asinine.
526Beban1 load (in vehicles or on back or shoulders). 2 burden, resposibility. 3 (elect. ) load, charge.
527Bebandossee BANDOS.
528Bebang1 stillborn. 2 asphyxia.
529Bebarber-bebar-an scattered, spread about.
530Bebas1 free, unhampered, unimpeded. 2 free(d), be free. 3 released, acquitted.
531Bebatbandage, dressing.
532Bebesee BEBI.
533Bebek1 duck. 2 bleat. mem-bleat (of goat). 3 k.o. motorcycle of less than 100cc.
534Bebekismea mental outlook characterized by unthinking loyalty to a leader or society.
535Bebelsee BEBAL.
536Bebenahsee BENAH 1.
538Beberapasome, several.
539Bebesaransee BESARAN.
540Bebet(Java) wraparound indicating rank, worn by males.
542Bebingkasee BINGKA.
543Beblatsupplement, esp. to colonial-period legal gazette.
544Bebotohsee BOTOH 2.
545Bebotok1 friend chicken leg or thigh. 2 large chunk of cooked chicken.
546Bebuka(Java) foreword.
548Becasee BECAK 2.
549Becak1. spot, dot. 2. 1) pedicab, tricycle. 2) DC-3 plane. 3. ( becek) muddy.
550Becoknoisy, loud (of talking).
552Beda1 difference. 2 remainder, balance.
553Bedahsurgical operation.
554Bedakface powder, talcum powder.
555Bedal1. mem-bedal whip, thrash s.o. 2. run wild, bolt (of a horse).
556Bedawisee BADAWI.
557Bedaya(bedaya, bedoyo) k.o. sacral Central Java court dance.
558Bedebahill-omened (used in terms of abuse).
559Bedegapsound of a strong blow.
560Bedegong1 obstinate, stubborn, headstrong. 2 opinionated, conceited.
561Bedeksee BADEK 2.
562Bedeksee BADEK 2.
563Bedel(coll. ) surgical operation.
564Bedeng1. shed, barracks. 2. 1) dike embankment of a paady field. 2) ditch. 3) flowerbed, seedbed.
565Bedilgun, rifle.
566Bedolbedol-desa immigration of an entire village.
567Bedolandrop-out (from school).
568Bedudak(Java) viper.
569Bedug/beduk/ large drum suspended horizontally at mosque to summon to prayer.
570Bedukangk.o. freshwater catfish.
571Bedungmem-bedung swathe, put on a diaper.
572Beeng(sl. ) very, extremely.
573Bega1. ber-bega, mem-bega circle around (of a bird). 2. mem-bega aim, take aim.
574Begadang(coll. ) stay up and talk all night.
575Begadrunggathering, meeting, assembly.
577Begapsturdy, stout, stocky.
578Begarconfirmed, inveterate
579Begar, Begerber-beger, mem-beger circle around, pivot.
580Begasisee BAGASI.
581Begawantitle for Hindu priest or ascetic (in shadow plays, etc.).
582Begini1 thus, like this. 2 well, so (often used to start a conversation).
583Begitu1 like that. 2 so, very. 3 how very. 4 just at the moment.
584Bego/begok/ stupid, imbecilic, idiotic.
585Begondalsee BEGUNDAL.
587Begroting(behroting) (coll. ) budget.
588Beguk1 goiter. 2 mandible, lower jaw.
590Behasee BH.
591Behandel(coll. ) mem-behandel 1 take care of, treat (patient, wound, etc.). 2 manage, handle.
593Bejana1 container, vessel, receptacle. 2 vase.
594Bejat1 damaged, spoiled (esp. of baskets, bags, etc. with split seams). 2 depraved, wanton.
595Bejo(Java) licky.
596Bek1. (Sport) backfield player. 2 (coll. ) head of a village.
597Bekaber-beka-beka chat, discuss.
598Bekakber-bekak be cruel.
599Bekakak(Sunda) whole baked chicken, esp. in weddings when bridal couple pulls it apart.
600Bekakassee PERKAKAS.
601Bekalstock, supplies, provisions.
602Bekam1. bruise. 2. mem-bekam 1) bleed s.o. 2) seize (prey).
603Bekantanproboscis mongkey (of Kalimantan).
604Bekas1. 1) print, trace. 2)former (site, wife, etc.). 3) ex, former. 4 used, second-hand. 2. receptacle, container.
605Bekatul1 bran. 2 rice siftings.
606Bekecotsee BEKICOT.
607Bekeksee BERKIK.
608Bekelgame of jacks.
609Beken(coll. ). well known, familiar.
610Beker1. alarm clock 2. 1) trophy. 2) cup, breaker.
611Bekerja1 work. 2 active (of a volcano, etc.). 3 have a celebration or ceremony.
612Bekicotk.o. edible snail, similar to escargot.
613Bekilk.o. fish, snapper.
614Bekingbacking, support.
615Bekingismepractice of seeking and relying on support from influential figures in (often) questionable projects.
616Bekisarcross between domestic chicken and jungle fowl.
617Bekledingupholstery or covering of car interior, chair, wall.
618Beklesbackless gown.
619Beklitmem-beklit upholster s.t.
620Bekotsee BOIKOT.
621Beku1 frozen. 2 congealed, coagulated. 3. rigid, inflexible, unbending.
622Bekukbend in two, fold.
623Bekuku/bekukung/ k.o. fish, sea bream.
624Belsee also entries with bl-.
625Belacare for, nurture.
626Belacanshrimp or fish paste condiment.
627Belaco/belacu/ unbleached cotton, gray shirting.
628Beladauk.o. bolo knife.
629Belado(M) a dish with red pepper sauce.
630Belaguput on, act affected.
631Belah1 crack, gap, crevice. 2 half, cut in half. 3 side.
632Belahakmem-belahak clear o.'s throat, expectorate.
633Belaimem-belai 1 caress, stroke. 2 flatter.
634Belajar1 study. 2 learn.
635Belak1 black spot (on wood). 2 white spot (on skin).
636Belaka1 entirely, completely. 2 quite, very. 3 only, merely.
637Belakang1 back, backside. 2 behind, back of. 3 later. 4 on the back of, the reverse side.
638Belalai1 trunk, snout. 2 proboscis. 3 tentacle, feeler.
639Belalakmem-belalak stare, open wide. 2 look at s.o. with big eyes.
640Belalang1. locust, grasshopper. 2. mem-belalang stare.
641Belamsee BALAM 1.
642Belanbolt. mem-belan fasten with crossbar.
643Belanda1 Dutch. 2 treat as Dutch.
644Belandang(Java) mem-belandang run fast.
646Belandongsee BLANDONG.
647Belang1 spot, band, stripe. 2 skin blemish. 3 blemished, spotted.
648Belangaearthen cooking pot.
649Belangkas1. horseshoe crab. 2. k.o. small bolo knife.
650Belangkin1 asphalt. 2 black shoe polish.
651Belanja1 expense, expenditure. 2 cost, expense.
652Belantanclub, cudgel, nightstick.
653Belantaraforest, jungle.
654Belantik1. k.o. spear used in hunting. 2. see BLANTIK. 3. see BINTANG.
655Belaraksee BLARAK
656Belas1. mercy, pity. 2. teens, tens (used in numbers from 11 through 19).
657Belasahwhip s.o.
658Belastarsee BLASTER.
659Belasteng,Belasting(coll. ) 1 tax. 2 duty, tariff.
661Belasutgrowl, snarl.
662Belat1 bamboo screen. 2 fish trap of plaited bamboo. 3 splint.
663Belat-Belitdevious, surreptitious.
664Belatik.o. broad-bladed knife.
665Belatik, Belatukwoodpecker.
668Belau1. (ber)-belau-belau-an flicker, glitter, shine. 2. see BLAU.
669Beldusee BELUDRU.
670Belebas1 lathe. 2 ruler, yardstick.
671Beledangsea eel.
672Beledusee BELUDRU.
673Belegarbooming noise of explosion.
674Belegukbubbling sound of water.
675Belehsee SEMBELIH.
677Belek1 mem-belek operate on, cut open. 2. see BLEK.
678Belekoksee BLEKOK.
679Belelbell-bottom style trousers, wide at the cuff.
680Belencongsee BLENCONG.
681Belendung(Java) mem-belendung be sticking out (of stomach).
682Belengber-beleng turn around.
683Belengehmem-belengeh-kan bibir distort o.'s lips, grimace.
684Belengguhandcuff , fetter, shackle of wood or iron.
685Belengketmem-belenget stick, cling, adhere.
687Belengkongcurve, arch.
688Belengsetectropion, with the lower eyelid turned inside out.
689Belenongsound of a bell.
690Belepotan(coll. ) 1 be smeared all over with s.t. 2 be messy.
691Belepotan(coll. ) 1 be smeared all over with s.t. 2 be messy.
692Beler(Java) cut into s.t.
694Belerongmarket stall.
695Beleseksee BLESEK.
696Belet(Java) ke- have the need, have compelling urge (esp. to urinate or defecate).
697Beletak-Belenongclamg-clang (of streetcar bell).
700Belia1 youth. 2 young.
701Beliakmem-beliak, ter-beliak wide open and staring (of eyes). mem-beliak-kan open eyes wide.
702Beliansee BERLIAN.
703Beliau(respectful form of reference) he, she.
704Belibisk.o. wild duck, the teal.
705Belidak.o. fish.
706Beligowax gourd.
707Beliksee BLEK.
708Belikatscapula, shoulder bone.
709Belikubend, curve (in road etc).
710Belimbing1 ridged longitudinally. 2 star fruit, carambola.
712Beling1 porcelain. 2 shards (of glass, platter, etc.).
713Belingkangter-belingkang sprawled.
714Belinjo1. bullet (of gun, rifle). 2. see MELINJO 1.
715Belintangber-belintang(an), ter-belintang lie across, be athwart.
716Belit1 coil. 2 curve, bend.
717BelitungBilliton, an island S. of the Riau archipelago.
718Beliung1 carpenter's adze. 2 pickax.
719Beliutbent and crooked.
720Belodok1 k.o. fish, goby. 2 protruding (of eyes), similar to goby eyes.
721Belok1. 1) muddy. 2) mud. 3) clayey soil. 2. 1) pulley. 2) stocks, fetter. 3. see BLOK 1,2.
722Belon(Jakarta) see BELUM.
723Belongkangbarge, river freighter.
725Belontokk.o. fish, large goby.
726Beloroksee BLOROK.
727Belorongsee BLORONG.
728Belot1 turncoat, renegade, traitor. 2 be a turncoat. 3 (rel. ) apostate.
729Belu-Belaichatter, gossip.
730Beluburstorage place for rice.
731Beludak1. outburst (of laughter, applause). 2. viper.
732Beludark.o. round rice cake.
733Beludruvelvet, velveteen.
734Beluk1. k.o. insect, stalk borer. 2. see SELUK 1.
735Belukar1 thicket, underbrush. 2 shrub.
736Belukusee WALUKU.
737Belulang1 tough, dray. 2 callus (on foot or hand). 3 rawhide. 4 (lit. ) bones.
738Belulukyoung coconut.
739Belum1 not yet. 2 not (yet) including.
740Belun(Java) see BELUM.
741Belungkang1 butt end of palm leaf stalk. 2 young coconut halved.
742Belungkurk.o. fish, Queensland smelt.
743Belunjursee UNJUR.
744Beluntask.o. gardenia with edible leaves used for hedges.
745Belurwelt up (of skin). ber-belur-belur harden into welts, raise up welts.
746Belurusee AKAR.
747Belus1. loose-fitting (of ring, clothing). 2. blouse.
749Bembammem-bembam roast in bot ashes.
750Bemban1. k.o. shrub the leaves of wich can be plaited. 2. k.o. staked fish trap.
751Bembemthick and swollen.
752Bemo(becak bermotor) 1 k.o samall motorized vehicle used for public transportation. 2 work as a driver of this vehicle.
753Bempersee BUMPER.
754Bensee BAND1.
755Bena1 particularly, very. 2 care, attention.
756Benah1. be(r)-benah-benah up, tidy up, clean up. 2. k.o. small insect harmful to rice.
757Benak1. 1) marrow. 2) brain, mind. 2. 1) hard of hearing. 2) stupid, dull-witted.
758Benalu1 arboreal parasitic plant, epiphyte. 2 parasite. 3 sponger, freeloader.
759Benamber-benam, mem-benam sink out of sight, hide.
760Benangthread, yarn.
761Benar1 correct, right. 2 right, honest, true. just, honest. 4 true, not false. 5 sincere, true. 6 valid. 7 truthful. 8 very, quite, really
762Benatusee PENATU.
763Bencahmuddy (of ground after storm).
764Bencanadisaster, calamity, debacle, havoc.
765Bencangstunted in growth, dwarfed.
766Bencarungk.o. bird, oriole.
767Bencihate, dislike, aversion.
768Benciritsee CERET.
769Bencong(sl. ) female impersonator, transvestite.
770Bendathing, article, inanimate object. ber-benda wealthy, rich. mem-benda-kan make into money.
771Bendahara1 treasurer, esp. of clubs, organizations, etc. 2 (lit. ) grand vizier. 3 (che. ) queen.
772Bendahari(lit. ) treasurer.
773Bendalusee BENALU.
774Bendarirrigation canal in rice field.
775Bendasrayasee ASURANSI.
776Bendawi,Bendawiahmaterial, substantive.
777Bendesmall bronze or copper gong.
778Bendek,Bendeks(Auto) starter drive pinion.
779Bendel,Bendelsee BUNDEL 1.
780Benderaflag, colors.
781Benderangbright, brilliant.
782Benderungempty space between two buildings.
783Bendharawan1 treasurer, esp. gvt. officials. 2 (acad. ) bursar. 3 office accountant.
784Benditwo-wheeled carriage.
785Bendolarge-bladed knife for cutting wood.
786Bendoro(Java) a title of nobility.
787Bendosa(Java) catafalque.
788Bendul1. cross beam. 2. (coll. ) swollen.
789Bendung1 dike. 2 dam.
790Bene(Jakarta) see BENAH 1.
791Benersee BENAR.
792Benerangsee BENDERANG.
793Bengah1 pedantic. 2 proud, conceited, arrogant, haughty.
794Bengal1 momentarily deaf (as from a blow), stunned. 2 stubborn, obstinate. 3 forward, impertinent, rude.
795Bengalosee BUNGALO.
796Bengang1. ringing in the ears. 2. wide open.
797Bengap1 slight deafness (from a cold or from descent of plane). 2 have difficulty speaking, incoherent (from embarrassment, shyness, or hesitation).
798Bengawan(Java) river.
799Bengek1. 1) asthma. 2) asthmatic. 2. teat, nipple.
800Benggal, Benggilbump, bruise.
801Benggalo1. k.o. cassava. 2. see BUNGALO.
802Bengganghave space between.
803Benggilber-benggil have bumps, be bumpy (of road).
804Benggolbump, bruise.
805Bengiksee BENGEK 1.
806Bengis1 cruel, strict, harsh.
807Bengkak1 swollen, puffy. 2 swelling, tumor. 3 abscess.
808Bengkalke-bengkal-an choke, swallow the wrong way.
809Bengkal-Bengkilbruise, lump.
810Bengkalaimem-bengkalai-kan neglect, leave unattended or unfinished.
811Bengkang1 crooked, curved. 2 curve.
812Bengkapsee BINGKAP.
813Bengkarmem-bengkar 1 expand. 2 be in bloom.
814Bengkarak1 skeleton. 2 bones. 3 carcass.
815Bengkarungk.o. smooth-scaled lizard.
816Bengkawan1 lath around which palm thatch is made. 2 numeral classifier for thatch.
817Bengkawangk.o. fern.
818Bengkayanggorged, stuffed (from overeating).
819Bengkel1 workshop. 2 machine shop. 3 repair shop, garage.
820Bengkelai(coll. ) have a fight.
821Bengkengirritable, irascible, touchy, testy.
822Bengkokland for use of village employees in place of salary.
823Bengkolbent, curved.
824Bengkong1. crooked, bent. 2. professional circumciser.
825Bengkosmem-bengkos gasping.
826Bengkuangsee BANGKUANG.
827Bengkudusmall treethe root of which produces dyes, morinda.
828BengkuluBencoolen (town and province in S.W. Sumatra).
829Bengkunangk.o. mousedeer.
830Bengkung1. 1) long waist sash used by women wearing sarongs. 2) abdominal sash worn after giving birth. 2. bent, crooked.
831Bengleplant used in medicines.
833Bengong1 dazed, stupefied. 2 cresfallen. 3 expressionless, vacant, blank.
834Bengotslanting, sloping.
835Bengustale (of air).
836Benguk1 angry, surly. 2 sulking. 3 downhearted.
837Bengulred and swollen (of eyes after crying).
838Benian1 strongbox. 2 jewelry box.
839Benih1 seed. 2 germ. 3 semen. 4 origin, descent. 5 cause, oigin.
840Beningclear, transparent.
841Benjal-Benjolbumpy and rocky (of road, path), lumpy (mattress).
842Benjol1 lump, bump, protruding tumor. 2 bruised, swollen.
843Benjuthaving a large lump or bump from being struck.
845Bensolhigh-octane gasoline for planes.
846Bentasore, boil (on upper lip).
847Bentaksay in a harsh manner.
849Bentangbentang-alam landscape. 1 spread out, extend. 2 reach.
850Bentangurk.o. tree growing on seashore.
851Bentar1 see SEBENTAR. 2. see CANDI.
853Bentaran(Jakarta) see SEBENTAR.
854Bentehber-benteh wrestle with the legs interwined.
855Benteng1 fortress, bastion, rampart. 2 fortification, entrenchment. 3 (che. ) rook, castle.
856Benterber-benter-benter 1 turn, revolve. 2 turn off, detour.
857Bentetcracked open, burst open.
858Bentilnipple, teat.
859Bentohsee BANTAH.
860Bentokke-bentok hit against, bump against.
861Bentolsmall bump (like a mosquito bite).
862Bentonglarge splotch.
863Bentrokquarrel, clash.
864Bentuk1 shape, form, type. 2 bend, curve. 3 classifier used for round or curved objects.
865Bentulk.o. large aroid.
866Benturber-bentur collide.
867Bentus(Java) see BENTUR.
868Benua1 continent. 2 (lit. ) country.
869Benummem-benum (lit. ) appoint.
870Benurshrimp fry.
871Benyai1 soft, mushy. 2 weak, impotent.
872Benyawaksee BIAWAK.
873Benyeksoft, mushy (of fruit, cereal, mud).
874Benyotawry, askew, skewed.
875Beomyna bird. mem-beo parrot, imitate.
876Beol(be'ol) (Sunda) defecate.
877Bepergiango on a trip, travel.
878Bersee also entries with be-.
879Bera1. 1) dark red. 2) red and swollen. 2) mem-bera-kan leave (paddy) fallow temporarily
880Berabad-Abadfor centuries.
881Berabe1 nuisance, annoying. 2 bad luck. 3 (coll. ) Darn ! (exclamation of exasperation).
884Beracara1 sit, be in session (of court, etc.). 2 be on the agenda. 3 be in litigation.
885Berada1 be (in a place). 2 well-off, well-to-do.
886Beradab1 cultured, civilized. 2 polite.
887Beradaptasiadapt, assimilate.
888Beradat1 customary, traditional, follows traditions. 2 well-mannered.
889Beradu1 collide. 2 compete.
890Beragama1 have a religious.. 2 be religious.
891Beragitasiagitate for.
892Berahisexual desire. 2 passion, lust. 3 passionate, lustful.
893Berahmanasee BRAHMANA.
894Beraibe spread, dispersed.
895Berair1 have water. 2 juice (of fruit). 3 aqueous.
896Berajojingdance this dance.
897Berakmired (in mud, quicksand).
898Berak-Berok(Java) scream and shriek.
899Berakadsettle an agreement or contract.
901Berakhir1 end. 2 become extinct.
902Berakhlakhave a certain character.
903Berakit1 travel by raft. 2 attached alongside.
904Berakrabanbe chummy with, be close to.
905Beraksamythical winged creature, Pegasus.
906Beraksi1 be in action. 2 show off, flaunt.
907Beralasanhave a base or foundation.
908Beralaskan1 be placed on as a base or covering of s.t. 2 be based on.
909Beralih1 change. 2 shift, move.
910Beraliranhave an ideology.
911Beralun-Alun1 heave, roll, pitch, billow up. 2 be in steady movement.
912Beramintroxicating beverage made of fermented rice or tapioca.
913Beramal1 charitable, generous. 2 pray silently.
914Beramanah/beramanat/ instruct, issue an order.
915Berambangsee BRAMBANG.
916Berampingside by side, next to.
917Beranda1 veranda, porch. 2 (R.R.) station platform. 3 (naut. ) quarterdeck.
918Berandalsee BRANDAL.
919Berandang1 conspicuous, clearly visible. 2 striking, noticeable.
920Berang1 angry, furious, irate. 2 anger.
922Berangan1. arsenic. 2. k.o. tropical chestnut and other related trees.
923Berangan-Angan1 dream, fantasize. 2 aim, have ideals.
925Berangasanhot-tempered, hotheaded.
927Berangkatleave, depart, set out.
928Berangsangvery angry.
929Berangsur-Angsur1 little by little. 2 move forward a little. 3 in installments.
930Berangussee BRANGUS.
931Beraniaudacious, brave, bold, courageous, dauntless.
932Beranjak1 move, get up. 2 shift. move.
933Beranjangsanatour an area.
934Berantakmem-berantak-kan put s.t. into disorder.
935Berantas1 fight (against), combat. 2 wipe out, remove (corruption, smallpox, inflation).
936Berantukcome in contact with, touch.
937Berapi1 have fire. 2 be on fire. 3 fiery, fervent. 4 very angry. livid.
938Berapi-Api1 furious, raging. 2 glitter, shine, sparkle (of eyes).
939Berapit1 be wedged in, be hemmed in. 2 be close to e.o. 3 jammed, wedged, stuck.
940Berarahhave an aim or purpose.
941Berarti1 mean. 2 be significant, meaningful. 3 valuable, useful.
942Berashulled rice.
943Beras-Berask.o. fish, drumfish.
944Berat1 heavy. 2 serious, severe. 3 hard, difficult. 4 close, oppressive, sultry. 5 weight. 6 strong (of drink, cigarettes, etc.).
945Berbalasmutual response , 1.have a response 2.reverberate,echo,response.
946Berbarengan1 together with, accompanied by. 2 at the same time. 3 coincide.
947Berbaring1 lie down 2 be stert out (in a lounge chair ) 3 be in bed (in hospital) .
948Berbaris1 form a line (of trees,etc) 2 march 3 line up , form a queue 4 (mil) to drill .
949Berbeda1 be diffirent , differ , diverge 2 have a diffirence (of) .
950Berbelit - Belit1) wind, twist in and out. 2) complicated. 3) involved, has ramifications.
951Berbencah - Bencahswampy, marshy.
952Berbinar - Binarberbinar - binar
953Berboyong1 move, shift, change, remove. 2 emigrate, settle.
954Bercakpockmarked, spotted.
955Bercelanawear trousers.
956Berciksee PERCIK.
957Bercita - Cita1) desire, long for. 2) aspire. 3) longing, yearning. 4) idea (esp. in slogans).
958Bercokoksee BICOKOK.
959Berdalih1 seek an excuse 2 equivocate , quibble .
960Berdampingancontiguous, side by side.
961Berdandan1) dress up, get dressed. 2) decorated, made elaborate.
962Berdengung1 wail (of siren, forghorn, etc.), drone (of plane). 2 resound, reverberate.
963Berderai - Derai1) in droves. 2) continuously.
964Berdesak - Desakcrowd, jostle.
965Berdesar1 sizzle, hiss. 2 lisp.
966Berdetak1 make a tapping sound. 2 beat (of heart).
967Berdetasangive off a popping sound (wet leaves burning, etc.).
968Berdetus,Detupan1 explode. 2 make throbbing sound.
969Berdikari(berdiri di atas kaki sendiri) stand on o.'s own feet, be self-reliant.
970Berdiri1 stand. 2 exist.
971Berdiskodance to disco music.
972Berdondangrock back and forth.
973Berdusobese, copulent, potbellied.
974Berebetsee BREBET.
975Berebut1 snatch away, take away by force. 2 struggle to obtain a goal.
976Berek-Berekk.o. bird.
977Beremsee BERAM.
978Beremanedge, verge (of road).
979Beremban1 cross beam. 2 dam.
981Berendaof lace, decorate with lace.
982Berendam1 submerged. 2 remain in o. place.
983Berendeng - Rendenganbe in a line, go s.w. in a line.
984Bereng-Berengflat knobless gong.
986Berengossee BRENGOS.
987Berengutmem-berengut surly, sullen.
988Berentangmem-berentang be stretched, taut.
989Berentet-Rentetline, o. after the other.
990Berentisee HENTI.
991Bereo/bereok/ (Jakarta) see BREWOK.
992Beres1 in order, well done. 2 finished, settled.
993Beresoksee ESOK.
994Beretdemanding, exacting.
996Berewoksee BREWOK.
997Bergabung1 gather together, colected together. 2 merge, fuse.
999Bergedelk.o. spherical croquette (of meat and mashed potato).
1000Bergejolak1 flare up (of fire, temper, etc.). 2 fluctuate (of prices).
1001Bergelandanganloaf about, loaf around, wander aimlessly.
1003Bergemarenjoy o.s., have a good time.
1004Bergerigi1 serrated, toothed (saw, etc.). 2 jagged (edge).
1005Bergerindingget goose bumps from fear, stand on end (of body hair from fear).
1006Bergerohok1 be hollow (of tree). 2 have a cavity (of tooth).
1007Bergesel,Geser1 shift, move. 2 rub.
1008Bergetar1 shake, tremble. 2 vibrate, quiver.
1009Bergizinutritious, nourishing.
1010Bergombal1 old and torn, worn out. 2 poorly made.
1011Bergoyangrock, wobble. 2 sway, swing (of branches, foot, etc.).
1012Bergukdress covering entire body exept eyes and hands sometimes worn by Muslim women.
1013Bergulinganroll, wallow (of several things).
1014Bergulungan1 roll (of waves). 2 be rolled up (of sleeves, etc.). 3 coiled (of rope, etc.).
1015Bergumam1 mumble. 2 suppress (laugh or smile).
1016Bergunauseful, beneficial.
1017Bergundah - Hati1 depressed. 2 anxious, restless.
1018Bergurathave a scratch or line in it.
1019Bergurat-Guratfull of scratches or lines.
1020Berhadapan1 face, front on. 2 be faced with. 3 face to face.
1021Berhadiahwith a gift.
1022Berhak1) have the right (to). 2) reserve the right.
1024Berhamburan1) scattered about. 2) flow, tricle (of tears).
1025Berhantam1 fight, scuffle. 2 collide with. 3 infringe on.
1026Berhati - Hatibe careful.
1027Berhelatcelebrate with a party.
1029Berhubungconnected, related.
1030Berhubungan1 related to s.t. 2 get in touch, be in contact.
1031Berhuma1 grow rice on dry field. 2 clear land for cultivation.
1032Beri1 give, bestow. 2 offer, put up. 3 (coll. ). let. 4 put on, apply s.t. 5 (coll. ) hit, strike. 6 add (in recipes).
1034Beriangk.o. monitor lizard.
1036Berikhtiarendeavor, seek the means to.
1038Bering-Beringlarge cymbal with center boss.
1039Beringas1 hot-tempered, wild. 2 furious.
1040Beringinbanyan tree.
1041Beringis/beringisan/ grin.
1042Berinisiative1take the initiative. 2 have initiative.
1043Beriramarhythmical, having rhythm.
1044Beriringsuccessive, consecutive.
1045Berisik1. 1) noisy, tumultuous. 2) uproar, noise. 2. 1) rustling (noise). 2) be noisy.
1046Berita1 news (report). 2 announcement, report.
1047Beritahu1 inform s.o. 2 report, tell about.
1048Berjahat1 sin, do wrong. 2 defame, malign s.o. 3 seduce (a female).
1049Berjalan1 walk. 2 run (of an engine). 3 run, go, work. 4 be going on a certain age.
1050Berjangka1 (be a certain) measure. 2 be spaced.
1051Berjatuhanfall ( plural ).
1052Berjaya1 victorious, triumphant, glorious. 2 successful, doing very well.
1053Berjejal1 crowd, jam. 2 be jampacked (with spectators, etc.).
1054Berjejalanthronged, crowded.
1055Berjempalikanturn somesaults severl times.
1056Berjemurexpose o.s. to the sun.
1057Berjenguklook or peer out (of many people).
1058Berjenis - Jenisverious.
1059Berjenjang1) step by step, gradual. 2) in tiers, terraced. 3) by ladder.
1060Berjerepet1 linked together (of links in chain). 2 grown togheter (of fingers, etc.).
1061Berjingkek1 tiptoe, go on tiptoe. 2 wear high heels.
1062Berjompakan1 prance about. 2 (naut. ) leave a wake.
1063Berjongkanganfall (of several erect things).
1064Berjotosfight with the fists.
1065Berjualan1 sel (several things). 2 sell for a living.
1066Berjuissee BORJUIS.
1067Berjurus - Jurusrepeatedly.
1068Berkabar1 tell, relate. 2 send news about o.s.
1069Berkaca1) look in the mirror. 2) contain glass.
1070Berkahsee BERKAT.
1071Berkaitan1 link to e.o. 2 be related to.
1072Berkarang1 inset (of diamond, etc.). 2 in bunches (of flowers).
1073Berkas1 bundle, sheaf. 2 dossier.
1074Berkat1 blessing, favor. 2 thanks to, owing to, due to. 3 profitable, doing well (of an enterprise). 4 small amount of food taken home after ceremonial meal.
1075Berkatatalk, speak.
1076Berkata-Kataconverse, talk to e.o.
1077Berkawasanof the same region.
1078Berkebun1 farm, plant for a living. 2 have a plantation or garden.
1079Berkedutwrinkled, creased (of skin, clothes, etc.).
1080Berkehendakhave an intention.
1081Berkelap - Kelip1 flicker. 2 sparkle (of a gem), twinkle (of stars).
1082Berkelibangswarm about, fly around (of insects).
1083Berkelibatanbe visible for only a second, flash by.
1084Berkelik-Kelikmake a loud sound.
1085Berkelokanwinding, twisting, sinuous (road).
1086Berkeluk1 bend. 2 have curves.
1087Berkelupasget pelled off.
1088Berkeluyuran1 loaf around, stroll about without purpose. 2 hang around.
1089Berkemas - Kemas1 pack. 2 clear things away, put things in order.
1090Berkemauanwish, desire, will.
1091Berkemik1 be all dented. 2 be chapped (of lips ).
1092Berkencan1 have an appointment. 2 have a date, dating.
1093Berkendalicontrolled, directed.restrained.
1094Berkepentinganhaving an interest, be concerned.
1095Berkeping-Keping1 in pieces or slivers. 2 in tatters (of flag, etc.). 3 in tresses, locks.
1096Berkeredongwrapped, covered (in a blanket, sarong).
1097Berkeritik-Keritikcrackle, sputter (of a lighted candle).
1098Berkerumun1 swarm over, cluster arround, throng, mill about. 2 assemble, come together.
1099Berkerunyutwrinkled, shriveled (of face).
1100Berkesempatanhave an opportunity, time.
1101Berkesimpulanhave as a conclusion.
1102Berkesinambungancontinous, without interruption.
1103Berketentuanbe sure, certain.
1104Berketepatancoincidentally, accidentally.
1106Berketurunan1 for generations. 2 of a certain ethnic heritage.
1107Berkewajibanhave the dutry of.
1108Berkeyakinanbe convinced.
1109Berkhidmat1 dutiful, respectful. 2 serve. 3 be faithful (to).
1110Berkhotbah1 preach, deliver a sermon. 2 deliver pompous opinions, pontificate.
1111Berkicutsqueak (of a floor, etc.).
1112Berkikk.o. bird, pintail snipe.
1113Berkilk.o. fish, the perch.
1114Berkilah-Kilah1 farfetched, forced (argument). 2 spurious (argument). 3 deceitful, fraudulant. 4 argue to defend o. self.
1115Berkimonowear a kimono or dressing gown.
1116Berkinjajump with joy.
1117Berkirimsend through mail.
1118Berkisar1 revolve, turn. 2 change, shift. 3 range from a certain amount to another.
1119Berkobicycle lamp.
1120Berkocak1. joke, jest, be amusing. 2. 1) shake. 2) strike (of waves on the shore). 3) become trouble, shook up (of feelings).
1121Berkoekquack like a duck.
1122Berkokok1 crow. 2 boast, brag.
1123Berkuak1) open, give way to make an opening. 2) widen, become enlarged (of a hole, rip, etc.).
1124Berkumpul1 assemle , come together in a place 2 line up , fall in line .
1125Berkunang-Kunang1 sparkle like fireflies. 2 see stars.
1126Berkusurub the body with leaves.
1127Berkutet - Kutetan1 be locked tightly together. 2 be deeply involved in a discussion. 3 refuse to give in, maintain a never say-die attitude. 4 struggle to the utmost for s.t., want s.t. at all costs.
1128Berkuting-Kutingconstantly follow.
1129Berlabuh1 anchor, dock. 2 be at anchor. 3 be pulled down (of shades, blinds).
1130Berladangown or cultivate an unirrigated field.
1131Berlainan1 different. 2 be divergent, differ.
1132Berlaku1 be valid, be in effect. 2 occur, happen. 3 prevail, obtain. 4 behave. 5 act as.
1133Berlamparanbe scattered or spread about.
1134Berlandaskanrest on s.t., be based on s.t.
1135Berlapurtwitch, flutter (of a bird, etc.)
1136Berlebih1 remain, be left (over). 2 excessive.
1137Berlelerandrip with (perspiration).
1138Berlemotansmeared all over with s.t.
1139Berlenggek - Lenggekanscream, shriek.
1140Berlepotan1 smeared, smudges, soiled (with blood, mud, etc.). 2 be bemirched (of reputation).
1142Berlianpolished diamon.
1143Berliku - Liku1 winding, curving, tortuous (of road, etc.). 2 sinous.
1144Berlipattraditional game in Biliton in which players strike e.o. with rattan rods.
1145Berlunju-Lunjurstrech out (of arms and legs).
1146Bermakrifat1 philosopize. 2 concentrate.
1147Bermasyarakatform a group.
1148Bermenung1 muse, ponder, meditate. 2 act gloomy.
1150Bermuhibahgo on goodwill mission.
1151Bernafsupassionate, lustful, desirous.
1152Bernas1 filled out. 2 full (of breasts). 3 pithy, terse, spirited.
1153Bernazarmake a promise of s.t.
1154Berngasee BERENGA.
1155Bernilaivaluable, precious.
1156Bernyala1 flame, flare up. 2 burn (of light).
1157Berosee BERA 2.
1158Beroertesee BERURTE.
1159Beroksee BURUT.
1160Berombak1 be wavy. 2 undulating, rolling (terrain, etc.).
1161Berombongancome in large groups.
1162Berondongsee BRONDONG.
1163Beronggok-Onggokin heaps, stacks, piles.
1164Berongsangsee BERANGSANG.
1165Berongsong1 muzzle (for dogs). 2 muzzle, gag.
1166Beronokk.o. sea slug.
1167Berontak1 struggle, wriggle. 2 revolt, rebel.
1168Beronyongk.o. basket.
1170Berpadananharmonize, go together (e.g. colors), be commensurate.
1171Berpakaian1 get dressed. 2 wearing certain clothes.
1173Berpalun-Palunembrace, hug e.o.
1175Berpangkasget a haircut.
1176Berpangku-Tangando nothing.
1177Berpantinganfall away in numbers.
1179Berpapasanmeet without stopping.
1180Berpatunganchip in together to pay for s.t.
1181Berpautcling to.
1182Berpayar-Payarcruise back and forth.
1183Berpeganghold on to.
1184Berpelantinganroll everywhere.
1190Berpenumpanghave passengers or boarders.
1191Berperagahold an exhibition.
1192Berperikemanusiaanact in a humanitarian way.
1193Berpesai-Pesaifall to pieces.
1194Berpestacelebrate, have a party.
1195Berpetitihspeak with a proverb.
1196Berpialangbuy through a broker.
1198Berpijakstand on.
1200Berpilih-Pilihfastidious, squeamish, choosy.
1201Berpilinspiral, twist.
1202Berpisah1 part. 2 separated.
1204Berpotonganhave the looks of.
1205Berpredikatkanhave a certain title, notation.
1206Berpropagandamake publicity, propaganda.
1207Berpuasafast, observe the fasting period.
1209Berpulangango home (of many people).
1210Berpulun-Pulun1 rise (of smoke). 2 rise like smoke (of thoughts).
1211Berpuntal-Puntal1 winding round. 2 in balls.
1212Berpunya1 have property, be-well-to-do. 2 have an owner.
1213Berpusu-Pusugather in crowds.
1214Berputar1 rotate. 2 insincere, dishonest.
1215Berroman-Romananbe in passionate love with e.o.
1217Bersafari1 wear a safari costume. 2 go on a safari.
1218Bersahabat1 be friends. 2 friendly.
1219Bersahajasimple, uncomplicated.
1221Bersajak1 rhyme (of words, phrases, stories). 2 be in rhyming form. 3 write poetry. 4 recite poetry.
1222Bersalungplay the flute.
1223Bersama1 together with. 2 herewith. 3 joint, collective.
1224Bersama-Samado together.
1225Bersamaan1. 1) be equal to e.o. 2) be in conformity with. 3) resembling, similar. 2. do simultaneously.
1226Bersamakcovered, plated.
1227Bersambut1 answered. 2 parried, intercepted.
1228Bersambutan1 respond to e.o. 2 be in accordance.
1229Bersandar1 lean on. 2 (naut. ) moor, tie up (ship). 3 be dependent on, be based on.
1230Bersanding1. sit in state (of bride and groom at marriage ceremony). 2. 1) angular. 2) sharp, biting.
1231Bersangkalbe unwilling.
1232Bersantap1 dine (of royalty). 2 have a meal (written or formal speech).
1233Bersara1 share. 2 pensioned.
1234Bersarang-Sarangbe full of holes.
1235Bersarung1 wear a sarong. 2 sheathed.
1236Bersatuallied, united.
1237Bersaurinterlocking, entangled.
1238Bersedia1 be ready, prepared. 2 disposed (to), willing.
1239Bersekarub o.s. clean.
1241Berselendangwear a shawl or stole.
1242Berselera1 have appetite, feel like. 2 attractive, appetizing. 3 have a taste for.
1243Berselimpatansneak away (in numbers).
1244Berselimpetancrowd, press together.
1245Berselimut1 covered over. 2 camouflaged.
1246Berselimutkancovered with.
1247Berselindungbe hidden, hide o.s.
1248Berselingtake turns, alternate.
1249Berseliranmurmur (of a breeze).
1250Berseliranmurmur (of a breeze).
1252Berselirkanhave s.o. as a concubine.
1253Berselisih1 be at certain interval in time or space. 2 quarrel, disagree, be at odds with.
1254Berseliwerancrowd, mill about.
1255Berselokarecite or compose such a poem.
1256Berselonjorwith outstretched legs..
1257Berselorohjoke, crack jokes.
1258Berselulupdive, plunge.
1259Berseluncurmove with gliding action.
1260Bersemangat1 conscious. 2 enthusiastic, energetic.
1261Bersemarakradiant, splendid.
1262Bersemayamreside, sit (of royalty).
1263Bersembahyangpray, worship.
1264Bersemboyankanhave as a slogan.
1265Bersembulanemerge, appear partially.
1266Bersemburitengage in sodomy.
1269Bersenam1 do physical exercises. 2 stretch (after resting).
1271Bersenang-Senangenjoy o.s., have a good time.
1272Bersenapanhave a rifle.
1275Bersendihinged on, based.
1276Bersengathave a stinger.
1277Bersenggamahave coitus.
1278Bersenggang-Senggangrelax, pass o.'s free time.
1279Bersenggayutswing o.s. while hanging from the arms, dangle.
1280Bersenggolantouch e.o.
1281Bersengitfeel bitter.
1282Bersengkarutintertwined, interlaced. 2 confused.
1283Bersengketahave a legal dispute.
1285Bersenjatakan.armed with s.t.
1286Bersentosapeaceful, safe.
1287Bersentuhanhave contact with, touching e.o.
1288Bersepacknowledge as o.'s superior.
1289Bersepadananbe in harmony, go together.
1290Bersepatushod, wear shoes.
1293Berserakanbe scattered around.
1294Berseranggungsit bent forward.
1296Berserishine, beam.
1297Berseri-Seribeam, gleam.
1298Berserucall, shout out.
1299Berserudiground, polished (precious stones).
1300Bersesah(bertinju) (M) have a violent fight.
1301Bersespanwith a side-car.
1302Bersesuaianbe in mutual accord.
1304Bersetubuhhave sexual intercourse.
1305Bersetuju1 have o. and the same aim or purpose. 2 agree.
1306Bersewakapay homage, honor.
1307Bersiagabe on the alert.
1308Bersialang1 swarm (of bees). 2 gather honey.
1309Bersiap1 get ready, get prepared. 2 (Sport) on your mark.
1310Bersiar-Siarstroll about.
1311Bersiaranbroadcast, be on the air.
1312Bersiasat1 be full of stratagems, investigative plans, etc. 2 have s.t. as a strategy.
1313Bersibakparted, separated.
1314Bersiborokmeet for an instant (of eyes, glance).
1315Bersidangconvene, sit in session.
1316Bersidekapfold o.'s arms over o.'s chest.
1317Bersifathave the quality, character(istic).
1318Bersigapbe in readiness.
1319Bersih1 clean, neat. 2 innocent. 3 pure, unadulterated. 4 net.
1320Bersijingkatstand or walk on tiptoe.
1321Bersijundaising as though out of o.'s mind.
1322Bersikap1 have a certain attitude. 2 (mil. ) stand at attention.
1323Bersikuhave an angle or curve.
1324Bersilmem-bersil protrude.
1325Bersilasit wit the legs crossed.
1326Bersilang1 crossed. 2 piled up in a crisscross way.
1327Bersilat1 engage in such self-defense. 2 mime the actions of self-defense.
1328Bersilihturn, change into.
1329Bersimakgather, group.
1330Bersimbahbe drenched, bespattered.
1331Bersimbur1 splash up on. 2 be partially enveloped by s.t. similar to waves.
1333Bersimpuhsit with the knees bent and folded back to o. side.
1335Bersinambungcontinuous, serial.
1337Bersinjak(Lit) step by step.
1338Bersiram1 be cascaded (eith water, liquid). 2 (lit. ) bathe (of royalty).
1339Bersiringhave a hem.
1340Bersisaremain, be left over.
1341Bersisalak(coll. ) be cantankerous, prone to fits of anger.
1342Bersisianside by side.
1344Bersisipanhave an insert.
1345Bersisipkanhave a certain thing inserted in it.
1346Bersisir1 use a comb. 2 combed.
1347Bersitse-bersit 1 a burst of. 2 a little of.
1348Bersitegang1 persevere. 2 be stubborn, insist uncompromisingly.
1349Bersitelekanrest both hands.
1350Bersitinjak(lit. ) step by step.
1351Bersiulwhistle (of people, trains, etc.).
1352Bersiurmake a rustling sound.
1353Bersiuranrustle, whistle (of many things).
1354Bersiutproduce a sizzling or whistling sound.
1355Bersobokencounter, fall in with.
1356Bersolatperform such ritual prayers.
1357Bersolek1 apply o.'s make up. 2 dress up (of women).
1358Bersomplok/bersompok/ run into, meet unexpectedly.
1359Bersongsong1. carry or use the royal umbrella. 2. go out against s.t.
1360Berspekulasi1 speculate, conjecture. 2 undertake a risky venture.
1361Bersua1 meet, run into. 2 meet up with, find.
1362Bersuaifitting, appropriate.
1363Bersuara1 have a voice. 2 produce a sound. 3 (ling. ) voiced.
1364Bersubangwear ear-plugs.
1365Bersuci1 live a pure life. 2 cleanse o.s. of impurities. 3 (islam) cleanse o.s. after defilement (defecation, giving birth, sexual congress, etc.).
1366Bersugi1. use a toothpick. 2. have a tobacco quid in the mouth.
1367Bersuitwhistle, esp. with o.'s fingers in the mouth.
1368Bersujihave embroidery on it.
1369Bersujud1 perform this bow. 2 admit o.'s humble station.
1371Bersukariabe happy, celebrate.
1372Bersukatmeasured by this measure.
1373Bersulamkan1 embroidered with s.t. 2 be added to with s.t., sprinkled with s.t., laden with (additions).
1374Bersulang1. be dirty with soot. 2. (lit. ) give e.o. food or drink.
1375Bersulap1. engage in conjury. 2 find a defect in the weaving.
1376Bersuling1. play the flute. 2.(M) tumbled upside down.
1377Bersulukretreat from the world.
1378Bersulurspiral, climb upward.
1379Bersumberhave (as) a source, be based (on).
1380Bersumberkanhave s.t. as its source.
1381Bersumpahswear, take the oath.
1383Bersungkupbe covered.
1384Bersungut-Sungutgrumble, complain.
1385Bersuraibreak up, disperse.
1386Bersurat1 written, inscribed. 2 (lit. ) compose a letter.
1387Bersurihruled, lined.
1388Bersusilahave good morals.
1389Bersusuk1 insert a small piece of gold (for medicinal or magical purpose). 2 wear a hairpin.
1390Bersusun1 stacked (o. on the other). 2 in layers, stories or rows.
1391Bersutdraw lots, play paper-rock-scissors.
1392Bersutdraw lots, play paper-rock-scissors.
1393Berswadayado s.t. on a self-supporting basis (i.e. without outside funds).
1394Bersyair1 write poetry, poetize. 2 recite poetry.
1396Bersyukur1 thank God. 2 (coll. ) be grateful.
1397Bertabiatbe of a certain character or behavior.
1398Bertabikextend a greeting.
1399Bertabir1 be separated by a screen. 2 be in disguise.
1400Bertabligpreach at such meetings.
1402Bertaburanscattered, spread.
1403Bertaburkanbe spread over with s.t.
1404Bertadahuse a receptacle or reservoir.
1405Bertafakur1 be reflective. 2 observe silence out of respect for a.o.
1406Bertagarthunder and rumble.
1408Bertahanhold out.
1409Bertajiwith the spur on.
1410Bertajukhave (a topic) as an editorial.
1411Bertakakformed by sewing ends together.
1412Bertakbiranengage in such recitation.
1414Bertaksiride a taxi.
1417Bertalar1 think logically, reason. 2 deliberate a problem.
1418Bertaliequipped with a rope, with a rope attached.
1419Bertalian1 tied to e.o. 2 related. 3 relevant, germane.
1420Bertaluplay this opening melody or gong.
1421Bertalu-Talucontinously, incessantly.
1423Bertam1. k.o. palm. 2. k.o. bird, Malayan black wood partridge.
1424Bertamadun1 civilized. 2 cultured, refined.
1425Bertamasyago on an excursion, go sight-seeing.
1426Bertambah1 increase. 2 increasingly, more and more.
1427Bertambah-Tambah1 increase steadily. 2 all the more so.
1429Bertambal-Tambalbe patched all over.
1430Bertambalkanhave as a patch.
1431Bertambattethered, tied up.
1432Bertambatanconnected with.
1433Bertambuhhave another serving of rice.
1434Bertambul1. 1) served with a light snack. 2) enjoy refreshments. 2. (thea. ) do theatrical stunts (magic shows, farces, etc.).
1435Bertamburbeat a drum.
1436Bertameng1 shelter or protect o.s. behind a shield. 2 use s.t. as a pretext.
1437Bertamu1 visit. 2 be a guest.
1438Bertanah1 take root. 2 put down roots, own land.
1439Bertanakboil rice.
1440Bertanamengage in planting or cultivating.
1441Bertanda1 marked, labeled. 2 signify.
1442Bertandakperform such a dance.
1443Bertandangvisit, make a social call.
1445Bertanding1 be the equal of, match. 2 compete. 3 fight a duel.
1446Bertanduride in a sedan chair.
1448Bertanganhave hands.
1449Bertangastake a steam bath.
1450Bertanggawith steps.
1451Bertangga-Tangga1 gradually, by degrees, step by step. 2 terraced, graduated.
1454Bertanggang(M) refrain from a normal activity.
1455Bertangguh1 postpone, put off. 2 hesitant, reluctant.
1456Bertanggungjawabbe responsible, be liable.
1457Bertangkup1 close (of two sides uniting). 2 fall face downward.
1458Bertaniengage in farming.
1459Bertanjakrise in a sloping manner.
1460Bertanyaask a question.
1461Bertanya-Tanya1 repeatedly ask. 2 wonder, be quizzical.
1462Bertapa1 live as an ascetic. 2 isolate o.s. (to meditate, to acquire magical power, etc.). 3 (coll. ) imprisoned.
1463Bertapak1 step, tread on. 2 have an underlayer. 3 have a foot hold.
1464Bertapakkanbe based on, supported.
1465Bertaplakcovered with a tablecloth.
1466Bertapuk-Tapuk1 heavily pockmarked. 2 have a bad reputation.
1470Bertaruh1 bet, wager. 2 bet s.t.
1472Bertasbehtell o.'s beads.
1473Bertatahkaninlaid, studded.
1474Bertatihtoddle along.
1475Bertauhidacknowledge the o.ness of God.
1476Bertaut1 fit togheter. 2 fuse, become one.
1477Bertautanbe linked with, related to.
1478Bertawakalplace o.'s trust in God.
1479Bertebaranspread around, scattered about.
1480Berteduhtake shelter.
1481Berteduhkanmake a shelter of s.t.
1482Berteguh1 hold to, be firm in. 2 strengthen o.s.
1483Berteguranaddress e.o.
1484Bertegursapabe on speaking terms.
1485Berteka-Teki1 play riddles. 2 ask a riddle.
1486Bertekad(hati) be determined, be bent on.
1487Bertekanlean on.
1488Bertekananexerting pressure.
1490Bertekukfolded roughly, crumpled.
1491Bertekun1 be diligent. 2 hold fast, adhere to.
1492Bertekurwith head bowed.
1493Bertelanjangbe naked.
1494Bertele-Telelong-winded, excessively long and trivial.
1495Bertelekanlean o.'s hand, elbow, etc. s.w.
1496Bertelepontalk by phone, use the phone.
1497Bertelimpuh(lit. ) sit with legs bent back beside body.
1499Bertelurlay eggs.
1500Bertelut1 kneel down. 2 surrender.
1501Bertemakanhave as a theme.
1502Berteman1 with friends. 2 be friends to e.o. 3 be married.
1503Bertemankanhave as a friend.
1504Bertembusanfilled with holes.
1505Bertempat1 be (placed), located. 2 take place.
1506Bertempelstick, be next to.
1507Bertemperasanspread about in disorder.
1508Bertempiarsplashed in all directions.
1509Bertempikyell, shout.
1510Bertempurbe engaged in combat.
1511Bertemu1 meet. 2 match, agree.
1512Bertenaga1 powerful, have strength. 2 equipped with a power source.
1513Bertendens/bertendensi/ tendentious.
1514Bertenggangendeavor to carry on.
1515Bertenggekto squat.
1516Bertengger1 be perched on a branch, roost. 2 settle down, stay.
1517Bertengkaranquarrel (with e.o.).
1518Bertentangan1 be in contradiction, be incompatible. 2 be in conflict. 3 be face to face.
1519Bertenungantell fortunes.
1521Bertepasprotected by bamboo wickerwork.
1523Bertepibe bordered by s.t.
1524Bertepikanhave s.t. along the edge.
1525Bertepukengage in clapping.
1526Berterawangfull of holes.
1527Berterbanganfly (of many things), fly every which way.
1528Berteriakscream, shout.
1529Berterjunanjump in large numbers.
1531Bertetanggabe neighbors.
1532Bertetesanfull of drips, dripped with.
1533Bertetirahvacation in a health resort area.
1535Bertiangpropped up, supported.
1536Bertiaraplie prone.
1537Bertigado s.t. in a group of three.
1539Bertikaidiffer in opinion, quarrel.
1540Bertikaruse s.t. as a mat.
1541Bertilamhave s.t. to sleep on.
1542Bertimbalan1 be in balance, be mutually equal. 2 be on both sides. 3 ambivalent.
1543Bertimbunin piles.
1544Bertindak1 take steps, measures. 2 act.
1545Bertindihan1 be superimposed. 2 lie on e.o. 3 overlap e.o.
1546Bertinggungto squat.
1547Bertingkah1 act, behave. 2 be capricious, fickle. 3 act up, put on airs.
1548Bertinjube engaged in a fist fight.
1549Bertirahstay in health resort.
1550Bertiraiwith currtains or partitions
1551Bertirakatperform asceticism to reach o.'s goal.
1552Bertitahspeak, utter (of king, etc.).
1553Bertitar-Titarmove quickly back and forth.
1554Bertitelhave a degree, titled.
1555Bertitik1 drip. 2 have a period.
1557Bertitik-Tolakhave as a starting point.
1559Bertiwikrama1 transform o.s. in a moment of crisis. 2 do o.'s utmost.
1560Bertlesekanscattered here and there.
1561Bertobat1 repent and forswear. 2 learn o.'s lesson.
1562Bertogawear an academic gown or judge's robe.
1563Bertogok(coll. ) sit dully like a bump on a log.
1564Bertohordry up.
1565Bertokohhave the shape of.
1566Bertokok(lit. ) with an addition.
1567Bertolak1 (lit. ) leave, depart. 2 start from s.t., take s.t. as a starting point.
1568Bertolokwith an equal, matched.
1569Bertombakarmed with a lance.
1570Bertonasehave a certain tonnage.
1571Bertonggok(M) perch (of birds).
1572Bertongkatuse (as) a cane.
1573Bertongkatkanrest on.
1574Bertonjolanstick or burgle put (plural).
1575Bertopang1. lean on, be supported on. 2. be in conflict.
1576Bertopeng1 have or wear a mask. 2 put on a front, cover up.
1577Bertopengkanuse s.t. as a cover-up.
1578Bertopiwear a hat.
1579Bertrayekoperate on a certain route.
1580Bertruk-Trukby the truckload.
1581Bertua-Tuaan1 (M) accordiing to seniority. 2 grow old together (of husband and wife).
1582Bertuah1 lucky, fortunate. 2 bring good luck. 3 have magic power.
1583Bertual-Tualcut up into blocks.
1584Bertualang1 swarm (of bees). 2 wander, roam, tramp around. 3 engage in an adventure (often recklessly).
1585Bertuambe treated with a hot compress.
1586Bertuan1 act as boss. 2 have a master. 3 use the term of address tuan.
1587Bertuankanhave s.t. as a master.
1589Bertubrukanhave a collision.
1590Bertubuhwith a body of certain characteristics.
1591Bertudung1 be covered. 2 use a veil.
1592Bertudungkancovered with.
1593Bertugashave s.t. as a duty.
1594Bertuhan1 believe in God. 2 have a certain god.
1595Bertuhankanhave s.t. as a god.
1596Bertujuan1 have s.t. as a purpose. 2 head for, go in a certain direction.
1597Bertukangbe an artisan, skilled laborer.
1600Bertuliswritten on.
1601Bertulisanwritten on with some notice.
1602Bertuliskaninscribed with s.t.
1603Bertumbanganfall (in numbers).
1605Bertumbuhangrow (several things).
1606Bertumbuk1 fight, come to blows. 2 slam against e.o. 3 coincide.
1607Bertumbukancollide, slam against e.o.
1608Bertumpak-Tumpakin groups.
1609Bertumpu1 rest on. 2 have support. 3 touch upon, come in contact with. 4 concentrate, focus.
1610Bertumpuk-Tumpuk1 be in piles or stacks. 2 in groups, clusters.
1611Bertunanganengaged, betrothed.
1612Bertunassprout, bud.
1613Bertunjalanreceive support or subsidy.
1614Bertunjanganreceive support or subsidy.
1615Bertuntunanguided by means of s.t.
1616Bertura-Tura1 get very angry, go into a rage. 2 talk in o.'s sleep.
1617Berturba1 be in close contact with the people. 2 engage in joint projects with the ordinary citizens (of students helping peasent to harvest, etc.).
1618Berturnemake a tour.
1619Berturut-Turut1 in succession, in a row. 2 continued.
1620Bertutuphave a cover.
1621Bertuturtalk, speak.
1622Beruang1. Malayan bear. beruang-beruang-an teddy bear. 2. 1 have money. 2 be well off.
1623Beruap1 steam. 2 carbonate (drinks).
1624Beruarcry out, proclaim.
1625Beruask.o. wild mangosteen
1626Berubahchange, become different.
1627Berubah-Ubahbe fickle, changeable, fluctuate.
1628Berubanhave gray hair.
1630Berucap1 (lit. ) say, utter. 2 pronounce.
1631Berudarahave a certain k.o. weather.
1634Berujulsmall plowshare.
1635Berujung1 pointed. 2 culminate in.
1636Berukshort-tailed macaque (often trained to pick coconuts).
1637Berukircarved, engraved.
1638Berukir-Ukir1 embellished with all manner of carving. 2 pockmarked..
1640Berukuranhave a measurement of.
1641Berulak-Ulakwhirl, bubble (water, etc.).
1642Berulamhave a raw vegetable side dish.
1643Berulanghappen again, recur.
1645Berulitput a child to sleep with lullabies.
1646Berumbai1 fringed. 2 swing, dangle.
1648Berumbungtubular, cylindrical.
1649Berumpamatalk hypothetically.
1650Berumpanhave bait in it.
1651Berumpukheap, pile stack.
1652Berumrohmake such a pilgrimage.
1653Berumur1 attain the age of. 2 be old.
1654Berunda-Undabeing in tow o. behind the other.
1655Berundak-Undak1 have stairs. 2 have stories.
1656Berundan1 protracted, drawn out in stages. 2 in different levels (as the roof of certain houses).
1657Berundan-Undancurly (hair).
1658Berundingconfer, discuss.
1659Berundung-Undungwear a veil over the head.
1660Berunggun-Unggun1 in heaps. 2 make a campfire or bonfire.
1661Berunggut-Unggutantug a rope, play tug of war.
1662Berungkur-Ungkuran1 (Java) back to back. 2 be somewhat poorly timed so that people fail to meet.
1664Beruniformwear a uniform.
1665Berunjursit with o.'s legs stretched out.
1666Berunsurhas as an element.
1667Beruntaian1 hang loosely. 2 on a string.
1668Beruntun-Runtuno. after the other, in a row.
1669Beruntung1 lucky. 2 successful. 3 make a profit.
1670Beruntusanpimple, rash (prickly heat, etc.).
1671Berunyai-Unyai(M) 1 softly, gently. 2 little by little.
1672Berupahbe paid a fee.
1673Berupayamake serious efforts (to do s.t.).
1674Berurai1 fall apart, fall or hang down in strands. 2 scatter, disperse.
1675Berurap-Urapanrub ointment on o.s.
1676Beruratmuscular, sinewy.
1677Berurbanisasimigrate to the city.
1678Berurtesuffer a stroke.
1679Berurusan1 get in touch with, contact. 2 be concerned with, have business with.
1680Berurutget messaged.
1681Berurutan1 in a series. 2 chronological.
1683Berusaha1 try, endeavor. 2 be running a business.
1684Berusiaattain the age of.
1685Berutasin a strand or string.
1686Beruyel-Uyelan(Java) jostle e.o.
1687Bervariasihave variation.
1688Berwadahhave a certain organization as the umbrella.
1689Berwadatlive as a celibate.
1690Berwajahhave a face of a certain kind.
1691Berwajibhave the obligation of.
1692Berwakafdonate for religious community use.
1694Berwarna-Warna1 multicolored. 2 various.
1695Berwarungrun a small shop.
1697Berwasiatmake o.'s will.
1698Berwawancarahold an interview.
1699Berwawasanhave a conception.
1700Berwayuh(Java) have more than o. wife.
1701Berwenanghave the power to be competent to.
1702Berwewenanghave authority.
1703Berwibawa1 with authority. 2 having an authoritative bearing.
1704Berwilayahhave a certain area.
1705Berwindu-Windudecade after decade.
1706Berwiraswastarun a private enterprise.
1707Berwiridrecite Koranic passages.
1710Berwisatamake a tour.
1711Berwudhu(islam) ritual ablution before prayers.
1712Berwujud1 have tha shape of. 2 concrete, tangible.
1713Berwukuf(islam) ceremony of gathering on the field of Arafah during the Hajj.
1714Berzanjisee BARZANJI.
1715Berziarahvisit a sacred place.
1716Berzinaengage in illicit sex.
1717Bessee BIS 4.
1718Besan1 relationship between parents whose children are married to e.o. 2 title used between people in this relationship.
1719Besar1 big, large, huge. 2 great, momentous, important. 3 adult, grown. 4 (coll. ) grow up.
1721Besekk.o. covered square basket of plaited bamboo.
1723Besengekk.o. side dish of chicken.
1724Besertend to urinate frequently.
1725Beserosee SERO 1.
1726Beserta1 along with, as well as. 2 attached (of letters).
1727Beset1. scraped (of skin). 2. occupied, taken.
1729Besitsee BERSIT.
1730Beskat/besket/ vest.
1732Beslahseizure, confiscation.
1733Beslit1 gvt. decree. 2 letter of appointment.
1734Besmen(coll. ) best man (at wedding).
1735Besok1 tomorrow. 2 later on, in the future. 3 (coll. ) later. 4 coming.
1736Besotscraped, scratched (of foot).
1737Bestari1 expert, skilled. 2 bright, clever.
1738Bestek1. specifications, plan (of construction). 2. see BESTIK..
1739Bestel1 order s.t. 2 an order.
1741Bestir1 administration. 2 gvt. 3 board of directors.
1742Bestralradiation (for medical treatment).
1743Besukvisit (to patient in hospital).
1744Besut1. flow, gush (of blood). 2. 1) remove rust from metal. 2) improve, refine.
1745Besutan(Java) k.o. comedy show.
1746Betsound of a sheet (of s.t. being flapped, snatched, etc.).
1747Beta1 I (polite form in classical texts). 2 I (used by Malay royalty). 3 (Ambon) I.
1748Betah1 stand, endure. 2 like, feel at home.
1749Betahaksee TAHAK.
1750Betak-Betakin shreds, in tatters.
1751Betapa1 how very. 2 as.
1752Betarasee BATARA.
1753Betas1 torn, ripped (of jacket, hem). 2 cracked (of egg).
1754Betawi1 Batavia (now Jakarta). 2 name of ethnic group indigenous to Jakarta.
1756Betet(Java) k.o. parrot, long-tailed parakeet.
1757Betik1. 1) be announced. 2) leaked out, came to light (of secret). 2. (in some regions only) papaya.
1758Betik-Betik1 pimple. 2 rash, prickly heat.
1759Betina1 female (of animals). 2 (derog. ) woman.
1760Betingshoal, reef, sandbank.
1761Betiscalf (of leg).
1762Betok1. k.o. fish, climbing perch. 2. burned by acid.
1764Betonisasiprogram of changing (paths, walls, etc.). to concrete.
1765Betotsnatch, pulloff. mem-betot remove forcibly, extract.
1766Betul1 right, correct. 2 true. 3 exact, right. 4 very, really.
1767Betungk.o. large bamboo.
1768Bewessee NOMER.
1769Bewoksee BREWOK.
1770Bewust(bewis) (coll. ) conscious.
1771Bezasee BEDA.
1772Bezuksee BESUK.
1773Bf(blue film) pornographic movie.
1774Bfo(Bijeenkomst voor Federaal Overleg) Conference in Federal Deliberations (Dutch-sponsored committee that helped arrange federal gvt. in Indonesia before 1950, often called Federal Consultative Assembly).
1775Bg.(bagian) part, section.
1776Bh(beha) (bustehouder) bra.
1777Bh.(buah) a numeral classifier.
1778Bhaktisee BAKTI.
1779Bhayangkarasee BAYANGKARA.
1780Bhg.(bahagian) part, section.
1781Bhinneka(lit. ) diversity.
1782Bhs.(bahasa) language.
1783Bhw.(bahwa) that.
1784Bisee BIBI.
1785Biasee BEA.
1786Biadab(derog. ) 1 ill-mannered, impolite, uncouth. 2 uncivilized, barbaric, savage. 3 uneducated, uncultured.
1787Biadithread worm, pin worm.
1788Biak1. fertile, prolific, fruitful. 2. wet, damp. 3. cud.
1789Biang1 mother (of animals), parent species (of plants). 2 ringleader, mastermind.
1790Biang-Biangsaltwater herring.
1792Biar1 let, permit. 2 so that. 3 (al)though.
1793Biar-Biark.o. small intestinal worm.
1794Biara1 monastery, abbey, friary. 2 convent, nunnery.
1796Biarawatinun, religious sister.
1797Bias1 ray. 2 refraction.
1798Biasa1 usual, customary. 2 used to, accustomed to. 3 ordinary, commonplace, common.
1799Biawakmonitor lizard.
1800Biawask.o. guava.
1801Biayaexpense, free, cost.
1803Bibi, Bibik1 aunt. 2 form of address to older woman (often as bi).
1804Bibir1 lip. 2 genital labia. 3 edge.
1805Bibit1. 1) seed, germ. 2) seedling. 3) germ, bacteria. 4) cause, origin. 5) prospective, future. 6) fledgling, neophyte, novice. 2. see BIMBIT.
1809Bicara1 speak. 2 stated opinion, comment. 3 (leg. ) matter, case, cause. 4 meaningful.
1810Bicokok1 small crocodile. 2 (Jakarta) accomplice, partner in crime. 3 (Jakarta) rogue, rascal.
1811Bicu, Bicu-Bicujack for raising weights.
1812Bid(fin. ) bid.
1813Bidaahsee BIDAH.
1814Bidadaramale sprite.
1815Bidadari1 fairy. 2 beautiful woman.
1816Bidah1 (islam) heresy. 2 (coll. ) lie, falsehood.
1817Bidai1 bamboo or rattan screen. 2 basket work. 3 splint. 4 (Sport) base (as in baseball).
1818Bidak(che. ) pawn.
1819Bidal1. proverb, maxim. 2. thimble.
1821Bidang1 area, field, sector. 2 plane, level, surface. 3 broad, wide. 4 classifier for things broad and flat, e.g. sails, land, mats.
1822Bidarajujube or date tree.
1823Bidari(Sport) base (as in baseball).
1824Bidasmem-bidas 1 penetrate, prierce (of attack). 2 spring back, fly back (when released) (of trap, bedsprings, etc.) 3 fly from, shoot away. 4 attack verbally.
1825Bidder(fin. ) bidder.
1826Bidding(fin. ) bidding.
1828Bidston, Bidstond(rel. ) prayer group.
1829Biduanmale vocalist, crooner.
1830Biduanda(lit. ) palace servant.
1831Biduanitafemale vocalist.
1832Bidukriver craft for cargo or fishing.
1833Bidurslab of tin weighing about 2.75 lb.
1834Biduren(Java) suffer from rash (due to cold weather, allergy, etc.).
1835Bidurisee BAIDURI.
1836Biersee BIR.
1838Biharasee BIARA.
1839Bihunsee MIHUN.
1840Bihussee BIUS.
1841Bijak1 able, smart, experienced, wise. 2 witty, articulate.
1842Bijaksana1 wise, astute, farsighted. 2 prudent, tactful, discreet.
1844Biji1 seed, kernel. 2 stone, pit. 3 classifier for small round objects. 4 grade, mark. 5 (sport) point. 6 (coll. ) testicles.
1846Biksee BIBI.
1847Bika, Bikangk.o. rice-flour cake.
1848Bikelsee BEKEL.
1849Bikin(coll. ) make, cause.
1850Bikinibikini, bikini-style.
1851BiksuBuddhist monk.
1852BiksuniBuddhist nun.
1853Biku1. lace edging. ber-biku-biku 1) notched, toothed. 2) curve, zigzag. 2. see BIKSU.
1855Bikunisee BIKSUNI.
1856Bila1 when. 2 when, if.
1858Bilah1 lath. 2 wood chip. 3 knife blade. 4 classifier for long, narrow objects.
1859Bilai1 hem, border, edge. 2 addition.
1860Bilal(islam) muezzin.
1861Bilamana(lit. ) when.
1862Bilang1. every.ber-bilang some, a few, several. 2. (coll. ) say.
1863Bilasmem-bilas rinse, wash off.
1864Bilik1 room, chamber. 2 woven bamboo room divider, plaited screen.
1868Bilisbloodshot and burning (of the eyes).
1869Biludaksee BELUDAK 2.
1870Bilurwelt, wound caused by whip.
1874BimaBhima, hero of the Mahabharata.
1875Bimas(Bimbingan Massal) package-deal credit plan offered by gvt.
1876BimasaktiMilky Way.
1877Bimbang1 worried, anxious. 2 hesitate, be dubiouse about, vacillate.
1878Bimbingber-bimbing find guidance.
1879Bimbitmem-bimbit 1 carry by hand. 2 lead by hand
1880Bin1 (islam) son of. 2 (coll. ) and furthermore (when between words of similar meaning).
1881Binabuilding, construction.
1882Bina Grahapresident's executive office.
1883Bina Margadirectorate general of highway construction and maintenance.
1884Binal1 rebellious (of child), uncontrollable. 2 disobedient, obstinate. 3 wild, untamed.
1886Binarbright. very bright.
1887Binaragabody building.
1888Binaragawanbody builder.
1889Binaragawatiwoman body builder.
1890Binasadestroyed, wiped out.
1893Bincacaksmall, spritelike evil spirit.
1894Bincangber-bincang-bincang discuss, deliberate.
1895Bincullump, bump, bruise.
1896Bindeng(Java) nasal (of speech).
1897Bindulathe. mem-bindu use or work a lathe.
1898Binekasee BHINNEKA.
1899Binensee BINNEN.
1901Bingarsee HINGAR.
1902Bingasquick-tempered, short-tempered, irascible
1903Bingit1 ill at ease, uncomfortable. 2 jealous, envious.
1904Bingkahemispherical-shaped cakeof leavened rice flour.
1905Bingkahbit, lump, fragment, chunk.
1906Bingkai1 brim, rim, fringe, edge. 2 frame.
1907Bingkaplegging, puttee.
1908Bingkas1 resilient, elastic. 2 elasticity.
1909Bingkilsee BENGKEL.
1910Bingkissend gift.
1911Bingkisan1 gift, present. 2 souvenir. 3 parcel, package.
1912Bingung1 confused, bewildered, flustered. 2 disoriented, unsure of direction. 3 panicky. 4 perplexed.
1913Bini(derog. ) wife.
1914Binkapsee BINGKAP.
1915Binnekasee BHINNEKA.
1916Binnen(coll. ) elite, established.
1918Bintsee BINTI.
1920Bintang1 star. 2 star, fate, luck. 3 s.o. with notable qualities. 4 medal, decoration.
1921Bintangursee BENTANGUR.
1922Bintarasoldier in lowest grades.
1923Binteng Jahechewy confection of sticky rice flour, gingger, and sugar.
1924Binti(islam) daughter of.
1926Bintikspot, stain.
1927Bintil1 small pimple, pustula. 2 nodule.
1928Bintitsty in eye.
1929Bintulslight bump, e.g. from insect bite.
1930Binturk.o. trap for crabs.
1931Binturungbear cat.
1932Bio(Ch) Confucian temple.
1939Biologik, Biologisbiological.
1943Bioskopmovie theater, cinema.
1944Bipangk.o. sugared, puffed-rice cake.
1947Bipolersee BIPOLAR.
1949Birah1 k.o. large aroid with edible tuber and sap that causes itching. 2 lascivious, salacious.
1950Birahisee BERAHI.
1951Birai1 low wall, balustrade. 2 banister, railing. 3 curb, edge, border.
1952Biras1 relationship between two men marrying sisters or between two women marrying brothers. 2 coreferent title between two persons in such situations.
1953Biratscar or scab arround mouth.
1954Biri-Biri1. sheep. 2. see BERI-BERI.
1955Birihsee BIRAI.
1956Biring1. k.o. extremely itchy skin disease. 2. yellowish red.
1957Biritbuttocks, bottom, rear.
1958Birooffice, bureau.
1966Biru1. 1) blue. 2) above average (grades), C or better. 2. fold, hem, pleat.
1967Biruangsee BERUANG 1.
1968Bis1. bus. 2. 1) box. 2) post office box, mailbox. 3. 1) twice. 2) encore. 3) (leg. ) supplement, annex, codicil. 4. 1) tube, duct. 2) pipe. 5. 1) covering for ornamentation or protection. 2) piping, thin strip sewn on cloth, trimming. 3) (elect. ) bushing. bisa
1969Bisa1. be able, can, could. 2. 1) poison. 2) poisononous.
1970Bisep(anat. ) biceps.
1971Bisik1 whisper. 2 say in whisper.
1972Bising1 noise, uproar, hullabaloo. 2 noisy. 3 buzzing (in ear).
1973Biskitsee BISCUIT.
1975Biskuit(biskwit) 1 cracker. 2 Dutch rusk.
1976Bislahsee BESLAH.
1977Bislitsee BESLIT.
1978Bismillah(islam) in the name of God (recited at beginning of each surah).
1981Bistek, Bistikrump steak, roast beef, beefsteak.
1982Bisu1 dumb, mute. 2 quiet, noiselless.
1983Bisul1 boil, abscess, ulcer. 2 tumor.
1985Bitingcoconut leaf rib splinters sharpened to point, for pinning packets wrapped in leaves.
1986Biukuk.o. freshwater turtle.
1989Biyayasee BIAYA.
1990Biyuh(Java) oh no ! (an exclamination of astonishment, pity).
1991Biyung(Java) 1 mother. 2 Mama ! (exclamation of pain or emotional duress).
1992Bkpm(Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal) Coordinative Agency for Investments.
1993Bkr(Badan Keamanan Rakyat) Peaople's Security Body (forerunner of Indonesian national army).
1994Blsee also entries with bel-.
1995Bl., Bln.(bulan) month.
1996Blacksweet(coll. ) dark and attractive.
1997Blaf(coll. ) bluff.
1998Blak-Blakanoutspoken, blunt.
1999Blamsound of explosion.
2000Blancosee BLANGKO.
2001Blandispro-Dutch (esp. during revolutionary period).
2003Blangsound of explosion.
2004Blanggur(Java) large firecrackers, esp. to mark end of each fasting day during Ramadan.
2005Blangko1 form to be filled in. 2 abstention in voting. 3 blank (of paper).
2006Blangkon(Java) male batik headdress.
2007Blangwer/blangwir/ (coll. ) fire engine.
2008Blantik1. (Java) broker, middleman in livestock. 2. see BELANTIK 1.
2009Blantikaworld, arena.
2010Blarakdried coconut leaf.
2011Blasakmem-blasak make o.'s way through scrub or forest.
2012Blastermem-blaster crossbreed.
2013Blasteran1 crossbred (of animals). 2 (derog. ) of mixed blood, mulatto.
2014Blau(coll. ) 1 blue. 2 laundry bluing. ke-blau-an bluish.
2015Bld.(Belanda) 1 Dutch. 2 Holland.
2016Blecas-Blecos(coll. ) speak without thinking, talk off top of o.'s head.
2017Bledak-Bleduksound of objects randomly striking e.o. repeatedly.
2019Blejet1 strip s.o. (of possessions). 2 strip (of pretensions), expose (a criminal).
2020Blektin can.
2021Blekeksee MBLEKEK.
2022Blekokk.o. heron.
2023Blencong(Java) oil lamp used in wayang performance.
2024Blendoksee SAKIT.
2025Bleng1. sound of explosion. 2. (Java) natural brine.
2026Blesek(me)m-blesek pushed in, be sunk in.
2027Bletokmud, muddy.
2028Blewa/blewah/ k.o. melon.
2029Bleyer(coll. ) race (engine), rev up.
2030Blinger(coll. ) very wrong, led astray.
2031Blingsatan1 wriggle (because of excessive heat). 2 feel awkward, be ill at ease.
2032Bloborblot, smear while writing (of ink, water colors, paper).
2033Blok1. 1) bolt, roll. 2) block, street block. 3) bloc, alliance. 2. (coll. ) obstruct.
2035Blokir1 blockade. 2 obstruct. 3 (fin. ) freeze (account), stop (check).
2036Bloknotnote pad.
2037Blong1 free from tension, relieved. 2 not properly tensile, not holding or catching (of mechanical parts).
2038Bloon1 stupid, idiotic, dumb. 2 wacky, crazy, loony.
2039Blorokmotley (of chickens).
2040Blorong(Java) 1 black and white striped. 2 k.o. viper.
2041Blousesee BLUS.
2042Bludagsee BELUDAK 1.
2043Bludas-Bludus(Java) go in and out (whitout permission).
2045Blujindenim trousers, blue jeans.
2046Blukthump ! (sound of heavy object falling on soft surface).
2048Bluswoman's blouse.
2049Blusuk(Java) go through place in which passage is difficult (crowds, scrubs, narrow alleys, etc.).
2050Bluwokk.o. bird.
2051Bn.(batalyon) battalion.
2052Bni(Bank Negara Indonesia, 1946) the 1946 National Bank of Indonesia (a national bank).
2053Boat(bo'at (sl. ) drugs.
2055Boba(Ambon) ulcerations caused by frambesia.
2056Bobo/bobok/ 1. sleep (of young children or in children's speech). 2. (Java) mem-bobok 1) pierce, break open. 2) forge a way through. 3. (Java) k.o. soothing powder.
2057Bobolgive way, collapse.
2058Bobosbreach, crack, tear.
2059Bobot1 heavy. 2 weight, heaviness. 3 integrity, quality (of literature, persons, etc.).
2060Bobrok1 dilapidated, shoddy, ramshackle. 2 rotten, degenerate.
2061Bocahkid (of prepuberty age).
2064Bocor1 leak. 2 leak, be leaky. 3 (coll. ). urinate (frequently). 4 (coll. ). suffer from diarrhea. 5 (coll. ) bleed.
2065Bodo1. see BAJU. 2. (bodoh) stupid, dumb, dull-witted.
2066Bodokinitial stages of leprosy.
2067Bodol1. windfall. 2. (Jakarta, Java) torn or with holes.
2068Bodongprotruding, bulging (of navel).
2069Bodreksk.o. patent medicine for colds.
2070Bofswollen thyroid glands.
2071Bogelsee BUGIL.
2072Bogembogem-mentah blow with the fist.
2073Bogenvilsee BUGENFIL.
2074Bogi1 bogey (in golf). 2. see KERETA 1.
2075Bogotsee HITAM.
2076Bohcurve, arch (as in pipes, etc.).
2077Bohong1 lie, falsehood. 2 lie, prevaricate.
2078Bohoroka seasonally strong wind in E. Sumatra.
2080Bojo(Java) spouse.
2081Bok1. playpen. 2. see MBOK 1,2.
2082Boke1. see BUKET. 2. (bokek) destitute.
2083Boketsee BUKET.
2084Bokong1 buttocks. 2 hindpart first, the wrong way around. 3 back.
2085Bokor1 copper or silver bowl with wide rim. 2 (Sport) loving cup, trophy.
2086Boks1. box on a newspaper or magazine page. 2. see BOK 1.
2087Boksen(coll. ) boxing.
2088Bokser(coll. ) boxer.
2090Bol1. (Java) anus. 2.(coll. ) testicles. 3. see BENANG. 4. see JAMBU.
2091Bola1 ball. 2 globe. 3 spherical object.
2092Bolak-Balik1 to and fro, back and forth. 2 frequently, again and again. 3 contradictory.
2093Bolang-Baling1. 1) propeller. 2) weathervane, whirligig. 2. k.o. fried sweet roll.
2094Bolbal(bolak-balik) back and forth.
2095Boleh1 be permitted, may. 2 (lit. ) be able, can.
2096Bolingbowling. pe-boling bowler, o. who bowls.
2097Bolong1 perforated, pierced. 2 precisely.
2098Bolos1. 1) penetrated, with a hole. 2) (coll. ) truant. 3) escape from captivity. 2. see BULUS 2.
2099Bolotmem-bolot wrap up.
2100Bolpen, Bolpointballpoint pen.
2101Bolsaksee BULSAK.
2103Boluk.o. spongecake..
2104Bom1. 1) bomb. 2) (coll. ) fart. 2. 1) boom (at a barrier), gate, bar. 2) customs. 3) wagon tongue. 4) (naut. ) boom.
2105Bombardemenbombardment, bombing.
2106Bombardirmem-bombardir 1 bombard, shell, bomb. 2 appoint without regard for qualifications. 3 shower, bombard.
2110Bomo/bomoh/ medicine man, native practitioner, shaman.
2111Bon1. 1) check, bill. 2) alliance, league.
2112Bonafide(bonafit) bona fide, without fraud.
2113Bonafiditasreliability, genuineness.
2114Bonanggamelan instrument consisting of row of tuned inverted bronze bowls.
2116Boncengget a ride on a two-wheeled vehicle.
2117Boncolsee BONJOL.
2118Bondo(Java) goods, capital.
2119Bondonggroup, throng, crowd.
2120Bondotbundle, bunch.
2121Boneka1 doll. 2 puppet, marionette. 3 figurehead, front.
2122Bonet(leg. , acad. ) cap, mortarboard.
2123Bong1. China grave. 2. bang ! 3. professional circumciser.
2124Bongak1 proud, arrogant. 2 stupid.
2125Bonggol1. 1) hump. 2) outrowth. 3 knot on tree. 2. mem-bonggol strike over and over, hit repeatedly.
2126Bongkahnumeral classifier for lumps, chunks, etc.
2127Bongkak1 proud. 2 insolent, arrogant.
2128Bongkartake apart.
2129Bongkar-Bangkirscattered, spread about.
2130Bongkoksee BUNGKUK.
2131Bongkol1 knob. 2 hump. 3 head (of lettuce).
2133Bongkot1 tree trunk. 2 tree stump. 3 base of plant stem, etc.
2134Bongkrek(Java) inedible (of misshapen, diseased tubers or fruits).
2135Bonglaisee BENGLE.
2136Bongmehmem-bongmeh 1 feel o.'s pulse. 2 note, observe.
2137Bongokshort and fat.
2138Bongpai(China) tombstone.
2139Bongsangsmall fruit basket.
2140Bongsor1 oversized, overweight. 2 big, tall.
2141Bonjol1 lump. 2 projection. 3 protrude.
2143Bontakchubby, bulging (of cheeks, etc.).
2144Bontot1. (Java) rice wrapped in leaves to eat away from home. 2.(Java) youngest (child).
2145Bonyok/bonyor/ 1 flabby (of flesh). 2 soft, mushy (of fruit). 3 tainted, rank (of meat, fish).
2146Bookingsee BUKING.
2147Boomsee BOM 2.
2148Boongsee BOHONG.
2149Boorwatersee BORWATER.
2150Bopsee BOB.
2151Bopeng1 pockmarked. 2 full of pot-holes (of roads).
2153Bopetsee BUFET.
2154Boploconstruction unit or group.
2155Bopongmem-bopong hold s.o. up against o.'s chest. pem-bopong supporter.
2156Bordrill, brace and bit.
2157Borak(islam. ) winged steed that carried muh. to heaven.
2159Boraqsee BORAK.
2160Bordelsee BORDIL 1.
2162Bordil1. bordello, brothel. 2. bordir embroider s.t.
2163Bordu(naut. ) gunwale.
2164Boreg, Boreh1 guarantee, security, warranty, collateral. 2 guarantor.
2165Borehmedicinal powder mixed with water used as ointment or liniment.
2166Boreksee BURIK.
2167Borgsee BOREG.
2172Boro-Boro(Jakarta) do not expect even that much (s.t. less is even unlikely).
2173Borok1 ulcer, boil, sore. 2 ulcerous, mangy, itchy. 3 bad, rotten.
2174Borongthe entire stock.
2175Boros1 wasful. extravagant. 2 lavish.
2176Bortel, Bortolsee WORTEL.
2177BoruBatak kinship term, daughter of a clan.
2178Borwaterboratic solution.
2179Bos1. bunch, bundle. 2. (Auto) bushing. 3. (sl. ) boss.
2180Bosan1 bored. 2 tired of, fed up.
2181Bosen(coll. ) see BOSAN.
2182Bosman1. boatswain. 2. Bushmen (of Africa).
2183Bosorpierced, full of holes.
2184Bot1. motorized boat (us. with outboard motor). 2. boot.
2185Botakbald (headed).
2188Botiksee BUTIK.
2189Boto, Botoh1. shapely, nice, comely. 2. croupier, gambling (cockfighting, etc.).
2190Botokdish made of coconut and meat, fish, etc. wrapped in banana leaf and steamed.
2191Botol1 bottle. 2 bottled (in set expressions).
2192Bougiesee BUSI.
2193Bovensee NAAR BOVEN.
2194Boyaksee BAYAK.
2195Boyaspotbellied, fat, obese.
2196Boyoksmall of back.
2197Boyonga move from o. place to another.
2198Bp(Balai Pustaka) gvt. Printing and Publishing House.
2199Bpkb(Buku Pemilik Kendaraan Bermotor) certificate of ownership of motor vehicles.
2200Bps(Biro Pusat Statistik) Central Bureau of Statistics.
2201Brsee also entries with ber-.
2203BrahmaniBrahmin (woman).
2204Braibell bottom, flared (of trousers).
2206Brandal1 rascal, scoundrel. 2 gangster, bandit.
2207Brangusmuzzle (of dogs).
2208Brankarhospital cart, stretcher.
2209Brankassafe, strongbox.
2210Brantamsee HANTAM.
2211Branwirsee BLANGWER.
2212Bratawali1 k.o. vine the leaves of whice are used in bitter medicinal concoctions. 2 a concoction containing such leaves, often used in university initianions.
2213Braysee BRAI.
2214Brayatnuclear family.
2215Brebet(me)m-brebet make sound of static.
2216Bredelsee BREIDEL.
2217Bregsound of s.t. heavy falling.
2219Brem(Bali) see BERAM.
2220Brenk.o. light machine gun.
2222Breng-Brenganpungent, excessive (of fragrance).
2223Brengos(Java) moustache. brengos-an mustachioed.
2224Brengsek1 useless, in bad condition, no good. 2 Hell ! It is all messed up ! (exclamation of disapproval).
2225Bretsound of a sheet (of s.t.) snatched away.
2227Brevetcertification, license, flying certificate.
2228Brevir(rel. ) breviary.
2229Brewok(Java) whiskers, sideburns.
2230Bri(Bank Rakyat Indonesia) People's Bank of Indonesia (state-controlled bank).
2231Bridge(brits) bridge, the card game.
2232Briefingshort oral summary of a project or organization.
2234Brigadir Jenderalbrigadier general.
2235Brigjen(brigadir jenderal) brigadier general.
2236Brikdan, Brikdansbreakdance.
2238Bril(coll. ) eyeglasses.
2239Brilyan1. brilliant, highly intelligent. 2. brilliant (cut of diamond).
2240Brintikcurly (hair).
2241Brisiksee RISIK 2.
2242Britania RayaGreat Britain.
2243Brocel(Java) having a rough surface, uneven and not smooth
2244Brochesee BROS 1.
2245Brojolm-brojol, mem-brojol (Java) come out (from within o.'s body) unexpectedly.
2246Broksound of s.t. heavy falling.
2248Bromfitssee BROMPIT.
2250Bromocorahrepeat offender.
2251Brompitmoped, motor bicycle.
2252Brondolfeatherless, hairless.
2254Brongkol(Java) lump under skin.
2256Bronjongconcertina (barbed) wire.
2258Bros1. brooch. 2. crisp, brittle.
2260Bruderreligious brother, friar.
2261Brujul(Java) sapi-brujul oxen for plowing.
2262Bruksound of many hard things falling together.
2263Brulsound of rapid movement of many.
2264Brurbrother, a reference and address term, esp. in Protestant circles.
2265Brutal1 very violent, brutal. 2 impudent, insolent.
2267Brutufleshy part of fowl's tail.
2268Bs1. (Burgerlijke Stand) (office of) civil registration. 2. (Bayar Sendiri) (sl. ) pay o.'s own way, Dutch treat.
2269Bt.(binti) daughter of (in Islam names).
2270Btn(Bank Tabungan Negara) National Savings Bank (state-controlled bank).
2271Bto.(bruto) gross.
2272Bu1. (Ambon) brother (term of address to men some what older than o.s.). 2. see IBU. 3. see BA 2.
2273Buah1 fruit. 2 s.t. shaped like a fruit. 3 result. 4 focus, topic. 5 classifier of large objects.
2274Buai1. swing. 2. membuai stroke (hair, cat, etc.).
2275Bual1 bubblling over (of liquid). 2 boasting, big talk, bragging.
2276Buana(lit. ) earth, universe.
2277Buangthrow (away).
2278Buani(lit. ) universal.
2279Buarextravagant, wasteful. pem-buar spendthrift, lavish spender.
2280Buas1 wild (of animals, natural phenomena). 2 cruel-hearted, ruthless.
2281Buat1 do, make. 2 for. 3 in order to.
2282Buaya1 crocodile, alligator. 2 villain, scoundrel, bounder.
2283Bubar1 disperse, scatter. 2 (mil. ) Fall out ! Dismissed !
2284Bubrah(Java) fall apart, scatter all over.
2285Bubras(Java) scraped off (of skin).
2286Bubua plaited rattan fish trap.
2287Bubuhmem-bubuh put or place on. mem-bubuh-kan add, append, attach, affix.
2288Bubuk1. 1) powder. 2) s.t. which has been pulverized. 2. k.o. insect, woodborer.
2289Bubul1. 1) sore on palm or sole. 2) corns on hooves of animals. 2. mem-bubul repair, fix (net, etc.). 3. mem-bubul soar, rise skyward (of fire, swarm of insects).
2290Bubun-Bubun(M) fontanel.
2291Bubung1 top, ridge. 2 ridgepole.
2292Buburporridge, gruel, mush.
2293Bubusmem-bubus swarm out.
2294Bubut1. lathe. 2. mem-bubut 1) pull up, plick (grass, hair, etc.). 2) extract (a thoot). 3. (naut. ) stay, brace. 4. k.o. bird, coucal.
2295Bucuangle, corner.
2296Budasee BUDHA.
2297Budak1 servant, slave. 2 (lit. ) youngster.
2298Budancorank in defense units during Japanese occupation.
2299Budaya1 culture. 2 practice.
2300Budayawancultural observer, o. who writes about art, drama, etc.
2302Budeg(Java) 1 deaf. 2 anonymous.
2303Budel(coll. ) inheritance.
2304Budeng(Java) k.o. ape, black gibbon.
2305Budgetsee BUJET.
2306Budgetersee BUJETER.
2310Budi1 mind, reason, right thinking. 2 character. 3 sensibleness, reasonableness, level-headedness. 4 trick, cunning.
2312Budimanwise, prudent, sensible.
2313Buduk1. mangy (of dogs). 2. see BODOK.
2314Budurprominent, protruding (of eyes).
2315Bufe/bufet, buffet/ 1 buffet, side table, counter, bar. 2 food and drink stand, lunch counter, refreshment bar.
2316Bugarsee SEGAR, SEHAT.
2317Bugenfilk.o. flowering ornamental shru, bougainvillea.
2318Bugilcompletely naked.
2319Buhsound of blowing (candle, etc.).
2321Buhul1. knot (of rope or string). 2. appear slightly or partly from beneath or inside.
2322Bui1. jail. 2. buoy.
2323Buihfoam, froth.
2324BuitenzorgBogor in the colonial period.
2325Bujahprotruding, prominent.
2326Bujang1 single, unmarried. 2 bachelor. 3 male servant.
2327Bujangga1 sage, scholar, learned or wise person. 2 poet, man of letters.
2330Bujukcoaxing, persuasion.
2331Bujur1 lengthwise, longitudinal. 2 longitude. 3 a numerical classifier for long objects.
2332Buk1. sound of thud. 2. book (up). 3. cement bench us. placed in front of gate to yard of home. 4. (java) see IBU.
2333Buka1 open. 2 breaking of fast, food consumed at breaking of fast.
2334Bukan1 not, no (negates nouns, pronouns or nominal phrases). 2 it is not the case that. 3 isn't it ?, aren't you ?, etc., often as
2335Bukatdirty, muddy.
2336Bukausee BUKIT.
2338Bukingbooking, previously arranged reservation.
2339Bukithill, mountain.
2340Buktiproof, evidence.
2341Buku1. book. 2. 1) knuckle, joint. 2) knot. 3) grain, pellet, lump (of salt, sand, etc.).
2342Bukung1 tailless. 2 (coll. ) woman's short hair style.
2343Bukurgrain, granule.
2344Bukutmem-bukut 1 cover up, keep secret. 2 cover.
2345Bulsee BOL 1.
2346Bulai1 albino. 2 (derog. ) white person, Caucasian.
2347Bulaklonely place in a road.
2348Bulak-Baliksee BOLAK-BALIK.
2349Bulan1 month. 2 moon.
2350Bulang1 wrapper, headdress, wraparound. 2 tape, ribbon, etc. for fastening spur to fighting cock's foot.
2351Bulang-Balingsee BOLANG-BALING 2.
2352Bularcataract of eye.
2353Bulat1 circle, spherical, round. 2 complete, overall. 3 unanimous.
2354Bulbulk.o. bird, tropical nightingale.
2356Buldoser/buldozer/ bulldozer.
2357Bule/bulek/ see BULAI.
2359Bulgurgrain product made of the nutritious portions of wheat, bulgur.
2360Buli-Buligourd for storing liquids.
2361Buliank.o. ironwood tree.
2362Bulir1 ear (of corn). 2 counter for long, coneshaped objects, esp. grains.
2364Bulldozersee BULDOSER.
2365Bulsak1 upholstery. 2 mattress.
2366Bulu1 body hair. 2 fur. 3 feather
2368Buluk,Bulukan1 moldy, mildewed. 2 stale (of cigarette smoke).
2369Bulurstarving, overpowering hunger.
2370Bulus1. 1) totally bald, smooth (of head). 2) childless. 3 robbed, fleeced, wiped out. 2. be struck (by blow). 3. small freshwater or land turtle. 4. pierce, penetrate.
2371Bulus-Bulusk.o. fish.
2373Bulyon1. bouillon (for broth). 2. bullion.
2374Bumsee BOM 2.
2375Bumbanwreath, garland.
2376Bumbucooking spices, flavor.
2377Bumbun1. 1) shady, shaded. 2) shelter for hunters. 2. 1) heap, pile. 2) heaped up.
2378Bumbung1. 1) bamboo cylinder used as container. 2) tubing. 2. see BUBUNG.
2379Bumellocal train.
2381Bumi1 earth. 2 (lit. ) soil.
2382Bumiawiearthly, terrestrial.
2383Bumiputeranative (of country).
2384Bumn(Badan Usaha Milik Negara) state-owned corporation.
2385Bumper(auto. ) bumper.
2386Bumpetclogged up (gutters, thoughts, etc.).
2387Bun1. small brass box. 2 see EMBUN.
2388Bunarsee BAMBU.
2389Buncah(M) disturbed, upset.
2390Buncengsee BONCENG.
2391Buncicapital for small-scale business.
2393Buncit1. 1) distended, bloated, puffed up. 2) pregnant. 2. recent, last.
2394Bundamother, respectful term of reference and address.
2395Bundar1. round, circular, spheical. 2. clothesbrush.
2396Bundasall bruised up.
2397Bundel1. 1) bundle, sheaf, wad. 2) collection. 3) bound volume of journal. 2. knot.
2398Bundersee BUNDAR 1.
2399Bung1. 1) fellow, buddy. 2) brother (affectionate title for some popular leaders). 2. sound of a drumbeat. 3. see REBUNG.
2400Bunga1 flower, blossom. 2 the best part, cream. 3 floral design, s.t. flowerlike. 4 (fin. ) interest. 5 tire tread. 6 (crd. ) suit.
2401Bungalolodge, country retreat.
2402Bungkahsee BONGKAH.
2403Bungkal1 lump, piece, chunk. 2 leaden weight, sinker. 3 measure of weight for gold.
2404Bungkam1 quiet, silent. 2 speechless, struck dumb. 3 not go off, not explode (of firecracker, etc.).
2405Bungkanglaid out like a corpse.
2406Bungkemsee BUNGKAM.
2407Bungkilresidue of copra after extracting oil.
2408Bungkukcrooked, bent (over), humped.
2409Bungkul1. cauliflower. 2. see BONGKOL.
2410Bungkus1 parcel, pack. 2 wrapper, wrap.
2411Bunglaisee BENGLE.
2412Bunglon1. 1) chameleon. 2) vacillator. 3) opportunist. 2. tube, valve housing.
2413Bungsu1 youngest offspring. 2 the last in series.
2414Bungurk.o. timber tree.
2415Buni1. k.o. tree bearing small sour fruits. 2. see BUNYI.
2416Bunianrace of invisible people of forest, thought to kidnap humans.
2418Buntak(M) short and stout, out of proportion.
2419Buntalswollen, bloated. buntal-an 1 s.t. swollen. 2 bundle.
2420Buntang1 staring (of choking or dying person). 2 stiff (of carcass).
2421Buntarsee BUNDAR 1.
2422Buntat1. gallstone. 2. blocked, clogged, stopped up.
2423Buntel1. (Java) 1) wrapping. 2) dish of spices wrapped in taro leaves. 2. knapsack.
2424Buntet1 clogged. 2 stifled (of thoughts).
2425Buntil1. dish of roasted taro leaves wrapped around spices. 2. knapsack, clothes bag.
2426Bunting1 pregnant (of animals). 2 full, filled out (of paddy, etc.). 3 (derog. ) pregnant (of women).
2427Buntu1 blocked, stopped (up), dead end. 2 dead locked. 3 stumped, stymied.
2428Buntung1 lopped off or amputated (arm, leg, tail etc.). 2 bad luck, misfortune.
2429Buntut1 tail. 2 rear end, latter part. 3 aftermath, consequence. 4 k.o. gambling based on last three digits of lottery.
2430Bunuhmem-bunuh 1 kill. 2 put out, extinguish, quench, douse (fire, lamp). 3 remove, cross out, cancel. 4 plug (leak, hole).
2431Bunutk.o. small tree.
2432Bunyi1 sound, nouse. 2 (LIng.) sound. 3 contents.
2433Bupatiregent, gvt. officer in charge of a regency.
2434Bupetsee BUFE.
2435Bursound of splashing.
2436Buraspittle, spit.
2437Buraiber-, mem-, ter- hang out in strands (of hair, etc), spill out in streams (rice, cement, etc.).
2438Buraksee BORAK.
2439Buraksasee BERAKSA.
2440Buram1. 1) blueprint, design, plan. 2) sketch, draft, outline. 3) unregistered. 2. 1) not clear, dull. 2) dark, be clouded (of face).
2441Buraqsee BORAK.
2442Buras1. chitchat, smal talk. 2. k.o. rice cake made with coconut cream wrapped in banana leaves. 3. erased, wiped out, eradicated.
2443Buratsee BOREH.
2444Burenghazy, unclear, dim (of glasses, etc.).
2445Buressee BURAS 1,2,3.
2446Burik1 dotted, speckled (of feathers, skin). 2 pockmarked.
2447Buritposterior, rear, behiind.
2448Burjasmani(tech. ) elliptical.
2449Burju'ssunbulat(Zod. ) Virgo.
2450Burjuasisee BORJUASI.
2451Burjuissee BORJUIS.
2452Burjul'hamal(Zod. ) Aries.
2453Burkuksee BERGUK.
2454Burosee BIRO.
2455Burokrasisee BIROKRASI.
2456Buron, Buronanfugitive from justice, s.o. wanted.
2457Bursastock exchange.
2458Bursuasisee BORJUASI.
2459Buruburu-buru, ter-buru-buru hurried, in a rush.
2460Buruan1 prey 2 fugitive from justice , hunted person .
2461Buruhworker, laborer.
2462Buruk1 old, worn out, dilapidated. 2 decayed (of teeth), rotten (of wood, etc.). 3 bad, foul, nasty.
2463Burung1 bird. 2 (coll. ) penis.
2465Burwatersee BORWATER.
2466Bussee BIS 1,2.
2467Busa1. 1) foam, lather. 2) scum, suds. 2. mem-busa 1) gasp, pant. 2) blow.
2468Busanaclothing, esp. in fashion circles.
2469Busarsee BUSUR 1.
2470BusetHell ! (exlamation of disapproval).
2472Buster(auto. ) booster.
2473Busuk1 putrid, rotten, spoiled, decomposed, putrefied. 2 low, depraved, corupt, vile.
2474Busung1. 1) bloated, distended. 2) ( med. ) edema. 3) bulging, packed, stuffed (of pocket, chest, breast). 2. 1) elevated land. 2) sandbank, shoal.
2475Busur1. 1) archer's bow. 2) arch, arc. 2. cotton gin.
2476Busut1 small mound. 2 anthill, termite nest (in the ground).
2477Busyetsee BUSET.
2478But-Butsee EMBUT.
2479Buta1 blind, sightless, unseeing. 2 blank. 3 forgetful. 4 unknowledgeable.
2480Butak1. see BOTAK. 2. see BUTEK.
2481Butas(Buton Asphalt) popular k.o. asphalt.
2482Butek1 turbid, thick, muddy. 2 (coll. ) troubled.
2484Butir1 grain, granule, pellet. 2 numeral classifier for round objects. 3 small object. 4 item (in a list).
2485Butsi(Badan Urusan Tenaga Sukarela Indonesia) coordinating body for volunteers, foreign and domestic, in Indonesia.
2486Butsirmem-butsir model objects from clay or wax.
2487Butuh1. need, necessity. 2 (coll. ) penis.
2488Bututworn out.
2489Buwessee REBEWES.
2490Buya(islam) title for respected religious experts and leaders..
2491Buyar1 run (like ink on blotting paper), spread. 2 scrattered, dispersed, blown about. 3 scatterbrained, unable to concentrate.
2492Buyung1. narrow-necked, big-bellied earthenware or metal jar. 2. form of address to young boy.
2493Buyursee GUYUR.
2494Buyut1 term of reference for great-grandparent or great-grandchild. 2 (Java) ancestral and sacred (of places, such as cemeteries).
2495Byar(Java) on (of lights).
2496Byur(Java) splashing noise when s.t. falls or is thrown into water.

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